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Thursday, December 26, 2013

Researcher: The Influence of Pederasts on the Greens More Significant Than Expected

The so-called City Indians at a Party Meeting of the Green's in
Saarbrucken (1980): The Greens have to come to terms
with their past.  Photo: picture-alliance/Sven Simon

GÖTTINGEN. The Goettingen Institute for the Study of Democracy has submitted an interim report about  the entanglement of the Greens with pedophile circles. The Institute was commissioned to do so by the party. For the Greens it was  "entirely unavoidable  to recall, even though it may be painful and, 'electorally detrimental '"  is the conclusion the 118 page study drew. "The participants were to know exactly what they had actually debated and decided upon and which boundary lines have been left vague or had been consciously exceeded."
Indeed, the Greens were "neither the first nor have they been the only point of contact for pedophile activists", but due to their cultural claims and their organizational structure that the party offered "a special sounding board for the concerns of minorities and marginalized groups".  "Pro-Pedophile forces" had  been thus been capable for several years, "to feed their views and demands in the decision-making process of the country".
Paedophilia was never made it "ever in any way to  the core of the party or party identity development", but "it turned up  at least until the mid-1990s in the debate here and there once more in the party." The Greens can not, therefore, rely "on a particular zeitgeist, to only a few strays and marginal sectarians in their own ranks." The authors cautioned the participants against an "apologetic trivialization of their contributions."  Such are guild before the "victims of sexual abuse". (FA)
Trans: Tancred

Sunday, December 8, 2013

200,000 Protest Aberromarriage in Taiwan

(Taipei) 200,000 people demonstrated on Saturday in Taiwan's capital, Taipei against efforts to legalize "gay marriage".  The German media hasn't to our knowledge reported a single word about it.
The "People of the Family" have called a  protest along the lines of the French civil rights movement Manif pour tous. More than 200,000  Nationalist Chinese came and marched in front of the presidential palace. Taiwan's parliament has begun  debate on a draft law with which marriage is to be extended to homosexuals. The mass rally not worth a line in the  media. Deutsche Welle did not report the rally to protect marriage and the family, but instead that HIV-positive people in Taiwan were "not welcome".
The BBC, however, reported. In its interviews, Taiwanese citizens voiced their concern that children are condemned by the "gay marriage", including adoption rights for homosexuals by law to have to grow up without a family. The protesters accused the politicians who support the design of trying to impose opinions by law. Under the new law, one must consider homosexuality as something "normal".  Yet the state must not dictate opinions. The articles published in Taiwan polls for "gay marriage" are contradictory. According to the BBC, the resistance against the legalization of "gay marriage"  is continuous.

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

State Sponsored Child Pornography in Switzerland -- Sex Box For Kindergarten, Sex Box for the Prostitute

Edit: the following contains adult content. We're leery about publishing it, but it has to be talked about.  Almost no one else is.

(Bern) In Switzerland, the pedophile is allowed in the schools. At least indirectly in this the case. The Swiss compulsory school sex education should serve  "enlightenment", but the negative consequences of this forced and early sexualization of children are known. Now the sex box comes in the Swiss classroom. This is not a slippery gift from a sex shop, but an "educational" tools for kindergarten teachers to forcibly perform "sex education" on pre-school age to young children.
The Sex Box is currently being used on a trial basis in some cantons. What  currently only applies to the Canton of Basel-City and some municipalities in the cantons of Appenzell and St. Gallen, are to be used in the whole of Switzerland by 2014. The sexualization initiative comes from the Federal Office of Public Health (BAG) of the Swiss Federal Department of Home Affairs in co-operation with the Ministry of Education (Federal Department of Economic Affairs, Education and Research).

The Sex Box of College of Education  Lucerne and Abortion Lobbyist Planned Parenthood

Those responsible for the content are the Health Promotion Center of Lucerne University  College of Education. Its website, -  Sex Education and School provides  insight into the networks and intellectual foundations of  "compulsory sexual education" as  compulsory school sexualization is called in Switzerland. The supreme stooge for the Swiss school sex education program is with the International Planned Parenthood Federation (IPPF), an international abortion lobbyist. It defines  "understanding" for its definition of "sex education" as follows:
"Sex education as a right-based approach equips young people with basic knowledge and skills, competencies and values ​​from which are necessary, both physically, mentally and emotionally to experience their sexuality and the joy." (IPPF European Network, 2006a , p 9).
The usual concept of a "responsible" search for pleasure / enjoyment has to be conducted under  the most possible exclusion of children and real love and commitment to the partner. Pregnancies have to be prevented or aborted. Marriage and family are negligible sizes.
"Continuous sex education throughout compulsory education fulfills the important measures for health-promoting aspect of sustainability. The school allows students to acquire the necessary for a satisfactory, responsible and self-determined sex and relationship life skills. "
According "education" of sexuality must begin as early as possible, because "children are sexual beings from birth  with needs, desires, sexual acts and experiences that result from it."  Darwinism sends greetings: The diction of "sexual nature" refers to the man in the animal world. The children are seen as animals that supposedly can not help in their instinctive action than to satisfy their needs and impulses.

Sexualization of kindergarten children, masturbation and homosexuality for 6-10 year olds

These practical instructions for the sexualization of children are to be delivered in kindergarten:  Playing doctor, pleasurable exploration of her own body, role play, family, getting married, kissing, "possibly sexual intercourse", "intimate friendships", the children are encouraged to subscribe the sex organs. In the next stage, that of the 6-10 year-olds, the children are thus already confronted with masturbation, contraception, condoms and "sexual orientation", for example homosexuality. The relationship between a man and a woman is put on the same level with sexual identity disorders. Even seduction to these specific disorders. The teachers are encouraged to be ready to respond to the supposedly "classical" questions of the children. But of course, assistance in answering is available.  The "educators" of Lucerne University of Education are of the opinion that 6-10-year Swiss children pose such questions  as: "When are you ready to **** for the first time?".   Either Swiss children have no childhood or Swiss educators responsible for school sex education at the Center of Sex Education [Kompetenzzentrum Sexualpädagogik] and School of Lucerne have particularly rotten brains.
You can already imagine the rest: The 13-15 year olds are exposed to homosexuality, heterosexuality, bisexuality "and indeed made familiar with methods of contraception, abortion and the"  different expressions of sexuality " in that order. Teachers should respond to alleged questions like: "How can I become a good lover", "How do I get a girl to orgasm", "Which is the best position for sexual intercourse" (perhaps among men), "Swallowing?" The Swiss educators place the value of semen, indeed, on a high level of education for the children in their care. Of course, the crucial element such as chastity or values ​​such as self-giving love instead of sex, procreation, loving affection are completely absent.

The Pedophile's Shadow Over Kindergartens and Classrooms

The pedophile  is moving at moment  into the nursery and school classes in which he uses the premature sexualization of children. Pedophiles, heterosexuals, homosexuals, however,  lie in wait for fresh meat. The sexualization as an alleged "value" drives them into the arms of the children outright. The suggestion that there is a "limit" that lies where force is used or something done that does not please his other degenerates in the face of such a sexualization program is a purely nominally defensive hurdle. A  sexualized child is tempted to "try".   Paedophilia is thus the constant companion of these state sexualization programs.
The Sex Box contains models of a penis and a vagina . These manuals, which explain that the children should be encouraged to touch, and  be "playful" (which abuse childlike innocence) to "discover the bodies of others." As an aid, the book "Lisa and Jan" is used in the drawings depict graphic sexual acts: A girl masturbating herself while another girl is watching it and mimics, a boy who masturbated another boy and numerous other drawings. The emphasis of all drawings is on the sex organs and explicit poses. Nothing is left to the imagination, everything is explicit. In plain English, the book "Lisa and Jan" is state child pornography being hypocritically packaged. The children are led to a sex slaughterhouse.  The consequences are well known: inability to form relationships, increase in abortions and sexually transmitted diseases, loss of fruitfulness, decomposition of moral thinking and interpersonal relationship in general, increase of homosexuality, pedophilia and all kinds of sexual perversions and increase in sex addiction.

Pederasts and Homosexuals Developed School Sex Education Programs - Why?

The two authors of the book, Uwe Sielert and Frank Herrath were students of Helmut Kentler (1928-2008), who attempted to the play  the negative associations of pedophilia. The self-confessed homosexual and pederast with three adopted sons, was a "fatherly friend" to one of the two authors. From Kentler comes the phrase, "sex with children is not abuse, but a child's right!"  The sex educator Sielert did not call in response to the pedophile scandal among Germany's Greens for a self-critical inventory of primarily of pedophiles and homosexuals designed school sex education programs, but: "We need more people to promote sexual self-determination of children and young people. "
The Child Protection Foundation Switzerland (!), however, has issued a clearance certificate for the book "Lisa and Jan" i and recommends  the book for children over 5 years of age. This Foundation with misleading names is self-editor of the book, in children from 0-6 years  are encouraged to play doctor, engage in auto-eroticism as an early form of self-gratification.

Instead of a Plush Bear a Plush Vagina for Eleven Year Olds - Swiss Education Fantasies

The Sex Box also contains another book, "That's me. From head to foot . " It includes drawings, the two men show cheek to cheek, then a woman kissing another. The "education" of homosexuality is particularly important for  state pornographers particularly. After protests by parents against the Sex Box Pierre Felder, the Director of Elementary Schools Education Department, attempted to calm the canton of Basel City.  What he understands sounded like this: "The models of the sexual organs are made of fur and are by no means for the kindergarten children [...], but only at the middle schools."  Fields and his staff are obviously convinced that an eleven year old child is to go from teddy bears to  "different kinds" of plush items.

Elternintitiave defends himself against sex box according to WHO guidelines

The Swiss Sex Box follows the guidelines of the European Department  of the World Health Organization(WHO), which laid down the  Standards for Sexuality Education in Europe. This makes the WHO "Play Doctor" with the children, including "masturbation awareness" for toddlers. There are many parents protesting against the Sex Box. In Switzerland, the religious instruction is just a voluntary extra subject, the state child pornography however is a compulsory subject. A parent initiative already collected 92,000 signatures against the Sex Box to be passed to the Conference of Cantonal responsible for education.
There was an ever so distant time when the children were told age appropriate fables and fairy tales read aloud with noble princes and beautiful princesses. Stories which enchanted the children and had an educational value. Anyone who has children or can observe up close, knows what kids want. In them the innocent longing still lives for good, according to an intact family with father and mother, a world more secure and of loving affection, which enables them to become responsible citizens of the society.

Sex Box for kindergarten and school class - sex box for street prostitution

Sex Box is the way not only Swiss "school sex education". It bears the same name of the first street prostitution initiative of the Social Department of Zurich. The city of Zurich has set up a "first official line course"  for city prostitution. In Sex Boxes the "Free" can be have well-ordered pleasure with prostitutes.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Trans: Tancred
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Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Scotland is Introducing "Gay Marriage", Although the Majority is Against -- Even "Jedi Marriage"

(Edinburgh) On Thursday, the Scottish Parliament will vote on the recognition of "gay marriage". There is little doubt that the bill has  a majority in Parliament, although a clear majority of Scots is against it. Thus Scotland follows the specification of the British Prime Minister David Cameron, who has already  legalized "gay marriage".
According to Daily Mail, 86 of the 128 MPs want to vote for the bill, which is thus directed to the appropriate Commission. This will work out the details and in a year as the House will make a final decision about it.

The End of Freedom of Speech

According to the initiative committee for the protection of marriage and family Scotland for Marriage,  the new law will restrict freedom of expression.  Limitations on fundamental and human rights of free speech for opponents of "gay marriage": "The promises of the government to guarantee the freedom of expression of those who oppose the law have proven to be empty words. It takes  clear, unequivocal and legally established safeguards to protect the civil rights of the majority of Scots who do not want this bill. "

Majority of Scots against "Gay Marriage"

Parliament wants to pass a law that is rejected by a large majority of Scots.  In the largest poll ever conducted in Scotland, more than two thirds of the 77,000 respondents were against the introduction of "gay marriage". The opinion has not effected the political level. There is hardly a party that can escape the gay [Gomorrist] ideology.  Scotland Prime Minister Alex Salmond, a Leftist Nationalist  wants to sign  the government bill into law.

Jedi wedding

In order to legalize "gay marriage", the definition of marriage needs to be changed. Thus begins a domino effect that destroys the legal foundations of marriage and therefore the family. In addition to the recognition of Church and civil weddings and registered partnerships, there a third category is to be created which may be called "Belief Marriage " . The National Presbyterian Church of Scotland protested the "arbitrariness" and described the introduction of a third category as "non-sense". This third category can make any arbitrary claims for rite, which is why Scotland there is  talk of "Jedi Marriage".   If the "Jedi believers" created their own wedding ceremony, it would be acknowledged, relying on the new Scottish marriage definition.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Wikicommons
Translation: Tancred


Friday, November 8, 2013

Courageous French Mayor and His Council Refuse to be Intimidated by Gomorrist Law in France

(Paris) In France the mayor wrote a letter to the citizens of his town in which he told them: "I can not believe in gay marriage. Should I be forced, I am resigning." The community is Fontgombault. There is a world-famous Benedictine abbey, which maintains the traditional rite of the Catholic Church and is bound to tradition.

In late spring, the socialist parliamentary majority decided for the legalization of "gay marriage" despite massive resistance from a broad civil rights movement. Since then, the mayors of France are under pressure. If a gay couple wants to get married, they have to make a fundamental decision. To break any resistance, the government of President Hollande has issued corresponding penalties for the same. Should a mayor refuse to honor a sodomite couple, it threatens him not only impeachment and a fine of 75,000 euros but even five years in prison.

"There is a Natural Law That Stands Above the Laws of Man"

Jacques Tissier, the Catholic mayor of Fontgombault has made his decision. He wants to withdraw: "There is a natural law that stands above the laws of man." The decision of the mayor is shared by the entire council. Municipal Government and council want to resign, should the community be forced to have to perform a "marriage" of two homosexuals. A similar decision has been taken by the entire council on this last 24th of October.

Since the legislature has expressly denied the mayors of the freedom of conscience, there are only two options: either to be dismissed and face a fine or go to jail.

Jacques Tissier sees the denial of freedom of conscience, a serious violation of religious freedom. In addition, the "gay marriage" is an absurdity because it is two same-sex persons categorically impossible to conceive new life of their own will, but just based on the basic transmission of life is the essence of marriage.

The daily Nouvelle Republique reported that the decision of the mayor had been referred to by some as "scandalous" and "shocking".

Mayor Tissier called on those who have "problems" with his decision to contact him directly and talk to him.

The Mayor Has Already Received "negative" Attention: After the Earthquake in Haiti, he Prayed for the Victims

Tissier, has been the mayor of Fontgombault since 1977, hit the headlines in 2010. After the earthquake in Haiti, he asked the council to pray the Our Father and a Hail Mary with him before the meeting for the victims of the earthquake. In the country where for over 100 years, the secularism is the official state doctrine, it was an outrageous affront.

Church opponents and proponents of "gay marriage" already called to the fact that gay couples are moving especially to Fointgombault and there are to force the mayor and the council to resign by the requirement of "marriage".

The legalization of "gay marriage" has troubled thousands of French mayors. You have to resist the introduction of the new law in the platform of Maries Pour l'Enfance (Mayors for childhood). There are already criminal complaints against some mayors who have refused to honor "gay marriage" already. Just as against Jean-Michel Colo., mayor of the French town of Arcangues since 1983.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Commune de Fontgombault
Trans: Tancred
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Tuesday, November 5, 2013

The Resignation of Pope Benedict XVI., the "Lobby" and Their Destructive Mischief

(Paris) The French magazine Catholica had a conversation with the priest Ariel Gualdo di Stefano Levi, a Jewish convert who became a Catholic priest. The conversation had been already published last 28th of June in number 120 of the magazine. Nevertheless, take a look at what Levi di Gualdo has to say, he who is known for his direct and unvarnished analysis. The conversation was about how a lobby, says Levi di Gualdo, often triggered aggressive and oppressive media campaigns against the Pope during the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI.. Since the surrender of the German Pope, however, complete silence prevails. The lobby seems to have reached their goal and may, as the priests of the diocese of Rome, continue undisturbed in their decomposing mischief.

In the years after the Second Vatican Council, says Levi di Gualdo, there has been a return to the situation that prevailed before the Council of Trent. A situation which is characterized by decay and worrying infighting. The resignation of Benedict XVI. represented an unprecedented event, the culmination of a crisis which coincided with the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Council. No coincidence, as the priest says. Especially when you consider that this Council actually was meant to rejuvenate the Church institutions and wanted to give believers new vigor. The resignation of Benedict XVI. remains hard to decipher. Many would, in this connection with unruliness, because many tensions and power struggles have become gradually visible, says Catholica.

Among the authors who comment on the situation of the Church, is counted the Roman priest Ariel Levi Stefano di Gualdo "because of his clear language." He is the author of several books. Including a book about the "Zionist Century" and the 2012 published memoir "And Satan Made ​​Himself Triune" against the "satanic triad" of relativism, individualism and disobedience (see separate report from "Egomaniacal" Council for Homosexualization of the Church - Ariel Levi di Gualdos ). In 2013 a pamphlet by him appeared between the resignation of Benedict XVI. and the election of Pope Francis, called "Quanta cura in Cordibus Nostris. An encyclical in the form of a motu proprio" on the Pontificate of the Pope named Benedict XVII. In the "Encyclical" Ariel Levi di Gualdo outlined the principles that would be necessary for a fundamental renewal of the Church in his view.

Catholica: In your latest book you write about the role of certain Roman dicastries behind many serious scandals. Could you explain this situation in more detail and especially explain where the lack of some curial services is troubling and where are the compromises?

Levi di Gualdo: In this book I explain that we have indeed made the Second Vatican Council, but are then returned to the practice over the years in the period before the Council of Trent, with all their corrupt machinations, their moral decay and their concern for internal power struggles. Now that for half-a-century dialogue and collegiality has been discussed ad nauseum, previously unknown forms of clericalism and authoritarianism have occurred. The progressive master of dialogue and collegiality uses aggression and coercion against anyone who is not as "religiously correct" as he thinks. One can always ridicule the dogmas of faith, can always deconstruct it according to an anthropocentric logic, but woe to those who criticized the "holy" and "infallible" character of the Magisterium of some theologians, who are imbued with Hegelianism and the theology of Karl Rahner, a thinking that leads them to the side of modernism and heterodoxies of any kind: this one is ostracized by the united cliques in both the Roman Curia and in the Pontifical Universities.

It should be added that since 1970, homosexual clergy were admitted whose number has grown considerably over the years by cooption. Today they form a veritable mafia style lobby, powerful and ready to destroy anyone who gets in the way.

There are processes in view for the revaluation of values ​​ - the good is made into evil, virtue is wrong and vice is vice versa - that are so advanced that sound doctrine is converted into heterodoxy, if any of these clergy will be revealed to the competent authority with evidence and witnesses, the sentencing of one of them would be enough to jeopardize their whole system. So you saw in many cases that innocent people were punished and excluded, and the guilty who were protected, even though they themselves were guilty of serious moral transgressions. If it proved to be opportune to remove someone from the Roman Curia, they were taken by the bishops and protected in the dioceses which have formed influential circles, mainly surrounded by homosexuals. Again, this system is as corrupt, as it is impossible to do otherwise, because if a culprit is punished, he would take revenge and carry away all the other members of the mafia in his downfall. One must therefore protect him, no matter what the cost. The overall impression is of a contradiction in the government of the Church: that is evident in the proposals of some Prelates.

Catholica: What do you think are the reasons that restrict the freedom of ecclesiastical authority in this way?

Levi di Gualdo: It is paradoxical that the appointment of people just increased during the pontificate of "theologian Pope" in key positions of Church leadership, who are in stark contrast to the theological premises of Benedict XVI: prelates of dubious theology or a weak profile given the current challenges of the new evangelization. A common set of attributes characterizes it: behind an outward humility lies a preference, but is a preference for their own person but not the Church. I do not know how you will assess this pontificate in a few decades so glowing with its teaching, which is contradicted by the presence of such persons.

Currently, however, I wonder how the hidden influence of some could be so powerful (in the style of power brokers) works to make our Peter so powerless, to be a sailor without a crew in a leaky ship sailing through the stormy waves and winds.

But it is certain that in the Gospel there can be no room for misunderstanding: God will not judge us by our words, but by the wisdom of our works (Matt. 11:19). We will have to answer for ourselves before God for the talents He has given us, and possibly also for the talent that we have buried for fear of thieves (Matt. 25:14 ff). I believe that the Pope has a talent from God as sovereign that is both difficult but also precious and fruitful to use: "You are Peter and on this rock I will build my church." A talent that requires that the person receiving it, has to engage in particular for the fact that "the gates of Hell will not prevail against it" (Mt 16:18).

Without a doubt, the historians, when they study this pontificate, which took place in such a difficult and painful era, deep in this context of decadence that weighs on the church, will provide evidence that Benedict was trying with great effort, in the best sense, to act for the Church of Christ, in the context of what was allowed him to do in the circumstances. The masses will surely not shout upon his death, "Santo Subito". But it is likely that not in a few decades he will be called "Santo sicuro" and will certainly be canonized [...].

Text / Translation: Giuseppe Nardi Image: Fides et Forma Trans from German: Tancred Link to Katholisches... Here's another translation from the original French Rorate...

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Gomorrists, Atheists, Abortionists Can Advertise in England, but Not Christians

(London) Whether atheists, abortion lobbyists or militant homosexual organizations, they can advertise in England they want. Except those who oppose the Gomorrah agenda. The municipal company that is responsible for public transport in London, won't allow the Bus Campaign to accept a Christian organization. The Christian Association draws attention to the possibility that there is also a life without homosexuality and that for those affected a withdrawal from homosexuality is possible.

The municipal transport company is otherwise not squeamish in the adoption of advertising contracts. In 2008, the first anti-Christian campaign was advertised on the famous red London double-decker bus. The slogan was: "There's probably no God. Now stop worrying and enjoy your life." The atheists and pedophile promoters have mimicked his approach. Various Christian communities and parishes protested against the Atheist Bus Campaign also referring to the fact that it is discriminatory and disrespectful. Unsuccessful.

TV advertising for abortion

Since then a lot has changed. For the worse. 2010, the first TV commercial was aired in England, advertising for the killing of unborn children: "Are you late," a voice said and urged pregnant women to turn to the abortion clinics of the abortion lobbyists Marie Stopes International.

The Christians were protesting again. Especially the Catholic Bishops' Conference of England and Wales: "Abortion is not a consumer service. Such advertising corrupts the respect for life and is highly detrimental to women. "The result? The ad ran on. The television station justified the commercial as a form of social commitment to "combat the taboo of abortion."

Six months ago, there was another bus Campaign, this time to apply for homosexuality. The action came from Stonewall and ran under the heading "Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Charity". This time the saying was: "Some people are gay. Get over it!" On the red buses and the British were to be happy about it. The saying propagates a false tolerance, but contained nothing offensive.In October theCore Issues Trust, a Christian organization to support homosexuals who want to come out of homosexuality, was also to start a bus Campaign. But in this case the Transport for London (TFL), from the Society for the London public transport, rejected it. Christians have recently asked, "Why can the GLBT express their opinion, but we can not?" The managing director of Core Issues Trust, Mike Davidson, filed a complaint on the grounds of manifest disadvantage and discrimination. Davidson requested in a petition for the immediate suspension of the homo-advertising by Stonewall since there is not presently a final judgment.

Therapists expelled from professional association - will soon be behind bars?

Davidson himself was formerly a militant gay activist. By Christian faith, he recognized homosexuality as immoral and found the exit. Today, he helps other people to get out of homosexuality. For this purpose he founded Core Issues Trust. The militant gay organizations do not speak well of Davidson since his departure. The Spiegel, which he holds as part of the homo lobby, can not bear it. Davidson has been accused of homophobia, a slogan which is to prevent any discussion and is used by Gomorrah militants as an instrument of character assassination against critics.

The persecution against unpopular opinions is relentless. Davidson, a renowned psychotherapist once unhesitatingly recommend for the acceptance of homosexuality. This was not a problem. Since it became known that he considers homosexuality a sexual behavior disorder, he was expelled from the Professional Association of Psychotherapists. Although it does not appear that anyone had objected to his activities.

The same fate now threatens the doctor and psychotherapist Leslie Pilkington. The Professional Association of British psychotherapists has initiated proceedings against them. A journalist who did not reveal herself as such, but as "a Christian and a homosexual," by which she asked for "help" to get out of homosexuality. He recorded the conversation secretly and published it. The conversation was serious and businesslike. But the fact that someone was being helped from homosexuality, is a scandal for the Professional Association of Psychotherapists. For homosexuality can be, according to some ideologues, only be silent about or promoted. There is no third way. [Actually, you can be punished just for being silent.]

Only in those days would Healing on the Streets (host), a Christian organization that recommends prayer as therapy, be asked to remove their advertising posters from the walls of houses with which they advertise to their concerns.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Tempi
Trams: Tancred

Monday, August 19, 2013

"Intersex" -- On November 1st, Germany Recognizes Third Sex

(Berlin) Restlessness leads to various forms of the denial of reality. This includes the struggle of gender ideology against nature. The natural reality of man and woman is to be reduced to a "-felt" Gender Unisex sterile uniformity. 's new "magic word" is intersex." From 1 November a "third type" of gender it will be on West German birth certificate; not male, not female. If a child has the "luck" to be born of such particularly ideologically "innovative" parents, it can happen to him that he would be officially registered as "gender neutral".

The ideology wants to conquer nature. "Gender-accurate" Parents will be able to "prevent" the inherent "discrimination" of a their child. The child should be no more sex "forced" imposed, no, it will eventually find itself on its sex and can make a "free and conscious" decision. The development is ongoing in almost all Western European countries. Not that this fact has surprised observers, but the fact that there are political majorities for it. Most politicians lack expertise for actual problems in the modern party-state solution, so abstruse ideology comes to the fore.

Germany is the first European "intersex" Country

And because theDeutsche Michl's want to be the paragon of the EU, the Federal Republic of Germany will be the first European country that has introduced by law the gray area between the sex of man and woman, which does not exist in nature. The legislature as the ruler of reality. The Act provides that the "third" gender variant in the birth certificates of course have a purely anti-discriminatory character. It allows the parents of a child who comes into the world with "atypical" sexual organs, to waive the registration of sex. A separate law for hermaphrodites. Today, we prefer to speak of intersex. When ideologues present melodious suggestions, caution is still advised. The gender ideology aims at overcoming known gender, because this is seen as "coercive" nature. Ideologues have always been twisted and in no way unharmful. The new law, with such harmless justifications on the way, it seems to come, is a wholly owned product of this gender ideology. For them it is just the famous gap in the wall that is to be expanded step by step.

No wonder then that the International Lesbian and Gay Association applauds enthusiastically. This may seem surprising at first glance. The federation brings together around 400 gay organizations around the world: "It is good news. It will help us to combat discrimination within the EU." Should the legislature in its reasoning, restrict the new provision nor objectively obstructs its path in any way, the feminist philosopher Nicla Vassallo lets the cat out of the bag. Looking at the arrangements which will exist in Germany from 1 November there is a preposal at hand, "I would give everyone the opportunity to leave the sex portion in the documents unfilled, as this is possible already in the registry information today. If the option for undefined gender were considered intersex-people that would indeed be a ghettoization, "The gender ideology is like any ideology of magical logic, an act against discrimination can already be transformed into an act of discrimination to the next act against discrimination. A game with no end in ideological struggle, for which the World Health Organization has no classification of the disease, because it is not a gender identity disorder of childhood, rather, a disorder of sex due to perceptions of other adults.

Even the Protestant Church , which met in early May in Hamburg, considered itself "open-ended" toward the theme of "intersex". They expressed themselves "hopefully" because with 1 November, the  "intersexual people finally" would be considering their "rights". Nature is the enemy of ideologues - Enter X instead of M or F in the passport? The debate on the impact of the new provision is still in progress. If the birth certificate is not gender specified, then what will the identity card read and what is recorded in the passport? The gender ideologues of course are the most diligent Stooges. The FamRZ - is a magazine for the whole family with legal guardianship law, inheritance law, procedural law, public law, made ​​the suggestion for all to introduce the acronyms M (male) and F (female), an X for "undefined" in all personal documents. The new federal German law, introduced by a black and yellow, Christian Democrat and Christian Social guidance does not pose a red-green majority with its denial of the anthropological and biological reality. There is another worrying mosaic that represents the  homosexual and gender ideology that can be deployed on the path of social reconstruction. The cultural and social consequences are aimed at destruction. In the frenzied struggle for the "new rights" and against a virtual sexual discrimination,  the gender and gay ideologues sacrifice on the altar of their idols, especially children's rights, the rights of the most innocent and most vulnerable in society. Those who have no voice and can not defend themselves and those already in fear for their lives for the same ideologues at the time of birth. No area of law is more violated than toward the unborn and increasingly also of children born by abortion, artificial insemination, embryo research, surrogacy and adoption rights for homosexuals. The new enemy is nature itself. You will be defeated. "One need be neither clairvoyant nor a child psychologist to foresee the psychological traumas and difficulties the modern "intersex" children will have to face in their unhappy childhoods" [Lupo Glori], as victims of "gender activist" parents.

Text: CR / Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred

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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Papal Ceremoniaire Expelled from the Vatican

(Vatican) This information was hardly known, but it is not without significance. The Italian Monsignor Franco Camaldo, 61, from Lagonegro (Potenza), formerly of Papal Ceremonies, whose name often appeared recently in connection with a "gay lobby", was removed from the Vatican. Monsignor Camaldo was deported as a canon of the Lateran basilica "with right of abode." That is to say that he has to leave the Vatican.

Monsignor Camaldo appeared, because of his "old and intimate friendship" in the headlines with the Former Gentleman of His Holiness, Angelo Balducci, as investigations were launched against the Balducci-Anemone conspiracy ( see separate report ). It was about forcing the contracts of large firms.

Although he is not from Rome, the whole career Camaldos played out from Rome under the pontificate of Pope John Paul II. In June 1984 he became an Honorary Prelate of His Holiness and Papal Ceremonies. Soon, even the title of Honorary came Conventual Chaplains ad honorem of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta and the title of Knight of the Grand Cross of the Order of St. Maurice and Lazarus were added. More melodious tributes were yet added.

At last Msgr. Camaldo was put into play by Patrizio Poggi. Poggi, a former priest, had been laicized for child abuse. Italian justice sentenced him to several years in prison, which he has since served. Recently he reported to the police and claimed that there is a "ring" of homosexual priests and laymen active in Rome, the young men and children to perform as prostitutes. However, Poggi was deemed not credible. He was arrested for libel. The prosecutor denied the allegations Poggi about a pedophile ring. However, they acknowledged in this context that there are aberrosexual priests in Rome who live out their immoral desires.

The Corriere della Sera wrote on the 29th of June that "the investigating authority in its report to the coroner, the existence of a great number of documented young foreigners of different nationalities who prostitute themselves for money to churchmen in Rome. Homosexual relationships without criminal relevance." Criminally irrelevant, but canonically yes, albeit on a very different level. What is not criminally punishable for the state, it is for the Church, for a homosexual act is a serious moral failing. While the state authorities identify only child abuse, Church law requires other scales and measures.

Is the removal of Bishop Camaldo such a "measure"? The question is how the Church deals with aberrosexuality, one of the most important current challenges. The zero tolerance against pedophilia was proclaimed by Benedict XVI. and confirmed by Pope Francis. Francis also spoke of the existence of a "gay lobby" in the Church. How is the church to deal with it? This is one of the central questions.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred

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Thursday, August 1, 2013

The Pope's Statement on Msgr. Ricca: Magister Vindicated

Edit: the following is from the English version of Sandro Magister's page. His analysis explores the Pope's interesting comments about lobbies within the Vatican, and their destructive ability and how the Pope has essentially vindicated him. We should not assume that because the Holy Father is willing to be magnanimous toward Msgr. Ricca, that he continues to have trust in him, nor that he is no still concerned and about to do something regarding the "homosexual lobbies" in the Church.


Another set of answers concerned the “gay bobbies” at the Vatican and the case of Monsignor Battista Ricca, appointed by the pope prelate of the IOR before his scandalous past came to light.

No prejudice against homosexuals, but the lobbies no, they're not okay. This is the gist of what Francis said to the journalists.

In general, about the gays and the lobbies pope expressed himself as follows:

"So much is written about the gay lobby. So far I have not found anyone at the Vatican who has written 'gay' on his identity card. A distinction must be made between being gay, having this tendency, and being in a lobby. The lobbies, all lobbies, are not good. If a person is gay and is seeking the Lord with good will, who am I to judge him? The catechism of the Catholic Church teaches that gay persons must not be discriminated against, but must be welcomed. The problem is not having this tendency, the problem is being in a lobby, and this applies here just as it does to business lobbies, political lobbies, Masonic lobbies.”

While on the specific case of Ricca he said:

"In the case of monsignor Ricca I have done what canon law says to do: an initial investigation. There has been found nothing of that of which he has been accused. We have not found anything. Many times in the Church the sins of youth are sought out and then publicized. We are not talking about offenses, about crimes, like the abuse of minors which is a completely different thing, but about sins. But if a layperson or a priest or a sister has committed a sin and has converted and confessed, the Lord forgives, he forgets. And we do not have the right not to forget, because otherwise we risk that the Lord may not forget our sins. So many times I think of Saint Peter who committed the gravest sin, he denied Christ. And yet they made him pope. But I repeat, about Monsignor Ricca we have not found anything.”

Francis did not add anything else. He did not say that the facts alleged against Monsignor Ricca are false. He simply said that about these facts “nothing has been found” in the documentation submitted to him at the Vatican.

But since - as the pope now well knows - everything about these events is found in the documentation of the pontifical nunciature in Montevideo and at the time the documentation was sent to Rome as well, the deduction is obvious: at the Vatican a lobby worked to cover the tracks.

The pope also did not confirm his trust in Monsignor Ricca and declare the matter closed. Anything but. The “sins of youth” can be forgiven, he said. But only to those who sincerely confess and repent of them, as did Saint Peter. Not to those who have done and are doing all they can to conceal them, disguise them, get rid of them, with the help of a powerful lobby that is still not admitting defeat. One of those lobbies, the adjective does not matter, which Pope Francis has once again said he wants to uproot from the Vatican curia.

In the latest issue of L'Espresso, the magazine that broke the case, nothing other than this was written:

“Against homosexuals who live in chastity, including priests, bishops, cardinals, there is no preconceived hostility whatsoever in the Church, so much so that, in tranquility, a number of them have occupied and still occupy important positions. What the Church does not accept is that consecrated persons, who have made a public commitment of celibacy and chastity 'for the Kingdom of Heaven,' should betray their promise. When the betrayal is public, it becomes scandal. And to heal it the Church requires a penitential journey that begins with repentance, not with falsification, concealment, deception, worse still if carried out with the complicity of others, in a 'lobby' of intersecting interests, licit and illicit”.

Time Magazine Understands that the Pope is still a Pope

Edit: the other day, National Public Radio's coverage of the Pope's remarks was unrealistically and enthusiastically hopeful. They manage to cruise to internet to find a dissident priest on sabbatical who made his own hopeful and heartfelt expectations that his predilection would one day be declared normative. On the other hand, Time Magazine seems to understand it. No matter how much this issue is sugar coated, it will never be enough. It's far more charitable to be clear than give false expectations or attempt to avoid the issue. Here's a google translation from fisheaters, with some editing from an Italian journalist at Altualita:

Patricia Zorzan:

“Speaking on behalf of the Brazilians. Society has changed, young people have changed and you see so many young people in Brazil. You did not mention abortion, marriage between persons of the same sex. In Brazil, a law was passed that extends the right to abortion and allowed marriage between persons of the same sex. Why did you not talk about this?”

Papa Francesco:

“The Church has already expressed this perfectly. It was not necessary to go back, as I have not even talked about fraud, deceit or other things on which the Church has a clear doctrine!”

Patricia Zorzan:

“But it is a topic that interests the young …”

Papa Francesco:

“Yes, but there was no need to talk about this, but the positive things that open the way to the boys. Is it not? In addition, young people know exactly what is the position of the Church!”

Patricia Zorzan:

“What is the position of Your Holiness, can we talk about it?”

Papa Francesco:

“That of the Church. I am a son of the Church!”

Here's the Time article:

Papal statements often get the same breathless scrutiny that’s usually lavished on cryptic symbols in Dan Brown novels. So it’s hardly surprising that the world, especially Roman Catholics like myself, is breathlessly decoding what Pope Francis told reporters on his flight back to Rome from Brazil on Monday regarding homosexuality: “If someone is gay and he searches for the Lord and has good will, who am I to judge?”

As TIME’s Stephen Faris has noted, while the Pope’s remarks might be a welcome and humane sentiment, they hardly represent a break with Catholic church doctrine, which still condemns homosexuality. The Vatican’s catechismal stance regarding the LGBTs in our midst remains the same: The church may love the sinner, but it hates the sin. And since Francis was referring specifically to gay priests—who like other Catholic clerics take a vow of celibacy and so don’t commit the “sin”— His Holiness wasn’t exactly going out on a theological limb.

But at a time when the world, including most U.S. Catholics, is increasingly accepting gay rights and even gay marriage, here ‘s what’s really significant about the Pope’s statement: The love-the-sinner-but-hate-the-sin trope no longer carries much if any moral credibility. How—given our awareness today that homosexuality is as biological as heterosexuality, and that homosexual relationships have proven as valid and socially enriching as straight ones— can we take any religious leader seriously when he claims to love gay people but at the same time demonizes the consummation of their love for each other?

Read more:

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Anarchists Attack Cathedral in Chile on the Patronal Feast: Mayor Leads Catholics to Defend it Against Them!

Edit: the coverage from the media was poor on this.

(Santiago de Chile) While Pope Francis met with young people from around the world last night at the Copacabana, the Cathedral Santiago de Chile, was profaned (On his feast, the 25th of July.). The sacrilege took place during the celebration of the Holy Mass by the Archbishop Ricardo Ezzati Andrello in honor of St. James the Great, who celebrated the eponymous saint of the Chilean capital.

The 300 participants were anti-clericals from the march against life taking place just then, which was organized by supporters of abortion in Chile's capital. They demand a "right" to be able to kill unborn children. The violent abortion advocates destroyed confessionals, threw pews around, shouted blasphemies, insulted Christians and smeared hate slogans on the walls of the church and its altars, with an almost unsurpassable contempt, "such as if the graves, and the pillars of the cathedral were some minor concrete wall of a railway bridge or an industrial zone underpass" as Matteo Matzuzzi of Il Foglio wrote.

Numerous Mass attendees, among whom was the mayor of Santiago, Tohá Carolina, responded vigorously to the initial shock and drove the attackers out of the way. They formed a human wall around the presbytery and prevented the attackers from entering to the main altar.

The faithful finally succeeded along with the security of the Cathedral to pressure the abortionists out of the cathedral. In front of the bishop's church, the police broke up the demonstration and meanwhile made a number of arrests.

In Chile, there is already campaigning for the presidential elections in the fall. The political left has inscribed their banners with slogans for the legalization of abortion and "gay marriage". The spokesman for the Stalinist [Compared to the DDR of old in Germany], Socialist candidate and current UN Under-Secretary General and UN Women's President, Michelle Bachelet, was already Chilean President from 2006-2010.

The desecration of the cathedral of Chile has shocked Catholics. "But the perpetrators, heralds of death, blasphemers and vandals of the church allowed this because they are Democrats, they are social, for a just world, against this and against that ..." as a Catholic Chilean blogger commented on the raid.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Images: ACIprensa
Trans: Tancred

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Hollande and His Government: "A Troop of Cathophobes"

(Paris) Fabrice Madouas addresses "Catholics on the Black List" in an excellent way, in his published article for "Valeurs Actuelles" about the situation in laicistic [secular] France at a worrying point.

The growing gap between the Catholics and the government can not be explained only by the indifference of the President. From the first day of his term, he placed his seat under the patronage of radical secularist Jules Ferry [1] , whose goal is to organize a "humanity without God and King." This is a reason why Catholics are concerned about his program and are outraged about the humiliation and harassment that the left inflicts on the Church. This strongly suggests that, the government wants confrontation, hoping to mobilize their own camp by it.

Christiane Taubira [2] provided the best example when she received Cardinal Vingt-Trois with casualness, when he wanted to talk to her about the marriage, which bordered on contempt. The deputies of the Left could feel such a hostile environment that they gave him to understand so that the opinion of the Church for them counts for nothing in the debate. This abruptness is not surprising: not a single government minister, says Ayrault of himself, are practicing, only six call themselves believers, including Cecile Duflot.

Last winter, the housing minister had the audacity to publicly comment on the assumption that the Church cares little for the poor, so he threatened to confiscate ecclesiastical buildings to house the homeless. But it's still Vincent Peillon who wins the prize for anti-Church Aggression: In January he contested the existence of Catholic doctrine in question in public debates on gay marriage [aberromarriage]. Cardinal Vingt-Trois reacted strongly: "If not even a discussion is any longer possible, then there is an official state doctrine and the thought police." [On Education Minister Vincent Peillon see separate report .]

Are Catholics become second-class citizens? The question is all the more justified because the government shows a lot more respect to other religions this year took [Interior Minister] Manuel Valls twice breaking bread, taking part in Ramadan. "One way for the Republic, to show their affection to the Muslims of our country," he explained. Also, something never seen by the public authorities, when churches and Christian cemeteries are desecrated, although it concerns more than 80 percent of all anti-religious violence in France.

Text: L'Observateure de la Christianophobia / Giuseppe Nardi
Image: L'Observateure de la Christianophobia
Trans: Tancred

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Thursday, July 25, 2013

Archbishop Negri: Laws Against Homophobia Recall Fascism

(Rome) Archbishop Luigi Negri of Ferrara warns of the proposed law against homophobia. The bill recalls fascism and the "dark times of state ideology." In all European countries there are attempts to limit religious and free speech rights on behalf of alleged "protection" of and "discrimination" against homosexuals [aberrosexuals]. There is no broad discussion of the introduction of the new law. All are apathetic. The Christians must defend themselves and take up the fight for freedom of expression and freedom of religion, otherwise there may be sudden and bad awakening. The negative consequences are already visible in the UK and France. "The priests and bishops, who quote St. Paul in Holy Mass, could be charged," Archbishop Negri told the weekly magazine Tempi.

"In defending a certain lifestyle and its supporters, but especially those who theoretically confess homosexuality and practice it in society, the state discriminates in a serious and irreparable manner against other opinions and lifestyles," said the Archbishop, as Pope Benedict XVI. had personally called upon the 2012 Synod of Bishops.

Ideological Law

The law against homophobia, for which there is no objective necessity and that will soon be discussed by Parliament, will introduce, after "70 years since end of fascism a thought crime, and awakes dark, long subdued and times always believed to be over, back to life. Times in which the State identified ideological positions which it forcibly introduced and sacrificed all opinons which did not quite match."

"Our nation is at risk of losing those basic freedoms of speech, freedom of choice, freedom of choice and freedom that form the core of the secular state," said Archbishop Negri.

Priest Persecution

"Whoever will continue to draw attention to the great heterosexual tradition of the West, which can be found in the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and in the practice of the Christian life through so many centuries, a great and informative powerful testimony, is in danger of being persecuted, if he expresses his beliefs publicly," said the Archbishop. "The priests and the bishops who quote excerpts from Paul's Epistles during the public liturgical celebrations, which relate to the moral standards on gay [aberrosexual] positions, or recite from the Catechism of the Catholic Church or quote parts of the Church's social doctrine, could be brought to the authorities," warned Archbishop Negri.

Defend Freedom

Christianity, says Negri, should not forget what Pope John Paul II asked in the encyclical Centesimus Annus: always to defend freedom. Because "every time we strive to secure our freedom, we defend the freedom of all, and every time we lose our freedom or it is limited, it is lost or restricted for all," said Negri.

"Over the past three years, more than 100,000 Christians have been killed because of disregard for the freedom of conscience, and in almost all countries of the world. Is it possible that the 'defense of homosexuality' is in comparison, more important than this specific problem and more important than the freedom of conscience?" said Luigi Negri, the Archbishop of Ferrara-Comacchio.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Tempi
Trans: Tancred

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Damian Thompson's Outraged at Father Zuhlsdorf's Condemnation of the Sin of Sodom

Edit: I've long been a critic of Damian, one whose name he bears is probably shaking his head, and I have observed the things for which he most often will raise his blade. He's not just interested in pretty lace vestments, incense and the sensual cadences of the canon sotto voce as the beeswax candles flicker in the gloom, he really does believe that those who commit the sin of sodomy in word or in mind, deserve special status and bristles venomously when he senses these dainties are portrayed as they are. The subject was an article by Father Zuhlsdorf, who usually gets the Damian lace chasuble sign of approval, where Father portrays such people perhaps as they are. Heaven forfend that a Catholic priest should condemn immorality and teach:
I've long been a fan of Fr John Zuhlsdorf for his measured defence of the traditional Mass; I know that, like many US traditionalists, he's very much opposed to the "homosexual agenda" – but nothing prepared me for the article he published today. Never have I changed my mind about someone so fast. It's a revolting piece of work, using the wicked murder of a devout Catholic lady to imply all manner of horrible things about homosexuals in general – "this is what 'they' are like, you know". (NB: when Z fisks the CNS article, the emphasis in bold type is his; his own comments are between square brackets.) Its rhetorical style reminds me of old-fashioned racist propaganda.
Link too Damian's relativizing blog...

Let's not forget, either, who the author of the slur racism was and why.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

French Mayor Refuses the "Farce of Gay Marriage" -- He is Threatened With 5 Years of Prison

(Paris), Jean-Michel Colo is the mayor of the French town Arcangues. He announced his decision that he would not perform the "gay marriage" legalized by the government of President Francois Hollande in his community, "because it is a farce," said Colo.The law "is not for but against something, it gives an inadequate and absurd privilege for a tiny minority, but it attacks the family, for whose protection the marriage exists," said Colo.
"I'm not  giving any lessons and call on no other mayor does to follow my example. But I will not perform an illegal act," said the mayor of the municipality of Aquitaine.
"My seven council members agree completely agree with me that in this fare, we  'do not participate in this, and we thank the thousands of support and congratulatory messages we have received for our decision." Jean-Michel Colo. since 1983 mayor of the 3,100 -inhabitant village near the southwestern French town of Bayonne, near the Atlantic coast and the border with Spain.
The law imposed by the Socialists law provides severe penalties for non-compliance. Whomever as a public official denies or impedes the implementation of the law faces five years in prison, up to a 75,000 euro penalty and the immediate removal from office.
In April, just before the adoption of the "gay marriage" legalization by the French Parliament, Franck Meyer, spokesman for the platform Mayors Pour l'Enfance (Mayors for  Childhood) had stated that approximately 15,000 mayors of France will refuse "to conduct  marriage between two persons of the same sex."  Hollande, the Socialist government then declared that there is "no freedom of conscience" in the matter related to civil servants and public officials.
Interior Minister Manuel Valls has already threatened  Mayor Colo  with the statement that the laws are to be applied and any breach of this duty would be punished with the rigor of the law.
Two homosexuals who've recently deliberately  intended to file for "marriage" in Arcangues, have filed charges against Mayor Colo with the Bayonne Prosecutor's Office..
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
picture: Religion en Libertad
Trans: Tancred

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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Update on Poggi Scandal in Italy: Accuser Arrested for Scandal

Edit: Fakin Akin has breathed a sigh of relief and along with Deacon Kandra and others creatures of the establishment are attacking Voris.

Of course, their credibility must be suffering somewhat in light of revelations like the following by Bishop Listeki of Milwaukee.

In a major turning point in its nearly 3-year-old bankruptcy, the Archdiocese of Milwaukee on Monday is scheduled to make public thousands of pages of documents detailing the sexual abuse of minors by priests going back decades, and what church leaders did — and did not do — in response. 
The records will contain parts of 42 priests' personnel files as well as depositions of former Archbishop Timothy Dolan, now cardinal of New York; retired Archbishop Rembert Weakland; retired Bishop Richard Sklba; and now-defrocked priest Daniel Budzynski. 
Most of the information, which is being released as part of an agreement in the archdiocese's bankruptcy proceedings, has never been seen publicly.

Too bad the Italian police can't come and arrest them for slander?

And what about the secret dossiers, the Vatican employed Monsignor Tommaso Stenico who was busted in a sting?

They're quick to attack the messenger and excuse the clergy, despite numerous published statements and valid stories, if not the Pope himself admitting there is a problem.

Here's the most recent.  Father Poggi, the defrocked whistleblower, has just been arrested, but does that mean his story is untrue?  Based on past history, it's not incredible to suppose it's possible.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

More Details About Underground Network: Police Were Selling Hosts to Satanists

Edit: some of the details emerging in the accusations being leveled, which suggest that the perdition of the clergy is widespread are being strongly denied by Vatican spokesmen.

Plus some very succinct words from Rorate:

Pedophilia violates the rights of minors, while homosexuality affirms those of adults. Pedophile priests and homosexual priests in reality, appear to form the same “lobby” that is why they drink from the same libertarian, pansexual ideology, which has also penetrated inside the Church over the last fifty years.

The “homo-heresy”, namely, the theology of homosexuality, denounced by Father Dario Oko (With the Pope against Homoheresy), goes hand in hand with the theology of married priests. In both cases the enemy is the ecclesiastic celibate, a moral pillar which the Church has held on to since Her origins. Anyway, if the Pope expressed himself in these terms, he did so for obvious reasons. Some, such as the vaticanist Ignazio Ingrao, sustain that an entire chapter dedicated to the “gay network” is present in the relatio reported by the three cardinals charged by Benedict XVI to investigate the Curia: Julian Herranz, Salvatore De Giorgi and Jozef Tomko (Panorama, 24th June 2013). There are those who hypothesize that it was exactly the discovery of the presence of this network that would have pushed the abdication of Pope Benedict, by then intent in renouncing the Papacy. (“Il Fatto” 11th June 2013). There are also those who think that the words of the Pope would not be extraneous to the news that reached him about the events of Almo Collegio Capranica, denounced on the site “Corrispondenza Romana” in the article “The Drama of Sodomy in the diocese of Rome” which was promptly obscured by the Roman Tribunal. Behind that law-suit was the Rector of the Almo Collegio.

Update: Whistleblower Priest Exposes Ring of Old Liberal Decadent Satanists in Rome

Edit:  we were told this was a problem for years.  The Vatican has had investigations ongoing for years.   Remember the Polish priest and investigator, Father Dariuscz Oko?  And of course it's like a Malachi Martin novel in here, innit:

And he's naming names...

There are also charges of Satanism in connection with the Gomorrist predation...

Italian investigators have opened an inquiry into claims by a convicted paedophile priest that an underage prostitution ring has been operating inside the Holy Roman Church with clergymen hiring rentboys for sex inside churches. 
Don Patrizio Poggi, 46, told Italian authorities that a former Carabinieri pimped boys for nine clergymen. 
Poggi, who served a five-year sentence for abusing teenage boys while he was a parish priest at the San Filippo Neri church in Rome, said he made the allegations to "protect the Holy Church and the Christian community." 
The boys were chosen because they were starving and desperate, he claimed, according to Il Messaggero newspaper. 
The former policeman used to recruit the boys, mostly eastern European immigrants, outside a gay bar named Twink near Rome's Termini train station. He reportedly sat in his Fiat Panda - marked "Emergency Blood" to avoid parking fines - to make his selection. 
He was helped in the recruitment process by a friend who ran a modelling agency. He lured underage boys into prostitution through "false work offers for modelling and acting roles", Poggi said.

Also, check out St. Peter Damian's famous book, it's quite a distant mirror, as it were.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Moldovan Orthodox Church Threatens Politicians Who Back Gomorrist Legislation With Excommunication

Edit: Just got this from a reader, Agent Provocateur   The Orthodox hierarchy is confidently opposing the darkness enshrouding the West.  Interestingly enough, they're finding common cause with the local Communist Party.
Chisinau, June 21, Interfax - The Moldovan Orthodox Church Synod has threatened politicians who back the law on equal rights for homosexuals with excommunication. 
Metropolitan Vladimir of Chisinau and All Moldova told reporters on Friday that "the first step may be to keep such politicians from taking communion." 
The metropolitan said the June 20 meeting of the Synod had lasted for ten hours and addressed the situation with the enforcement of the law on equal rights for gays and the preparations for the visit by Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia, who plans to visit Moldova in September. 
"The Synod stated its position on the law on equal rights in the adopted declaration," the metropolitan said, adding that the Synod already asked the authorities to make amendments to the law and to prevent propaganda of homosexuality in society on May 19. 
"Unfortunately, our request was not heard and no measures were taken. We want to use another opportunity to draw people's attention to what is happening and we are addressing them again as the Orthodox Church the second time. When we address them the third time, specific decisions will be made," Metropolitan Vladimir said.  
The declaration posted on the website of the Moldovan Metropolia on Friday says that "the authorities have not heeded an establishment which, according to public opinion polls, enjoys the highest level of confidence in society." 
"Being ignored like this makes us draw conclusions that the Moldovan Orthodox Church and Christians, who account for 93.4% of the population, were removed from the authorities' plans in the past few years, whereas non-traditional minorities are getting more and more support from the authorities," the document says. 
The adoption of the law on the prevention of discrimination was a condition set by the European Union for the fulfillment of the plan of actions to liberalize the visa regime between Moldova and the EU. Its adoption was postponed for a long time and the name of the law was changed gradually. In May 2012, the document was adopted as the law On Equality. The guarantees of sexual minorities' rights are mentioned in the chapter of the law banning discrimination in the workplace. 
The Moldovan Orthodox Church and the Communist Party are contesting the law.