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Monday, December 3, 2012 Off Line Since Sunday: Anti-Catholic Forces Gloat

You Can't Stop
Edit:  basically, is being systematically attacked in the German press, and Der Kommissar is searching high and low for the shadowy figures behind Europe's largest Catholic website. Notably, the Nazi-founded Spiegel and other anti-Catholic organs of disinformation like this one, Die Zeit are eager to report an arrest.

The following article is significantly misleading.  It's poor.  It doesn't explain the bizarre alliance between homosexuals who distribute pornography, or the Green Party politician who has promoted sex with children and the German Bishops, but it stops slightly short of gloating.

Also in the Hunt for is David Berger, who the German internet site has exposed over the years, much to the chagrin of not a few people.  David Berger is probably most famous for slandering the Pope, accusing him of being a homosexual.

Here's the translation:
The pseudo-Christian website is off the net.  It may be a success for the activists who have been proceeding against the homophobia and racism of the site. 
The agitating website is offline.  The previous domain is no longer unavailable since Sunday afternoon. 
The coordinator of the initiative Stoppt, David Berger, sees this as a reaction incidental to definite public pressure.  He told the Cologne Stadt-Anzeiger that there are thre conceivable possibilities for this, that the site is now offline:  the operators are going under cover for a few weeks and hope to build a media storm, they are planning a change of server, or they are planing a completely new structure under a new name. 
Following the articles related to the deceased actor Dirk Bach, which showed the clear disposition of homophobia, the campaigne of Bruno Gmunder Verlags have offered an award of 15,000 Euro for juristically usable information about the figures behind the site.  In the meantime there are at least half a dozen names suspects being investigated and given to the Attorney General in Berlin.  It has also engaged the Attorney General in Vienna for popular incitement (Volksverhetzung). 
Inhuman Propaganda
Those who are responsible for have not been revealed yet.  The German Catholic Church has renewed its statement distancing themselves.  As Spiegel recently reported, there are in any case at least two dozen authors with an ecclesiastical back ground active on the site, among them priests, church employees and at least one religion instructor. 
The site has been suspected for a long time by Church authorities, as the Federal Office for the Protection of the Constitutional observes the site. As the reports the President of Protection of the Constitution, Heinz Fromm,  wrote in response to Volker Beck:  "In so far as the articles as well as the commentary from this internet presence is significantly known for its Homophobic, Islamophobic and anti-Semetic expressions, necessitates an extremely aggressive statement." 
Several entries are not covered by the fundamental right of freedom of speech, and cross into the territory of criminal law.  "Inhuman propaganda"has been distributed.  In addition, it presents "evidence for efforts against free democratic fundamental order" , it said in the document. 

Link to source...

Props to Cathcon for its description of as "The Terminator".

Friday, November 2, 2012

Polish Priest: Pope Benedict Wages a Tireless War Against This Evil

Homosexual Blasphemy
against Jesus Christ.

© stevendepolo, Flickr, CC BY
The Fog is Lifting

How is it that people in ecclesiastical positions of leadership succeed, who are deeply corrupt, false and blackmailable? 

(  There is a true homosexual lobby in the Catholic Church.  Fr. Dariusz Oko described this in the German periodical 'Theologisches'.

Fr. Oko is a research fellow of the Philosophy faculty of the Papal University of John Paul II in Cracow.

It will be unscrupulously lied about

In order for an evil as grave as the homosexual disorder to hide and be tolerated, there needs to be people in important positions -- wrote the priest.

He didn't speak of a homosexual lobby, but of a "homosexual mafia".  Fr. Oko cited then cited the current Polish Justice Ministery Jaroslav Gowin.

As a member of the Polish Senate he was confronted with the case of the Posener Homo-Archbishop Juliusz Paetz.

He felt then after some investigations the presence of a "type of Mafia".

These have denied brutal circumstances and fundamentals in the defense of their interests -- even the most public.

The Priestly Seminary as Seduction

Fr. Oko suggested that the problems for a homosexually distorted individual who wants to be a priest, already begin in the Seminary.

There the homosexual seminarist finds himself in the situation, which corresponds to that of a normal man, who will find himself living in close contact with appealing women.

It is "clearly very difficult" to protect chastity.

The Homosexual Power Grab

Fr. Oko knows that the colleagues of the inner-Church homosexual mafia who are aware of the danger,  camouflage themselves.

For that they will mutually support one another.

They form informal groups and attempt, above all to rule the place, where money and power are at home.

When they have taken over positions of responsibility, promote then persons, who are similar to themselves, or such, of those they know, that because of their weak characters will never make difficulties.

In these manners it happens that there are characters who attain ecclesiastical leadership positions, who are deeply corrupt, false and blackmailable.

The Perpetrators are Made Into Victims

Those who oppose the homosexual mafia, may -- says Fr. Oko -- will get into a difficult situation.

He mentioned the case of a Vicar who attempted to protect youth from molestation by a homosexual pastor.

In such a situation it was the accuser who was severely punished -- not the perpetrator.

And:  When a priest or a religious is molested by a superior or homosexual and seeks help at the next highest level, it can happen that he will meet a homosexual in a higher position.

Homosexuals Attack

Fr. Oko believes that Benedict XVI is leading a tireless struggle against this evil.

The Pope insists that a priest must be religiously normal,  for otherwise the renunciation of marriage and the choice of celibacy would not have any sense.

On the contrary:  "The doctrine of the Pope has met resistance:  homosexual groups int he Church defend themselves and attack."

This crisis also needs intellectual means, in order to be corrected.   Hence it consists of a homosexual heresy.


Monday, September 24, 2012

Homosexual Icon of San Francisco Arrested Again for Chid Pornography

What Are You Doing For Larry Brinkin Week?

Edit: A Jewish homosexual from San Francisco who is the darling of a political movement for decades has fallen afoul of the Police. The accused had been using child pornography for years and his transgressions are just now coming to light. Despite Larry Brinkin's high-profile as a leader of the so-called gay rights movement, and the nature of his crime, there has been relatively little coverage in the media at present.

This recent trial has raised serious concerns about the medieval culture of secrecy surrounding the gay rights movement, and the lack of accountability.  Perhaps what they need is more government oversight?

One compares this event to the recent guilty verdict against Kansas Bishop Finn who is said to have been covering up for a priest's admitted pornography addiction, which received national and international coverage.

It's also easy to look abroad at Ireand whose own pubic has its own irrational hate-hate relationship with the Catholic Church is also willing to deal unfairly in this same manner. When Senator David Norris's got caught using his power to cover for and please for his boyfriend who'd been arrested for child molestation in Israel, the Irish public was indifferent to this. It actually took a charge of embezzlement to oust the homosexual Taoseich candidate. These revelations also didn't get a lot of coverage outside of Ireland as the Senator quietly dropped out of the race.

Even in Germany recently, no one has said anything about the untouchable Old Liberal Cardinal Marx, who recently helped reassign another homosexual child porn user to parish work in the Archdiocese of Munich. We predict that the cool media reception to this story is Cardinal Marx's own Old Liberal, 1968 inclinations that protect him from the kind of media storm that drove his colleague, a man he personally stabbed in the back, Bishop Walter Mixa, out of his office. Certainly, striking a student is considerably less severe than giving a sexual predator and user of pornography a job where he is in a position of power of other people with access to children. Also, let us not forget over 500 cases of abuse at an Austrian Orphanage over many years. Trust us, if it had been truly Catholic, you'd have heard about it.

To date, there's been no response from the numerous homosexual advocacy organizations or the city of San Francisco, distancing themselves from a man who even has a week named after him in February as a champion of "gay" rights. Despite the years this has been going on, seems strange no one knew. Of course, considering that other co-religionists of Brinkin were avid pederasts, such as NAMBLA member Allen Ginsberg, there are surely others who are in the know and didn't say anything. Perhaps we can talk of media "coverup"? Perhaps these moral relativists are silent, because this is their true face? Here's a piece from PJMedia:

This article and some of its links contains some very graphic and monstrous detail.
Larry Brinkin, the high-profile gay activist who was arrested earlier this summer on child pornography charges, was booked in jail again today after police obtained even more evidence allegedly linking him to child porn.
Sgt. Michael Andraychak tells us that Brinkin, 66, turned himself in today at about 10:30 a.m. at the Hall of Justice after police secured a $240,000 arrest warrant for him. He was booked on two felony counts of possession and distribution of child pornography. He is expected to be arraigned in court tomorrow.
See Also: SFPD's Details of First Arrest Warrant Brinkin was first arrested in June after police were tipped off that the well-respected community leader had been using the e-mail address to view images of children as young as perhaps a year old being sodomized by and performing oral sex on adult men, accompanied by highly racist commentary.
Link to PJMedia...

Thursday, August 30, 2012

El Paso Diocese Attacks Priest With Catholic Message

All Are Not Welcome

Edit: Some may remember a few gallant priests who have  preached  in a very uncompromising way the truths of the Catholic Faith a little while back, in addition to Father Marcel Guarizo, who was not only reprimanded publicly but attacked by Quasi-Canon Peters and fired from his job.  Defending the Catholic Faith can be a perilous business in places like Portland, Maine, Washington D.C. and El Paso, Texas, just to name a few.  You're not even safe on the internet.

Along with approved bloggers like Mark Shea, there are several Bishops in the United States, who are sending a message that seeks to relativize the long-standing condemnation of sexual activity outside of marriage for the sake of false charity. These 'defenders' of niceness waste no time viciously attacking, or just walking away from, Catholic priests who defend Catholic teachings, however.

Mark Shea looks like he's taking a very familiar trajectory, like Gerald Augustinus of "The Cafe is Closed" who underwent a dramatic (or contrived?) shift from defender of orthodoxy, to cafeteria Catholic in about two short years. You'd think men like Mark Shea would treasure courageous priests, but they don't, they just shill for the Archdiocese. Why are these people attacking those who defend Church teaching?

It is just possible that a Diocese would love to have a fervent, zealous priest at the helm of a big parish, nope, not if he's preaching sexual chastity.  Fr. Micheal Rodriguez is doing just that.  He's actually too inoffensive and makes too many concessions to political correctness in our opinion, but that doesn't matter.  Not to the Diocese.

Not surprisingly, the Diocese insists that Father's message isn't the Catholic Church's message, but they don't specify how that is.

It's stories like this that reinforce the impression there is a group within the Church that will no suffer to hear the Catholic truth of the ages, as Lifesite reports:

“Without question, God loves all of His children, regardless of sexual ‘orientation,’” he continued. “We Catholics must show charity, respect, and understanding towards our homosexual brothers and sisters. Above all, we are to show love and compassion towards homosexuals by leading them to the truth, and helping them to reject sinful homosexual activity.”

In the final essay, Rodriguez faults modern culture in harsh terms for framing the breakdown of the family as an advancement for society, and criticizes El Paso officials for “acting immorally” by promoting gay domestic partnerships.

“Here in El Paso, certain City Council members have remained obstinate in promoting public recognition and legitimization of homosexual unions,” he wrote. “Whether they realize it or not, their actions are objectively immoral and gravely harmful to marriage and the family. It should be obvious to all Catholics what our duty is with respect to these members of City Council.”

Meanwhile, in Liberal Maine, the usual kinds of people are out advocating "change", more of the bad kind, as they attempt to redefine marriage outside of the Church's teachings. As you can see in the photo, most of them are elderly baby boomers out to cause trouble. In their self-adulation, it probably never dawned on them that their personal views are at variance with the Church's actual teachings and that if they were right, there would be no point in being Catholic.
Baby Boomers

Meanwhile, is there any response from the Bishop of Maine?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Modernist Monastery Perpetuates its Rank Evil

Father Mel Taylor
Edit some may recall when Father Taylor, an Irish born monk from the Modernist Monastery,  was accused of misconduct back in the 80s. Here is another, somewhat more dramatic response.

 The Modernist Monastery has a long history itself of deception.  They present themselves as Benedictines, acting with the approval of the Pope. Despite this, they have refused to support the Archbishop's recent defense of marriage campaign as reported by Lifesite.

A show of docility and obedience to their lawful superiors would go against the agenda of disobedience and depravity they've long established for themselves.

An important dimension of their plan of deception is sending predators to the Bahamas where they can lay low. One of Collegeville's most vicious molesters is Father Alllen Tarlton, who's actually a native of the Bahamas and has been sent there since the 60s for "health reasons".

Father Taylor is one of the last monks to be sent to St. John's Bahamas resort getaway now that it's closing forever.

  From the Pine Curtain:

Father Mel Taylor reportedly left the Bahamas on Monday, June 4, 2012, a day after he was confronted during mass by a young man who claimed Father Mel Taylor had pursued him (for a sexual relationship) over a year and a half period. The man used the church’s microphone after communion to make the accusations.

Father Mel Taylor was not scheduled to leave the Bahamas until June 24, 2012 but reportedly left early “for health reasons.”

Father Mel Taylor arrived in the Bahamas in 1980, following allegations of misconduct in Cold Spring, Minnesota. Father Mel Taylor served as associate pastor of St. Francis Xavier Cathedral in Nassau, Bahamas for one year.
Link to Pine Curtain...

The Walls are Closing in on the Golden Monk

This and other revelations from the Modernist Monastery bring the seething and indignant letter by Collegeville's artist in residence, Jerome Tupa, who features statues with phalluses made of gold, who accused the Pine Curtain and the school newspaper of slander.

His remarks actually prompted a former student to write a letter which appears on the Pine Curtain.
I’m very disgusted by the whole thing, especially given that we just went through this recently and we were assured that the place was fixed and in good hands. It is even more disturbing to read of monks who are indignant at people writing articles that try to bring the info out in the open. If I were a monk at St. John’s, I would not be bragging about how long I have been on campus, apparently blind to the … abuse going on under your nose. Try eating a piece of humble pie before getting people fired from their jobs at the Record.
Unsurprisingly, Jerome Tupa has been accused credibly of sexual abuse, but is being moved around. When they're caught, they respond and say they're sorry, and then go back to doing what they were doing before with a few modifications. They're still being moved around and protected. What's the common factor in all of this?

Tupa's "Art" $3500

Sunday, May 6, 2012

5th Column Catholics of the Blogisterium

Edit: You might not be aware that the problem with 5th Column Catholics is a problem in other parts of the world with similar symptoms and etiology, like a ringworm or as one Lefebvrist put it, a "spiritual Aids" infection which afflicts different parts of the body with weeping sores and black spots.  These days Catholic 5th Columnists tend to be in one way or another, advocates of the normalization of sodomy.

Last week, we were treated to Mark Shea, who not only wants to canonize apparently active homosexuals, but even wants to anathematize fellow Catholics!

Like ringworm, or Aids spots, homosexual enabling Bishops have infected different parts of their host, the Church.  They seem to be primarily a problem in the West.  Then there are those who aid them and often defend them at opportune moments in their careers, the left-leaning Bill Donahue, for example.

I was prompted to note this when I took into consideration Damian Thompson's adoption of the Mitre in his attempt to use his 4th Estate to enjoin the abuse hoax as a means of continuing an attack against the Irish Church when he demands the resignation of Cardinal Brady.  Someone should demand ferret face's resignation.

It may be interesting to discuss the Damian Thompson thing in light of the Soho Sodom Mass being advocated by the troubled Archbishop Nichols, which to be fair, Thompson has criticized in the past.

This frankly blasphemous "Mass" was formerly condemned by the Catholic Herald, but not any more.   +Vincent Nichols' Mass for sodomy which he reaffirmed last February according to the Herald's almost joyous commentary,  provides grist for conspiracy theory speculation about what kind of people are running the Herald now.   It's interesting to take note of a fifth column which continues to worm its way if not into the hearts, at least into the minds of a more traditional, less trendy,  Catholic readership.  Marching victoriously from  Tablet blogs like Holy Smoke.

Damian Thompson is currently, the editor and chief of the Catholic Herald, so then it's hardly surprising that its tone changed from William Oddie's story of shock and scandal that a Catholic prelate could be so indifferent to propriety and Catholic thinking to an article practically praising.

But it's more than just conspiracy theories.  When the Editor isn't complaining about the new Left, he's wringing his hands on behalf of marriage equality, striving at least for a little respect for "gays".  This morning on Twitter, he was even recommending the outing of a Tory MP he believes is living in a secret homosexual marriage "solemnized" abroad.  He twits:

Someody should find out whether any Tory MPs are in gay marriages contracted in other countries that recognise them.

Apparently, he's hoping to cleanse the hypocritical Tories and is fretting that Cameron will be changing his position on gay marriage.  Or is he letting his twitter-crowd fret over it, frankly it's not easy to tell.
But there are other tells besides this.  Like American counterparts, Thompson engages in sly or not so sly points of advocacy between the conservative and neo-conservative, Austrian School soundbytes complete with tips of the hat to the reigning political correctness.

Whether he's advising the Church that it will lose a battle against marriage equality, perhaps it is as he says, for the glee of watching the Liberal Bishops adopt a reactionary position, but even when Thompson appears to be defending Catholic positions, he insists on inserting this or that marginal cultural or political fetish, for example, commenting on the presumably chaste but tantalizingly youthful "homosexual" Catholic in-crowd and distinguishing them from those ageing, tacky Lefties in rainbow velour track suits like +Nicholoson's Sodom "Mass" .  His apologetical circus of attempting to keep within the bounds of modern political correctness and yet belong to the theologically korrekt, chic, lacy, Gothic, Anglo-Catholic world of dark and Romantic chapels is almost painful to watch, rather like watching an elderly homosexual try to fit into an old pair of patent leather motorcycle pants.  From the Catholic Action Blog, which had some of the same concerns I do, he is quoted thusly:

And as for young homosexual Catholics, [There's no such thing as homosexual and Catholic] well, some of them are Lefty activists but many are traddies who wouldn't be seen dead in Warwick Street unless Mass was celebrated in the Extraordinary Form. And this is just a guess, but I reckon most of them are pretty impressively celibate. I don't judge them, or gay couple friends of mine whose intimate life is none of my bloody business.[Sound familiar?]

Actually, he sounds a lot like German Scholastic Theologian and authority on St. Thomas Aquinas, David Berger, who now claims to be an authority on the sex lives of the high clergy. But then, as far as we know, Damian Thompson is at least cleverer than Berger, and is living a blamelessly chaste life, despite the scandalous ambiguity of his language.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Austria: Homosexual Counsel Member's Pastor Resigns

The clergyman stressed that he has a priestly conscience and respects divine and ecclesiastical law -- in opposition to the Viennese Porno-Cardinal.

( Fr. Gerhard Swierzek has submitted his resignation as pastor of the community of Stutzenhofen in the Archdiocese of Vienna.

He submitted it -- according to reports from news agency 'APA' -- to the Viennese Cardinal Christoph Graf Schönborn.

The clergyman had tried to defend the Stutzenhofen Parish Counsel against the illegitimate election of a homosexual provacateur, Florian Stangl (26).

Fr. Swiezek will continue serving the other two communities.

The Cardinal Has to Travel

The clergyman explained that it makes him "saddened" that throughout the scandal, he was unable to have a meeting with Cardinal Schönborn.

Instead, the Porn Cardinal met with the shameless homosexual boy and his unreasonable Aids-infected partner and invited them to the table on the 24th of March, thus encouraging them in their mortal sin.

Now Father Swierzek hopes for a meeting with the Cardinal "after his trip abroad."

Honesty is the Best Policy

Fr. Swierzek explained that he couldn't remain active in a parish, whose members wanted their right at any price.

He has a priestly conscience and respects divine and ecclesiastical law -- as opposed to the Cardinal.

The clergyman referred to statements by Pope John Paul II and the 'Catechism of the Catholic Church' concerning homosexual immorality.

Living in sin is not considered to be the norm in a Catholic Church community.

It is much more the task of a priest to bring a sinner to penance.

Fr. Swierzek Swiezek is convinced that the people themselves want an honest priest.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Professional Catholic Bill Donahue Defends Leftist Prelate

Neumayr asks: What will the Pretty People think if I withhold Communion from powerful pro-abortion Catholic pols? Will the Washington Post editorialize against me? Will I lose my place of honor at posh parties? Will my dissenting priests think ill of me? Will I be scorned at the next USCCB meeting?

Editor:  No, not all, you'll also receive a hit piece by Bill Donahue, gosh darnit!

You Need Some Catholics Dealt With?
Edit:  We've been skeptical of Bill Donahue in the past.  Whether he's invoking hate crimes, or defending the USCCB, he can be counted on to be the Liberal crusader he truly is, although he does try to appear as the man in the middle. He has defended Cardinal Mahony in the past and he tends to resemble a beltway community organizer and professional Catholic than a defender of the Church's reputation he claims to be.  Bill Donahue is a professional activist who has defended politicizing prelates in the past.  Let's be clear.  Cardinal Wuerl crumbled to the the homosexual cabal and betrayed one of his priests just as we'd predicted he would.

Apart from looking at things from this artificial Left-Right continuum, Bill Donahue, who earns  $399,156  a year or so in his ACLU-like vocation, is looking out for the interests of Liberal prelates.  There's simply no way to defend what the disgraceful and traitorous behavior of the Cardinal, especially when he went behind the scenes to ask for Neumayr's dismissal  at the American Spectator for exercising his first amendment rights as a journalist telling the truth to boot.

Despite showing great sympathy, Father Guarnizo was censured and dismissed for simply doing his job for refusing communion to a lesbian Buddhist who confronted him in the rectory before a funeral Mass.  No thanks are forthcoming either to other professional Catholics, like Ed Peters, either.  Ed Peters joined in with other professional Catholics to besmirch the reputation and legitimacy of a great priest who was only doing his job and was well within his rights.

Maybe Ed Peters should resign?

Now, when a layman makes a stern but legitimate case against the furtive and vindictive ++Wuerl, who comes to the rescue, but the rainbow crusader, Bill Donaue!
Neumayr alleges that a priest in Cardinal Wuerl’s archdiocese was put on leave for denying communion to a lesbian at a funeral mass. His version has been contested by the Washington archdiocese [click here]: what led to the sanctions were “credible allegations” regarding the priest’s “intimidating behavior toward parish staff and others.” Even if Neumayr were right, his condemnation of Cardinal Wuerl in the vilest terms is inexcusable [How else are you going to describe how ++Wuerl sent his priest down the river on behalf of a Marxist agit-prop campaign?].
Neumayr says Wuerl is one of those “cufflinked cardinals” who “worry not about punishment in the next world but slights in this one”; their goal, he says, is to curry favor with the “Pretty People.” Worse, he has the audacity to put the cardinal on notice, exclaiming that “Wuerl can only earn the red of his rich robes through a willingness to endure the blood of Jesus Christ’s martyrdom.” Neumayr is not above wallowing in the dirt: he refers to the Washington archbishop as “Wuerl the girl.”  [Maybe you're overreacting, and misrepresenting him a bit Bill in your desire to do a hit piece?  He actually cites several insiders he knows who calls +Wuerl that.]  And in his latest screed, he comes completely unhinged when he charges that Cardinal Wuerl has “exposed the Holy Eucharist to sacrilege.”
I have never met George Neumayr, but it is clear that he is a right-wing fanatic, [You're a leftist shill, apparently] a man whose dogmatism is as scary as the authoritarians on the left. [The only thing that scares me is your ability to change sides on a moment's notice and muddy up the waters.]  On the other hand, I have known Cardinal Wuerl for about 25 years, [That's worrisome indeed] and I have nothing but respect for him. [Interesting admission, we're going to hold you on that, Mr. CDL activi$t]  When I was a professor in Pittsburgh, it was Pittsburgh Bishop Donald Wuerl who got me involved in the Catholic League. Unlike those who hit below the belt and then claim victim status (Neumayr says Noguchi’s phone call to TAShas created “troubles” for him), Wuerl is a real man. That’s the kind of person I like, not the girly-type who hit-and-run and then whine when confronted.


H/t Angelqueen

Photo: Listicle

List of ++Wuerl's Apparent Failings:

Allowed Pederastic Enabler Richard Rohr to Speak in His Diocese

Refuses to Deny Pelosi Communion

Wuerl's Green Calender

The Corruption of Cardinal Wuerl

Monday, March 26, 2012

Recent News: Court Victories and Immemorial Masses in Italy

New School -- New Latin Mass --  Court Victory Against Homosexual Activism -- Exorcism

New School

Germany.  The traditional Dominicans of Fanjeaux in south west France will start a new grade school in the Fall.  This was reported by the District Superior of the Society of St. Pius X, Franz Schmidberger, in the most recent edition of the "newsletter".  The nuns will begin their school at  St. Micheal's Priory in Rheinhausen in southern  Baden.

The Old Mass Makes everything New

Italy. Last week Bishop Gualtiero visited Sigismondi of Foligno near the Benedictines of Nursia at a High Mass in the Old Rite.  The site '' wrote about this.  Msgr Sigismondi has entrusted the monks with a new apostolate.  They may celebrate the Immemorial once a month in his Diocesan city in the church of St. Maria Infraportas.  The faithful should grow accustomed to this form again.  Msgr Sigismondi will participate at the old Mass himself in the choir, to underline its importance.  Clearly the Bishop sees this as a contribution to the New Evangelization.

Evil Has no Rights

France.  State privileges for homosexuals are not human rights.  This was the final ruling of the judge of the 'European Court for Human Rights' in Strassburg. It refused two homosexual women.  They had complained to the French court, because  it had banned them from adoption as married couples.

The Germans Think They are Smarter

"Despite the global boom, Germany will continue its taboo against exorcists. [Father] Urluch Niemann (+2008), a Frankfurt Jesuit physician, considers it impossible that this country will ever again have an exorcism sanctioned by a senior pastor. For obsession, the correct way is to accompany spiritual counseling with therapy."

From an article from Markus Brauer in the 'Stuttgarter Nachrichten'