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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Neocatechumenate Cult Grabs Mount of Olives For Judaizing Project

(Jerusalem) A part of the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem, a place that played an important role in the life of Jesus Christ, has become the property of the Neocatechumenal Way.

The Mount of Olives, a range of hills east of the Temple Mount, plays an important role in salvation history and is therefore of particular importance for Christianity and Judaism. The prophet Zechariah announced that the Messiah would enter Jerusalem via the Mount of Olives and hold the Last Judgment in the Kidron Valley at the foot of the Mount of Olives. That's why there is a large Jewish cemetery there.

As the Gospels testify, Jesus moved across the Mount of Olives in Jerusalem and then prayed before his capture in the garden of Gethsemane at the foot of the ridge. From the top of the Mount of Olives on the 40th day after Christ's resurrection His Ascension took place.

The Mount of Olives around 1899. At that time there were about 30 percent Christians in the Holy Land. Today it is less than three percent.

The Neocatechumenal Way was founded in 1964 by Kiko Argüello and Carmen Hernández in Spain and is one of the so-called new spiritual communities in the Catholic Church. The movement is popular and has a high degree of mobilization, as demonstrated by the Family Days in Italy, which protested for the protection of children, against abortion and against the introduction of gender ideology in schools. Controversial are Judaizing elements and the handling of the liturgy: the Mass celebrations in some halls instead of in churches and on Saturday evening (anticipated Mass), bypassing Sunday.

As reported by the EFE press agency and the daily La Vanguardia, Panama-based Catholic Foundation, Domus Jerusalem purchased a 5173-square-meter part of the Mount of Olives from a tender in Milan on July 31, 2018. The property belonged to "the Italian Monte Tabor". This is likely to mean the  San Raffaele del Monte Tabor Endowment by Don Luigi Maria Verzè (1920-2011). The hospital empire of Don Verzès collapsed in 2011 and was liquidated as a result, as well as the assets of the Foundation.

The purchase price for the property is given as five million euros. The foundation, based in Panama, then donated it to the Neocatechumenal Way. This new spiritual community wants to establish "an international mission center in the Holy Land" there.

The project Domus Jerusalem

Several religious organizations had shown strong interest in the property. For this reason, finally, a call for tenders was made. Finally, the circle of interested parties was reduced to three: the Domus Jerusalem Foundation, the Eritrean Orthodox Church and the Coptic Orthodox Patriarchate of Alexandria.

Through a middleman for the priest Manuel Anselmo Diaz Ortiz, pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Panama, the president of the Domus Jerusalem Foundation, they were  awarded the contract.

The foundation, hence its name, was founded with the intention of creating a "new retreat and ecumenical center" in Jerusalem "to welcome pilgrims from all over the world". According to the model and the experience of Domus Galilaeae, it is to be built on the Mount of Beatitudes, which was also built by the Neocatechumenal Way.

The Domus Galilaeae on the Mount of Beatitudes

The Domus Galilaeae was completed in the year of the Holy Year 2000. It is run as a study and conference center and retreat house. The Neocatechumenate describes the mission of this Domus,  "to read the Gospel in the light of tradition and the Jewish liturgy" to "proclaim the mystery of this people, which does not prove the existence of God, but as a living witness announcing its presence throughout history." The authorization for the construction of Domus Galilaeae on the Mount of Beatitudes was provided to the Neocatechumenal Way by the Franciscan Custody of the Holy Land. The foundation stone was laid in 1999 with a fragment of the tomb of the Apostle Peter from the Vatican, which was blessed by Pope John Paul II (for Domus Galilaeae see also The Conversion of 1000 Jews: What does the Neocatechumenal way about the end of the times and conceals it ?).

The foundation Domus Jerusalem was therefore created in Panama, as it is also known to Neocatechumenate related circles, because the idea arose there and pastor Diaz Ortiz there acts.

Model of the project Domus Jerusalem 

The Domus Jerusalem project is supported by "many personalities and benefactors," including Cardinals Sean O'Malley of Boston, Cardinal Antonio Rouco of Madrid, and Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna, as shown on the project's website.

In recent years, funds have already been collected for the realization of the project, but there was still a lack of suitable land. With the acquisition on the Mount of Olives, near the Garden of Gethsemane, where Jesus prayed with His disciples after the Last Supper and suffered mortal fear before he was arrested.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Domus Jerusalem / Domus Galilaeae (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Sassy Pants Hamburg Archbishop Wishes His Flock, “Could Have Done This Shit Alone” as Catholic Education Collapses

Planned school closings in the Archdiocese continue to cause fierce debate among Catholics and beyond. Archdiocese does not want to transfer schools threatened with closure to Fundación Arenales, which is supposed to be close to Opus Dei

Hamburg ( In the archdiocese of Hamburg, the planned school closings among the Catholics and beyond continue to cause heated debate. This is reported by FAZ. After the diocese had determined that its own school association barely formed pension provisions and the schools were not operating while covering costs, the emergency brake was pulled and eight school closures decided upon. Because of the over-indebtedness of the budget in the amount of 83 million euros in 2017, the debt would rise in the next five years, according to the diocese to 350 million euros. The nerves in the archdiocese of Hamburg are likely to have been pushed to the edge by the diocesan administration. The FAZ quotes the Hamburg Archbishop Heße as follows: If he had known what to expect in Hamburg, "then they could have done the shit alone.”

It is also interesting that the Archdiocese of Hamburg offered schools that were to be closed to establish new sponsorship associations. A director then founded an Edith Stein School, which since January 1, 2019, a daughter of Diakoniewerk New Bank Ramp, a non-profit Christian carrier from the region. Another school has already taken similar steps.

According to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, however, six out of a total of 21 archdiocesan schools are still to be closed, and two more are subject to a moratorium of one year.

An explicitly Catholic school would like to avoid the Archdiocese of Hamburg, however. An offer of school takeover by a Spanish foundation called Fundación Arenales, which according to the FAZ is close to Opus Dei and the Neocatechumenate, was rejected. The Fundacion already runs a kindergarten in Munich. The Archdiocese said that the Foundation does not want to transfer any schools.

Incidentally, the number of students at the Catholic schools in Hamburg has fallen from more than 10,000, and since 2013 it is presently around 8,500.

Trans: Tancred

Friday, January 8, 2016

The Conversion of 1,000 Jews: What Does the Neocatechumenal Way on the End of Times and What Isn't It Saying?

Domus Galiaeae on the Mountain of Beatitudes in Palestine
(Rome) Among members of the Neocatechumenal Way it is being spread around that after a meeting of Jewish rabbis with Kiko Argüello, founder and president, several rabbis and more than a thousand Jews have come to Christ's message.
The message was made public for the first time on 22 December by an entry on a Spanish-language Facebook page of the Neocatechumenal path "Soy del Camino Neocatecumenal". For a better understanding: Founded in Madrid in 1964, the Neocatechumenal Way is recognized by the Catholic Church as a spiritual community and is canonically established as an independent foundation with a legal personality. The leadership position is for life on an equal footing  between the three founders, the two Spaniards Kiko Argüello and Carmen Hernández and an Italian priest, Don Mario Pezzi.  The Neocatechumenate is understood by its own account, neither as a movement nor as an association, but as an "instrument" of  parishes to lead those who've strayed back to Christ. According to the website, a million Catholics belong to the Neocatechumenal Way worldwide, which maintains almost 100 seminaries and is active with 25,000 communities in 800 dioceses.  A criticism repeatedly directed at the Community are its  "pseudo-Jewish" special rites. The Neocatechumenal Way provides contacts to Judaism as part of its mission. Designed by Kiko Argüello and  finished in 2000 is the branch Domus Galiaeae, on the Sea of Galilee in Israel, has been previously visited, according to their account, by  more than 150,000 Jews.

The message

A certain Elias Bautista wrote on 22 December on his personal Facebook page and the Facebook page "Soy del Camino Neocatecumenal":
"I've discovered that the supreme head of the Neocatechumenal Way (Kiko and Carmen) have just met with an important group of Jewish rabbis: who among other things, (the Jews) have recognized Our Lord Jesus Christ as the true Messiah, and in turn, (the Neocatechumenates) informed that we are living "at the end of time" (not the end of the world), and that we must prepare ourselves, therefore, for what comes. But ... the Neocatechumenal leaders have decided to keep the secret,' and it is only among Kiko's Neocatechumenals ... that it is publicized ... Why? I don't know. This is a very serious sin .... I want them to come to their senses and that Our Lord gave them the distinction with respect to the need to share the information of this important, unique and anticipated event."
Yet Elias Bautista has received no reply. So he wrote on January 2 again on the "Soy del Camino Neocatecumenal" Facebook page:
Domus Galiaeae and the coming of the Lord
"I have just learned that more than a thousand Jews have converted to the Catholic faith and accepted Our Lord as their Messiah after they have met with Kiko and Carmen. That's a great message! These rabbis have alerted the Neocatechumenal leadership that the Parousia is very close:. The return of our Lord is really close  but ... Kiko, Carmen & Co have decided to reserve the message only to the Neocatechumenals. The good news however, should be disseminated and known in every corner of the planet, either among Catholics as well as among non-Catholics! This is a serious omission on the part of the Neocatechumenal leaders. Bad for them!"

Confirmation without denial

Domus Galiaeae: main entrance, domed hall, library with special space for the Torah surrounded by Council seats
The administrator of the Facebook page confirmed in its response on January 3, the prohibition to make the news public. Neither the conversion of a group of Rabbis and the "more than a thousand Jews" nor the supposedly imminent "end of time" has been denied by the administrator. This presupposes that all members have been informed within the Neocatechumenal Way.
"Brother Elias, the peace of the Lord be with you. If you belong to the Neocatechumenal Way, you should have already had   the reason explained by your catechists why this message is not to be used in the social networks and the mass media. Now it is so. I'll explain: Although it's a nice message, and many of us are very pleased and moved, because it is a great mercy of the Lord who has enabled this whole event, the fact is that not all people in the world would accept God's humble and reasonable message.  
In the world there are always people who want to judge and criticize, and not be constructive, and also there are extremist groups that could act in the wrong way. All of this [not to make the message public is the decision of the management of the Neocatechumenal Way] is not something you decide lightly. It is also an inspiration of the Holy Spirit, as Mary at that time had concealed His message. That is why we invite you, do not be discouraged, but rather to uphold your spirits and pray so that at the appropriate moment, this message will be made ​​public in an appropriate manner. 
With best wishes, peace "

What does the Neocatechumenal Way know and conceal from  others?

Domus Galiaeae on the Mount of Beatitudes
But "Brother Elias"  himself was dissatisfied with this answer and wrote again on January 4:
"There's always some excuse for cowardice, inertia and isolation. [...] The world must be prepared for the grave implications which are indicated because this is the greatest message of all time: We know that what comes before this grandiose event, will be horrible and terrible and whoever is not be ready, will fall into the clutches of Satan! I insist, and I repeat: It is a serious omission. The blood of that will be drawn will fall upon all members of the Neocatechumenal Way, I assure you! "
An answer has not yet been written. What does the Neocatechumenal Way know, which all the others, including the Church do not know? Already the construction of the Domus Galiaeae was associated with End Times prophecy, according to which the Neocatechumenal Way is expecting the return of the Lord on the Mount of Beatitudes. An extensive, symbolically charged building complex of an unusual style, which is difficult for the outsider to decipher.
The Community was critical in Osservatorio sul Camino Neocatecumenale doubting the news that a group of rabbis, and more than a thousand Jews have converted to the Catholic Church.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons / Facebook / (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Monday, February 9, 2015

“The Gnosis to Power” -- Small Handbook, to “Survive” Historical Half-Truths in the Meantime

Masonic Lodge in Pavia
Edit: we have no idea when the book will be translated to English, and surprisingly she is a disciple of the Neocatechumenate, but this nevertheless looks like an impressive treatise.

(Rome) A new book "The Gnosis in Power. Why history seems to be a conspiracy against the truth"  (original title:" La gnosi al potere ") tries to bring through a series of brief but accurate and documented essays, to light  some dark spots in recent European history. Since this is a book published in Italy, the focus is on the history of Italy, but extends its bandwidth from the Italian unification in the 19th century to the European Union in the 21st century from Pope Pius IX. to Francis, from Count Camillo Cavour to Angela Merkel.
Angela Pellicciari  "Gnosis in power,"  has collected her essays in the book,  published in recent years by various media. She skillfully combines the reliability of a historian with the direct and understandable language of journalism. Released in a 304-page book in Fede & Cultura in Verona, is one of the foremost Catholic publishers, as Volume 42 of the Historical Series .
In the vintage  of 1948, Pellicciari was a 68er when she came to faith in Christ.  After graduating, she taught history and philosophy until 2008 at Universities.   In the 70s and 80s she was a freelancer for RAI, and studied early childhood neuropsychology at the University La Sapienza and in 1995 received her doctorate from the Pontifical Gregorian University in Church History. Pellicciari is one of those authors who does not hide her catholicity. In addition to its specialization in the 19th century, they dedicated their work, especially the correction of historical half-truths and false stereotypes, particularly for church history and history of Italy.
Over the years, Pellicciari has specialized in the topics of Risorgimento, Papal Hstory and Freemasonry. In her new book, the author reveals immediately that there is a common thread in the recent history of Italy, "since the mid-19th century, Freemasonry came to power." Behind it, says the historian, the ideals of the French Revolution, which came with Napoleon into Italy and were preserved by the supporters of the Italian unification movement as a seed that had been allowed to flower decades later.

The Gnosis and its  Claim to Be the Driver of the Nation

The Gnosis to Power
The author describes the historical facts without any politically correct embellishment. As a result, she exposes the red thread in the presence of Gnostic machinations of those who brazenly and boldly lay claim to want to control the fate of the nation, because they are of better, superior, higher quality and feeling as a jealous support for a higher truth and a special enlightenment. Common to the volume of  assembled  essays that have to do with the 'gnosis', is that philosophical-political mindset that masquerades as the charioteer of nations. Their most powerful instrument, however, the non or semi knowledge of the masses.
The Catholic Church, the Pope and Christianity in general are seen by Gnosticism as an irritating obstacle on the path to power. The Church with its authentic image of man, Her doctrine of human salvation through Christ, free will, human dignity, the sanctity of life, the equality of man and woman in their diversity, in defense of the family and of life from conception to natural death, the condemnation of a false nature of sex, is a wall against the Gnostic propaganda, over which they continuously attempt to deceive the masses by feeding them with false information, misleading from the essential to sideshows and  tries to tempt by a single way of thinking.

Masons of Italy unification project - "One Cubic Meter of Shit"

Pellicciari begins her journey with Pope Pius IX. (1846-1878), the Italian "national hero", who cursed the high degree Freemason, Giuseppe Garibaldi, as "one cubic meter of shit."  Pius IX. was the biggest obstacle to the Masonic project to unite the Italian peninsula under the banner of Savoy into a state. The charge against the Church  was that she impeded progress. Garibaldi, where his lodge brothers erected an equestrian statue on the Gianicolo Rome, which makes him look imperious and threatening to St. Peter's Basilica, accused the Pope of being "the most pernicious of all creatures" because he was "an obstacle to human progress and the brotherhood among individuals and peoples."
Freemasonry is the central protagonist of the Risorgimento , the "real inspirer and engine," said Pellicciari. The Risorgimento in turn is a fundamentally anti-Catholic movement. Not only because it would eliminate the temporal power of the Pope in the Papal States, but radically and definitely would blot the Catholicism most deeply rooted in the Italian people. For this reason, Protestant States provided generous financial, propaganda and military support. The paradox of the Italian national movement was that they calculated to combat the only real common denominator of the various parts of the Apennine Peninsula, the Catholic religion.

Gnosis, a "Master of Fraud"

So how could the Catholic masses be obtained for the idea of national unification, which aimed at the establishment of a new, previously unknown Liberal, Republican, but anti-Catholic fatherland? As "Masters of Fraud"   the actors of the Risorgimento fought their battle by disguising themselves as "meek and pious lambs," says the historian. So Pius IX describes the members of the secret society of the "Carbonari"  in a bull of excommunication. An accusation which applies to Mazzini, Cavour, Garibaldi and King Carlo Alberto of Savoy and the other revolutionary elites. They speak as believers and their speeches seem pious. Giuseppe Mazzini claimed that   "progress" was an "Act of God". God wants the new ideas. In reality, hidden behind the religious language, was the desire that all would lose the Christian faith and cease to be Christians. Behind it stands, says the author, the real goal of Freemasonry, "to collect all the free people in a big family" which will take the place of "all the churches founded on blind faith and theocratic authority, all superstitious, with cults warring against each other, to build the true and only Church of Humanity."
The Italian unity was therefore part of a larger project that went far beyond the constitutional question. The people should be "freed from the Church" and the masses are to be "removed from the influence of religion" to make them subject to a system of controlled freedom and training to a new awareness. This is a goal that is easier to achieve in an organized central government, through a unified state-run school and the army. The new indoctrination is, however, camouflaged by the same exuberant emphasis on "freedom" and "future orthodoxy."  Christianity is officially the state religion, but the Jesuits are persecuted and all the monasteries dissolved on the grounds that they are "harmful because useless." Of course the new state  failed as it could not to seize the property of the church  and enrich the  unjust state. "Freedom" is the motto of the new state, but the Catholic press is subjected to strict government censorship. The Christian holidays are abolished, so that the people will not be distracted from work and "surrender to idleness." "Progress" is the new religion,  to which all enlightened and liberal governments are committed.

US history as a Story of a Masonic Oligarchy

The book also describes our time. It tells of the 20th century, "the left and right were made into the playground of Gnosticism in power." Pellicciari outlines the long reign of Freemasonry in the United States by a small oligarchy that made ​​their symbols into symbols of the state, just as on the dollar bill and the Catholics persecuted in the US within itself and outside, for example in Mexico under the rule of Elias Calles. The tragic story of Cristeros tells of the struggle.
The book covers also the totalitarian ideologies and their similarities, despite their differences. Both Marxism and Nazism presented their utopia as a healing idea. Christianity an avowed opponent of the  two ideologies who was openly fought, or at best just tolerated. Both Communist and Nazi bigwigs sought the Church in vain. Pellicciari refers to the methods by which the one and the other, the Church, the priests and religious, and the Pope were discredited in public.

UN: New "Rights" and New Language

The author also writes about the UN, whose activities are governed by the new "rights" that are based on the "general consensus" and  moral relativism. Thus, the UN acted in international conferences in Cairo in 1994, in Beijing in 1995 and 2000 in New York created the the new "rights" of abortion, euthanasia and homosexuality  and created a new language  with birth control, reproductive health and gender identity. The underlying goal is a change in mentality in preparation for a one-world culture to be enforced, especially, in developing countries. This includes the implementation of a neo-Malthusian policy that aims to stop  "overpopulation", by in fact decimating humanity. This falls into the category which includes the promotion of homosexuality, due to infertility, to  spread a hedonistic and materialistic way of life, which closes the transmission of life directly or indirectly.
Pellicciari also highlights the work of non-governmental organizations as an extended arm of the UN, which has shed its "Christian roots" and attempts just such for  international mergers, including the European Union. The EU envisions the idea of ​​creating a super-state, which is to serve the economic interests of a few, who themselves are also hardly at home on the European mainland.

Gender Theory and Communication Control

The author also discusses the gender theory to be imposed from above as well, and finance laws that resemble more a gigantic redistribution mechanism. Through state health and education programs disseminate the gender ideology.  The international institutions constitute the political and economic sponsors and there are also the substantial funds of the LGBT lobby. The aim is the struggle against the family and the natural law as outdated facilities.
If this all so easily finds dissemination and seems generally accepted, then it is recognizable behind  "enormous communication control of power circle.” In the extensive access  to control opinion-forming media,   there has been no real competition of opinion. The rest is accomplished  by technically studied marketing campaigns.The subliminal, often unconscious, positive message conveyed is firmly established in minds. This attractive language emphasizes individual rights and is based on the key words "freedom" and "tolerance". The individual will be flattered, so that  there will be no resistance to  the desired development and does not notice that it  strips away the larger bonds,  such as nation, community and family, and is powerless and defenseless, even only an uninfluential individual among billions.
Tthe “red thread” Pelliacciari exposes leaves the reader a rather oppressive feeling. However, the author recalls at the end of her book that history also teaches that in  long struggle with Gnosticism, that whenever the truth is attacked someone gets up, ready to defend the truth and even for them to die for it. This is why ultimately nothing is lost.
Angela Pellicciari: La gnosi al potere. Why the story seems to be a conspiracy against the truth (collana storica 42), Fede & Cultura, Verona 2014 304 pages, € 18, -
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Publisher / Paviaon
Trans: Tancred
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Monday, June 27, 2011

Neo-Catechumenate Founder Paints His Face on Christ Ikons for Ugly Churches

Editor: this discussion of Kiko Arguello's art took place in a discussion about how the churches executed by Neocatechumenate people are ugly, and it became obviously to the highly accredited author of an Italian blog that Mr. Arguello had painted himself in Christ's face.

Italy.  The Christus Ikon of Kiko Arguello, the founder of the Neocatechumenal Way -- for the painted for the interior of churches, has the artist's face on it. This was reported by Francesco Colafemmina already on the 5th of May, 2009 on his blog,
Arguello always omits Christ's halo.


Image from Catholic Church Conservation.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Fr. Dwight Longenecker on the founder of Miles Jesu: "The guy gave me the creeps from the start."

From Fr. Longenecker's blog:

I'm pleased to report that the founder of Miles Jesu has been dismissed for 'totally unacceptable behavior'. I got to know the members of Miles Jesu when I lived in England. American Steve Ryan was the leader of the community of celibate, consecrated laymen. Steve is an intelligent, devoted and spiritual man who lived a very sacrificial life in service of the church. The guys at Miles Jesu organized the annual Path to Rome conference in London at which various converts to the Catholic Church were invited to speak. At a couple of the conferences the founder, Fr. Alfonso Duran turned up with his retinue. I have to say that the guy gave me the creeps from the start. My impression was of a sinister, power hungry leader of a cult.

However, this was simply my personal, subjective impression, and always wishing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt, and not liking to accuse anyone of being a Catholic Darth Vader, I kept my opinions to myself. Nevertheless, I was not surprised a few years later to discover that Miles Jesu was under investigation, that my friend Steve Ryan had left the organization, nor that he was being persecuted and having false allegations made against him by those members who remained loyal.

The case is too much like the problems of the Legionairies and Fr. Marcel Marciel. Anyone associated with this kind of religious behavior will recognize that it is not only a problem with Catholicism. There are fundamentalist, Evangelical colleges, churches and other organizations that operate with the same cult-like mentality--demanding total loyalty and black listing and ostracizing those who criticize or leave the little fortress of faith. The problem is complex and is not only the blame of the domineering cult leader. Those who belong to such groups collude with the leadership, and a sick symbiosis of the dominator and those who wish to be dominated develops. Often those who follow such leaders desire the security and absolute certainty that comes with membership and the totally unacceptable demands for loyalty and mindless obedience that are part of the system.

The same problem can exist within marriages, families, parishes, schools and workplaces in a less extreme form. Anyone who demands total, unquestioned loyalty and anyone who wishes to submit themselves to such a regime or relationship is living out a frighteningly immature and irresponsible reaction to life's challenge. Such systems, wherever they occur, breed infantilism--not the proper child-like trust of the saint--but a diabolical counterfeit that controls and oppresses (and even more sickly) desires to be controlled and oppressed. Saints are not made in this way. All that results from such a life is spiritual, social and psychological abuse of a profound nature which produces not saints, but sad and stunted souls.

Finally, we should understand that those who are involved in this sick relationship are more often sick than evil. The dominator really thinks he is doing God's will and is simply exerting the necessary discipline to produce saints. The dominated really thinks he is doing God's will by living out a life of sacrifice and total obedience. Most often the great growth of such organizations, their ability to raise funds and attract followers and their undoubted good works make them difficult to criticize. Their deception operates at many different levels to both themselves and outside observers. Either way, sick or evil, such religious behavior has to be exposed and rooted out.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Pope meets with Japanese bishops to discuss Neocatechumenal Way

By Carol Glatz
Catholic News Service

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Japanese bishops, including the president of the bishops' conference, met with Pope Benedict XVI and top Vatican officials to discuss the Neocatechumenal Way.

The Dec. 13 meeting with four Japanese bishops had been called by Pope Benedict, said the president of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Japan, Archbishop Leo Jun Ikenaga of Osaka.

He told Catholic News Service that the meeting lasted nearly two hours and included the Vatican secretary of state, Cardinal Tarcisio Bertone, and "several other cardinals."

While the archbishop would not comment on the substance of the meeting, he said the bishops would have to have further discussions with the Vatican and the Neocatechumenal Way's co-founder, Kiko Arguello.

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