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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

California Lawmakers Considering a Law to Regulate Catholic Seal of the Confessional

[Town Hall] Lawmakers in California are currently considering a bill that would require priests in the Catholic Church to violate the seal of confession when it comes to the subject of child sexual abuse.

The newly-proposed legislation was introduced Wednesday by Democratic State Senator Jerry Hill, according to a report by Fox News.

Senate Bill 360 is titled “Removing Clergy Exemption from Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting.” The bill would remove an exemption in the state’s “mandated reporter” law that allows all clergy members to withhold knowledge of suspected child abuse from law enforcement if that information is obtained during a "penitential communication," such as Catholic confession.


Sunday, August 31, 2014

Court: Homeschooling Continues as a Danger for Children

Edit: aren't they talking rather about the Greens?
About a year ago the German government robbed the couple, Dirk and Petra Wunderlich of their four children as the Darmstadt family will not educate their children by the state, but instead  wanted to give their own lessons. At the time, wrote Katholisches : "Last Thursday, August 29, 2013, at eight clock in the morning,  20 police officers and staff of the Youth Office, stormed the home of the Wunderlich family in Darmstadt to snatch all four children from the care of their parents. We know nothing about the whereabouts of  children ages 7 to 14  as yet. This massive intervention against the natural rights of the family has been published with the assistance of the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), which is known as the largest and most important international organization for defense  of the right to homeschooling. In the German media landscape there is no response to the police action that can be heard, while within two days already, several English-language news sites have reported of the case."
Even now it is again thanks to the HSLDA that a wider public has learned of a recently defeated court decision finding that the family court judge had acted wrongly in the late summer of 2013, where he  removed  the parents' custody. At the same time the court ruling called, however, that homeschooling continues to constitute a hazard and children should go to school.  Just how safe state-regulated schools are is demonstrated by  the rampages of Emsdetten, Winnenden and Ansbach in the last ten years. In addition, public schools are  known to be a major threat to the soul and mind of the student, whether it is about the so-called "sex education", religious instruction, or the endless propaganda in politics hour.
Dirk Wunderlich was understandably delighted with his wife to now have  custody of their own children back: "The court said that the removal of our children was not reasonable - only because the authorities had to apply very high fines and  prosecution. But this decision maintains the absurd idea that homeschooling is a danger to the child and an abuse of parental authority."  The Wunderlich family must prepare themselves now for fines in the mid-five figure range and prison sentences. "That should not be tolerated in a civilized country."
Petra Wunderlich expressed her thanks to the HSLDA: "We could not have done without the help of HSLDA. No family can fight against the powerful German state - it's too much, too expensive."  This, of course, and this was noticed only in passing, not only for matters such as homeschooling, but for everything else the respective ruling class does not like.  
Michael Donnelly of the HSLDA expressed his outrage at the behavior of the German state: "imprisonment and fines for homeschooling are outside of what free societies, which respect fundamental human rights, should tolerate. The laws of the German state and the country that allows the ban on home schooling must be changed. Such laws in a leading European democracy threaten not only the rights of tens of thousands of German families, but establish a dangerous example, which other countries may be tempted to copy."
Text: Benedict M. Buerger
image: Private
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Hollande: "I Surely Didn't Ask the Pope for Forgiveness" -- Abortion not a Topic

(Vatican / Paris)  Corresponding to diplomatic custom little was made known officially about the content of the meeting of French President Francois Hollande and Pope Francis. Details were reported in the meantime by Dominique Quinio, the chief editor of the Catholic newspaper La Croix . Quinio was a member of the French delegation that accompanied President Hollande in the Vatican. The delegation did not participate in the actual conversation between the Pope and Hollande. "Hollande  said to us in the delegation that  he had surely not asked the Pope for forgiveness," said the La Croix -print manager. Quinio nor could conjecture, if the killing of unborn children was the topic of conversation. 
According to Dominique Quinio it was an encounter in a "warm atmosphere when you considered that on fundamental issues such as marriage and adoption rights for gays, abortion and end of life, the positions are incompatible." Quinio was one of ten people in his entourage who were allowed to follow Hollande's reception in the Vatican. In an interview with the Corriere della Sera  she named some details of the meeting, about which the content so far has been very little known.

Was the Killing of Unborn Children an issue?

The meeting had been highly anticipated because the contrasts between church and state have been scarcely, as radically  visible  since the Socialist electoral victory in France in May 2012.   France Catholics foremost of all looked eagerly to Rome. More than 110,000 had turned in an appeal to Pope Francis and requested clear words from him.  Last year, millions of French people had gone against the intention of the government's legalization of "gay marriage" on the streets. They expected a signal of support from Rome.
The topic of abortion should have been the subject of the conversation. This was indicated in the official note from the Vatican. The Corriere della Sera reported this: "Also, according to close presidential circles   it seems that the two Francis' have addressed the topic of abortion".

Minimum Expectations

But Dominique Quinio is dismissive: "Hollande and Pope Francis had only vaguely and generally 'indicated to  the dignity of human life' at the end of the conversation. Abortion was not a topic. . "For the rest, no one had expected to be able to convince the other," said Quinio. "I do not think that the meeting with the Pope is sufficient to overcome the divorce that has taken place in France between  Catholic opinion and Hollande. The prevailing impression that the government has regularly adopted positions   and within a short period of time that contradict our values ​​and perspectives. Gay marriage, a further liberalization of abortion, the legalization of euthanasia, which  has alienated Hollande from the Catholic electorate that surprisingly elected him in part and was surprised by it."
The  warden of   the Elysée Palace had wanted to put a gesture of "attention" and "respect" towards the Catholics, "with a view to the upcoming regional, local and European elections," said Quinio. "Immediately after the meeting with the Pope, Hollande put us turned by the delegation, in order to make a point,    had  certainly not asked  the Pope for forgiveness. Literally, he added: 'I am come as  head of state who meets another head of state.' "
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Wikicommons / tempos (assembly)
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, January 23, 2014

Pope Francis Receives François Hollande -- 10,000 Catholics Ask Pope for "Clear Words"

(Paris / Vatican) On 24 January French President François Hollande was received by Pope Francis in audience. The contrast could not be greater. France's socialist government is in a hard cultural struggle against the non-negotiable principles and thus against the Catholic Church. To be precise, it is a brutal war of extermination with abortion, euthanasia, gay marriage, adoption rights for homosexuals, surrogacy and gender ideology. A group of French Catholics has appealed to Pope Francis. The call has a petition that has been signed within a few days of more than 100,000 Frenchmen. The appeal in full:

Your Holiness,

You have granted the President of the French Republic an audience and will receive him in the coming 24 January  at the Vatican.
With faith and hope, we turn to you, Your Holiness, to ask you to kindly to make known to  Monsieur François Hollande  to address the deep unease and growing concern of many French Catholics.
Because  French Catholics,  who  have demonstrated en masse  in order to express their rejection of the so-called Mariage pour tous-law, an unjust law that arbitrarily deprives the child of his right to have  a father and a mother  discomfort, and the gate that has opened  the door for the commercialization of the human body have  not been heard by Monsieur François Hollande. These rallies, although peaceful, have been suppressed by unworthy methods, such as, among others, we have even been charged under the lamented European Union and its resolution No. 1947.
Unhappy because the French Catholics have been the object of a media smear campaign of rare hardness for the last  year. The Church desecrations have multiplied in recent years, especially by Femen , a group of radical feminists. This profanation has been hardly found any response in the media. No member of the government or the responsible politicians of the ruling majority considered it necessary to condemn this desecration, which deeply hurt us, and not even a word of solidarity was pronounced. The ads were allowed to be posted. Many French Catholics can not help but to draw a comparison to the strict, unanimous and legitimate reactions against those responsible when other religious communities are under attack in France.
Unhappy finally, because no longer lett the ridicule, the teasing and the attacks on  the highest places can't even be counted.  On a  large national radio station, the Minister of Labor made a joke about the Holy Eucharist ​​a few months ago, declaring, among other things: "We don't make any  invocations. We are not at the Mass, to pray. We are acting."  On social networks, the parliamentary staff of a socialist senator and cosigner of the gay marriage law, for the crowd to be fired upon, who were demonstrating against the Lex Taubira  and this senator still received the full support,  Such examples like this are unfortunately,  very many. French Catholics are tired of being a religious group that can be disparaged with impunity.
There is worry because these attacks against Catholics are a large step backwards in  fundamental and human rights, which is fostered by the Government through the promotion and blows the culture of death.
Last July  the National Assembly (lower house of parliament) established the conditions for research on human embryos. The French Catholics affirm their rejection of an idea of the child, where the child doesn't have any rights outside of his parents plans for him.
Recently, the offense of "obstruction of abortion" on the mere expression of criticism in the killing of unborn children was extended. French Catholics to be denied in this way, in violation of the freedom of expression, which was previously a basic pillar of our democracy, to express their opposition to abortion and abortion policy in the future.
The government lays the foundations to bring a bill to a vote, legalizing euthanasia. To this end, many were members of the National Ethics Committee of Monsieur François Hollande included, which today has no religious members.
Finally, the education minister, who is actively promoting gender theory at the schools said, without any ifs and buts according to his will: "We need the Catholic religion to be replaced by a republican religion" and "any  qualifications by  the student must be torn out by the roots" including the familial bond. In this way, the educational rights of parents to educate their children according to their beliefs is threatened.
Your Holiness will naturally find better words than we do, to bring our discomfort on the topics expressed here. However, we ask with confidence and gratitude, that you will officially pronounce to Monsieur François Hollande during his visit this coming 24 January, the terrible concern of many French Catholics. It is an honor for us to be able to say with the greatest respect, to be the humble servant of Your Holiness.
A Group of French Catholics
Translation into German: Giuseppe Nardi according to the statement by  Abbé Pierre Laurent Cabantous
image: Wikicommons / tempos (assembly)
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Head of Austrian Caritas Endorses President of Dissident Priest Group for Bishop

The anti-Roman Landau Religion Mobilizes for the anti-Roman Schüller-Religion

A poser priest  with a questionable career trajectory from a Jewish background, and now  endorses a heretical priest in his struggle to create a market for smugglers.
Caritas in Pinstripes: Michael Landau remains faithful to his anti-Rome Course f - a kind of prerequisite for a career in the Schönborn Church [Image: Encyclopedia Dramatica CC]

Human Traffickers Business

A clear winner of globalization is the illegal and highly organized business of human trafficking. The mafia gangs seem to have church-related servants who realize their campaigning for human trafficking with the aid of church funds. Thus Caritas has also used our Church funds in its portion of production and channeling of international refugees to  assist in  destroying the resident people, its culture and the Catholic religion.
This destruction is one of the essential tasks of Caritas, which is why it has also funded abortions:

The Social-Industrial Combine of Caritas

The most important for the socio-industrial combine of Caritas is not to alienate any human traffickers is because the charity needs  Human Trafficking-Industry people, who ship well-paying economic refugees here, so that they can then sneak benefits.

In this Way the Church is Made to Look Ridiculous, it is Intended:

An exodus of the few remaining Catholic faithful was the launched in 1939 by Arthur Seyss-Inquart, was also intended to give life to the Nazi Church-tax club:
Revenue from the Nazi church contribution Law of 1939 should be able to be freely used for socialist agendas and at the same time faith in the Lord Jesus Christ will be destroyed and the Masonic do-gooder will withdraw. This plan seems to be persistently followed by  Cardinal Christoph Schönborn.
There is no other explanation that a priest performer of a Jewish family with a questionable meteoric career and the  Big Boss of the socialist do-gooder group "Caritas"  agitates for the anti-Roman Schüller-religion.

Caritas is the Opium of Heretical Priests

So, the big boss of the Social-Industrial combine Caritas, Fr. Michael Landau   confirmed on the occasion of his appointment as Caritas Austria CEO: Hw. Helmut Schüller would be an "excellent candidate for office of a bishop".
The poser priest Landau probably allowed himself a pre-Christmas April Fool's  by bringing a priest who has been charged as a  heretic into play, for office of a bishop. It is only by going back to Arthur Seyss-Inquart's Church-tax club that calls for a  bishop who calls for disobedience to the Vicar of Christ could ever  be conceivable. 
This alignment of the anti-Roman Landau religion with the anti-Roman Schüller-religion is a worst-case scenario for the Catholic faith in Austria. This seems to be something Cardinal Christoph Schönborn  has pulled all strings to strive for.

Stay Roman Catholic!

Whoever has a conscience,  will depart from the Nazi, Catholic faith destroying, Church-tax association founded in 1939  - and remain a Roman Catholic !

Trans: Tancred

NB: German speaking countries have a Church-tax system which in Austria's case was imposed in 1939 under the Nazis.  This sytem, has been a vehicle for the destruction of Catholicism in German countries, especially since the Second World War.  The Church-tax in this case is being used to fund Caritas, which is an abortion supporting, immigration promoting, organization.  If that's not insulting enough to the faithful Catholic, its current president, an alleged convert from a Jewish background, has praised the dissident founder of Call to Disobedience, a priestly version of USA Call to Action.  They promote disobedience to Catholic teachings on a range of issues from abortion, to women priests and celibacy.

Sunday, December 15, 2013

The Cross Remains in Polish Parliament -- Kulturkampf Against Anti-Christian Powers

(Warsaw) A Warsaw court rejected the demand to remove the crucifix hanging in the Polish parliament. The Christian symbol will continue to hang in the parliament hall in Warsaw, because it "violates no law." The atheistic party Ruch Palikota (Palikot Movement) still wants to continue their anti-Christian campaign and are now calling Strasbourg against the judgment.
"Even if the cross is a religious symbol, you can not ignore its importance it has as a symbol of national identity and  Polish culture" and thus "no law is violated." The Warsaw court justified its ruling that the crucifix still hangs in the Polish parliament.

Anticlerical Palikot Movement Provoked Fierce Culture War

The decision ends an ongoing dispute since 2011, which the annticlerical, left-liberal Palikot Movement had launched (for backgrounds and origin of the Palikot Movementsee the report hangover to Poland-election - "Not a good day for the protection of life" - Anti-Clerical Phantom has a Face   ). It calls for the removal of the cross from the hall of the Sejm , the first chamber of the Polish Parliament.The Cross with Corpus had been installed on the initiative of Catholic deputy after the fall of the communist regime.
The Palikot party, named for an entrepreneur,  now wants to bring their anti-Christian campaign before the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. It argues that the presence of a cross in Parliament "violates the right to freedom of conscience and religion".
The Polish judiciary is of a different opinion and rejected the application. It recognizes the Christian symbol's special historical and cultural significance, which is an integral part of the Polish identity, especially as concerns the role of the Catholic Church over the past two centuries for national unity, especially during the Second World War and the Soviet occupation to in 1989.

Prime Minister Tusk welcomes Court Decision

The decision was also welcomed by the liberal-conservative Prime Minister. Donald Tusk. He stressed that the secularism of a state should not be expressed in fruitless arguments about the placement of crosses in public space. One survey found that 71 percent of Poles are in favor of maintaining the cross in parliament. However, the aggressiveness of anti-Christian groups leads to the cross are becomingthe focus of  more and more of legal proceedings. The atheists strive in numerous methods in the hope of someday finding a judge who will make a breach in their favor.
The Palikot Movement concluded in 2013 with representatives of the post-communist left alliance Europa Plus, which wants to compete with left-liberal, pro-EU positions in the European elections in 2014 and offers itself as an alternative choice  for the entire left spectrum of the left-wing Liberals to the Greens and Communists .

Historical praise of the Russian Orthodox Patriarch  for Polish Church

40 percent of Polish Catholics regularly attend Sunday mass. 90 percent of Poles regard the Catholic Church as a central factor, "unifying  the people." Recently, even the Russian Orthodox Patriarch Kirill I of Moscow praised  the "Catholic Church of Poland" because it is "at the forefront of the European Union and  defends Christian values".An award of extraordinary importance in view of the old historical enmity that has existed between Catholic Poland and Orthodox Russians.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Asianews
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gomorrists, Atheists, Abortionists Can Advertise in England, but Not Christians

(London) Whether atheists, abortion lobbyists or militant homosexual organizations, they can advertise in England they want. Except those who oppose the Gomorrah agenda. The municipal company that is responsible for public transport in London, won't allow the Bus Campaign to accept a Christian organization. The Christian Association draws attention to the possibility that there is also a life without homosexuality and that for those affected a withdrawal from homosexuality is possible.

The municipal transport company is otherwise not squeamish in the adoption of advertising contracts. In 2008, the first anti-Christian campaign was advertised on the famous red London double-decker bus. The slogan was: "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life." The atheists and pedophile promoters have mimicked his approach. Various Christian communities and parishes protested against the Atheist Bus Campaign also referring to the fact that it is discriminatory and disrespectful. Unsuccessful.

TV advertising for abortion

Since then a lot has changed. For the worse. 2010, the first TV commercial was aired in England, advertising for the killing of unborn children: "Are you late," a voice said and urged pregnant women to turn to the abortion clinics of the abortion lobbyists Marie Stopes International.

The Christians were protesting again. Especially the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales: "Abortion is not a consumer service. Such advertising corrupts the respect for life and is highly detrimental to women. "The result? The ad ran on. The television station justified the commercial as a form of social commitment to "combat the taboo of abortion."

Six months ago, there was another bus Campaign, this time to apply for homosexuality. The action came from Stonewall and ran under the heading "Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Charity". This time the saying was: "Some people are gay. Get over it!" On the red buses and the British were to be happy about it. The saying propagates a false tolerance, but contained nothing offensive.In October theCore Issues Trust, a Christian organization to support homosexuals who want to come out of homosexuality, was also to start a bus Campaign. But in this case the Transport for London (TFL), from the Society for the London public transport, rejected it. Christians have recently asked, "Why can the GLBT express their opinion, but we can not?" The managing director of Core Issues Trust, Mike Davidson, filed a complaint on the grounds of manifest disadvantage and discrimination. Davidson requested in a petition for the immediate suspension of the homo-advertising by Stonewall since there is not presently a final judgment.

Therapists expelled from professional association - will soon be behind bars?

Davidson himself was formerly a militant gay activist. By Christian faith, he recognized homosexuality as immoral and found the exit. Today, he helps other people to get out of homosexuality. For this purpose he founded Core Issues Trust. The militant gay organizations do not speak well of Davidson since his departure. The Spiegel, which he holds as part of the homo lobby, can not bear it. Davidson has been accused of homophobia, a slogan which is to prevent any discussion and is used by Gomorrah militants as an instrument of character assassination against critics.

The persecution against unpopular opinions is relentless. Davidson, a renowned psychotherapist once unhesitatingly recommend for the acceptance of homosexuality. This was not a problem. Since it became known that he considers homosexuality a sexual behavior disorder, he was expelled from the Professional Association of Psychotherapists. Although it does not appear that anyone had objected to his activities.

The same fate now threatens the doctor and psychotherapist Leslie Pilkington. The Professional Association of British psychotherapists has initiated proceedings against them. A journalist who did not reveal herself as such, but as "a Christian and a homosexual," by which she asked for "help" to get out of homosexuality. He recorded the conversation secretly and published it. The conversation was serious and businesslike. But the fact that someone was being helped from homosexuality, is a scandal for the Professional Association of Psychotherapists. For homosexuality can be, according to some ideologues, only be silent about or promoted. There is no third way. [Actually, you can be punished just for being silent.]

Only in those days would Healing on the Streets (host), a Christian organization that recommends prayer as therapy, be asked to remove their advertising posters from the walls of houses with which they advertise to their concerns.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Tempi
Trams: Tancred

Friday, October 18, 2013

Birth of a Nation: Bicentennial of the Battle of Leipzig

By Dieter Stein

Battle of Leipzig: Paintings of Vladimir Moshkov, 1815 Photo: Wikimedia

More than 6,000 participants will parade on Sunday in Leipzig-Markham in historical uniforms. It is the culmination of the celebrations for the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Nations on 19 October 1813, after three days of bloody struggle ended. It was then the biggest battle in world history, involving a total of about half a million soldiers. About 90,000 were killed or wounded.

It is our through the 20th Century that our shifted perspective that this date has faded in the collective memory. The First and Second World War battles with material and modern weapons of mass destruction have pushed themselves in front. And we tend to forget where our roots are. For our history and the emergence of the German national idea, the Battle of Leipzig is in fact a crucial turning point.

Moving away from a no longer viable medieval order

The Holy Roman Empire of the German nation, fragmented into many small units, had more than 300 countries before Napoleon's troops occupied it. Under the rule of the French dictator, he forcibly reduced the number to 60. Napoleon provoked the Germans to radical reforms and to move away from a no longer viable medieval order.[sic]

The French Revolution was answered with a German one. On the battlefield of Leipzig, the foundation for the unification of German states was placed in a modern nation-state, whose idea until half a century later, in 1871, was implemented in the small German solution under Bismarck.

The idea of ​​German unity was not supported by the majority support from the outset. Parts benefited too much from the fragmentation of the whole. This tendency would revive again and again - most recently after the founding of the German states East and West Germany in 1949, as some of the political class were willing to put up with the final division. It was only the peaceful revolution in 1989 - perhaps not coincidentally - started with demonstrations in Leipzig, that national unity was put back on the agenda.

Not even a commemorative stamp

As enjoyable as many initiatives at the regional level are, and reminiscent of the great historical date of the Battle of Nations, it was reported by Central German Broadcasting in a sort of "live ticker" on the events 200 years ago as if we had lived in the year 1813.

But the most distressing and an expression of our political and historical amnesia, is that the representatives of the country - President, Chancellor, Federal - have not found a way to commemorate the event. Not even a stamp! A national official ceremony attended by representatives of former enemies and allies would have been the least.

Junge Freiheit 43/13 Edit: it was also the continuation of the persecution of the Catholic Church in these countries after Napoleon as well.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

Papal Dyarchy in Discourse With Atheists? Kulturkamp of Benedict XVI.,

(Rome) The daily Il Foglio addressed recently the unexpected letter from Benedict XVI. to the atheist Piergiorgio Odifreddi. A letter brings the retired Pope back from his self-imposed retreat in the current confrontation between an aggressive atheism and Christianity. One can't speak of "Retirement" of a Pope anyway. The commentary with which Benedict XVI. replied, was addressed to the militant Church opponent Odifreddi, differing from that of the reigning Pope. The question is how the unusual situation of two living popes who act in the same discourse is to be classified. Is it a supplement or an abnormal dyarchy? The historian Roberto de Mattei had doubts (see separate report), whether it would be good, so to speak, for two popes to act simultaneously, even though one is reigning, and the other an emeritus pope. Il Foglio said in the letter to Odifreddi that the actual reason for the resignation by Benedict XVI. visible. But then things had gone differently in the conclave, as originally designed by the German Pope. A contribution to the discussion.

The letter, in which Benedict XVI. Lambastes Odifreddi, Poses the Real Reason for his Resignation

"Very few people in the world, Eugenio Scalfari is one of them, can understand the surprise and emotion that one feels to receive unexpected letter from the Pope at home." It could also just take note that within two weeks, the Pope emeritus had also written an atheist at La Repubblica in secret and watched the effect it would have. One could joke about Emeritus miracle, given the feelings with which Piergiorgio Odifreddi has received the postman. One may note, that miraculous contained in the (current) media triumph of the papacy, but maybe just something artificial. One could also determine that something is overdrawn in the way La Repubblica thrilled at the papal letters, but they were judiciously published and can comment more or less intelligently.

If you read Pope Ratzinger's intelligent lashes against Odifreddi, however, after Francis had lovingly massaged Scalfari's conscience, one might also suspect the two play the game from the good and the evil Pope, one caressing, the other skinning. But it is not.

One may note that the Pax Journalistika between La Repubblica (and virtually all mass media in the world) and the Vatican began the moment when the ruling bishop of Rome decided and signaled that he is withdrawing from the harsh terrain of cultural struggle with the secularization, and instead, prefers a dialogue that emphasizes the freedom of conscience and no longer sits on the bayonets of the doctrine and the dogma (a position that however the Pope Emeritus demands Odifreddi). The crucial turning point was the first meeting of Pope Francis with the press, as he at the end of the attending journalists, "respect" only "silently" blessed.

In view of Roman Catholicism, the resistance (after Protestantism has ceased for some time to be an oblique counterpart to the modern and surrendered without much resistance), and now it appears to be crumbling, the media creates cheering for Pope Francis as a golden bridge, that it must be built for the surrender of the Catholic Church. But even so, it is not.

You could say a lot of things, by varying slightly between the important and the less clearly wrong. The key point is quite another, for whoever wants to see it. The letter of Benedict XVI. to Odifreddi is written in a tone of relaxed severity. He grants the opposite as far as possible out of academic courtesy, but then the blows are mercilessly struck. Benedict XVI. attacks his opponent on the field: "In your religion of mathematics three basic themes of human existence remain disregarded: freedom, love and evil"

All this means two things. That Ratzinger, freed from the burden of Peter, has become again as he always wanted to be, an intellectual and theologian, a thinker who is freer than it is intended for him by others. Now that he is no longer a Pope, he takes back the freedom of a tone of voice that had to suffer from the continuous bombardment of the world. This clearly also points to the dark side of the same coin. That Benedict XVI. no longer felt the power of being able to withstand the highest position in his supreme authority and Church government. The collision with the post-Christian, secular culture of the West, however, he has still grown very well into his role as a theologian. The resignation was an admission that would have been required the energy and power of another for the post that he had not. According to him, a pope should come who can take the same weapons for the same battle, but with a different momentum, force and vigor.

But instead of this, a pope has come to the scene and stage, to change whole theater even more. The Cardinals had understood the resignation of Benedict quite differently than he. As he wanted to pass on to younger hands, so the fight would continue with renewed vigor, some Cardinals saw a chance to disengage from combat. Had Benedict XVI. looked closely, he would have noticed that some Cardinals had not fought faithfully at his side, but at best are "heroic" in Rome for the "all'armi" - called to arms, but exchange the Catholic armor at home with the staid street clothes where political and cultural arrangements are reversed.

The new pope turns toward modernity to another discernment. A little naive, a little smart, he avoids it, to bring them into the field of fire. He is differently cultivated, even Ignatian. We'll see how it goes. Anyway, it would have been interesting to experience a Benedict XVI. on Peter's throne, who responded with such intellectual looseness, but the answer all of the Odifreddis this world and the friends of the false and fraudulent gods who attack the Church, and forced on to fight on their own terrain, where the debate is to take place and the Odifreddi now acknowledges: "The search for the truth."

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Image: Wikicommons Trans: Tancred

Link to Katholisches... AMGD

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Archbishop Zollitsch’s Battle for the Centrist Dictatorial Regime in Brussels

The Honorable President of the German Bishop’s Conference
has preserved an anti-Catholic model of a centralized
pseudo-Europe. [photo: Kirche in Deutschland]
The anti-German "German Bishops' Conference” is calling for the dissolution and disintegration of the German state and prescribed a devout political propaganda, as has not been in 75 years.

Eurozentralismus-Tümmelei The "Badische Tageblatt" said the chairman of the "German Bishops' Conference," Archbishop Robert Zollitsch: "Our future is in Europe and not in its return to the national states."

Archbishop Zollitsch probably wanted to insinuate the following:

-EU Europe would have something like a future.

- The future of Germany and its homeland is not Afghanistan, but somewhere on the Western Eurasian landmass.

- There are no nation-states (not "return to the nation-states").
It is more than obvious that the Catholic Church in Germany only serves mammon. It serves the abolition of moral nation-states and the realization of the claim to power of the Brussels subculture.

Eurocentralism brings about the destruction of the values

Just as in Europe, the institution of the family is destroyed on purpose, and the nation-states (such as curved cucumbers) are destroyed. The resolution of family and state brings the atomization of de-christianized wage slaves who are then collectivized into a larger unit.

Mammon instead of values

This new collective, which is nothing more than an oligarchy of the unscrupulous, called the hypocrites, for example, "European community of values" - actually it's all about mammon . Globalist politics and the Church in Germany to serve the international private banks and not their own people or the will of God.

Only when it comes to Mammon (or homosexuality), does the tax-Church suddenly become present and with a vengeance.

Whom does Zollitsch so serve, is solely the financial feudalism.

When Archbishop Zollitsch is for the centralist dictatorship in Brussels, then he is concerned that the big capital is subsidized with tax money and citizens who are systematically dispossessed and impoverished.

The barbaric regime in Brussels has managed to combine the bad side of capitalism with the bad sides of communism - and Archbishop Zollitsch apparently wants to be the prophet of this oversupply of the bad.

Honorable President of the tax-Church

For reasons of age, the tax-Church regime will of Robert Zollitsch will mercifully end in March 2014. Then nothing will be better, because the Masonic Temple at work on Europe will continue undaunted in the de-Christianized communities of the tax-Church.

The EU shatters and destroys the autonomy of EU nations worse than in Ancient Rome, that they can spread their wicked rule and the smell of a new world order on everything.

The nucleus of the homeless and senseless society of Europe are now in the back room of the Brussels power ghetto - and not our children. These are like lab rats, the euro makes the European people a sacrifice to scientific investigation - if it goes according to the plans of the president of the anti-German "German Bishops' Conference.”

Mr. Zollitsch (as the modern man speaks to his Archbishop)! Take note that all empires will pass away - only Christ's kingdom is everlasting!

Sunday, August 11, 2013

Persecution of Christians in Austria: For the Sake of State Security

Persecution of Christians in Austria

A house search against two upstanding clergymen faithful to Rome, allegedly because of offering their opinions on or, was in reality to get insight into their activities and personal back ground. 

Commando Raid Against the Clergy

According to press reports two ordained dignitaries, in Vienna and Upper Austria, are supposed to have been the object of house searches by the security forces.

The State Prosecutor in Feldkirch in Vorarlberg in cooperation with the Federal Office for Protection of the Constitution.

There are "mountains of admissible evidence secured" that have been secured.

Only: Admissible evidence for what? In order to prove that clergy have drunk coffee in a Café? Or even purchased a newspaper?
St. Veit was burned in oil. He refused to offer
sacrifices to the false gods.  Altarbild von Franz Xaver Palko
 (Ausschnitt), Sankt Veit am Vogau [Bild: kreuz-net]

Catholic -- and Not Homosexual

Both dignitaries will be charged, for the honor of strictly rejecting homosexual depravity ("Sins against Nature", see Moral Theology) not only conducted, but from theological grounds --- following the Introduction of the Holy Father Benedict XVI.

This "crime" will be made more severe by the fact that they are supposed to have spread the teachings of the Church on the internet.

Since the -- apparently Christian -- Volkspartei conspiring with the political Left, made homosexuality into the treasured divinities of the Republic by way of a sedition paragraph, aberrosexual activists and haters of the Church, are trying to criminalize Catholics for holding their faith.

Catholic -- and Against the Murder of the Unborn

There is a circumstance which is attached to both clergyman: they weigh -- still in public and with evident success via the internet -- against the liquidation of unborn children.

If one still considers this, which business the abortion advertisers are opposed, that human life is inviolable and protected by (actual) human rights, one understands the outrage behind the interest:

In one single abortion facility in Vienna the abortion Dr. Radauer boasted that in her practice of one branch, she killed a child almost daily: high estimates are 13,000 unborn. 13,000 child murders per 300 Euro add up to 3,900,000 Euro: a "powerful" Republican argument.

Catholic -- and Against Euthanasia

Next noticed there is also for the two Catholic clergymen that the value of human life doesn't boil down to a "break-even-point."

Thus, they reject every form of euthanasia. That makes them even more suspicious.

Clearly "Unteachable"

The "enlightened society" had turned loose their most ravenous hounds -- the Journaille -- on both clergymen: Instead of putting them on the grill, they were brought into public by the most powerful extra-parliamentary entity in the land.

Even with a cue from the National Socialist past on the part of the media Führer Cadres. But the pressure of the media was not effective enough, both clergymen remained -- clearly "unteachable" -- Catholic.

Strong "Tobacco"

If "good" advice doesn't work, "more persuasive" methods must be used.

Perhaps they had once said "Neger" or "Faggot" -- or at least thought it? Or even implied it?

That is some luck, that the original Catholic website "" can be used as an angling point by the media-interested Republicans.

Could the both not simply once have called up this web site? Or sent a report denouncing a clergyman to the Email address Or even mentioned an un-Catholic intrigue by the Vienna Cardinal?

You really have to study -- the best site!

And so it happened that they came: the ladies (?) and gentlemen of security -- the State Security Police and the Anti-Terror Squads.

"Terror" of the Catholic Faithful Needs Anti-Terror

Qualities, "unteachable" Catholics really constitute a danger for the basic values of an "enlightened" society: for abortion and homosexual depravity!

Really that Helps -- the Sedition Paragraph

It actually "grabs" here: both clergymen were charged with expressing "falsity": they had published "possibly" "radical right", "anti-gay" and allegedly anti-Jewish" articles. Even if it isn't right.

With the character assassination words "radical right", "anti-gay" or even "anti-Jewish" the uninvolved , "self acualized" world citizen really accepts that the State Security was being a little "snoopy". Only just a little.

That's to make to order the freedom of speech again: the freedom of Catholic opinions.

The Grist of the Matter

The journalism is a copying and hack job apparatus, has been known for a long time. With blooming flowers like the "Kölner Stadtanzeiger", which entitled an article on the 11th of August 2013: "Searchers have confiscated material from". Usually such flights of fancy are "seen" in court.

This manner of proceeding (not only in the media) is clearly: through the matching up of terms rejected in society with the names of persons or internet platforms to destroy the reputation of both.

As a rule that functions also very well.

As a "collateral effect" one may snoop through the private and business background of the affronted.

And these manner of actions have an instructive effect -- for the other Catholics: Don't adopt any Catholic positions (at least not persistently), otherwise we will come "to visit".

In the service of State Security, naturally.


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Saturday, August 10, 2013

State Police Invade Offices of "" in Vienna: Priest Suspects on the Run!

Ed: here's one for Amnesty International.  Sounds like the police even roughed up the sister of one of the suspects while she was trying to keep them from steeling their computers and rifling through their offices.  I wonder how many would have that kind of courage?

The Austrian government definitely needs to be made ashamed of this.

According to "Kronen"  news, the national justice gave the green light for it.  A house search in Vienna escalated the situation.  Computers were confiscated and evidence secured.  It also involved "".

Vienna ( A number of days ago in Vienna, police executed a search warrant on the facilities of the internet website "".  This was reported on Saturday by the "Kronen" news.  According to the report, it was directed against two priests from Lower Austria and Vienna.  The charges are serious.  According to "Krone" it was related to an article with radical right as well as anti-Jewish and homophobic contents, which had been published on websites "" and "".

In Germany and also in Switzerland there have been investigations ongoing for some time.   Now the Austrian judiciary has given a green light.  The situation has been escalated by a house search in Vienna.  According to "Krone" the sister of the accused priest is being charged, for attempting to erase computers and obstructing the officials by taking the PCs with her.  An official is said to have been injured.

At present the national police are surveying the confiscated computer as well as the secured evidence.  The suspects were sought at churches, according to "Krone".  They are, in any case, still at large.

Edit: remembering when all of this happened to earlier this year.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

France's Jewish Education Minister: "We Must Replace the Catholic Church with a Republican Religion"

(Paris) "You will never be able to build a free nation with the Catholic Church." This wasn't uttered by Voltaire or Georges Danton, but the reigning French Education Minister from a  2008 interview, Vincent Peillon,  at the launch of his book, La Révolution française n'est pas terminée (The French Revolution is Not Yet Over), as Tempos reported.

Spiritual Revolution

According to Peillon "a revolution can take place not only in material terms. They must also take place in the mind. Now we made the revolution mainly politically, but not the moral and spiritual. We have left the morality and spirituality of the Catholic Church. We have to replace them."

Republican Religion

And how would Minister Peillon replace the Catholic Church? "There you couldn't immediately adapt Protestantism in France, as they have done in other democracies, one must invent a republican religion. This new religion is secularism, which must accompany the material revolution, which in reality is the mental revolution."

And how should this "spiritual revolution" be enforced? "The revolution implies that everything has to be forgotten, which preceded the Revolution. Therefore, the school plays a central role, because the school has to tear the child from all its pre-republican bonds in order to educate them to become a citizen. It is like a rebirth, a transubstantiation acting through school and for the school, the new church with their new priests, the new liturgy and their newly to be read tables of the law."

Secular morality

The Minister is trying to implement his anti-Church theses into action. In Article 31 of the draft law submitted by him to the "establishment of the School of the Republic" he wanted "the conditions for education to ensure gender equality" in the elementary schools. Parliament amended the passage at the last moment. Peillon's goal was according to gender ideology, to eradicate the distinction between the sexes. Peillon succeeded with his law but enforces a "secular morality" on compulsory education. As the purpose and aim of this "secular morality" is called law, "the students of all familial, ethnic, social, intellectual [...] determination to conclude, so that each of them could emancipate themselves [...] as the target of the republican school was always the creation of a free individual. "Peillon's state has superseded the rights of parents and set itself up as authoritarian teacher of the nation.

Aggressive secularism

The aggressiveness of French Secularism has now been detected even by the U.S., the President of France, Hollande, for first time in was listed in a 2013 annual report on violations of religious freedom in classifying the list of countries where religious freedom is threatened. Six pages of the report is devoted to the French first of all violations of this fundamental and human rights, as Pope Benedict XVI. called. France is also one of the 15 European countries with different laws which violate freedom of expression and freedom of conscience.

Vincent Peillon - a biography

Vincent Peillon, born in 1960, acting in his anti-Catholic delirium, as if he had just been sent from a lodge to a revolutionary tribunal during the French Revolution, is a Jew, a member of the Socialist Party and Freemason. His mother is from the Alsace rabbi family Blum, his grandfather was Leon Blum. His uncle, Etienne-Emile Baulieu (actually Etienne Blum), is one of the inventors of the abortion pill RU486.

Peillon's father Gilles (1928-2007), was a banker and a Communist. He was Managing Director among others of the Banque Commerciale pour l'Europe du Nord, which was called the "Banque des Soviets" in the vernacular, because they transacted the financial transactions between the East and West for the USSR. Vincent Peillon since 1994 has been a member of the national leadership of the Socialist Party. From 1997 to 2002 he was a member of the National Assembly of the French Parliament, 2004-2012 Member of the European Parliament and since May 2012, Education Minister for the Government of Jean-Marc Ayrault. In 2010 he published the book Une religion pour la République. Laïque Ferdinand Buisson de la foi (A Religion for the Republic., the secular faith of Ferdinand Buisson). Peillon is married to the Casablanca-born Jewish journalist Nathalie Bensahel.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Image: Tempi

Link katholisches...

Sunday, May 5, 2013

State Challenges Church's Right to Discipline Immoral Employees

[Columbus Dispatch] The firing of a gay Catholic-school teacher by the Roman Catholic Diocese of Columbus raises competing constitutional questions about religious freedoms and civil liberties, legal experts say.

Carla Hale, who taught physical education at Bishop Watterson High School, has filed complaints with her local teachers union and the city’s Community Relations Commission, saying that her March firing was discriminatory.

Commissioners could decide within a few months whether the diocese violated the city’s ordinance that protects employees from discriminatory treatment for a range
of reasons that include sexual orientation.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Irish Government to Confiscate Catholic Schools

Ed: the title of the Socialist anti-Catholic BBC reads, "Irish bishops may be asked to hand over Catholic schools”. It’s not a question of if, but when. Some may recall how this sort of oppressive behavior is proceeded by a hate campaign against the Church, in order to justify the confiscation of the Church’s wealth, and the diminishment of Its position in society. This tactic was also undertaken by the Nazis in the 30s as Goebels used charges of sexual indecency and child molestation against the Catholic Clergy then to build public support for closing Catholic Schools. The Irish State is using the same playbook here, which is not to say that they are Nazis, per se. Just goes to show that you really can’t trust Republicans no matter how Catholic they pretend to be.

Of course, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin hasn’t been much help here. He’s basically helping the other side achieve their goals.

[BBC}The government would like schools to be ready for transfer in six months.

An Irish government report has recommended Catholic bishops release school buildings to allow for the creation of non-denominational schools.

The department of education report calls for the establishment of 23 new multi-denominational primary schools to meet parental demand.

It follows surveys of parents of more than 20,000 primary-age children.

The report recommends bishops be asked to reconfigure their schools to free up buildings.

In some cases this would mean the amalgamation of a girls school and a boys school to allow the return of one of the buildings to government control.

The Irish minister for education, Ruairi Quinn, says he would like to see buildings ready for transfer to the multi-denominational sector within six months.

Link to BBC...

Monday, February 25, 2013

Damian Thompson’s Fangs Come Out : Celibacy

The Fourth Estate Continues its Assault on Behalf of Powers and Principalities.

Edit: noting the increasingly and unsurprising hostility of the Telegraph in recent times is interesting, especially in reading Damian Thompson’s diatribe against priestly celibacy.  The boyish, single and industrious editor is now insisting that something which has worked for centuries no longer works.  Like the most annoying heathen media personality, he’s taking a very censorious tone indeed.

We’ve noted earlier that he’s been slyly pushing the envelope on the Gomorrah front for a while.  Did Damian Thompson receive Holy Orders recently?

Thompson insists that having a married clergy was an ancient tradition of the Church, but what he fails to note is that clerical celibacy is of Apostolic origin, as Cardinal Levada himself insists.  Indeed, the Apostles, though married, took up their staffs and followed Christ, leaving their families behind.

He writes:

Yesterday, Cardinal O’Brien was in the headlines for a different reason. He has been reported to the Vatican for alleged “inappropriate acts” with three priests and one ex-priest of his diocese. The papal ambassador to Britain, Archbishop Antonio Mennini, has forwarded the allegations to Rome.

It’s important to say that the Cardinal has not been charged with an offence. But the juxtaposition of these allegations with his claim that universal celibacy is an unrealistic ideal illustrates the sexual tension that is pulling apart the Catholic priesthood. To put it bluntly, the new Pope must confront the suffocating hypocrisy of the Vatican and Bishops’ Conferences on this subject. For example, I’ve never heard a bishop acknowledge what is obvious to so many of us: that in certain large cities in the Western world, a majority of Catholic priests are gay, albeit celibate. If the Vatican were to enforce its current ruling that homosexuals per se are unsuitable for the priesthood, then it would have innumerable empty urban churches on its hands. And furious parishioners, too, since discreetly gay men often make wonderful priests. On the other hand, you don’t have to be a homophobe to wonder whether it’s healthy to have such an imbalance between the sexual instincts of priests and their flocks.

Catholic schools will be forced to teach about gay marriage

Edit: some may remember when an intemperate Prime Minister threatened the Catholic Church and lectured them about the need to keep with the times.  These aren’t just idle threats, it now seems.

Read correspondence between bishops and Equalities Minister

20 February 2013, 9:00
This week the bishops' conference of England and Wales published its correspondence with Maria Miller, Minister for Women and Equalities, on the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill.
The Government rejected proposed amendments by the Church to its gay marriage Bill, and said the new definition of marriage will have to be taught in Catholic schools.
The Church suggested a number of amendments to the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill during a meeting with Culture Minister Maria Miller in January.
In a letter to Archbishop Smith that was released yesterday, Ms Miller said teachers in Catholic schools will need to reflect the fact that 'marriage is open to both opposite and same sex couples.' She said, however that 'the discussion or criticism of same sex marriage [in schools] would not be ‘of itself' discrimination under the current law,' and that this would only be the case if this took place 'in an inappropriate manner or context' which resulted in discrimination.

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Go Figure: 99% of Child Sexual Abuse Occurs Outside of the Catholic Church

This is all pretty significant in the light of recent allegations against Jimmy Saville who was covered up for by the BBC and society in general as he worked and is now found guilty by the police.

The author of the blog jobo72, Joseph Bordat, wrote a guest post at, and was predictably criticized for the statement: "99 Percent of Catholic clergy had or rather have nothing to do with sexual abuse.  99 percent of the cases of abuse do not take place in the area of the Church."

He proceeded to elaborate on it and here's a quick translation:

To start out with the suggestion "99 percent" is not here meant arithmetically, but rhetorically.  So as one says: "That I have done that 1000 times!" and so one means that one has had the experience because one -- in any event-- has already had done this often.

Should the expression "99 percent" be understood arithmetically, we would have to look precisely.  We'll do that.

If we assume that the perpetrator on average has multiple victims ( a scientific study of 2012 puts the relationship at close to about 1:10), and in the last 60 years in Germany there have been 1,200 sexual abuses by priests (that is the number of those, who have been paid damages from funds established by the Church; that is not an exact figure, but it is a plausible magnitude), then we're talking about 120 Catholic priests, who have been offenders in the past.  Double the number of "precautionary",  to take into account individual cases, then the number lays at about 240 Catholic clergy.

In the last 60years there have been at least 40,000 priests active in Germany.  At the present there are approximately 15,000 times two (from which we could gather about two generations of priests in 60 years) , which gives 30,000.  Actually, earlier, there were significantly more priests:  1990 there were still 20,000, in 1950 there were about 30,000.  To reckon how many priests in total were active in Germany, is almost impossible.  As a reference point we could also serves as "the more than 100,000 personal acts", which the KFN (Kriminelle Forschungs Institut) study plays a role, but actually it includes not only the acts of priests, but the crimes of those in pastoral services (Deacons, Parish Employees) as also in other areas of Church activity.  We're arriving at this, therefore, from 40,000 priests.

Then we'd have had about 240 perpetrators from 40,000 clergy, which is a portion of 0.6 percent of "criminal priests" among all clergy.

Let's look at the part of "the Church" with the total number of abuse cases in the last 60 years.  Here we leave out the established cases and refrain from accepting every "dark figure"- estimation. (because it doesn't just happen in society, but also in the Church*)

For German society there are about 18,000 established cases per year.  Statistics of the last years show a small reduction in the occurrence of about 15,000 per year, but also years with about 20,000 occurrences.  From the past, there is (following the trend) it is figured to be higher.  In the last 60 years, there have been about 1,080,000 established abuse cases.  Putting the aforementioned 1,200 estimated, ** we would have a number "in the Church" of a total number of abuses of 0.1 percent.

In so far as I may make my statement concrete: "99.4 percent of Catholic priests had respectively have had nothing to do with sexual child abuse.  99.9 percent of the cases of abuse don't take place within the confines of the Church."

I don't really want this.  It seems to me that with these percentages of magnitude, to be a symbolic effect, that the horrible theme of child abuse is finally to be addressed as a social problem, and not only then, if perpetrators appear outside of the ranks of the Church.

Child abuse is "every day" in Germany.  And we talk about celibacy.  Now, that's the actual scandal!


*  At this point it is merely to open the floodgates of speculation:  one merely needs to include a higher factor x of higher dark figures for the Church than for society (there the number is from 15 to 20 times higher than the number of recognized cases),  in order to include every arbitrary part "of the Church". With the discussion of "systematic concealment",  the figures of such calculations are discursively prepared.  On the other hand, to defend against this, there can only be the most open revelation possible of all relevant incidents.

** It would be indeed correct, not to compare the number of accusations, but the number of criminally convicted perpetrators, actually there is an "distorted view", because many cases within the Church at the time of their discovery were already out of date, which runs counter to a legal prosecution by the perpetrator. It has to  fall back on "weak data",  in order generally could employ a comparison.

Monday, December 3, 2012 Off Line Since Sunday: Anti-Catholic Forces Gloat

You Can't Stop
Edit:  basically, is being systematically attacked in the German press, and Der Kommissar is searching high and low for the shadowy figures behind Europe's largest Catholic website. Notably, the Nazi-founded Spiegel and other anti-Catholic organs of disinformation like this one, Die Zeit are eager to report an arrest.

The following article is significantly misleading.  It's poor.  It doesn't explain the bizarre alliance between homosexuals who distribute pornography, or the Green Party politician who has promoted sex with children and the German Bishops, but it stops slightly short of gloating.

Also in the Hunt for is David Berger, who the German internet site has exposed over the years, much to the chagrin of not a few people.  David Berger is probably most famous for slandering the Pope, accusing him of being a homosexual.

Here's the translation:
The pseudo-Christian website is off the net.  It may be a success for the activists who have been proceeding against the homophobia and racism of the site. 
The agitating website is offline.  The previous domain is no longer unavailable since Sunday afternoon. 
The coordinator of the initiative Stoppt, David Berger, sees this as a reaction incidental to definite public pressure.  He told the Cologne Stadt-Anzeiger that there are thre conceivable possibilities for this, that the site is now offline:  the operators are going under cover for a few weeks and hope to build a media storm, they are planning a change of server, or they are planing a completely new structure under a new name. 
Following the articles related to the deceased actor Dirk Bach, which showed the clear disposition of homophobia, the campaigne of Bruno Gmunder Verlags have offered an award of 15,000 Euro for juristically usable information about the figures behind the site.  In the meantime there are at least half a dozen names suspects being investigated and given to the Attorney General in Berlin.  It has also engaged the Attorney General in Vienna for popular incitement (Volksverhetzung). 
Inhuman Propaganda
Those who are responsible for have not been revealed yet.  The German Catholic Church has renewed its statement distancing themselves.  As Spiegel recently reported, there are in any case at least two dozen authors with an ecclesiastical back ground active on the site, among them priests, church employees and at least one religion instructor. 
The site has been suspected for a long time by Church authorities, as the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitutional observes the site. As the reports the President of Protection of the Constitution, Heinz Fromm,  wrote in response to Volker Beck:  "In so far as the articles as well as the commentary from this internet presence is significantly known for its Homophobic, Islamophobic and anti-Semetic expressions, necessitates an extremely aggressive statement." 
Several entries are not covered by the fundamental right of freedom of speech, and cross into the territory of criminal law.  "Inhuman propaganda"has been distributed.  In addition, it presents "evidence for efforts against free democratic fundamental order" , it said in the document. 

Link to source...

Props to Cathcon for its description of as "The Terminator".

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Australian Courts Open up the Flood Gates for Sex-Abuse Claims

In the spotlight ... The commission will investigate all institutions and was sparked by allegations of abuse and cover-up by the Catholic Church in the Hunter Valley. Photo: AFP

Edit: A friend just sent this in the e-mail. Let's hear it for objectivity in reporting by Austrialia's gloating and malignant Syndney Morning Herald as it heralds what will be a colossal and unjust blow against the Church in Australia.  Listening to some of the Australian bloggers, they seem absolutely demoralized.  These demonic media campaigns are very effective at causing despair in some circles.  We hope those effected by them do not give up hope.

Remember, priestly abuse is actually rare and the ones who are largely responsible for it (but also get away with it) are Leftists.

We've also noticed the unequal treatment in the media.  The anti-Catholic media bosses don't give as much time to the protestant churches, Sesame Street, Jewish rabbis or atheistic university professors.

[Alleged] VICTIMS of sexual abuse would be able to sue the Catholic Church for compensation as a result of the recommendations of the Royal Commission on Child Sexual Abuse, legal experts say. 
And any victim of sexual abuse would be able to give evidence, if they wished. A discussion paper released late on Monday by the commission secretariat says the commission's findings ''may extend to ensuring that there are no obstacles to the making of claims and that there is sufficient support for victims of abuse in pursuing those claims''.
Read more: