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M.O.A.R (Mother Of All Revelations) Concerning the Death-Rates from the Depopulation Shots

973% rise in heart attacks among military pilots


 Meanwhile, another pilot incapacitation at American Airlines that they can't cover up because it's on the ATC tapes.

The Fall of Church Militant

'Irish Lives Matter' sign posted in Northern Ireland will be treated as hate crime, authorities say

Edit: now an even more oppressive ruler than the British rules Ireland with an iron rod. It means to make the Irish a piece in a museum of natural history. (From a concerned member of the forum who posted this in the comments)

[Local 21 News] BELFAST, UNITED KINGDOM (TND) — Northern Ireland authorities say they will treat the posting of a "Irish Lives Matter" sign as a hate crime, according to the BBC. 

Local police received reports of signs hung in western Belfast reading the neighborhood will "no longer accept the re-housing of Illegal immigrants or the excrement of other communities," the BBC says. The slogan "Irish Lives Matter" also appeared on a nearby mall's wall.

 It’s deeply concerning and disgraceful that these offensive and racist signs have been erected in an attempt to create fear and intimidate people," House of Commons member Paul Maskey stated, according to the Belfast Telegraph.

 He added there is "no place for this type of behavior in our society" and urged political and community leaders to support a welcoming community.


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Should Trump Debate?

Mystery pneumonia in China

Meanwhile In Spain

Contact the Nuncio in the states and ask him why Catholics in his country aren’t more like these kids. Ask him why Cupich and company are still in power.


One of Ireland’s Foreign Rulers Recommends “Shooting Them in The Head”

[Limerick Post] Cllr Abul Kalam Azad Talukder, Fianna Fáil. Photo: Cian Reinhardt FIANNA Fáil councillor Azad Talukder was asked to withdraw comments at a council meeting this week after saying that he would like to see those involved in last Thursday’s violent Dublin riots “shot in the head”. 

At this Monday’s full meeting of Limerick City and County Council (LCCC), council members condemned the shocking scenes in the capital last Thursday (November 23) after a knife attack on three children and their care assistant outside a school in Dublin’s inner city. 

Fine Gael councillor Adam Teskey said that as chairman of LCCC’s Joint Policing Committee (JPC), he felt it necessary and appropriate to condemn the “thuggery”.


Busting the Bill Gates Myth

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Jesse Romero reacts to Gary Voris & Budgie Niles

Just about everybody in the Right-Wing “Catholic” Blogosphere was given a script for what to say about Gary and Budgie and dutifully repeated it. What a fake bunch of fakes. They’re as fake as Voris' hair.

They’re all careful not to mention that Voris is in legal trouble for threatening a witness in a court case involving slander he leveled at a Catholic priest in New Hampshire. Interestingly, the only source I have for that is fake Catholic advocate of Jewish power, Mr. Simpchimp Fischer, the partner of Simcha.

It’s almost like someone doesn’t want the real story to get out.

“Hey everybody, at least pretend to be Holy and pray the rosary and think nice thoughts about Budgie and Gary the Faerie. Thanks, go back to work!”


Is it time for a coup in Vatican City?

Pope's Supervisor Attacks Him in the Press -- Rabbinical Assembly Attacks Bergoglio -- With Distortions and Fabrications

Jerusalem with its churches and mosques in the early 20th century

Italy's Rabbinical Assembly released an attack against Pope Francis last week. It is the most serious crisis between a pope and Judaism in the land of the pope since the Second Vatican Council. Significantly, since then it has always been the Jewish side that has criticized the Catholic Church, never the other way around, whether it was about the beatification process for Pius XII or the lifting of the excommunication for Bishop Richard Williamson or formulations in the Christian Bible or the missionary mandate towards the Jews... But what had happened?

The reason for the latest criticism is the accusation that Pope Francis has put the Israeli hostages of Hamas on a par with Palestinian prisoners in Israel. Innocent people, however, could not be equated with criminals, murderers or terrorists, the rabbis were outraged. The Pope has also accused both sides of terrorism, which is intolerable.

The quality of Jewish criticism has changed from the past. So far, individual gestures of a pontificate have been criticized, but not the person of the Pope. However, the current attack is directed directly against Pope Francis. Therefore, the consequences that are put forward are also categorical:

"We ask ourselves," the rabbis' document reads, "what is the use of decades of Jewish-Christian dialogue, in which friendship and fraternity have been spoken of, when in reality, when attempts are made to exterminate the Jews, instead of receiving signs of closeness and understanding, the answer is diplomatic acrobatics, balancing acts and icy equidistance, which is sure to mean distance, but is not justice".


Understanding is required when emotions run high in an open conflict. Nevertheless, the tone is surprising, because the criticism does not come from Israel and not from Jews directly affected there, but from rabbis who live in distant and safe Italy. Or is it about politics? Of course, it's about politics.

The matter is complicated by the fact that the rabbinic criticism is also factually incorrect. What exactly had triggered the outrage?

On 22nd November Pope Francis received 12 family members of Israeli hostages who have been in the hands of Hamas since 7 October. This gesture of closeness was very well received by those affected.

A little later, on the same morning, Francis received another twelve people: ten family members of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip, Christians and Muslims, as well as Gabriel Romanelli, the only Catholic priest in Gaza, and a Greek Orthodox priest.

It was this second encounter that outraged the rabbis. In their criticism of Pope Francis, an exclusive claim shines through. The Pope should have received only the Jewish guests. This black-and-white painting, which divides good and evil, may correspond to Old Testament criteria, but not Christian ones. Here we see a striking difference between Christianity and post-Christian Judaism (and also Islam), both of which lack the commandment to love one's neighbour.

Because the rabbis themselves were probably aware that it was difficult to convey their claim to exclusivity, they performed an artifice. In other words, they manipulated the information. They did not directly criticize the fact that Francis also received Palestinians, but were outraged in their message that Francis had received family members of Palestinian prisoners in Israel. This raised the moral question of whether hostages can be equated with prisoners. This gave the criticism a different note. In addition, the media quickly turned the prisoners into murderers, quasi Hamas terrorists.

However, in the Vatican publications on the reception of the Palestinians, there is not a word about "prisoners". Francis received family members of Palestinians in the Gaza Strip. There is no mention of Palestinians from the Gaza Strip, let alone relatives of prisoners.

In both meetings, which lasted half an hour each, Pope Francis tried to be close to the people in their suffering. In both encounters, women predominated among the guests.

Another aspect of the rabbis' statement stands out. The 1,400 victims of Hamas terror and the Jewish hostages of Hamas are rightly lamented. But there is no mention of the 15,000 Palestinian civilians who have been killed since the beginning of the Israeli counteroffensive. For every Jewish civilian killed by Hamas in the horrific attack on Israel, there are already ten Palestinian civilians killed in Israel's retaliatory strike. Aren't they also human beings and victims of an intolerable massacre? Are non-Jews to be "destroyed like dust in threshing," as it says in the Old Testament Second Book of Kings 13:7? Does an exclusive claim also apply to the victims?

The two-thousand-year-old Christian-Jewish relationship is very extensive and complex and will not be touched upon in detail here. Instead, a little-known document is to be published, the encyclical Auspicia quædam by Pope Pius XII. This pope is the greatest savior of the Jews in history, and yet his reputation has been and is besmirched like that of no other pope in the Christian-Jewish context. Pius XII wrote this encyclical, which he dedicated to Palestine – as he consistently calls the country – a few days before the State of Israel was proclaimed. The Second World War was only a short time ago. Many European cities, especially in Germany, but also in Italy, were ruins. Pius XII enjoyed great prestige, even in the Jewish world, because the KGB campaign against him (with the help of the German playwright Rolf Hochhuth) was not launched until the early 1960s. Note the Pope's choice of words and the criteria he indicates, insisting on justice and charity as a prerequisite for peace and well-being. Note also that the present text shows that encyclicals can be written briefly and in a way that is generally understandable, and even with an abbreviated version (see at the end). Here is the full text:

Encyclical Auspicia quædam
by Pope Pius XII

of 1 May 1948

Some indications today seem to clearly show that, after so many massacres and devastation caused by the long and terrible war, the entire great international community is passionately oriented toward the sound paths of peace; and that at present we are more willing to listen to those who devote themselves to rebuilding with wearisome work, who seek to appease and settle discord, and who set out to awaken a new order of well-being from the many ruins that surround us, rather than to those who stir up hatred and resentment, from which nothing but new and more serious damage can arise.

But although we ourselves and the Christian people have many reasons for consolation and can encourage us with the hope of better times, there is no lack of facts and events that bring Our paternal soul into great sorrow and sorrow. Although the war has ceased almost everywhere, the longed-for peace has not yet calmed minds and hearts; rather, we can still see the sky darkening with menacing clouds.

For our part, we do not cease to do all that We can to remove from the human family the dangers of other disasters that overwhelm it, and when human means prove inadequate, We appeal to God and at the same time exhort all Our children in Christ, scattered in all the countries of the earth, to ask together with Us for heavenly help.

For this reason, as in previous years, it has been a consolation for us to address Our exhortation to all, especially to the children so beloved by Us, so that in the month of May they may gather in great numbers around the altar of the great Mother of God to implore the end of the devastating war, and so also today with this Letter We urge them to not to interrupt this pious custom and to combine their petitions with resolutions for Christian renewal and works of salutary penance.

First of all, let them sincerely thank the Virgin Mother of God and our most gracious Mother for having achieved with her powerful intercession the longed-for end of the great conflagration of the world and for the many other benefits implored by the Almighty; but at the same time we implore you with renewed prayers that the mutual, fraternal and complete peace among all people, and the desired harmony between all social classes, may finally shine forth as a gift from heaven.

May the discord that benefits no one cease; may the disputes, which are often the germs of new misfortunes, be justly settled; May public and private relations between nations be strengthened and consolidated; may religion, the champion of all virtue, have the freedom it deserves; and may peaceful human work, under the auspices of justice and the divine breath of charity, bear the most abundant fruits for the common good.

You are well aware, Venerable Brethren, that our prayers are especially appreciated by the Blessed Virgin when they are not transient and empty voices, but come from hearts adorned with the necessary virtues. Therefore, strive with your apostolic zeal so that the public prayers raised to heaven in the month of May may correspond to a revival of Christian life. In fact, it is only on this basis that it is justified to hope that the course of things and events in public and private life can be directed into the right order, and that it will be possible for men, with the help of God, to attain not only the well-being possible in this world, but also heavenly happiness. that will never go away.

But there is another special reason at the moment that deeply grieves and torments Our hearts. We are referring to the holy places of Palestine, which have long been haunted by sad events and are devastated almost daily by new massacres and ruins. But if there is one region of the world that must be particularly dear to the heart of every worthy and civilized soul, it is certainly Palestine, from which so much light of truth has emanated for all men since the dark beginnings of history; in which the Incarnate Word of God proclaimed peace to all men of good will through choirs of angels, and in which, finally, Jesus Christ, nailed to the trunk of the Cross, brought salvation to all humanity and spread out His arms, as if to invite all peoples into the fraternal embrace, He sanctified the great commandment of charity with the shedding of His blood.

For this reason, Venerable Brothers, we hope that this year's prayers will have as a special object the intercession of the Blessed Virgin, so that the conditions in Palestine may finally be reconciled in accordance with justice, and that harmony and peace may triumph there too.

We have great confidence in the powerful patronage of our Heavenly Mother; a patronage which, in this month dedicated to her, may be obtained above all by innocent children with a holy prayer crusade. And it will be your task to invite and encourage them to do so with all care; and not only them, but also their fathers and mothers, who must also set an example for them in many ways.

We know well that We have never appealed in vain to the ardent zeal with which you have been inflamed; and We already seem to see great multitudes of children, men and women, crowding into the sacred halls to receive from the great Mother of God all the graces and favors we need.

May she, who Jesus has given us, ensure that all those who have strayed from the right path return to him as soon as possible, moved by healthy repentance; May she work for us, she who is our most gracious Mother and who has always proved to be our valid help and mediator of graces in every danger, so that even in the grave needs in which we find ourselves, a just solution to conflicts may be found, and that a safe and free peace may finally shine forth for the Church and for all nations.

A few years ago, as everyone remembers, when the recent world war was still raging, when We saw that human means were proving insecure and insufficient to extinguish this tremendous conflagration, We addressed our fervent prayers to the Merciful Redeemer, taking advantage of the powerful patronage of the Immaculate Heart of Mary. And just as Our Predecessor of immortal memory, Leo XIII, at the beginning of the twentieth century, consecrated the entire human race to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, so We also wish to consecrate it to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary on behalf of the human family redeemed by Him.

We hope, therefore, that this consecration be carried out both in the dioceses and in the individual parishes and families, when the opportunity arises; and We are confident that from this private and public consecration will accrue abundant benefits and heavenly favors.

In this hope, and as a pledge of Our paternal goodwill, in the outpouring of our hearts, we impart the Apostolic Blessing to each one of you, Venerable Brethren, and to all those who will respond with a willing heart to this exhortation of ours, and especially to the great and numerous multitudes of dear children.

Rome, in St. Peter's Basilica, May 1, 1948, in the year X of Our Pontificate.


Prayers in the month of May for an end to the tragic consequences of the war and the causes of discord. To the Christian world and to the rulers of the peoples, fundamental guidelines for peace, justice and charity. The armed conflict continues in Palestine: prayers for peace to return there as well. I invite you to renew your consecration to the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

Text/Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons

Trans: Tancred


Were Gary & Budgie victims of moles?

Traditionalist Teen and Family Attacked by FBI for Posting Tasty Memes

Edit: while Israeli agents are keeping Israel foremost and first  on the American foreign policy front and stealing state secrets to sell to the highest bidder, and Muslims are rampaging and making Islam great again, the FBI has better things to do.

[American Greatness] Traditional Catholic family was allegedly “dragged out of their home at gunpoint, handcuffed and locked in a van” earlier this year after the FBI “goaded” their 15-year-old son to post “offensive memes” online. The teen, a volunteer firefighter and altar boy, was then hospitalized on mental health pretenses, according to his father, Jeremiah Rufini. 

The FBI’s aggressive “investigation” only resulted in a misdemeanor conviction against the boy for breach of peace, but financially devastated the family with substantial legal expenses. 

 The FBI targeted the boy as part of a sting operation catfishing traditionalist Catholic teenagers with “extreme political content,” Rufini explained in the family’s GiveSendGo crowdfunding site.

Aberrosexuals Are Welcomed — Bergoglio Rejects Catholics Trying to Venerate His Ring

Edit: even Bergoglio doesn’t think he’s a pope. Towards the end he spends about a minute talking to two faeries in matching blouses who give him a rosary to bless.

All are NOT welcome!

Trickie Bergoglio yanks his ring away at the last second!


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Why are people fleeing Europe's richest country?

Pope Francis: “Cardinal Burke is an enemy, so I’m taking away his apartment and salary”

Cardinal Raymond Burke, a modest, sharp-witted and steadfast defender of doctrine and discipline, hates Santa Marta.  Pope Francis has been relentlessly pursuing the tradition-friendly American since his election.

(Rome) Pope Francis gathered all the dicastery heads of the Roman Curia a week ago today.  On that occasion, according to Vatican sources, he declared that Cardinal Raymond Burke was his “enemy,” “so I am taking away his apartment and salary.”

Cardinal Burke, highly intelligent and one of the most excellent church lawyers, can look back on a remarkable career - until the election of Pope Francis.  Pope John Paul II entrusted him with the diocese of La Crosse in Wisconsin in 1994, then promoted him to archbishop of Saint Louis in Missouri in 2003.  Pope Benedict XVI  appointed the tradition-friendly canonist to the Roman Curia in 2008 and appointed him Prefect of the Supreme Court of the Apostolic Signatura.  In 2010 he created him a cardinal.  This made Burke the highest-ranking judge in the Holy Church after the Pope.

 The hostility of Pope Francis

Due to his closeness to tradition and to Benedict XVI.  From March 2013, however, he became the obvious enemy of the new Church leader.  With the election of Francis, Burke immediately lost two of three memberships in Roman congregations, most notably being expelled from the Congregation of Bishops because they wanted to eliminate his influence on the appointment of bishops in the USA.  He was replaced by the progressive Cardinal Donald Wuerl, who then promptly fell in the wake of the McCarrick scandal.  The exchange served to ensure that more homophile McCarrick protégés were placed on bishops' chairs rather than defenders of the faith.

When Cardinal Burke became the spokesman for the defenders of the sacraments of marriage and penance at the first family synod in 2014, Francis' next reaction was not long in coming.  A few days after the conclusion of the synod, he deposed Burke as prefect of the Supreme Signature and removed him from the Roman Curia.

The American was relegated to a purely prestigious position as cardinal patron of the Sovereign Order of Malta until he got in Francis' way there at the end of 2016.  When the Pope deposed the then Grand Master and Prince of the Order of Malta in an arbitrary act, he also deposed Cardinal Burke.  He was only left with an empty official title, while his duties as papal representative to the Order of Malta were transferred to a special legate.  At the same time, the top lawyer's last membership in a Roman congregation, that for worship and the sacraments, was revoked.

The Pope's mockery

In 2021, Francis mocked at a flying press conference that Cardinal Burke was in the intensive care unit with severe pneumonia and was in a struggle between life and death.  Burke had criticized the corona vaccination, especially the exercise of de facto coercion, in which Francis took the most radical approach of all states and threatened all employees of the Vatican and the Holy See with dismissal if they did not undergo the experimental mRNA gene therapy, of which neither effect nor side effects were known.  A central point of criticism from the cardinal was the use of aborted children to produce the Corona preparations.  Francis, on the other hand, mocked journalists: “Even in the College of Cardinals there are some objectors, and one of them, the poor man, is in the hospital with the virus.”

However, Cardinal Burke recovered and returned to his old powers without mRNA gene therapy.  But Francis, the Corona radical on the papal throne and among the heads of state who closed St. Peter's Basilica for months, had shown his face by expressing mockery and gloating about the possible death of Cardinal Burke instead of finding words of compassion and sympathy  .

Grotesque personnel castling “for reasons of age”

In 2023, upon reaching the age of 75, Burke submitted his resignation as Cardinal Patron of the Order of Malta and immediately lost this last, albeit empty, title.  He was replaced by the Bergoglian Gianfranco Cardinal Ghirlanda.  Ghirlanda was promptly given back all the responsibilities that had been withheld from Burke for years.  The absurdity of Bergoglian personnel policy has rarely been more evident than at this moment: the 75-year-old Burke was dismissed for reasons of age in order to appoint the 81-year-old Ghirlanda as his successor.

Now it has become known that at the meeting of all dicastery leaders on November 20th, Pope Francis denounced Cardinal Burke and said:

 “Cardinal Burke is one of my enemies, so I’m taking away his apartment and salary.”

Cardinal Burke is currently in the USA.  No formal communication of sanctions from the Holy See has yet reached him.  The way in which this year already happened with Archbishop Georg Gänswein, the former personal secretary of Benedict XVI.  and Prefect of the Apostolic House, leaves little doubt that Francis is also serious about the retaliatory and punitive action against Cardinal Burke.

 Little respect for canon law

Since Francis cares little about canon law and insists all the more on his papal power, it is not to be expected that there will be any legal objections to such an action, which can hardly be justified, or that it could even prevent it.  The recent dismissals or de facto dismissals of faithful bishops speak volumes about Francis' understanding of the law.

Cardinal Burke’s “enmity” appears to have become a fixation for Francis.  The statement: “Cardinal Burke is one of my enemies” should be understood to mean that Francis is hostile to Burke.  Burke repeatedly and strongly rejected the label of “enemy of the Pope.”

A few days ago, Francis gave the German bishops a shot across the bow, but the homophile modernists in the German bishoprics are not his problem as long as they do not want to rise above him.  But Cardinal Burke seems to embody everything that Francis despises, despising so much that he wants to eradicate it - and that doesn't mean Bergoglio's deep-seated anti-gringo mentality.

Unwavering, intelligent and coherent

Cardinal Burke defends tradition, he is steadfast, intelligent and coherent.  It is this combination that makes him so threatening to Francis.  Cardinal Burke is the mirror held up to Francis;  he embodies what a pope should be.

In addition, for Francis, Burke represents and contacts with the “religious right” in the USA, a diction that Francis adopted from left-wing sociologists and introduced into Church discourse.  This “religious right” is being fought by Francis, which is why his attempts to contact US evangelicals quickly came to nothing.  This ended in early 2016 with Donald Trump's candidacy at the latest.  Francis sees the traditional and conservative Catholic Americans as the greatest organized resistance that could stand in the way of his corrosive restructuring of the church in line with the globalist UN agenda.  And Cardinal Burke is their arm in the church, according to the Pope's idea.

 The Pope's foster son

The fact is that on October 3, 2023, at a meeting in Rome on the eve of the Synodality Synod, Cardinal Burke subjected the first statements and actions of the new Prefect of the Faith, Victor Manuel Fernández, known as “Tucho”, to a devastating criticism after - hard to believe - Cardinal Burke  insulted as a heretic and schismatic.  Tucho Fernández, whom the Bergoglian Sr. Lucia Caram happily described on Spanish television as a “homosexual,” is Pope Francis’ foster son.  Any criticism of him is taboo and will not be forgiven.

Above all, Cardinal Burke repeatedly urged Francis to fulfill his duties and responsibilities as pope.

Cardinal Burke repeatedly stood in Francis's way by signing and also playing a key role in drafting several of the most important documents criticizing Francis' pontificate.  These include the first dubia [doubts] about the controversial post-synodal exhortation Amoris laetitia and the second dubia, which raise fundamental questions and demand clarification of how Francis views the revealed truth and the dogmas of the faith.

 Deprive people of their livelihoods

Since Francis can no longer take office from his opponent Burke, since the American has already had all his offices taken away, he wants to take a punitive action that is unprecedented in Church history and deprive the cardinal of the roof over his head and his salary.  Apparently, even the most elementary principles that Francis otherwise preaches, namely that housing and food are among the basic rights of everyone, do not apply to traditionalists like Cardinal Burke.  Nobody excepted.  Except…

The most recent announcement suggests that Francis would prefer to remove cardinals like Burke, i.e. the few remaining members of the College of Cardinals who oppose the Bergoglian Revolution and were not appointed by Francis, from the Church Senate.

 In conclusion, we agree with the succinct assessment of Riccardo Cascioli, editor-in-chief of Nuova Bussola Quotidiana:

 “The fact is that the end of this pontificate is increasingly resembling a South American dictatorship in its methods.”

 Text: Giuseppe Nardi

 Image: Divinitas (screenshot)

Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.Com


Is Cardinal Burke the enemy of Francis, or a paper tiger 🐯 ?

\ With enemies like this, who needs friends? It would seem his role as a relief valve for the disaffected is coming to an end.

EMJ weighs in on the Voris affair


Sunday, November 26, 2023

Two Conferences on Aberrophile Priest Don Lorenzo Milani

The Catholic-communist and homophile priest Don Lorenzo Milani, whose grave Pope Francis visited.

 By Pier Giorgio Macchi

 Even Giorgio La Pira1, who was initially considered the "spiritual father" of "Catho-Communism", backed down when the 1968 protests reached the Archbishop's Curia of Florence, and reaffirmed to Don Lorenzo Milani (and the protesting "red priests"), led by Don Enzo Mazzi 1927–2011), his loyalty to the See of Peter.  When a journalist asked him which side he was on, he replied succinctly with the words of St. Ambrose: “Ubi Petrus ibi Ecclesia,” which astonished everyone, starting with the Piarist Father Ernesto Balducci (1922-1992), the leader of the Florentine protest.  Perhaps that is why Don Milani called La Pira an “old arteriosclerotic.”  But this is nothing compared to the definition given by Milani, the prior of Barbiana, of his archbishop, Cardinal Ermenegildo Florit, successor to the great Florentine archbishop Elia Dalla Costa, whom he called an “arteriosclerotic possessed by the devil”.

 Cardinal Ermenegildo Florit (1901-1885) had to carry on his weak shoulders the heavy cross of protest of the "red clergy" of Florence: from Don Milani's school in Barbiana, where it was taught that "obedience is no longer a virtue", and where his infamous "Letter to a Teacher", a kind of "Mao booklet" for students, to the Isolotto community (whose leader, Don Enzo Mazzi, died without reconciling with the Church and asked for a civil burial and cremation).  ), where the demonstrators even occupied the church and forcibly removed Monsignor Alba, the bishop's delegate.  Very sad times that led to the Catholic-Communist demonstrators even breaking into the Curia and staging a shameful “trial” against Archbishop Florit.

And today?  This year the Curia of Florence celebrates not the centenary of the birth of its archbishop, Cardinal Florit, but the centenary of the “rebel priest” Don Lorenzo Milani (1923-1967), who insulted him so shamefully.  Under the chairmanship of Cardinal Giuseppe Betori, Archbishop of Florence, Don Gianluca Bitossi, Rector of the Archbishop's Seminary, and the left-wing Catholic former minister Rosy Bindi, a meeting will take place from Friday, November 24th to Saturday November 25th, initially  in the seminary and the theological faculty, then in San Donato in Calenzano, where Don Milani removed the cross from the parish school for the first time.  The entire “national” and “international” left will be present: from the judge Beniamino Deidda to the ultra-progressive theologian Severino Dianich, from Don Andrea Bigalli.  who celebrated civil weddings in the community and invited people to “throw napalm at (Lega leader) Matteo Salvini”, to Don Luca Mazzinghi and Don Stefano Tarocchi and so on.  The only one who will have no voice is Betori's predecessor, Cardinal Florit, the target of Don Milani's ideological hatred.

Of the opposite character, but much more in keeping with historical reality, is the conference that will take place in Verona on Saturday, November 25th, in the central Piazza Brà, in the Liston 12 restaurant, where Vito Comencini will present the anthology with the telling title:  “Da Barbiana al Forteto – don Milani e il Donmilanismo” (“From Barbiana to  Forteto. Don Milani and Donmilanism”), edited by Pucci Cipriani and Ascanio Ruschi (Publisher Solfanelli, Chieti 2023, 184 pages, Euro 13.30).  The book brings together some important testimonies, including that of the then Dean of Florence, Don Mario Faggi, who died in 2015.  The editorial director of the website “Il Covile” Stefano Borselli confirms the “ideological connection” between Barbiana and il Forteto.  Il Forteto, a left-wing showcase project, was in reality an Italian “Odenwald School,” a place of horror where children were systematically sexually abused.  Further contributions come from: Carlo Manetti, Roberto de Mattei, Lorenzo Gasperini, Cristina Siccardi, Enrico Nistri, Pier Luigi Tossani, Alberto De Marchi, Pier Angelo Vassallo, Armando Ermini and the editors Ruschi and Cipriani themselves.

You can read what Don Milani and Il Forteto are all about here:

Pope's visit to the grave of Don Lorenzo Milani - Which model of priesthood does Francis want to promote?

Don Milani, child sexual abuse and Pope Francis

 Translation: Giuseppe Nardi

 Image: Correspondenza Romana

 1 Giorgio La Pira (1904–1977), lawyer, Christian Democrat, Dominican tertiary, from 1933 full professor of Roman law at the University of Florence, where he lived until the end of his life in a modest cell in the Dominican monastery, 1946–1948 member of the constitutional committee  Assembly of Italy (1946-1948), between 1948 and 1977 Member of Parliament in three of the seven legislative periods, 1948-1952 State Secretary in the government of Alcide De Gasperi (DC), 1951-1957 and 1961-1965 Mayor of Florence, belonged to the left-wing Catholic wing of the  Christian Democratic Party.


Gates Estate Employee Arrested for Child Rape Images on Computer


Saturday, November 25, 2023

Novus Horror Missae: Groomer Liturgy

Edit: stay away from the kids, groomer! This priest is probably searching for victims. He should be locked up for this bad piece of street theater aimed at children.


Friday, November 24, 2023

Conor McGregor Advocates Burning Down Hotels Before Immigrants Move I


Irish People Are Fed Up

Edit: while the Irish people are finally fed up with this latest wave of Moorish invasion, the major news media is horrified that people are reacting negatively to these marauders shanking innocent women and children and then raising the baseless accusation of racism.

The Media: how dare you white people get angry and react negatively to the end of your history and heritage.

Meanwhile, it’s the lack of Jewish influence that is blamed for this unusual show of ethnic solidarity.

Michael Collins is watching.

While Ireland’s Prime Minister is ever eager to plead for the people of Gaza, the foreign ruler of Ireland, Leo Vardarkar, has little concern for the native Irish as he condemns their very justifiable reaction to violent interlopers invading their once familiar lanes and villages. How dare these white people complain about our multicultural society!

What’s it going to take for the Germans to get fed up? 

The Dutch have elected their own aberrosexual, Geert Wilders, to oppose growing Islamic encroachment on their own society.


Wednesday, November 22, 2023

Doesn't Cardinal Gambetti Have Time for Prayer?

One of the duties and privileges of the canons of St. Peter's Basilica is to show the people during Holy Week various relics associated with the suffering of Jesus Christ, here the Holy Face.

(Rome) Since Sunday, November 5th, the Canons of St. Peter's Basilica have had to perform choral prayers in street clothes. The “humble” Archpriest of Saint Peter, Cardinal Mauro Gambetti OFM Conv., issued a corresponding decree that corresponds entirely to his own customs. The suppression of liturgy and prayer and the museumization of Christianity's most symbolic church continues.

The Instruction of Chapter Vicar Archbishop Calogero La Piana

Shortly before the aforementioned date, the Canons received a letter from Chapter Vicar Calogero La Piana. La Piana let his fellow brothers in the chapter know that from the Sunday after All Saints' Day they should no longer appear for choir prayers in choir clothes, but in clerics.

Calogero La Piana was Archbishop of Messina until 2015, when Pope Francis retired him early for health reasons. 
In 2018, Francis appointed him as a Canon in the Chapter of Saint Peter. Before his retirement as Archbishop of Messina, La Piana was appointed by a man as the universal heir to a fortune worth millions. The testator had drawn up the will shortly before his death and stated in it that he was thanking his sole heir, Archbishop La Piana, for years of homosexual sexual intercourse.

The Millennial Chapter of Saint Peter

The Chapter of Saint Peter was founded in 1053 by Pope Leo IXUntil then, four nearby monasteries had performed the liturgical services at the papal basilica. It particularly promoted Eucharistic adoration and 

Marian devotion. It was therefore reserved for the Chapter to crown particularly significant representations of the Virgin Mary in the world.

The chapter is composed of the archpriest, his vicar and 34 canons. This office was so respected and prestigious that laymen were also honored with it, for example several Roman-German kings, i.e. future emperors, before their election and imperial coronation. Since then, various reforms have been implemented.

Upon their appointment, Canons of Saint Peter automatically become Apostolic Prothonotaries and thus prelates of the Roman Curia. Their choir clothing is also corresponding. It consists of a purple cassock, the rochet (surplice), a purple mantelletta and a black biretta with a purple tassel.

Archpriest Mauro Cardinal Gambetti OFMConv. (with miter) with seven newly appointed canons of Saint Peter in their choir robes (April 10, 2022)

But now the canons of Saint Peter come to the choir prayer in street clothes, because that's exactly what Msgr. Mauro Gambetti, the archpriest of St. Peter's Basilica, did before.

“While the founder of his order sold everything to wear a wool habit, Mauro Gambetti likes to wear fine threads. The habit of the order was only privileged when he had to act as 'humble curator of Assisi' at meetings with politicians and clerical dinners. When Pope Francis traveled to Assisi, he did everything to show himself as a simple lesser brother who loves the poor Church, but we have seen over the years how good Gambetti is with money,” said Silere Non Possum .

From Minorite to Archbishop, Cardinal and Archpriest of Saint Peter

Before his appointment to Rome, Gambetti had been Custodian of the Holy Convent of the Minorite Order in Assisi since 2013. His Franciscan religious habit seemed to be pulled on. You could see that he was wearing normal street clothes underneath. As custodian of the most important monastery in the Franciscan order, he played a role under Pope Francis in the controversial Assisi meetings and the “Forecourt of the Peoples,” two initiatives that were well received in Santa Marta. The “Forecourt of the Peoples” was an initiative by Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, which was intended to serve the new evangelization and was specifically aimed at atheists, but which became a cultural end in itself and aimless wanderingGambetti also appeared to be on the same wavelength as Pope Francis when it came to co-opting St. Francis of Assisi to bring the Church into step with the UN and the globalist establishment on issues such as climate change, migration and the “fraternity of all men.

In the fall of 2020, Pope Francis rewarded the diligent Custodian of Assisi with the dignity of cardinal and the appointment of titular archbishop. A few months later he called him to Rome and appointed him vicar general for the Vatican City, archpriest of St. Peter's Basilica and head of the Cathedral Construction Works of Saint PeterSince November 2021, Cardinal Gambetti is also part of the Government of the State of Vatican City and is a member of the Roman Communications Dicastery .

Father Mauro Gambetti receives Pope Francis as curator of the Holy Convention in Assisi

The Reorganization of St. Peter's Basilica

The appointment of Gambetti as the new archpriest of Saint Peter's was accompanied by far-reaching changesThe previous archpriest Angelo Cardinal Comastri was retired and, in the short time until Gambetti took office, the Vatican State Secretariat illegally introduced a new mass order in St. Peter's Basilica. Since March 22, 2021, individual celebrations in St. Peter's Basilica have been prohibited. There are only four masses left in the Novus Ordo , which may last a maximum of half an hour and must be celebrated between 7 a.m. and 9:30 a.m., two in the choir chapel and two at the cathedral altar. At the same time, celebrations in the Immermorial Rite in St. Peter's Basilica were prohibited. This ban is consistently implemented, as the international pilgrimage of the Ad Petri Sedem tradition at the end of October showed. The new order is intended to force priests, especially those who work in the Roman Curia, but also the many prelates and priests who come to Rome from all over the world, to concelebrate if possible. The traditional rite may be celebrated, but only by authorized priests, in the Capella Clementina in the Vatican Grottoes at the same time as the Novus Ordo is celebrated in St. Peter's Basilica. The symbolism is unmistakable: the traditional rite was banished to the catacombs, as the Motu proprio Traditionis Custodes issued by Francis implemented for the universal Church a few months later.

Gambetti's favorite clothes

The interventions here and there are carried out under the keyword of wanting to “order” something, as if there had previously been disorder. One of many forms of suggestion and discrediting.

When he took office, Gambetti did not lift a finger to reverse or even criticize the Secretariat of State's unlawful interference in the affairs of St. Peter's Basilica. The reasons are obvious: the new regulation was desired by Pope Francis and did not meet with any reservations from Gambetti. Therefore, in June 2021, he issued a statement specifically to reiterate why he and all priests were forced to concelebrate, citing the Second Vatican Council. Until then, through the centuries, whenever one entered St. Peter's Basilica, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass had been celebrated at some altar by some priest.

St. Peter's Basilica is becoming "like a museum" and there is a "grave-like silence," is how Edward Pentin, Vaticanist for the National Catholic Register, described the gradual implementation of the reduction in liturgy and prayer. The silence of the grave refers to the silence of the liturgy, the holy words are replaced by the noise of the tourists who often enough do not know how to behave in the holy house.

The new regulations and Gambetti's behavior earned him criticism for pushing ahead with the museumization of St. Peter's Basilica . As a reminder: At that time, the celebrations were still subject to the Corona restrictions. In his Corona radicalism, Pope Francis went so far as to close St. Peter's Basilica completely for almost 90 days. During this time it was not allowed to celebrate a service or even enter St. Peter's Basilica. Before reopening, the church with the grave of the Apostle Peter was disinfected at great expense and in a completely useless manner. The sacred was visualized as a threat, as demonstrated by the ban on holy water and grotesque methods of giving Communion.

In spring 2023, further new regulations were implemented, this time directly by Gambetti. Since then there have been two courses in St. Peter's Basilica, one for tourists and one for worshipers. The latter are allowed into the chapel for Eucharistic adoration. 

Choir prayer in street clothes

Now the next prank followed, in which the canons were supposed to perform the choir prayers in street clothes. It all began in May 2020, when the Canons (even though St. Peter's Basilica is not an episcopal church) were released from choir prayer under the pretext of Corona and the chapter celebrations were prohibited. This ban preceded the general ban on individual celebrations that followed in 2021 by almost a year. In May 2021, the Canons were banned from entering a chapel in their own church when they wanted to pray the rosary there with Francis. An incident that has not yet been clarified and was linked to the fact that Francis had kept an eye on the chapter's generous real estate holdings. Its administration was then transferred to the Cathedral Building Works of Saint Peter, an institution separate from the chapter, but which, like the chapter, is managed by Gambetti. Since then, the Canons have found themselves in the humiliating position that their livelihood is no longer supported by the chapter itself, but by the cathedral building works. 

Soon after taking office, Cardinal Gambetti, probably out of “humility”, decided not to appear at choir prayers in choir clothes, but in the street robe of a secular priest - not the habit of the Order of the Minorites. Now the other Canons also feel compelled to do the same. His behavior was prescribed for the entire chapter.

Gambetti, who always shows up punctually for meetings with the financially strong and influential sponsors of the Pontifical Fratelli Tutti Foundation, is notoriously late for prayer times and, even though he is an archpriest, ends up in the back of the choir pew. The foundation was established by Pope Francis in December 2021 as part of the cathedral construction works. Since then, Gambetti has also been President of the foundation.

“Everything that has to do with God and prayer no longer has a place in the Papal Basilica; Financiers and powerful people (and even criminals), on the other hand, have free use of the rooms,” says Silere Non Possum .


Gambetti explained to the media: 

“We will do everything we can to make St. Peter’s Basilica more and more a place of prayer.”

However, the reality is different.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image : Facebook/MiL/La Voce (screenshot)

Trans: Tancred