Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Modernist Monastery Appoints First Lay President

Edit: as Collegeville continues to age, decline, rot and decay, the only thing that rivals its departure from orthopraxy and orthodoxy, is it's commitment to inviting the spirit of the world in, and completely denaturing its spiritual dimensions.

Considering that Collegeville has lost 11 monks in the last three years, it's a little difficult to make much hope out of the four novices they've received recently.
They're clearly not replacing their losses, and it has also been suggested that they are suffering financially as well.

A big step in that direction just took place today as St. John's hires a layman to lead its University who demonstrates no palpable Catholic bona fides. Where does he go to Mass? Is he Catholic? We contacted the modernist monastery's president's office and they didn't seem to know either.

On behalf of the Board of Regents, I am very pleased to announce that Dr. Michael Hemesath has been appointed the 13th president of Saint John’s University.

During his campus visit, Dr. Hemesath (SJU, class of 1981) shared his vision of the liberal arts, his experience with the transformative power of a Saint John’s education, and his deep-seated appreciation for our Catholic and Benedictine character. He will be a compassionate, energetic, and inspirational leader for Saint John’s at this important moment in our history.

Many thanks to the Presidential Search Committee for their diligent work on this process, and special thanks to everyone at Saint John’s and Saint Benedict who participated in the community forums and provided feedback to the committee. The search provided us an opportunity to demonstrate what is best about these communities. All of the finalists expressed appreciation for the extraordinary hospitality they experienced during their visits.

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Ivan K said...

I don't know how orthodox he is, but I can attest that Hemesath does attend Mass regularly, here in Northfield. Mind you, the parish here is even less in touch with Catholic Tradition than St. John's Collegeville, so the ideological fit is probably pretty good.