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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Catholic Schools Produce Apostasy

Franfurt School Sage, Theodore Adorno
 Edit: Speaking of Micheal Voris' indictment of Catholic formal and informal instruction, there's another report confirming what most people already know that Catholic institutions do not produce Catholics.  Since this situation is so pervasive, it becomes laughable to view it as anything but intentional and planned.

The Report says,

graduates even less likely to believe in moral absolutes, to respect the authority of the Catholic Church, to believe in the infallibily of Scripture or to condemn premarital sex.
 There's no surprise there when you take into account the influence on American education has been entrusted to a pack of refugees from Germany with their neo-Marxist  efforts at demoralization as described by Yuri Bezmonov.

A group of people have come to dominate American education, and despite the abundance of information, no one is able to come to sensible solutions in order to defend themselves, their family and their country.  Demoralization takes from fifteen to twenty years to demoralize a nation.  Marxist-Leninist Ideology has  been pumped into the soft heads of three generations of students without being challenged.

Now we are stuck with these people as they are in positions of power.  To get rid of these people you need another twenty years to educate common sense people to act in favor of American society.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ugly Statue of Pope John Paul II Pseudo-Corrected

The Italian Media Gushes Over Scrap Metal "Art" Piece
Editor: you probably thought this thing was going to be taken down and sold for scrap, but no.  Despite worldwide contempt for this work, there will only be some minor alterations to it and it will stand in place where drunks can build fires in its hollows and perhaps share some schnapps on their drinking binges.  Hopefully, there will be a needle exchange nearby as well to complete the sense of urban decline and hopelessness.

Italy. The artist Oliviero Rainaldi, who designed the hollow statue of John Paul II outside the Roman Terminal, is ready to make small alterations. This was reported earlier by Roman news agency, 'Ansa". Rainaldi is a member of the Papal Cultural Council. He wants to execute "minimal" improvements to the neck and head.

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Remember, one of the corrosive aims of Frankfurt School is to display ugly and demoralizing art in public spaces.