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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Sassy Pants Hamburg Archbishop Wishes His Flock, “Could Have Done This Shit Alone” as Catholic Education Collapses

Planned school closings in the Archdiocese continue to cause fierce debate among Catholics and beyond. Archdiocese does not want to transfer schools threatened with closure to Fundación Arenales, which is supposed to be close to Opus Dei

Hamburg ( In the archdiocese of Hamburg, the planned school closings among the Catholics and beyond continue to cause heated debate. This is reported by FAZ. After the diocese had determined that its own school association barely formed pension provisions and the schools were not operating while covering costs, the emergency brake was pulled and eight school closures decided upon. Because of the over-indebtedness of the budget in the amount of 83 million euros in 2017, the debt would rise in the next five years, according to the diocese to 350 million euros. The nerves in the archdiocese of Hamburg are likely to have been pushed to the edge by the diocesan administration. The FAZ quotes the Hamburg Archbishop Heße as follows: If he had known what to expect in Hamburg, "then they could have done the shit alone.”

It is also interesting that the Archdiocese of Hamburg offered schools that were to be closed to establish new sponsorship associations. A director then founded an Edith Stein School, which since January 1, 2019, a daughter of Diakoniewerk New Bank Ramp, a non-profit Christian carrier from the region. Another school has already taken similar steps.

According to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, however, six out of a total of 21 archdiocesan schools are still to be closed, and two more are subject to a moratorium of one year.

An explicitly Catholic school would like to avoid the Archdiocese of Hamburg, however. An offer of school takeover by a Spanish foundation called Fundación Arenales, which according to the FAZ is close to Opus Dei and the Neocatechumenate, was rejected. The Fundacion already runs a kindergarten in Munich. The Archdiocese said that the Foundation does not want to transfer any schools.

Incidentally, the number of students at the Catholic schools in Hamburg has fallen from more than 10,000, and since 2013 it is presently around 8,500.

Trans: Tancred

Thursday, June 28, 2018

Evil Jesuit School: “It is Normal and Okay to Have an Abortion”

[TFP Student Action] The Jesuit-run Marquette University is under fire for recognizing a student organization called Marquette Empowerment and its promotion of abortion and homosexuality.
"Abortion is healthcare," MU Empowerment tweeted. "It is normal and okay to have an abortion. You can talk about it publicly if you want to. We support you. We stand with you."

The club also sponsored a pro-homosexual "Pride Prom 2018" on campus.
Young Catholics, however, are urging Marquette to close down the club with an online petition.  "Close it down," said John Ritchie, director of TFP Student Action. "Procured abortion is wrong at every level and there's no reason for a Catholic campus to recognize or fund a club that peddles the killing of the innocent.  You don't need a degree to know that abortion is immoral and ungodly."

Monday, May 14, 2018

“Catholic” University Promotes “Polyamory”

Edit: Catholic faithful complain, University administration does nothing. It’s getting to be a familiar refrain. The only thing they understand is money, and they seem to get an endless supply by overcharging for their “services”. The local ordinary will be silent, also, we guess.

[Campus Reform] DePaul University recently hosted an informational event on polyamory at its LGBTQA Resource Center.
A flyer for the “Polyamory Pause” event described the event as “a dialogue on open relationships and polyamory.” 
"Like, I can't make up my mind what I want to eat at Chipotle, like, how am I supposed to commit to one person, right?"    
The event sought to “dig past the surface conversation surrounding polyamory and open relationships” and examine “the ways soisl [sic] identity impact the conversations and the embodiment of open and polyamous [sic] relationships.”

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Pope Francis: Rebel University of Peru Recognized Unilaterally as "Papal" and "Catholic"

(Rome) Pope Francis continues the rehabilitation of individuals and institutions in Latin America who were censured by the Holy See - especially under Pope Benedict XVI. - because of serious deviations from the doctrine or Church order.

Rehabilitation Ariel Álvarez Valdés

A few weeks ago Pope Francis rehabilitated his Argentine compatriot, the dogmatic theologian Ariel Álvarez Valdés. For more than twelve years 1995-2008 there has been conflict between Álvarez Valdés and the Church. As a representative in the teaching of biblical rationalism in Chile, modeled after the Lutheran Rudolf Bultmann, despite not distancing himself after repeated calls from heterodox theories, his teaching license was revoked. Álvarez Valdés' reaction to the condemnation of his priesthood led him to describe himself as a "victim" of a "repressive method of persecution" by the Roman Congregation. Ariel Álvarez Valdés would not correct any of his nine theses contested by the CDF for rehabilitation. The rehabilitation by Pope Francis was made ​​unilaterally and without reparation. A substantive issue was not addressed.

Rehabilitation of Cicero Romao Batista

On December 2015 Pope Francis rehabilitated the excommunicated priest Brazilian Cicero Romao Batista (1844-1834). Romao Batista had been excommunicated form rebellion in 1891 against ecclesiastical order. He was accused by his bishop of having constructed a false Eucharistic miracle. After his excommunication, Romao Batista, a staunch Christian Social activist, engaged in political activities and got into the fight between liberals and Catholics. It was there that the people's veneration grew in his homeland, the State of Ceará in northeastern Brazil. In 1974 he was canonized by the schismatic Brazilian Apostolic Church. In the case of Romao Batista the Vatican Secretariat of State informed the competent bishop of a formal error. The Excommunication of 1891 had never been properly executed, therefore Romao Batista was never excommunicated. Also in this case Pope Francis forewent any substantive explanation.

In addition there are a number of signals of approaching liberation theology, such as the visit of Pope Francis in July 2015 at the grave of the Jesuit and Marxist Luis Espinal Camps in Bolivia and the controversial beatification of Archbishop Óscar Romero in May 2015 in San Salvador. Pope Francis recognized the death of the archbishop, who was killed in the church by a soldier of the former military dictatorship, as Martyrdom in odium fidei. It was his predecessor Benedict XVI. who harbored doubts and stopped the beatification process.
Five Bishops With Evil Rector 

Former Pontifical Catholic University of Peru

On Friday, August 12, it was announced in a press release that the former "Pontifical Catholic" University of Peru will now officially again call themselves "Catholic" and may use the honorary title of "pontifical" university.

The Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú (PUCP) is the oldest private university in the Latin American country. They currently enroll 25,000 students. In 1917 she was consciously founded by the Arnsteiner Father Jorge Dintilhac SSCC (Congregation of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary and the Perpetual Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament) as a Catholic university to counteract the pressures of liberal sentiments from the state. Dintilhac was founding rector and defined the university until his death in 1947. In 1942 his work was honored by Pope Pius XII., recognizing the school as a Pontifical University. Each incumbent Archbishop of Lima was its Grand Chancellor.

Since the 1960s, Gustavo Gutierrez has taught at the University, the namesake and founder of Marxist liberation theology. Because of various initiatives and its faculty, there were conflicts with ecclesiastical authority. Under the incumbent Archbishop of Lima and Primate of Peru, Juan Luis Cardinal Cipriani Thorne, the conflict came to a head. The cardinal denounced the university as its Grand Chancellor, of being in its activities and doctrine like secular universities and urged it to regain its lost Catholic profile. The cardinal referred to the constitution Ex Corde Ecclesiae issued by Pope John Paul II. in 1990 and called for its implementation.

Lack of Catholic Profile

As Rector Marcial Antonio Rubio Correa, after the ouster of President Alberto Fujimori 2000/2001, became Minister of Education, was deaf to this proposal, an investigation was launched by the Vatican. In 2012 Pope Benedict XVI. sent Cardinal Peter Erdo, Archbishop of Esztergom-Budapest, as apostolic visitor. Since this intervention did not bear fruit, the Vatican presented the University with an ultimatum to implement the provisions of 1990. As this passed unheeded, the University was deprived of recognition as a "Papal" and "Catholic" university.

Rector Rubio Correa continued the confrontation nevertheless, and insisted upon maintaining the full name, Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú because it was independent of Canon Law, by the name of the University being recognized and registered by the State Peru. In Catholic publications ever since an "ex" is used when naming the University.

Four years later, everything seems different. Pope Francis let the Peruvian Episcopal Conference know through Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin that the University may be called again "papal" and "Catholic". The bishops are again to return the University to the highest of bodies. On August 12, the Episcopal Conference implemented the papal request. An official delegation visited the University Rector to officially notify them of the papal decision. Rector is still the lawyer Marcial Antonio Rubio Correa.

Big Loser Cardinal Cipriani Thorne

Of an implementation of the university constitution Ex Corde Ecclesciae 1990 or a strengthening of the Catholic profile, there is no more talk. With immediate effect five bishops reassume their seat and a vote in university committees, including the President of the Peruvian Episcopal Conference, Salvador Piñeiro García-Calderón, the Archbishop of Ayacucho o Huamanga. Rector Rubio Correa has said he was "delighted" and did so through the press-service of the University, presenting a photo of himself and the five bishops.

In August 2012, the bishops had still defended Cardinal Cipriani Thorne against "baseless allegations" that were spread by the media, who supported the struggle of the Rector against the Church. The bishops declared that time to try to protect those students who "want to preserve the Catholic identity of the University." Four years later, the "Catholic identity" at the University does not seem to be at risk.

The big loser is, next to the Church's credibility and a recognizable Catholic position, especially, Juan Luis Cardinal Cipriani Thorne. The cardinal was not included in Pope Francis' decision. This thus gives the impression that the Primate of Peru, along with Benedict XVI., had a senseless conflict about a broken fence, there had apparently never existed one reason to deprive the University of its name.

Cardinal Cipriani Thorne belongs to Opus Dei, who has been under strong pressure since the election of Pope Francis within the Peruvian Episcopal Conference. The bishops newly appointed by Francis have almost invariably, another understanding of the Church. The Cardinal is, due to his personality and intellect, a still outstanding, but increasingly isolated figure in the Catholic Church in the country. It is an open secret that a group of brothers in the episcopate longs for his retirement. The Cardinal will complete in December 2018 his 75th year.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi

Image: PUCP (Screenshot)

Trans: Tancred

Link to Katholisches...


Thursday, May 5, 2016

Professor Sues Formerly Catholic and Jesuit University

Edit: as reported in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, it looks like the "Jesuit" University of Marquette is going to be sued for their Catholic shaming of one of the last, if not THE last, conservative professors on the faculty. [As we've just learned, one if the last conservative professors on their faculty isn't even Catholic, although his witness is certainly inspiring, and he is being treated unjustly. At least he's not posing as Catholic like the school's administration.] The administration posted this delusional statement, which is worthy of the highest standards of fairness, justice and humanity of those in charge of the Soviet justice system during the post-war anti-Jewish purges:
"We welcome this issue being addressed  in court, where the public will hear a comprehensive account of Dr. McAdams' of our former graduate student, rather than the select details he has handpicked to promote his false narrative," Marquette said in a statement. "Once all the facts are made clear, Marquette fully expects that the decision to suspend him will be upheld."
Biography from Wiki:

John C. McAdams (born October 26, 1945)[1] is an American associate professor of political science at Marquette University.[2] McAdams teaches courses on American politics and public policy, voter behavior, and the John F. Kennedy assassination; he runs a website on the assassination and has published a book on the subject, JFK Assassination Logic: How to Think about Claims of Conspiracy (2011).[3] He describes himself as "a debunker by temperament" 
A portal with a view onto some of the frankly pathological behavior traits of the school's administration about which I find hard to locate words to describe as anything but childish or effeminate.  Men don't behave this way,  From Doctor McAdams' blog, Marquette Warrior:

Marquette has now released the Report of the Faculty Hearing Committee that reviewed our case. Interestingly, they did it without our permission, in spite of insisting for months that they could not do it without our permission. 

It's important to remember in times like these that we're never really alone.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Marquette Professor Being Fired for Being Catholic

Edit: the faculty advisors of an allegedly Catholic University have voted unanimously to suspend the last Catholic faculty member on their staff without pay starting on April 1st and subsequently expect him to admit he was doing wrong in defending the Catholic Faith at a Catholic University as one of several humiliating conditions for reinstatement.

The announcement was sent to him on Holy Thursday. Very fitting and a great way to compassionate his Savior, but this  injustice, this evil is surely enough to fool even the elect. 

We live in terrible times and it seems they will get worse. What a wonderful thing it is to be persecuted for His sake but we pray for this courageous man's relief and the good of his family as these Bolscheviks divide his garments among them...

[Marquette Warrior] It was announced Thursday,  which was (doubtless intentionally) the eve of the Good Friday holiday, and in the middle of March Madness. Marquette has decided how to punish this blogger for a post that revealed how an instructor in the Philosophy Department bullied a student who wanted to express his opposition to gay marriage in class. He was told “you don’t have a right in this class to make homophobic comments,” and further that it would be “offensive” to any gay students in the class if any such opinion was expressed. 

Marquette reacted by telling us we would be stripped of tenure and fired

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Evil Feminist Ridicules Church at "Catholic" School

[Cardinal Newman Society] Abortion advocacy, support for euthanasia and applause for excommunicated and “ordained” women priests—such were the highlights of last week’s “dialogue” with radical feminists Gloria Steinem and Bell Hooks on the Catholic campus of St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wis.

The event was held in the College’s campus theater on April 21, despite initial exposure by the Cardinal Newman Society last October, public protest by Bishop David Ricken of the Diocese of Green Bay in January, and assurances from the College that Steinem was invited only to headline a “discussion of the history of the women’s movement, especially as it may be understood in the context of domestic violence.”

Bishop Ricken lamented that Steinem’s “whole career and life is a grand affirmation of the pro-abortion movement.” And the Newman Society called on the College to rescind Steinem’s invitation, stating that its refusal to do so “adds insult to injury by disregarding Bishop Ricken.”

Nevertheless the College went forward, and the activists’ dialogue, titled “Talking Together: A Legacy of Solidarity,” predictably highlighted contempt for “patriarchal religions” and pushed support for abortion rights and euthanasia. A video of their dialogue indicates that Steinem and Hooks barely touched on the subject of domestic violence but focused instead on “reproductive rights” and societal ills caused by the patriarchy.

Read further at Cardinal Newman Society link:

H/t: Badger Catholic

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The World Honors Passing of Heretical Father Theodore Hesburg

Edit: he's done much to destroy the American Catholic Church, but there he lies in good standing, being praised by the scions of Cultural Marxism.

The Church has been under occupation by alien forces for many a year and none have tried to stop them.

Here's the fawning obituary by CNS:

NOTRE DAME, Ind. (CNS) -- Ryan Leahy of Chicago walked up to an employee on the snow-covered campus of the University of Notre Dame March 3 and asked her to take a photo of him and his family members in front of the school's iconic gold dome.

Though the family reunion of sorts was chronicled with that snapshot, they came together for another well-known Notre Dame pillar.

They traveled from different regions of the U.S. to attend two days of services honoring the life of their friend, Holy Cross Father Theodore M. Hesburgh, the longest serving president of the university, from 1952 to 1987, who died Feb. 26 at the age of 97.

A man holds a program with an image of Holy Cross Father Theodore Hesburgh at a visitation and wake for the late priest March 3 at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on the campus of the University of Notre Dame in Indiana. Father Hesburgh, former president of the university, died Feb. 26 at age 97. (CNS/University of Notre Dame)

As Ryan Leahy huddled with his brother Patrick and father James, both of who traveled from Yakima, Washington, they took a moment to discuss with Catholic News Service their family's connection with Father Ted and his legacy.

"My father, who was Frank Leahy, the athletic director and head football coach here and Father Ted Hesburgh had a very interesting relationship," said James Leahy, a 1969 graduate of Notre Dame.

When Father Hesburgh arrived at Notre Dame in the 1940s, the Indiana Catholic campus was best known for its football excellence, and when he became president of the school in 1952, he vowed to turn the university into great academic institution, "which of course he did," James Leahy said.

"He and my father probably had conflict over the importance of football and academics," James Leahy said, and the two men later concluded that both were important for the success of Notre Dame.

The Leahys were among hundreds of people who arrived at the Indiana campus on the cold and dreary day of March 3 to pay tribute to Father Hesburgh, who is not only credited with transforming Notre Dame into one of the nation's premier higher-education institutions, he was considered a trailblazer in civil and human rights.

Father Hesburgh's work with several popes and U.S. presidents was highlighted during an evening wake service March 3 at the Basilica of the Sacred Heart on the Notre Dame campus.

When he was appointed to serve on the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights by President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who created it, the priest "did not have much experience in this great scourge on American rights," said Holy Cross Father Edward A. Malloy during the wake service. "But, he was a quick learner."

Father Malloy, who succeeded Father Hesburgh as Notre Dame's president and served in the post until June 2005, recalled an image of Father Hesburgh linking arms with civil rights leader the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. and singing, "We Shall Overcome"; his work on immigration reform; his realized vision to create an institute of peace at Notre Dame; and his tireless work for nuclear disarmament.

- - -

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Evil Jesuit University Fires Last Catholic on its Faculty?

Edit: in an ongoing battle, one of the last remaining conservative voices on the faculty of the allegedly Catholic, Jesuit, Marquette University has been fired.  We're linking here to an article by the estimable Austen Ruse who continues to do yeoman's work on this subject, on which no objective criticism is available apparently, at America's "Catholic" Universities.
Here's the article and here's hoping that at least one Marquette alum will stop supporting this intellectually impoverished institution which continues, despite all information to the contrary, that it's a Catholic school.
In future we're going to be linking more frequently to Professor McAdams pugilistic and unapologetic blog:
In a lengthy letter, Dean Richard Hotz told McAdams, “…your conduct clearly and substantially fails to meet the standards of personal and professional excellence that generally characterizes University faculties. As a result, your value to this academic institution is substantially impaired.”
For years McAdams has been a conservative thorn in the side of liberal Marquette. On his Marquette Warrior blog, he has chronicled the liberal foibles of Marquette faculty, staff and students.
At issue this time was a blog post McAdams published last November 9th in which he described a classroom situation where Cheryl Abbate, a junior faculty member, shut down a student who wanted to discuss his opposition to same-sex marriage because she considered it an unacceptable topic in her ethics class and would be on par with a discussion favoring racism or sexism. She also said such a discussion would offend any gay students in class.

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Eduction Minister Wants to Further Abrogate Religious Education

Students should be able to build their own value structure. [As long as it's not Catholic.]

Luxembourg ( CBA) Luxembourg Education Minister Claude Meisch adheres to the planned abolition of religion and ethics instruction in favor of uniform values ​​teaching. In the proposed neutral teaching the great world religions would have a place in discussions with religious and non-religious world views alike, the newspaper "Luxemburger Wort" (Thursday) quoted the Minister as saying. The students would get a new form of education, the opportunity to build their own value structure. It will be introduced to the school year 2016/17 in primary and secondary schools.

On Wednesday, the Citizens' Initiative "Fir de Choix" was heard before the members of the Education Board, Petitions and Education Minister Claude Meisch in Parliament. Representatives are calling for the preservation of the freedom to choose between religion and values ​​education. The citizens' initiative has collected 25,000 signatures against the planned values ​​teaching by its own account. (C) 2014 CBA Catholic News Agency. All rights reserved. Any media use and forwarding only under written agreements allowed with CBA.

Link to

Friday, March 29, 2013

Bishop Vasa Caves to Consensus on “Catholic” Education

Aren’t you the supposed to be the King of the Forest?
"Vasa said that in the future, it will continue to be his goal to make all the Catholic schools under the Santa Rosa Diocese “strong educational and faith-based institutions. It is important to remember that they are both educational and faith-based institutions,” he added emphatically. “ -Janelle Wetzstein petuluma 360

Edit: once again another Neoconservative Prelate caves in to the Marxist consensus. Here we are, continuing to face the persistent decay of Catholic education as well as the cowardice of its Bishops. Ex Corde Ecclesia is a nice document, but it does seem to be ignored and when it’s imposed, Catholic Bishops often cave in when they are challenged.

Allegedly Catholic students and faculty lament that the Bishop’s policies are discriminatory, well yes, sweethearts, it’s meant to be discriminatory. One wonders if the Bishop has thought to ask these people if they might go to other institutions that are more suitable to their lack of moral and religious foundation?  Nothing’s stopping you lot from going to a secular school, where you can be as inclusive of everything, except for Christianity, as you like.

Someone should explain to Catholic Bishops that one of the reasons why people go to Catholic Schools is because they ARE exclusive.

Here’s an article from petaluma 360. It says the Bishop’s decision was “lauded”. It’s hard to imagine how that could be the case that the decision could be lauded even by the people who were opposed to it, but we’re pretty sure that the Bishop’s cowardice will be met by sleepy resignation and indifference, possibly even with some tricky prestidigitation, on the part of most professional Catholics.

Many in the St. Vincent school community expressed relief recently when Bishop Robert Vasa relented in his requirement that all Catholic school teachers in the Santa Rosa Diocese sign a controversial ‘morals’ addendum in order to keep their jobs.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity this week due to the ongoing controversial nature of the issue, one St. Vincent’s teacher said that staff was pleased with the tone of Vasa’s letter. “It highlighted his dedication to a more collaborative approach, especially with the pastors and principals who are closest to the mission of the school and its Catholic identity,” said the teacher. “I and everyone else I talked to was very moved by his letter.”

The addendum required all teachers — including non-Catholic teachers — to say they believe that issues such as contraception, abortion, gay marriage and euthanasia are “modern errors” that “gravely offend human dignity.”

] Link to article...

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Peruvian University Blames Opus Dei For its Woes

The only really cool thing about Davinci Code

Edit: We wish!

Sounds like people are starting to get fed up with all the false advertising.

Are you being legitimately accused of failing to live up to the mission statement of your organization and actively working, for your own reasons, to debase its stock in the cultural, artistic, intellectual and economic marketplace?

We know, let's blame a boogieman!

Btw, there's nothing wrong with the use of a flagella provided that  it is used under spiritual direction or as part of a religious order's disciplina.  It's not done so much to inflict pain,  but as a reminder and a spiritual exercise just like praying the rosary or kneeling before the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle of your local church as part of a healthy spiritual habitus.
(Reuters) - One of Peru's top universities says it thinks maneuvers by the conservative Roman Catholic group Opus Dei are behind the school's high-profile falling out with the Vatican. 

In a dispute that could drag Peru and the Vatican into a diplomatic spat, the Catholic Church ordered the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru (PUCP) in a July letter to drop the words "pontifical" and "Catholic" from the official name it has been using for more than 60 years.

The university, which was founded in 1917 and is widely regarded as the country's most progressive institution of higher education, has refused to comply with the order. The Vatican says it will press its case with Peru's foreign ministry. 

Vatican representatives say they have spent years trying to persuade the university to comply with Church laws and that a large financial donation the school received should be managed in accordance with those.

For our part, we didn't know about the Opus Dei kid's show.  That would be awesome!  Give the coverage on the Spanish Civil War that no one actually learns about in school and tell the real story of Opus Dei and St. Josemaria in a matter of fact approach?

Link to Telegraph, Opus Dei children's show.... 

Monday, July 16, 2012

Catholic University of Leuven Withdraws Bishops' Voting Right

The five episcopal board members will only undertake an advisory function in the future, but may not decide on scientific projects like stem cell research.

Brussels/Leuven (  In Belgium the Catholic University of Leuven has revoked its voting rights on the highest board of the University.  The five bishop members of the board will play only an advisory role in the future,  but may not decide over scientific projects like stem cell research, reported the Belgian media of the University's  leadership.  Among the 30 persons included on the board also belongs the President of the Belgian Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard von Mechelen-Brüssel.

The University explained in reports, that this decision took place after long consideration. The Catholic University was indeed founded by the Bishops, but now according to its new mission statement will continue independently regardless. For that reason the word "Catholic" in the name of the University also comes under discussion. The current board decided to use the official designation KU Leuven. The >>K<< should in any case not be obligatory. Internationally, the name "University of Leuven" will be used.

According to reports, the University stressed its independence in its new mission statement. An independent administration is an essential precondition for academic freedom.

The reason for the initiative was brought among other things by statements of Archbishop Leonard in 2010. The Bishops' President had described AIDS as a consequence of misconduct and described it as a form of >>imminent justice<<.
Link to original....

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Davenport Bishop Compromises with Evil

Edit: after doing the right thing initially, the Bishop of Davenport materially cooperates with moral evil and strikes a compromise with homosexual pressure group.

A young man receives an award from the group and no one seems to be worried about his immortal soul.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Modernist Monastery Appoints First Lay President

Edit: as Collegeville continues to age, decline, rot and decay, the only thing that rivals its departure from orthopraxy and orthodoxy, is it's commitment to inviting the spirit of the world in, and completely denaturing its spiritual dimensions.

Considering that Collegeville has lost 11 monks in the last three years, it's a little difficult to make much hope out of the four novices they've received recently.
They're clearly not replacing their losses, and it has also been suggested that they are suffering financially as well.

A big step in that direction just took place today as St. John's hires a layman to lead its University who demonstrates no palpable Catholic bona fides. Where does he go to Mass? Is he Catholic? We contacted the modernist monastery's president's office and they didn't seem to know either.

On behalf of the Board of Regents, I am very pleased to announce that Dr. Michael Hemesath has been appointed the 13th president of Saint John’s University.

During his campus visit, Dr. Hemesath (SJU, class of 1981) shared his vision of the liberal arts, his experience with the transformative power of a Saint John’s education, and his deep-seated appreciation for our Catholic and Benedictine character. He will be a compassionate, energetic, and inspirational leader for Saint John’s at this important moment in our history.

Many thanks to the Presidential Search Committee for their diligent work on this process, and special thanks to everyone at Saint John’s and Saint Benedict who participated in the community forums and provided feedback to the committee. The search provided us an opportunity to demonstrate what is best about these communities. All of the finalists expressed appreciation for the extraordinary hospitality they experienced during their visits.

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Friday, April 6, 2012

Bishop Questions Catholicity of College!

Edit: this is one of those rare bishops who doesn't look and act like he reads Vanity Fair more than his breviary while subsisting on a vegetarian diet.

By Margaret M. Russell

[Catholic Free Press] There was no wealthy conservative Catholic pressuring Bishop McManus to object to Victoria Kennedy as the commencement speaker at Anna Maria College.

There was no threat by the diocese to cut off financial support for the college. The diocese does not fund the college in any way.

But, Bishop McManus did tell Anna Maria President Jack Calareso that if Mrs. Kennedy were to be the commencement speaker that he would not attend the May 19 ceremony. That is consistent with the stance of not honoring Catholics who stand in public opposition to some of the teachings of the church, the bishop said.
And contrary to at least one published report, Bishop McManus had not known for a year that Mrs. Kennedy was to be the speaker. He learned of it only a month ago and had a frank conversation about it with President Calareso a few days later.
As a result, the college said in a press release Friday that it had officially notified Mrs. Kennedy that the executive committee of the board of trustees decided “with deep regret to withdraw its invitation to her to serve as Anna Maria College’s 2012 Commencement speaker and honorary degree recipient.”

As Bishop McManus sat down with The Catholic Free Press Tuesday to clear up some of the misconceptions surrounding Anna Maria College’s decision to withdraw its invitation to Mrs. Kennedy, another call of support came in to his office. He has heard from both supporters and detractors. Yet, unlike a politician who can be swayed by public opinion, Bishop McManus said that his decision to object to the college’s choice of speaker was informed by two church documents: “Ex Corde Ecclesiae” (“From the Heart of the Church”) and “Catholics in Political Life.” He said his duty is to protect the Catholic identity of the college.

Read further...

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Catholic Schools Produce Apostasy

Franfurt School Sage, Theodore Adorno
 Edit: Speaking of Micheal Voris' indictment of Catholic formal and informal instruction, there's another report confirming what most people already know that Catholic institutions do not produce Catholics.  Since this situation is so pervasive, it becomes laughable to view it as anything but intentional and planned.

The Report says,

graduates even less likely to believe in moral absolutes, to respect the authority of the Catholic Church, to believe in the infallibily of Scripture or to condemn premarital sex.
 There's no surprise there when you take into account the influence on American education has been entrusted to a pack of refugees from Germany with their neo-Marxist  efforts at demoralization as described by Yuri Bezmonov.

A group of people have come to dominate American education, and despite the abundance of information, no one is able to come to sensible solutions in order to defend themselves, their family and their country.  Demoralization takes from fifteen to twenty years to demoralize a nation.  Marxist-Leninist Ideology has  been pumped into the soft heads of three generations of students without being challenged.

Now we are stuck with these people as they are in positions of power.  To get rid of these people you need another twenty years to educate common sense people to act in favor of American society.

Linking to Dallas, here.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Marquette Celebrates Diversity, But Not For Catholickes

Oh, the Irony
Editor: Leftist professors can drag the Church in the mud, insult their superiors and generally give a very bad report of themselves in the most petulant and insolent of ways, while this employee is facing disciplinary action for criticizing his superiors for being less than Catholic in a very responsible and mature fashion.  We just got this story from Badger Catholic in Wisconsin about a deplorable situation at Marquette "Jesuit" University.   As if the Jesuits in the Middle west weren't in enough trouble already. Academic Freedom, anyone? 
Perhaps it was the blogger/employees criticism of the all-holy "Queer Studies" program in place, viz:
The other issue raised was the fact that we had mentioned a student’s research paper, and were accused of “criticizing” it. In reality, we did not mention the student’s name, and the point of the blog post was that “‘gender studies’ has been added to ‘women’s studies’ signals a move toward a homosexual emphasis, as shown by one of the papers completed by a WGST fellow this summer . . . .” The blog post was, quite simply, a comment on the fact that the Women’s and Gender Studies program has begun to slip “queer studies” into the university.
Link to Marquette Warrior...

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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Irish Minister Wants to Strip Catholic Church of 50% of Its Schools

Editor: abuse-hoax = Catholic Church out of education... just like in Germany in the 30s when Catholics were bombarded with rare occasions of sex abuse by the National Socialist hate-media.

Catholic Church said to be ‘shocked’ by Education Minister’s plan


EDUCATION MINISTER RUAIRÍ Quinn’s decision to transfer more than 1,500 church schools to other patrons by next January has ‘shocked’ the Catholic Church.

The Irish Independent reports today ( that church leaders have argued that his start date was too ambitious and that though it welcomed the forum, sources said the church had first raised the issue of an over supply of catholic schools and that they were finalising their own consultation on the issue.

The Catholic Schools Partnership is to publish a position paper next week and the results of its consultation process will be analysed by representatives from all dioceses at four regional assemblies in June of this year.

Apparently, Archibshop Martin is very exited about handing over the Catholic Schools to the Godless materialists who run Ireland's government.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Victory in the Kulturkampf: Saarland Schools Stay Open, for Now

"Gloria in excelsis Deo -

Glory to God in the highest and peace on earth to men of good will."

Dear Friends and Benefactors of the Don-Bosco-School Association in Saarland!"

The Saarlouis court has reviewed the suspensive effect of our complaint: the schools in Saarland will remain open according to the ruling of the judge who could find no shortcomings in the operation of the schools.

Full of joy and relief the students, teachers and staff have intoned the "Te Deum" -- "Great God we praise Thee"!

To all of you we wish to express our hearty thanks, for those of you who've supported us with your prayers, with advice and deeds of solidarity.

 Praise God!

With thankful joy we greet you warmly from Saarbrücken-Fechingen!

Father Christian Schneider

Harald Messmer. Director of the Realschule Heart of Jesus

Johannes Adamski. Director of the Grade School St. Arnaul.

Translated from SSPX's German District site, here.

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H/t: Ignis Ardens, link to thread with comments by well-informed individuals who have been on the ground at the schools, here.