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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Father Z Kicked Out of Commie Diocese of Madison for Performing Much Needed Electoral Exorcisms

Edit: Father John Zuhlsdorf is being kicked out of the People's Republic of Madison because of some of his spiritual activities which we are certain anger the Devil, but also the Devil's bishop in Madison.  It's interesting how the evil one and his legions become aware of the Rite of Exorcism and descend like a dragon upon those who invoke it and assist it.

As we noted, the evil ordinary of Madison is complaining about Father Zuhlsdorf's exorcisms against the evil demons committing election fraud.  It isn't so much to complain about separation of Church and State, arguable, concern for the purity of the electoral process isn't a partisan issue, it's a matter of federal law.  As one of the commenters on the fruity "Where Peter Is" blog complains, if it had been James Martin complaining about the debunked "Russian Collusion" or the need for more progressive sexual practices in the world today, his ordinary certainly wouldn't be going after him.

My years in my adoptive Diocese of Madison have be fruitful on many levels. However, I’ve have discerned that – while I still can – I need to be closer to family. I’m not getting younger and neither are they. That, in itself, requires me to relocate in the not too distant future, to move, or at least to spend long stretches of time in places other than in Madison. I’ve discussed this with necessary parties. That’s in the works. I thank God and many others who have been so good to me here. I’ll be around, however, and I won’t be a stranger.

I've wondered at things Father Z has done for years, but he's always had the right enemies.  From his former superior at his first parish assignment, an comfortable and breezy Italian who regularly reads America Magazine and doubts scriptural inerrancy, to the various goblin imps and demonic episcopal trolls who are attacking him now.  Perhaps this move, as FatherZ himself notes, will be a very positive thing for him.

I once DM'd him on FB that I thought a lot of criticisms leveled at him that he doesn't really seem to be engaged as a legitimate priest would be alleviated if he livestreamed daily Mass and the Office.  I don't know if he ever read my suggestion, but he has been quite industrious about getting Mass and devotions out on video.   He continues to catechize and inform faithful Catholics everywhere, and that's a good thing. 

I would also like to personally thank FatherZ for offering Mass for my health when my saturation levels were hovering around 88%! 



Thursday, June 11, 2015

Current State of Abortion in the US

Apparently, our enemies at The New York Times are aghast that Texas's recent anti-abortion law has actually been upheld in federal court. With this, we should also delight in the progress we are making in Wisconsin where a bill is underway to outlaw abortion in those instances where the fetus will experience pain (i.e., after twenty weeks of gestation). This legislative progress naturally mirrors trends in the broader culture where only 41% of Americans now consider themselves "pro-choice." In short, we are winning and our liberal opponents have begun to gnash their teeth. Continue to pray and fast for the Pro-Life movement worldwide.

In the spirit of "tacky liberal incoherence," we should note that the Texas bill primarily aims to regulate abortion clinics to ensure that they are safe. Given what happened in Philadelphia, this should be a top-priority for all legislators nationwide. And insofar as lefties are fond of insisting that abortion ought to be "safe, legal, and rare," it is odd that they too would not support legislation requiring abortion clinics to be safe. Or perhaps by "safe, legal, and rare," they really mean "often-unsafe, tax-payer-funded, and common."

Thursday, April 30, 2015

Evil Feminist Ridicules Church at "Catholic" School

[Cardinal Newman Society] Abortion advocacy, support for euthanasia and applause for excommunicated and “ordained” women priests—such were the highlights of last week’s “dialogue” with radical feminists Gloria Steinem and Bell Hooks on the Catholic campus of St. Norbert College in De Pere, Wis.

The event was held in the College’s campus theater on April 21, despite initial exposure by the Cardinal Newman Society last October, public protest by Bishop David Ricken of the Diocese of Green Bay in January, and assurances from the College that Steinem was invited only to headline a “discussion of the history of the women’s movement, especially as it may be understood in the context of domestic violence.”

Bishop Ricken lamented that Steinem’s “whole career and life is a grand affirmation of the pro-abortion movement.” And the Newman Society called on the College to rescind Steinem’s invitation, stating that its refusal to do so “adds insult to injury by disregarding Bishop Ricken.”

Nevertheless the College went forward, and the activists’ dialogue, titled “Talking Together: A Legacy of Solidarity,” predictably highlighted contempt for “patriarchal religions” and pushed support for abortion rights and euthanasia. A video of their dialogue indicates that Steinem and Hooks barely touched on the subject of domestic violence but focused instead on “reproductive rights” and societal ills caused by the patriarchy.

Read further at Cardinal Newman Society link:

H/t: Badger Catholic

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Weakland Appointed Seminary Rector Attacks Church's Teachings

The head rots from the fish down and bad appointments of Bishops yield bad results and this former Seminary rector is now in charge of a parish.  He was appointed by Archbishop Weakland..  Archbishop Weakland himself was a favorite of Paul VI.   Not only does the Seminary rector, Father Victor Capriolo suffer from deficiencies in theology, but he suffers from deficiencies in his knowledge of human nature as well:

  I am aware also that Saint Paul says the various distinctions we use to categorize and divide one another are not appropriate for the Church. “There does not exist among you Jew or Greek, slave or free, male or female.” (Galatians 3:28).
 I’m sure women can relate well to their belonging to the Church as the bride of Christ; but, I wonder, how can men do that? As baptized members of the Church, men are part of the Body of Christ; but can they see themselves as the bride of Christ?
If the body of Christ is both male and female, I wonder … if there were both male and female priests as head of the Church, then that spousal image of Christ and his Church would make better sense for both men and women.

Link to article, here

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Bishop Morlino Defends Conservative Priests from Liberal Laity

In a letter recently, Bishop Morlino deals with the tactics of a group of layity trying to get rid of what sounds like three fairly traditional priests using the tactics regularly employed by dissident groups like VOTF. In an emboldened section, Bishop recognizes this fact, encouragingly, by Badger Catholic.

Furthermore, activities such as protest-letter-writing seminars, leafleting of motor vehicles, doorto- door canvassing for signatures on a petition, etc (that is, exerting organized political pressure on people, where the end justifies any means) is an appropriate tactic in a political campaign, but not in the communion of faith which is the Catholic Church. Groups such as “Call to Action” and “Voice of the Faithful” regularly employ such tactics against legitimate authority in the Church. Because these groups dissent from basic tenets of Catholic Doctrine and Discipline, they are not recognized as Catholic in the Diocese of Madison, much less are they able to exercise legitimate authority. It is my hope that these clarifications will prove helpful.

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sleazy Republican Senate Contender Rides Abuse Bandwagon in Wisconsin

Editor: Even cheesy Republicans are getting into the game by aligning themselves with the professional victims' group SNAP. Courtesy of Badger Catholic, here.

DE PERE — U.S. Senate candidate Ron Johnson has tried to comply with an advocacy group's request by urging the Catholic Diocese of Green Bay to be open in its investigation of alleged pedophile priests, but members of the group say that isn't enough.

The Republican asked the diocese on Wednesday to be transparent regarding decades-old allegations of child abuse among priests and particularly the Rev. John Patrick Feeney, who was sentenced to prison in 2004 for molesting two brothers in Freedom.

Johnson used to serve on the diocese's financial council and in January testified in Madison against the Child Victims Act — a Wisconsin bill aimed at making it easier for childhood sex abuse victims to sue their attackers — on behalf of the diocese, among other groups. Johnson's statements focused on the financial impact of the bill on nonprofits that serve minors.

Link to GB Gazette...