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Thursday, November 1, 2012

News Items -- Dissident Theologian's Talk Cancelled in San Diego!

Dissident Theologian's Talk Cancelled in San Diego -- New York Times? --   Uruguay Jesuits Pro-Life?! -- The Old Mass is Normal -- The Last Christian in Homs Murdered --  Bishop of Muenster Wants to Hire Adulterers

Dissident Theologian's Talk Cancelled

San Diego, USA. This is via Stella Borealis.  The dismayed National Catholic Reporter has indicated that the Catholic University of San Diego has canceled a visiting fellowship for a theologian who writes for the decadent Tablet Newspaper. Beattie is a theological adviser to the Marxist Catholic Agency For Overseas Development, the Catholic aid agency for England and Wales -- announced the withdrawal of the invitation in an email to friends and other theologians Thursday. The Cancellation was brought about by pressure from contributors.

New York Times: Ex-Homosexuals Say they can be cured.

The Old Mass is Normal

Vatican.  It is normal to celebrate the Old Mass.  Cardinal Antonio Canizares Llovera -- the Prefect of the Liturgy Congregation -- said this to the site ''.  The Prince of the Church will celebrate the Pontifical High Mass on November 3rd for the international pilgrimage 'Una cum Papa Nostro'.  There will be a Roman Rite there in two forms.  Thusly, it's normal to celebrate the Old Rite.  He has done this already many times himself.

Uruguay Jesuits are Pro-Life?!

Montevideo, Uruguay.  According to CNA/ETWN, the Society of Jesus in Uruguay has spoken out with "deep regret" against Father Jose Ignacio Gonzalez Faus, who supports the legalization of infant slaughter.  He was quoted by 'La Daria', where he supported the killing of a child up to the 12th week of a pregnancy.  Amazingly, the Jesuits of Uruguay distanced themselves from his comments saying, they "have  done nothing more than create confusion in people especially the way in which he approaches the issue of the legalization of abortion."

Last Christian of Homs is Murdered

Syria.  Yesterday, Elias Mansour (84) -- the last Christian in the Syrian city of Homs -- was murdered.  This was reported by the Mission news service 'Fides'.  Mansour refused to leave his house in the course of the evacuation of the city.  He cared for his handicapped son there.  Mansour's murderers are terrorists who are being supported by the West.

Now the Exception Becomes the Rule

Germany.  Bishop Felix Genn of Muenster is going to appoint adulterers to positions in the Church.  He said this yesterday to the 'Neu Ruhr/ Neuen Rhein Zeitung'.  He sees an allegedly "clear border" where adulterers can work in communications.  There is no possible position for bigamists.  IN reality there are a lot of adulterous religion teachers.   An adulterer may however occupy a post in a Catholic hospital as chief doctor.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

News Reports

German Submission Bishops Praise the World

Germany. The German Bishops have could have taken something from the Conciliar Fathers from other continents, something about "fear of the world" -- which is currently pulverizing the Church in Germany.  This is what Archbishop Robert Zollisch of Freiburg said to 'Katholischen Nachrichtagentur' over the World Bishops' Synod  closing on Sunday.  There were positions given about "the hostile world, from which we must be detached".  The German Church-tax Bishops are opposed, rather "going to the world".

Bishops Against Homosexual Depravity

Slovakia.  The Family Council of the Slovakian Bishops' Conference has asked the Parliament to vote against the privileging of homosexuality.  The Council warns that the homosexually disturubed  will lead to a "civil partnership in the law".  Homosexuality must not be put at the same level with a Papa-mama-baby-marriage.  The homosexually disturbed stand "in complete opposition to the sanctity of sexuality between husband and wife in marriage".  St. Paul has already addressed the loan which is due from homosexuals because of their aberration. The position recalled antique Rome, which fell because of its own immorality.

Wild Reactions

Germany.  On October 30th the former protestant Minister Andreas Theurer and his wife converted to the Church.  This was reported by the Lutheran news 'edp'.  Actually the two wanted to convert today on "Reformation Day", October 31st.  Actually that would have been felt by Protestants as a "monstrous provocation", explained Theurer.  Because of "wild reactions" the conversion was to take place on Monday.

The Poles Warn -- the Germans Downplay

Poland.  The website of the Archdiocese of Warsaw has warned against "Satanic practices", which will corrupt the youth on the so-called festival of Halloween.  It has spread occultism and sorcery.  On the other hand, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch has said on his Archdiocesan website that Halloween is next to the "carved  faces in pumpkins at scary parties" allegedly increases interest in the All Saint's Day and All Soul's Day feasts.  There is a time to have a "collective harvest wonder", he insisted.

Euphemisms About Mass Apostasy

Austria.  The decline of Christians in Europe is dependent above all on the decreasing numbers of births.  So the Old Liberal Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn took his own responsibility for this massive decline in the Church from the table, for the Church-tax News 'kathpress'.  A connection between the decline of births and the allowance by the Bishops of artificial contraception in the Mariatroster Declaration [Austrian Bishops rejected 'Humane Vitae' in 1968, although he was quick to excuse it early in September.] was not made by the Cardinal.   There is no cause for his resignation -- he smoothed over the problem beautifully.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

He's Lucky He's Not a Catholic Priest

Double Standard

The powerful are only horrified about child-abuse when it can drag the Church in the dirt.

(  Joris Demmink (64) is a high Dutch official.

Since 2002 he has been General Secretary of the Ministry for Security and Justice.

Homosexual Rapist?

Yesterday the US-website '' reported that Demmink will resign this week and be honored for his work.

Demmink has been charged for raping two male minors during  a flight in Turkey.

Witnesses Speak Out

On October 4th, witnesses spoke out before the Helsinki Commission at Capital Hill in Washington against Demmink.

"I was afraid to say no -- I was very young an innocent, " said one.

According to reports from '' there was an attempted murder against him, after his complaint became public.

He Finished in a Bordello 

The alleged victim left his family at the age of fourteen,  to seek work in decadent Europe.

There he ended -- not completely unexpected -- in an Amsterdam bordello.  Fro this place of inhumanity he met Demmink.

Already after two meetings, he wanted to take the young Turk with him home in Den Haag.

"Completely Baseless"

The attorney of the victim -- Adele Van der Plas -- explained that Demmink's high position has made it difficult charge him:

"We may have beautiful laws in Holland -- but these don't help, if people from he upper classes abuse children and are not prosecuted."

The Dutch Government has taken the position that the complaints against Demmink are "completely baseless".

Straight to Jail?

A representative of the Dutch Embassy -- H.P. Schreinemachers -- criticized the results of the hearing.

The internet site '' has appeared.

Its operators also want to impede the honoring Demmink on his retirement.

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Polish Priest Uncovering the Homosexual Mafia in the Church

Hw. Dariusz Oko auf der Webseite

© Screenshot
The fog is lifting

The existence of homo-networks is revealed by the excessive pain with which the German Bishops are proceeding against '' -- but not against their own Pornography Business 'Weltbild'.

(  Fr. Dariusz Oko is a research fellow at the philosophy faculty of the Papal University of John Paul II in Krakow.

He has investigated  homosexual networks which have infiltrated the Church the world over.

Struggle Against a Deadly Peril

Fr. Oko recently published an article in the German newspaper 'Theologisches'.

Fr. Oko sees his research work as a "struggle against a deadly peril" for Christendom.

Homo-ideologues wish to nestle themselves within the Church like a Trojan Horse.

A typical aberration of homosexuals

Fr. Oko discovered the "most general lie" of the media bosses, who are constantly talking about the "pedophilia in the clergy".

He recalled the well-known fact that over eighty percent of the cases of abuse in the Church's areas involve assaults by homosexuals on mature males.

This phenomenon of ephebophilia is described by Fr. Oko as a "typical aberration, which is linked to homosexuality."

Homosexual Networks Make it Possible

Fr. Oko insists that the toleration for highly visible homosexual attacks on sexually mature boys would be impossible without homosexual networks.

He recalled the case of Posen's homosexual-Archbishop Julius Paez, Bishop John Magee of Cloyne in Ireland, on the homosexual Archbishop Rembert Weakland of Milwaukee or the founder of the Legionaries of Christ.

A Model of Old Liberals

Archbishop Weakland is an especially horrible example of homosexual decay within the Church.

For the Old Liberal Church destroyer, he was a significant model.

He has publicly admitted in the mean time that he is homosexually disturbed and has forced his impurity on many.

Rome Plays Along?

In 25 years of his office -- before the eyes of the Church's hierarchy -- he was a shameless campaigner against the Faith and a defender of homosexual depravity.

He covered the sodomites in his own clergy and helped them to escape responsibility for their homosexual crimes.

At last it was found out that he had stolen a half-million dollars in order to pay one of his partners in depravity.

Fr. Oko stresses that decadent clergy who are found out remain long unpunished, although there are numerous complaints against them in Rome.

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Pedophiles in the Pfarrer Initiative

Fr. Schüller is a welcome guest
 at Ex-Reichssender Wien (ORF).

© Screenshot
Edit: but there's no urgency about it as far as the media are concerned.  They protect and cover up for their own.

It is a fact that practically all abuse-priests are born from the Old Liberal camp.  Actually, Fr. Helmut Schüller finds the right words.

(  The 'Disobedience Initiative' of Fr. Helmut Schüller has been confronted with the accusation of child abuse.

This was reported by former Wien Reichsender (Fascist broadcaster), ORF (Austrian Broadcasting).

A Slanderer Slanders the other Slanderer

The allegation originates from the slanderous site "Betroffener kirchlicher Gewalt". [Victims of Church Violence]

It explains a "known perpetrator of abuse" is also a member of the 'Initiative'.

Almost every single abuse-priest comes from the Old Liberal camp.

A Known Sitiation

Among the anti-Church hangers on of Schüller can be found the former Benedictine Arch-abbot Bruno Becker of St. Peter in Salzburg.

Allegations against him have been known in the media since March 2010.

The second member is related to a Steyerian priest who is also accused of child sexual abuse.

An Enemy of the Church Protects Another Enemy of the Church

The leader of the disobedience group held forth in a statesmanlike manner: "We must ponder, how we behave in such circumstances."

However, he doesn't have any urgency -- but it's otherwise usually in such cases :  This may be dealt with in the next meeting of the board of the Pfarrer-Initiative.

The anti-Church Reichsender is defending as expected the enemy of the Church: "[Fr.] Helmut Schüller has taken the allegations of the site seriously"  -- will be the consolation.

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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Did Condemning Sesame Street Star to Hell Drive Finally From the Internet?

Edit: Germany's largest Catholic internet site, generating at least a 100,000 visits a day, is down.  After spending the morning perusing a few articles, it was noted in their news updates that one person was moved to threaten legally. does actually violate German laws regarding alleged "hate speech", but since it does not operate on German soil, escapes the prohibitions. But just maybe, ridiculing a famous comedian has pushed some over the edge on behalf of the late 51 year old comedian.

[The Hollywood Reporter] The cause of death was not immediately known, but a police spokesman said there was no evidence of foul play.
Self-trained, Bach started in the independent theater scene in his home city of Cologne before moving to television, where he became one of the most familiar and enduring faces on the small screen. The rotund actor and entertainer's national breakthrough came with the sitcom Lukas, on which he played a single dad who lives with his father and daughter. The show, which ran for five seasons, was hit with both audiences and critics. It was groundbreaking in German television in its depiction of homosexual characters and alternative lifestyles.
Other prominent roles including the Pepe on the German version of Sesame Street and, most recently, co-host of hit reality show I'm A Celebrity … Get Me Out of Here!

Indeed, after posting an article hailing the death of a German Comedian, Dirk Bach, as a homosexual who hated the Church and insisting that he was in [boiling there, in fact, as one commenter corrects] Hell and hated children while he was alive,  the post generated over a million hits and prompted 1,500 or so messages in at least one combox covering the story.

Surprisingly, or not, over half of the thousands of e-mails received were encouraging.

Already earlier today, a post had appeared in's News Reports, describing an "Illiterate Homosexual" who planned on paying back for condemning homosexual depravity and speaking ill of the dead.

Also, has been under attack from 'Anonymous' which has been unable to unhorse this intrepid blog after frequent unsuccessful and ineffective attacks as is often happy to report.

We've never noticed off line before.  It's never off line, but in case you might be wondering what became of it, there are certainly no shortage of people on the wrong side of things who'd love to see it gone forever.


Photo: Getty Images

Friday, September 28, 2012

Modernist Abbey's Football Coach Silent About Sexual Predators

Edit: St. John's Abbey is a decadent religious house of Benedictines, numbering approximately 153 professed monks and belong to the American Cassinese Congregation, founded in 1856 by Abbot Boniface Wimmer, located near the township of Collegeville, and affiliated with one of the oldest Universities in Minnesota.

We'd written something up earlier this year about the winningest coach in football at the most Modernist Monastery in North America if not the world, St. John's Abbey, and how the press contacted John Gagliardi about the Joe Paterno case. They couldn't have asked a better person, since John Gagliardi knows exactly what it's like to cover for sexual predators from his own professional back ground. Here's the article with some links from Pine Curtain:

[Pine Curtain] According to an upcoming report, Saint John’s University football coach John Gagliardi recently admitted that he has been aware of sexual misconduct at Saint John’s since the 1950′s.

In fact, it was Gagliardi’s report to Father Dunstan Tucker which led to a perpetrating faculty member’s swift exit from Saint John’s after a high school recruit (and potentially a minor) from Florida confided in Gagliardi that he had been molested by the faculty member following a tour of the campus.

According to Gagliardi, the perpetrating faculty member later took a job at high school in Saint Paul, Minnesota. It is unclear what steps, if any, Gagliardi took to protect the students at that high school.

Compare this revelation with statements Gagliardi made during an interview regarding the sexual abuse scandal at Penn State that was published on November 9, 2011:

“You don’t want to believe it could happen. Thank God, I’ve never run into that situation. There are some horrible people out there.” [ View]

Gagliardi HAS run into “that situation” before and yet he remains silent, despite his knowledge that at least one of his star football players was a victim of sexual misconduct by a priest at Saint John’s Abbey in the 1980′s. That perpetrating priest remains on campus today and according to the abbey’s web site, is “free to move about campus with some exceptions … free to use the library, the bookstore and to walk the roads and byways on the campus.” [View ]

As this site’s webmaster wrote in January of 2012 [ View ], Gagliardi’s silence regarding misconduct at Saint John’s is a problem — and his comments regarding Penn State scandal, [ View ] Joe Paterno and Jerry Sandusky appear to be even more hypocritical.

Friday, September 21, 2012

Cardinal Marx of Munich Reassigns Child-abuser to Parish Work

Edit: you'll possibly remember the St. Polten, Austria debacle which closed a seminary and involved a corrective suspension of two priests both its Rector, Father Ulrich Kuechl and the Sub-regent, Doctor Wolfgang Rothe. has learned that Father Rothe is being reassigned to a parish by the Old Liberal Cardinal of Munich. We think the double standard in this matter will continue and the Liberal regime which abets such outrages will facilitate the "clean up" while the Church itself will continue to suffer their poor management and bad faith.
Germany. The priest who stumbled into a homosexual scandal, the Ex-subregent of St. Polten in Austria, Father Wolfgang Rothe, is going to be a Parish Vicar in Munich. The Old Liberal Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich and Freising has signed the decree of appointment on July 9th. Father Rothe will assume the position in September. He is the Parish Vicar in a Munich Parish organization "Transfituration of Christ -- St. Micheal". He was last active as a chaplain in a convalescent home.

It's been an interesting summer for reassignments and such. Bishop Finn of Kansas City was recently tried and found guilty for the misdemeanor offense of "failing to report child abuse". This was widely hailed by many as a symbol of the clergy's protected status and the continuing corruption in the Church. There were a few bloggers even on the traditional side who uncritically accepted the New York Times, professional victim side of all this.

It will be interesting indeed to see if it makes any difference to them that this wasn't just a case of homosexual seminarians and their professors (sad that many don't find that shocking enough to end a priest's career) having a frolic, but as Micheal Rose reported when it happened, these seminarians and priests had more than 40,000 pornographic images including ones that featured the sexual abuse of children. It is an indisputable fact that not only did the seminary rector Father Kueschel and the ex-subregent, Father Rothe know about the photos of children being abused sexually, but they even used them for their own gratification while abusing their own seminarians. Here's an excerpt from Micheal Rose:
The photos showed seminarians and priests from Austria’s Sankt Poelten seminary fondling and kissing one another and engaging in sex games. Profil also reported that some 40,000 pornographic images and films were downloaded to the seminary’s computers, including photographs depicting acts of pedophilia and bestiality.
Consequently, German-language media outlets have been saturated this week with reports of the Austrian seminary scandal chock o’block full of lurid details in what has become the Catholic Church’s Abu Ghraib. Headlines such as "Seminary orgy rocks Church in Austria" (Irish Examiner), "Church probes perverse pictures" (Toronto Star), and "Porn case could torpedo bishop" (The Guardian), made news from Britain to Australia to America.
The scandal immediately prompted the resignation of two seminary officials, an internal investigation by the Austrian bishops conference, and calls for a criminal investigation since the scandal involves a large cache of child pornography—illegal in Austria as in most other countries.

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Dissident Priest Attacks Archbishop's Defense of Marriage

Edit: we'd reported earlier that Father Mark Tegeder, who is the pastor of a dissident parish in Minneapolis, Minnesota, just couldn't shut up about the Archbishop's work to defend marriage. Despite threats from the Archdiocese he keep his mouth closed, the Civil Rights priest believes he's on a quest.

Archbishop Nienstedt's been taking on the decadent Monastery of St. John's Abbey, demanding that Father Bob Pierson not speak in his Diocese, but what will become of Zen Garden Tegeder?

He says he's "uncomfortable", but apparently he's not uncomfortable enough. Traditionalist Catholic priests have been suspended and sent packing without their benefits, without anything more than unemployment for merely saying things that are Catholic but unpoular.

What will happen when a priest attempts to capture a popular, but morally depraved, movement but utters something uncatholic? Here's the article from "Princeton Eagle"
“Interestingly, though, we have also seen a sharp decline in the amount of politicking in churches (and all places of worship) over the last five years or so, which suggests that clergy have recognized the danger in mixing too much Caesar in place of God,” Campbell said in the email.
Minnesota pastors and religious leaders, while in general not dismissive of the idea that churches can be sullied through political activity, appraise the risks differently.
“I think we’re all uncomfortable,” Pastor Tegeder said.
But churches have always reacted to events in society, he said.
Martin Luther King, the great civil rights leader, came out of the African-American Baptist church.
He witnessed or presided at thousands of marriages, explained Tegeder, and it’s the commitment, not the sexes, that’s sacred.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bibles in the Fiction Section at Barnes and Noble?

Edit:   In a market where copies of the world's best selling book are up, at least one Barnes and Noble sees fit to cram Bibles into the Christian Fiction section.

This is a Barnes and Noble store and the photo appeared in an Atheist message board at reddit. The location of the store is currently unknown but there have been similar stories cropping up from time to time that Barnes and Noble had decided to place the Bible in the fiction section.  It's not the most auspicious linkage, and of course, the atheists were eager to make much of the negative associations in their usual saturnine way.

As one commenter in an Israeli blog called "Jewlicious" stated when Barnes and Noble seemed to do the same thing in 2008, "will they do the same thing to the Koran?"

Barnes and Noble is a major corporation, and major corporations have a habit of being fairly unsympathetic to religious points of view in a gradual, sort of inevitable kind of way. Indeed, their arrangement with Starbucks certainly points in that direction.  Like Target, for example, which has braved boycotts to support Planned Parenthood and is now supporting the legalization of gomorrist couplings.

Maybe there's no room for Christianity in McWorld?

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Flaming Bowl of Cheerios Protester Harassed to Death?

Edit: we are thinking about how various modes of self-expression are becoming increasingly prescribed.  A humdrum father of four and real-estate agent with some strong views regarding homosexuality is now dead.

While it brought a lot of attention to the fact that General Mills supports homosexuality and the continuing decline of our country, it was hard to tell what angle it came from.

The strongest response came from homosexuals and their immoderate supporters and continued even after the man died yesterday.

A few weeks ago, the alleged anti-homosexual protester appeared in front of one of Minnesota's most significant, powerful (and now insidious) corporations, General Mills.  The unscrupulous and unprincipled food giant has decided to come out campaigning for allowing legal marriages between people of the same sex.

At present, the Catholic Church in Minnesota and Archbishop Nienstedt, is campaigning on behalf of the Defense of Marriage Act Amendment, which is up for a plebiscite in the upcoming election. (The Archbishop seems also to be tolerating dissent and omission from various corners)

This poor gentleman may have been on the same sheet with Archbishop Nienstedt (or not) as far as his intentions went, but he put himself in the way of a lot of frankly vicious and terribly spiteful publicity when he attempted to light a box of Cherios cereal on fire, and fumbled, rather like Rip Taylor doing a comedy routine, fleeing like keystone cops with his son to his car for a quick getaway.

Since then, he's lost his job, the police were after him and he's lost his life.  Not sure how lighting a bowl of cereal on fire requires a police investigation, but that's the world we live in today.

The vindictiveness and pettiness of the response was all too familiar, but it seems that even the man's death, most likely as a the result of the official but petty bullying on the part of the police department and rabid denunciations from America's best and brightest, wasn't enough to silence the unfair and demonic outcries.

Still, even though the man is dead, the immoral ones see nothing wrong in continuing their jeering, check out the comments. Even Senator Michelle Bachman's appearance on the thread asking for calm didn't stop the intolerance, bigotry and hate.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

And Now, The Erotic Liturgy

That Homily Spoke to Me
Edit: This "Liturgy" is protestant, but it would be easy to see something similar going on in many parts of decaying Germany's Catholic institutions.

If you ever really wanted to keep people from going to Mass, this is it!  Mass attendance in Germany and the West in general of course is catastrophic, and this is a significant part of the reason why.  This Liturgy is actually a lot more underwhelming, embarrassing and nauseating than it is erotic.  

It really underscores the delusion on the part of the presumably ( says he is) homosexual pastor and the people who tolerate him.

A Nassau-Hessian homosexual Pastor:  "We are crying for God with desire."

Wiesbadent (  In order to make a powerful media echo, about 200 [Mostly over 60] visitors packed a church to have an "erotic Liturgy" on the 5th of August in the Wiesbaden city district of Mainz-Kastel.  It was held under the motto, "In the Vineyard of Love".  Numerous media reported about the service in the internet editions, by "Frankfurter Rundschau", the "Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung", the "Suddeutsche Zeitung", "Die Welt", "Stern", "Focus" and of course "Der Spiegel".

Edit:   The local was unimpressed, but the pastor's language is quite deplorable and odd.  Why should people be subjected to this sort  of thing?

Ralf Schmidt of the Erlöserkirche ("Church of the Saviour") in Wiesbaden, western Germany, had promised a service celebrating the divine element of physical love, news magazine Der Spiegel reported on Sunday. 

"There is no life without eroticism, and no life without God," he said during his sermon, the Frankfurter Rundschau newspaper reported. "Taste each other, look at each other, feel each other, feel how friendly life can be. My backside, my hands, my tongue, my penis, my earlobes are the landing spots of love. In this way we want to enjoy what God has given us, even though we don't have paradise anymore. Because love comes from God, not the devil." 

Later, he led his 200-strong congregation in a swaying dance as they held hands to foster a sense of intimacy, while the organ played Elvis Presley's "Love Me Tender."

Link to the Local.... 

Monday, August 6, 2012

Political Activists Ignore Obvious Link Between Homosexual Activity and Sex-Abuse

Edit:  while continuing to attack the Catholic Church as the culprit in child sexual abuse, despite the fact that such crimes committed by priests have been and continue to be rare, media and political forces ignore the obvious culprit in the Sandusky case while promoting the very same thing themselves.

The following article throws some interesting light on the Sandusky case and its relationship with the Catholic Church's alleged issues with sexual abuse.

Many will probably remember "President" Obama's Safe Sex (with kids) Czar Kevin Jennings, defending turning a blind eye to a young man who came to him for counsel when he was being molested by an adult. From Creative Pundit:

The explosive report posted here and here outed Obama’s ‘Safe Schools Czar’s sickening promotion of child porn books to school children.

Since then Jennings has been cited for promoting sexual activity with children in the most blithe fashion, but this has gone largely unnoticed.

Certainly, the same people advocating for the arrest of Kansas city's Archbishop Finn for allegedly neglecting to report the appearance of child pornography on the computer of one of his priests, aren't the same people advocating for excusing the behavior of Kevin Jennings.

And while Jeff Anderson vociferously attacks the Catholic Church, he remains silent on the assistant and abettor of child-abuse, Kevin Jennings himself. Perhaps it's not a good idea to bite the hand that feeds you, since Jeff Anderson's political alignment is no mystery if his campaign and political contributions are any indication.

The following is from WND exclusive interviewing radio talk-show personality Micheal L. Brown who's one of the few commentators identifying what most people, including the homosexual activist and his allies, who is willing to identify the problem:
Brown said the stance is consistent with the homosexual community’s role in public schools for years. 
“Also, since homosexual activists push so hard for Gay Straight Alliances in schools, many of which have clearly introduced younger gay boys to older gay men, it is difficult for gay activists to take the high moral ground when it comes to exposing and condemning Sandusky,” the conservative pundit contends. 
The American Family Association of Pennsylvania concurs that concealment and silence were key in protecting homosexual behavior at Penn State. 
The group alleges former Penn State President Graham Spanier supported the homosexual lifestyle on campus as never before. AFA President Diane Gramley recently cited the Freeh Sporkin & Sullivan report issued last month as confirmation of the silence that allowed homosexual behavior at the scandal-plagued university.

Monday, April 23, 2012

German Jesuit Sees Causality Between Homosexuality and Abuse

The director of the Institute for Psychology at the Jesuit Gregorian University in Rome has spoken.
Fr. Zollner SJ on German Jesuit Site

(  Child abuse isn't a problem for the Catholic Church.

This is what the Vice Rector of the Jesuit led Papal University of the Gregorian in Rome, Father Hans Zollner, said to Polish news ‘Rzeczpospolita’.

The Jesuit leads the 'Institute for Psychology' at the Gregorian.

This is independent of the Church

For example the Jesuit mentioned the Islamic Schools in England, in which five hundred children were sexually abused in 2011.

The abuse of children is a general problem -- independent of religious back ground.

Seventy percent of the cases occur in the family.

Homosexuals present a greater danger

Probably for political reasons, Father Zollner disagrees that there is a direct connection between homosexuality and the abuse of children.

Not "every" homosexual is a danger for children -- he stated palpably.

Then he comes to the point:  there is a greater danger from homosexual disordered persons than from those who are healthy.

Homosexually Related

He referred to abuse cases registered by the Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith.

That revealed that seventy percent were not children, but sexually mature youths.

Many cases of abuse in the ecclesiastical area are "homosexually related".

In contrast most of the offenses outside of the Church involve girls.

Additionally, the priest concluded that the share of homosexual perpetrators in the Church is greater than in the world.

Removing Homosexuals is Justified

The Jesuit referred to the emotional and moral maturity of the priestly candidates.

When these err, then there are many problems after a few years.

Fr. Zollner does not want to limit the problem to homosexual abuses.

He pointed to alcoholism, to sexual addictions or unstable personalities who are inclined to rebellion.

Link to original...

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Case Against Archbishop Leonard of Belgium Dismissed

Edit: After being asked by the Old Liberals in the Diocese to reisgn, the Archbishop was then sued by a homosexual activist who claimed that he found the Archbishop's statements damaging to him. The court showed some sanity and disagreed.


With its references to AIDS, the archbishop of Brussels caused outrage for storms, the action of a lawyer was rejected.

Brussels ( / CBA / red) A court in the Belgian city of Antwerp has dismissed a lawsuit against Archbishop André-Joseph Leonard of Mechelen-Brussels. The appellant did not prove to have been personally harmed by statements of the Belgian Bishops' Conference Chairman or insulted, Belgian media on site reported on Wednesday. 

An attorney filed last year against Leonard because of his public statements about AIDS and homosexuality. The lawyer announced that he would appeal the decision to close the case. 

Leonard had described AIDS as a consequence of misconduct, a form of 'immanent justice'. The comment had triggered a storm of indignation. Teachers of the Catholic University of Leuven, church newspaper chief editors and representatives of Catholic laity called for his resignation. In protest against Léonard, remarks came the then Speaker of the Belgian Bishops' Conference, Jürgen Mette Penningen. He likened the Archbishop with a ghost rider, holding on despite the warnings about his course from  his navigation system.

In 2005, Leonard was interviewed by a French journal, "Monseigneur Leonard. Interviews with Louis Mathoux" where they talked about the disease AIDS. In the third  question his interviewer asked whether he thought there was a connection between AIDS and punishment from God.  Leonard had answered: it's just as much from pollution that might cause damage or, something such as alcohol abuse could  cause damage to  ones self, so too dangerous sexual practices (eg, multiple sexual partners and anal sex) lead to diseases such as AIDS. ONLY in this sense does he want to talk about "inherent justice". 

Friday, October 21, 2011

UK: Judge Castigates Homosexuals For Their Narcissism

Judge slams parents for putting their interests ahead of their children
Friday, October 21st, 2011

Two same-sex couples who are contesting custody over two young girls have put their own wishes ahead of the welfare the children involved, according to a leading UK family judge.

Mr Justice Hedley was speaking in the High Court in a case in which a gay man and his lover took the lesbian mother of his children and her partner to court for access rights. The case is similar to an Irish case in which a gay man, who acted as a sperm donor for a lesbian couple, sought access to his child. In that case, the Supreme Court ruled that the father should be given access rights.

The parents involved in the UK case were the mother of the two children and her lesbian civil partner, now aged 45 and 44 respectively, and the biological father of the girls and his long-standing gay partner, aged 50 and 41, according to a Daily Mail report. Their names, and the names of the children, were kept secret under the ruling, which was published last week.

Link to article...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Scotish Bishop Meets Sectarian Leader About Homosexual Sectarianism

Edit: you mean the sectarianism of homosexual groups who want unrestricted and eager acceptance of whatever it is they do by society at large? The author of this piece shows great sagacity in identifying the problem:

However, confusion now reigns as to what is a sectarian offence. First Minister Salmond said a clause guaranteeing freedom of speech would be inserted into the legislation, while details of past sectarian-related incidents would be published. He said this would continue on an on-going basis.

The Bishop is still concerned about same-sex marriage in Scotland.

Speaking after his October 6 meeting with First Minister Alex Salmond of Scotland, Catholic Bishop Philip Tartaglia of Paisley said, “I am grateful to the First Minister, for the opportunity to have raised these matters with him in a personal way. I share the concerns of the Scottish Government that sectarianism should be eradicated from Scottish society. Fears that the wide remit of the ‘Offensive Behaviour Bill’ might impinge on the freedom to hold and express otherwise inoffensive views appear to have been recognised and are being addressed.”

Bishop Tartaglia added, “I particularly welcome the First minister’s commitment to track and analyse sectarian crime on an on-going basis using all data relating to Section 74 of the Criminal Justice Scotland Act 2003. Clearly, we cannot tackle a problem without first measuring it.”

Bishop Tartaglia concluded, “Our discussions also afforded me an opportunity to reiterate the Catholic Bishops’ publicly stated commitment to “strenuously oppose” any moves towards ‘same sex marriage’. This matter remains unresolved for the moment since the consultation is on-going. I thank the First minister for his assurance that the Government has not reached a final decision on this issue.” The bishop’s statement followed an October 6 meeting with First Minister Salmond concerning legislation now being considered in Scotland’s parliament that seeks to abolish sectarian threats and violence.


Saturday, July 30, 2011

Cardinal Marx Reaffirms the Church's Teaching on Homsexuality and Divorce

Cardinal Marx Tricks The Homosexuals

Homosexually disordered persons may be certain: the Church will not "accommodate a negative pastoral approach" -- and the same goes for sodomites.
Clever as a Snake

(, München)  Yesterday Reinhard Cardinal Marx of Munich and Freising explained his most recent statement primarily related to the Munich Diocesan paper, that adulterers and homosexually perverse are "failed and broken people".

On the same day he made a statement to the ‘Süddeutschen Zeitung’, with which he took the  homosexual paper for a ride.

He employed a similar tactic for his own homosexual paper.

The Cardinal began by deflecting the comments, saying, He was "very unhappy" with the reportage of his statements.

You would supposedly "not say that homosexuals-- or even the divorced -- were failed people."

Because: people can always begin again.

Actually, he presumed that an unrepentant, homosexually disturbed individual is a failure.

The Homosexually Perverse Go with Hair and Skin to Hell

Somewhat curious is the Cardinal's insistence, to this that such a person only "Fails in one's course of life, but not actually in his person, because that itself is the creation and likeness of God".

Saintly Doctor of the Church Petrus Damianus († 1072)

"The [homosexual]contagion undermines the foundation of the Faith, weakens the strength of hope, destroys the bond of Love. It removes justice, undermines strength, banishes chastity, enfeebles refinement and prudence."

If the Cardinal were to desirous to deny the existence of Hell with this statement, he would no longer be in the bounds of the Gospel.

So answered Jesus Christ in the 13th Chapter of the Gospel of Luke to the question if few are saved:

"Strive to enter by the narrow gate; for many, I say to you, shall seek to enter, and shall not be able."

That is applicable especially to homosexual depravity, which according to the witness of the Old Testament highly prized by the Jews is a sin which cries to heaven for vengeance.

Actually, it follows from the context that the Cardinal simply said that the person, so long as he lives in this world, at least has the chance, theretically speaking, to do penance before the end.

God to Catherine of Sienna († 1380):
"The sin against nature is even repulsive to the Demons, not because they abhor the evil or rejoice in the good, rather because of their angelic nature and therefore is repulsed, if they see, how such an enormous sin is committed."

Thomistically Well Formulated

Finally, the Cardinal explained: "A homosexual may be condemned as any other person, not actually, therefore, how he is."

That is well formulated thomistically.

Because sin -- even homosexual degeneracy -- is not a part of being, rather a disorder and therefore a deficiency of being.

They are also to be condemned for their deficiency in being.

The Cardinal then explained joyfully on this, that "in our present time" homosexually disordered people are no longer condemned.

The phrase "no longer" is a suspicious appeal to the Enlightenment, that people are damned solely on the basis of their own being.

This is how the Enlightenment thinkers mistook blacks for animals.

No one will be "accompanied in a pastorally negative way"

In reality and Church teaching Cardinal Marx doesn't skim: "As the Church we clearly say that the fulfillment of human sexuality is expressed by a person in the matrimonial bond of man and woman, which is a life-long connection and open to the procreation of life."

In other words: perversity is unfulfilled sexuality.

Saint Pius V († 1572)

Every horific crime, for which the corrupt and obscene cities (Sodom and Gomorrah) were burned by Divine punishment, fill us with the most bitter pain and spur us considerably on, to quell such crimes with the utmost zeal.

Then the Cardinal acknowledges that for "many people" -- as the Cardinal expresses it -- is not possible.

With the expression "many people" he means adulterers and the homosexually disordered. The turn of phrase "not possible" is a description of their failure.

These failed people must "receive a positive pastoral accommodation" by the Church.

That is the truism which is valid for every manner of pastoral accommodation.

Because the Church doesn't want to greet anyone on his way through life with a "accommodated to a negative pastoral approach".

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Homosexual Irish Presidential Hopeful Promotes Pederasty

Editor:  After saying that a distinction should be drawn between pederasty and pedophilia, the older homosexual frontrunner for Irish president, David Norris, said that he could see an older, more mature man lovingly guiding a young man in the things of the world. 

On the one hand, you have tacit or explicit, in the case of the aspirant president here, for pederasty, that is, homosexual activity between two males where one is older and presumably mature while the other is younger and legally minor, and on the other hand, you have the same people in different contexts and discussions decrying alleged abuses in the Catholic Church. Pederasty and homosexuality go hand in hand and it's how a lot of homosexuals were confused about the issue themselves as boys. What you have here is an increasingly mainstream politician attempting to legitimize deviant behavior that often involves children and adolescents.

Surely, it's not just Hilary White at who sees the obvious hypocrisy?

But it's not just in radical circles where this sort of thing is being promoted, it's in the Democratic National Committee in the USA and other progressive parties -- are there any other-- in Europe at large, there sinister voices gathering who are advocating the lowering of the age of consent and the decriminalizing of sexual contact between adults and children or adolescents, like Germany's Green Party, for example.