Tuesday, March 28, 2023

Fake Conservative Jewish Huckster Embraces Degeneracy

Edit: he’s always been bad news.

The True Texas Project released a video showing Dave Rubin interviewing Dennis Prager. During the interview, Prager told Rubin that “bisexuality is the norm.” Prager has branded himself as someone who teaches conservative values. 

In the True Texas Project video, Dennis Prager said: “normal is not defined by your sexual orientation. That’s what’s normal…I am not saying heterosexual is more normal, by the way, I actually believe bisexual is the norm.” 

Dennis Prager is the founder of Prager U. According to Prager U’s website Prager U aims to “Promote American values through the creative use of educational videos that reach millions of people online. As a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Prager University Foundation (“PragerU”) offers a free alternative to the dominant left-wing ideology in culture, media, and education. Whether you’re searching for a deeper understanding, a new perspective, or a way to get involved, PragerU helps people of all ages think and live better.”


Antifa Attacks Rand Paul Staffer in Washington


Monday, March 27, 2023

Fake Photos of Fake Pope Fool Boomers All Over the Internet!


Choose Your Destroyer!

Edit: showing the Stuntpope appearing in a stylish jacket by pedophile fashion label, Balanciaga,  the internet created a fake photo of the Pope which fooled a lot of people. We’re not sure why this is such a problem since most people believe his Christian witness is genuine. The AI has captured a satirical truth about this man.

Can we have AI give us a real Pope?

[jewser] Pope Francis sure looked stylish over the weekend, with viral photos showing up on Twitter of him wearing a white puffer jacket. The problem is that the pontiff wore no such coat. The images were fakes, but they were high-quality fakes that fooled a lot of people. 

  • The origins: As New Scientist explains, the images were generated by the artificial-intelligence tool Midjourney, which creates such images based on text prompts. They first surfaced on Reddit before migrating to Twitter over the weekend.
  • A milestone? "I think Balenciaga pope might be the first real mass-level AI misinformation case," observed internet culture expert Ryan Broderick on Twitter. "Kinda cool to watch tbh."

Saturday, March 25, 2023

Utah State Footballer Goes Into Cardiac Arrest During Practice

[New York Post] Sure, these kinds of incidents happen all the time, now get back to work and help subsidize Israel! 

In an increasingly frequent occurrence, a young, vibrant and healthy Utah State wide receiver, Josh Davis, is recovering and in fair condition after a sudden medical emergency. 

Davis suffered a "non-traumatic sudden cardiac arrest" during Utah State's football practice on Thursday, the school announced. What do they mean “non-traumatic?”

The player collapsed during the team's practice at Maverik Stadium and was treated on the field by Utah State's medical training staff.

Meanwhile, USU Football is getting ravaged in the comments by people who are concerned about vaccine injuries these often mandatory death shots, involve. 

NB: USU strongly encourages sheeple to get the death vaxx, but it is not mandatory.  Mormons are such cucks!

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Vaccine Injured Pilots Continue to Plague Air Travel

[MakisMD Substack] Pilot Josh Yoder reports: “I’m being notified by passengers on a Southwest flight departing Las Vegas that the captain became incapacitated soon after takeoff this morning. He was removed from the flight deck and replaced by a non Southwest pilot who was commuting on that flight. This is now the fifth pilot incapacitation that I’m aware of in the past two weeks. I will post more details as they become available.” (click here)

5th pilot incident this month…

March 13, 2023 - Emirates Flight EK205 MXP-JFK diverted due to pilot illness hour and a half after take-off (click here

March 11, 2023 - United Airlines Flight 2007 GUA-ORD diverted due to “incapacitated pilot” who had chest pains (click here

March ?, 2023 - British Airways pilot collapsed in Cairo hotel and died, was scheduled to fly Airbus A321 from Cairo to London (click here

March, 3, 2023 - Virgin Australia VA-717 flight Adelaide to Perth was forced to make an emergency landing after First Officer suffered heart attack 30 min after departure. (click here)

And if being jabbed isn't bad enough, the industry has gone woke too!

Thursday, March 16, 2023

Court Rules Against NY Worker Fired for Refusing LGBTQ Training

Meanwhile in Canada:


Wednesday, March 15, 2023

Islamic Invaders Arrested for Human Trafficking

Edit: when they’re not preying on European females, they’re preying on their own people. 

Slavery is widely practiced in the Islamic world.

[Deutsche WelleGerman police carried out a large-scale operation against suspected human traffickers in the capital Berlin and the eastern German city of Halle an der Saale on Wednesday morning.

The gang of traffickers is accused of having smuggled mainly Turkish and Iraqi citizens into Germany.

According to the police, around 400 federal and Berlin police officers were on duty, including special units such as the GSG 9. More than 20 apartments and offices, mainly in the German capital, were searched.

Five men were arrested, four of them in Berlin and one in Halle. The police said 18 suspects were being investigated.


Friday, March 10, 2023

Diocesan Vicar Who is Covid Czar Gets Covid

The Soy is Real

Edit: we got a note from a reader in Cincinnati about this fruitcake priest of  Columbus, Ohio who’s suffering from Covid even after getting the death vaxx multiple times. 

Reverend Michael J. Lumpe, from Chaplain, Mother Angeline McCrory Manor and Villas at St. Therese, Columbus, to Pastor, St. Michael Church, Worthington, continuing as Vicar for Senior and Infirm Priests and Diocesan Coordinator of Hospital Ministry, effective July 11, 2023.  Source: https://columbuscatholic.org/announcements/13751

Is this a promotion? St. Michael’s looks like an affluent parish. It has to be better than the nursing home.

“Father Lumpe, who is the diocesan former Vicar for Priests, who brazenly posed for a Pro-jab photo a couple of years ago, was sick with Wu Flu eight weeks ago.  He is now sick with it AGAIN!  

He also hates the real Mass.”


Wednesday, March 8, 2023

Cardinal Marx Removed from Cardinal Council — Sign of Papal Displeasure

Pope Francis made a major reshuffle of the Council of Cardinals yesterday.  The exchange of the European representative is particularly striking: Cardinal Reinhard Marx was replaced by Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich.  A nod to the German Bishops' Conference and the "synodal path".

 (Rome) The Cardinal Council, which advises the Pope on Curial reform and the leadership of the universal Church, was fundamentally re-appointed by Francis yesterday.  There are several notable signals associated with this.  The replacement of Cardinal Reinhard Marx as representative of Europe can be understood as a sign of disapproval for the German "synodal way".

The body was set up by Francis a month after his election and initially had eight, then nine members.  Eventually it dwindled to only six members remaining for a long time, which was then increased to seven again.  The designation C8, then C9 Council of Cardinals was eventually dropped due to the ever-changing size, which caused some confusion as there are other bodies with similar names in the Vatican.

The basic idea, as communicated in the 2013 election year, was to shift the weight from the Roman Curia to the continents.  Each continent was to be represented by a deputy, with reality for the American double continent making double representation obvious.  However, Francis shifted the balance by also appointing a representative for Central America.  The reason for this was less due to geography, but more to the papal desire to appoint his close friend, Archbishop of Tegucigalpa, Óscar Cardinal Rodríguez Maradiaga SDB, to the Council and to commission him with the coordination of the Cardinal Council.

Cardinal Maradiaga completed his 80th year at the end of December, which is why he had to give up his office due to the new constitution for the Roman Curia, which stipulates an age limit of 80 years.  Maradiaga, who presented himself as “vice-pope” early in the current pontificate and positioned himself as a possible successor to Francis, has experienced a sudden fall since 2018.  This was not so visible to the outside world because Francis continued to hold his protective hand over his advisor.

The original C8 Council of Cardinals in 2013, before the addition of the Cardinal Secretary of State.

In September 2013, Francis made the original provisional facility permanent.  The Council of Cardinals has only been expanded once in its almost ten-year existence, in spring 2014, when the new Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin was appointed the ninth member, increasing the number of Curia representatives to two.

In the almost ten years of its existence, however, the body was only complete for three years, because in June 2017 the Cardinal Council began to crumble.  Francis used the orchestrated accusations against Cardinal George Pell, the representative of Oceania, to remove him from Rome.  At the end of 2018, the representatives of South America (because of the sexual abuse scandal that shook Chile) and Africa (due to age) dropped out.

For two years, the southern hemisphere was no longer represented at all in the Council of Cardinals.  It was only in October 2020 that Francis appointed the Archbishop of Kinshasa, whom he had already appointed to the diocese there in 2018, as the new representative of Africa.

South America only got a representation again yesterday.  In all, Francis has now reappointed six out of nine members.  Only Asian representative Cardinal Oswald Gracias, Archbishop of Bombay, and North American representative Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley OFMCap, Archbishop of Boston, are still there from the beginning.  Both were appointed with the establishment of the Council of Cardinals on April 13, 2013.  Cardinal Secretary of State Parolin, who was called in in April 2014, also ensures continuity.

With Maradiaga's departure, the number of members of the Council of Cardinals would have dropped back to six.  The unexpected death of Cardinal Pell at the beginning of January cleared the way for the reoccupation of Oceania.  Francis could have reinstated Pell after his ordeal and acquittal, but did not.  The non-occupation may have been seen as a small sign of "compensation".  Or not, because even after the reshuffle, Oceania is no longer represented in the Cardinal Council.  Its size is “small”, it is said informally.  In doing so, Francis had reshuffled the map in this part of the world.

When he was elected in 2013, there was only the “conservative” Cardinal Pell as Oceania’s only wearer of the purple.  With a penchant for the exotic, Francis has since appointed three other cardinals from New Zealand, Papua New Guinea and Tonga.  Apparently, Santa Marta was not able to befriend anyone to the point of appointing him to the Council of Cardinals.  The reason is another.  With his appointments, Francis strives for weightings, above all in terms of content, and in Santa Marta this means that the representatives should be loyal to him.

Since the Italian Cardinal Giuseppe Bertello has meanwhile retired as President of the Government (Governatorate) of Vatican City State, Francis appointed his successor, the Spaniard Cardinal Fernando Vérgez Alzaga, as the new representative of the Roman Curia.

The representation of Central America was eliminated, revealing once again that the position was only ad personam for Cardinal Maradiaga.

The representation of Oceania was also eliminated as the space was needed for another representative due to the alignment of the panel.

North America is no longer represented by US Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley, but by Archbishop of Quebec Cardinal Gérald Cyprien Lacroix.  To be precise, the territorial key is no longer emphasized.

Cardinal O'Malley remains a member of the Council of Cardinals, albeit more in his capacity as President of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Children, established to combat sexual abuse.  With the axis shift, Francis signals that he wants to take this fight more seriously.  Until now, he only reacted when it was no longer possible to avoid it.  The McCarrick case in the USA represents the failure of the proclaimed zero-tolerance policy.  Francis did not change course afterwards, but only increased the display of his announcements.  To this day he refuses to even name the main problem of clerical abuse.  A good 80 percent of all cases of abuse can be traced back to homosexual perpetrators.  Here Francis finds himself in an ideological and strategic dilemma – to the detriment of the Church – because at the same time he is pushing for an “openness” to homosexuality.  Cardinal O'Malley himself is considered a personality of integrity in his work.

For Latin America, now Central and South America together, Francis appointed Brazilian Cardinal Sergio da Rocha Archbishop of San Salvador de Bahia.

The most notable change concerns Europe.  The “old” continent, with which Francis has a kind of love-hate relationship, was surprisingly upgraded like North America.  He now counts two representatives.  It is particularly striking that the previous representative of Europe, the German Cardinal Reinhard Marx, was not confirmed in office.  The signal is of far-reaching importance.  His successor is Cardinal Jean-Claude Hollerich SJ, Archbishop of Luxembourg.

Informally, the change in appointment is justified by the fact that Marx was President of the Commission of the Bishops' Conferences of the European Community (COMECE) in 2013 and that this office is now held by Cardinal Hollerich.  Apart from the fact that the link to the office of COMECE chairman would be a narrowing of Europe, because only the bishops' conferences of the EU are organized in it, but Europe is known to be more than the EU, the change at the COMECE leadership from Marx to Hollerich has already taken place  exactly five years ago to the day.  So there were other reasons for Francis to bet on Cardinal Marx in 2013 and also after 2018.  That has now changed and is directly related to the development of the Church in the Federal Republic of Germany and the synodal path.  Marx's dismissal is a signal of disapproval to the German Bishops' Conference.

Now some are of the opinion that the differences between the Rhine-Franconian Marx and the Mosel-Franconian Hollerich are not particularly great, and neither are those between the German restless spirits and Santa Marta.  The point, however, is that Francis does not want his path dictated by either Cardinal Marx, the German Bishops' Conference, or a German "synodal path."  He had already made that clear earlier, but it was obviously not sufficiently understood in Germany.  Francis has now shifted the emphasis to Cardinal Hollerich, whom he himself elevated to the rank of cardinal and, above all, from whom, as a Jesuit, he can expect obedience.  And that's what Francis is all about.  He demands loyalty.  The German eccentricity has been annoying for a long time.

The second European appointment is new.  Francis also appointed Cardinal Juan José Omella, Archbishop of Barcelona, ​​to the Council of Cardinals.  How his presence is justified is unclear, but is consistent with North America's revaluation.  It is known that Omella, who was appointed Archbishop by Francis and promoted to Cardinal, is valued by the Pope.  His appointment seems to follow criteria similar to those of Maradiaga in 2013. Francis wants loyal collaborators and secure majorities.

After the southern hemisphere was not represented at all for several years, the axis formally shifted towards the "West" in the tenth year of Francis' pontificate, with Europe and North America each having two, i.e. a total of four, representatives in the nine-member Cardinal Council.  Reality has caught up with Francis, too, as one Vaticanist put it.

The first meeting of the newly appointed body, which can now be called the C9 Cardinal Council again to distinguish it from other bodies of the same or similar name, will take place next April 24th.

North America is represented on the newly appointed C9 Cardinal Council with two seats: Cardinal O'Malley (USA, left) and Cardinal Lacroix (Canada).

 Text: Giuseppe Nardi

 Image: Wikicommons

Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.Com


Communist Archbishop Building Political Power by Cynical Move

 Edit: everybody knows the USCCB is the evil party at prayer.  If only it were evident somehow that not only is the American church good for America, but that they could at least do what’s good for the Church, but these Americanist/Marxist Bishops have an agenda that’s deleterious to Church and State. What’s really opprobrious is that they are hypocritically concealing their cynical agenda by appearing to do good for people who don’t belong in the United States in the first place.

Of course, Archbishop Hebda, one of McCarrick’s boys, is a creature of progressivism.  The CCHD (Catholic Campaign for Human Development) continues to be a deadly parasite, despite being caught repeatedly. Hebda recently silenced Father Altier for contradicting the Covid hoax.

Now Hebda wants to grant illegals driver’s licenses so that they can vote. This supports a Marxist agenda to contaminate the polls with non-citizens, intended to  ensure the power of progressivist Bishops and advance an overall progressive agenda destroying the West and the Church.


Friday, March 3, 2023

Pete Buttigieg Protégé Found Guilty of Possessing Child Porn

Edit: it’s noteworthy that none of the major networks are covering this pedophile’s connection to Buttigieg. No wonder people are ignoring the major news media in favor of citizen journalists.

E Michael Jones lived next door to this man.

[College Park, MD] Prince George's County Police Chief Malik Aziz said the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children notified his department on Feb. 17 about a Kik social media account operating in the county that possessed and distributed suspected child pornography in January. Police said investigators identified the social media account as belonging to Wojahn.

"On Feb. 28, 2023, police served a search warrant on his College Park home. Investigators recovered multiple cellphones, a storage device, a tablet and a computer," Azia said.

Wojahn, 47, is charged with 40 counts of possession of child exploitative material and 16 counts of distribution of child exploitative material as part of a continuing investigation, police said.


Thursday, March 2, 2023

Jewish Police Official Abolishes First Amendment

 Edit: anything considered hated speech, even criticizing Jewish power, can lead to five years in prison.


Monday, February 27, 2023

FSSP’s Mission Will Not Be Affected by Traditiones Custodes

The traditional Holy Mass that unites the saints and believers of all times in Church history.

From a female Catholic

Rumors have been circulating for weeks about an Apostolic Constitution with which Pope Francis wants to finally put an end to the Immemorial Mass.  A rescriptum for the execution of Traditionis Custodes, published on February 21, could be a precursor to this.

In an interview with the Catholic online portal Aleteia, the French district superior of the Fraternity of St. Peter, Abbé Benoît Paul-Joseph, recalls that this document does not contain anything significantly new, but rather specifies the general guidelines from Traditionis Custodes regarding the permission to celebrate according to the Missal of 1962  for priests ordained according to Traditionis Custodes and regarding the use of parish churches for the celebration of the traditional liturgy and the establishment of personal parishes.

However, the local bishops are now, without exception, referred to the sole responsibility of the Dicastery for Worship and the Order of the Sacramenta.  Special permits that have already been granted must subsequently be checked by the Holy See.

Nothing will change for the FSSP, emphasizes the French district superior, since on February 11, 2022 the Pope gave it a confirmation of its liturgical autonomy, according to which all of its priests have the power to:

 “to celebrate the Sacrifice of the Mass, administer the Sacraments and other holy rites, and perform the Office according to the respective Editio typica of the liturgical books in force in 1962, i.  H.  the Missal, the Rituale, the Pontificale and the Breviary. 
They may exercise this power in their own churches and oratories;  in other places, however, only with the consent of the local ordinary, except for the private celebration of Mass”.

Abbé Benoît Paul-Joseph underlines that the Pope's concession is also due to the "fidelity of our founders to the Pope at the moment of the consecration of four bishops by Monsignor Lefebvre without papal permission.” Pope Francis has expressly emphasized that this behavior must be "honoured, protected and encouraged.”  Abbé Benoît also sees all other ex-Ecclesia Dei communities addressed here.

However, the papal confirmation also states:

 “Nevertheless, the Holy Father recommends that the provisions of the motu proprio Traditionis Custodes also be taken into account as far as possible.”

How easily a “recommendation” can become an obligation!  The rumors about a final document for the complete destruction of the Immemorial Mass by the rescript are not yet confirmed.  There is still no ban on priestly ordination in the traditional Rite, and the confirmation of liturgical proper law still applies in particular to the Society of St. Peter.

But a possible ban on priestly ordinations is looming ominously on the horizon and would correspond to the Pope's previous approach of ruling with the stick and a little carrot until the latter is completely abolished.

The injuries that he has already inflicted on tradition-bound believers who, loyal to the pope and the teaching office, adhere to the traditional liturgy and want to partake of its fullness of grace are serious.  Francis does not let his cards be looked at and acts in a ruthlessly autocratic manner, precisely in his dogged ideological struggle against tradition and the traditional Mass.

The declared goal remains the elimination of the traditional Latin mass.  It is only a matter of time for Pope Francis.  And he sees himself as the master of this time.  Despite all the relief that the worst has not yet happened, one should not hide one thing: the TC or the accompanying letter to the bishops announced the gradual re-education of the faithful “who are rooted in the previous form of celebration and need time  , to return to the Roman Rite as taught by Saints Paul VI.  and John Paul II was promulgated”.

 In France in particular, we have followed how a number of bishops have taken the first steps after TC in their dioceses with bans and "re-education decrees" and have proven their loyalty to the line.

 Building trust looks different.

Ultimately, this also applies to other areas.  Thus, even the clear papal admonitions and warnings in the direction of German-synodal detours cannot provide lasting reassurance as long as schismatic acts continue to be pushed ahead, above all by Bishop Bätzing, without Rome following up the warning words with deeds and appropriate sanctions.  If one does not want to interpret such an incongruous behavior as a "weakness in leadership", the only remaining assumption is that openness is a tactic to achieve one's own goals, which may play a role in the world synod on synodality.

 Quite apart from that, one can certainly ask oneself the question of whether the stubborn German bishops in Rome could not at some point be used as compliant and then very Rome-loyal vicarious agents in undermining tradition.  Despite the calm in this country so far, where the energies are still tied up by the so-called synodal path, one must not forget that, with Bätzing and companions, a large part of the German episcopate is undeterred and concerned with a fundamental change in faith and teaching and with it  may not necessarily be well-disposed towards the old fair.  Because in the context of the tradition, no Maria 2.0 supporters thrive, whether they be priests or lay people, from "*inside", God* and so-called rainbow flags that are deficient in color, one is spared, teaching authority and tradition apply, the catechism is the guideline for a Catholic way of life  and no one wants a ratty sexual morality, as practiced in the world ruled by an unholy "spirit of the times".

 Lots of questions, lots of worries.  Perhaps it is good that Abbé Benoît is now advising Paul-Joseph to take advantage of the rich graces of Lent to take a salutary distance from all these disturbances in the presence of the Lord and to find spiritual nourishment in the texts of the traditional Latin liturgy  find that the attachment to the old liturgy has nothing ideological about it.  It is about living from the spiritual riches of this liturgy.  Especially during Lent she offers a powerful help.

 Let us follow the calls to prayer and fasting in this way:

 "We call on all Catholics of good will to pray and do penance this Lent for the resolution of this question and the freedom of the ancient Latin Mass."

 Image: Fssp.fr

Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.Com


Biden Protects Cartels Attacks Ranchers


Wednesday, February 22, 2023

Orthodox Jew Guilty of Raping Children

Edit: self-identifying sodomite rapes children. This story is often repeated and often obscured by the media for obvious reasons. If this were a Catholic priest, there would be a lot more coverage. 
One commenter asks,  “Is this what Charlie Kirk meant by Jewish values?”  Like abortion is a Jewish value?

Friday, February 17, 2023

The Sad Apostasy of Alessandro Gnocchi

Catholic journalist and author Alessandro Gnocchi apostatized to the Russian Orthodox Patriarchate of Moscow in October 2019.  Gnocchi, who studied history and philosophy, published several books and commentaries with the philosopher Mario Palmaro until his early death in 2014, with which they were among the first and harshest critics of Pope Francis' pontificate, including the unforgettable article: "We Don’t Like This Pope".  For this, the two authors were fired from Radio Maria Italy, where they were responsible for their own series.  After Palmaro's death, things quieted down around Gnocchi until he was converted to the Moscow Patriarchate.  This is the terminus of disappointment about the development of the Church in recent years and the aversion to the pontificate of Pope Francis.  In January, Gnocchi published his latest book, in which he tries to justify his apostasy from the Catholic Church and declares it irrevocable.  On the other hand, the historian Prof. Roberto de Mattei, a forerunner of Catholic tradition, raises his voice vigorously and warns against such a temptation, which exists in some Catholic circles, to go so far, even into apostasy, out of opposition to the current successor of Peter  to fall.

The sad apostasy of Alessandro Gnocchi

 By Roberto de Mattei*

 The loss of a soul is always painful, but it is even more painful when it becomes a nuisance to other souls.  Such is the case with Alessandro Gnocchi's Apostasy, described in a book “Return to the Sources.  My pilgrimage to the East into the heart of Orthodoxy” (“Ritorno alle concernti. Il mio pellegrinaggio a Oriente nel cuore dell'Ortodossia”, Monasterium publishers, 2023, 170 pages) announces that he has turned his back on the Catholic Church in order to  to join the “Moscow Patriarchate, Orthodox Ecumenism” (p. 14).

He is now "Aleksandr" and his soul no longer belongs to the Church but to his "Starze": "One who absorbs the soul and will of another into his soul and into his will" (F. Dostoyevsky: The Brothers Karamazov).  Under the leadership of the starets, he believes he has embarked on the "path of holiness" (p. 30).  His heart is "on Mount Athos, Hagion Oros, the Holy Mountain, in the worship of the true saints" (ibid.).  Everything "in my book," he says, "is the conclusion of a job I did with my starets" (p. 103).

Gnocchi's Book of Apostasy Justificatio

have known and respected Alessandro Gnocchi since 2009. On several occasions he presented my history of the Second Vatican Council, which was published by Verlag Lindau in 2010 [German edition 2011], and I reviewed his work and that of Mario Palmaro in the daily newspaper Il Foglio (  1968-2014) the beautiful book "Sleeping Beauty.  Why the Church has been in crisis since the Second Vatican Council and why she will wake up again” (“La Bella addormentata”, Verona 2012).  According to Gnocchi and Palmaro, the “sleeping beauty” is the bride of Christ, who in her divine aspect preserves her beauty unchanged but seems to have sunk into a deep lethargy.  "Beauty, because in spite of our sins, our weaknesses, our treacheries and our errors, the Catholic Church still is and will be the Immaculate Bride of Christ" (p. 5).

Today, however, Gnocchi rejects this "Immaculate Bride of Christ" and replaces the voice of her Popes, her Doctors and her Saints with that of the Russian celebrity dependent on the Moscow Patriarchate.  His apostasy is also portrayed in some traditionalist publications and blogs as a serious and painful spiritual decision.  This confirms the situation of deep confusion in which this world has been for several years.

Basically, Gnocchi despises his shallow apologists because, unlike them, he is not a syncretist.  The rejection of ecumenism is the only point on which he agrees with his past.  For him, the theological reconciliation between Orthodoxy and the Catholic Church is “technically” impossible: “The unity of the Churches appears more and more as a chimera designed in reality to betray good feelings that are based on nothing…” (p  .113).  His rejection of the Roman Church is complete and non-negotiable.  The Catholic religion is called the "Roman hemisphere," "blind and fruitless" (p. 62).  Peter had no successors (p. 105): "The Pope of Rome is therefore only a bishop, nothing more" (p. 106) and the "papal ideology" (107) finally distanced itself from Christ.  For him it was an instant "conversion" in the opposite direction: 

"When I first entered an Orthodox parish while the Divine Liturgy was being celebrated, I knew immediately that I, who had entered with the idea that I was a Roman Catholic would become Russian Orthodox  when I come out.  And so it was” (p. 80).  "It was also clear to me," he continues, "that from the earliest centuries the Roman Church had succumbed to the demonic temptations which Jesus rejected in the desert" (p. 97).

 This position, so clearly expressed, is not only schismatic but openly heretical.  After the First Vatican Council defined the primacy of the Roman pontiff as a truth of faith, a schism without heresy is no longer possible.  The consequence of this apostasy is autocephaly.  All feel like little "popes" and become "Protestants".  After all, if not Protestantism, what is the Russian schismatic religion that arose on a whim of Tsar Fyodor (Theodor) I Ivanovich in 1589 when the Moscow Patriarchate was established in the Kremlin?  Since then, of all the Eastern Churches, the "Third Rome" has presented itself as the main rival of the Catholic Church.

Let no one say that the schismatic Eastern Church maintains a spiritual reservation in maintaining the validity of the sacraments.  Indeed, the validity of the sacraments does not mean that the spiritual life is flowing.  The sacraments are instrumental, effective causes which, like any active principle, require the willingness of the recipient to be effective.  There is no holiness outside of the life of grace, but neither is there genuine grace outside of the Catholic Church.  Leaving the Catholic Church to convert to so-called orthodoxy commits a mortal sin of the gravest kind. By grace we receive the divine Person of the Holy Spirit, the Holy Trinity dwells in our souls and she becomes the bride of God;  through grace we are imbued with the theological and moral virtues and receive the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit.  But he who is in mortal sin is deprived of the effect of sanctifying grace.

It is quite correct to call orthodoxy a "withered branch" good only for the fire.  The supernatural juice does not flow in the tribe of false religions.  As Joseph de Maistre aptly states: "All these churches, which separated from the Holy See at the beginning of the twelfth century, can be likened to frozen corpses whose forms were preserved by the cold" (Lettre à une dame russe sur la  nature et les effets du schisme, in: Lettres et opuscules inédits, A. Vaton, Paris 1863, vol. II, p. 406).

It is true that even in non-Catholic religions one can save oneself in extraordinary ways, despite their errors, but Alessandro Gnocchi is not a muzhik [a simple peasant in the tsarist empire] who is unaware of the Catholic truth: he is a baptized man, who, after learning and professing the true faith, publicly rejects it, describing his “conscious return to orthodoxy” (p. 39) as an “irrevocable step” (p. 81).

Whoever is in conscious and irrevocable mortal sin withdraws himself finally from the influence of grace.  For this reason the Enciclopedia Cattolica teaches that “the schismatic who is voluntarily outside the Church does not participate in the divine life of the mystical body and is deprived of the means of sanctification” (Vincenzo Carbone: Schisma, vol. XI, column 116).   Grace is a divine gift, infinitely greater than anything created.  And if, as Saint Thomas says, it is greater to bring a sinner back to the state of grace than to create heaven and earth (Summa Theologica, I, 2, q. 113, a. 9), then what is the point of  hold for those who stubbornly reject grace?  An earthquake like the terrible one in Turkey, which destroys a city or a region, shakes us deeply, but the ruin of a soul at the loss of grace should terrify us even more.  We say this with a loud voice.  The musty smell of Moscow religion repels us, the smell of eternal Rome, the Cathedral of Truth and the Mother of Nations, attracts us.  However, we feel great pity for Alessandro Gnocchi and for all those tempted by schism and heresy, also because of the errors and sins of the highest authorities of the Church.  We face a drama that requires reflection and prayer.  No one, beginning with the writer of these lines, can feel safe from such devastating falls.  Perseverance to the end is a grace that we must ask every day with great confidence from the Mother of All Graces who, after promising in 1917 the conversion of schismatic Russia and the whole world, on January 3, 1944, gave the great promise of  Summarized Fatima in these words to Sister Lucy: “In time one faith, one baptism, one holy, catholic and apostolic Church.  In eternity in heaven” (Um Caminho sob o olhar de Maria, Edições Carmelo, Coimbra 2012, p. 267).

 *Roberto de Mattei, historian, father of five children, professor of modern history and history of Christianity at the European University of Rome, President of the Lepanto Foundation, author of numerous books, most recently in German translation: Defense of Tradition: The Insurmountable Truth of Christ, with  a foreword by Martin Mosebach, Altötting 2017, and The Second Vatican Council.  A Hitherto Unwritten Story, 2nd ext.  Edition, Bobingen 2011.

 Books by Prof. Roberto de Mattei in English translation and books by Martin Mosebach are available from Amazon.

 Introduction/Translation: Giuseppe Nardi

 Image: Corrispondenza Romana

Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.Com


Wednesday, February 15, 2023

Antifa Scum Attack Hungarian Citizens as a Provocation

Edit: the account sharing the video of the Antifa attack has been shut down by YouTube.

Maybe you’re not interested in war but it’s interested in you!

 [Hungarian ConservativeMonday marked the end of a series of attacks that began on Friday last week, when foreign ‘antifas’ arriving in the country brutally assaulted passers-by selected on the basis of their attire. The antifas obviously concluded that Hungarians wearing black jackets or military gear were probably far-right sympathisers, who wanted to mark the anniversary of the siege of the Buda castle by the Soviet forces in 1945.

Antifa—short for the German Antifaschistische Aktion (Anti-Fascist Action)—is a radical, violent left-wing movement that traces its origins back to the 1930s, but has been resurrected in the early 2000s. Responsible for a number of brutal attacks on conservatives, liberals and freethinkers, both in the United States and in Europe, Antifa has so far largely been absent from Hungarian public life.

As our readers may recall, in 2020 US President Donald Trump threatened—and not for the first time— to classify the US radical left movement Antifa as a terrorist organisation. Back then, the Social Democratic Party (SPD) in Germany, the home country of the ‘anti-fascist activist community’, immediately spoke out in full solidarity with the group, which is mainly made up of young people in their twenties. There have also been attempts in the European Parliament to have the extremist group classified as terrorists, but to no avail.



Monday, February 13, 2023

Biden Appointee Who Mandated Military Death Jab Resigns

 [The DossierDr Terry Adirim, the government bureaucrat behind the infamous and unlawful Pentagon vaccine mandate, will “leave her post in the coming days,” reports FedScoop.

Adirim is currently the executive director of the VA’s electronic health record modernization integration office, having held the role since late 2021.

While she was in the Pentagon as the acting assistant secretary of defense for health affairs (serving as a Biden Admin political appointee), Dr Adirim, signed her name to an order forcing service members to take the emergency use authorization (EUA) vaccine. Adirim’s memo attempted to justify mandating EUA shots as if they were FDA approved, which was not the case at the time, and remains the same today. The mandate led to countless vaccine injuries, the worst recruiting crisis since the formation of the all-volunteer military, and thousands of service members discharged for refusing to take the mRNA experimental gene serum.


Saturday, February 11, 2023

Holocaust Deniers in Putin’s Russia Face Prison

Edit: this recent law change adds fuel to speculation that Putin is controlled by Chabad, and that while thousands of Slavic Christians are slaughtered on both sides, that Jews pulling the strings are leading the fight on both sides.

Putin recently fired a minister who dared criticize Chabad.

So, if you though you might be able to find refuge in the “former” Soviet Union, think again. 

Even after many fled the Soviet Union in the 70s and 80s, they still have an undeniable death-grip on Slavic peoples.

Article from Slate.

[Forward] Russian President Vladimir Putin signed a law on Monday making the denial of Nazi crimes and distortion of the Soviet Union’s role in the World War Two a criminal offence punishable by up to five years in jail.

The law, described by critics as an attempt to curb freedom of expression to appease conservative Russians, the ex-KGB spy’s main support base, also criminalises the public desecration of war memorials.

The Kremlin has used World War Two as a pillar to unite a society that Putin has said lost its moral bearings following the 1991 Soviet collapse.


Thursday, February 9, 2023

Pope Throws "Rebellious" Nuns Out of Their 50 Million Dollar Monastery and Takes Over


The "rebellious" Poor Clares leave the monastery of Ravello.

(Rome) They have resisted for a long time: Now the "rebellious" nuns Massimiliana Panza and Angela Maria Punnacka have left the monastery of Santa Chiara in Ravello after Pope Francis had made an example of them.

The town of Ravello is located in the enchanting countryside of the Amalfi Coast in the southern Italian region of Campania. The city with the great panoramic view was able to survive as a Byzantine territory for a long time. It was not until the 11th century that it briefly came under Lombard rule, which was replaced by the Normans in 1073. It was also the Normans who made Ravello a diocese.

At the end of the 13th century, a Poor Clares cloister was built on the outskirts of the town. Since then, cloistered nuns have lived there, whose charism is worship. The small three-nave church and monastery were given their present appearance in 1722. The high altar is dedicated to the Assumption of Mary and shows representations of St. Francis and St. Clare. The oldest fresco, a blessing Christ, dates back to the presumed founding year 1297 or shortly before. In the right aisle, a door with a grille allows conversation with the nuns, who adhered to the strict cloister until the end, which is why the monastery cannot be visited. For many of today's mostly hurried tourists, a visit to such a place would be nothing anyway. They are more drawn to the famous Villa Cimbrone, which adjoins the monastery just to the west.

The view from Ravello of the Amalfi Coast and the Gulf of Salerno

"We take a discreet look behind these walls, where silence is sacred," wrote the Ravello-born minorite, historian and archaeologist Fr. Oreste Maria Casaburo in his description of the monastery and church. When he entered the novitiate of his native town in 1942, life and the cultural landscape on the Amalfi Coast were somewhat different, but life in the Poor Clares monastery of Ravello hardly changed. The square in front of the church is as sun-drenched as ever. The monastery complex on the ridge offers a fantastic view over the Gulf of Salerno and into the Vallone del Dragone, the dragon valley, in the northwest.

For more than 700 years, the Poor Clares have lived on this mountain and have survived all attacks, turmoil and natural disasters. The monastery is thus one of the oldest continuously inhabited monasteries in the country. In its heyday in 1577, 41 sisters, three novices and two converses lived here. The large dormitory was then located above the nave.

When the Tridentine church reform was implemented in the 17th century, the monasteries of the Augustinian hermits and the Minorites in Ravello were closed. The monasteries of the Benedictines and the Poor Clares, however, remained. The Poor Clares monastery also survived the anti-monastic Napoleonic turmoil, because at that time there were more than twelve sisters in the monastery, which were prescribed by the French rulers as a minimum number. When, later in the 19th century, Italian unification was carried out under anti-Church auspices and the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies was incorporated into the new Kingdom of Italy in 1861, the hour seemed to have struck for the Poor Clares monastery of Ravello in the course of the great abolition of the monastery. The decree of repeal had already been signed by the new rulers, but it was never implemented, because even now, despite the ban on admission, the number of sisters never fell below the minimum limit that would have allowed their expulsion.

Now, 150 years later, under Pope Francis, a wind is blowing in the Church that is not very friendly to the cloistered monasteries. Like the "Enlightenment" thinkers of the late 18th century, Santa Marta does not seem to see any "benefit" in adoration sisters shut off from the world.

Three Poor Clares lived in Ravello. Too few, said the Roman Congregation of Religious, to "justify" the continued existence of the monastery, and last year decreed the abolition of the convent and the division of the three nuns among three other monasteries. In order to save their convent, the two younger sisters Massimiliana Panza and Angela Maria Punnacka and their 97-year-old sister Maria Cristina Fiore, who has lived in the convent since 1955, resisted. The citizens of Ravello formed a committee to support the sisters. However, negotiations with the ecclesiastical authorities were inconclusive. In the diocese and in the order, reference was made to Roman requirements.

The entrance to the Poor Clares monastery of Ravello

In order to save the convent and to prevent the monastery from becoming the object of real estate speculation, the sisters donated the entire complex, whose value is estimated at 50 to 60 million euros due to the fantastic location, to Pope Francis. In a petition to the Pope, they announced the donation and asked him for his protection. What was intended as a saving anchor in desperation, however, turned out to be the opposite. Pope Francis did not think of taking the nuns under his protection. However, the donation was accepted by him and makes him the owner of a considerable fortune. As soon as the transfer of ownership was completed, the resistance of the nuns of Rome was classified as a "rebellion" and answered with maximum severity.

On February 3, the two younger sisters left the convent after all, because the Holy See made a hard example of them. Both were released from their vows because of their "disobedience" and dismissed from the religious state. The penal decree was personally signed by Pope Francis.

When the sisters were shown the Pope's signature under the decree last week, their world collapsed. Pope Francis expressly prohibited the sisters from appealing the decision. Then they capitulated. The 46-year-old Sr. Massimiliana, who lived in the monastery in Ravello for 18 years, returned to her family. For the time being, she also accommodates her younger sister Angela Maria there.

From their 97-year-old sister, the two said goodbye on Friday morning only briefly. To spare her a stir, they didn't tell her about their personal tragedy. According to the Vatican decree, Sr. Maria Cristina is allowed to stay in the monastery because of her old age. The absurd thing: For their care, two other nuns were transferred to Ravello by the Congregation of Religious, which means that three sisters continue to live in the monastery.

"It's a piece of Ravello's history. Although only three nuns remained, it is important to preserve the monastery (...) We are disappointed and confused by the Vatican's decision, especially after they threw out these two sisters, only to let two others move in," Gino Schiavo, who heads the citizens' committee to save the monastery, told the press.


A group of people said goodbye to the now former sisters on the short way from the convent to the car that took them away. "We promise them to continue fighting for the preservation of the monastery," Gino Schiavo said to the two women and presented them with a ceramic bowl with a thank you and a dedication.

Sr. Massimiliana explained to those present that they had not been transferred, but dismissed, and said goodbye with the words:

"We came with nothing and leave with nothing. We don't want anything for ourselves. We were born Franciscan poor when we entered the Order and we want to die that way."


Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: MiL/Wikicommons/SalernoNews (Screenshots)

Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Pope Francis Sends Visitor to Traditional Diocese of Frejus Toulon

Bishop Dominique Rey of Fréjus-Toulon finds himself more and more in Rome's line of fire hostile to tradition. The picture shows him celebrating a Pontifical Mass in the traditional Rite for the international pilgrimage Populus Summorum Pontificum ad Petri Sedem in St. Peter's Basilica. On the right, Abbé Claude Barth, the spiritual assistant of the pilgrimage.

(Paris) It goes in quick succession. The Holy See, through the Dicastery of Bishops, has ordered an Apostolic Visitation of the Diocese of Fréjus-Toulon. The reason is named with an adjective: Bishop Dominique Rey is "traditional".

The diocese in Provence has become an exceptional diocese under its bishop. In relation to size, it has far surpassed all other French dioceses for many years. Although it comprises only two percent of the Catholics of France, ten percent of all seminarians in Fréjus-Toulon prepare for the priesthood there.

The reason for this is that Bishop Dominque Rey treats both forms of the Roman Rite equally. The traditional Rite has a firm place in his diocese. Seminarians are trained in both forms. In addition, it promotes the establishment of traditional religious orders. Some were even constituted by him in his diocese, including an ancient Benedictine monastery and a Bi-ritual missionary order.

The ancient Benedictine monastery founded and built by monks in the diocese of Fréjus-Toulon

These facts are a thorn in the side of some in France and Rome. The 70-year-old Msgr. Rey was appointed in the Holy Year by Pope John Paul II. Under Benedict XVI, who held him in high esteem and personally appointed him synodal member of the Synod of Bishops on the New Evangelization where he developed. Under Francis, however, the wind changed. Nevertheless, Bishop Rey pressed ahead in 2017 and declared as the only diocesan bishop at the time that priests of the SSPX can perform weddings in all churches of his diocese.

Then, however, Pope Francis issued his infamous motu proprio Traditionis custodes in the summer of 2021. In June 2022, Rome shocked with a ban on Bishop Rey to administer the already fixed diaconate and priestly ordinations. Katholisches.info wrote at the time to a picture showing a smiling Pope Francis shaking hands with Bishop Rey: "The smile is deceiving".

The accusations made against Bishop Rey last year resemble the stereotypes that are part of the stereotypical anti-conservative and anti-traditionalist repertoire. With the ban, it was clear that the bishop, his diocese and his thriving seminary were targeted by Rome. Those who hoped for calm misjudge the dynamics that drive forces hostile to tradition. It is said that they need enemies like daily bread, and if there were none, they would have to invent them.

The prohibition of ordination eight months ago is now followed by an Apostolic Visitation. An announcement that frightens connoisseurs of the matter. Under Pope Francis, the procedure in other cases means that after the visitator the retirement of Bishop Rey could follow.

Bishop Dominique Rey with canons of his cathedral chapter. Msgr. Marc Aillet (not pictured), since 2008 tradition-friendly bishop of Bayonne, has been honorary canon of Fréjus-Toulon since 2003.

The visitation is scheduled to begin next Monday, February 13, and is expected to last "several weeks," French radio reported. The new Archbishop of Dijon, Msgr. Antoine Hérouard, has been appointed Apostolic Visitor, assisted by Msgr. Joël Mercier, former secretary of the Roman Congregation for the Clergy.

Officially, it says that the visitor should "deepen and continue the work carried out by Cardinal Jean-Marc Aveline during his fraternal visit, which took place in 2021 at the request of Rome". Cardinal Aveline, the Archbishop of Marseille, had taken in his report to Rome, especially the seminary in the crosshairs. With the result of that visit, Rome then justified the ban on ordaining six deacons and four priests in June 2022. With reference to visitor reports, retirements then took place, even if the visitors had recommended nothing of the kind. In Rome, there is talk of a "well-rehearsed process" in which the result is already fixed.

But not only the seminary of the diocese of Fréjus-Toulon disturbs, but also the foundation and reception of new religious communities, in short, everything that has to do with the special and tradition-friendly course of the diocese. Of course, this is not said.

In a statement published this afternoon, the diocese of Fréjus-Toulon says that it welcomes the news of a visitation "in a climate of trust" and invites "all the faithful and clergy of the diocese to carry this visit in their prayers so that it can bear the expected fruits for the good of our diocese".

The local church has used the past few months, it continues, "to think about how various areas of church leadership can be improved". Whether this can appease the anger of the enemies of tradition is doubtful. The fact that Bishop Rey has increased pastoral visits to his diocese and "improved the procedures for monitoring the various communities received in the diocese" and has "received more than 100 priests for a personal meeting" since September should not be very impressive.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Twitter/Monastère Saint-Benoît/MiL (Screenshot)

Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com