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Friday, March 29, 2013

Bishop Vasa Caves to Consensus on “Catholic” Education

Aren’t you the supposed to be the King of the Forest?
"Vasa said that in the future, it will continue to be his goal to make all the Catholic schools under the Santa Rosa Diocese “strong educational and faith-based institutions. It is important to remember that they are both educational and faith-based institutions,” he added emphatically. “ -Janelle Wetzstein petuluma 360

Edit: once again another Neoconservative Prelate caves in to the Marxist consensus. Here we are, continuing to face the persistent decay of Catholic education as well as the cowardice of its Bishops. Ex Corde Ecclesia is a nice document, but it does seem to be ignored and when it’s imposed, Catholic Bishops often cave in when they are challenged.

Allegedly Catholic students and faculty lament that the Bishop’s policies are discriminatory, well yes, sweethearts, it’s meant to be discriminatory. One wonders if the Bishop has thought to ask these people if they might go to other institutions that are more suitable to their lack of moral and religious foundation?  Nothing’s stopping you lot from going to a secular school, where you can be as inclusive of everything, except for Christianity, as you like.

Someone should explain to Catholic Bishops that one of the reasons why people go to Catholic Schools is because they ARE exclusive.

Here’s an article from petaluma 360. It says the Bishop’s decision was “lauded”. It’s hard to imagine how that could be the case that the decision could be lauded even by the people who were opposed to it, but we’re pretty sure that the Bishop’s cowardice will be met by sleepy resignation and indifference, possibly even with some tricky prestidigitation, on the part of most professional Catholics.

Many in the St. Vincent school community expressed relief recently when Bishop Robert Vasa relented in his requirement that all Catholic school teachers in the Santa Rosa Diocese sign a controversial ‘morals’ addendum in order to keep their jobs.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity this week due to the ongoing controversial nature of the issue, one St. Vincent’s teacher said that staff was pleased with the tone of Vasa’s letter. “It highlighted his dedication to a more collaborative approach, especially with the pastors and principals who are closest to the mission of the school and its Catholic identity,” said the teacher. “I and everyone else I talked to was very moved by his letter.”

The addendum required all teachers — including non-Catholic teachers — to say they believe that issues such as contraception, abortion, gay marriage and euthanasia are “modern errors” that “gravely offend human dignity.”

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