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Monday, May 14, 2018

“Catholic” University Promotes “Polyamory”

Edit: Catholic faithful complain, University administration does nothing. It’s getting to be a familiar refrain. The only thing they understand is money, and they seem to get an endless supply by overcharging for their “services”. The local ordinary will be silent, also, we guess.

[Campus Reform] DePaul University recently hosted an informational event on polyamory at its LGBTQA Resource Center.
A flyer for the “Polyamory Pause” event described the event as “a dialogue on open relationships and polyamory.” 
"Like, I can't make up my mind what I want to eat at Chipotle, like, how am I supposed to commit to one person, right?"    
The event sought to “dig past the surface conversation surrounding polyamory and open relationships” and examine “the ways soisl [sic] identity impact the conversations and the embodiment of open and polyamous [sic] relationships.”