Saturday, November 29, 2014

Eduction Minister Wants to Further Abrogate Religious Education

Students should be able to build their own value structure. [As long as it's not Catholic.]

Luxembourg ( CBA) Luxembourg Education Minister Claude Meisch adheres to the planned abolition of religion and ethics instruction in favor of uniform values ​​teaching. In the proposed neutral teaching the great world religions would have a place in discussions with religious and non-religious world views alike, the newspaper "Luxemburger Wort" (Thursday) quoted the Minister as saying. The students would get a new form of education, the opportunity to build their own value structure. It will be introduced to the school year 2016/17 in primary and secondary schools.

On Wednesday, the Citizens' Initiative "Fir de Choix" was heard before the members of the Education Board, Petitions and Education Minister Claude Meisch in Parliament. Representatives are calling for the preservation of the freedom to choose between religion and values ​​education. The citizens' initiative has collected 25,000 signatures against the planned values ​​teaching by its own account. (C) 2014 CBA Catholic News Agency. All rights reserved. Any media use and forwarding only under written agreements allowed with CBA.

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Lillibet said...

Eponoymous, have you read this:

Tancred said...

I started to read it in a google translate from Italian. Can you do it to English? It's elegant and subtle Italian. I don't think I could do it justice.

LeonG said...

In the vanguard of the "self-realisation and personalisation of religious values" movement, the Conciliar New Church rapidly created this after 1965 with its blueprint "Primacy of Conscience". Looking at the "values" of postmodernist neo-catholics we can demonstrate the existence since the 1970s of bishops, presbyters and lay who "pick-n-mix" what they prefer, rejecting what they find inconvenient for their modern lifestyles. Considering we have suffered gay seminaries pumping out perverted presbyters by the dozen; scores of clerical financial swindlers up to Vatican level and thousands of leading feminist and homophiliac lay, Luxembourg is already well-behind the New Catholic Church where this is concerned.

Catholic education has banished true moral catholic principles for the pot pourri of relativist and indifferent pseudo-values we witness in contemporary society.These are reinforced by de facto schismatic episcopal and presbyter teachings that emanate from neo-catholic clerics asphyxiated by this nefarious protestant primacy of conscience which is little more than a liberal modernist invitation to believe in anything and everything.

The current "photo-op' papacy" has led the way manipulating the institution of episcopal synod and the postmodernist media, publicly exploiting liberalist symbolism and gesture to reinforce the current philosophy of self-actualisation and religious personalism. Therefore, let us place the blame where it actually lies. Secular society has been given a strong lead to greater secularisation and individualism by the liberal modernist post-conciliar neo-church.