Wednesday, June 3, 2020

The Media, Newsom, Instigating Civil Violence

By David Martin

The George Floyd incident has been pathetically handled and blown out of proportion. For starters, the media should have never covered this story. Law officials should simply try officer Chauvin in private and give him his due, whether it's life in prison or the death penalty, and let it go at that, but instead the media has recklessly flashed this story to the nation causing many to commit the very crimes the media is purporting to lament.

This whole George Floyd incident was staged and orchestrated to frame our police, our nation, and our president, with the intent of triggering nationwide riots. This potentially could mean the death of many innocent people, the absurdity being that this injustice has the backing of some of our government leaders.

Governor Newsom of California told rioters on Monday, "I want you to know that you matter. To those who want to express themselves [riotously]... Keep doing it. Your rage is real."

If this isn't unveiled Communism, what is! That a state official should act as a political arson to ignite the fire of civil violence testifies to the diabolical depths to which some of our leaders have descended. According to Newsom, criminals "matter" but the innocent owners of the looted shops don't matter. As Newsom sees it, they deserve to be robbed and injured while looters should be free to go out and "express" their criminal aspirations. As Newsom told the protesters, "Keep doing it. Your rage is real."

Will Newsom be tried for murder if people are killed on account of his complicity and his reckless words? Will he be required to pay for the many structures that his favoritism caused to be burned down?

Christ's words apply: "Blessed are they that hunger and thirst after justice: for they shall have their fill." (Matthew 5:6) We indeed pray that America and its police not be blamed for what officer Chauvin did but that Chauvin be given his due for his merciless and hateful act against his fellow man. And if anyone is harmed in the riots, make sure Newsom is convicted and jailed too.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Causes of Decline

Edit: very  reasonable.  Suddenly, Roberto de Mattei’s comment about aberrosexualism and the Fall of the Roman Empire doesn’t sound so outlandish.

Saturday, May 30, 2020

God's Judgment in History

By Roberto de Mattei *

Terra infecta est ab habitatoribus suis,
propter hoc maledictio vorabit terram.
Isaiah 24, 5-6 *

We can talk about anything in the age of the Corona virus, but there are certain issues that continue to be prohibited, especially in the Catholic world. Perhaps the most important of these issues is the judgment and retribution of God in history. The existence of this censorship is a good reason to address this issue.

The Kingdom of God and His Justice

I do not start from the Old Testament, where the references to God's punishments are innumerable, but here are the words of our Lord:

“But you must first be concerned with His kingdom and His justice; then everything else will be added to you” (Mt 6, 31–33).

These words of the Gospel are a life program for everyone and remind us of one of the Beatitudes:

"Blessed are the hungry and thirsting for justice; because they will be full” (Mt 5, 6).

Friday, May 29, 2020

Special Forces Coming to Minneapolis to Bolster Sissy Mayor's Resolve?


Pentagon puts military police on alert to go to Minneapolis

Minneapolis Police Death Protests Texas

Protesters clash with Dallas police at Griffin and Young on Friday, May 29, 2020, in Dallas. The protest was organized by Next Generation Action Network in response to the in-custody death of George Floyd in Minneapolis. (Smiley N. Pool/The Dallas Morning News via AP)(ASSOCIATED PRESS)
Edit: Forts Drum and Bragg and where they keep the Special Forces and Elite Mountain Troops.


DELRAY BEACH, Fla. — As unrest spread across dozens of American cities on Friday, the Pentagon took the rare step of ordering the Army to put several active-duty U.S. military police units on the ready to deploy to Minneapolis, where the police killing of George Floyd sparked the widespread protests.

Soldiers from Fort Bragg in North Carolina and Fort Drum in New York have been ordered to be ready to deploy within four hours if called, according to three people with direct knowledge of the orders. Soldiers in Fort Carson, in Colorado, and Fort Riley in Kansas have been told to be ready within 24 hours. The people did not want their names used because they were not authorized to discuss the preparations.

The get-ready orders were sent verbally on Friday, after President Donald Trump asked Defense Secretary Mark Esper for military options to help quell the unrest in Minneapolis after protests descended into looting and arson in some parts of the city.


George Floyd Autopsy Shocker

Edit: thought this might be interesting.  At present, he's talking about his superchats live, but I'm interested to listen to the video in full later. 


National Guard and Police Abandon Minneapolis as Black Militants Surround 5th Precinct

Edit:  I'm surprised that the organizers of this low intensity conflict haven't decided to march on the city jail, break in and get Derek Chauvin out in order to summarily hang him.

[RT] Protesters in Minneapolis have surrounded a police station amid ongoing unrest over the killing of George Floyd by law enforcement, as a curfew imposed by the city government goes unenforced and crowds refuse to disperse.

The demonstrators could be seen outside the Minneapolis Police Department’s 5th precinct headquarters on Friday night in exclusive footage obtained by RT’s Sophia Narwitz.

The riot arrives at the Minneapolis police department. It’s 90 mins past the city curfew.Field reporting -

In the immediate area around the station, protesters gathered to chant anti-police slogans and voice outrage, while officers kept a low profile and largely stayed out of sight.

And then all of a sudden, Minneapolis became Detroit!


An Oppressed People Speaks the Eloquent Language of Revolution

Edit: maybe because their chosen model was a coked up stickup man whose death improved the world, this is the result?

Maybe police should check vital signs before theyh attempt to arrest a suspect?Here

I this a bad time to suggest that we outsource our law enforcement to Senegalese military contractors to police diverse urban communities?

Update: Now they are even attacking UN Headquarter I love these riots now!

These city scapes are already starting to resemble a favela.


Jewish Rabbi Attacks Viganò's Appeal

Edit: usually, the Catholic Church has gatekeepers who attack those voices who challenge the present regime who want to use the fame of the Catholic Church to bring their New World Order into being.

Vigano Appeal.


Thursday, May 28, 2020

3rd Police Precinct Falls to Black Militants -- Governor Declares Martial Law?

Edit: the Police disappear. The Governor Calls in National Guard.  Martial law?

The news isn't reporting the size of the crowd. 

It would be easy to see the wrath of God as these barbarians step into the moral vacuum left by the progressive and cowardly Europeans who rule the state of Minnesota.

MINNEAPOLIS — Protesters have overrun the Minneapolis Police Department Third Precinct, the third straight night of violent protests spreading beyond the city.

Fox: Livestream video showed the protesters entering the building, where fire alarms blared and sprinklers ran as blazes were set. Police appeared to have left the building located in the neighborhood not far from where Floyd died Monday. A spokesman didn’t immediately respond to messages left by The Associated Press.

"Former" East German Government Demands Parents Fill Out "Health Certificate" Form or Risk Losing Custody

Edit: It looks like the German government of Saxony is threatening to take children away from those who don't comply with filling out a "health certificate" form for their children and handing it in to the Commissar. If parents forget or just don't want to do this, the state can take action, including taking the children from their custody. This is a new level of Communist level non-sense. It wouldn't be surprising to see things like this in Saxony, which was part of East Germany. Is the East German State feeling nostalgic for days of yore? 

 Thanks to my reader who sent this to me, and Eyore at Vlad Tepes.  Originally from RAIR Foundation.


TMZ Video Shows Floyd Resisting Arrest

Edit: so much for the narrative that Floyd wasn’t resisting arrest.

The last 40 seconds of the following dishonestly edited and presented video from TMZ video shows Floyd starting to fight with the police after they try to put him i. The car.

A lot of the usual suspects are sticking to the narrative that Floyd wasn’t resisting arrest, but that wouldn’t have mattered.  As if a certain 13% of the population doesn’t need an excuse to launch into a crime spree of wanton destruction and cruelty.

There are some people out there who really want this thing to kick off and that includes TMZ who aired the video.

It’s noteworthy they are showing the struggle which ensued after he fell to the ground in an effort to avoid being put in the squad. 

And the other lie, "he was just getting his life together. He was going to turn it around."


Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Minneapolis in Flames

Edit:  a perceived injustice has fueled city-wide unrest in Minneapolis, but this thing is being touched off in several cities nationwide.

Rioters are trying to attack and burn as many stores as possible to stretch resources thin.  Meanwhile, shop keepers have armed themselves.

During the Martin Luther King riots over 50 years ago, minorities burned down North Minneapolis and the corridor which is still bare half-a-century later.

Here is a Livestream in Uptown.


Austrian Bishops Seek Book to Promote Sodomy

.- A book considering how homosexual couples might receive a formal, liturgical blessing of their union in the Catholic Church was written in response to a request from the liturgical committee of the Austrian bishops’ conference, according to the book’s principal author.
The work includes contributions by a number of German speaking theologians and a liturgical section, including a suggestion for how such a Church blessing of homosexual unions might be "celebrated" in Catholic churches.
The official title of the book is "The Benediction of Same-Sex Partnerships." One of its principal authors and editors is Father Ewald Volgger, director of the Institute for Liturgical Studies and Sacramental Theology at the Catholic Private University of Linz.

Tuesday, May 26, 2020

++Marx’s Archdiocese Suffers Record Defections

Is it the Bergolian Tax-Church they’re leaving after all?

.- A record number of people left the Church in the German Archdiocese of Munich and Freising last year, a local statistical office said Tuesday.

The Munich statistical office told CNA Deutsch, CNA’s German-language news partner, May 26 that 10,744 Catholics formally withdrew from the Church in 2019. It noted that this was a fifth higher than in 2018, when 8,995 people left. 

Statisticians said this was the first time that annual departures had surpassed the 10,000 mark since records began. Previously, the highest figure was 9,010, set in 1992.


Saint John's Boys' Chorus "Artistic Director" Dismissed After Nearly a Year for "Likely" Sexual Abuse of Children

Edit: Saint John's Boys' Choir has quite a long history. We reported earlier about the pederast  Artistic Director, who was somewhat covered for by predator Father Anthony Ruff. Ruff is giving a Gregorian Chant Online Study.  It took nearly a year for the Choir to discover if the accusations against Andre Louis Heywood are credible or are at least, "more likely than not." For his part, Ruff was inexplicably charged with being the one who announced the bad news, and also a point of contact for any others who might have been abused. There's no word whether Heywood will be arrested.

The Abbey and the University are seemingly doing all to disassociate themselves from Heywood. Even the mention of him in the newspaper omits his name.  Being as he still appears on the Boys' Choir and University website in pictures, are they planning on shuffling him around after a stint sompelace?  This long overdue dismissal comes not long after the dismissal of John Gagliardi's violent grandson from his coaching job where he was allegedly preying on at least one of his students.

Is there a tradition of sexual abuse in the Saint John's Boys' Choir?  There certainly seems to be so as previous directors, Father Tim Backous (Who by his own admission loves going to Thailand) and Brother Paul Richards have demonstrated with multiple accusations against them. Richards founded the Boy's Choir.  Richards was also a mouthpiece for the Modernist Monastery.

Predator Heywood With Boy's Choir
Heywood is still listed as a current employee of Saint John's University.

Saint John's Boys' Choir is now headed by a female, Angela Klaverkamp.  How will she carry one the tradition of this vehicle for sexual deviancy and victimization?

 The Saint Cloud Times story is as follows. Could they be any more timorous?:

ST. JOSEPH — An unnamed person is no longer involved with the St. John's Boys Choirs after the organization determined allegations of sexual misconduct against minors were "more likely than not."

The Stearns County Sheriff's Office would not comment Friday about the case except to say its investigation was still active.

St. John's University, of [sic] which the choir is affiliated, issued a statement Friday about its own investigation conducted with the National Catholic Youth Choir. This investigation determined "it is more likely than not that the individual engaged in the alleged sexual misconduct involving minors, including engaging in communications and sending, soliciting and possessing photos of a sexual nature," the statement said.

According to the statement, the adult is "no longer with either organization."

The report of misconduct came from a minor in the summer of 2019.

The organizations have communicated with current and past choir participants to identify potential victims and offer support, the statement said.

"The safety and well-being of the Choirs' participants is at the forefront of the Choirs' mission and programming," the statement said.


Doctor: "Communion on the Tongue Guarantees the Best Health and Hygiene"

The doctor, psychotherapist, children's book author and blogger, Silvana De Mari
Edit: not only is Calvinist hand Communion unhygienic, it's perilous for the soul.  So much for that.

Interview by Bruno Volpe (La Fede Quotidiana) with Silvana De Mari, doctor, psychotherapist, book author (several of her children's books have also been translated into German) and Catholic blogger, about compulsory hand communion, which was prescribed by the bishops. De Mari also suggests why the mortality rate in the Corona crisis was so high in Italy. Spain and especially Belgium have an even higher mortality rate, but due to the startling international media reports, the situation in Italy penetrated into the consciousness and made governments of other European countries ready to take radical measures which in retrospect proved to be disproportionate . 

Question: Let's put faith aside, what do you say as a doctor: Which form of receiving communion is the safest in Corona times?

Silvana De Mari: Well, I speak as a doctor and I leave my confession aside: According to science and conscience, to the best of my knowledge and belief, oral Communion is the form that best guarantees health and hygiene, and not hand communion.

Question: Tell us the reason for this ...

Silvana De Mari: The reason is as follows: The hand touches everything before Mass, from dirty benches to coins. In addition, as an anti-Covid 19 recommendation, they ask us not to touch the nose, eyes or mouth. If this applies throughout the day, it is not clear why an exception should be made during Mass.
Question: So how should you do it?

Silvana De Mari: The best form is that of the fewest contacts in the transfer of the Host. The more direct, the better, hence the Communion on the tongue. To ensure maximum hygiene, the priest will clean his hands according to the method used by a surgeon before the celebration by placing them in warm water for five minutes and brushing them well, including fingernails, which should be short and disinfected with alcohol.

Question: Why didn't the bishops take this up and pass it on?

Silvana De Mari: You should them ask that. There are 450 experts at government level dealing with these issues. I don't know if they overlooked it for superficiality or for bad intentions.

Question: With malicious intent?

Silvana De Mari: I take responsibility for what I say. The emergency was handled poorly. Everything should have stopped in February and only for fifteen days. Instead, the country was inexplicably one month late and then paralyzed for two months. I would also like to add that the government has explicitly advised against post-mortems. There is a separate circular that has been repeated several times. Why? The reason is that the treatment was wrong. People died of inflammation and thrombosis. They should have been given heparin, instead the virologists have driven people crazy, especially the elderly, by panicking them and locking them in at home with their panic. Lack of sun and air and stress also affect the immune system. They should have been given vitamin D, omega 3, and a gram of vitamin C every day, but that wasn't done.

Question: But there are excellent virologists ...

Silvana De Mari: The virologists lock themselves in for their research in their laboratories, but they have no practical experience. You have never healed anything, not even a runny nose.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: La Fede Quotidiana
Trans: Tancred

Milo, Sirico, Voris... Who's Next, James Martin?

Edit: Thug Brothers, as Canon212 calls them, sure do feature a lot of false opposition.

See if you can note Sirico's Freudian slip?

If you listen further, you can hear Sirico arguing for a big-tent Catholic Church right around 36:00 where he quotes Father Ronald Knox's effeminate book, "Enthusiasm".


Monday, May 25, 2020

"A Eucharistic Butchery!" -- Don Ricotta Dismissed in Palermo by Bergoglian Archbishop

Don Leonardo Ricotta, the deposed pastor of Sant'Agata di Villabate (Archdiocese of Palermo)
Edit: you might remember him calling upon us to reject the Virus Mass.

(Rome) Constantly new arbitrary and even sacrilegious measures by bishops, which are enacted to curb the spread of Coronavirus, are incomprehensible and cause absurd reactions to the point of horror missae and dramatic interventions such as the removal of a pastor in the Archdiocese of Palermo shows.

Many priests are outraged, some refuse to do so without publicly announcing it, but at the risk of being denounced by the faithful. This also happens because the irresponsible extent of the scaremongering, as it was carried out by politicians, government advisers and the media, can trigger irrational reactions among anxious people and can cloud common sense in some. Since May 18th, public worship has been allowed in Italy again, if only under strict conditions enacted by the Italian government and the Italian Bishops' Conference on May 7th. Yesterday, May 24th, the first Sunday services were held after twelve weeks. The requirements imposed on the priests include wearing a face mask and disposable gloves when giving communion.

A priest who expressed his outrage loudly and clearly has now become the victim of punitive measures by his bishop, a bonified Bergoglian. The serious incident occurred in the Archdiocese of Palermo in Sicily.

Germany is three times more affected by Corona than Sicily

While some areas of northern Italy were severely affected by the corona virus, the situation in southern Italy and on the islands remained surprisingly relaxed. In Sicily, with its five and a half million inhabitants, 20 percent fewer people were tested corona-positive than in tiny Luxembourg, which has only a tenth of its inhabitants.

The numbers are to be questioned overall. The completely unusual and constantly widespread total number of corona positives at some point is ultimately irrelevant, since 90 percent of those affected show no or at least no noteworthy symptoms, but above all there is no risk from those who have recovered. So what would count are the fatalities, but they are even more dubious, as new cases of vertiginous counting confirm. A number of credible indications suggest that since the first corona death in Europe, that was the Italian Adriano Trevisan, who died on February 21, as many corona deaths as possible should be "produced", mostly afterwards by a corresponding note on the death certificate and through the reports to the central corona detection points. Why doctors, including pathologists, are involved is one of the many open corona questions. It is reasonable to assume that these are economic interests, whether direct or indirect.

It should also be mentioned that almost three months after his death it turned out that Adriano Trevisan is not a corona-dead person at all, but has succumbed to serious preexisting illnesses. The Padua public prosecutor's office had forced the autopsy. Trevisan, who became the fan of unprecedented fear-mongering across Europe, now symbolizes the doubtfulness of the way the Corona dead have been counted and, overall, the government's Corona measure. This also includes the fact that although he was reported to be the first Corona dead across Europe, the correction of this false report based on the autopsy results is being kept secret.

Why, despite the small number of cases, Sicily has more than twice as many corona deaths as Luxembourg, namely 268, is one of the numerous corona puzzles that seem less to do with the corona virus and more to do with forces that work under the Corona pretext to take you for a ride. All in all (the paradox in the paradox?) There were 9.2 percent fewer deaths in the province of Palermo, which is specifically concerned, according to the Italian statistics office and the National Health Institute ISS in the first third of 2020 (January 1 to April 30) than last year - despite Covid-19.

The situation in Sicily is always relaxed, after all, the lowest level of Corona warnings in Italy applies to the island. To establish a relationship: According to WHO figures, the Federal Republic of Germany and Austria were three times more affected by the Corona virus than the Mediterranean island.

Don Leonardo Ricotta celebrates Mass ad orientem. In his sermon of May 18th, he explained the priest's finger position as soon as they touch the body of Christ.

The pastor's indignation over latex gloves

However, the Italian Bishops' Conference prescribed uniform provisions for the whole of Italy, the same for acute areas as for hardly affected areas. The priest Leonardo Ricotta, pastor of Sant'Agata in Villabate in the Archdiocese of Palermo, was dismissed on May 21. The city of 20,000 inhabitants is nine kilometers from the Archbishop's Palace. The reason: The pastor refused to handle the body of Christ with disposable gloves and said so out loud.

The archbishopric's press office published a statement on this, which does not disclose the facts and begins with a defense of its own actions. Rumors are false that the priest has been dismissed by the archbishop. Don Ricotta himself has given up his office. The Motu proprio Summorum Pontificum by Pope Benedict XVI. causes the priest to celebrate Holy Mass in the traditional Rite, which he has been doing on three working days since then. He also celebrated the parish service ad orientem in the Novus Ordo.

At best, what the matter is about can be guessed from the archiepiscopal statement. The point of contention is presented as follows:

"The practice of distributing hand Communion is in conformity with the norms issued by the ecclesiastical Magisterium, to which every Catholic Christian owes religious obedience and that of the intellect."

Reference is made to the instruction of Redemptionis Sacramentum of the Roman Congregation of Worship in 2004. Paragraph 92 states accordingly: If a believer in a country in which the Bishops' Conference has allowed hand communion with confirmation of the Holy See wishes it, he should give him Communion be distributed like this. The instruction is the preliminary conclusion of a long process by which the misuse of the distribution of Communion by Rome, which was supported by Dutch and then German bishops, was subsequently recognized. The Italian Bishops' Conference issued a dispensation for hand Communion in 1989. In the Catholic countries, oral Communion is still widespread today. The bishops' Corona measures are the most radical global intervention against Communion on the tongue and for hand Communion since Pope Paul VI. 1969 buckled before German blackmail and gave the bishops' conferences the opportunity to allow hand Communion as an exception.
Don Leonardo Ricotta, with holy anger, took a stand against the decree to pick up and offer the body of Christ with disposable gloves. He criticized such a practice as "Eucharistic butchery".

Ideal dispensing of Communion donation according to TV2000, television station of the Italian Bishops' Conference: priests and believers with face masks, latex gloves and hand communion

Topsy-Turvy World in Reversed Roles

The well-known liturgist Don Nicola Bux also criticized the instructions of the bishops as "paradoxical", because if it were to be liturgical, it would have to be exactly the opposite. In the traditional rite, as it was celebrated until 1965/1970, the bishops wear gloves because their anointed hands should be clean so that they can touch the Eucharistic Lord with their bare hands. They are discarded from the offertory, to the ambo and the communio. With the Novus Ordo the gloves were discarded as obsolete, but now the bishops want to reintroduce them in a somewhat weird way, but upside down. Don Bux has assigned touching the body of Christ with disposable gloves as if He were a leper, and the episcopal compulsion that compelled this behavior on all priests to the area of the sacrileges.

Don Ricotta is not the only priest in Sicily to be appalled. However, he said it clearly and announced that he would only celebrate Holy Mass in the traditional rite that would not tolerate such a compulsory prescription. The archdiocese reacted and disclosed the archbishop's understanding of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass:

“The Eucharist exclusively with the Roman Rite as an extraordinary form according to the Missale Romanum by John XXIII. from 1962, which was introduced by the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum, established in 2007 by Pope Benedict XVI. would exclude that portion of God's people from participating in the Mass, in as much as the promulgated form of Paul VI's Missal currently used, who might be allowed active participation. This would seriously affect the rights and freedom of a large number of believers. ”

In conclusion, it is as succinct as it is contradictory:

“Personal beliefs, presented by individuals as authentic teaching, cannot be forced on believers. It is up to the bishop in the diocese to 'establish standards for the liturgy to which everyone is bound', 'to preserve the unity of the Church as a whole' and 'to promote the common order of the whole Church' (Congregation for Worship , Instruction Redemptionis Sacramentum, No. 176–177).“

Coercion can obviously be applied, but only in one direction, away from tradition.

Statement by the archiocesan press office

The letter from a lawyer

Roberto De Petro, a lawyer from Palermo and a traditional Catholic, wrote Archbishop Corrado Lorefice on May 20th. Lorefice, the "most progressive" candidate that Pope Francis could find for the Diocese of the Primate of Sicily, was appointed in the fall of 2015. In it he describes the traditional Rite as "safest in Corona times". Above all, he draws attention to the "invalidity" and "illogicality" of the joint protocol between the government and the episcopal conference of May 7th on the re-admission of public worship. De Petro documents in a knowledgeable and detailed manner that the protocol and the associated legislative decree (No. 33/2020) are unconstitutional. This already results from the lack of an "exceptional emergency", which the constitution requires for such a type of provision. This plight does not exist in Sicily and has never existed during the entire Corona period.

The protocol mentioned was also null and void because the government had no jurisdiction over Catholic issues and the representatives of the bishops' conference had no jurisdiction, neither over the bishops nor over the priests, nor about the faithful.

“Every bishop is sovereign in his dioceswe, but he cannot change what is specified in the Missal sections that have legal force for the whole Church. The headings of the Missale do not provide for the use of gloves when celebrating the Eucharist."

The lawyer also addresses the question of liturgical gloves, called Chirothecae, as they are used in the traditional rite:

“In the traditional rite, the bishop removes the chirotecae before he approaches the altar for the sacrifice, which means that he can only touch the consecrated host with his bare hands. (…) Indeed, after the change, the priest holds the fingertips of the thumb and forefinger together until the end of communion before cleaning them in the chalice.”

This was to prevent even a crumb from being lost from the Lord's body. But this is exactly what can't  be done with gloves, which is why they are removed in the traditional rite.

Therefore "the use of latex gloves is an aberration". The material is miserable and contradicts all liturgical provisions of the church. Above all, the gloves are simply thrown away afterwards. Corrupting the understanding of the Eucharist, whether intended or not, is devastating.

In a third point, the lawyer opposes the factual ban on oral Communion by forcing manual Communion. In contrast to hand Communion, oral Communion is the " much safer" form of receiving Communion. This has been confirmed by doctors specifically interviewed by the Portland diocese in the United States.

Finally, De Petro contradicts the references to Redemptionis Sacramentum and states that the provisions of the Bishops' Conference contradict and violate this instruction. In various parishes of the Archdiocese of Palermo, Communion kneeling and on the tongue was previously denied to believers. Archbishop Lorefice, although informed of this, did not respond to it.

De Petro calls on the archbishop to stop using the “humiliating” protocol and to promote the celebration of the traditional rite as a measure against the Coronavirus.

The archbishop's press office's statement the next day on Don Ricotta's case shows that Archbishop Lorefice is not considering implementing any of it.

"Padre Pio called this butchery"

Don Ricotta said on May 18:

“When my bishop tells me that I have to be a pastor somewhere that I don't like, I go and obey. But if he forces me to act against belief or step on the Consecrated Host, I cannot obey. Obedience applies to the lawful, not the unlawful, that is the great teaching of St. Thomas Aquinas. What you're doing here is an act of Eucharistic butchery. Father Pio called this butchery. "

Vaticanist Marco Tosatti commented on the Don Ricotta case:

"And lo and behold, Don Ricotta was dismissed without notice, and in the merciful Lorefice of Palermo, we wonder how much credibility can be given to the declaration of the diocese ..." when it says that the priest has voluntarily renounced his parish.

The Archdiocese of Palermo was previously the scene of a violent conflict between a diocesan priest and the archbishop. Don Alessandro Minutella , pastor of a suburban parish in the Sicilian capital, criticized Pope Francis' line. He was then given an ultimatum. When he did not respond in the desired form, he was suspended and effectively excommunicated. Don Ricotta is also a priest who speaks his mind even when it concerns the Pope - albeit more moderately than Don Minutella. You don't make friends with them in Bergoglian ordinaries, not even in a moderate tone. Whoever celebrates in the traditional Rite and is connected to tradition has to dress twice as warmly.

The Don Ricotta case shows how great and varied the damage that is currently being done, not by the corona virus, but by the corona measures.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Cooperatores Veritatis / Archdiocese of Palermo / TV2000 (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred
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