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Mass Shooting in Copenhagen

Here he is, dressed for “Mass” at Gaybrielle’s Parish

Alleged shooter in Chicago, Bobby Crimo III. The major news organs are trying to peg him as white, but he doesn’t quite look the part.

He’s actually a rapper of some kind.

 Edit: [Copenhagen] looks like an Aloha Snackbar. Oy veh, this news doesn’t fit the “this is an American problem” narrative.

Meanwhile, the  authorities aren’t releasing the shooter’s identity.

If your real citizens aren’t armed, you’ll be subject to Fuzzywuzzy grooming gangs from darkest Kafiristan.

And unless I digress, these people are the ones the Crusades were meant to turn back. Why don’t we deport them to Israel?

The reports are saying a “Danish man” was responsible. We all know what that means! 


🇺🇸 Happy 4th of July 🌈

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 Edit: I’m going to send 10 euro a month. This is really one of the best informed and enthusiastic Catholic journalists in Europe. You can go to PayPal. Sorry about that! I hate PayPal!!

Update July 3, 2022

Between G Nardi, Messa in Latino, Catholic Church Conservation and Network of German Priests, InfoVaticana, I’ve been able to bring a lot of amazing Catholic figures in traditional circles who used to go virtually unreported before Rorate and a few other blogs. [Neoconservative figures from Washington DC can only say so much] We’ve worked at bringing you tge late and much missed Richard Spaemann, Antonio Socci, Msgr Georg May, del Cigoña, among others. After was hunted from the internet for laughing at an aberrosexual comedian who died, they were one of the few left.  Even some more reliable people were  cowed into parroting the accepted narrative against them and joined in the hunt. The Neconservative e-commerce site, led the charge.

Of course, we could occasionally rely on snotty Rorate, or the Remnant, but those publications are controlled opposition, and won’t criticize you know who…

1Peter Dive has taken it upon themselves to streamline many of a few of the aforementioned figures into wider dissemination, but they are, like New Liturgical Movement, controlled and almost completely void of a political dimension.

Anyway, G. Nardi blocks his site behind  a paywall till he receives about 2,000 Euro every month. This helps me a lot to bring stories and insights you won’t find elsewhere in English. Even if I’m poorly informed, G Nardi and his associates are not. is OK when they aren’t borrowing without crediting.



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Israel Loosens Abortion Restriction in Face of Overturning Roe V. Wade


JERUSALEM (AP) — Israel on Monday eased its regulations on abortion access in what the country’s health minister said was a response to last week’s “sad” U.S. Supreme Court ruling overturning Roe v. Wade. 

The new rules, approved by a parliamentary committee, grant women access to abortion pills through the country’s universal health system and remove a longstanding requirement that women appear physically before a special committee before they are permitted to terminate a pregnancy.

The decision came after the U.S. Supreme Court on Friday stripped away women’s constitutional protections for abortion, a fundamental and deeply personal change for Americans’ lives after nearly a half-century under Roe v. Wade. The decision has triggered protests across the U.S. and set the stage for a wave of litigation.


Abortion is a Jewish value.  Catholic opposition is nothing new.

Historic West Virginia Destroyed

[Catholic Telegraph] St. Colman Catholic Church, a historic church located in Raleigh County, West Virginia, burned to the ground in an apparent arson attack Sunday, according to the local volunteer fire department.

The small, white building was known as "The Little Catholic Church on Irish Mountain," and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The original structure dates to 1877-1888, according to the register.

“On 6/26/2022 units from Beaver VFD were alerted to a structure fire at the Saint Colman Catholic Church on Irish Mountain Road in Shady Spring, WV,” the Beaver Volunteer Fire Department said in an online post.

Edit: Sir Justin Haggerty has a Daily Knight who will come to your parish and conduct CCD and defend your parish against Antifa. This setup reminds me of Eric Gajewski, arch nemeses of Holy Steve. 

Are the Knights of the Republic supposed to be Jedi?


The "vaccines" were designed to kill

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Pope Francis and the Temptation of Traditionalists


By Roberto de Mattei*

A dialectical relationship has emerged between Pope Francis and the world of tradition that can have dangerous consequences.

 That the Motu Proprio Traditionis Custodes of July 16, 2021, which supplements the Motu Proprio Summorum Pontificum of Benedict XVI.  disassembled, should not mislead.  Pope Francis does not reject the traditional Roman Rite per se, but he detests those who are faithful to that rite, or rather the caricatured image he has formed of traditionalists over the years.  The reference to "grandmother's lace" in his June 17 address to the Sicilian clergy is significant in this regard.

“Grandmother's lace" exists only in the imagination of a few progressive ideologues.  The reality of the Sicilian clergy is not that of lace, but consists, as everywhere, of priests who walk around in shirts and sandals and celebrate the new Mass in a sloppy and irreverent way.  They justify themselves by saying that form is not substance, but their very aversion to old forms shows that for many of them form comes before substance.

Pope Francis is not sensitive to the issue of liturgy, but in general he is not interested in the doctrinal debate that pitted conservatives against progressives during Vatican II and in the years that followed.  "Reality is more important than the idea" is one of the postulates of the encyclical Evangelii Gaudium (EG, 217-237).  What really counts are "not ideas" but "discernment,” he affirmed on May 19 at the headquarters of the Civiltà Cattolica before the editors of the European cultural magazine of the Society of Jesus.  “If you venture alone into the world of ideas and distance yourself from reality, you end up ridiculous.” He ascribes the ridiculous to the nonexistent traditionalist peaks, while failing to see it in the ramshackle liturgies of the progressive clergy.

When insight separates itself from ideas, it becomes personalism.  Francis tends to personalize any subject, setting aside the customs, ideas, and institutions of the Church.  In the realm of governance, personalism leads to “exceptionalism”, but extraordinary decisions, as Vaticanist Andrea Gagliarducci notes, are just extraordinary decisions, they do not create an objective and universal norm.  His relations with the Sovereign Order of Malta bear witness to this.  The Pope does not shy away from breaking the rules or changing canon law when necessary, precisely because each of his actions is a personal and therefore “extraordinary” matter.

However, Francis' opponents, the "restorers" as he calls them, run the risk of personalizing their opposition to his pontificate, forgetting that he is not only human, but also the successor of Peter and Vicar of Christ.

To some traditionalists it seems inconceivable that Pope Francis could be a legitimate pontiff, and even if they accept this in words, they deny it on the level of deeds, like him, passing practice in the name of personal insight  put the theory.  The use of calling him Bergoglio rather than Francis demonstrates this personalization tendency, which reaches its climax when he is contemptuously called "the man from Santa Marta" or "the Argentine".  A shrewd Argentine observer of the affairs of the Church has pointed out that “radicalization leads to all reality being read sub specie bergoglii.  In this way, paradoxically, our adherence to the Catholic faith is no longer based on affirmation of the faith of the apostles, but on opposition to everything that Francis does”.

The personalization of problems leads not only to the primacy of praxis, but also to the primacy of ideas over feelings.  Love and hate emancipate themselves from the two Augustinian cities in which they should be anchored, the Civitas Dei and the Civitas diaboli, and personalize themselves.  This phenomenon emerged in the context of neomodernism in the 1960s.  One has only to read the pages of Father (later Cardinal) Yves Congar's diary to feel the bitter taste of hatred of the Church's tradition spilling out of every line.  But this hatred has unfortunately infected some traditionalists who hate Pope Francis from the bottom of their hearts, with no love for the papacy: they hate the Catholics who don't think like them, with no love for the Church.  In 2016, a respectful and balanced Correctio Filialis on the errors of Pope Francis was published.  Today, criticism has lost substance and respect, and the language tends to become divisive and aggressive.

But the foundation of the Catholic religion is love.  There is a bond of perfection, says St. Paul, and that bond is love of neighbor (Colossians 3:14), by which we love God above all things for His own sake, and love ourselves and our neighbor for God's sake.  Charity has nothing to do with philanthropy or sentimentality, but Christianity without love is not Christianity.  Love of what is far away hides hatred of one's neighbor, but hatred of one's neighbor reveals the lack of love for God.  Of course, love of God in itself is superior to love of neighbor, but when both love of God and love of neighbor are considered together, love of God, according to theologians, is superior to love of God alone, because the former includes both what is known of  the latter cannot necessarily say.  Moreover, the love of God, which also extends to the neighbor, is more perfect, since He commanded that those who love God should also love their neighbor (Antonio Royo Marin op. p., Teologia della perfezione cristiana, ed. by Edizioni Paoline,  Rome 1965, p. 622).

For love of God, of the Church, and of our neighbors, beginning with those closest to us spiritually, we must be resolute and unshakable in our struggle in defense of the truth.  Every fragmentation and division comes from the devil, the splitter par excellence.  Love unites, and union creates true social and individual peace, which is based on the submission of mind and heart to the highest plans of the divine will.

 *Roberto de Mattei, historian, father of five children, professor of modern history and history of Christianity at the European University of Rome, President of the Lepanto Foundation, author of numerous books, most recently in German translation: Defense of Tradition: The Insurmountable Truth of Christ, with  a foreword by Martin Mosebach, Altötting 2017 and The Second Vatican Council.  A Hitherto Unwritten Story, 2nd ext.  Edition, Bobingen 2011.

Books by Prof. Roberto de Mattei in German (and English) and translation and books by Martin Mosebach are available from our partner bookshop.

 Translation: Giuseppe Nardi

 Image: Corrispondenza Romana

Trans: Tancred


Teams Are Organizing to Protect Catholic Churches and Traditionalist Parishes in Orange County

Edit: they’re terrified.


Vaccine Propaganda in Vatican Coinage

How cynical can a pope be? 
Vaccination propagandist and corona profiteer? Francis has not yet spoken a word about the vaccination victims, because that could disrupt the corona narrative (and the corona business?).

(Rome) Many people initially thought it was a bad joke yesterday. One of those malicious or satirical false claims that are circulating on the internet. But reality is sometimes cynical satire. The Philatelic and Numismatic Office of Vatican City State seems to have taken a special interest in this recently.

Commemorative coins should refer to memorable events. The corresponding institutions of many states allow such to be minted. The coins issued by the Vatican Numismatic Office are popular with collectors. The main motifs are commemorations of the reigning pope and saints. The office reports to the Governatorate of Vatican City, which is the government of the small Papal States.

The Pachamama Coin

In October 2020, a Vatican commemorative coin caused some violent head shaking. The Vatican's minting office issued a coin depicting Pachamama. This commemorated the first anniversary of the Amazon Synod, which took place in the Vatican in 2019.

The hitherto unknown Pachamama appeared for the first time at the opening of the Amazon Synod. Since it cannot be proven historically, it is a new creation, a construct of a supposed indio cult and fashionable mother-earth esotericism.

Critics spoke of a pagan idol being introduced into the Church. When Pachamama figures were brought into St. Peter's Basilica in a procession at the opening ceremony, there was talk of a crime that was to be repeated several times afterwards. The Vatican media representatives of the Amazon Synod, on the other hand, initially spoke of a depiction. When this allegation turned out to be unfounded, they rowed back without being able to refute the allegations.

When two brave Austrian Catholics threw the idols into the Tiber, Pope Francis had the Italian Carabinieri fish them out. The head of the Church then apologized not to the faithful for using such misleading wooden figures, but to the world for the disposal action by the two Catholics.

In the Vatican, the concerns of Catholic circles were not taken seriously, because a year after the Amazon Synod, the Pachamama in the esoteric Gaia style was given new honor.

Left "spiritual" Gaia Earth Mother figurine (available from Amazon), right Vatican's Pachamama commemorative coin

The Vaccination Coin

Yesterday the Vatican announced the release of a new commemorative coin of dubious content. The Philatelic and Numismatic Office of Vatican City State ( Ufficio filatelico e numismatico) advertises with a commemorative coin the so-called corona vaccination and wearing the obedience rag. 

The new coin features a doctor, a nurse and a young man who is being vaccinated by the nurse under medical supervision. In order to avoid any doubts about the type of "vaccination", all three people are shown with a mask.

The coin issuance comes at a time when acceptance of the Corona narrative, whether conscious or through exhaustion, is trending towards zero. Surveys show that in the German-speaking area hardly a quarter of the population is willing to expose themselves again to the largest pharmaceutical experiment in human history in autumn. Only confused ministers, scientists dependent on them and some Church representatives fantasize about compulsory vaccination.

The archbishop of Olinda-Recife in Brazil, Monsignor Fernando Saburido, seems little suited to clarifying the matter. Although Archbishop Saburido has already had himself "vaccinated" four times against Covid (Francis calls the gene-editing procedure incorrectly called "vaccination" an "act of love"), he has been diagnosed with Covid-19 for the third time.  According to a press release from the Archdiocese of Olinda-Recife, the Archbishop still seems to be lacking perspective after the fourth gene injection and the third Covid diagnosis. The archbishop worked in the entourage of Pope Francis as a zealous vaccine propagandist.

Since the spring of 2020, there has been a strong suspicion that SARS-CoV‑2 is not of natural origin, but was artificially, i.e., intentionally, produced in a laboratory. Suspicion has become certainty. The only thing still unclear is whether those who created the virus acted on behalf of those who subsequently acted as alleged “saviors”. This question will probably also be clarified as soon as it is revealed how the government decisions came about in the first half of March 2020, in particular those of Italy, Austria and the Federal Republic of Germany. Based on the information that was given to governments, unprecedented radical measures were taken: lockdown, one-sided fixation on distorting PCR tests and "vaccination" as well as the obligation to wear a mask, i.e., the rags of obedience? The governments remain silent about it to this day, including Pope Francis, who acted in his capacity as head of state and bishop of Rome.

Disinfection in May 2020 before St. Peter's Basilica was reopened after a total closure of three months. Ridiculous spectacle in the Corona Theater to scare people.

Right from the start, Pope Francis was one of the most radical advocates of a highly dubious corona policy. Above all, he was one of the most important international vaccination propagandists. He ignored facts, concerns and criticism in a downright inhuman way. His treatment of his own employees, whom he threatened to fire if they did not "vaccinate" themselves with the unnecessary, ineffective but dangerous Covid preparations, represents a moral low point in the recent history of the papacy. It goes without saying himself that Francis still hasn't said a word about the victims of the Corona measures and those who have been injured by the vaccination (here the suspected cases reported to the EMA for the Pfizer Biontech preparation).

The fact that cell lines from killed unborn children are used to develop and manufacture Covid preparations also represents a whole new chapter of the horror in this pseudo-pandemic. Especially in connection with the attitude of Pope Francis and the shocking silence of moral theologians.

The representative of the Vatican at this year's World Economic Forum, the Superior General of the Scalabrian Order Fr. Leonir Chiarello, appeared to be reporting in Davos at the end of May with his statement that the Church was implementing the agenda of the World Economic Forum.

The papal representative literally affirmed Francis' intention to "carry out policies and programs in the Church to put into practice the issues discussed at the World Economic Forum".

In this context, the new commemorative coin is also to be seen as support for the vaccination campaigns, which are being carried out at great expense and with a lot of money – tax money.

The new series of coins is presented on the website of the Vatican's Philatelic and Numismatic Office. It consists of euro circulation coins with denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20 and 50 cents and 1 and 2 euros. They can be used to pay throughout the eurozone. On the back is the coat of arms of Pope Francis with the inscription "Città del Vaticano" (Vatican City) and twelve stars (EU).

From vaccination propagandists and corona profiteers

As a special feature, the series is available in two editions with a 20-euro silver coin or a 50-euro gold coin. 
In contrast to the six circulation coins, these are collectors' coins. The obverse of the silver coin, which promotes the corona vaccination, was designed by the artist Chiara Principe, who was born in 1992. The design of the 50-euro gold coin, on the other hand, comes from Marco Ventura and shows the “Madonna of Mercy”.

The Vatican website says about the silver coin:

The coin is dedicated to a "current issue that is very close to the heart of Pope Francis: the diligence in dealing with the pandemic and the need for vaccination".

This is propaganda in its purest form, as the content is a dictate that has never been justified. In Austria, the state pays a lump sum of 1300 euros for vaccination victims, popularly known sarcastically as a “funeral allowance”. In Italy, compensation of 77,000 euros is paid for vaccine deaths. 

How much is a human life worth?

Fewer and fewer people believe the unproven assertion that people who have been “vaccinated” twice and three times, who still contract Covid, would have been “even worse” without the experimental Covid injection. Which PR agency actually invents (on behalf of whom and for how much money) the slick Corona propaganda? This question still needs an answer!

In military jargon, collateral damage is involved. Does vaccine damage cause such collateral damage? Does Francis see it that way – and go back to business as usual by letting the Vatican State do another business with the sale of a vaccination coin?

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image : CFN/VaticanNews (Screenshots)

Trans: Tancred


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NEVER let the professional Catholics forget.

Holy Soy Steve is Now Fully Agnostic — Blames Catholics for Militant Atheism

Clearly, they would deserve it because trads were mean to Steve! 

 Edit: after grifting for years on the Catholic Church, and writing frequent attacks on the motives and aspirations of Traditonal Catholics, Skojec is now blaming them for the strident and violent response of militant atheism against theism.

That weed Steve is imbibing is really doing the trick! Holy Steve is growing in confusion and malice. I’ll bet that what Steve considers the justifiable reaction of atheism, includes the mass murders of Christians for the last three centuries.  It’s clearly their fault.

He’s even crazier than Marcy Shea! I wish Marcy would renounce Catholicism and stop feeding at the New Church trough. 

Extra! Extra! Effeminate man mad that Catholicism doesn’t suit his whims! 


Bergoglio Embraces Perverts and Endorses Mutilation of Children

On Wednesday, Pope Francis received several "trans women" during the "Pride Month" on the fringes of the general audience in St. Peter's Square.  In the background Sr. Genevier, who started the meeting.

 (Rome) At the end of last Wednesday's general audience, Pope Francis met a transgender group.  Six "trans women" and the mother of a "trans boy" were able to approach Francis and speak to him individually.  The meeting was organized by a French nun who lives on Rome's "outskirts".

Transgenders are sick people who reject their natural sex and claim to be of the opposite sex.  In short: men claiming to be women and women claiming to be men.  In recent years, it has been aggressively promoted that the gender is fictional, "assigned" at birth, but can in fact be changed at any time.  This mainstream-sponsored denial of reality according to the Pippi Longstocking principle, according to which everyone "makes" the world as they like it, corrupts thinking and weakens the spirit.

 On June 22, Pope Francis met six “trans women”, i.e. men who claim to be women, on the sidelines of the general audience.  The group consisted of one Italian and five foreign "women" and the mother of a "trans boy".  They would have "felt welcome", as Fanpage wrote afterwards, citing the group.

Pope Francis recommended that they "not get caught up in prejudice against the Church".

 The meeting was "unexpected and symbolic", enthused Fanpage.  This is all the more true, according to the medium, "when you consider that it took place in the month of gay pride, demonstrations and rainbow colors".


Invitation to meet Francis

"Alessia", who may have been baptized as Alexander, is the author of the book "The Invisible Girl", which was published last February.  According to their own statements, the former he and now she are “invited to schools and prisons” to talk about their own experiences.  This is all very confusing, as it inevitably is when one denies reality.  The book was presented to Pope Francis at the meeting on Wednesday.

 The meeting was organized by the French nun Sr. Genevier, who lives in Rome's Luna Park (fairground), one of the "fringes" of society.  It was she who suggested the meeting to Pope Francis, and not without reason at the right time in the "gay month".  When she told him it wasn't just about a "trans woman," he replied:

 "Bring them all."

 Fanpage writes, citing “Alessia”:

 “We met in the Vatican with the nun and a priest belonging to the Christian group LGBT+ Christians Nazionale TRANSizioni, a project of La Tenda di Gionata.  The Pope received us individually and I was the first.  Being able to bring my book to him was a dream come true.”

 And further:

 "He didn't want me to kneel, he shook my hand, and when I introduced myself as a transgender girl, he replied that he didn't care who I was, that we only had one father, like he wanted me  say: You are [to me] a sister.

He took the book and said to me: 'Bravo, you did a good job writing your story'.  He then counseled me to always be myself but not to get caught up in prejudice against the Church.  Often we transgender people, too, who are victims of prejudice, nurture prejudice against others and we think that the Church does not accept us no matter what, and we do not even seek encounter.  I, on the other hand, feel welcome, taken by the hand and hugged.  I think this is an important message during Pride month.  The best thing about the conversation with Pope Francis is that it was simply a meeting between people and not about our differences.”

The person, who self-identifies as Alessia, posted the accompanying photos on Instagram and provides some details.  After her, the Pope welcomed five other Argentine "trans women".

 Text: Giuseppe Nardi

 Image: Instagram/Fanpage (Screenshots)

Trans: Tancred


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Japan Shoots Down Aberrounions

Edit: Japan is doing what many US Bishops have failed todo. 

Remember back when Lavender Levada of San Fransico caved to sodomounions? 

 Three same-sex couples each sought 1 million yen ($7,414) in damages associated with the country’s ban on same-sex marriage. The allegations of illegal discrimination raised by the plaintiffs–two male couples and one female–come parallel to several similar lawsuits filed in the cities of Sapporo, Tokyo, Nagoya, and Fukuoka. 

[News] The Japanese government’s ban on same-sex marriage was upheld on Monday as the Osaka District Court moved to reject three same-sex couples’ claims that Tokyo’s failure to overturn its “discriminatory” ban on same-sex marriage violated the country’s constitution.
The Osaka court argued that, while the disadvantages faced by same-sex couples have eased over time, "there have not been enough discussions among people in Japan" regarding the benefits that would exist under a system that recognized same-sex and opposite-sex unions.


Sunday, June 19, 2022

Bergoglio: “We Must to Return to Pedro Arrupe. Arrupe is a Saint”

Jesuit General Pedro Arrupe with Fr. Jorge Mario Bergoglio, now Pope Francis

In his interview with the ten chief editors of the European Jesuit magazines, excerpts of which were published today in the Italian daily newspaper La Stampa, Pope Francis not only commented on the Ukraine war, NATO and the Third World War, but also on internal church issues.  He criticized the "restorative" powers, because the fruits of the Second Vatican Council can only be recognized by a "new look" at things.

In the course of the Second Vatican Council, a bright future was predicted for the Church and prosperous Church landscapes were promised.  A "new spring" for the Church has since been diligently claimed, but with a problem that has persisted since 1965: the bright future, the blooming landscapes and the new spring are nowhere to be seen.

In his interview, Pope Francis offers an "innovative" solution to this obvious deficit in the Council's interpretation.  If one does not recognize the great achievements of the most recent Council, then it is not because they do not exist, but because the observer is looking the wrong way.  You have to change your point of view, and that's it...

 "The Restoration has gagged the Council"

 When asked by the editors if he saw a "spiritual renewal in the Church," Francis said:

 “It is very difficult to see spiritual renewal with very outdated schemes.  We need to renew the way we see and evaluate reality.  In the European Church, I see renewal more in the spontaneous things that arise: movements, groups, new bishops who remember that a council is behind them.  For the Council that some pastors remember best is the Council of Trent.  And there is no nonsense in what I say.”

The second part of his "solution" is significantly less innovative and above all not original.  It represents a mantra of the advocates of the Council. According to Francis, the collapse that the Church is experiencing in parts of Western Europe is therefore not to be blamed on the Council and its apologists, but on pre-Conciliar forces which, for example, did not exist in the 19th century, in the spirit of the First Vatican Council,  but, far worse, still living in the spirit of the Council of Trent, that is, in the 16th century.

Francis further:

 "The Restoration has gone so far as to gag the Council."

The number of "restorative groups" is "really impressive".  There are a lot of them, especially in the US.

 "An Argentine bishop told me he was asked to administer a diocese that had fallen into the hands of these 'restorers.'  They had never accepted the council.”

 According to Francis, there are ideas and behaviors that grow out of a restorative attitude that the Council ultimately did not accept:

 "That is precisely the problem: that in some contexts the Council has not yet been accepted."

 Francis explains why it is taking so long before the fruits of the Second Vatican Council are generally recognizable:

 “It is also true that it takes a century for a Council to take root.  We still have 40 years to get it started, so!”

 One thing is already certain: none of the noisy interpreters of the Council, who are responsible for setting the wrong course, will then be alive, not to mention the Council Fathers anyway.  The last Council Father from the German-speaking area died in 2014, the last Anglophone Council Father last February.  The last Italian Council Father, Monsignor Luigi Bettazzi, Bishop Emeritus of Ivrea since 1999 and the only living signatory of the 1965 Catacombs Pact, is still alive.  It was Bettazzi who called Pope Francis the “son of the Second Vatican Council” in the summer of 2020.  Even more:

 "With the election of Bergoglio, I saw the programmatic culmination of the Council in which I took part."

The last living Italian Council Father, 99-year-old Bishop Emeritus Luigi Bettazzi, with Pope Francis

From a spiritual point of view, of course, it is not man's judgment that matters, but God's.  Nevertheless, there seems to be a misunderstanding: when the Church teaches to trust in divine providence, it probably does not mean a consciously comforting projection into a future that eludes any reasonable examination, to justify concrete decisions and judgments.

Francis excuses the error, which is why the Church did not end up in spring but in winter, in two ways in the interview.  For him, the restorative forces that stopped in the 16th century, which prevented implementation of the Second Vatican Council, and the fact that it takes at least a hundred years before the fruits of a council really become visible are responsible for this.  We want to do a quick calculation: According to this, the fruits of the Council of Trent called upon by the Pope would have been recognizable in 1663 at the earliest and those of the First Vatican Council in 1970 at the earliest.  Then why was John XXIII.  convened a new Council as early as 1961?  Didn't he thereby choke off a council before it could become fruitful?

But we want to be careful with the calculations, because, according to Francis, there are definitely “signs of renewal”.  But then the Pope does not think too much about it.  There are groups that provide "social assistance" because they would give the Church "a new face".  "The French are very creative at it."

 "Today the same thing is happening through the traditionalists"

Then Francis quickly switches back to the previous explanations in order to pillory the forces allegedly choking off Vatican II in a new variant.  In doing so, he breaks a lance for an influential figure of the post-conciliar period, the then Jesuit General Fr. Pedro Arrupe.

 Pope Francis on May 12 at the tomb of General Arrupe

Arrupe, a Basque like the founder of the order Ignatius of Loyola, tried to forge an alliance between Christianity and socialism in the slipstream of the Second Vatican Council and was one of the early supporters of Jorge Mario Bergoglio.  It was Arrupe who appointed Bergoglio Provincial of the Order in Argentina in 1973.

 Arrupe's aspirations led to an unprecedented decline of the Jesuit order until, soon after his election, John Paul II pulled the handbrake and ousted him.  For which the Polish Pope was never forgiven by many Jesuits.  There have been efforts under Francis for some years to raise Arrupe to the altars for his demolition.  In May, Francis prayed at the tomb of Arrupe  in the Order's Roman mother church.  He did it for the first time in the summer of 2013.  By addressing Arrupe as a “saint” in the interview published today, Francis anticipated the Jesuit general's evident impending canonization.

To the editors of the European Jesuit magazines he said:

 “You were not born yet, but in 1974 I witnessed the Passion of Fr. Pedro Arrupe, Superior General, in the XXXIInd  General Congregation.  At that time there was a conservative reaction to block Arrupe's prophetic voice!  Today this general is a saint for us, but he has endured many attacks.  He was brave because he dared to take the step.  Arrupe was a man of great obedience to the pope.  A great obedience, and Paul VI.  understood that. The best treatise that a pope ever addressed to the Society of Jesus is that which Paul VI.  wrote on December 3, 1974.  He wrote them by hand.  The originals are present.  The Prophet Paul VI  had the freedom to write them.  On the other hand, people connected in some way to the Curia supported a group of Spanish Jesuits who considered themselves the real 'Orthodox' and opposed Arrupe.  Paul VI  never participated in this game.  Arrupe had the ability to discern the will of God combined with childlike simplicity in following the Pope.”

A Spanish Jesuit who "made trouble" everywhere told him at the time in Argentina that he, Bergoglio, didn't understand anything: Arrupe was to blame and he was looking forward to seeing him hanging from the gallows in St. Peter's Square.  Francis doesn't say what silly nonsense that was, since there has never been a gallows in St. Peter's Square.  Rather, Francis uses the unusual anecdote to show how cruel the "restorative" forces were in the post-conciliar period and to bridge the gap to the present day:

 “The same thing is happening again, mainly by the traditionalists.  That is why it is important to rescue these figures [like Arrupe] who defended the Council and allegiance to the Pope.  We must return to Arrupe: he is a light of that moment that enlightens us all.”

 Text: Giuseppe Nardi

 Image: MiL/Avvenire/ (Screenshots)

Trans: Tancred