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Thursday, September 25, 2014

Pope Suspends Bishop for Being Too Catholic

Edit: it's not like there aren't other bishops out there who've put predators in charge of things and even expose children to their influence. It's just that other bishops, like +++Daneels, don't have the requisite political and religious views.

By his own ruling here, the current Pope should suspend himself.

(Vatican Radio) Pope Francis has decided to remove the Bishop of Ciudad del Este, Rogelio Ricardo Livieres Plano.

Below please find a Vatican Radio translation of the official Holy See statement:

After a careful examination of the findings of the Apostolic Visitations made ​​to the Bishop, dioceses and seminaries of Ciudad del Este, by the Congregation for Bishops and the Congregation for the Clergy, the Holy Father has proceeded with the replacement of Bishop Rogelio Ricardo Livieres Plano. He has appointed Ricardo Jorge Valenzuela Ríos, Bishop of Villarrica del Espíritu Santo, as Apostolic Adminostrator of the now vacant diocese.
The grave decision taken by the Holy See, under the weight of serious pastoral concerns, is for the greater good and unity of the Church of Ciudad del Este and episcopal communion in Paraguay.
The Holy Father, in the exercise of his ministry as "the perpetual and visible principle and foundation of unity of both the bishops and of the faithful" (LG 23) calls for the clergy and the entire people of God of Ciudad del Este to accept the Holy See’s decision with the spirit of obedience, docility and an open heart, guided by faith.
Moreover, he invites the entire Church of Paraguay, led by its pastors, to a serious process of reconciliation and to overcome any factionalism and discord, so that the face of the one Church "purchased with the blood of his own Son" is not wounded and the "flock of Christ" is not deprived of the joy of the Gospel (cf. Acts 20: 28).

(Emer McCarthy)
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Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Double Standard

[] Gay pedophile crimes - penalties between almost trivializing gentleness and pleasing severity as felony 

Boundless mercy: six months on parole

A 23 year old mother had made contact between her 14 year old brother and a work colleague and advised his brother to accept the "friend request" of pedophiles via Facebook.

The perverts had also offered to pay the woman for sexual acts with the young people.

There were 230 euros assessed, which were to be used for the rent, the woman alleged.

Six months later the contact came to "fruition": It involved sexual abuse by the gay pedophile.

The accused defended herself with mental retardation.

The judge apparently found that the woman knew what she was doing. But did not hold him back from a trivialization for a limited pedophilia-related prison sentence of six months, this by judge Dietmar Wassertheurer.

The correction effect by the judgment will be lower.

With all severity: 12 Years unconditional imprisonment for former priest

The former headmaster of an Upper Austrian school, a now 79 year old laicised priest was put on trial for violent and sexual offenses to students.

Prosecutor Dagmar Geroldinger accused the gay child molester, to have engaged in sexual acts with 15 boys.

The school had reacted immediately and engaged the necessary consequences. Regardless of a person in the statute of limitation there is 500,000 euros and 200,000 euros in reparations that have been paid for therapies: a good deal for psychotherapists, so you would have to pay the cost of around four years of salaried therapists.

The School has Warmly Welcomed the Conviction.

The offenses date back to the years (1971 to 1996). The accused, Oliver Plöckinger had been barred a plea for acquittal. In the case of the rejection of the statute of limitation period, he had expected a sentence of 8 years imprisonment.

Apparently, the defendant had particularly bad cards as a former clergyman.

Judge Wolf-Dieter Graf pronounced a sentence of 12 years. The judgment is not final, it applies to all the presumption of innocence.

Gay, pervert and pedophile

It is again remarkable that apparently, abuse crimes are committed dispoportionately by gays.

Not entirely surprising, however, considering that these perverts have already broken the limits of the natural and have been recognized sexuality in society. Since the threshold for pedophilia is more than just a small obstacle, it is more puzzling that the parliaments have allowed the adoption and custody of boys by homosexuals as it makes the Austrian Parliament with the votes of the supposedly Christian values ​indicative of OVP is these days.

No mercy for pedophile sex offenders!

The call can only be: No related penalties for pedophile sex offenders, no fines, imprisonment exclusively - and especially with the known high relapse rate!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Insensitive "Ale Mary's" Bar Owner Continues the Hate

Edit:   Here is one of the bar owners, Tom Rivers, with a smug and irrepressible grin on his face in a recent article in a local Baltimore paper. As of yet he hasn't said he will open up a Simonbar Schul and call it Mad Dog 20/20.

It's been interesting that despite the prima faciae hate speech being directed against the Catholic Church that it continues

In a way it's not surprising, since the bar owner has proven to be vulgar and disrespectful in the extreme as when the concerned forum owner of Fisheaters approached him in a very friendly way. I don't think he'd tolerate anyone talking to his female relatives the way he wrote to her by completely unnecessary verbal putrescence.

It's also not surprising that the media, both local and national has been unsympathetic and even disrespectful in their own right.  Local Baltimore Fox affiliate lied when it said that it tried to contact leaders of the group opposed to "Ale Mary's" blasphemy initially.  They still haven't contacted anyone.  They also weren't interested in Tom River's threatening and offensive behavior either.

Despite attempting to justify this farce, they've appealed to the Archdiocese which gave far less than a resounding endorsement, and claimed to have a certificate that justifies the objects use.  We've tried to respectfully contact the Archdiocese, but no further clarification has been given.  

We'll assume that is a green light for more prayer and fasting.

There is going to be a rosary said before the bar on the Sunday after Corpus Christi at 230pm.  All Catholics and non-Catholics who find this sort of thing detestable are invited to attend and show solidarity.

Here are some of the other blogs:

Women of Grace Joan Benkovic

Pink Plastic Statue

Here's the back story from a local blog:

My eyes scan the ecclesiastical accoutrements of the surroundings and fixate on the pink Jesus statue on the center of the bar that appears to be watching over the inhabitants of this small earthly kingdom. During the course of the afternoon, our good-natured host and owner of the establishment, Mary Rivers, relates a story about a time when this Fells Point flock was deprived of its rubicund protector. Apparently some pub crawling philistine had the audacity to pilfer the good shepherd.

A thorough inquiry into the matter was conducted by Mary’s husband and co-owner, Tom Rivers. His investigation uncovered evidence that suggested the likely suspect had covered the expenses incurred that day with plastic. A careful audit of the receipts revealed the culprit, and an amount, proper and in keeping with the seriousness of the transgression was added to the offender’s credit card. Of course it wasn’t long before there was a call received at the bar questioning and protesting the apparent seizure of funds. But after a tactful interrogation a full confession was made, and a suitable penance was imposed. It was agreed that the attached monies would be returned if Jesus was restored to his rightful place, and that a public act of contrition be offered up to the local patrons. As to how this second coming played out, I can’t quite say. That part of the story got lost in the pleasant fog encountered after several pints of Brewer’s Art Resurrection Ale.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

German Greens Spearhead New Pedophilia Campaign

This child and anti-family decadence-party may claim the right for itself to be called the historical defender for child abuse.

(  The youth organization of the Antifa-Neonazis want to legalize sexual depravity and pedophilia within the family.

This was reported by the Berline weekly "Junge Freiheit" on April 13th.

Thus, "sex beetween parents and their children" should be allowed.

The Defense of Children is Old Fashioned

The antifa-neonazis are justifying their pedophile campaign with apparently overhauling and "old fashioned moral standards" of Germans:

"The prohibition on incest in Germany is a crass imposition by the state in the private sphere and of people to determine their own manner of life"  -- explained the Green Antifa-Neonazis.

With a view to the significant handicaps of children from incestuous relationships the comrades state:  The state doesn't have to be concerned with the "purity of the people's heritage".

With Vehemence

The comrades of decadence of the Green Bundesfraktion are supporting the proposal.

The speaker on legal issues, Comrade Jerzy Montag (65) explained it this way, "the legal persecution of sexual relations between relatives and siblings" is an "anachronism".

The previously convicted terrorist defender and Green official, Comrade Hans-Christian Ströbele was vehement on this point, to allow sexual relations between siblings:

"Two grown men should be able to decide between themselves, if they want to have sexual intercourse."

The Sexually Depraved Antifa-Neonazis

The Board of the so-called "Green Youth" is:

- The speaker Sina Doughan (24) from Tegersee in Southern Bavaria
- The speaker Karl Bar (26) from Tegersee in Southern Bavaria
- The political business manager Freia Then (19) from Berlin
- Treasurer Jens Parker (23) from Frankfurt

Co-Chairs are:

-Dimitra Kostimpas (20) from Nurnberg
-Felix Banaszak (22) from Duisburg
- The Nepalese Timeela Mandhar (19)
-Felix Deist (26) from Essen

Original, here....

Monday, April 2, 2012

Jewish Attorney Objects to Vatican's Judaica Collection

Edit: There are a number of double standards at work here.  Not least of which is a Jewish pressure group with the nerve to accuse the Vatican of obtaining Jewish religious objects and books by fraud and violence.

A Jewish pressure group insists that Jewish religious objects may be the result of persecution on the part of Christian society.  No mention is made of Jewish persecution of Christians, or the objects amassed by academic researchers.   Jews have persecuted Christians, most notably in the first half of the 20th century in Ukraine, Hungary, the Baltic states and the far East.    

It's interesting that in view of the obvious care the Vatican has undergone to preserve these artifacts for serious academic study that an outside body can suggest malice on the part of the Vatican with respect to these objects.

It's interesting in light of other events uncovered this week with respect to Baltimore restaurant owners and their patrons who not only have obtained Catholic objects under suspicious circumstances, but have even gone so far as to use these items in disrespectful ways that normative Catholic thinking would understand as blasphemous and defamatory to the Catholic religion.  The way the owner of the bar is amassing Catholic objects, is reminiscent of Roman armies carrying home Jewish sacred objects and abusing them after the sack of Jerusalem in 70 a.D..
Roman Soldiers Desecrating the Temple

The Roman soldiers who desecrated the temple after killing literally hundreds of thousands of Jews must have thought that they had destroyed the Jewish religion forever.

Clearly, there is a double standard at work and this is one more example of that at work here.

[Sun Gazette] The specific list of Jewish religious objects that lay in the Vatican's basement long has been disputed, but one local man, heading up a foundation named for his father, wants to see the items documented, catalogued and possibly returned to a representative of the Jewish people, such as The Israel Museum in Jerusalem.

Local attorney Clifford A. Rieders, president of the Herbert Rieders Foundation for the Recovery of Objects Judaica, has been in communication with the Vatican in an attempt to learn what it possesses.

"I want the Vatican to tell us what's really there," he said.

Rieders hopes to be invited to meet with the Pope and Cardinal Farina, through whom he's communicated thus far, in the fall.

Read further...

Join the Facebook Group 500,000 Against Ale Mary's Offense to the Sublime and the Sacred... 

Photo Source: Sacred Destinations

Friday, February 24, 2012

German Court OKs Insulting the Catholic Church

Edit: This is bad law any way it's sliced.  The can't honestly throw this case out and charge Bishop Williamson for the same thing later on.  Can they?  Perhaps this is the future of German justice in a land that sends millions of its children to certain death every year in abortuaries?

The Catholic Church may be referred to as a "Child F... sect"  --  Update:  Contact date Berlin Federal Court-- Berlin-Tiergarten and State Prosecutor

Berlin (  The Catholic church may now be referred to as a "Child F... sect".  That is the conclusion of the Federal Court in Berlin-Tiergarten.  The State Prosecutor had filed a complaint against Jörg Kantel, the author of the weblog, "Schockwellenreiter", because he leveled  an insult  of denominations, religious societies and communal world views (Para 166 StGB).  Kanthel had entitled an entry on the 29th of June 2011 as "Kinder f.... sect" where he described Cardinal Joachim Meisner of Cologne as the head of the "Kinder f... sect".  He pled freedom of opinion and the press.  The standing judge refused the opening of main proceedings.   The statement was not meant to disturb the public peace because,  "in fact substantial discussions in public on the theme of abuse in the Catholic Church". Because the prosecutor lodged no appeal of the non-opening decision, this is final.  KATH.NET has asked the German Bishops' Conference for an opinion and will continue to report.

Link to

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Portland Bishop Says SSPX Kids Can't Play

Edit: Portland Bishop says that the children of the SSPX are not welcome at the RC Challenge, a jeopardy style quiz game.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Prelate Makes St. Pius X Pilgrims Stand in the Rain:

Prelate Ludwig Limbrunner refused to allow the pilgrims to Altötting to use their Grace Chapel for adoration. Only silent prayer is allowed. As some suggested according to the article, it's a shame that other Faiths are allowed to use the chapel, but not Catholics.

[]The Society of Pius X is to blame: had they been a homosexual friendly group of protestants, they would have been invited into the chapel to the fanfare of trumpets.

[]Prelate Ludwig Limbrunner forbid pilgrims of the Society of St. Pius X into the Grace Chapel of Altötting to venerate. Indeed, they were informed by Prelate Ludwig Limbrunner, that they would only be allowed to pray silently in the Grace Chapel and otherwise must leave their banners outside. Thereupon the Pius Pilgrims said their prayers, despite pouring rain, in the courtyard of the Grace Chapel. For a short time there were some tumultuous disagreements in front of the Grace Chapel, according to the Neue Passauer Presse.

Friday, April 1, 2011

Marquette Celebrates Diversity, But Not For Catholickes

Oh, the Irony
Editor: Leftist professors can drag the Church in the mud, insult their superiors and generally give a very bad report of themselves in the most petulant and insolent of ways, while this employee is facing disciplinary action for criticizing his superiors for being less than Catholic in a very responsible and mature fashion.  We just got this story from Badger Catholic in Wisconsin about a deplorable situation at Marquette "Jesuit" University.   As if the Jesuits in the Middle west weren't in enough trouble already. Academic Freedom, anyone? 
Perhaps it was the blogger/employees criticism of the all-holy "Queer Studies" program in place, viz:
The other issue raised was the fact that we had mentioned a student’s research paper, and were accused of “criticizing” it. In reality, we did not mention the student’s name, and the point of the blog post was that “‘gender studies’ has been added to ‘women’s studies’ signals a move toward a homosexual emphasis, as shown by one of the papers completed by a WGST fellow this summer . . . .” The blog post was, quite simply, a comment on the fact that the Women’s and Gender Studies program has begun to slip “queer studies” into the university.
Link to Marquette Warrior...

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