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Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Stick for Faithful Catholics, Carrots for Dissidents

Ex-Priest and Chief Director of the site Religion Digital Josè Manuel Vidal gives Pope Francis three bars of Turrón

(Rome) While the Vatican harasses the Spanish news portal InfoVaticana, Pope Francis has found words of praise for another, Spanish news site, for Religion Digital.

The difference?

Religion Digital
Religion Digital is an anti-church site founded by ex-priest José Manuel Vidal, whose "line is incompatible with the faith of the Catholic Church and the minimum of ties that a Catholic should unite with his shepherds," says Fr Josè Antonio Fortea described the website on September 2016. Vidal has been engaged in constant attacks against the Church and her doctrine for more than 20 years. The range of anti-church propaganda ranges from a platform for Church opponents to the publication of blasphemous cartoons.
InfoVaticana was founded in 2013 by Gabriel Ariza and Fernando Beltrán as a Church-loyal counterweight, so as not to leave Religion Digital the field of information.

The difference?
Religion Digital has been reporting since 2013 with enthusiasm about Pope Francis while maintaining the anti-church line.
InfoVaticana reports, increasingly critical of certain statements and gestures of Pope Francis, as it continues the course of the defense of Church and doctrine.

 The difference?

The positions of the two news sites are diametrically opposed. This is evident not only in Spain, but - albeit attenuated - outside the Iberian peninsula. For example, in Rome: The papal house Vaticanista Andrea Tornielli cooperates with Religion Digital, the secret Doyen of the Vatican, Sandro Magister, with InfoVaticana .
While Tornielli goes to and fro under Francis in Santa Marta, advises the Pope on media issues, is part of the papal communication strategy, and receives first-hand information from Francis, Magister was stripped of accreditation by the Vatican Press Office due to his critical coverage in 2015 - after more than 30 years years of service. After a few months, he was accredited again. However, the shot in front of the bow was clear.
The same applies to InfoVaticana and Religion Digital. Under the governing Pope, it is clearly signaled who is well-liked and who is not.

The stick for InfoVaticana, carrots for Religion Digital

The Vatican Secretariat of State has appointed one of the top 10 lavender law firms in the world to initiate litigation against InfoVaticana. The Holy See accuses the news site of wanting to mislead, using the name of the Vatican in order to obtain donations. An absurd name dispute. It would be as if the city of Frankfurt would start a lawsuit against the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, or as if the cities of Zurich and New York were taking action against the Neue Zürcher Zeitung and the New York Times. InfoVaticana utilizes the Vatican in its name because most of the coverage is focused on the Holy See and the Universal Church. There are various media with a comparable name references, which the Vatican Secretariat of State has not up to now.
In this detour, the Vatican tells the news site its disapproval, which goes so far as to put pressure on InfoVaticana and harm it. Although the Vatican has denied such an intention, the lawyers have not called back.

Digital Religion in Santa Marta

On Thursday, April 19, José Manuel Vidal, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Religion Digital, accompanied the theologian and former Jesuit Josè Maria Castillo to the Vatican. Castillo turned his back on the Jesuit order in 2007 for reasons of "mental hygiene," having for decades provoked conflicts with the ecclesiastical hierarchy with his heterodox views and his propagation of Marxist liberation theology. Castillo is a permanent columnist at Religion Digital and runs his blog on the news site with the provocative name "theology without censorship."

Josè Manuel Vidal with Pope Francis
Castillo had been invited by Francis to the Pope's morning Mass in Santa Marta. Following this there was an encounter between the ex-Jesuit and the Jesuit on the Pope's throne (see Pope Francis "rehabilitates" Liberation Theologians ). In this context, there was also the encounter between Francis and Vidal, in which the head of the church found remarkably benevolent words for the news portal, as Vidal himself reported on his side:
"I told him what it was about and showed him a color print of Religion Digital and another printout of the front page of Pro Francisco that we've been hosting on our site for three years. Francis put both hands on mine and told me, 'Continue to renew a Church that goes out'.
Then I gave him three bars of Spanish turrón 1) . "
The encounter between Castillo and Vidal with Pope Francis proves what Cardinal Gerhard Muller, the Prefect of the Roman Congregation of the Doctrine of the Congregation, dismissed by Francis, that there is an "inner connection between the papists of today and the rebels of yesterday," between the great adversaries John Paul II and Benedict XVI," who yesterday "undermined the foundations of theology" and those who today present themselves as great Bergoglio followers.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Religion Digital (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred

Friday, April 15, 2016

"In This Respect There is an Explosive Power in Them" -- Amoris Laetitia and Schönborn's "Disobedience"

Baldisseri and Schönborn

"Farewell to the Magisterium"

(Vienna) The Catholic theologian and director of the left-liberal, and management of the  Austrian daily newspaper. Der Standard, Wolfgang Bergmann, identified the key to Amoris Laetitia yesterday in the ORF broadcast "Praxis - Religion and Society" (ORF-focus "Mother Earth"). He explains this by that which does not exist in the document, namely, the "Farewell to the Magisterium" and therefore to normative standards.
Bergmann is considered to be a "Church insider." He formerly headed the public relations of the Austrian Caritas and was communications director of the Archdiocese of Vienna. He was, until 1999. a close collaborator of Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, Archbishop of Vienna.
Amoris Laetitia was presented by Cardinal Schönborn not only on behalf of the Pope to the world, but has also contributed his handwriting in some cases. The first section of the controversial eighth chapter begins with the "gradualness", a keyword that  Schönborn coined in the first Synod of Bishops, 2014. Accordingly, there are no irregular situations in relationships between two people, but only a gradation in the realization of the marriage "ideal". It's a concept that has already been criticized at the time criticized as a relativistic dissolution of marriage sacrament, but it still found its way into an official papal document.

"Roman theology has come to the end"

According to Bergmann there has only been "very minimal progress" by Amoris Laetitia. However, the positive side is a "farewell to the Magisterium" initiated by Pope Francis.  The pope has written, "preaching, lyrically, citing writers, he is pedagogical-psychological [Some might say pedantic and deliberately insulting.], but theological only a few places."  But there is a reason, says Bergmann: "The Roman theology has come to the end."
Pope Francis had "opened the door for the sacraments" to public adulterers, Bergmann speaks of divorced and remarried, though in "only in two footnotes," and thus in a "hidden form".
Then Bergmann reported on the "Vienna Praxis." Cardinal Schönborn had been engaged in this praxis "for 15 years" even as he presented Amoris Laetitia at the press conference and thus even refuted  the reputation he's had so far - albeit with a decreasing tendency - the attributed Image of a "Conservative". [Nobody ever believed that once they got to know what he really was.]

"Schönborn has lived in disobedience here"

In the Archdiocese of Vienna, it had long been a practice given by Cardinal Schönborn, says Bergmann, "which was actually against the line of Rome, which Schönborn has lived in disobedience here," which could lead "to the blessing of remarried divorced couples."  "To that extent, this practice is now legitimized by Rome."
This also shows "that it is a very good to be a time disobedient, because one can be obtain later through praxis. This can perhaps now be extrapolated to other topics, including the blessing of homosexual couples. In this respect there is an explosive power in them." The "Vienna Praxis" would also include homosexual relationships.
Bergmann sees also in Amoris Laetitia a conscious "renunciation of power" by the Pope.  "In fact, exerts Pope Francis has engaged in a renunciation of power." This "renunciation of power" by its displacement to the local Churches must now, however, be specific and be exhausted, not only in announcements and "encouragement" but to prevent  a later reversal,  so says the Standard's manager.
Text: Martha Burger Weinzl
Image: (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, September 28, 2014

German Bishops Want a "Pastoral Aggiornamento" at the Bishops' Synod

Cardinal Marx at Discussion Forum in Magdeburg
(Rome) In a few days in Rome, the Synod of Bishops on the Family will begin. The unofficial theme is, according to the specifications of Cardinal Walter Kasper: "Communion for remarried divorcees". On which side the great majority of the German bishops are,  is already clear. The Rhenish alliance stands behind Cardinal Kasper and whose  bishops it wants to take things in their own hands at the Synod of Bishops.  The President of the German Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Reinhard Marx of Cardinal of Munich and Freising said that quite frankly at the "Discussion Forum" in Magdeburg two weeks ago.
Cardinal Marx  has experienced a boost in his career under Pope Francis. He has been DBK President for a few months, and starting in 2015  he will be Commission of the Bishops' Conferences of the European Community  (COMECE) and belongs, since April 2013, as  the representative of Europe to the C-9 Cardinal Advisory, which advises the pope on the management of the universal Church and the reform of the Curia. Also, the Pope also made him the coordinator of the new Economic Council of the Vatican.

German Bishops Want "Pastoral Aggiornamento"

Cardinal Marx belongs with the German church, as a weighty spokesmen for a "pastoral aggiornamento"  in order to bring justice within the family which have been in "situations unknown until a few years ago". The allusion refers to the Synod of Bishops on the Family, held under Pope John Paul II. in 1980 and was reflected in the Apostolic Exhortation Familiaris Consortio. It will  say that the majority of the German episcopate is of the opinion that Familiaris Consortio  is no longer on  "timely" because of how quickly and radically people  change  behavior.
This  Marx was told also by his German brothers of Cardinal rank, Gerhard Müller, Cardinal, Prefect of the Congregation, very directly and candidly. The meeting was "cordial" held in a  "benign" atmosphere. Head of the delegation, said Marx modestly,   was not he, but Bishop Franz-Josef Bode of Osnabrück.
Cardinal Müller  is considered, due to his position, as well as his German origin, as the main opponent of Cardinal Kasper's theses. Müller points out that the "mercy is  the completion of justice" and that therefore it could never be used to to remove the Ten Commandments or weaken the meaning and scope of the sacraments or even to override them. Otherwise there  would be a "serious manipulation of true charity." A hard accusation by the CDF Prefect of Kasper and Marx in the meeting without Müller calling them by name.

The Attempt, to Put Reigns Action on the Synod Itself

Marx announced in Magdeburg, however, that he personally, as soon as the Synod will have begun, as President of the German Bishops' Conference  has an already revised document he will present that will explain the position of the German bishops at the Synod. In any case the majority. The minority will probably have no voice at the Synod. Those German bishops who support the position of Kasper, Marx and his predecessor, Zollitsch, all are notable signatories of the document, so says the DBK-chairman. The ranks of the German bishops will be pretty close.
Marx left no doubt in Magdeburg that the document that was presented the front line of   the cardinal consistory by Cardinal Kasper in February. The announced document seems to be another part of a deliberate and planned strategy to  take control, one that harks back to the year 2013. In calculations perhaps up to the conclave. The detailed document prepared by Kasper and Marx seems to want to steer the discussion of the Synod of Bishops in a certain direction.
Excited about the prospects, are progressive organizations like "We Are Church". The President Martha Heizer who was excommunicated with her husband for arbitrary imitation of  Holy Mass, said: "Just a quick, compelling and anthropocentric reform" could help in its resultant sexual morality, could contribute to the  shortening of the distance between the traditional teaching of the Church and the reality of the lives of the Catholic faithful.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Diocese of Magdeburg (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Friday, April 11, 2014

Abolish Celibacy and Rehabilitate Giordano Bruno --- Bishop Kräutler and Frei Betto With Pope Francis

Frei Betto, Suit and Tie Dominican.
(Vatican) A phenomenon of the pontificate of Pope Francis is the 360 degree statements by Church members.   After encounters with the Pope in secret they appear before the cameras to promote their personal agenda to do this, however, citing the Pope. What  Pope Francis actually said or supports, you can not check yourself. The procedure, which is the opposite of the once-vaunted ecclesiastical discretion, duly presents confusion. Two of the most recent examples: On April 4, Bishop Erwin Kräutler and on 10 April the Brazilian liberation theologian Frei  Betto were received by the Pope. Both were then very talkative.

Bishop Kräutler on the Shortage of Priests: Married Men  Must be Consecrated

On 4 April, the Austrian Mission Bishop Erwin Kräutler was received by Pope Francis. Bishop Kräutler (born 1939) has since been   Bishop of the Xingu Territorialprälatur in the Brazilian Amazon since 1981, where he succeeded his uncle Erich Kräutler of the same Order. Erwin Kräutler is also Chairman of the Indian Missionary Council of Brazilian Bishops' Conference. The bishop is a member of the Order of the Missionaries of the Precious Blood (CPPS). According to the Bishop, whose Order has produced  good priests in the German language,  is active in his commitment to the rainforest and the Amazon Indians darlings to the left crowd. He is said to be assisting  Pope Francis   in the drafting of an encyclical on the subject of ecology.
After the private audience with the Pope Bishop Kräutler stepped in front of the public and stated in the Salzburger Nachrichten on April 8, he and the Pope had spoken on the admission of viri probati of married men to the priesthood.According to him Kräutler Pope Francis had agreed and said that he could well imagine that married men are ordained to the priesthood, when the bishops agree. This brought Kräutler again a discussion in progress, which was actually considered as completed. Since the Argentine pontificate these and other issues of progressive Wishlist appear again and again. Last summer it was the then nuncio to Venezuela, the just of Pope Francis as the new Secretary appointed Archbishop Pietro Parolin, the lostrat the discussion about the abolition of mandatory celibacy, without taking itself a party.

Pope: Bishops should agree and propose solutions

According Kräutlers words of Pope Francis would make the bishops' conferences on this issue have a crucial role.You should decide if they deem it appropriate to dedicate even married men. He, Kräutler, had in its geographically large diocese too little priest available. In many places, only a Mass could two or three times a year are celebrated.Always Loud Kräutlers representation of the Pope had given to understand that Rome could not decide everything, but the "national and regional episcopal conferences" to agree on reforms and Rome should submit proposals to the solution.  Kräutler told the Pope of a Mexican diocese in which there are few priests, but 330 deacons, but  they can not  celebrate Holy Mass. The question is how to go on in this situation.
In the Diocese of what Kräutler not said it is the Mexican Diocese of San Cristobal de las Casas. A problem diocese outside of any standard in which it really lacks everything except deacons.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

The Gravedigger of the Church

Some demands of the German bishops, but also the reaction of Cardinal Schönborn on the occasion of the ad limina visit of the Austrian bishops, the task of the foundation as well as the meaning of the supernatural life of the Church.

Rome ad limina visit of the Austrian episcopate, 2014.[Bildschirmcopie ORF / ZIB]

The Foundation: natural law and divine law

All matters, marriage and the family and in a wider sense including ethics, belong in the area of ​​natural law and therefore also apply to non-Catholics and even the unbaptized.
Thus, the indissolubility of marriage, for example, anchored in natural law and not even a specific feature of the Catholic Church, such as Pope Pius IX. noted at the time (1864).
How much more are Catholics  who are also bound by  revelation and the Divine Law.
Also, the questions on the orderly transmission of human life at the latest by the encyclical Humanae Vitae of Pope Paul VI. (1968) definitively magisterial, so it would not have questionnaires or  still require a special debate.

The German Bishops' Demands: Theoretical Undermining the Natural Law

Therefore, when the German bishops demand, citing the result of the "questionnaires" in their dioceses, to question the attitude of the Church with regard to premarital cohabitation, birth control, remarried divorcees, and even homosexuals, not to be "unnatural", and so they replace natural law by the "explicit outreach" for mortal sins.

Cardinal Schönborn's Demand: Practical Disobedience and Creeping Protestantization

Although Cardinal Schönborn notes that for the doctrine of the Church, nothing will change. For him it's all about how to deal with "situations of failure."
But in practice the result is the same as the German bishops: They want - to put it in the words of Bishop Krenn in his opinion on Maria-Troster Declaration - an erroneous, deviation of conscience from the teachings of the Church  to grant a certain universality.
Thus,  this episcopate moves in the footsteps of the reformer Martin Luther, who put his ego and his personal opinion above doctrine and tradition.
The result was not only a schism with devastating consequences, but the reduction of the Church to a humane society without supernatural character.

Thursday, January 16, 2014

Catholic Moral Teaching? The German Collision Course Between Bishops and Professors

(Bonn) German moral and pastoral theologians spring to the side of Zollitsch and Marx in their struggle against Catholic moral teaching. In the course of the confrontation of the  German bishops with Rome, the bishops had been defeated. Despite the "wish" of a group of bishops expressed to Pope Francis, not to raise Gerhard Ludwig Müller  Prefect of the Congregation of Doctrine and the Faith to Cardinal, the German Prefect will obtain his biretta on 22  February.
"The church needs to change its stance on sexual morality. The year is 2014 AD.  It's been  years since we entered the third millennium. It's really impossible that Rome still thinks of celibacy and marriage as alternatives that give meaning to life. "In short, old habits are finally halted,  its necessary to turn to the new,  to the moderns, what people want and do anyway.  These and others like them voice  the black and white  opinion of leading representatives of the Association of German Moral Theologians and the Conference of the German-speaking Pastoral Theologians (Use of inclusive language to include women). 
In the first case it is according to its own definition a  congregation of those teaching at German universities and research-and emeritus professors of moral theology. In the second, it includes the same faculty members of the departments of Pastoral Theology from all over German-speaking countries, including the Netherlands.

"Collective Answer" German Moral and Pastoral Theologians Conform in Line with Zollitsch & Marx

"20 moral and pastoral theologians" replied jointly to the Roman questionnaire on the preparatory document of the Synod of Bishops on the topic of family. Involved are moral and pastoral theologians from various universities. emeritus professors of Münster, Mainz, Graz, Benediktbeuren, Tilburg, Dortmund, as well as the promoters of school sex education John Gründel (Munich) and Hans Kramer (Bochum). Among the resources is to be found the Viennese moral theologian Gunter Prüller-Jagenteufel , who is married to the director of the Pastoral Office of the Archdiocese of Vienna, Veronika Prüller-Jagenteufel,  as well as Eberhard Schockenhoff of Freiburg in Breisgau, the Jesuit Josef Schuster of St. Georgen. More surprising in this circle is the pastoral theologian and Cistercian Norbert Stigler of the University of Heiligenkreuz [They're supposed to be good...] near Vienna.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Hasenhüttl Sees No "Serious Movement" In the Direction of Progressive Demands Under Francis

(Berlin) The suspended priest, theologian and critic Gotthold Nathan Hasenhüttl sees no "serious movement" under Pope Francis   towards progressive demands and cites as an example that Franzikus "strictly refuses women to the priesthood". Hasenhüttl said, leading to  an interview that the Saarbrücken newspaper on the occasion of his 80th birthday.
The former Professor of Systematic Theology at the Faculty of Philosophy of the University of Saarland  became  known when he  celebrated Mass in  support of the Ecumenical Church Council in Berlin, where he also expressly invited  Protestants and non-Catholics to the reception of the Holy Eucharist, and which he in the current interview referred to as the "most beautiful church service I have held in my life."  2004 saw his suspension from the priesthood by the Vatican, 2006, the withdrawal of permission to teach by the then Bishop of Trier, Reinhold Marx. In 2010 Hasenhüttl , who considers himself  "through and through Catholic", departed from the Roman Catholic church, since he felt "much the same as before," he told the  Saarbrücken news. He is proud that he had "frequently met students,  that I had freed from a Catholic corset."

Hasenhüttel Proud of his Theology Students From Having "Catholic Corset"

Hasenhüttl admits the new Pope is indeed "sympathetic in his way. as he approaches people" . But he misses the next "new momentum", which are the actual reforms as Pope, "you have to look exactly at what he really does. So far, there are mostly announcements. Particularly bad says Hasenhüttl , that  Francis does, is the encyclical "Lumen Fidei" signed by his predecessor, Benedict XVI.: "This is a very reactionary encyclical which repeats what the theology in the 19th Century has said. "
When asked which of the six popes who Hasenhüttl  liked the most  since his ordination in 1959, and his "views on the next" coming, he exclaims "without a doubt. John XXIII. He then yes also considered whether to lift the celibacy law",   the suspended priest claims to know. He continued: "As we all had high hopes that the 2nd Vatican Council  would be that something would happen in terms of openness and new movements. John XXIII. has opened the windows and doors of the church. But the popes have not only closed a window to others, but even bricked it in part. In this way, the reactionary forces have prevailed in the Church. "
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Rorate Caeli
Trans: Tancred


Monday, March 11, 2013

Hans Kung Fears Continuation of Benedict's Papacy

Benedikt XVI. will not sit in peace after his resignation, but will continue to co-administer in the Vatican, says Theologian [sic] Kung. There are many indications for that.

[Zeit] Benedikt XVI. will also continue to except size influence in important decisions in the Vatican - the Theologian Kung is sure of this. Benedikt has flipped all the switches in order to secure his position of power, said the Tubingen professor. For the new Pope this will be a great burden. He will be "hindered in every way by a shadow Pope. "

Benedikt XVI. had bid farewell to the Cardinalls on 28. February in the Vatican and said to his successor: "Among you is the future pope and I promise you my unqualified obedience and respect" he said, before he flew to his summer residence in Castel Gandolfo. in a few moments he would withdraw into a former monastery in the Vatican garden.

He is alarmed that Benedikt XVI. has his retirement residence so close to the center of power. Here it is so that Benedikt according to his press speaker to continue contact with his Cardinals. And also Benedikt's private secretary, Georg Gänswein - says Küng is "a puppet master" - in an influemtial position at the Prefecture of the Papal Household. Benedikt will have as a consequence many opportunities to have comprehensive influence.

Reforms indispensable

If the new pope should be ready for reforms, conservative Cardinals could always turn to the old Pope and build a powerful position. Küng himself considers reforms indispensable. Without reforms the Church may "run into a new ice age and is in danger of becoming an large sect of shrinking relevance."

The Conclave - the selection of the new pope - begins on Tuesday.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Cardinal Thinks He Would have Been on the Side of the Reformers

Overconfident:  The Curial Cardinal believes of himself that during the Reformation that he would have stood "on the side of the Church reformers".
Kardinal Kurt Koch
© +ecumenix, Flickr, CC-BY-NC

( The themes of celibacy and women priests don't have the importance that is ascribed to them:  "If the future of the Church depended on these questions, the Protestant churches wouldn't have had these problems."

Cardinal Kurt Koch -- President of the Pontifical Council for Christian Unity -- stated this today in the online edition of the Dusseldorf newspaper 'Rheinischen Post'.

A Pious Wish

About Fr. Hans Kung -- the apostate theologian and darling of the powerful media bosses -- the Cardinal declared:  "There are theology professors who think they know better about everything."

He continued with a pious wish:

"We must have the expectation of all theologians in the universities, that they conduct their activity of education in union with the faith of the Church."

Will the Church do as a minority, what it did when it was the majority?

The Cardinal admitted that the European alienation from Christendom is far advanced.  Christendom will no longer be the majority in Europe.

He garnished this statement with a shot of calculated optimism:  "But it has often been the minority which formed history?"

The Cardinal assumes on that that the Church must pick up its neglected duties now no one is left.

Not in the Culture -- but in Nature?

The newspaper recalled the observation of the Pope that people in Europe are almost begging for a meaning to life.

The journalistic objection: "Are you not tired of bread and circuses?"

The Cardinal thinks, "that the men are irremediably religious, and in that sense, religion belongs to the nature of man."

It comes out

As to the question on the disastrous year of the Reformation in 2017 the Cardinal tacked: "The Reformation brought positive things."

In any case he was quick to point out about the schism and the bloody confessional wars: "These things can not be celebrated."

The schismatic, alcoholic and skirt chasing Martin Luther (+1546) he described as a "passionate seeker after God": "He had a genial side."

The dialectically:  "Surely, Luther's negative sides are not to be overlooked."

A Reformer? Why not Today?

Then the crucial question:  "Where would you have stood in the 16th century?"

The self-conscious answer of the Cardinal:  "I would have been on the side of the Church reformers."

As an example of a reformer he didn't name Luther, but St. Francis of Assisi (+1226).

The Cardinal left one question still unanswered:  How is it that the Church reformers of the 16th century were always emerging in their personal lives only men of the system?

Monday, November 12, 2012

Hans Küng Foundation to Collaborate With Chicom Government for "Peace"

Tübingen/Peking ( The Tübingen theologian Hans Küng founded controversial project "Weltethos" [World Ethos], has extended itself to China.

At the end of October the University of Peking has opened its own "Weltethos-Institute".  There is a planned collaboration with the Tübingen Weltethos-Institute, along with the Eberhard Karls University.

The center will  inform people  by way of  science and instruction of a global social ethos and a common basis of people's values, excluding the true religion.

During the opening in China's capital, Küng said that an ethical orientation above peoples and religious boundaries is more important than ever before in a globalizing world.

The Rector of Tübingen University, Bernd Engler, spoke of a "new chapter in the cooperation between Germany and China".  The new institute may establish further bridges between Germany and China and participate in a better understanding between the cultures.

The Peking Research Center will be financed by German businessman Karl Schlecht,  who also enabled the Tübingen establishment and a Chinese mechanical engineering company.

Behind the world ethos research is the Weltethos Foundation, which was brought to life by Küng
in 1995.  The Foundation strives to make a consensus of religions in questions of values.

In that respect it works for the establishment of a new, worldwide value codex (Ethos), in which all religions are included.

These new world commandments are directed to brotherhood and peace.  In this respect ever individual may include his own personal image of God and his personal convictions, equally, in whichever religion he feels he belongs.

This idea is identical with the Freemasonry in 18th century established a world brotherhood without the benefit of a true religion based on Christ.

Seminal in this connection is the part of John 18:37.  There, Christ stood before PIlate accused by the high priests and scribes, he answered, " For this was I born, and for this came I into the world; that I should give testimony to the truth."

About to the idea of a peace independent of the truth Christ addressed himself to this statement saying: "For that I was brought into the world, to give evidence for brotherhood."

For further reading:  The most recent entry was concerned principally with the phenomenon of Freemasonry and the penetration of these ideas into the Catholic Church.

Link to

Thursday, November 1, 2012

News Items -- Dissident Theologian's Talk Cancelled in San Diego!

Dissident Theologian's Talk Cancelled in San Diego -- New York Times? --   Uruguay Jesuits Pro-Life?! -- The Old Mass is Normal -- The Last Christian in Homs Murdered --  Bishop of Muenster Wants to Hire Adulterers

Dissident Theologian's Talk Cancelled

San Diego, USA. This is via Stella Borealis.  The dismayed National Catholic Reporter has indicated that the Catholic University of San Diego has canceled a visiting fellowship for a theologian who writes for the decadent Tablet Newspaper. Beattie is a theological adviser to the Marxist Catholic Agency For Overseas Development, the Catholic aid agency for England and Wales -- announced the withdrawal of the invitation in an email to friends and other theologians Thursday. The Cancellation was brought about by pressure from contributors.

New York Times: Ex-Homosexuals Say they can be cured.

The Old Mass is Normal

Vatican.  It is normal to celebrate the Old Mass.  Cardinal Antonio Canizares Llovera -- the Prefect of the Liturgy Congregation -- said this to the site ''.  The Prince of the Church will celebrate the Pontifical High Mass on November 3rd for the international pilgrimage 'Una cum Papa Nostro'.  There will be a Roman Rite there in two forms.  Thusly, it's normal to celebrate the Old Rite.  He has done this already many times himself.

Uruguay Jesuits are Pro-Life?!

Montevideo, Uruguay.  According to CNA/ETWN, the Society of Jesus in Uruguay has spoken out with "deep regret" against Father Jose Ignacio Gonzalez Faus, who supports the legalization of infant slaughter.  He was quoted by 'La Daria', where he supported the killing of a child up to the 12th week of a pregnancy.  Amazingly, the Jesuits of Uruguay distanced themselves from his comments saying, they "have  done nothing more than create confusion in people especially the way in which he approaches the issue of the legalization of abortion."

Last Christian of Homs is Murdered

Syria.  Yesterday, Elias Mansour (84) -- the last Christian in the Syrian city of Homs -- was murdered.  This was reported by the Mission news service 'Fides'.  Mansour refused to leave his house in the course of the evacuation of the city.  He cared for his handicapped son there.  Mansour's murderers are terrorists who are being supported by the West.

Now the Exception Becomes the Rule

Germany.  Bishop Felix Genn of Muenster is going to appoint adulterers to positions in the Church.  He said this yesterday to the 'Neu Ruhr/ Neuen Rhein Zeitung'.  He sees an allegedly "clear border" where adulterers can work in communications.  There is no possible position for bigamists.  IN reality there are a lot of adulterous religion teachers.   An adulterer may however occupy a post in a Catholic hospital as chief doctor.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Cardinal George Encourages Innovation of Liturgical Deaconesses

Women Readers Are Also an Innovation
Edit: despite the evidence to the contrary and the well-established fact that accommodating women in Liturgical roles like Reader [women are still not ordained as Readers although there have been suggestions to make it so], and has a negative effect on new vocations and is wholly an unprecedented innovation, Cardinal George is encouraging a woman to enter into the Deaconate.  He's saying that he will bring up the issue on his visit to Rome.

One nun, however, is discouraging this mistaken notion.  This notion that ordaining women to the Diaconate will ease alleged discontent over the issue is a fatuous one, for when have revolutionaries ever been satisfied with merely a concession.   What's lacking here is an understanding of reality.  Women were never legitimately functional in the Liturgy and they never will be.   A nun from Mundeline puts it this way.

Sister Sara Butler, a professor of systematic theology at the University of St. Mary of the Lake Mundelein Seminary, said the role of women deacons in the early church was never the same as that of male deacons. Female deacons had separate duties such as ministering exclusively to women, and they received their ordination in separate rites, she said.

"I don't think there's any precedent for inviting women into the form of permanent diaconate," she said.

Women with ministerial roles also never completely disappeared, she said. Butler believes women deacons morphed into abbesses or leaders in monastic communities.

Link to Monteray County Herald.... 

Friday, July 6, 2012

Msgr Bux Doesn't Think +Mueller's Error is Significant: Daniel Maguirre Permitted to Deny Vatican II

Edit:  Perhaps you might remember when Kung became a Sedevacantist.  Well, now it appears that Daniel MacGuire is joining the ranks and all of this in contrast to an amazing mis-statement by Msgr Nicola Bux.

Now that Msgr. Nicola Bux has entered the fray, insisting that Archbishop Mueller's statements  in contradiction of the Dogma of the perpetual virginity isn't really a contradiction, or at least not worth worrying about, I thought I'd describe a man who does think traditional Catholic teachings, apparently defended and promoted now by the Catholic Bishops of the USA now put themselves outside of the Catholic Church, according to the putatively and his impunity, Father Daniel Macguire of the Marquette University, yet another allegedly Catholic Jesuit school.

How is it that Daniel Maguire is allowed to ignore Vatican II and actually anathematize the Bishops of the US for simply restating a Catholic belief about marriage and sodomy? 

This is what Msgr Bux has written, incredibly as reported by the traditionalist website, Rorate:
The Catechism of the Catholic Church states that the physical aspect of virginity is due entirely to the fact that Jesus was conceived without human seed, but by the action of the Holy Spirit. It is a divine work that exceeds all understanding and human possibility. The Church professes the real and perpetual Virginity of Mary but does not enter into physical details; neither does it seem that the Councils and the Fathers stated otherwise.
So, you're PRETTY sure?  Does not SEEM that the Fathers state otherwise? This is the following from where a Mariology is cited by a Dominican [emphasis ours].  There are no defide dogmatic statements without Patristic substantiation.  We'll find them.  I believe St. John Chrysostom too begin with:

(Cathcon- I can always send the new CDF a copy of Mariologia by Father Benedictus Henricus Merkelbach OP. It has three extensive chapters on these matters.
The first begins
Dogma fidei est Matrem Dei fuisse Virginem ante partem et in ipsa conceptione Filii sui
(it is a dogma of the Faith that the Mother of God remained a Virgin before birth and in the Conception of her Son.

The second

Dogma fidei est Matrem Dei esse virginem in partu (it is a dogma of the Faith that the Mother of God remained a Virgin at birth)

The third Dogma fidei est Matrem Dei esse virginem post partu (it is a dogma of the Faith that the Mother of God remained a Virgin after birth)

In summary!

Triplex Virginitas Mariae scil ante partum, in partu, est post partum est de fide. He can return it only if a a letter is attached saying that he gives assent to the teaching of the Church in all ages but our own).

Contrary to what Msgr Bux is suggesting, the dogmas denied by Archbishop Mueller are DE FIDE, which means they are required of belief of every Catholic now living.  Anyone who denies it is at least holding a position that is materially, if not pertinaciously and therefore formal, heretical position.

It is interesting to contrast this current misunderstanding with another false position by the long-time and unpunished Father Daniel Maguire SJ from the Badger Catholic, as follows:

Daniel Maguire, the theology professor at Marquette University, seems to like getting media attention. He certainly gets it… often! And his friends in the media are more-than-willing accomplices. 
Last month, Maguire wrote in an email to The Daily Beast“The bishops will stand with Dolan and the U.S. Catholic Conference, but on this issue, they are in moral schism since most in the Church have moved on [to] a more humane view on the rights of those whom God has made gay.” 
Now, a month later, having been out of the news for a while, he’s quoted in The Columbus Dispatch“There’s a moral schism going on in the Catholic [C]hurch, and the bishops are the schismatics, broken from the laity and theologians.”

We can only wonder in amazement that priests and Bishops who not only accept the teachings of the Vatican Council but hold the office of the Holy Father more obediently than most if not all the Bishops allegedly in union with the Roman Church,  are somehow outside of the Church.

It seems to us, Msgr Bux's protestations not withstanding, that the only real Catholics in the world are often cast out in the darkness, or dying unmourned in remote places ignored by the intelligent newspapers and enlightened minds.

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Switzerland: Priest Implies Bishop is Child Abuser

A Backhand for the Bishop

The unbridled anger of the former General Vicar of Chur, Canon Andreas Rellstab,  against his Bishop is  still not extinguished.

(  With much protest Canon Andreas Rellstab (46) submitted his resignation as regional General Vicar of the Diocese of Chur.

He joined his dismissal with substantial attacks against Bishop Vitus Huonder of Church and let the anti-Church media complained bitterly.

Since July 2011 the Canon has been the administrator in the 3200 population village of Zizers -- 10 km from Chur.

Additionally he writing his Doctorate in the Old Liberal faculty in the in Swiss Freiburg on the subject of nattering Pastoral Theology.

Confirmation as Pretense

One year after his resignation, Canon Rellstab still can't take the slump in his career.

At the beginning of March he wrote an underhanded piece against his Bishop to the Diocesan Priest's Council.

As a pretense he used Confirmation, in which Bishop Hunder participated on the 19th of February in the Parish he entrusted to Canon Rellstab's tender mercies.

The Pretense 

At Confirmation, it has "recently become known to him, how far the mixing of the different forms of the Roman Rite by the Bishop" has supposedly "already progressed".

As a pretense for his contentions the Canon used the symbolic slap to the cheek which the Bishop uses at confirmation.

The legendary gesture is a symbol of fortification --- similar to the dubbing of a knight. (Knights received a slap to remember their oaths also)

A Liturgical Mosquito

An angry Canon has made a whale out of this Liturgical mosquito.

Since 1973 the slap has neither been prescribed nor is it "still necessary" --- he complained.

He neglected to mention that this use is also not forbidden.

He Implies that His Bishop is a Pedophile

The canon used the pretext to lets his balled fist fly against the Bishop:

"It seems to me that it is very unpleasant, when a strange man holds his hand to a face, while he speaks to me."

He continued dishonestly:  "Additionally I think that the in connection with discussions about assault, it  is a problematic sign when the Bishop touches young men and women on their face."

He finds it "more than just painful".

Still a Hair in the Soup

Without specific information Canon Rellstab additionally accused the Bishop, "of deviating from the Sacramentary which contains the approved rituals" during the "words of institution".

He drew the following conclusions:  "For that reason, everyone can't rely on the Bishop, who himself isn't using the appropriate Sacramentary and using the correct rituals".

So then the Bishop is promoting disunity in the Diocese "and presumably brings a conflict of conscience even in me" --  joked the Canon.

The Bishop Must Conform

Canon Rellstab now hopes that the Priest's Council will get on the war wagon of his recenge campaign.

He leaves no doubt on that whom his pretended conflict of conscience:

"Can I allow the Bishop in my Parish to give confirmation in the future in good conscience?" -- he threatend.

In the Diocese of Church the particular pastor can decide if the Bishop in a community may confirm or not.

Link to

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Sacramento Diocese Puts Hammer Down on Dissident Social Justice Types

Edit: It looks like legitimate concerns about CCHD and consistent Catholic teaching in social services are starting to bear fruit

SACRAMENTO, CALIF -- SACRAMENTO, Calif. - The Catholic Diocese of Sacramento no longer will fund programs at Francis House, a nonprofit agency that serves homeless people, because of its new director's views supporting abortion rights and gay marriage.

In a letter last month, the diocese's director of social services said the Rev. Faith Whitmore's public statements on the issues clash with the teachings of the Catholic Church. Therefore, said the Rev. Michael Kiernan, the social services director, it is "impossible for the diocese to continue funding Francis House" as part of its annual Catholic Appeal.

Each morning, dozens of poor people line up at Francis House, located in Sacramento's homeless services epicenter, for help with basic services such as housing and transportation. Now in its 42nd year, the organization is one of the largest homeless services agencies in the Sacramento region, serving upward of 25,000 people. It has an an annual budget of about $500,000.

Catholic Diocese halts funding homeless agency because of new director's views -

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Why is Catholic Insider Supporting Austrian Dissidents?

Edit: Catholic Insider is an internet blog started by Vaticanist Andrea Tornielli.  It seems to take a more conservative position with respect to most things and is very hostile to the FSSPX.  Now it's giving an unchallenged hearing to Austrian dissidents, chipping away at the Sacrament of Marriage.  Giving air to a dissident theologian, Father Eberhard Schockendorf, an instructor of Moral Theology in Salzburg,  who belongs to the ultra-Liberal "Austrian Catholic Action", Tornielli helps to take a few shots at the indissoluble Sacrament of marriage.

"Divorced and remarried persons are entitled to receive communion." At the seminar in Salzburg by Austrian Catholic Action, the German theologianEberhard Schockenhoff, a professor of moral theology at the University of Freiburg, has launched an appeal for a "theological re-evaluation " of divorced and remarried persons and a new way to interact with them by the Church. According to Schockenhoff, the Catholic news agency Adista reports, the Church must emphasize its readiness for reconciliation in the spirit of the biblical sources and the practice of the early Church, breaking away from an attitude of "moral condemnation" that provokes in the interested parties a "painful feeling of exclusion".

Focusing on the pain and alienation people feel is no excuse to change the nature of a Sacrament with respect to the reception of Holy Communion, but it can become a means through which to legitimate divorce.

Such rationales often form attacks on Catholic Sacraments.  These are things such as the personal shame involved, how difficult it is and that it constitutes a "pastoral" problem.

It is in fact the "pastoral" problem which has involved attacks on other Catholic doctrines, like sexual affairs, homosexuality and women priests.

Anything, including the murder of unborn babies, can be justified by such approaches, but Tornielli is more interested in pointing out that this dissident priest has written a book on the subject and he claims that Pope Benedict has even considered this to be an open question.  The question is also handled by another fallacious course of reasoning, by an appeal to archaism/  Tornielli continues:

Secondly, there is no reason that bars this step, either in the Scriptures or in the practice of the early Church. The reference to Jesus' words on the indissolubility of marriage before God, says the theologian, cannot simply be treated as a canonical norm, [How else are canonical norms developed if not out of the Fathers, Scripture and Tradition?] while in the Gospels of Matthew and Mark, and in the writings of St. Paul there would be "counter-tendencies" and "exceptional circumstances" in which divorce could be tolerated. And if the indissolubility of marriage remains "the only valid yardstick," this does not mean, Schockenhoff argues, that from a biblical point of view there cannot be "emergency situations" as an exception to this standard.

This "flexibility in rigor" [Tornielli is concerned with rigour, is he?also characterized the practice of the early centuries of the Church. Similar positions were expressed, the German theologian points out, by Joseph Ratzinger who, in a 1972 essay, wrote that underneath or within the classical magisterium "there has always been, in practical ministry, a more elastic practice that has never been regarded as entirely consistent with the true faith of the Church, but that has never been totally ruled out"; regulated admission to the sacraments of the persons concerned, Ratzinger said, "is fully in line with the tradition of the Church."

The Holy Father may have written that questionable statement before he was Pope, but that doesn't mean he still subscribes to those opinions, nor does it mean that he's going to bulldoze over two thousand years of consistent tradition with regard to the Sacrament of Marriage in order to satisfy a small group of elderly dissidents in Austria and their disobedient leaders.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Belgian Bishops' Feeble Response to "Call to Disobedience"

Edit: Rorate reported on this recently and included the statement from Mark de Vries,  Considering the pernicious nature of the event, we don't know why it deserves anything other than a rebuke, but here is the current response forthcoming from the Belgian Bishops.

Although these "Call to Action" types are disobedient, and after Cardinal Schonborn's eye, even he was forced to suggest the possibility of stern measures, including excommunication be used against them.

One dimension of this which is not often covered in the press is that these mostly elderly dissident pressure groups get more positive attention from the media than they deserve.  Certainly, a conservative group in Austria called, "Call to Obedience" which has around two hundred priests signing in, isn't getting much attention.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Danube Cardinal Threatens Austrian Dissidents

Editor: the Archdiocese Canon Lawyer already laid down the ground rules.  Now the disobedient ones have to decide whether they want to risk losing their income, their benefits and their offices.  

Try to imagine the Austrian police forcibly removing them from their parish offices by force.  That would be a sight to behold.

What happens to employees who attack the leadership of a corporation?  Usually they quit and go work for other companies.  We understand that the Church of Satan is looking for new hires.

VIENNA | Sat Sep 17, 2011 2:47pm BST
(Reuters) - The head of Vienna's Roman Catholic community ruled out sweeping changes demanded by dissident priests and said there could be "serious conflict" if they defied Church teaching on celibacy or give communion to remarried divorcees.
Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn said he would not lead his diocese into a schism with leaders in the Vatican by letting priests flout Church rules after a group of priests issued a "Call to Disobedience" manifesto to try to press reform.
In weekend interviews with Austrian radio and television, Schoenborn backed celibacy for priests, limiting ordination to men and preserving marriage as a life-long commitment.

H/t: Pewsitter.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Clown Mass Priest Gets Together With New Age Guru

A priest made infamous by his 2002 “Clown Mass” will team up with a New Age cosmologist for a three-night conference later this month at Christ the King parish in Pleasant Hill in the Oakland diocese.

The topic for the talks is “Who Gets Included,” and will feature Fr. Brian Joyce, pastor of Christ the King parish, and Brian Swimme, a well-known cosmologist on the faculty of the Sophia Center in Culture and Spirituality at Holy Names University and a member of the graduate faculty at the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco.

Neither of the men is particularly known for faithfulness to the magisterium.

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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

NCR Blogger thinks Catholic University of America is a "Welcoming Place"

Well, it's probably a good thing that CUA won't get sued by the ACLU because they have created a welcoming environment for Sodomy on their campus, but first, a couple of things. This should inspire you, if you haven't been so inspired already, to cancel your subscription to NCR. Then you should really re-consider paying all that money to send your child to what the authoress below insists is now a "gay-friend" campus called "Catholic" University of America.

Looks like NCR is also going to ride the victimization train in working to legitimize sodomy. The authoress also talks about coming into a world of acceptance after graduation. That's fine, you can have all the acceptance you want in the world, but you're still not happy unless everyone accepts the fact that you want to do what you do. What about all the gay bullying of straight people that goes on in the courts when a homosexual feels they're being persecuted against, they take it to the courts. So if you run a Seminary, a bridal business or what have you, and you don't want to cater to a sodomite's wedding, you can be forced to deal with litigation.

It's just one more piece in the decline of the West.

At the end of my admissions interview for the Catholic University of America (CUA), I asked, “Is this school welcoming for gay and lesbian people?” The interviewer responded simply, “Yes.”

When I walked onto CUA’s campus for the first time as a student, I thought I was walking on to a safe and welcoming campus. Unfortunately, I was wrong.

In my years at CUA, I was called a fag in class. I was constantly reminded about the rules against “homosexual activity” on campus. I was encouraged to live a chaste life by campus ministers. I was asked to resign from leading a women’s prayer group. I was ostracized from campus ministry activities. I was laughed at when I tried to start a support group for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) students on campus. The list goes on.

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