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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vienna Cathedral Number 2 Has Account on Homosexual Dating Site

40 Year old Employee of the
 Archdiocese of Vienna on 'gayromeo'

Edit:  In light of the Vienna Cardinal's recent attacks against a priest who attempted to guard his parish against scandal, it seems appropriate to air this.  It's unclear whether or not the "employee" is a member of the clergy or not, but he's clearly not suited to work for any Diocese, not even one as corrupt as Vienna.

An employee of the decadent Archdiocese of Vienna searches a hookup site for homosexual partners, in order to wallow in his depravity.

(  A leading member of the Viennese Archdiocese has a profile at the homosexual  hookup site 'gayromeo'.

Sodomites look for Aids contacts with strangers.

The site is one of the largest spreaders of Aids in the world.

Frequently changing partners in depravity is a sure component of  homosexual degeneracy.

The Number Two Man in Vienna's Cathedral Parish

One of the gommorists, who prostitutes himself on the publicly accessible hustler site, is C. D. H.

He is the chancellery director of Vienna's Cathedral and the right hand of Vienna's alchohol and boulevard Cathedral Pastor Anton Faber.

H. operates a profile on 'gayromeo' with the name "iucundus".

The word "iucundus" is latin.  It means, pleasant, attractive or enjoyable.

For sure

H's user account registers 45 people as "personally known".

On the other hand, he is known personally by 994 people.

The homosexual homepage describes the profile as "guaranteed true".

Only abstinence serves against Aids

Besides his activity in the chancellery, H is active with "Maltese Aids Service".

According to some information in the city center of Vienna, is 1.83 meters high and weights 76kilos.

He smokes and has no tattoos or metal piercings.

He Trusts the Fallible Condom

H. uses the logo of "Dark Angel" on the hookup site.

That means that he will only have sex with the fallible condom.

As a rule only gommorists do this who are infected with the homosexual disease, HIV.

Paint and Leather

H. is looking for partners in fornication between the ages of 26 and 40.

There are things he will not do with strangers, however.

He tells the world that he likes to dress as a punk, soldier or policeman.

Otherwise he loves skin-tight textiles made of paint and leather.

A decided homosexually disturbed person 

In his description he praises himself as "sensible", "careful", "attentive", "clever",  "endowed" and "talented" and "decisive" as well.

He is not one who "quickly and easily makes friends".

But he is "extremely loyal" to his homosexual friends.

H. has to admit that the self-praise might sound "somewhat crass":  but it's "simply" the truth.

Throw life away

The "dream of his life", before putting his finger on his eternal damnation: "I have lived and loved and will be loved".

The visitor to H's hustler site is asked to press the "sex pig" button which is provided.

Those shy perverts can push the button that reads "Only when drunk".

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Edit: One of the commenters from writes about the self-inflicted nature of Aids in Germany (and presumably elsewhere)

Jubärens 17:30:28 | Dienstag, 24. April 2012 "Over 90 percent of the new infections in Germany are transmitted sexually.  Approximately three quarters of new HIV infections in 2011 were according to estimates from men who have sex with other men;  about 20 percent from heterosexual contacts.  Only five percent of new infections were traceable back to intravenous drug use.  New infections passed on from mother to child were reduced to a few isolated cases."  (Spiegel Online 2011 as a Commentary to the RKI- Press service)   This means that about 75 percent of those infected with HIV are active homosexuals.  The estimated figure of homosexuals in Germany from 2,000 is about 1.6% as well as 2.5 % bisexual.  This means that about the 1.6% of the homosexual population is responsible for 75% of the new Aids cases.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Another Homosexual Affirmed on Parish Counsel in Austria

He Awaits the Breakthrough of the Swelling Boil

Edit: take note of the people who defend ++Schoenborn and downplay his erosion of the Church's authority.

( The homosexual Markus Casna (44) has been selected for the third time as Parish Counsel.

This was met with celebration by the online edition of the anti-Church Austrian newspaper, 'Standard' yesterday.

The Parish Provost, Micheal Blassnigg (51) has "no problem with it".

He is a secular priest from Niedernsill, which borders on south east to Kaprun.

The Put Themselves on the Way to Hell

Casna has been living since he was 19 with another homosexual together in open sin -- which calls to heaven for vengeance.

Two years ago he had his atrocity registered by the decadent state.

"All men are equal before God", explained Casna -- and dismisses the fact that unrepentant homosexual sinners go to Hell.

Homosexually troubled people have turned the decadent Conciliar Church on its side:  "Parish Provost Blasnigg and also Parish Director Toni Fersterer support me."

A Dean Persuaded the Homosexual

In 2001, the Dean (75) spoke with Casna.

He told him that would like to see him as Parish Counsel:  "He knew then that I was in a homosexual relationship."

Casna let himself be persuaded.

A Boil Swelled

The homosexual made no secret of his devilish anti-Catholic disposition:

"Confession was invented in the Middle Ages, and celibacy is an invention also of the Roman Catholic Church" -- he blathered.

The Disobedience Initiative is "on a good path".

He is confident that the "breakthrough" will succeed.

This homosexual is also enchanted by Vienna's homosexual pornography Cardinal.

That the Cardinal spit in the face of the Gospel and blessed a homosexual parish administrator is for Casna, "practically an Easter gift".

In the Conciliar Church, the Catholic is Stupid

The Civil Pastor Blassnigg praised the homosexually troubled Casna in the highest tones.

On the other hand he is damned by Pastor Gerhard Swierzek of Stutzenhofen. [Who recently resigned when he was overruled by ++Schoenborn]

"If you don't deal with homosexuality, that is the smartest."

A Conscience-Free National Socialist Legal Positivism

Fr. Blassnigg sees the Cardinal in a positive light:

If one sees "the man", one sees things differently -- he distorted.

He presents a conscience-free legal positivism: "canon law will eventually change, it just takes longer".

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Austria: Homosexual Counsel Member's Pastor Resigns

The clergyman stressed that he has a priestly conscience and respects divine and ecclesiastical law -- in opposition to the Viennese Porno-Cardinal.

( Fr. Gerhard Swierzek has submitted his resignation as pastor of the community of Stutzenhofen in the Archdiocese of Vienna.

He submitted it -- according to reports from news agency 'APA' -- to the Viennese Cardinal Christoph Graf Schönborn.

The clergyman had tried to defend the Stutzenhofen Parish Counsel against the illegitimate election of a homosexual provacateur, Florian Stangl (26).

Fr. Swiezek will continue serving the other two communities.

The Cardinal Has to Travel

The clergyman explained that it makes him "saddened" that throughout the scandal, he was unable to have a meeting with Cardinal Schönborn.

Instead, the Porn Cardinal met with the shameless homosexual boy and his unreasonable Aids-infected partner and invited them to the table on the 24th of March, thus encouraging them in their mortal sin.

Now Father Swierzek hopes for a meeting with the Cardinal "after his trip abroad."

Honesty is the Best Policy

Fr. Swierzek explained that he couldn't remain active in a parish, whose members wanted their right at any price.

He has a priestly conscience and respects divine and ecclesiastical law -- as opposed to the Cardinal.

The clergyman referred to statements by Pope John Paul II and the 'Catechism of the Catholic Church' concerning homosexual immorality.

Living in sin is not considered to be the norm in a Catholic Church community.

It is much more the task of a priest to bring a sinner to penance.

Fr. Swierzek Swiezek is convinced that the people themselves want an honest priest.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

+Schönborn Gomorrah's White Knight

Edit: Look who jumps to the defense of the Cardinal, then build your enemies list.

Cadinal Schönborn Contradicts the Sixth Commandment

Austria. At yesterday's chrism Mass Christoph Cardinal Schönborn preached about communication with people, who are publicly or shamelessly living in sin.   It often leaves clergy powerless, he driveled.  Then suggested a "friendship with Jesus" in opposition to "adherence to Church teaching".  The Cardinal then alluded to three forms of bawdiness -- the wild marriage, the adulterous civil marriage and homosexual partnerships.  He believes, clearly referring to himself, that chastity is too little "lived, taught or demonstrated".   For that reason, clergy stand in a supposedly "very real difficulty of a complete incomprehension (the media bosses) for that, which the Church has taught over marriage, continence, fruitfulness and indissolubility."   This incomprehension is combined in that Cardinal Schönborn himself slaps the teaching in the face by his own actions.

Cardinal Schönborn is a Glimmering Hope for Homosexuality

Austria. The Salzburg elder-society 'Taxhamer Parish Community Initiative" praised the Viennese Cardinal Christoph von Schönborn for his complicity in enabling a homosexual Parish Councilman, Florian Stangl.  Ex-Reichsender (formerl a  Nazi radio station) was overjoyed with this.  "For me it is a glimmer of hope, because Cardinal Schönborn has shown that people are more important for him than rules"  -- declared the speaker for the elderly group, Leopold Prenninger.  Other Bishops should orient themselves on the Old Liberal Cardinal:  "Because Cardinal Schönborn is not just anyone."  With Prenninger's argument, the National Socialist movement could be justified.

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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Cardinal Schönborn Possessed by His Demons in the Cathedral

For about two years the bare breasted grotesque has defaced the Viennese Stephansdom and the memory of a Nun murdered by the National Socialists.

(, Vienna) On Saturday evening the Old Liberal Cardinal Christoph von Schönborn opened an exposition with the theme "The Cross in Sculpture" in his Cathedral museum.

This was reported by the Austrian news agency "kathpress".

On display are about sixty works from sixteen who hate the Church.

Among them is a satire of the cross, Blasphemers by Alfred Hrdlicka (+2009).

Hrdlicka considered himself to be an admirer of the Soviet murderer of peoples, Josef Stalin (+1953).

Cardinal Schönborn is enchanted by Hrdlicka's blasphemies.

Old Catholic Baptism as an Opportunity

For his opening speech, the Cardinal went especially to Hrdlicka's botched works.

He struggled to describe Hrdlicka's parents, who had been slaves of Communism, as victims.

So they had allowed their son to be baptized Old Catheolic for that reason, so that their six year old son would not suffer any disadvantages during the glorious government of martyr and Bundes Chancellor Engelbert Dolfuss (+1934).

Actually, Dolfuss didn't belong like Hrdlicka or the Cardinal, to an Old Catholic or Old Liberal sect, rather the Church.

He was murdered by the National Socialists.  Even that would have been -- had he lived in this time -- not have happened to the opportunistic Cardinal.

Hrdlicka was always demonstrably atheist.  He was buried in 2009 by the Viennese scandal pastor, Anton Faber, in an enormous and public Catholic Funeral.

Cardinal Praises the Grotesque

Even more striking the Cardinal mentioned a shameless 80,000 Euros which was paid in 2009 for the Hrdlicka ordered Demon Display which hangs in the Cathedral today.

The figure defaces a memorial of the Holy Nun, Sister Restituta Kafka (+1943).

Se was murdered by the anti-Catholic National Socialists.

The bust in the Saint Stephen's Cathedral shows a black haired whore with bare breasts.

The names of Communist political prisoners are engraved on it.

Heaven and Hell Can Not be Together

Cardinal von Schönborn  praised the disgraceful connection of the saintly nun with the Communist hooligans.

That shows that Sister Resituta was hung "in the middle of Communist street car workers in the Brigittenau" [20th District of Vienna].

The crucial difference between the two was not noted by the Cardinal:  while Sister was received into heaven, the executed Communists who went to their deaths despising God did not."

Communists Hate Mercy

The prince of the Church found touching words for the political criminals.

As they supposedly  had committed "only crimes" in the eyes of the National Socialists, the Cardinal determined that the crosses on the graves of the "colleagues" could have been placed:

"In the Christian understanding, this deed was an act of mercy" --  as the Cardinal had a misfire.

Sister Restituta was supposed to have grown very close to the Communistic dregs in prison -- slandered the Cardinal.

Hrdlicka had memorialized this connection, in which he engraved the names of the Communists on the bare breast of his representation of  a witch.

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Monday, February 27, 2012

Flawed YouCat Youth Catechism by Flawed Cardinal Selling Well

Edit: The Catechism published by the German Bishops' pornography distributor, Weltbild, seems to be enjoying a great deal of popularity despite questions about its truthfulness to Catholic teaching. It is the brainchild of Cardinal Schoenborn.

Best selling Catholic book worldwide?

New Youth Catechism

The following comes from a February 23 story by the Catholic News Agency 

The co-creator of the Church’s catechism for young people has revealed that it's now the top selling Catholic book in the world. 

“The latest figures show that Youcat has sold 1.7 million copies worldwide. It’s been a great success in nearly every country where it has been published,” said German publisher Bernard Meuser in a Feb. 23 interview with the Catholic News Agency. 

“For example, it is number one in Spain, number one in America, and number one in Germany along with the Pope’s latest book.” 

Link to article...
H/t: Stella Borealis....

Friday, February 24, 2012

Imam Thinks Israel Should not Exist: Banned in Vienna!

Edit: it's not like the Immam is singing the praises of Medjugorje, promoting women priests or displaying blasphemous portraits at the Cathedral bookstore or anything. In any event, Cardinal Christoph von Schönborn had to move quickly to protect the reputation of his predecessor's masterwork of false irenicism.

He thinks the death penalty for adultery is justified, and denies that the State of Israel has a right to exist. [Gasp]  Update:  Only after media reports did Cardinal Schönborn forbid further entrance of radical preacher at Church Institute.

Vienna ( He thinks that the death penalty for adultery is justified.  He denies that the State of Israel has a right to exist. He is promoting the re-establishment of the Caliphate in the Islamic world.   And Shaker Assem, speaker of the Panislamic "Hizb ut-Tahir" (Party of Freedom), which planned a Califate conference for the 10th of March ("Die Presse", reports),  regularly preaches on Friday in the Islamic prayer center of the Viennese Afro-Asiatic Institute (AAI).   "Die Presse" news reported this on Friday.  The Institute was founded by Cardinal König as a "political development house of education"  and is according to the times an ecclesiastical foundation, which is supported by means from the Archdiocese of Vienna.

For AAI- business manager, Nikolaus Heger this is a "difficult situation",  over which there has been much discussion.  Assem is also a good "dialog partner", who  seeks discussion and disputation.  "If you were to pole Muslims, you would find many who do not believe Israel should exist."  Exactly for this reason, it is important to draw people like him into the dialogue, Hegner says.

Update on Friday:  The controversial Caliphate preacher Shaker Assem may not lead the Friday prayer of the Viennese Afro-Asiatic Institute (AAI).  The Archdiocese of Vienna reported this on Friday in a communique.  Cardinal Christoph Schönborn has come to this decision as the protector of the Institute founded by Cardinal Franz König with AAI- business leader Nikolaus Heger. "The Archdiocse must generate clarity over the situation, especially when the State authorities have not yet evaluated Imam Assem as a hate preacher," it reads.

More from Die Presse...

From kathnet...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Secret Meeting: Austrian Bishops Manipulate the Pope

Kardinal Christoph Graf von Schönborn von Wien
© Henning Klingen, Pressefoto
Edit: are they going to discuss the Austrian Church's problems with their hospitals supplying abortions and the Holy Father's brother, Msgr Georg's intervention?

The problem with the Austrian Church isn't even the preoccupation of the Old Liberals with sexual issues, rather its weak faith, faltering piety and the lack of interest on the part of Bishops and priests in religion.

(, Vatikan) At present the Austrian Bishops are advising with the Vatican Dicastries over the -- media inflated -- Old Liberal One Man Show 'Pastor Initiative'.

The regional news 'Salzburger Nachrichten' is talking about a secret meeting.

The members of the Austrian delegation in Rome is Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna, Archbishop Alois Kothgasser of Salzburg, Bishop Klaus Küng of Saint Pölten and Bishop Egon Kapellari of Graz-Seckau.
This morning they attended a pointless general audience with Pope Benedict XVI.
Otherwise they met with various Roman Dicastries.

There they can brown nose with the various Roman Dicastries, in order to provide cover for their Old Liberal schism-society.

It is being presented as an "exchange of information of the Austrian Bishops in the Vatican" -- reported the Austrian Church's, news organ, 'kathpress'.

The Old Liberal press speaker for the Archdiocese of Vienna and father of eight, Micheal Prüller confirmed the Rome trip for them:

"The Bishops have used the opportunity on the beginning of a session of various Vatican authorities, to be informed by representatives first hand."

This exchange will enable the Bishops, "to communicate a different picture of the Church in Austria."


Saturday, December 24, 2011

Cardinal Schönborn Texts at Mass

Münchner Kardinal: „Keine SMS während der Messe verschicken“

Edit: Cardinal Reinhard Marx is really laying down the law in Germany.  "Do not send texts during Mass".

Reinhard Cardinal Marx warns against populism in the Church.  In the internet one might see how contentious things are -- even about Bishops and reforms.
Texting during Mass

(, München) "These are difficult times to be a Bishop."

This is the Old Liberal Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich and Freising speaking at the Munich press club as reported by "Münchner Merkur".

As far as the ecclesiastical handling of adulterers the Archbishop said:  "That is very depressing even to me."

 He can offer those in mortal sin "no simple solution".

The courage of John the Baptist isn't needed to call these sinners to repentance.

Cardinal Marx reads too much ''

Within the Church the Cardinal warns against "populism after the motto <>."

That is explicitly the case in Church circles.

Obviously, that is a tactic of the Old Liberals: to give complicated answers to simple questions.

As an example he described the Internet.  There you can see, "how much argument there is -- even about Bishops and reforms."

Never the less the dialog process between the Bishops and the "laity" -- in which it is meant media bosses -- must continue on.

Using cell phones in Church is unacceptable

In one of his numerous interviews with 'Bildzeitung' the Cardinal  criticized the use of cells during Mass:

"Whoever texts on his cell or simply stares at it during a conversation, shows to the other that he isn't important.  No one should dare do that to anyone, especially not to the dear God."

The most famous cell phone user during Mass is Cardinal Christoph von Schönborn.

In his youth Masses, the youth were encouraged to send texts, which were put on a projection screen during Mass.

Cardinal Schönborn was busted on his own cell phone texting at various youth Masses --  at disco Masses in October 2005 in Vienna or at a youth pilgrimage to Mariazell in August 2010.

At his youth pilgrimmage Auxiliary Bishop Franz Scharl of Vienna, Msgr Stephan Turnovsky of Vienna and
 Msgr Franz Lackner of Graz, seated next to the Cardinal all had their cell phones.

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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Two Things Move Vienna's Cardinal: Fear and Praise

What is the main problem of the Old Liberal "Pastor's Initiative" in the view of the Cardinal?  They have sounded their reputation far beyond Austria.

(, Wien) The Old Liberal 'Pastor's Initiative' has done enormous damage to the Austrian Church in the Catholic milieu worldwide.

The Old Liberal Cardinal, Christoph von Schönborn explained, according to the news agency, 'kathpress".

Apparently, the Cardinal meant to identify the "Austrian Church" with his own reputation.

A life for the headlines

The Authors of the "Call to Disobedience" do not appreciate the damage they have caused.

The Cardinal put that in for appearance's sake.

There were international headlines like: "Difficulties in Austria."

Or, "Church in Austria in Crisis", "Church in Austria on the Brink of Schism" and:  "Priests call for disobedience."

The Cardinal is concerned about outer appearances

The Cardinal considers the effects of the 'Pastor's Initiative' as an "unbelievably negative input" in the "Church image" of Austria.

He stayed with these formulations which stay so closely the superficialities which are so important to him.

He actually holds the imaginary problems of the 'Pastor's Initiative' for real.

He only wants to undertake "solutions in other directions".

At the same time, the Cardinal wants to take "headwinds" -- as long as they come from the Old Liberal side -- "in a sporting way":

"Without the wind there is no sailing, and when contrary winds occur there has to be some shifting, that is creative or inspiring."

In Vienna everything goes -- unless it's Catholic

The Cardinal signaled his full support with the usual weaselly vocabulary.

It requires "workable solutions" with the world Church.

Cardinal von Schönborn encouraged the Old Liberals to examine closely what has happened in order to see what "has already happened and what also can be done."

It has already happened that prominent Vienese adulterers have had their union blessed with the agreement of the Cardinal and have thus been confirmed in their mortal sin.

Other adulterers could add themselves in the great churches of Vienna.

On the other hand, the Archdiocese denied a Priest of the Society of St. Pius X from saying his first Mass at a Viennese church, although the parish pastor had requested permission.

The Germans praise Austria's wheelchair reform

The Cardinal shows that his "reform process" is an apparent break.

This has especially caught the attention of the -- Old Liberal -- German Bishops, he said, discrediting himself.

A central figure of his church regime is the person he appointed to be Director of the Pastoral Office, Veronika Veronika Prüller-Jagenteufel.

She is a declared feminist ideologue and student of the long arm of the media bosses, Father Micheal Zuhehner.

Press Photo

Monday, November 28, 2011

Vienna's Cathedral Pastor Likes Married Homosexuals

Edit: this change agent was the priest who gave the Communist, Hrdlicka an honorable burial and Mass in Vienna's gothic Cathedral, the Stepensdom. The controversial artist who continues to enjoy the patronage of Cardinal Schönborn, is famous for depicting a blasphemous orgy "painting".

Even though some of Hrdlicka's artwork was taken down, other pieces remain to this day in the St. Barbara Chapel. The Diocese made a half-hearted effort to correct the problem when it was in the public eye and then honored the cause of the problem with a funeral Mass. But that's the way Cardinal Schönborn rolls.

The hypocritical Viennese Cathedral Pastor consecrates things that should be condemned and damned. Because the powerful homosexual media saved his skin.

( Viennese industrialist Thomas Klein (47) is the inheritor and business manager of the Austrian firm 'Almdudler Limonade, A. & S. Klein GmbH & Co KG’.

It produces herbal soda "Almdudler". This tastes like soapy water, which has been enriched with lemon juice and sugar.

Klein is married and the father of three children (23, 18, 16).

Recently he accused himself -- apparently an advertising gimmick for his soap water -- of being homosexually disturbed in a 288 page book with the title "Zwischen Sein und Schein" [Between Being and Appearance].

Between the pages he described the typical life of homosexual decadence which swings between depression and longing for death.

Father Faber blessed him with Holy Water

The Austrian women's gossip magazine 'Seitenblicke' would not let this roast escape.

It peppered the story with a statement by the Vienna Cathedral Pastor, Fr. Anton Faber.

The publication wanted to know how he would consider this situation if "as a priest", a rich homosexual were to say: "I am gay and have a family with children."

The clergyman didn't have the courage, as expected, to opportunely or inopportunely declare the simple Catholic truth.

Instead of this, out flowed the usual clerical boot-licker type praise.

He thinks it's "grand and very honorable", that the Almdudler-Chief keeps to his homosexual neurosis -- tottled an enthused Father Faber.

If Gomorrists were to conceal their lives, then Father Faber would think that a "shame":

"I don't reject such hypocrisy, which cries to heaven" -- he piously explained. [He's just following in the footsteps of the Danube Cardinal, really, when the Cardinal said that it was better if homosexuals were in committed relationships than not.]

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Cardinal Schönborn Protests Against Murder of Copts in Egypt

Austria   this afternoon the Viennese Cardinal Christoph Count von Schönborn, together with the Coptic Bishop Gabriel, demonstrated for the persecuted Christians in Egypt. The participants gathered in front of Vienna's National Opera House and processed to Vienna's famous Gothic Cathedral, der Stepensdom. An ecumenical recollection took place there for the 27 Copts who were shot or run over by armored vehicles on the 9th of October during a peaceful demonstration in Cairo. For the lives of the unborn, the Cardinal has still yet to take to the streets.

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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Cardinal Schönborn Complains about Conservative Internet Presence

Edit: now he has to go to Rome and spend more time on the telephone to manage the damage. Apparently there are people in Rome who give him the benefit of the doubt.


The Old Liberal Cardinal -- who is at the service of the pressure placed by anti-Catholic media bosses -- complained of the pressure "from at times aggressive websites, which can't be Catholic enough."

(, Wien)  It was a difficult, but beautiful time.

So said the unfortunate Viennese Cardinal Christoph von Schönborn for on an anti-Church broadcast "Orientierung" on Ex-Reichsender Vienna [former Nazi broadcaster] about his time as a Bishop.

The Cardinal just celebrated his 20th Episcopal Jubilee year.

He Praised Himself for His Abuse-cringing

The anti-Church Reichsender Wien broadcast yesterday at noon.

As expected, it celebrated the abuse-hoax.

Cardinal von Schönborn did not make himself clear.  Instead, he praised himself because he jumped the hoops in 2010 for the media bosses.

His reward for the practice of  selling out the truth is that "words of appreciation come from throughout the world" -- he bluffed.

Whoever Responds to Pressure, Will Get More Pressure

Cardinal Schönborn spoke of a "pressure from all sides -- or all possible and impossible sides."

He admitted that there is a lot of pressure from classical Liberal pensioners in diapers.

The Cardinal covered up the fact that these are the useful idiots of the powerful media bosses.

He gets pressure also "from a part of the very aggressive websites, which just can't be Catholic enough."

That he spoke of websites in the plural shows the respect he has for the site '' which he clearly meant.

The neo-Conservative commercial site '' has sponsored the Cardinal for years and covered for him in its reportage on the Archdiocese of Vienna.

The baby soft Romans let themselves be hoodwinked by the other side

Cardinal Schönborn laments that the Catholics -- who've been marginalized by the Old Liberal Bishops for years -- turn to Rome and make their complaints known.

That happens on websites, personal mail or in face-to-face meetings -- explained the Old Liberal Prelate.

Actually he believes that the baby soft Romans are under control:  "That isn't anything to get too worked up about."

Because he smooths over the Roman side with his personal contacts:  "As people sit together -- you can talk to each other."

In the past, Austrian Bishops had neglected basic contact with the Romans.

What the Cardinal did not say:  Before '' brought the endless scandals of the Old Liberal Bishops 
to light, the Romans didn't even need to worry about duping anyone in Rome.

Link to original...

© Henning Klingen, Pressefoto

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Danube Cardinal Threatens Austrian Dissidents

Editor: the Archdiocese Canon Lawyer already laid down the ground rules.  Now the disobedient ones have to decide whether they want to risk losing their income, their benefits and their offices.  

Try to imagine the Austrian police forcibly removing them from their parish offices by force.  That would be a sight to behold.

What happens to employees who attack the leadership of a corporation?  Usually they quit and go work for other companies.  We understand that the Church of Satan is looking for new hires.

VIENNA | Sat Sep 17, 2011 2:47pm BST
(Reuters) - The head of Vienna's Roman Catholic community ruled out sweeping changes demanded by dissident priests and said there could be "serious conflict" if they defied Church teaching on celibacy or give communion to remarried divorcees.
Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn said he would not lead his diocese into a schism with leaders in the Vatican by letting priests flout Church rules after a group of priests issued a "Call to Disobedience" manifesto to try to press reform.
In weekend interviews with Austrian radio and television, Schoenborn backed celibacy for priests, limiting ordination to men and preserving marriage as a life-long commitment.

H/t: Pewsitter.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Old Liberal Bishop of Spokane Bars Priests from Abortion Protests

Some people don't GET +Cupic. What's not to get? Old Liberal Bishops do Liberal things. They obscure the true nature of the abuse-hoax while writing for faux-Catholic magazines like America. They persecute conservative priests. They build ugly churches and promote ugly art and music. They engage in Liturgical abuses and favor Communion in the hand.

In this case, the Bishop is not allowing his priests to pray at the slaughter houses, which is also like the Cardinal Schönborn who prohibited Auxiliary Bishop Laun of Salzburg from being at a pro-life event in Vienna and stabbed Austrian pro-lifers in the back. He also doesn't favor a change in Austria's abortion laws.

They also love sex education to destroy the innocence of children with. Bishop Cupic employs the controversial, if inaptly named, "Virtus" program. Bishop Vasa remains critical, at least, of these alleged virtue programs.

He has also cancelled Eucharistic Adoration.

What's with the ugly graphic?

"Educating" over five million children.

It was really difficult to listen to the flaccid and legally appropriate language of this administrator.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Cardinal Schönborn's Restaurant Mass

Editor:  Somebody told us that the campaign we've been participating in about Cardinal Schönborn would never catch on.  Well, at least Mundabor caught the ++Schönborn bug.

Actually, we very seldom have to explain to people we meet who are Catholic about the Danube Prelate.  Even Jimmy Akin's ten gallon hat probably knows by now.  Hey, beating up on Father Corapi takes a lot of energy. You can only cover "important" events, dontcha know.

 You'd thought you'd heard everything.  Now it's a Restaurant Mass.  At least there's no polka band.   The Heurigen where this took is a place where you can drink wine made on the premises. It's got good food, but  they serve a tough wine to drink and a bit on the bitter side, rather like gall.  We've been to this Heurigen in a suburb of Vienna, near a Church where Franz Schubert played one of his beautiful Masses.

As the reports, this was done with Cardinal Schönborn's approval.

 Austria.  On the Sunday before last Pastor Norbert Ritt von Grinzing in the Archdiocese of Vienna celebrated a new Mass in a restaurant.  This was according to the neo-Conservative videosite, ''.  The divine service was part of a series under the title, Heuerigenmesse [Heurigen Mass].  Every fourth Sunday in the Summer, Father Ritt celebrates Sunday Mass in the patio of the restaurant. After the Mass, the priest left the consecrated Hosts in ciboria on the dinner table.  After a long while, a woman took the Hosts -- along with other utensils like the Mass book, baskets, the loud speaker -- in a plastic crate.  The crate was filled with the All Holy and all the other objects were piled in on top of It or next to It and it was dumped in the passenger seat of a car.

This new Mass was held at the Restaurant, despite the fact that there was a beautiful church conveniently two or three blocks away.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Head of Austrian Church Dissidents Doesn't Fear Suspension or Dismissal

Edit: IF he believes God exists, this brings forth the inevitable question as to whether or not he believes in eternal torments for the disobedient?
He is the Cardinal's Creature After All

Cardinal Schönborn has recently made statements, again, asking the dissidents what would happen if the players disobeyed a Soccer Coach. Mundabor says nothing's being done.  He's also defended priestly celibacy.  Apparently he plans on doing something about this in September when he will meet with the head of the opposition. He seems intransigent in his heresy.

When Father Helmut counts off on his "one hand" what can happen to him, did it ever occur to him that there's such a thing as Hell, and temporal punishment for sins? At the very least it should spell the loss of his credibility. Here's below:

Fr. Helmut would have to be mad to withdraw his theses hostile to the Church. Finally he had all of the all powerful media bosses covering for him. They will turn any which way they have to in order to protect their dear protege.

( "I won't take anything back and am see things, as they may come, right in the eye."

So said the head man of the Church hostile, "Pastor's Initiative', Fr. Helmut Schüller, for the anti-Church regional paper 'Oberösterreichische Nachrichten'.

They don't broker any answers critical of the expectations of the Zeitgeist.

Fr.  Schüller was the General Vicar of Christoph Kardinal von Schönborn. from 1995 till February of 1999.

 The Cardinal Will Bow

The former General Vicar is dancing his powerless Cardinal, leading him curiously by the nose.

He joked saying that he could count all the possibilities for sanction "on his finger" --  either suspension or dismissal from his office.

The board of the "Pastor Initiative' has been informed  they have until September and to make their position clear.

At the beginning of September the Cardinal will meet with the enemies of the Church again.

And What's the View of the Church?

The questions put to the "Pastor Initiative" by Cardinal Schönborn regarding obedience to the Church are "severe" as far as Fr. Schüller is concerned.

At the same time, it is for him as a priest who is active in pastoral work, "strange".

From the "perspective of the Cardinal" there are certain views which are not compatible with Church membership.

Conservative Joke Turn

The secular priest maintains that anything that turns away from his desired Church structure as a Zeitgeist defined sect is "clearly backward".

This has to do with a "conservative turn" in the Church.

In the same breath he defends the title -- "Call to Disobedience" -- which is his Church hostile Manifesto.

Because: "If you resign yourself to the pure formulations, then you have to say that it's -- the majority of the pastors and communities -- disobedience."

We're not even still talking about the "conservative turn" are we?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cardinal Schönborn Makes Heavy Statements -- Abortion is Murder -- There is no Homosexual Marriage

The Viennese Cardinal has served his neo-Conservative public yet again. His words will be taken so seriously, that none of the media bosses will report them.

(, Pöllau) Child slaughter "is murder".

This is what the Viennese Cardinal Christoph Count Schönborn said for a neo-Conservative youth gathering at the village of Pollau with a population of 2000 about 150 km south of Vienna -- according to reports from the neo-Conservative site, ''

The sensational comments of the Cardinal have brought forth no media echo.

An Innocent is Killed

During a child murder "an innocent living being, a guilty person in the womb of its own mother is killed" -- said Cardinal von Schönborn.

In the past the same Cardinal had frequently explained that he doesn't desire any change in the murderous abortion laws in Austria.

In June 2008 he hung the Papal Gregorian Order around the neck of the Viennese Abortion politician, Comrade Renate Brauner.

In Sept 2009 he forbid the Salzburg Auxiliary Bishop Andreas Laun from participating in a pro-Life demonstration in Vienna

There is no such thing as Homosexual Marriage

The Cardinal expressed himself about homosexual depravity.

He insists that "there is no homosexual marriage".

Marriage is between man an woman who are open to children: "everything else is a false advertising".

The Church isn't going to address itself "against homosexual marriage, because it doesn't exist".

He is a son of divorced parents.

In regards to divorce the Cardinal said that he was "truly angry" about the reproaches against the Church.

The Church is the only institution, which defends marriage:

"Is it merciful to separate children between mother and father and make them into a play ball for the parents?"

The Cardinal, who comes from a divorced family, recalled the pain of many women after divorce.

In conclusion the Cardinal wished the youth and "also the Bishop the courage to speak out on such things."

Because only the truth will make you free.

Link to the Original, kreuz...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

A German Parish in the Archdiocese of Freiburg Goes into Schism

Edit: There have bee earlier suggestions of Schism in the German speaking areas denied by Cardinal Kasper. Despite denials, the ever reliable Vaticanista Tornielli who aired these suspicions last Month is seemingly being proven correct. First these rumours, then the priest revolt in Vienna against Cardinal Schönborn, and then this even, are coming to a head to perhaps realize something which has been a de facto schism all along.

"Ecumenical Parish of St. Peter in the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Freiburg" declared their new self-designation as a formerly Catholic Parish. It declared that the "unspeakable division of Christianity" is "at an end for us".

Bruchsal ( A Roman Catholic Parish in the Archdiocese of Freiburg will declare publicly that it does not want to be Roman Catholic any longer. The "unspeakable division of Christianity" explained the Pastoral Council of St. Peter in Bruchsal is "at an end for us". The Community which has been, till now, Catholic, will describe itself as the "Ecumenical Parish of St. Peter in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Freiburg".

Furthermore the Pastoral Council of St. Peter invites especially those in opposition, therefore especially in hospitable confessional outreach to the "table of the Lord", where Jesus Christ keeps no one out, who is his neighbor: "We declare this mutual hospitality certainly", it says on the Website.

By means of classifying a synodal structure of the Church as "early Church" the Church Council accords a rejection of the constitution of the Church: "We recognize the synodal structure of the Old Church and expect our Church leadership to recall this early Church Tradition."

The community insists, continues the Pastoral Council still further, "unlimited by tradition and every spirituality of our Community", they recognize "the diversity of Christian life in united differentiation." Thereto they know the "will of Jesus Christ, that all be one", is a stronger obligation than all "theological and political convictions and questions".

The Parish Priest, Jörg Sieger, has not publicly distanced himself from the declaration of his Pastoral Committee at this time.

Link to

Link to classic gallery, photocredit.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Cardinal Schönborn Faces Criminal Charges

Criminal allegations against Cardinal Schönborn

Strafanzeige gegen Kardinal Schönborn |

Criminal allegations have been made against Cardinal Christoph Schönborn by a 45-year-old to the Vienna public prosecutor. "Failure to prevent a crime" is the accusation.

Mundabor's coverage of the priest revolt, here.

Cardinal to issue reprimand to ringleaders, here.