Tuesday, August 9, 2022

Jewish Busybody Wants January 6 Protesters to be Punished

Edit: "Remember that these people want you broke, dead, your children taped and brainwashed, and they think it's funny."

There are Jewish conservatives, doncha know.

[Washington Times] Ben Shapiro said Friday that pro-Trump rioters should rot in prison for attacking the U.S. Capitol, contrasting himself with other prominent conservatives who recently complained about their incarceration.

Mr. Shapiro, an author, podcast host and co-founder of The Daily Wire conservative news website, made the remark during a panel discussion on the latest episode of the HBO show “Real Time with Bill Maher”.

Fellow panelist Malcolm Nance said during the show that former President Trump mobilized 40,000 “to lay siege to the Capitol,” but only a fraction of that figure breached the building, Mr. Shapiro noted.

Cinema time!  Graphic and horrific scenes.


Monday, August 8, 2022

What The Catholic Grift Operation Won’t Tell You About Who’s Responsible



Anderson & Associates

Guess his alignment

Anderson & Associates endorses Marxist org

Edit: although various Jewish organizations openly attack the Catholic Church and sometimes even say it should be shut down, maybe it’s time to shut something else down, considering that child abuse by Rabbis is so widespread it could be called an epidemic.

Why don’t all those alleged Catholic gatekeepers like Taylor Marshall, Thug Gordon, Marcy Shea, Eve Tushnet, Dawn Eden, Simcha Fischer, Holy Soy Skojack, Gary Voris, Budgie, Dale Alquist and Sciambra among a host of others, say absolutely nothing about  these vermin who openly commit these crimes, often with impunity?

The person talking to his wife about shutting down the Catholic Church is Ethan Klein.



The Mark Shea groupies have taken over the world

Saturday, August 6, 2022

Meanwhile, Francis thinks the TLM must go away

Sandanista KGB Retreat Before Blessed Sacrament Held by Bishop During Siege

Edit: somebody please write Amnesty International. Sorry, just kidding. Please pray and consider sacrifices for Catholics living under oppression in the Vatican and everwhere there are Communists calling the shots!  Thanks for donating to Katholisches.

Nicaraguan National Police and a special unit cordon off the Curia of the Diocese of Matagalpa, where Bishop Álvarez and his vicar general are staying.

(Managua) The National Police and a special unit of the Sandinista Ortega regime besieged the Curia of the Diocese of Matagalpa and prevented the bishop from entering it.

Similar repressive attempts at intimidation had taken place several times in the past few months. The bishop himself was followed at every turn by plainclothes police, which is why he even went on a hunger strikeSince the strongest critic of the socialist regime among the bishops was retired by Pope Francis, Bishop Álvarez has taken over this position.

Because the police are besieging parishes in his diocese, Bishop Rolando Álvarez announced that he would celebrate a Mass with the intention of asking for protection for his priests. A celebration in the cathedral was impossible because of the police presence. So the bishop went with the vicar general, six priests and six laymen to the episcopal curia to celebrate in the chapel there.

Bishop Álvarez reported on the radio that he was going to go to the besieged parish to celebrate with the faithful when he was told that the curia had also been surrounded by police forces. The bishop went to where his vicar general was already.

The Chief of Police of the Department of Matagalpa, Sergio Gutiérrez, who was present, asked the Bishop to cooperate, to which the Bishop replied: "You are the ones who do not cooperate".

"Those who don't cooperate are the police forces because they don't let priests into churches or seminarians into seminars for Eucharistic adoration, liturgy, communion and prayer.
And now the police are asking me to cooperate. The police say we are the ones causing fear, when they are the ones blocking access to the Curia, the ones standing on my doorstep and not letting anyone in."


Bishop Álvarez accused the national police, led by Francisco Díaz, a close confidant of President Ortega, of "not allowing freedom of movement, freedom of expression and freedom of religion".

"I ask the police, in all courtesy and before the Lord, to let us celebrate the Eucharist, to adore Jesus in the Blessed Sacrament, and to leave the door of my house, the door of the Curia, and let in the faithful who are entering the Church coming to worship his Lord."

And further:

"The devil wants to lead us into the temptation of hate, despair and division. Hate is answered with love, division is answered with unity, and despair with hope."


If the police want to enter his home, he welcomes them, the bishop said, but they should end the cordon that prevents him from entering and others from accessing him.

The bishop tried to hug the police chief and officers present "as a sign of peace, but they wouldn't allow it."

The bishop knelt down in the street to pray and had the Holy of Holies brought to him by the Vicar General. With this he finally approached the police, who backed off. This made it possible for the bishop and his vicar general to enter the curia. The six other priests and six lay people who were with the bishop were denied entry.

According to the bishop, he will remain in the curia together with his vicar general. In the chapel there he celebrated the mass to protect the priests, which was broadcast on the church radio station.

In his sermon, he complained that plainclothes police officers attended masses, recorded sermons, and "investigated us as if we were plotting a conspiracy."

Recently, in the Diocese of Matagalpa alone, the Sandinista regime shut down six Catholic radio stations in a bid to choke off the Church's voice.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image : Twitter/César Jiménez Mtz

Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


Thursday, August 4, 2022

Woman Builds Altar to Her Abortion


Edit: while the likes of Mark Shea and the rest of the lowlifes at Patheos are embracing the Satanic aberrosexual vision of Cardinal Bernardin, this woman is literally winning people over to the pro-life position by her feminizing insanity.

It brings to mind the story of Pentheus, the King of Thebes, who laments the fall of Thebes to the spell of the god Dionysios. As he attempts to confront the revels of the Bacchanalia, he is torn to pieces by his mother anb her sisters in a frenzy of madness, thinking him a wild boar. His mother only realizes what she’s done when she awakens from the trance and sees her son’s head in her hands. 

One of the most interesting things I’ve read in a while.


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I’m asking you to support Mr. Nardi because in contrast to other online personalities, he is actually in tune with the sensus catolicus.

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Persecuting doctors for not being Covidiots

EMJ & Bishop Williamson sit down for a chat

Tuesday, August 2, 2022

Karl Keating’s Protestant Magisterium

 Edit: Steve Skojec has a problem believing in an eternal Hell for the wicked…but it’s for people like Steve and Karl that make it so believable.

We’ve seen a lot of these internet apologists who come on the scene from Protestant backgrounds. One of the most successful has been Karl Keating, whose prolific Catholic Answers offered a watered down milquetoast version of Catholicism that was supposed to avoid offending public opinion. He hated Angelqueen, which was totally free and Catholic, unlike his own commerce website, so much. His childish attacks on Feeneyism are particularly pathetic. Could he be the Glenn Beck of Catholicism?

He was always so worried about what the Lutheran and Presbyterian neighbors would think. But that didn’t stop him from engaging in the usual smarmy Neocatholic behavior by doxxing a former friend who lightly ridiculed him on Angelqueen.  

Keating has routinely attacked traditionalists for decades, whether he’s arguing for the superiority of the evil King James Version of the Bible over the Douay-Rheims, or trying to gatekeep what types of traditionalists he approves. Apparently, he never really liked Catholicism, but saw a business opportunity in attacking it from within. As ever, like many other professional Catholics, he got some real straw dummies set up to represent the traditionalists who were the classic bad guys. But it was pure projection. 

Now that Karl has retired, he can appear on people’s Facebook pages to gatekeep the miracles and apparitions they believe in. Karl thinks the miraculous staircase of Loretto  isn’t a real miracle and to believe in it is credulity.   Here’s Karl attacking someone’s “credulity” on Facebook, but what’s credulous are Karl’s paypigs who’ve been paying this smug popinjay to deceive them.

Karl doesn’t believe in miracles. He’s a skeptical Protestant who doesn’t think these will fit in his Catholic business plan.


Coincidences are the leading causes of death for people under 35

Any nation that rejects Jesus will be ruled by Jews


Sunday, July 31, 2022

"Silence! I'm Cutting Your Throat!"

Catholic doctor and family man Alban Gervaise was buried on June 7 after an Islamist stabbed 
him in front of his children's school.

Islamic Violence is part of daily life in France

(Paris) A magazine denounced the "epidemic of stabbings" sweeping France without the media taking any notice.  The “new normal” is migration-related violence.  However, “political correctness” prohibits reporting and speaking about it.  Anyone who does it will be pilloried.  Along with the “stabbing epidemic” comes an epidemic of political hypocrisy.  The latter made the former possible.  The post-war construct called "Western Europe" is stuck in a vicious circle from which it apparently does not know how to free itself.

 In its current issue, the monthly magazine Causeur laments the great fear of “insulting Muslims” when denouncing jihadism and jihadists.  This fear is not a natural phenomenon, but a screw clamp in the head that is attached by ideologues.

"Silence, on égorge" is the shocking headline.  Causeur wants to break the media silence that envelops Islamist attacks as if with anesthesia so that he does not have to face the reality of radical Islam.

It's about "prioritizing".  The alliance of left-liberal establishment and left-wing infantry that followed the collapse of the Iron Curtain in Western Europe is also pursuing its goals at the price of endangering internal security and social peace in the European states.  The migration, climate, corona and sanctions policies show it.

 "Alban Gervaise has died twice"

 Front page of the current issue of Causeur

Causeur's editor, Élisabeth Lévy, recalls the tragedy of the Catholic doctor and family man who, just 40 years old, was killed "in the name of Allah" in front of his children's school last May and forgotten by "dedicated" columnists.  The death of Alban Gervaise, which occurred in hospital after weeks of agony, is one of the "unspoken Islamist killings," Causeur said.

 "Alban Gervaise has died twice: his throat slashed by his killer's knife and buried by his country's silence."

 "If we have decided to dedicate the cover to him, it is because we want to right an injustice, but also because his death occurred at the crossroads of two French tragedies: the first is the war that has declared us invisible enemies  ;  the second is the startling denial of the first,” says Élisabeth Lévy.

Islamist terrorism swept to Europe in 2004, when bombings killed 192 people in Madrid, leading to the fall of the conservative government.  In Europe, it is a phenomenon that cannot be classified in the previously known theories of terrorism.  References to Islamist terrorist organizations such as al-Qaeda and the Islamic State (IS) were misleading from the start.  The Islamic State (IS), as it became known in the media for its military operations in the Middle East, was a product of the Obama administration and some Middle Eastern potentates.  It was eliminated because Donald Trump ended US support after his election and Putin's Russian forces defeated it militarily.

Some of the perpetrators operating in Europe may have taken their cues from the terrorist groups mentioned, but a direct connection could not be proven.  It was the phenomenon of “lone wolves”.  Islam's inherent willingness to use violence called jihad made it possible.  This willingness to use violence, which nobody recognized and described more accurately than G. K. Chesterton at the beginning of the 20th century, also produces the Islamist everyday violence that has afflicted Western Europe for several years.  This brutal everyday violence had never existed in Europe before.  Their return is a direct product of unrestrained mass immigration, which in turn is the ideological product of that alliance.  The cities are becoming less safe, the streets more and more dangerous.  Women in particular pay the price.  But you hardly talk about it anymore, because you are not allowed to talk about it anymore.  The Corona muzzle is the defining symbol of this mental and moral distortion of public discourse.  It is not the migration-related violence that causes public unrest, but those who draw attention to it, claim the deniers of reality and impose bans on speaking.

The slitting of the throat while shouting "Allahu Akbar" is no longer a headline in France, at best a small notice.  The writer and journalist Éric Zemmour tried to rebel and ran for president.  With this he caused quite a stir.  In polls, he immediately reached third place.  At the polls, however, he only received seven percent.  They symbolize the successful containment of his advance.

The long list of secret violence

The Gervaise case is particularly spectacular, but one has only to flip through the pages of Fdesouche.com, which reports weekly on Islamist-motivated attacks, to realize how oppressive the cloak of silence is.

On June 20, in Rodez, Aveyron department, a man armed with two knives tried to enter a police station and attack officers.  Unsuccessful, he changed his target and stabbed the manager of the pizzeria next door in the jugular.

On July 5, an Afghan national beat police officers in Rennes and tried to cut the throat of the man who tried to stop him.

In Trappes, on July 10, a pensioner was attacked and stabbed in the neck and chest: he died the next day.

On July 11, an Eritrean who found refuge in France as a "refugee" tried to stab two women in the center of the southern French city of Montpellier.

So that's a small excerpt of the "stabbing epidemic" that is spreading in France and is becoming more and more worrying, even if the state and left-wing opinion controllers pretend not to see it.  As in other areas, they have come up with a language rule: the attacker is simply labeled as a "madman", although, as in the Gervaise case, he invokes Allah, a Koran was found in his backpack and videos on his computer were found that pay homage to jihad.  The anti-terror prosecutor's office did not initiate any investigations into Mohamed L. either.

So many Muslims now live in France that politicians have long had to compete for their votes and are simply afraid of them.  In most cases, the fear may be unfounded.  But it is there and determines their decisions.  The Corona years have shown what fear can do.  These are not the prerequisites that should be the basis for the community of a free constitutional state.  In addition: This state was brought about by someone.  In 1950 around 120,000 Muslims (0.3 percent) lived in France; today their number is estimated at nine million (15 percent).  Their number has more than doubled in the past 25 years.

 The denial of Islamism

 The Editor-in-Chief of Causeur writes:

 “We are well aware of the reason for this silence: Muslims should not be stigmatized.  But isn't refusing to talk about jihadism as if they're all a part of it the best way to stigmatize them?  Are they children from whom we must hide the truth in order not to offend them?  Should we exclude them from contemplating a phenomenon that comes from Islam without being confused with it?  If the attack takes place on the eve of elections, it is also said that one should not 'stoke fears'.  Heaven save us from the voters making an informed choice.”

The denial of the reality of everyday Islamism, which Gilles Kepel calls "atmospheric jihadism," is one of the greatest ills of French society.  [It's holocaust culture that creates this problem in the first place.] A serious symptom of the real problem.

 Text: Andreas Becker

 Image: Tempi

Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


Friday, July 29, 2022

No Investigation of “Mass Graves”

Edit: Bergoglio apologized in support of a Marxist agitprop campaign designed to discredit West. No Vatican representative is reported as having investigated these claims. 
Where did Bergoglio get that plains Indian chiefs war bonnet? Is he going to scalp some trads? I’ll bet he got that at a gift shop in Ottawa.

CWN Editor's Note: More than a year after sensational stories broke about mass graves at a residential school in British Columbia, no human remains have been found at the site.

Initial reports, which suggested that hundreds of children had been buried at the Kamloops Indian school, have never been verified. The ground has not been excavated, and there is a lively debate over whether the site holds any graves at all. 

The stories of unmarked mass graves helped to prompt demands for an apology from the Church, leading to the current “penitential pilgrimage” by Pope Francis.


Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Abortion and the Holocaust Narrative

Bergoglio Attacks Tradition in Ottawa

Edit: after another pointless gesture, apologizing for the plagues and hard years of past, the Pope of mercy points an accusing finger at Traditionalism.

It was coined by a modernist Orthodox theologian who authored a book at Vatican II. He said, “Tradition is the living faith of the dead, but traditionalism is the dead faith of the living.   

Perhaps it is Bergoglio whose faith in big government and Marxism that is dead?   

On the third day of his stay in Canada, Francis again dished out against tradition

 (Ottawa) On the third day of his visit to Canada, Pope Francis preached against the "dead faith of the living" at Mass at Commonwealth Stadium in Edmonton.  He did not mean pagan religions, but turned again against "traditionalism".

Through the neologisms "indietrism" (backward looking) and "indietrists" (backward looking) coined by Francis, he gives his criticism a clear addressee.  What is meant are priests and laymen who are linked to tradition, as Francis recently clarified.

The renewed scolding of tradition came while in the neighboring United States, leading Bergoglians among the bishops, invoking Pope Francis' motu proprio Traditionis custodes, are suppressing the traditional rite and restricting communities associated with tradition.

In his sermon Francis said (in the video of the transmission of the Mass from around minute 48:20):

 “And let us not forget that this life-giving movement extends from the roots to the branches, leaves, flowers and fruit of the tree.  True tradition is expressed in this vertical dimension: from bottom to top.  Let us be careful not to fall into the caricature of tradition, which does not move in a vertical line - from the roots to the fruits - but in a horizontal line - forwards/backwards - that leads us to the culture of "Indietrism"[  backwardness] as a selfish haven;  and which does nothing else than encapsulate the present and keep it in the logic of 'it's always been done that way'.

In the Gospel that we have heard, Jesus tells the disciples that they are blessed because they can see and hear what so many prophets and righteous could only wish for (cf. Mt 13:16-17).  Many had believed in God's promise of the Messiah, preparing the way for him and announcing his coming.  But now that the Messiah has come, those who can see and hear him are called to welcome and proclaim him.

Brothers and sisters, this also applies to us.  Those who have gone before us have passed on to us a passion, a strength and a desire, a fire that we must rekindle;  it's not about preserving ashes, but about rekindling the fire they started.  Our grandparents and elders wished for a more just, brotherly and solidary world and fought for us to have a future.  Now it's up to us not to disappoint them.  It is up to us to take up this tradition that we have received, because tradition is the living faith of our dead.  Please, let's not go into traditionalism, which, as one thinker said, is the dead faith of the living.  Leaning on them, on our fathers who are our roots, it is up to us to bear fruit.  We are the branches that must flourish in history and sow new seeds.  So let us ask ourselves a specific question: what am I doing in the light of the history of salvation to which I belong and of those who have gone before me and loved me?  I have a unique and irreplaceable role in history: what mark do I leave, what do I do, what do I leave to those who follow me, what do I give of myself?  So often we measure life by the money we make, the careers we make, the success and recognition we receive from others.  However, these are not generative criteria.  The question is: am I creating something?  Am I creating life?  Am I bringing a new and renewed love to the story?  Am I preaching the gospel where I live, ministering freely as my predecessors did to me?  What am I doing for my church, my city and my society?  Brothers and sisters, it is easy to criticize, but the Lord not only wants us to be critics of the system, he does not want us to be closed, he does not want us to be "indietrists" who withdraw like him  Hebrews says (cf. 10:39), but wants us to be artisans of a new history, weavers of hope, builders of the future, peacemakers.”


German government & the Covid Jab

Monday, July 25, 2022

Stunt Pope Jumps on Another Agitprop Campaign to Attack Western Civilization

Edit: what a shameless scam artist.

 MASKWACIS, Alberta (AP) — Pope Francis arrived Monday at the site of a former Indigenous residential school to deliver long-awaited apology for the Catholic Church’s role in Canada’s policy of forcibly assimilating Native peoples into Christian society that led to generations of trauma and abuse.

Clasping his hands under his chin, Francis prayed at a the cemetery near the site of the former Ermineskin Indian Residential School, now largely torn down, before being escorted by four chiefs to a gathering of thousands of Indigenous peoples. After traditional Indigenous hand drummer played and sang to welcome Francis, the pope prayed in silence and the sun peeked out after a morning of rain.

One of the hosts of the event, Chief Randy Ermineskin of the Ermineskin Cree Nation, waited for the pope in a nearby parking lot and took stock of the historic import of the day.


Sunday, July 24, 2022

Trans people are boring...

Israel’s surrender to the global predators


Israeli Professor Josh Guetzkow, through a Freedom of Information (FOIA) request, received an admission from the CDC that they had not evaluated any “signals” from its vaccine data system called VAERS even though it is their own system and they write on their website about how they make use of it.  On a broader scope, this reconfirms what I have written, along with my wife Ginger, in our book, COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey. 

 There is a global predatory coalition that includes billionaires like Bill Gates and socialists like Klaus Schwab, who work with both the wealthiest Western industries, trusts, universities, and health systems, in collaboration with the Chinese Communists using COVID-19 and the vaccines to increase their wealth and their power over previously sovereign nations.  Professor Guetzkow, an American and an Israeli citizen, trained at Princeton and Harvard, describes the iron grip that Pfizer has imposed upon his country making it into a giant laboratory for vaccines.  My drawing attention to the Chinese Communist connection to Pfizer and other globalists led Professor Guetzkow to report dreadful news that I have confirmed with a report from the Times of Israel, “Has Israel made a huge mistake letting a Chinese firm run part of Haifa port?” Apparently, Israel has many other such dependencies on the Chinese Communists that are at least being reconsidered. 

            If you want to learn more about Israel’s surrender to the global predators and more about the power of globalism over nations, which grows as the nations are more centralized and authoritarian, this is a very valuable hour. 

Saturday, July 23, 2022

CDC Identifies Threat Posed to Children from Aberrosexual Subcultures

 Edit: were these children being sexually abused by being adjacent  to these “communities”.

[Washington Post] The first two U.S. cases of monkeypox in children have been confirmed as part of a record outbreak of more than 2,800 infections nationwide, a top health official said Friday.

“While both children have monkeypox symptoms, they are in good health,” and receiving an antiviral treatment for the disease, the CDC said.

Since the outbreak began in May, the vast majority of monkeypox cases have occurred among men who are gay, bisexual, or who have sex with men. Officials emphasize that the pathogen can affect anyone who has close contact with people who have monkeypox, including children. However, they say they have not yet seen evidence of sustained transmission outside of networks of men who have sex with men.


Thursday, July 21, 2022

Spike Proteins in Blood Transfusions, Global Deaths SURGE

New Archbishop of Paris: "I feel good in this pontificate"

The new Archbishop of Paris feels "at ease" in the current pontificate, which is why he would also give Communion to Nancy Pelosi and other politicians supporting infanticide.

(Paris) The confessions of a prelate: "I feel good in this pontificate," the new archbishop of Paris explained to a left-wing daily newspaper - and also why he would also give Holy Communion to Nancy Pelosi.

In today's issue, July 20, 2022, of the French daily newspaper Libération, the French mouthpiece of the '68 movement, there is a "portrait" of the new Archbishop of Paris, Monsignor Laurent Ulrich.

The "portrait" includes some quotes in quotation marks from the journalists' conversation with Msgr. Ulrich, including his explanation of why he would also give Holy Communion to pro-abortionist Nancy Pelosi, who recently gave Holy Communion at a mass attended by Pope Francis at St. Peter's Basilica received Holy Communion, even though her local bishop, Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone of San Francisco, had recently barred her from receiving Communion because of her abortion supportLiberation writes:

"We dare ask him if he would give Communion to Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic Speaker of the US House of Representatives, who has been banned from receiving the Host during Mass by Bishop Salvatore Cordilone of San Francisco. In the eyes of the American prelate, it is wrong for this Catholic woman to defend abortion rights. Since the election of Joe Biden, Catholic circles in the United States have debated whether or not to give Communion to elected officials who support access to abortion. Pope Francis' Vatican has distanced itself from these radical positions. On June 29, Pelosi received Communion at St. Peter's Basilica in Rome. 'If she comes and says:I'm Catholic and I want to receive communion, isn't the attitude of the shepherd [the priest who takes care of his faithful, Libération's note] to say: Go away, I don't want to see you' , Ulrich claims, in the spirit of the conciliatory attitude of the Pope. 'I feel comfortable in this pontificate,' the Archbishop nods. But he suddenly compensates by admitting that he 'gained his theology from reading the books of Ratzinger [Benedict XVI]'.”


Since the retirement of Cardinal André Vingt-Trois, whom Pope Francis immediately relieved as Archbishop of Paris in 2017 at the age of 75, things have been turbulent on the Seine. Msgr. Michel Aupetit succeeded as the new archbishop, who was the first archbishop in recent times not to receive the grace of cardinalatial dignity. On April 15, 2019, the devastating fire that destroyed Notre-Dame de Paris Cathedral broke out. In 2021, Archbishop Aupetitt worked hard to implement the motu proprio Traditionis custodes by eliminating the traditional Rite's Mass sites and banning the Society of St. Peter from the archdiocese. Shortly thereafter, he tripped over allegations that concerned his personal lifestyle.

On April 26, Pope Francis appointed the Archbishop of Lille, Monsignor Laurent Ulrich, as the new Archbishop of Paris. His inauguration took place on May 23rd in the Saint-Sulpice church in Paris, as the reconstruction of Notre-Dame is still in progress.

Archbishop Ulrich's confession that he feels "at ease" in the current pontificate is reminiscent of the legal philosopher Mario Palmaro, who formulated the opposite statement back in October 2013: "Why we don't like this Pope ."

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image : Liberation (screenshot)

Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Preppy Taylor Has Scoop — Soupy Did NOT Shut It Down ICK

Edit: did anyone pray and fast for this like Father Z asked? Preppy thinks people who believed this were dumb. 😂 


They attack the weakest first

The plandemic of Covid1984 provided the hierarchy with a lot of data on the faithful and their pastors. It came as no surprise that most Novus Ordo parishes in suburbia complied with restrictions that the dioceses imposed before the State did.  The SSPX defied the orders and had to add extra Masses to accommodate the visitors, many of whom came away with very different and positive attitudes about the Society from that experience. The FSSP dragged their feet. The spirit of Lefebvre still lives in certain quarters of that organization. With the ICKSP, things were different. They complied. From Chicago, Canon Talarico enthusiastically roped off the pews and admonished the faithful to wear masks. Presumably, they all got jabbed as Cupich mandated it, and their worldly traveling doesn't seem to have been curtailed.  They shouldn't be surprised they are being picked off at this point, right after the traditional diocesan priests and the Canons Regular of St. John Cantius.
An appeaser feeds a crocodile in the hope that it will eat him last.

“The Pope Knew… and Did Nothing “

Gustavo Oscár Zanchetta, former bishop of Orán, was sentenced to four and a half years for sexually abusing seminarians but only spent a week in prison.  Now he is under house arrest.

 (Rome) "The Pope has known for years" what Monsignor Gustavo Oscár Zanchetta was doing, says a victim of the former bishop of the diocese of San Ramón de la nueva Orán in Argentina.  The victim is outraged at the news that Bishop Zanchetta, a convicted sex offender, has been granted house arrest.

On March 4th, the former bishop of Orán was sentenced to four and a half years in prison for sexually abusing two seminarians and transferred to the penal system.  After only four months, the prison gates open again.  The bishop was permitted  to serve under house arrest, which he will spend in a Church institution.

The Zanchetta case made headlines in the summer of 2017 when the bishop left his diocese overnight and disappeared.  The result was numerous rumors that initially connected him with the mismanagement that prevailed in the dioceses.  Zanchetta had also been responsible for the finances in his home diocese of Quilmes until he was appointed bishop and had left them in shambles.

Half a year after his mysterious departure from Orán, Zanchetta reappeared, now in Rome, where he was given a senior position in the Apostolic Administration of Goods by Pope Francis, which was very surprising.  It was said that the goat, after messing up the finances of two diocese, was made gardener again.  How was that possible?

 At that time it became apparent that Monsignor Zanchetta was a protégé of Pope Francis.  Zanchetta had worked closely with the then Cardinal Bergoglio in the Argentine Bishops' Conference before he was appointed bishop.  Zanchetta's promotion came just months after Pope Francis was elected.  Pope Francis announced his appointment as Bishop of Orán in July 2013 during his visit to Brazil for World Youth Day.

homosexual abuser

In 2018, completely different backgrounds for Zanchetta's escape from Argentina came to light.  Homo-pornographic material was found on his cell phone.  Then the revelations rolled over.  As bishop he had tried to homosexually corrupt his own seminarians and abused some.  A letter from 2015 signed by the then governor of the seminary, the two vicars general of the Diocese of Orán and other high-ranking diocesan priests became known.  The letter was a call for help to Rome for protection from its own bishop.  The Rector and the undersigned prelates reported in horror at the bishop's sexual misconduct and the need to protect the seminarians from their own bishop.

It also became known that Pope Francis had been undercutting  Zanchetta’s predation since 2015, but he had remained indecent. This was confirmed by oversight committees of the former Apostolic Nuntius in the USA, Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, as was revealed in August 2018 that he had in his report as Nuntius to Pope Franzis in June 2013 revealed the homosexual double life of Cardinal Mccarrick, in light of this, he rehabilitated him and made him the strong man in the American Church. McCarrick became the principal advisor of Pope Franzis, when it came to the verified cities and the bishops then. It was only when the New York Times unveiled McCarrick's deceit in July 2018 that Francis reacted with the hint that he knew nothing of it.

Zanchetta could also be prosecuted in the Vatican  in the hope of not being prosecuted by the Argentine judiciary because of his stay in foreign country. However, it turned out differently. The Argentinian state administration insisted on the prosecution of the sentence and imposed an international detention at the end of 2019. Finally, Zanchetta turned into out. The experience lasted over three years.. In that time, the bishop was always at large. He was finally "exempted" by his stay in the Apo-sto-purity of goods, after which the media had practiced German criticism.

On March 4, 2022, he was sentenced to four and a half years in prison for sexually abusing seminarians, aggravated because they were dependent on their bishop.  But Zanchetta was only jailed for a week.  As soon as he arrived in prison, he was transferred to a private clinic “for health reasons”.

On July 8, his request to serve his prison sentence under house arrest was granted – not in the private house he had mentioned, but in a church facility, an old people's home for priests.  This institution is headed by the diocesan priest Diego Calvisi, who supported the trial of Zanchetta and also stood by the victims.  The judiciary obviously wants to ensure that Zanchetta is subject to a certain degree of supervision, which Don Calvisi sees as guaranteed.

The victims, but also many believers in the Diocese of Orán, see the house arrest as the latest affront to their sponsored former bishop.  Zanchetta had been put in charge of the diocese by Francis, where there was little enthusiasm for him. The diocese of Orán had the reputation of a "conservative" diocese among Bergoglians in the Argentine church.  Francis seems to have had two purposes in sending his protégé: to promote the prelate who is close to him and at the same time to rebuild a conservative diocese.

Francis did something similar in May 2018, when he retired his main opponent in Argentina, Archbishop Héctor Rubén Aguer, and appointed one of his closest confidants, his ghostwriter Victor Manuel Fernández, as the new archbishop of La Plata, the country's most important diocese after Buenos Aires.  Francis "eliminated" his conservative counterpart in the Argentine episcopate, promoted his protégé, and made a change of direction in the Archdiocese of La Plata.  Such multipurpose strategic moves seem to fascinate Francis.


Bishop Zanchetta with Pope Francis in St. Peter's Square

"Three seminarians have remained ... waiting for three years to be ordained"

El Tribuno de Salta journalist Silvia Noviasky interviewed one of Zanchetta's victims, whom she called M.C.  The former seminarian goes beyond the criminal sentence:

 "It's about a lot of money and nepotism: the Pope has known for years what was being done."

One of the two former seminarians for whose abuse Zanchetta was convicted had previously stated that he was "not clear in his head" and had hardly slept since learning that the bishop had been placed under house arrest and that Zanchetta's attorney was now also engaged in a canonical preliminary investigation.

 The young man Silvia Noviasky spoke to denounced "accomplices" that would still cover for Zanchetta today.  He referred to Pope Francis, whom he accused of having played deaf despite early warnings, and the current Bishop of Orán, Monsignor Luis Scozzina.

He himself received no support from the Church:

 "We alone must overcome something that has marked us for life."

Most of the seminarians whom Zanchetta abused or attempted to corrupt homosexually left the seminary, as did the interviewee:

 “There are three who have gone ahead and are awaiting ordination but they will never get it because they have come as witnesses for us.  Three years have passed and they are still awaiting ordination.”

The news of Zanchetta's house arrest "produced powerlessness, uneasiness and unrest in him":

 "I think the judges didn't take into account what the psychiatric report says about him, which is that he's manipulative, that he doesn't see reality as it is but as he wants it to be.  He was granted house arrest in a convent where children and the elderly who are at risk go.  It's something the judiciary doesn't take into account that the place where Zanchetta will be is a place where manipulable people can go.”

 When asked if he would be against house arrest even if Zanchetta had no contact with anyone, M.C. said:

 “Yes, because the trial took place in Orán, a small town where we all know each other and where we all owe each other favors because we know each other or know each other's secrets.  These favors from people with a lot of power moved heaven and earth so that he had a good time from the first day of his sentence.  He never actually went to prison but was in prison for a week and then in a private clinic.  The Church and Scozzina [now Bishop of Orán] are accused of caring for a prisoner for whom they are not responsible.”

The victims never received a reply from the Holy See to the canonical complaint.  They do not know whether a procedure has been initiated or not.  When asked, there was only a general reference to the "papal secret".

“I'm surprised Zanchetta hasn't been restored to the lay state yet, there are examples like Rosi and Lamas who have been restored and why does Zanchetta retain his dignity as bishop?"

 When asked by the journalist, M.C. tried to give an answer himself:

“There is a lot of nepotism, and that comes from Pope Francis preaching some things but doing others even though he knew everything that was being done years ago.  There was evidence, photos...
 There is also an order signed by the Pope to conduct this preliminary canonical inquiry in Orán.  Iniesta [Zanchetta's attorney] raises financial issues, demands bills from the priests who intervened or testified against Zanchetta.  They impute to these priests who have testified that they have children and in this way seek to seek and condemn a canonical trial against them in order to silence or discredit them.  The purpose of this investigation is to distract attention from Zanchetta, find other culprits in order to polish Zanchetta's image." 

There is also an order signed by the Pope to conduct this preliminary canonical inquiry in Orán.  Iniesta [Zanchetta's attorney] raises financial issues, demands bills from the priests who intervened or testified against Zanchetta.  They impute to these priests who have testified that they have children and in this way seek to seek and condemn a canonical trial against them in order to silence or discredit them.  The purpose of this investigation is to distract attention from Zanchetta, find other culprits in order to polish Zanchetta's image."

 “The perpetrator gets paid for everything.  And the victim... ?”

There are also other priests who have been found guilty as abusers:

 “Some will be tried, others will not [M.  C. gives the name of a priest].  A priest gets two lawyers, the victim none.  The boy who reported this priest wasn't even asked if he needed help.  He is doing his best and will appear in court with a public defender.  How can it be that the diocese pays the perpetrator's lawyers while the victim has to appear in court with a public defender because he doesn't have the money?

Zanchetta's lawyer, who is now also active in canon law, did everything to keep Zanchetta from prison, which finally succeeded with house arrest.  The lawyer had been staying in a five-star hotel the whole time, according to M.C.

The current Bishop of Orán is helping Zanchetta, but not the victims.  That was "not okay," according to M.C.

 Silvia Noviasky had already conducted an interview with one of the two abused seminarians last March, shortly after Zanchetta's conviction, who testified:

 “Zanchetta always boasted that he was a friend of the Pope, that the Pope called him, or that he called him and told him about us.  When he came back from Rome he said: 'I was with the Pope, I was in the Pope's bed'.”

 Literally: "Estuve con el Papa, estuve en la cama del Papa."

 "Like he's saying, 'He [Pope Francis] is a very close friend of mine who is very close to me.'"

 Text: Giuseppe Nardi

 Image: El Tribuno de Salta (Screenshots)

Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com