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Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Continuing Saga of the Dom Bosco Verein in Saarland

Editor:  Petty rules shouldn't be able to stop or hinder real education from going on in modernist Germnany, but it does.

May 6, 2011

The "Don Bosco School Association" has filed a lawsuit against the Saarland ministry for social affairs. The reason: The ministry's office of youth affairs has still not responded to the association's petition to reopen its "Heart of Jesus School", that was shut down in August, 2010. The association, which is controlled by the FSSPX, lost its permit to run the school last year because more than 25 children were being boarded although the permit only allowed for 8 boarding pupils. In an preliminary decision last August, an appeals court ruled for the office of youth affairs, finding that the closing of the school was lawful and that the school association had proved itself untrustworthy by violating the permit conditions.

Nevertheless, says the school association, the decision of the court also made clear that nothing stood in the way of a renewed issuance of the permit, as long as the association was able to prove that the infrastructure was in place to run the school in compliance with regulations. And the association has now been able to prove this for some time. A statement of the association declared: "In spite our efforts to work together constructively; in spite of the newly constructed dormitory and reorganized management", the office for youth affairs refuses to process the new permit application. Thus, six months after initiating the application, the association finds itself forced to file a lawsuit.

A speaker for the ministry of social affairs yesterday justified its silence by the lack of a final decision in the original case. As long as no final decision has been issued by the court, the school association must still be considered untrustworthy. The school association, for its part, now would like to convince the public of its integrity and thus invites everyone to view the new dormitory rooms. An open house with refreshments is planned for tomorrow, from 2:00 PM to 6:00 PM.

translated by wsxyz

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Traditional Nuns Join the Society of Pius X

Traditional Reparative Sisters of the Holy Ghost have taken the consequences after a year long terror from the side of Conciliar Jacobins.

Website of the Reparative Nuns of Niedaltdorf

( The Traditional religious community of the Reparative Sisters of Niedaltdorf have established themselves under the Society of St. Pius X.

The Sisters explained this in an open letter to the General Superior of the Society, Bishop Bernard Fellay.

The text is available on the website of the Society. [In German]

Niedaltdorf -- is a village in the community of Rehlingen-Siersburg in the district of Saarlouis located in the Diocese of Trier in Saarland.  The Sisters have been entrusted to run the elder home St. Antoniushaus.

In 2000 the Sisters were required to find a second house.

For the moment all the Sisters live in Niedaltdorf.

Worldwide there are twenty seven religious communities in the Society of PIus X.

Persecuted by the Communists and by the Conciliar Commisars

In their letter the Reparative Sisters thank "from the heart" and with "deepest gratitude" for their acceptance into the ranks of the Society.

Since their founding, it has been a goal of the Sisters, through the Old Mass, through prayer and service to neighbor to sacrifice and atone.

The foundress, Mother Cornelia Holewik, gathered her first daughters in Communist  Czechoslovakia between 1945 to 1966. 

The Sisters were inflicted with severe physical and spiritual torments during the Communist persecution -- explained the letter to Bishop Fellay:

"In true and real Catholic Faith for atonement for the mother house and enduring six years of factory work under the worst conditions, till she could travel to the Bundesrepublik after long, difficult battles."

In the Conciliar confusion the Nuns  " were exposed to many battles"  again:  "We have prayed all year for clear understanding."

They learned that  divine providence had led the Order in incorporation with the Society of St. Pius X  -- it went on.

There is "still where the true Catholic Faith is promoted and lived".

The Sisters of the Reparation invited Msgr Fellay to their house:

"Porae patent, magis cor"  -  "The doors remain open, even more so then the heart."

Link to original, here.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Victory in the Kulturkampf: Saarland Schools Stay Open, for Now

"Gloria in excelsis Deo -

Glory to God in the highest and peace on earth to men of good will."

Dear Friends and Benefactors of the Don-Bosco-School Association in Saarland!"

The Saarlouis court has reviewed the suspensive effect of our complaint: the schools in Saarland will remain open according to the ruling of the judge who could find no shortcomings in the operation of the schools.

Full of joy and relief the students, teachers and staff have intoned the "Te Deum" -- "Great God we praise Thee"!

To all of you we wish to express our hearty thanks, for those of you who've supported us with your prayers, with advice and deeds of solidarity.

 Praise God!

With thankful joy we greet you warmly from Saarbrücken-Fechingen!

Father Christian Schneider

Harald Messmer. Director of the Realschule Heart of Jesus

Johannes Adamski. Director of the Grade School St. Arnaul.

Translated from SSPX's German District site, here.

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H/t: Ignis Ardens, link to thread with comments by well-informed individuals who have been on the ground at the schools, here.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Saarland in Germany Closes Two Schools of the SSPX

The Society of Pius X identifies the measures of Education Minister Klaus Kessler (Grüne) as "politically ideological" and will challenge them legally.

Saarbrücken ( The Education Ministry of Saarland has concluded that with the end of the current half of the school year, two Saarland schools, which are operated by the Society of Pius X, must conclude their operation.  It falls upon the grade school in St. Arnual in Fechingen, according to SR-Online.  The back ground for this is, according to Education Minister Kessler (Grüne),  the long conflct related to the dormitory of the Heart of Jesus Realschule, which the Dom Bosco School Society must close in 2010.

The Dom Bosco School Society, both boards of the schools had declared during a press conference,  it said "all of us are committed to exhaust all legal steps". The decision of the Education Ministry is being described as "ideologically political".  The School Society explained in a statement on this that the Education Minister Kessler has already, as GEW-President, attempted "an illegal revocation of financial support and even the alteration of the Private School Laws" , "only so that he could close our schools.  He slandered us in February 2009 as 'extremists in the area of education' and mischaracterized our manner of education with a description of St. Dom Bosco as a 'cane pedagogue', although these reproaches concerning this matter had shown themselves to be a slander campaign in 2007.

As predicted, the school will probably be closed by Green party radicals who have no business running a hat shop, much less a school system.

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