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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Sassy Pants Hamburg Archbishop Wishes His Flock, “Could Have Done This Shit Alone” as Catholic Education Collapses

Planned school closings in the Archdiocese continue to cause fierce debate among Catholics and beyond. Archdiocese does not want to transfer schools threatened with closure to Fundación Arenales, which is supposed to be close to Opus Dei

Hamburg ( In the archdiocese of Hamburg, the planned school closings among the Catholics and beyond continue to cause heated debate. This is reported by FAZ. After the diocese had determined that its own school association barely formed pension provisions and the schools were not operating while covering costs, the emergency brake was pulled and eight school closures decided upon. Because of the over-indebtedness of the budget in the amount of 83 million euros in 2017, the debt would rise in the next five years, according to the diocese to 350 million euros. The nerves in the archdiocese of Hamburg are likely to have been pushed to the edge by the diocesan administration. The FAZ quotes the Hamburg Archbishop Heße as follows: If he had known what to expect in Hamburg, "then they could have done the shit alone.”

It is also interesting that the Archdiocese of Hamburg offered schools that were to be closed to establish new sponsorship associations. A director then founded an Edith Stein School, which since January 1, 2019, a daughter of Diakoniewerk New Bank Ramp, a non-profit Christian carrier from the region. Another school has already taken similar steps.

According to the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, however, six out of a total of 21 archdiocesan schools are still to be closed, and two more are subject to a moratorium of one year.

An explicitly Catholic school would like to avoid the Archdiocese of Hamburg, however. An offer of school takeover by a Spanish foundation called Fundación Arenales, which according to the FAZ is close to Opus Dei and the Neocatechumenate, was rejected. The Fundacion already runs a kindergarten in Munich. The Archdiocese said that the Foundation does not want to transfer any schools.

Incidentally, the number of students at the Catholic schools in Hamburg has fallen from more than 10,000, and since 2013 it is presently around 8,500.

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Monday, July 31, 2017

Hamburg Attacker: "I do not want to do anything to you, I want to attack Christians."

According to a Focus-Online report, what the Muslim attacker Ahmed A. said after the knife assassination attempt in Hamburg

Hamburg (  "I do not want to do anything to you, I want to attack Christians." According to a Focus-Online report, this is what the Muslim terrorist Ahmed A., told another Muslim after the knife attack attempt in Hamburg, who had apparently prevented the terrorist from further attacks. Also involved was Aimen Zahri. The 37-year-old told Focus that he was the one who threw the 26-year-old assassin on the ground and held him after he stabbed one man and injured five others. "I did not hesitate for a moment when I realized what had just happened." They were in total eight, and with whicker chairs and an iron bar, they had driven the attacker into a corner and finally overwhelmed him.


Friday, June 9, 2017

Invader Rapes 14 Year Old Girl -- Faces 3-4 Years

HAMBURG. [Junge Freiheit]  The rape of a 13-year-old girl in Hamburg may not be punished as a child abuse. On Thursday the presiding judge, the prosecutor's office as well as the defense, came to an agreement. Negotiations are now being made on account of the allegation of rape, but not on account of the original allegation of serious sexual abuse of a child.

The accused is a 30-year-old asylum seeker from Iraq. He is said to have brutally raped the now 14-year-old in November 2016 at the S-Bahnhof Jungfernstieg. The student had previously celebrated with friends on the Rathausmarkt and was drunk. They also met a group of men to whom the Iraqi belonged.

The defendant wants to confess

When the girl was going home at around 3 in the morning, the Iraqi grabbed her at the S-Bahnhof Jungfernstieg from behind, dragged her into a room and he fled. After the deportation, the asylum seeker escaped to Hungary, but was arrested and handed over to Germany at the beginning of March.

According to the judge, the defendant could not have known without doubt that the girl was only 13 years old, reports the Hamburger Abendblatt. Therefore, the parties agreed to abandon the allegation of child abuse. In this way, the girl, who still suffers from the act, can be spared a statement.

The defense has announced that the Iraqi wants to make a confession in the course of the proceedings, which will be continued in the middle of June. The judge signaled that he would have to face a term of imprisonment between three and three and a half years. (Krk)
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Monday, January 9, 2017

False Emergency Report: Africans Attack, Rob and Sexually Abuse Nurse

[Focus] A 28-year-old is in Hamburg-St. George has been injured and robbed by several men. The incident took place on Saturday, there are also indications of a sexual offense.

According to the first findings, the woman had rushed to a park after she had heard of an emergency  there. Shortly thereafter, she was attacked by several men who  had knocked her unconscious. The men are also alleged to have sexually abused the woman.

Rescuers found the woman already experiencing exposure from the cold.

The 28-year-old victim had called the rescue team. They found the woman in the park. According to the "initial" report, parts of their clothes were torn from the body and her money had been stolen.

The woman described the four  men to the police as follows: Male, African appearance, 20-30 years old, about 180 cm tall, darkly dressed.

The woman remembers a fifth man:

Male, African appearance, end 30 / beginning 40, over 180 cm large, bright points on both cheeks, thick figure, green or turquoise garment with several glittering seams, stripes in the chest area, dark jacket. The police are asking witnesses to report at the telephone number 040 / 4286- 56789.
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Sunday, September 14, 2014

The Number of Catholics in Northern Europe is Climbing Rapidly

It also includes significantly, the number of conversions. "The former Lutheran state churches are in crisis. The influence of elected governments on matters of faith irritates many evangelical Christians."

Hamburg ( The number of Catholics in Scandinavia is rising rapidly for years, according to the Nordic Bishops' Conference. In Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland and Iceland there are around 330,000 community members registered, said the Secretary General of the Nordic Bishops' Conference, Sister Anna Mirijam Kaschner, on Wednesday evening in Hamburg. "In some of our diocese the numbers of Catholics have tripled or even quadrupled." Really should even be assumed that there are 600,000 Catholics, because many migrants are not covered by the municipalities, Kaschner said at the media reception of the Archdiocese of Hamburg.

The largest proportion of Catholics living in Northern Europe are migrant workers from Poland, Croatia, Lithuania, the Philippines and Vietnam. The number of conversions accordingly have increased significantly. "The former Lutheran state churches are in crisis. The influence of elected governments on matters of faith irritates many evangelical Christians, "says Sister Mirijam. "They are looking for a deeper spirituality, liturgy and a clearer orientation in statements of faith and thus find their way into the Catholic Church."

Despite the increases, Catholics in the region are a minority, said the nun. "Those who have experienced the Catholic Church in the Nordic countries, experienced the world church with its Babylonian linguistic diversity of people from more than 70 nations. Every Sunday here is Pentecost."

For Church life, modern means of comssmunication such as smartphones and tablets are a great help to be able to pray with the Mass texts in the mother tongue. Those who can not attend Mass weekly because of the great distances, could follow the service via live streaming. Also, First Communion and Confirmation classes often take place over the Internet. Only pastoral care does not work like this. Kaschner said: "The priest often travel in 150,000 km, to administer the sacraments. The great distance makes the care of the parishioners extremely difficult." However, the biggest challenge is funding. "We are a poor church in rich countries," according to the General Secretary. Many immigrants could not pay the voluntary church tax. Support from Germany for the Catholics in Northern Europe, therefore, has a decisive role in the practical Church life.

 (C) 2014 CBA Catholic News Agency. All rights reserved. Trans: Tancred


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mass of All Ages in Northern Germany

Kiel/Hamburg (  Since the Motu Proprio "Summorum Pontificum" of Pope Benedict XVI. the "Old Masss" have been done quite a bit.   St. Mary the Queen in Bad Schwartau was already the first parish in the Archdiocese of Hamburg to have an additional service in the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite in 2007.  It was followed by St. Joseph in Lubeck, St. Bonifatius in Kronshagen near Kiel as well as St. Joseph and St. Bruder Konrad in Hamburg.  Kiel and Hamburg are among the most recent Mass locations which will their anniversaries this coming January.

"2 Years of the Old Mass in Kiel" opened the event announcement on the website Alte Messe im Norden.  The opening of the celebration will be with a Holy Mass with the closing Blessing of the Three Kings (Epiphany) in the Usus Antioquior on the 5th of January in St. Bonifatius.  After Holy Mass, there is a luncheon planned where all present are invited.  Father Bernward Deneke (FSSP),  who arrives as celebrant, will give a lecture in the afternoon on "The Virtue of Fortitude".  His departure will include the Feast on January 6th with an Holy Mass, also according to the Vetus Ordo.

Only a week later, there will be the next anniversary event: "1 Year of the Old Mass in Hamburg-Osdorf",  is how the invitation reads on the 'Alte-Messe-Homepage' in the events column.  On the 13th of January 2013, the Feast of the Holy Family, a Levitical High Mass will take place in the church of St. Bruder Konrad.  At its conclusion there is an invitation to meeting after with coffee and cakes.  According to the official Diocesan Newspaper of Hamburg of the 15th of December 2011, Archbishop Dr. Werner Thissen has arranged the Sunday and Feast Day celebration of Holy Mass in the extraordinary form as an additional Mass offering in St. Bruder Konrad.

From Kathnews...

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Lutheran Church Closed to Host Freemasonic Rituals

Edit: this is from the German district web-page on the historic meeting of Freemasons, for the first time taking place in a church.

[] Yesterday the main Protestant church in Hamburg, "St. Michealis Kirche", held a Freemasonic convent with ceremony.

Even though the "brothers" were strenuously advised that only limited press photos were allowed, one pius-info reader took some private photos.

Normally the church holds a Feastday protestant Liturgy, but clearly those responsible for church of St. Michaelis find the Freemasonic convent more important than their own community, which was in any case excluded from the event. (see photo)

It was the first time that such a Freemasonic ritual has taken place in a church in Germany.

The pius-info photography shows:  "The ceremony of light with the giving of the candles follows the ritual wall conducted with much tapping and clapping three times to greet the brothers from abroad,  alltogether very comical and middle-class, but deadly serious."

The following press release was to be read in the news "Die Welt":

1,500 Freemasons from all over the world conducted a solemn Masonic ritual in Hamburg's main church ST. Micehalis (Micheal).   It was the high point of the celebration of the 275 year existence of German Freemasons -- in Hamburg, the first Masonic Lodge, "Absalom zu den drei Nesseln" (Absolom of the three Nettles) was founded.

It was the first time that so large a meeting of Freemasons took place in a Church, and the first time that the press could be present on Saturday during this important event.  With this step, the Freemasons want to open themselves to more strongly to society.

(Die Welt, 9/29/12)
Interior of the Protestant church:  Everything is Adapted to the Masonic Ritual

Freemasonry has been condemned by the Church for centuries.

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Saturday, January 14, 2012

SSPX Petitions German Bishops to Make Reparations for Blasphemous Play

The Faithful Are Coming in Buses

Within a week Christ will be ridiculed in Hamburg. The Society of St. Pius X is encouraging the Archbishop Werner Thissen of Hamburg to make an act of reparation.

(, Stuttgart) On the 23rd of January the "Thalia Theater' in Hamburg is introducing the blasphemous piece 'Golgotha Picnic'.

This public act of agitation portrays Christ as a terrorist.

In addition a crucifixion is enacted with a half-naked prostitute.  The tramp has a motorcycle helmet with a crown of thorns painted on it.

In the piece more naked exhibitionist enter whose reproductive organs are projected on a screen for the titillation of the audience.

In France there are thousands of youth on the street.

The Society of St. Pius X jumped into the breech today.  They protested against the blasphemy in a press release.

This requested the German Bishops to participate in the protest.

The speaker for the Society, Father Andreas Steiner, had e-mailed the various press offices of the Diocese.

He recalled that in France, many Bishops -- among them Msgr Dominique Rey (59) of Toulon and Mons. Raymond Centène (53) of Vannes -- condemned the piece in strong terms.

Cardinal André Vingt-Trois of Paris called a prayer vigil against the piece in his Cathedral.

Father Steiner is hoping naively that the German Bishops will follow these examples.

His expectation has even extended elsewhere, that also Protestants, Jews and Muslims will protest.

In fact, the only Christians you could realistically expect to be at the theater will be Traditionalist.
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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Hamburg Archdiocese Features Occult Items For Educational Materials

Do you need a pendulum book, rune stone, tarot cards and a glass ball? In the educational media area of the Archdiocese of Hamburg you can get all this and also get a trunk about Buddhism and even one about Islam.

Hamburg ( At the Archdiocese of Hamburg there is a package of occult items in their educational media area, as reported by a reader. On the Homepage of the Archdiocese there is this explanation: "For the understanding of rites and symbols in world religions, the following educational materials are available to religion instructors as well as established pastoral assistants in the need of the respective educational material. It is available free of charge".

In the trunk about Occultism you will find the following content: 1 red silk purse with 24 rune stones of wood, 1 book of "RUnes" (Andy Baggott), 1 witchboard with a blue wood Ouija planchette, 1 book "Wisdom from Another World" (Marion Röbkes), 1 pendulum in a red carrying case, 1 book "The Great Pendulum Book" (Anton Stangl), 1 "Rider Waite" - Tarot (78 Tarot cards, 2 additional cards, 1 guidebook ), 1 Crystal Ball in plastic film with red carton, 1 stand for the ball in three parts, plastic bag, 1 black drapery (30x30cm) in bag, 1 folder "Information for the use of the Crystal Ball"(1 Page). Otherwise there is a "guide to the manipulation of the Witchboard" (3 pages) and 1 large black drapery to cover the trunk ( 12 parts in all).

Even the trunk about Buddhism with prayer wheel, prayer chains, ritual knife, prayer fans, incense sticks and bronze Buddha figure as well as a trunk about Islam with golden brown prayer rug, brown head towel, 1 dark blue hijab, kafira, 1 Tabih (prayer chain) and 1 Q'uran in German-Arabic portions can be found in the Archdioceses' offerings. has written a statement to the Archdiocese of Hamburg about these offers in the Educational Media section, but till now has received no answer.

Contact the Archdiocese, here...

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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Pope Benedict Tries on New Hard Hat

Vatican.  At as brief audience Pope Benedict XVI received a hard hat as a gift.  This was according to the Hamburg news 'Morningpost'.  The Pope put on his hardhat for the camera.  The helmet bears the inscription.  "Benedict XVI".

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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

A Lübeck Priest is Suspended from Ministry: Homosexual Clergy and Lay Professionals are Being Phased Out

Edit: No one is being forced to become a priest here.  There are rules and as it turns out, there are good reasons for them. In any event, things are being done to deal with this obvious problem.  As with the case of David Berger, if you think you're going to get a pass on your behavior because you're witty and know about how to match the tea set with the drapes, you're sadly mistaken.  Laughably, the Lutheran Communion is being cited as an example.  If you want to fade into irrelevance, the way of multi-Culturalism is the way to go.

Lubeck -- The Catholic Church put a cleric on leave because of "priestly lapse".  Critics speak of hypocrisy.[They can't speak about much else besides sex, so it's a slight reprieve]

The Catholic Church in Lubeck removed a homosexual Pastor from further service. [Good.] The 40-year old churchman had made his inclination known in a corresponding internet-forum.

The Masses in the little St. Vecelin Community had been since that point read by Provost Franz Mecklenfeld,  because the Church had a personell problem there.  Since the summer Matthias T. aged 40 has been absent..  The priest had been put on leave by Archbishop Werner Thissen.  The Church does not want to hang its personell issue from the clock tower for everyone to see.  The parishoners however are firing the wildest rumours into the air.  "No one has been harmed, neither physically nor materially", explained the community spokesman Werner Schroeder.  He would not give further information.

Matthias T. is homosexual. [Allegedly]  That is in no way punishable in the Catholic Church -- so long as it remained his private affair. [Nor is this true] Homosexuals are not supposed to be priests in any case, as the Vatican has most recently declared.  If their inclination, however, is discovered at first, the Church passes it over in silence-- so long as the person concerned isn't "outed". T, however was traveling a corresponding internet-forum [], and had made his homosexuality known and probably  cemented some contacts in the homosexual scene.  On the "ultraconservative" site the controversy was discussed on the net.  Critics spoke of the "prostitution of a cleric".

"It was handled like a priestly lapse", came the monosyllabic reply from the Archdiocese of Hamburg.  "Our personell department is occupied with the case," said the Diocesan speaker Manfred Nielen.  Since 6. Juli the cleric has been deprived of full faculties.  The punitive and relevant proceedings as being speculated by the community, were not weighed against the 40 year old.

The Pastor had left Lubeck in the meantime, because he had to leave his home.  Pikant:  Matthias T. was employed by the Hamburger Archbishop of Lubeck as a student chaplain.  The position is vacant to date.  T. was also active in the confession and communion ministry for children.

"We must be responsible", explained Provost Mecklenfeld, Christian Weisner, presiding member of the people's movement "We Are Church", said in contrast: "Increasingly more gays don't want to live a double life any more, are tired of the secrecy".  The double standard [sic] of the Catholic Church puts those concerned under tremendous pressure.  Many clerics break down. [Lots of jobs out there besides being a priest that are better paying]

Homosexuality remains for the Catholic Church a red hankerchief. In the book just now presented in Rome the Pope is cited as saying this sentence: "It [the homosexuality] remains something, that is against whose nature is placed, what God had originally  desired."  According to appraisals from "We Are Church"  there are at least 20 percent of all Catholic Priests who are homosexual.  In the Roman Catholic Church the priests promise an unmarried state (Celibacy).

In the North Elba Evangelical Lutheran Church [NEK] homosexuality is not a hindrance  either for ordination or for the carrying out of its spiritual office.  Already in 1986 the NEK-Synod had spoken out against the discrimination of homosexual persons.  "In the meantime there has been a number of Pastors and Pastorettes who are also living in homosexual partnerships", explained Vice Church Spokesperson, Thomas Kärst [But Lutheranism is effectively dead in Germany anyway, so why does it matter?]

By Curd  Tönnemann

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