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Friday, June 13, 2014

The Church Has Always Condemned: Practicing Aberrosexuality

From a collection of texts that show unequivocally, the constant and irrevocable condemnation of aberrosexuality of the Church as taught by the Church Fathers and Doctors of the Church up to the present time.

The texts are taken from the publication:

"The Church and Homosexuality". The Reasons For an Immutable Conviction. Edited by Roberto de Mattei . With a preface by Cardinal Alfons Stickler M. . Christiana-Verlag (Stein am Rhein) 1996. Available at the Sarto-Verlag.

Peter, leader of the apostles:

"And reducing the cities of the Sodomites, and of the Gomorrhites, into ashes, condemned them to be overthrown, making them an example to those that should after act wickedly." (2 Pet.) (p. 15)

Paul, Apostle to the Gentiles:

"Do not be deceived! Neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor homosexuals will inherit the kingdom of God "(1 Cor 6:9-10). (p. 15)

St. Augustine (354-430), Doctor of the Church universal:

"The atrocities that are contrary to nature, as the Sodomites, are abhorrent and an offense anywhere, anytime ..." (p. 19)

Emperor Theodosius (347-395):

"All those who have the shameful habit, to let their own male body play a female role, should atone for such a serious offense in the avenging flames." (p. 19)

Emperor Justinian (327-365):

"We have arranged (...), to arrest those who cling tenaciously to such unseemly and ungodly acts, and to punish them with death." (p. 23)

Pope Gregory the Great (540-604):

"It was just that the sodomites, that were burning with perversity, originating from the stench of the lusts of the flesh, perished by fire and brimstone." (p. 23)

St. Peter Damian (1007-1072):

"This vice must not be regarded as an ordinary vice, since it outperforms all other vices in perilousness. It kills the body, ravages the soul, defiles the flesh. " (p. 27)

Thomas Aquinas (1224-1274). Angelic Doctor:

"The sins against nature, by which injures the order of nature itself, is a compete injustice toward God, against nature of its order." (p. 31)

St. Catherine of Siena (1347-1380), Doctor of the Church and patron saint of Italy:

"Those who commit the cursed sin against nature, are blind fools, ignorant of the rot and the misery in which they are stuck." (p. 31)

St. Bernardine of Siena (1380-1440), the great Franciscan reformer:

"More agony is suffered by one who has lived with this vice of sodomy, as this is the greatest sin there is." (p. 35)

St. Pius V (1504-1572):

"This horrific crime fills us with bitter pain and shakes us deeply; it urges us, therefore, to suppress this crime with the greatest possible zeal." (p. 35)

Peter Canisius, SJ, Doctor of the Church (1521-1597), author of the first catechism:

"The Sodomites violated the natural law and the divine law." (p. 43)

Pope Pius X (1835-1914):

"In the Catechism of St.. Pius X 'sodomy is classified under the sins before that cry out to God for vengeance,' the sin against nature (No. 966). " (p. 43)

Pope John Paul II:

"Morally unacceptable is the legal approval of homosexual practice. By decision of the European Parliament there is an attempt to legitimize a moral disorder. "

(p. 47)

Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI.)

"When the Church rejects erroneous opinions regarding homosexuality, they defended rather the freedom and dignity of man, than that they would restrict it." (p. 47)

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Monday, May 13, 2013

Gomorrah Minnesota: "Do What Thou Wilt" and "Love is the law, love under will."

Edit: Sometimes, things are so obvious, they can't be ignored. "Love is the law, love under will", is a salutation employed by the Aleister Crowley, an infamous satanist who died shortly after the Second World War.

Just recently, the State of Minnesota has finally managed to vote enough times to honor aberrounions. There has been very little public outcry and almost nothing from the Archbishop of St. Paul.  Now rainbow flags triumphantly line the Wabasha bridge.

Crowley's salutation is also the name of the concert to be celebrated in Eco Park in downtown Saint Paul, the "Love is the Law" concert, featuring a diverse bash of performers funded by the taxpayers of Minnesota, whether they like it or not.  The festivities begin at 5pm.  There will most likely be no public outcry.  Certainly not the kind that has been witnessed in France.  It's almost as though an invading army has taken the city of St. Paul without firing a single shot.

Here is a photo of Kenneth Anger and Alfred Kinsey at the house of Crowley with a likeness of him between them.

The event tomorrow will feature the song by a local band, which was briefly popular on the national scene about 25 years ago and some of its surviving members.

The photograph above was taken from Public Vigil, which has some interesting commentary about Crowleyism and its connections with the corruption and destruction of the young, especially its connection with politicians and Catholic priests, and how champions of homosexuality like Paul Shanley, were morphed suddenly by the media into pedophiles:

You could say that Shanley was ahead of his time. He was pushing for all the things that the homosexual movement is pushing for now. End priestly celibacy. Women "priests". Let the laity run the Church through a "democratic" process. 
Not only did he preach that being a homosexual or bisexual was OK, he advocated fervently for gay rights from the lectern and in the media. He chided the Catholic Church for what he considered homophobia and testified at the State House on behalf of antidiscrimination legislation.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Vatican Asks Archbishop of San Juan to Step Down. He Refuses.

Edit: along with the more high-profile case of a priest being excommunicated in Brazil for apparently supporting aberrosexuality, there is another, the Archbishop of San Juan in Puerto Rico, who has been asked to step down by the Vatican.  He refuses to do so.  It’s interesting there’s been on attention put on this yet.  There have been accusations against the Dominican Archbishop since 2011. Here’s the portion as it was reported by the Latin Times.

San Juan de Puerto Rico's archbishop has been asked twice by the Vatican to step down from the head of the diocese in at least two occasions, local newspaper Vocero reports. 
Roberto González Nieves answered in February to allegations made against him in the Vatican, especially the remarks signed by cardinal Marc Ouellet and his secretary, Lorenzo Baldisseri, in a meeting in Rome in December of last year. 
"In such meeting, I was told I had to leave the diocese in San Juan and take another position within the Catholic church. The unfairness, prosecution, difamation can never be sources for the renounce of a bishop, or its fair cause. I want to make it clear that I would never leave the diocese of San Juan when there is no legitimate reason," he worte in a letter dated of Febrary 20.
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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Amid Calls for Civil War, France is in Turmoil over Government Attack on Marriage

Edit: I just repeated the narrative on Galliawatch below. Amid the calls for civil war and Frigid Barjot now allowing protesters to call for the resignation of France’s President Hollande and the socialist government, there is a tumult that’s shaking all of France. Such is the French people's frustration with a government which refuses to listen to the voice of the people, as they continue to shove something down their throats they clearly don’t want. The police have also gotten more violent as they have in the past, even resorted to using tear gas against pensioners and little children. The events of the past weeks have also been intensified as the French media attacks the Grand Rabbi of France for some minor delicts (if we were to judge him by the same standards as Martin Luther King is generally judged) which seem motivated by the current campaign to show displeasure at any disapproval for the current campaign to destroy marriage.  Here is the report:

[Galliawatch] The Senate passed the bill on "marriage for everyone", i.e., gay marriage and adoption. The country is in an uproar. The bill now goes back to the National Assembly. I am referring you to Le Salon Beige for the photos. I'll try to have a coherent post up by tomorrow.

Click here for a series of photos of today's protest in Lyon (above). The photos can be enlarged by clicking. The police were taken by surprise by this spontaneous outburst of dissent directed at the government and the Senate, on the part of hundreds of citizens of Lyon.

In Paris, near the Luxembourg Gardens, where the Senate is located, thousands (some say 7500) protested. Below, the mayor of Montfermeil, Xavier Lemoine (in the tricolor scarf), carries a long banner that reads "Don't touch marriage. Take care of unemployment." Lemoine has said he will refuse to perform a parody of the traditional marriage ceremony. Click here for much more.


"Only one solution, dissolution".

Below, Frigide Barjot. Her tone was tougher than usual. She is quoted by Le Salon Beige:

"Hollande wants blood, he will have it! Everyone is furious. We are living in a dictatorship. (…) If there are cries for Hollande to resign tonight, unlike the other times, I will not prevent the slogans."
Apparently a deal was cut between the Socialist Party and Sarkozy's UMP party to accelerate the voting process. UMP deputy Philippe Gosselin declared:
"By accelerating the legislative procedure to escape the demonstration against 'marriage for everyone', scheduled for May 26, the president and his majority are readying for the worst: this is an incitement to civil war."

 Below, the "Hommen", a male parody of the Femen, create a fiery spectacle:


Below, Boulevard Saint Germain and the heart of the Latin Quarter.

Below, the police line up with tear gas.

Below, "a victim of Manuel Gaz' police force", according to Le Salon Beige. He's obviously seriously injured. LSB is calling Interior Minister Manuel Valls "Manuel Gaz"

The next Manif Pour Tous has been moved up to May 5 from May 26. This is an obvious response to the calendar changes made by the government.

I'm stopping at this point because the events are too turbulent to properly analyze in one post. But it is clear that this whole protest movement has gone far beyond the issue of gay marriage, although that is still the major focus. The various scandals in the government, the stubborn refusal by the government to listen to the people, and the economy are putting incredible pressure on François Hollande who seems to be inanimate at this point.

(One last note on another topic, the grand rabbi of France Gilles Bernheim has resigned amidst another scandal of lying and plagiarizing. I will try to have more details soon.)

Events are stampeding through the streets of France. The more Hollande resists, the more determined they become.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Moscow Patriarchate Warns Anglican Church Against Deviations From Christian Values

Edit he’s not asking, he’s telling him.  These radicals will talk all day about ecumenism, until it actually does something to unify Christians.  They’d much rather divide Christians and keep them in Schism.  There are a few characters in the Bible who were like that.

If anything, it looks like the Orthodox are growing closer to the Catholic Church, as the Patriarch of Constantinople suggested the plausibility that the Great Schism could be drawing to a close.
Russian Church hopes new head of Anglican Church will not allow female bishops, same-sex marriage

Moscow, March 25, Interfax - The Moscow Patriarchate expects Justin Welby, the new Archbishop of Canterbury, to adhere to the norms of Christian morals and the church system. He didn’t strike a conciliatory tone, no.

"We know that the Anglican Church is now going through a difficult time and various views, positions, and parties co-exist in it. However, we really hope that the traditional understanding of Christian morals and the church system will prevail in this polemic," Metropolitan Hilarion of Volokolamsk, the head of the Synodal Department for External Church Relations, said during a meeting between Welby and representatives of the Orthodox Churches who attended his enthronement.

The introduction of the institution of female bishops will lead to the elimination of even a theoretical possibility of the Moscow Patriarchate recognizing the church hierarchy of the Anglican Church, the communications service of the Department for External Church Relations reported on Saturday. [I should think women’s ordination had already done that long ago.]

"I would like you to know about that and take our opinion into account when this issue arises again," Metropolitan Hilarion said.

Metropolitan Hilarion also said he is hoping Justin Welby will firmly defend the traditional biblical understanding of marriage as a union between a man and a woman "to prevent secular society from forcing on the Church of England the recognition of some forms of cohabitation which were never considered marriage by Christian churches."

Welby responded by saying he appreciates the comment, adding that the position of the Church of England on the issue of marriage is absolutely clear and it has recently confirmed that marriage is a life-long union between a man and a woman.

Link to Interfax-Religion...

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The TFP Processing Against Abortion and Aberrosexualism Attacked by Mob

He pressed them very much to turn in unto him: and when they were come into his house, he made them a feast, and baked unleavened bread and they ate: But before they went to bed, the men of the city beset the house both young and old, all the people together. And they called Lot, and said to him: Where are the men that came in to thee at night? bring them out hither that we may know them. [Genesis 19: 9,10]

Edit: this appeared recently on the  LifeSiteNews, which is nice. The Traditionalist TFP (Tradition Family and Private Property) members stoutly marched through the streets of Curitiba to protest the sin of abortion and aberrosexuality in the state of Parana where they were greeted mostly by friendly, well-wishing people of the town. This abruptly ended as they were attacked by a vulgar crowd of tolerant Leftists who shouted obscenities and spat on them while inciting violence. One of the brave TFP members was struck by an object at one point and had to go to the hopistal.

This video is in Portuguese, but features highlights of the march.  From LifeSiteNews:

Videos of the harassment were filmed by the perpetrators themselves, and two of them found their way onto the blog of Milton Alves, a former communist who is now a member of the socialist Worker's Party that currently holds power at the federal level in Brazil.  Alves acknowledged his presence and expressed his support for the counter-protesters, stating, "I was there and I saw everything. I'm on the side of democracy and against the TFP."

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Up to 500,000 Demonstrate in France Against Gomorrah

 Edit:  Although the media are saying thousands, there may be as many as half a million protesting this.   Here is a report from La Parisienne, courtesy of Gallia Watch, apparently not everyone in France is as "enlightened" as those in the United States, which overwhelmingly gave its approval for such things amid massive voter fraud:

Le Parisien reports that between 6,000 and 8,000 persons demonstrated in Marseille, proving that there are more than just drug dealers in the beleaguered city. However, counter-demonstrators unfurled a banner that read:

"Your model of society is dead, welcome to Sodom and Gomorrha".

 Certainly the French Bishops deserve much credit for this one. Their response has been steady, united and consistent leading up to this event.  It's certainly more than can be said of the US Bishops who singularly failed to make a victorious showing during the US Fall elections. One commenter on Gallia Watch soberly replies:

I think the resistance to this in the US has pretty much collapsed. The Cold War is long over, it's time to recognize that the US is essentially neo-Bolshevist and is the great revolutionary threat in the world today.

Here's a video outlining what's happened:

GalliaWatch: Thousands Demonstrate against Gay Marriage and Adoption

Also, France recently voted to make abortions "free" for all including teenages.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Viennese Gomorrah Diocese Out of Control: Parish Council Election Overturned

Edit: Vienna's Archdiocese is stonewalling, no pun intended, conservative pastors who are trying to keep parish committees from being stacked with un-Catholic elements.
Pornography Cardinal!

In the case of the homosexual parish council member of Stützenhofen, whom the parish pastor then rejected , only to be overturned by the Cardinal of Vienna, wasn't just a single incident.

 ( On May 3rd the Viennese homosexual pornography Cardinal Christoph Schönborn annuled the parish council election in Penzig.

This was reported by the Pastor there-- Fr. Christian Sieberer -- in an open letter on the parish website ''.

Pastor Sieberer well known throughout Austria for his media work.

The annulment followed as a result of a so-called 'Expert Committee Parish Council -- Electoral Advisory of Vicariats in the City of Vienna'.

It was concerned with the election on March 18th.  This had considerable consequences.

The Archdiocese of Vienna Explains:  The Pastor has the Right of Veto

On the 20th of January Pastor Sieberer spoke in a long telephone meeting about the possibility of a pastor to reject unsuitable candidates.

The Cardinal then explained that a pastor has a right of veto to reject according to his opinion, which he doesn't need to substantiate.

He promised to address the question with the Prefect of the Clergy, Cardinal Mauro Piacenza.

On February 9th Pastor Sieberer received a written answer of the Viennese Ordinariat Chancellor, Prelate Walter Mick.

The Chancellor of the Ordinariat confirmed the right of veto.

He also cited an example where candidates will not fulfill the prescriptions for the right of veto.

The Pastor Used his Confirmed Right of Veto

Pastor Sieber used his right of veto confirmed in writing.

He explained n February 15th that there were objections raised against three people.

These candidates were not placed on the election list.

The Cardinal Breaks His Word

On the 23rd of February the Episcopal Vicar Dariusz Schutzki suddenly requested a reason for the veto of the pastor.

Fr. Sieberer began an "drawn out research", why he had to substantiate his veto.

He found that Cardinal Schönborn had changed his opinion through his Episcopal Vicar.

The Pastor conceded "as a sign of good will".

He offered a thorough reason.

The General Vicar Announced:  Forego Unsuitable Candidates

On the 13th of March the Episcopal Vicar Schutzki cited a discussion with the Viennese General Vicar, Nikolaus Krasa.

In the discussion Fr. Sieberer learned that the persons, against whom he had exercised his right of veto,  will "probably" have their candidacy forgone.

The election must take place in any case, on the 18th of March.

On the 14th of March the Pastor  informed the General Vicar Schutzki by telephone that the number of the twelve chosen candidates had to be reduced to nine, ten or eleven persons.

Election Advisory Confirms Proposals in Last Seconds

One hour later Fr. Sieberer received an e-mail from the Episcopal Vicar that the number of the chosen will be confirmed at nine.

That was not until six hours before the initial end of the nomination.

Pastor Sieberer announced as quickly as possible the candidates and that the election would take place.

The management of the election hired an attorney outside of the parish.

Because the Diocesan direction had given its final confirmation so lately, Father Sieberer could not make certain preparations as director holding the election board.

For that reason a timely announcement of the election and a correct presentation of the candidates was foregone.

Fr. Sieberer simply proceeded, assuming that his thoroughly justified veto against the candidature of three persons was valid.

Because:  The Diocesan direction had never told him otherwise.

Considering that, the Pastor went on the discussion with the General Vicar that the three people concerned would "probably" have their candidacy rejected.

What about an election committee that errs in its own form?

Finally, the parish committee election was annulled because of defects in form.

The short-term confirmation of the number of the candidates by the Vicariate Election Advisory had been unlawful.

Fr. Sieberer countered that the lack of form had been "solely the responsibility of the Diocesan direction and the Vicariate Election Committee".

But: "Probably no one in the Parish of Penzing will understand, why we needed this illegal proceeding >>on our backs<< [Auf unsre Kappe], with all of the expense and the agitation about the election being postponed an indeterminate amount of time."

Fr. Sieberer asked what the purpose of a Vicariate Election Advisory, "when this did not note procedural errors, which it considered after the election as >>massive deficiencies and errors<<."

He would have expected that those responsible in the Archdiocese as experts of their own proposed guidelines:

"I especially would have thought, that all the pretense of an election committee over the requirements of form can be dispensed."

In any case Pastor Sieberer is filing an appeal against the annulment in Rome.

He has also advised that he will file his veto against the unsuitable candidates in the next electin as well.

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

+Schönborn Gomorrah's White Knight

Edit: Look who jumps to the defense of the Cardinal, then build your enemies list.

Cadinal Schönborn Contradicts the Sixth Commandment

Austria. At yesterday's chrism Mass Christoph Cardinal Schönborn preached about communication with people, who are publicly or shamelessly living in sin.   It often leaves clergy powerless, he driveled.  Then suggested a "friendship with Jesus" in opposition to "adherence to Church teaching".  The Cardinal then alluded to three forms of bawdiness -- the wild marriage, the adulterous civil marriage and homosexual partnerships.  He believes, clearly referring to himself, that chastity is too little "lived, taught or demonstrated".   For that reason, clergy stand in a supposedly "very real difficulty of a complete incomprehension (the media bosses) for that, which the Church has taught over marriage, continence, fruitfulness and indissolubility."   This incomprehension is combined in that Cardinal Schönborn himself slaps the teaching in the face by his own actions.

Cardinal Schönborn is a Glimmering Hope for Homosexuality

Austria. The Salzburg elder-society 'Taxhamer Parish Community Initiative" praised the Viennese Cardinal Christoph von Schönborn for his complicity in enabling a homosexual Parish Councilman, Florian Stangl.  Ex-Reichsender (formerl a  Nazi radio station) was overjoyed with this.  "For me it is a glimmer of hope, because Cardinal Schönborn has shown that people are more important for him than rules"  -- declared the speaker for the elderly group, Leopold Prenninger.  Other Bishops should orient themselves on the Old Liberal Cardinal:  "Because Cardinal Schönborn is not just anyone."  With Prenninger's argument, the National Socialist movement could be justified.

Link to original...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Czech President: Homosexuals Don't Have The Right to be Admired

President Vaclav Klaus
Edit: Now he's done it.  They're going to be so mad.

Instead of being concerned with their own dramatic inner political problems, the EU and the USA are disseminating homosexual propaganda.

( The ambassadors of some EU-STates and the USA are publicly supporting the homosexual horror of "Prague Pride".

According to the 'Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung", they have driven President Vaclav Klaus and the Foreign Minister Karl zu Schwarzenberg to irritation.

The homosexual ambassadors are promoting "Solidarity" with the Czech Gomorrhists.

Counterproductive and Unnecessary

Foreign Minister Schwarzenberg cooled the homosexual ambassador's enthusiasm:

"No one is hindering the corresponding groups from seizing upon their rights" -- he said dryly.

It is, however, "counterproductive and unnecessary", to invoke rights which no one denies or has suppressed.

The letter of the homosexual ambassador has "awakened the impression of meddling in internal affairs."

Expression of a Perverted Value System

Schawrzenberg also insists that a statement by Petr Hajek, of a serving Bureau Chief of the Czech President had been allegedly "unfortunate".

Hajek had criticized the homosexual horror show as the political expression of a perverted value system.

Finally Vaclav Klaus explained that the event is not about "homosexuality", rather it's about "Homosexualism".

As a minority, homosexuals have the right to be protected, but they don't have the right to be admired.

Klaus described the homosexual ambassador's brief as being "without precedence".

He could not imagine that a Czech ambassador would mix in the internal affairs of any democratic country in the world like this.

An Eldorado for Homosexual Sex Offenders

Prague has developed into an Eldorado for sex offenders drawn by the homosexual prostitution there -- in part with minors.

This situation is helped along by the lower ages of consent in the Czech Republic.

Countless empirical studies have shown that the border between pedophile and mature homosexually disordered is fluid.

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