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Friday, April 1, 2011

Marquette Celebrates Diversity, But Not For Catholickes

Oh, the Irony
Editor: Leftist professors can drag the Church in the mud, insult their superiors and generally give a very bad report of themselves in the most petulant and insolent of ways, while this employee is facing disciplinary action for criticizing his superiors for being less than Catholic in a very responsible and mature fashion.  We just got this story from Badger Catholic in Wisconsin about a deplorable situation at Marquette "Jesuit" University.   As if the Jesuits in the Middle west weren't in enough trouble already. Academic Freedom, anyone? 
Perhaps it was the blogger/employees criticism of the all-holy "Queer Studies" program in place, viz:
The other issue raised was the fact that we had mentioned a student’s research paper, and were accused of “criticizing” it. In reality, we did not mention the student’s name, and the point of the blog post was that “‘gender studies’ has been added to ‘women’s studies’ signals a move toward a homosexual emphasis, as shown by one of the papers completed by a WGST fellow this summer . . . .” The blog post was, quite simply, a comment on the fact that the Women’s and Gender Studies program has begun to slip “queer studies” into the university.
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