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Monday, December 21, 2020

First Bishops' Conference in the World to Call for Aberrosexual "Marriage"

Archbishop Stankevics of Riga: Latvia's Bishops' Conference is the first in the world to call for the legalization of "gay marriage".

(Riga) The Latvian Bishops' Conference managed to set a record. Under the leadership of Msgr. Zbignevs Stankevics, Archbishop of Riga, it was the first bishops' conference in a country to call for the introduction of "gay marriage".

This unusual demand is justified with the call to “put all ideologies aside”. For the bishops, this obviously also includes the Catholic faith, which is incompatible with such a demand.

"It's unbelievable, but tragically true," said the Catholic online newspaper Nuova Bussola Quotidiana have surged ahead of the Latvian bishops. On December 15th they called on the Latvian parliament to legalize “gay marriage” and also “wild marriages”, what the Church calls “irregular connections”. The archbishop said it openly at a hearing in parliament.

In November the Constitutional Court made a distinction between marriage and family, stating that “family” includes a variety of different relationships, while marriage only means a relationship between a man and a woman. That was the call to introduce "gay marriage". The bishops have now seconded.

Archbishop Stankevics justified the initiative that it was a matter of "uniting society, not dividing it", and referred to John XXIII, albeit without context. The archbishop seems to have misunderstood some things. The basis on which an agreement is reached cannot be arbitrary. It is not an end in itself. Unity is a consequence of the natural order, not its opposite.

The bishops would “not question the traditional understanding of family,” said the archbishop. However, they decouple the Christian understanding of the family from the legal system of the country.

Last October, Pope Francis caused irritation when he declared that he had supported the introduction of registered partnerships in Argentina in order to prevent the legalization of "gay marriage". The Latvian bishops have surpassed this record by calling for "gay marriage" to "unite" society.

How can the family, under fire from all sides, withstand when even the bishops become their enemies, hollowing them out and undermining them?

Archbishop Stankevics made the request at the parliamentary hearing, but the other bishops in the country immediately supported his request. The Latvian Bishops' Conference wrote a letter to President Egils Levits and Parliamentary President Inara Munriece, in which they defined the maintenance of marriage as a union between a man and a woman, but at the same time recommended the legalization of other forms of union.

Launched in 2003, the CDF published under the direction of the then Cardinal Prefect Joseph Ratzinger, "Considerations Regarding Proposals of Legal Recognition to Unions Between Homosexual Persons," seem to have remained unknown to the Latvian episcopate.

The homosexualization train rolls on.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi 
Picture: Igreja em Movimento (screenshot)

Trans: Tancred


Monday, August 12, 2019

Bernardin Creature & Evil Liberal Civil Rights Leader Accused of Being a Predator on Children

Edit: Cardinal Bernardin protected him for years.

CHICAGO (CNS) — Cardinal Blase J. Cupich of Chicago has asked now-retired Father George Clements, 87, who is well known as a civil rights leader, an adoptive father and a national advocate of adoption, to step aside from ministry during an investigation into an abuse claim made against him.
An Aug. 8 news release from the Chicago Archdiocese said the alleged abuse of a minor reportedly occurred in 1974, while Father Clements served as pastor of Holy Angels Parish in Chicago.
“The allegation was referred to the archdiocesan Office for Child Abuse Investigations and Review by the Chicago Police Department,” the news release said. “In keeping with our child protection policies, the allegation was reported to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and the Cook County State’s Attorney.”


Monday, June 10, 2019

Belgian Church Working Group Sought to Normalize Pedophilia in 1982 (I)

Bishop Vangheluwe 2008 in Africa.

by Ferdinand Boischot

In hardly any other country was the secularization and de-Christianization following the Second Vatican Council as deep and broad as in Belgium, and especially in the northern Dutch-speaking area.

Left-oriented, progressive "believers" seized the ecclesiastical structures. Theological expertise, patristics and fundamental theology were quickly removed. With a so-called Haalbaarheidsmoraal ("accessibility morality", but de facto relativization of all moral norms) a complete adaptation to the zeitgeist was carried out and in particular a takeover of the total sexual freedom and a fixation on it.

Within this framework, what is well documented is an almost complete homophilization of the clergy.

The abuse scandals revealed over the last 20 years have also emerged in this context.

The Cardinals Suenens and Danneels and Bishop Jozef Desmet (Diocese of Bruges) were internationally renowned for their progressiveness (Suenens and Desmet played a prominent role in the Second Vatican Council revolution.) Suenens and Danneels propagated sexual freedom at all levels and practiced tolerance, where the successor of Desmet as Bishop of Bruges, Roger Vangheluwe, not only hushed up all sexual scandals, but himself preyed for many years on the children of his own brother.l

Where, at the moment, the Catholic Church is shaken by pedophile and homosexual abuse scandals and this vile situation is denounced by Pope Em. Benedict XVI. and leading cardinals and bishops (Card. Brandmüller, Card. Sarah, Archbishop Viganò), some modernist theologians in Germany and the United States  recite the mantra denying any connection between homosexuality and homophily on the one hand and pedophilia on the other.

It may not be true, but it is true:

In the years immediately before, during and especially after the Second Vatican Council, a mafia-like, male, homosexual and paedosexual group has taken root in the clergy.

The Dutch-language Catholic Church Kerkelijk Leven ("Church Life") had in 1978 at that time a very Catholic Flanders circulation of about 500,000 copies and a then estimated readership of 1.5 million readers. It was the most widely read newspaper in Flanders. It was conducted by the West Flemish diocese of Bruges (then headed by Bishop Emile-Joseph De Smedt) and the Archdiocese of Mechelen-Brussels (Archbishop Danneels), with the Theological Faculty of the University of Louvain which played a major role (so-called Bruges -Louvain axis).

Editor-in-chief of the rather boring paper was the West Flemish priest Felix Dalle, who had very modern views. Some very modernist books were not well received by literary criticism in the 1970s (De vluchtheuvel).

Under Dalle, as part of modernization, the Church paper was renamed Kerk en Leven (Church and Life).

On August 9, 1984, an article about the "Ecumenical Working Group on Pedophilia" appeared in this official North Belgian church paper:

"For some years there has been an ecumenical working group on pedophilia in Flanders.
This working group consists of Catholics and Protestants.
This working group wants to sensitize the churches to the phenomenon of pedophilia, to pass on information and to reduce prejudices.
At the same time, the working group wants to find out about everything that appears in the field of pedophilia.
In addition, the working group aims to create a meeting place for pedophile people to share thoughts and encourage each other.
Everyone is welcome who would like to get to know pedophilia and pedophiles on condition that this happens in openness, respect and reliability.
At the beginning of the new season, the working group will also be involved: Pastor (Pastoor) Jef Barzin, Duinstraat 30, 2008 Antwerp, Tel. (03) 2366395.

The next meeting of the Ecumenical Working Group on Pedophilia will take place on Saturday 8th September in the chapel "The Olive Branch" in Brasschaat, Leopoldslei 35, from 10:00 to 14:00 at the latest.

We are happy to bring a small refreshment.
Further information can be obtained from: Mr. L.P.G. van Tricht, Dorpsstraat 86, 2080 Chapels. For the working group: Th. Weerstra, Van der Meerschenlaan 73, 1150 Brussels. "(2)
(Own word-accurate translation)

It can not be said much more clearly.

Text: Ferdinand Boischot
Picture: MiL

(1) The Rhine flows into the tiber by Ralph M. Wiltgen S.V.D., Sarto Verlag 2004

The role of Bishop De Smedt in rejecting the prepared scheme of Father Sebastiaan Tromp SJ is also highlighted in the Lexicon of Theology and Church.

In particular, the website edited by the Faculty of Religious Studies of the University of Leuven from 2009ff on 24 November 1962 and 1 December 1962 (Intervention of Bishop De Smedt with the key words: triumphalism, clericalism, juridism).

The website was directed by the then Dean of the Faculty of Arts Matthijs Lamberigts and Karim Schellekens. The latter was also known as co-author of the multi-volume biography of Cardinal Godfried Danneels, in which both the affair of the disappeared ring  of Card. Danneels and the existence of the Mafia of St. Gallen is mentioned. The book launch took place on September 22, 2015 in the Vita Hall under the basilica of Koekelberg. The video can be found on YouTube.)

(2) Kerk en Leven, 9 August 1984.
Illustrations of the original article can often be found on the internet, i.a. very meritorious in the sarcastic Flemish national weekly paper, t Pallieterke (2004). This was the first report in the Dutch-speaking press in Belgium since 1984! See also here  A detailed discussion and photo documentation at (also with a joint photo of Bishop Bonny, Bishop Vicar Selderslaghs and Dean Jef Barzin).


disappeared ring

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Archbishop Viganò Accuses Pope of Lying

ROME, May 28, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — For what appears to be the first time, Pope Francis has openly denied that he knew anything of former Cardinal Theodore McCarrick’s immoral activities, directly contradicting Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò’s account of their conversation on the subject. 
“I didn’t know anything ... nothing, nothing,” Pope Francis said in a new interview published on Tuesday in Vatican News.
In response, the former apostolic nuncio to the United States has directly accused Pope Francis of lying.

Monday, April 1, 2019

Lavender Lobby Wants Program Out of Austrian Schools

The Austrian Minister of Education Heinz Fassmann (ÖVP) would now like to ban the Christian “teen star” out of the Austrian schools after pressure from the gay lobby now.

Vienna ( The Austrian Minister of Education Heinz Fassmann (ÖVP) would now like to ban the Christian “teen star” out of the Austrian schools after pressure from the gay lobby. "I recommend no further employment of the association in the schools,” so Faßmann (ÖVP) on Monday according to a report by the daily newspaper "Die Presse." Just a few days ago, the Ministry of Education had once more defended that the association continued to be in the schools. According to the "press,” more and more "complaints" have been received by the Ministry of Education in recent weeks. Sex Education can be used in schools, and schools can choose how.

According to the left-wing weekly newspaper Falter, even the archdiocese of Vienna is said to have criticized “teenstar.” Notably, the so-called "archdiocesan experts" who claim that the information on masturbation and homosexuality is no longer "at the level of today's science and theological discussion" and that teenstar "reinforces stereotypical standards and the differences between being a man and being a woman.”

Contact Fassmann

Trans: Tancred

Thursday, January 10, 2019

With New Sexual Abuse Case Francis May Go From Cleanup Man to Accused

(Rome) In July 2017, Bishop Gustavo Oscar Zanchetta, although only 53 years old, became emeritus diocesan bishop of the Argentine diocese of Oran. The reason given was his health. "Many were worried that he was suffering from a deadly disease, because it was not even enough to celebrate a mass for farewell," said the US Daily Beast on January 4th. The departure from the diocese was extremely abrupt. Now the evidence is mounting, that the reason for it was a completely different one.

A true Bergoglian

Monsignor Zanchetta belongs to the circle of Bergoglians among the bishops with whom the Pope's former Primate of Argentina is rebuilding the Episcopate of his native land. On July 23, 2013, Francis Gustavo had appointed Oscar Zanchetta Bishop of Oran.
Four years later, the bishop left his diocese in a shambles on August 1, 2017. He subsequently justified his hasty disappearance from an unknown location with unspecified "health problems". He merely said that these problems would have to be dealt with elsewhere. 

Then, as is now known, he stopped in Corrientes, 900 kilometers away, and then reappeared further away in Madrid - and apparently in good health again.

Bishop Lopez Celebrates Mass for the Aberrosexual Lobby

Raul Vera Lopez is known as the bishop of the gay lobby and is tolerated by the Vatican.

Edit: and not a word was said from Rome.

(Mexico City) On the 20th of January Bishop Raul Vera Lopez, Bishop of Saltillo, will be celebrating Mass at the 17th founding of the Comunidad San Aelredo. The aberrosexual organization is part of the gay lobby.
José Raul Vera Lopez, born in 1945, belongs to the Dominican Order. In 1975 he was ordained a priest by Pope Paul VI. in Rome. Pope John Paul II appointed him Bishop of Ciudad Altamirano in 1987. In 1995 he was appointed bishop coadjutor of San Cristobal de Las Casas. In 1999 he was appointed Bishop of Saltillo.
His mediating role as coadjutor in the Diocese of San Cristobal de Las Casas after the Zapatista riots and his social commitment accelerated the inner-church rise of the Dominican. Since then, he has received numerous awards for his commitment to the indigenous population and human rights. However, this is also an agenda that is in open contradiction to parts of the Church doctrine.

Under Benedict XVI. he was warned, under Francis gets free ride

While Bishop Raul Vera Lopez under Pope Benedict XVI. was warned by the Vatican in 2011, he enjoys free travel under Pope Francis.

Bishop Lopez with homo colors in the church
Under the current Pope, the Mexican bishop was noted for his open commitment to abortion [murder] and aberrosexuality. Both the killing of unborn children and the practiced aberrosexuality are claimed by Vera Lopez in step with the left mainstream as "human rights".
On October 3, 2015, one day before the start of the Second Synod of Bishops on the Family, the bishop appeared as the "star guest" of a meeting of the Global Network of Rainbow Catholics, which are gay organizations calling for aberrosexuality to be recognized by the Catholic Church. In his speech, Bishop Raul Vera told deviants:
"You are our saviors. Please help us! Pope Francis needs you now. He has set aside the doctrine and has taken up the gospel of mercy, peace and love. Please help us! The little ones, but well-organized ones defeat the monsters, and you're well organized and you'll win."

The bishop likes to be "different"

Several months later, the Mexican newspaper Capital Coahuila published photos of a carnival party. Thereupon the bishop was disguised like a female doctor or male doctor remained unclear.
The journalist Emiliano Ruiz Parra, sympathetic to the bishop, wrote about him:
"The Bishop of Saltillo is convinced that there is no salvation in heaven without deliverance on earth. (...) He defends the Central American migrants, the miners, the homosexuals, the Indians, the sex workers, the families of the disappeared in the civil war"
The journalist sums up the behavior of Bishop Raul Vera Lopez by saying that he likes "being different".
Other media already saw it in 2011:
"People think that the bishop is not Catholic."
The reason for this was the request of the bishop to legalize abortion in Mexico. Since 2011 Raul Vera works together with abortion organizations. His nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize 2012 can be seen in this context.

Homosexuality "God-given"?

The bishop is of the opinion that deviant behavior like sodomy is willed by God, which is why no aberrosexual can do anything about his inclination. In an interview with El Pais, Bishop Raul Vera Lopez proudly related what he said to a mother who had come to him to complain to him about her homosexual son:
"You have to judge yourself, because your son has become like that in your womb. If he has become as he is, then he came from your womb."
Criticism of Pope Benedict XVI.  during his pontificate was given a "good hearing" in the Church paper of Saltillo.
In 2013 Vera Lopez spoke at the 33rd Congress of Liberation Theology in Madrid and ridiculed what the Catholic Church's Catechism teachings about aberrosexuality. The bishop did not mind that the congress was sponsored by organizations that advocate abortion.

Whoever rejects homosexuality "is insane"

Anyone who rejects homosexuality, according to the bishop, is "homophobic" and "homophobes" are "mentally ill". Mexican Catholics protested in Rome against petitioning the bishop "who calls the Catholic teaching on homosexuality insane".

Energetic for false "human rights"
But Bergoglian Rome did not respond. While Pope Francis intervened quickly against conservative and traditional bishops and sent an Apostolic Visitor, the opposite happened to Bishop Vera Lopez.
When Pope Francis visited Mexico in February 2016, he held the Mexican bishops a veritable pomp. Bishop Raul Vera Lopez, on the other hand, belonged to a small group of 20 chosen, mainly lay people, including journalists, who were invited by Francis to a confidential meeting.
Francis thus made the episcopate of the most Catholic country in America to understand for whom its doors are closed and for whom they are open. At that time, the Mexican episcopacy was still led by Cardinal Norberto Rivera Carrera, who was at the beginning of the second family synod among the signatories of the complaint letter, which weighed against the manipulation of the synod with its prefabricated results.

Pope Francis is "muy cuco"

Raul Vera Lopez had described Francis in early February 2016 in an interview with the newspaper El Universal attesting him to be "muy habil, muy cuco", so "very clever, very smart". The bishop thus meant how it is that Francis paves the way of the sacraments to the remarried divorced. That was two months before the publication of the controversial post-synodal letter Amoris laetitia.
The destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah, says the bishop on the same occasion, has nothing to do with homosexuality. The two cities were "barbarian" inhabited "economic centers" that "exploited" other people. Such is the liberation theological reinterpretation.

Faust and dove of peace united in the diocese
In 2016 , Raul Vera, who likes to show his aberroosexual flag, christened the child of a lesbian couple. It is not an issue for the bishop to this date that homosexuals who use artificial insemination to "bear" children in vitro often have their sex selected. Gay men prefer a son, lesbians a daughter. Bishop Vera Lopez also christened an in vitro the "begotten" daughter on 25 May 2016 in Monclova for the lesbian couple who live in a "gay marriage".
He also didn't worry about their "gay marriage". The two lesbians, one of them the mother of the child, described the bishop as a "parent". He justified his actions by saying, "How could I refuse baptism? If the parents want it, it's because they have a Christian faith." He did not ask where the girl's father was, and whether she was conceived naturally or through artificial insemination. "Does it matter?" The bishop said in a telephone interview with

The community of San Aelredo

The year 2019, Bishop Raul Vera Lopez began with a Mass for the gay lobby. For the Comunidad San Aelredo it is the start of their activities in the new year. In their invitation it states:
"As a community and social group, in 2006 the Comunidad San Aelredo helped to create a law that brought major changes for the LGBTTTI people in the state of Coahuila and across the country: the Civil Solidarity Pact, which was adopted in January 2007; Talks on the introduction of equal civil marriage, adopted in September 2014, and the Citizens' Register of the Civil Code in Coahuila de Zaragoza, introduced by the Comunidad San Aelredo in June 2017 and adopted by the State Parliament on 13 November 2018.
San Aelredo organizes various events in Coahuila, including the Lesbian Gay Film Festival, Saltillo Diversity March, Sexual Diversity Cultural Week and Homosexual Homosexuals in Saltillo."
The community was founded in 2002 by the American Robert Coogan. The New York journalist moved to Mexico, where Bishop Vera Lopez consecrated him a priest for the diocese of Saltillo. When it came to the conflict with the Vatican in 2011, the bishop claimed that it was all about "dialogue". The community was then formally unbundled from the diocese, but the relationship of the bishop did not change anything. The predominantly gay male community promotes the participation of children and adolescents in gay pride.
Their representatives, assisted and encouraged by Coogan and Bishop Vera Lopez, are invariably practicing homosexuals.

Abuse of a saint

The great Agelred of Rievaulx (1110-1167), an important mystic, came to the dubious honor of becoming the patron saint of this and other homosexual organizations because a British historian put forward the no less dubious thesis that the saint could have been homosexual. Such "homosexual" reinterpretations of history are especially popular since the 90s in fashion and in the gay milieu, albeit mostly arbitrarily. The reason for the misinterpretation in this particular case is the Christian love commandment, which today is often mistaken for lack of understanding with sexuality. Saint Aelred dealt intensively with his love of God and neighbor in his mystical texts.

Rievaulx was destroyed under Henry VIII
In fact, all that can be said of him is that the saint, who entered a Cistercian monastery at the age of twenty-four, may have previously sinned at the Scottish royal court. What kind of sins these were is not known. As a monk, he championed chastity and virginity in his writings and warned against extramarital relations and aberrosexuality. Any form of sexuality, he emphasized in his writings, was a threat to the celibacy of priests and religious.
He was one of the most important religious men in England and Scotland. The monastery Rievaulx in the north of England, whose abbot he was in 1147, he led to great flowering. The convent of initially 25 monks grew under his spiritual guidance to 300 monks. Records say: "Monasticism and love tripled". At that time, 58 Cistercian abbeys were built in the British Isles.
As with so much, Bishop Raul Vera Lopez is not bothered by the abuse of this saint by the gay lobby.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Facebook / Wikicommons (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

Argentinian Archbishop Aguer Speaks of the “Homosexual Lobby”

"I can assure you that in some diocese the percentage of homosexual priests is high and they usually protect each other", they form "a kind of lodge or lobby, even those who are non-practicing.”

La Plata ( Archbishop Emeritus of La Plata (Argentina), Héctor Aguer, told the Spanish-language press agency ACI Prensa, run by EWTN, that there is a kind of lobby in the clergy owing to the "high" proportion of homosexual clerics. This was reported by the British "Catholic Herald". Aguer quoted Pope Francis as saying that homosexuality had become a fad.

"The Pope has addressed a key issue that is generally not mentioned. I can assure you that in some dioceses the percentage of homosexual priests is high and they usually protect each other, they do not go public [with this theme]. "Rather, they would form a kind of lodge or lobby, even those who are 'non-practicing'. "

The archbishop classed it as a fair way of discerning ["discrimination"] if homosexual men are not admitted to the priesthood. It is "a commitment of the Church to choose candidates for the priesthood with full integrity as men. Otherwise, the meaning of celibacy is on the cliff.”

Photo archbishop em. Aguer © Archdiocese of La Plata

Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Even Commonweal is Reporting on the Aberrosexual Cabal Among Francis Inner Circle

Revelations of Aberrosexual Cabals in High Places: Evil Cardinals Wuerl and McCarrick

(Rome) More and more new allegations of sexual abuse are arriving in Rome and shaking the Church, but Pope Francis remains silent. Undeterred, he maintains that homosexuality is not responsible for the abuses committed by clerics, but "clericalism" and the "great accuser," namely, Satan. This denial of reality is meeting with less and less understanding [patience?] in the US, both among conservative and progressive Catholics.

Pope Francis: "The devil is to blame"

Cardinal Bernardin, head of the progressive US Group: homo-cliques in the archbishop's ordinariate

The contribution of the devil involves all who are in the Church. However, the prosecution of Pope Francis against the "great accuser" seems like a distraction to quite a few Catholics. The devil is probably the driving force in the background, but sins and crimes are always committed by concrete people who have to take responsibility. Guilt, which is a core doctrine of the Catholic Church, is always individual.

Francis also seems to take responsibility for this, but as an attempt to shift the concrete, individual guilt to an intangible culprit, who, above all, can not be held accountable. The sexual abuse of minors or seminarians is done by a very specific priest, bishop or cardinal. But you can not put the devil before a secular or ecclesiastical court. Why does Pope Francis only mention him, but he is silent with those who are really guilty? [Because he is indebted to the evil St. Galen Group, who all conspired against Canon Law to get him elected and covered up or participated in human trafficking and sex abuse. ] 

In recent weeks, Francis has  repeatedly urged to defend theChurch  against the devil who "wants to split us". It was about "defending the mother," by which Francis means mother Church: "The accuser attacks, through us, he attacks the mother, but no one must touch the mother ” These were the last words Francis spoke last October 27 in his closing speech to the Synod of the Youth.

Francis is silent at the same time to the concrete allegations that were raised by the former nuncio in the US against him. Francis is silent on the epidemic cases of abuse that are four-fifths of the homosexual kind, so that a connection could not be denied  even by the blind. Francis tries it anyway. Francis is also silent on the reproach that in his pontificate he conspicuously promoted many homosexuals and called them to high and highest positions in the church.

Pope Francis with Cardinal Wuerl

The silence is made easier for him because the Zeitgeist is homophile, which is why the dominant mass media tend to cover up the abuse scandal and in support of Pope Francis.

Vaticanist Sandro Magister repeated it today:

"There is the great silence that the Pope keeps constant. It is one practiced for the homosexuality by many Church representatives. Francis never mentions it when he laments the evil of sexual abuse. "

Undeterred, he holds his own thesis against the obvious. It is not homosexuality that is responsible for clerical abuse, but "clericalism". Even the final document of the Youth Synod makes the thesis its own, which is hardly surprising. Pope Francis occupied the editorial committee almost all the time with loyal followers.

"One must be blind or dishonest not to see the connection with homosexuality and abuse"

Scandal book "Gone With the Wind in the Vatican" (1999)

Through his attitude, Francis not only refuses to respond to one of the gravest challenges facing the Church. He also prevents recovery, because without naming the real causes in name, no recovery will be possible. Even more serious, it appears that Francis, through his behavior,  injures the priesthood, which is badly discredited by black sheep. Whom should the generic accusation of "clericalism" meet, if not the priesthood as such. But with that, the Pope himself puts the vast majority of the faithful priests in the wrong light, and that without much ado. Francis spoke last Saturday of "an elitist and exclusionary view of the vocation that sees the ministry received as an exercise of power rather than an outspoken and generous service." But what does this have to do with the crime of sexual abuse?

Especially in the US, the papal silence and the papal diagnosis of the problem comes increasingly under fire. The Catholic public in the US, whether conservative or progressive, is outraged by the scandal and demands answers.

Even a liberal paper like Commonweal, a progressive voice within US Catholicism, writes that the McCarrick case has exposed the extent to which homosexuality has actually spread among Church officials, and at all levels. Editor-in-Chief of the Journal is Kenneth Woodward, who for many years was Vaticanist of Newsweek. Back in 2003, according to Woodward, the Jay College of Criminal Justice found that "eight out of ten known abuses by priests in the past 70 years have been committed by men on other male persons."

"You have to be blind or dishonest," says Woodward, not to see the connection between homosexuality and abuse.
The accusation of "homophobia", on the other hand, was almost revealing, ridiculous and even vicious.

Woodward revealed that over the course of his 38 years as a Vaticanist, he had learned not only about individual cases of homosexual abusers, but of entire "networks" of homosexual clergy who supported one another and were complicit in their double lives. The editor-in-chief of Commonweal names cases in Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Chicago, Pittsburgh and other dioceses.

Homo Cardinals Bernardin and Wright

Homo Cardinal Wright as bishop

In Chicago, according to Woodward, sociologist Andrew Greeley (priest) deceased in 2013, one of the best-known romance novelists in the US, revealed that there were whole sodomitical cliques in the offices of the Archdiocese of Chicago, as it was headed by his friend, the ultraliberal Cardinal Joseph Bernardin. Cardinal Bernardin was the leader of the progressive wing in the US Church, as is the case today with his successor, Cardinal Blase Cupich, also Archbishop of Chicago. Cupich, appointed archbishop by Pope Francis and elevated to a cardinal, was noted in the past by homophile utterances. Nuncio Viganò counts him among the Circle of Friends of McCarrick, as in 2017 Cupich still awarded him a prize and praised him as a model bishop.

Woodward cites as another example Msgr. John J. Wright, who was Bishop of Pittsburgh from 1959-1969. Wright established in 1961 in his diocese an "Oratory" for young university students, "which drew gay priests dressed like bees to honey.” Wright was a "brilliant intellectual" who was courted by the "liberal" media in the US. In 1969 Pope Paul VI. appointed him to the Roman Curia and made him the Prefect of Congregation of Clergy and a cardinal. In Rome Wright continued his homosexual double life unchecked.

Wright as Bishop of Pittsburgh with his secretary Wuerl

"Many knew of his double life with young lovers while watching over the education of Catholic priests around the world," said Vaticanist Sandro Magister.

Anyone who knew for sure exactly about Wright's gay double life is none other than Cardinal Donald Wuerl. Wuerl was until recently Archbishop of Washington. Pope Francis tried to keep him in office after Archbishop Viganò had published his allegations. When the matter became too hot for Francis himself because of increasing criticism, he dropped his friend Wuerl, not without thanking him in a moving voice. One thing was certain: Cardinal Wuerl could no longer be held. He had to resign, but not because Pope Francis wanted it that way. Wuerl was Wright's personal secretary when he was Bishop of Pittsburgh. Even when Wright was called to Rome, Wuerl was "closer to him than the hair on his head," Woodward said. Wuerl was Wright's assistant in the second Conclave of 1978, in which John Paul II was elected. At the first conclave of that year he was prevented for health reasons. Wright died in 1979.

Woodward leaves it at these two examples, but gives to understand that he could call up numerous other cases of high church dignitaries.

The high prelate with a "weakness" for young men

Cardinal Rigali 

This was partly done in 1999 by an anonymous book entitled "Gone with the Wind in the Vatican" (Via col vento in Vaticano). The curator Msgr. Luigi Marinelli, who died in 2000, was later identified as the author. The book describes an American prelate who made a great career in Rome and had a "weakness" for young men. He worked at the Bishops' Congregation, was sent back to the United States as archbishop of a major diocese, then promoted to head pastor of an even more important archdiocese and eventually promoted to cardinal.

The description actually applies only to Cardinal Francis Rigali, who was appointed secretary of the Bishops' Congregation in 1989. In 1994 he was appointed Archbishop of St. Louis and promoted to Archbishop of Philadelphia in 2003. From 1985 to 1989 Rigali headed the Pontifical Diplomatic Academy in Rome. Cardinal Rigali participated in the 2005 and 2013 Conclaves.

In the US, homosexual networks in the Church are referred to as "lavender lobbies," says Woodward.

The problem, the journalist says, "is that nobody in the Catholic hierarchy seems to be interested in investigating," not even the charges brought by Archbishop Viganò, who have already done some important groundwork.
Viganò mentions in his dossier several acting cardinals, which he counts as a gay lobby in the Church.

But how can young people, especially male youth, i.e. future priests, especially seminarians, can be protected from homosexual networks and gay vultures, when perpetrators lurk in the guise of superiors, perhaps even their bishop or a cardinal? As long as Pope Francis remains silent and tries to cover up the situation by diverting to side-scenes.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: MiL / / Brooklineconnection / LVL (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred