Thursday, March 31, 2011

Irish Minister Wants to Strip Catholic Church of 50% of Its Schools

Editor: abuse-hoax = Catholic Church out of education... just like in Germany in the 30s when Catholics were bombarded with rare occasions of sex abuse by the National Socialist hate-media.

Catholic Church said to be ‘shocked’ by Education Minister’s plan


EDUCATION MINISTER RUAIRÍ Quinn’s decision to transfer more than 1,500 church schools to other patrons by next January has ‘shocked’ the Catholic Church.

The Irish Independent reports today ( that church leaders have argued that his start date was too ambitious and that though it welcomed the forum, sources said the church had first raised the issue of an over supply of catholic schools and that they were finalising their own consultation on the issue.

The Catholic Schools Partnership is to publish a position paper next week and the results of its consultation process will be analysed by representatives from all dioceses at four regional assemblies in June of this year.

Apparently, Archibshop Martin is very exited about handing over the Catholic Schools to the Godless materialists who run Ireland's government.

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