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Thursday, June 9, 2016

Cardinal Barbarin Interviewed by Police -- Lyon and the New Motu Proprio

Cardinal Philippe Barbarin
(Paris) Cardinal Philippe Barbarin, Archbishop of Lyon and Primate of the Gauls, was today questioned by the police. It is about the accusation that the cardinal could have covered up abuse by a priest from 25 years ago.
For weeks the Cardinal was in the spotlight of the French press. Because of his rank in the Catholic Church it is also reported in international media. Barbarin was heard as a witness. No charges were filed against him.
The media seems to want to induce  an accusation outright. The Socialist Secretary Juliette Méadel has already demanded his resignation. The framing of a Church leader is not difficult in government circles. The climate in France has been fueled since the socialist government takeover. Cardinal Barbarin had spoken strongly against the legalization of "gay marriage".
The legal question is complicated. The priest Bernard Preynat was indicted last January, for having offended against several children 1986-1991.
Cardinal Barbarin was certain he had uncovered no sexual abuse. It was only in 2002 that the Archbishop of Lyon discovered it many years after Preynat's last alleged assault.
The "scandal" was raised by the media around the question of when the Cardinal learned of the incidents. Preynat worked until 2015 in the Archdiocese. The diocese had filed a complaint against him in the autumn of last year.
According to media reports, the responses of the diocese would have changed over time. First Cardinal Barbarin had declared to have had a first contact with an alleged victim in 2014. Later he said that they had heard rumors 2007/2008 first through third parties. The time issue has now been brought into plain view, because it involved the statutory limitation periods for the crime of cover-up.

The Motu Proprio of Pope Francis on the deposing of bishops

Last Saturday the motu proprio issued by Pope Francis that the Pope gives extensive possibilities to depose bishops and religious superiors has, since then, been seen in connection with the case of Barbarin.
The Cardinal had admitted to "errors in the administration" through the appointment of some priests last April 25 at a meeting of his diocesan priests. It is exactly this formulation that can be found in the Motu Proprio of Pope Francis again.
The victims of Preynat have come together in the Association La Parole Libérée (Free to Speak) and say, that Cardinal Barbarin had followed an earlier line, which was in force in the Church, that one should remain silent about such incidents. Six of them have filed a complaint against the Cardinal  and therefore, initiated the investigation against the Cardinal, which led to his interrogation today.
The Preynat case had come through the Diocese's notice, began the process in October, 2015. Since then, investigations have been initiated against other priests of the archdiocese because the media reports further allegations were made. There have been no convictions.
This coming Friday, the Court will rule on the limitation period in the case Preynat. Should the court confirm the statute of limitations, it is likely to be an invalid charge against the Cardinal. However, since the case has stirred up so much commotion, and touches upon the sensitive anti-clerical milieu in France, not all lawyers share this opinion.
So far, one bishop in France was convicted of covering up a sexual abuse case. It was Msgr. Pierre Pican, who was sentenced in 2001 to three months conditional imprisonment.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: MiL (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.clom

Monday, November 17, 2014

Followup On St. John's Abbey: Indifference at the Nunciature

Edit: as Cardinal Sean wrings his hands about Bishop Finn in Kansas City and demands an accounting, firing warning shots, there's a Monastery in the Midwest with hundreds of victims and probably the highest concentration of sexual predators in the world. One reader writes that he has contacted the Nuncio in Washington, has contacted the local ordinary, the Abbot, and the Bishop of St. Cloud (Himself a St. John's byproduct). Despite contacting them on two occasions, including letters, he has received no answer, no response to his letters, just silence and nothing changes.

But Cardinal Sean is rooting for women's ordination.

Here's my anonymous contributor's email message:

I have written the Vatican Embassy more than once, but never gotten a response.

Since you posted up the phone number, I called Washington today asking to speak to a staff member about the need to investigate the monks of St. John's Abbey. It seems impossible to get past the receptionist. She put me on hold for a long time, and when she came back she assured me my most recent e-mail of complaint had been received and was being reviewed, but that no staff member was available to visit with me. She also refused to put me on hold when I said I would wait to talk with someone about the history of the monks theological, liturgical, and sexual abuses, claiming that I had called an embassy, not a hotline; she told me I was free to call back, but the situation would remain the same.

Why does the phone number exist if all you can speak to is a deflecting receptionist? Why can't we call our Church leaders in Washington to express fears and indignation? Why won't they ever even write me back, or even acknowledge in writing they have received my correspondence?

Why does the same thing happen when I've written the last two bishops of the St. Cloud Diocese about the monks, the OSB nuns who preach daily at Mass, about the deteriorating Catholic ethos at the College of St. Benedict and St. John's University?

Photo source, CNS News...

If you think it will do any good (it can't hurt), please contact the Papal Nuncio, Archbishop Carlo Vignano: 3339 Massachusetts Ave NW, Washington, D.C. 20008 (202) 333-7121

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

UN Funded Aberro-Lobbyist Charged for Pedophilia

Stefan Johansson and the Dark Side of
(Stockholm) This message is hard to find in the Western media. it points to an uncomfortable truth that does not fit in with the hype about aberrosexuality The report makes visible  that the disorder provokes new disorder, not least in the area of morality. It is the story of Stefan Johansson, 44 years old and former President of the RFSL or  completely stated as Riksförbundet för homosexuellas, bisexuellas och transpersoners rättigheter (National Association for the Rights of Homosexuals, Bisexuals and Transsexuals), founded in 1950, the largest organization of its kind in Sweden with over 6,000 members. The RFSL was  recognized in 2007 by the United Nations as a non-governmental organization with consultative status. In Sweden, the National Association in 2009 was one of the main promoters of the legalization of "gay marriage".
But now comes the bombshell: The RFSL President Stefan Johansson was sentenced last October 24 to five years in prison and ordered to pay 60,000 euros for pain and suffering. The sentence was carried out for rape, pimping and pedophilia. According to the indictment, he administered alcohol and drugs to minors in order to have sexual intercourse with them,  and he also alleged to have embezzled $ 3,000 that were supposed to be donated to AIDS research.
On his Facebook profile, he published among other things, an invitation to a "Education Day", which was organized on 18 July 2013 for "LGBT people with experience in the sale of sexual services" and specializes in "young people who prostitute themselves on the Internet".

The Homo-Imperial Association as an Offshoot of the Gay Lobby ILGA

The RFSL was the Swedish branch of the International Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trans and Intersex Association (ILGA), which in turn has promoted pedophilia for about ten years and is certified there at the UN as a non-governmental organization with consultative status, the European Section and in the EU , The RFSL always maintained pedophile   contacts to a workgroup as well, which have campaigned for the legalization of sexual relations between adults and minors.
ILGA has openly revealed since 2001 that the majority of their funding is obtained directly from the European Commission. The gay lobby is thus financed by the European taxpayer. And the rich. In 2012 alone, 1,017,055 euros flowed from the EU Commission in the ILGA-coffers. That's more than 52 percent of the annual budget. Over such a windfall, other,  more widely socially relevant associations were also pleased.

Gay lobby: Funds Come From the EU and George Soros

Among the other sponsors, there is the ubiquitous in the left-liberal spectrum, financier George Soros, who contributed 200,000 euros, which is more than ten percent of the total budget. ILGA today enjoys consultative status with the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). This is a position that was long been denied it, because the homo-association refused to condemn "sex between adults and children". But then it was possible that the gay lobby has brought this last dam to collapse, without having to relinquish these positions.
And now Johansson's conviction follows, who was certainly  not in the last rank of  gay lobbying. Most media take no notice of such news, however. With their gender-ideological blinders on, they do not see what they do not want to see. A flimsy pretext can always be found where the crimes are trivialized. Most editors are also much too busy to demand ever new and radical gay rights, as they would deal with the dark side of their ideological zeal. Self-criticism anyway, has not been a strength of ideologues nor of those who ride the waves of fashion. The results of this attitude are known. Stefan Johansson is one of them. Only: The public should know nothing of it if possible.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: NoCristianofobia of Facebook
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Real Reasons the Abuse-Hoax is Being Instrumentalized to Destroy a Catholic Bishop

Edit: we've got a dissident "Catholic" Education guy and a would-be traditionalist from Kansas City coming around saying that the Bishop really was out of his depth and that this pending dismissal with a Visitor from Canada, is being done for all the right reasons  Here are some thoughts from Keyser Sose at La Nueva Primavera.

On the other hand, the Visitor is himself something of an outspoken opponent of Gomorrism.  This will be a real test of Archbishop Pendergrast's integrity if he resists what we assume is a foregone conclusion. 

Since there are so few of them, the Vatican is making little effort to hide its contempt for Traditionally-minded bishops.
 The latest target is Kansas City-St. Joseph's Robert Fiinn, who is under investigation by the Vatican. While the secular media tries to paint Bishop Finn as someone who protected a child-molester, it doesn't take a genius to see what really irks the Vatican about this bishop:  
 • He promotes Summorum Pontificum and regularly offers the Extraordinary Form of the Mass • He published a pastoral letter about the dangers of pornography
 • He has lifted new vocations to a 40-year high, packing his seminaries with 110 new seminarians • He has publicly warned Catholics that they cannot be Freemasons
 • He cleaned up the mess he inherited from his predecessor, "company man" Raymond Boland, by: • Slashing funding for diocesan bureaucracies
 • Revising the diocese's adult catechesis program
 • Firing a lay chancellor and replacing him with a priest
 • Ordering the editor of the diocesan paper to stop publishing columns by dissident Richard McBrien
• He took an oratory slated for demolition and transformed it into a thriving Latin Mass parish
• He publicly prays rosary vigils in front of abortion clinics

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Cardinal Danneels at the Bishops' Synod -- And the Media is Silent

Cardinals Kasper and Danneels
(Vatican / Brussels) The personal appointment of Cardinal Walter Kasper to the Bishops at the  Bishops' Synod on the Family does not surprise. The appointment of Cardinal Godfried Danneels on the other hand, very much. And yet the media elicits  no sound. Was it not until recently completely different?
Pope Francis personally appointed, not surprisingly, Cardinal Walter Kasper to the Synod of the Bishops' Synod on the Family, which starts in Rome on October 5.The purple wearing German theologian is regarded as the spokesman of a radical intervention against the sacrament of marriage. The indissolubility of marriage is to be torpedoed in the name of charity and to allow  communion for remarried divorcees. For this purpose, a dialectical mechanism is employed, which will make Communion available "for all" in the future as well.  The formula is also one of the most radical attacks against the Catholic Church. It will  be implicitly assumed by Kasper, that the previous 2000 years  have been merciless to people.

Cardinal Danneels Appointed personally by Pope Francis to Synod

Far more surprising is the appointment of the Archbishop Emeritus of Mechelen-Brussels, Godfried Cardinal Danneels by Pope Francis. A search in the vastness of the Internet yielded only one article that deals critically with this appointment. This surprised not even the secular media, where not the slightest criticism is felt. Are all non-Catholic journalists become so papal, that they have chosen the statement "Who am I to judge"  as the theme?
Was it so different between media and Danneels a few years ago?
2010, the then Primate of Belgium was drawn into the pedophilia scandal that rocked the country. Danneels was accused of having covered offenders. The articles published on this are legion. It was still then,  sine  Pope Benedict XVI. reigned in Rome, that the media struck at every opportunity and tried to put the pressure on.
The climate of liberal-lascivious on the  part of the Belgian church was then known. The media did not in any way draw a connection at the time  between the liberal church order and criminal sexual debauchery. Danneels was not criticized as a liberal Church representatives. The aim was to put the Church and its teachings in the pillory. Danneels and his responsibility was not the addressee, but only a means to an end for the criticism of the Church. It was also symptomatic of the fact that Danneels successor, the "conservative" Archbishop Leonard received in 2010 just a few weeks after his inauguration received more punches from the Belgian media  than the progressive Danneels in his entire 30 years in office.

Conclave 2013: In One Fell Swoop, Everything was Different

Even in 2013 on the eve of the conclave many media insisted on the exclusion of at least three voters. Among them was the emeritus archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels. Again was the campaign was not so much Danneels, but the Church, which was put under pressure before the conclave. The motto was blatantly: no Ratzinger II pontificate. Danneels retired with a serious look into the conclave and came out again with his face beaming. With the election of Pope Francis everything  had changed  in one fell swoop.
Just now Danneels was usued as "proof" to place the church under a general suspicion of pedophilia, or even worse, criminal activity, because pedo criminals were covered for. But on the day after the conclave, Danneels joined the Thanksgiving Mass of the newly elected Pope in the Sistine Chapel as the first  cardinal priest to say a prayer.
The attacks were swept away at a stroke, as if  the  scandal headlines  incited in the media, the club-swinging modern non-religious moral high ground, the house searches in the archbishop's palace, the seizure of mountains documents, even the impious desecration of Bishops graves by a media fueled, the out of control prosecutor and invading with crowbars police had never happened.

Target of the Media Campaign's "Pedophilia Scandal" was Benedict XVI.

All of a sudden ended the media storm over Danneels and another cardinal, who is very active on Twitter. "I never thought that yesterday's appointment would have been made, if only out of respect for Benedict XVI., who was then the real target of the attacks," said Chiesa e Postconcilio on Tuesday. From today's perspective, it is inescapable in fact,  that  the media scandal that exploded in 2010  on the international level  was not concerned with the claimed subject and even less about the victims. The media campaign, for such it was, had a very different target in sight: Pope Benedict XVI.
Today, since the German Pope is out of the race, each appointment is possible, even the most impossible and nobody even raises the slightest objection. What was that again with the victims, their fate had allegedly wept about  by so many and so loudly on their as their  chests swelled with moral indignation?
There were no secular or religious institutions that fought with such clarity and such emphasis against the scandalous phenomenon of pedophilia in its ranks, such as the Catholic Church was under Benedict XVI worldwide. Who cares!

Fight Against Pontificate of Benedict XVI. Began on 19 April 2005

In fact, here the evidence is on the table, that the pontificate of the German Pope would have been totally different if the mass media and those who influence them (and who else everything outside and inside the Church) had not decided on 19 April 2005  to give him a low blow while playing the armchair generals. 
The personal appointment of Cardinal Danneels by Pope Francis to  talk about the family, is one of those items that do not fit together. Or is it just a good match? Danneels, in 2005 was "shaken" on the evening of the election of Benedict XVI. (Domenico Savino) and remained away from  the traditional dinner of Cardinals for the newly elected Pope. In 2013 he was, according to his own admission, part of the electoral alliance that  named Jorge Mario Bergoglio Pope. Despite secrecy, all of the Belgian media already knew on March 14, from Danneels report that he had voted for Bergoglio.

"Gay marriage" -Danneels May Now Cultivate The  Family

The progressive attitude of the Belgian Cardinal is known also in terms of the sacrament of marriage and remarried divorcees. In June, barely three months after the conclave and one and a half months before the papal press conference on the return flight from Rio de Janeiro, Danneels called for the approval of "gay marriage".
Is something owed by the Pope to the Cardinal? Or friends of the Cardinal? Or is it the common closeness of both Cardinals to the late Jesuit Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini, (+2012) who saw himself as the Ante-Pope? Whether  Pope contender or no, the the pun  will have elegantly expressed, that Martini saw himself as a progressive anti-Pope to John Paul II, without explicitly saying so.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Irish Orphanage: AP Admits It Was False

Edit: we were right about this too, but just for the record.  The Irish media is attempting to stir up moral panic against the Catholic Church.  It was clearly a very transparent attack and  was given a great deal of credit by a large number of the usual Patheos bloggers, and at least one truly vindictive, ex-Catholic, Orthodox. Rod Dreher even tried to defend the honor of an Old Liberal Irish Prelate, the kind who have been instrumentalizing the abuse crisis for their own liberalizing and pro-homosexual tendencies.  The American Conservative has tendencies of its own, but it's not the place to go into them now.

In any event, it took Patheos and the AP until this week to acknowledge the error.

A few stalwart Catholics, ourselves included, questioned the report.

Meanwhile, there's another orphanage in Austria at which 500 girls were sexually abused over a period of many years involving a massive coverup by the establishment there.  So far, there's absolute silence.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Activist Attorney Jeff Anderson Misrepresents Archbishop Carlson

Edit: The Kulturkampf continues. Here's a statement the Archdiocese of St. Louis.  Once again, a dishonest tactic employed by an activist attorney has misrepresented and defamed the good name of Archbishop Carlson.

I suspect this is an actionable item?  For the record:

This statement is intended to clear up confusion generated by the release on June 9, 2014, of a videotaped deposition of Arhbishop Robert J. Carlson, Archbishop of St. Louis. This deposition was taken in a lawsuit for damages pending in a Minnesota state court relating to events that occurred more than 30 years ago in Minnesota. Neither Archbishop Carlson nor the Archdiocese of St. Louis is a party to this case. Further, the Archbishop has been previously deposed by the same Plaintiff’s counsel on at least three separate prior occasions in the 1980s focused on the activities of the same priest that he was again asked about last month – 27 years later. Recent inaccurate and misleading reporting by certain media outlets has impugned Archbishop Carlson’s good name and reputation. During a press conference held on June 9, 2014, Plaintiff’s lawyer strategically took Archbishop Carlson’s response to a question out of context and suggested that the Archbishop did not know that it was a criminal offense for an adult to molest a child. Nothing could be further from the truth. Contrary to what is being reported, Archbishop Carlson is and has been a leader in the Church when it comes to recognizing and managing matters of sexual abuse involving the clergy. As far back as 1980, then-Father Carlson wrote “This behavior cannot be tolerated” in a memo referencing a priest’s abusive actions (Exhibit 301 of this case).

In the deposition video, which was released by Plaintiff’s counsel, the dialogue between Plaintiff’s counsel and Archbishop Carlson focused on Archbishop Carlson’s knowledge of Minnesota child abuse reporting statutes and when clergy became mandatory reporters. In the full transcript of Archbishop Carlson’s deposition, the actual exchange between Archbishop Carlson and Plaintiff’s counsel is quite different from what is being widely reported in the media. Plaintiff’s counsel began his line of questioning as follows:

Q. Well, mandatory reporting laws went into effect across the nation in 1973, Archbishop.

Charles Goldberg, attorney representing Archbishop Carlson at this deposition, explained that while current Minnesota law makes it a crime for clergy persons not to report suspected child abuse, that statute did not become effective until 1988. What Plaintiff’s counsel has failed to point out to the media is that Mr. Goldberg himself noted at this point in the deposition “you’re talking about mandatory reporting?” (emphasis added). When the Archbishop said “I’m not sure whether I knew it was a crime or not,” he was simply referring to the fact that he did not know the year that clergy became mandatory reporters of suspected child abuse (pgs. 108-109).

At another point in the deposition, the Plaintiff’s counsel attacked Archbishop Carlson about the answer “I don’t remember,” to which the archbishop’s legal counsel objected:

Q. [Plaintiff’s Counsel] Can you tell me today that you have no memory of ever having advised anybody to report to the police…? MR. GOLDBERG: Just a minute. I’m going to register an objection to that question. As I mentioned at the outset…you personally, Mr. Anderson, have deposed Archbishop Carlson on June 21st, 1985; March 30th, 1987; April 2nd, 1987; and May 4th, 1987 about each of these matters in some detail of which you had over 30 exhibits marked in those depositions, and I think in fairness to the Archbishop, if you want to ask him about these things and get specific answers, he needs to see these documents, because no human being can be expected to remember, regardless of how outrageous some of these matters may have appeared, to explain in detail those things to you without a reference to these depositions 25 to 30 years ago (pg. 19).

On page 22 of the transcript, Plaintiff’s counsel questions the Archbishop, who had repeatedly requested and was denied the ability to review case documents pertaining to the questions asked of him, and who, 27 years after last being deposed, is now being maligned for his inability to recall certain events.

To reiterate, Archbishop Carlson is not a party in this case, nor has he committed a crime. He has not only voluntarily participated in this legal process, he has offered his testimony as clearly and thoughtfully as possible, given both the span of time in which this discovery process has taken place and accessibility to certain documents.

The media reports of this deposition have not only called into question the exemplary record Archbishop Carlson has amassed during his more than 40 years of ministry, but has also reopened the wounds of survivors of the heinous act of sexual abuse, and has caused further pain to the Catholic Faithful, both here in the Archdiocese of St. Louis and beyond. These misleading and inaccurate reports have also resulted in negative commentary both in traditional as well as social media outlets. Nevertheless, the fact remains that Archbishop Carlson and the Catholic Church abhor any form of sexual abuse.

H/t Deacon Kandra. 

Sunday, February 23, 2014

[Update] Pedophiles - As If! -- Catholic Institutions are 16 Times Safer for Children

Dangerous For Children
(Rome / Geneva) [Unfortunately, erroneously reproduced figures, make an update necessary.  Were specified by a reader error of too many pedophile priests: see text corrections and as  supplemented] This UN Children's Rights Committee made a frontal assault against the Catholic Church and took to the work-up of sexual abuses of minors by clerics as a reason. An abuse of the abuse, which the UN "experts" contributed. There are enough people who are willing to raise their index finger against the Catholic Church and are only too happy to see their hostility to the Church justified by the allegation of pedophilia. However, neither the media nor the international institutions are willing to put the facts in the overall social context and give the complete figures. A unilateral selective perception determines the image as if pedophiles  exclusively or primarily come from  the Church. Those who think this is unintentional are naive. 
Certain lawyers in the U.S. have earned a fortune from  "pedophile" priests. The dioceses that have been held liable and asked to pay had to pay billions of dollars. But that's not all anti-Catholic directors, novelists and the above-mentioned UN Children's Rights Committee  rushing in principle to manipulate "pedophile priests" against the Catholic Church and stage a new one of those black legends against Popish Rome.

Catholic Institution 16 Times Safer for Children Than Society in General

The sociologist and former OSCE representative against the discrimination and persecution of Christians, Massimo Introvigne and the psychologist Roberto Marchesini wanted to find out. In their new book "Pedophilia. A Battle That is Won by the Church"  (Pedofilia. Un battaglia che la Chiesa sta Vincendo, publishing Sugarco, € 16, -) the two authors  have  evaluated  the topic of pedophilia on the basis of statistical surveys. The result is amazing, judging from the public generated impression. The facilities of the Catholic Church  intended for children and young people are the safest places in society.
The numbers speak for themselves: Other Christian denominations, schools, non-Catholic sport associations, youth associations have statistically more sexual assaults on, or at least as many, but from the media we hear little or rarely of it: except blatant abuse scandals.

"Temple of PoliticalCorrectness" Relieved Catholic Priesthood

The American Bishops' Conference, as the the scandal began to roll and then spread to other countries, requested the John Jay College of New York, one of the world's most prestigious centers of criminology, and the City University of New York , a "Temple of political correctness" (Introvigne)  to examine the phenomenon of pedophilia in the Church. The answer: since 1950, [Update] 0.11 percent of Catholic priests have been condemned in the U.S. for sexual assault.  A larger number was reported to the police, but acquitted despite a general willingness to accept a debt in the course of pedophilia scandals. One indication of that, many innocent priests were  accused and slandered in the course of a medial generated  hysteria and a whole retinue of lawyers and clients wanted to capitalize.  In particular, the ratio was overwhelmingly positive, with regard to the propriety and correctness of an overwhelming part of  Catholic priests. This has not altered, that some perpetrators are already dead and therefore could not be held accountable.
[Update] The exact numbers of the study of the John Jay College of Criminal Justice on the subject of pedophilia in the U.S. and particularly among Catholic priests: Since 1950, 4.392 Catholic Priests (4 percent of the entire priesthood) have been accused in the U.S. for sexual contacts with minors  (contained therein are very different cases of verbal harassment to rape). 958 cases (0.87 per cent) were under investigation for pedophilia. Overall (1.06 per cent) were indicted by the prosecutor and slightly more  than 1,000 priests were filed suit against. A total of just over 100 priests  were sentenced   (or 0.11 percent).  A total of 54 priests (or 0.049 percent) were convicted of pedophilia. This corresponds to an average over the whole period of one each year.  81 percent of priests charged with sexual contact with minors had a homosexual inclination. The criminological institute also presented a massive decline in cases since the introduction of countermeasures from 2002, especially under Benedict XVI.
Similar studies among the major Protestant denominations in the United States have showed that there the incidence of cases of pedophilia are four to ten times higher.  Two-thirds of all cases of pedophilia occur in the U.S. in the narrower group of relatives or acquaintances. One-third in non-domestic sector in the broad sense of the word. The figures give an idea of the scale, which was reduced to an anti-Catholic campaign on the Catholic Church. It is therefore clear that the campaign was not against pedophilia, but against the Catholic Church. According to estimates by the World Health Organization, approximately 150 million girls and 73 million boys are abused by pedophiles worldwide. Two million children are kept in the status of sex slaves. Worldwide, the number of Internet sites with pedophile content is estimated at 30,000, on which images of 12 million children are shown. Pedophilia is a big business and has a magnitude in comparison to the portion of pedophile priests, as bad as he may be,  a factor of one thousandth.

Countermeasures of the Catholic Church exemplary

The psychologist Marchesini begins his analysis of the phenomenon with the infamous Kinsey Report , which caused a sensation in the 50's and 60's. [The Kinsey Report actually involved the sexual abuse of children for its data.]  Introvigne and Marchesini openly speak of  the responsibility and the heinous guilt that  clearly belongs  not only to pedophile priests, but also some supervisors who  covered for them. However, they provide evidence that the counter-measures undertaken by the Catholic Church, especially during the pontificate of Benedict XVI, have been taken to work and the problem could be eliminated effectively in many countries.
The measures taken have even   made the church  a model for other institutions to follow in its  example. Nevertheless, the Church remains the preferred target of a politically correct lobby, which continues, with almost methodical [to say nothing of unethical] meticulousness to cite decades-old cases and so  generate an air of hostility against the Church, reminiscent of the clichés of witch hunt.

SNAP, the Victim Club for Their Own Pockets

The main actor in the indictment  is the U.S. organization SNAP. The Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests receives preferential treatment by the New York Times. This always ensures new, global access to other media, who rely on the "reputable" sources. The association, which makes money from the abuse scandal, claims to support the victims of priests. In fact, the organization had in 2012, under pressure from diocesan lawyers, to disclose its finances. It was revealed  of the society  that in 2007, the peak of the processes that followed the scandal, although millions were collected, they had spent but   only $ 593 for all of the victims. Main sponsors of the association are law firms who enriched themselves with the trials of the dioceses. The Association "recommends" victims who turn to it, to its generous sponsors among the law firms.
In 2011 the man who was SNAP chairman, who worked for the organization itself, was  sentenced in Louisiana for possession of child pornography to two years in prison.

Smear Campaign Orchestrated "Pedophile Priests" as the Biggest Scandal "Since the Shoah"

But the smear campaign remains unilaterally directed only against the Catholic Church. The pedophilia of others seem like trivialities and  trifles, while "the occasional pedophile   among the Catholic clergy was the worst  that  has happened in the world since the Holocaust," said Introvigne.
A more detailed study by the John Jay College revealed that there is a distinction between convicted and sentenced. Of the two percent convicted since 1950  because of sexual acts  priests only 15 percent can be called pedophiles. The study itself came to the conclusion that the media wrongly gave the public the impression as if it were in principle that Catholic priests belong to a category that was "dangerous to children". But that, according to the study of the criminological institute was "wrong".

Prejudice Against Catholic Church to be Cherished and Cared For

In the U.S., neither the Protestant communities, the Mormons, the Jehovah's Witnesses, Jews, public schools, private schools, non-religious bodies, or the Boy Scouts who have even undertaken rudimentarily what the Catholic Church has done as countermeasures. She has opened her archives to allow detailed investigations. Statistically speaking, Catholic parishes, Catholic schools and Catholic institutions are in principle,  sixteen times safer than the aggregate of American society. Clear numbers, clear proportions, but so many do not want to hear. There is simply nothing but prejudices. The photomontage is by Frank Kopperschläger and was found on the "Red Flag" of the Marxist-Leninist Party of Germany found (MLPD).  This is not understood by way of "experts."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Red Flag (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Weak Reaction to UN Attack Against Church -- Bishops' Synod to Attack "Humanae Vitae"?

Pope Francis and Secretary
 of State Parolin
(Vatican) While looking at the official reactions, then one would have come to the conclusion that the Holy See considers the frontal attack by the United Nations as an industrial accident, to which it doesn't  pay too much attention. In reality, the whole order of creation is at stake. All the more incomprehensible is the inadequate response of the neo-Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin to the attack. Another little positive signal for the Synod of Bishops on the topic of family, which some in the Church obviously want to repurpose as a late revenge for the encyclical Humanae Vitae. 

Appeal to Pope Francis: "Give Clear Response" to anti-Church Attack

The speech is from the report of the UN Children's Rights Committee 5th of last February. If it were actually "just" an industrial accident, you could sit back, as it seems  all do  at the Vatican. But this is not so, why not at least someone isn't sitting back. On Tuesday, Giuliano Ferrara was in the columns of the daily newspaper Il Foglio with an open letter, a Plea to Pope Francis, from whom he calls for "a stronger, clearer answer" ... "which combines the power of faith with the resources of rational culture, which is common to all, believers and non-believers." If you look at the names of those intellectuals who have signed the appeal, it quickly becomes clear that the concern of Ferrara is shared not only by many Catholics but also many secularists.[!]

"Inadequate Response" of the Holy See

Among the signatories of the new appeal to Pope Francis is also the chief editor of the Nuova Bussola Quotidiana, Riaccardo Cascioli: "I too have signed up, because I consider the official response of the Holy See as deficient: deficient in its content and worrying in its form."
Consider the first point of criticism: the substance is deficient. Even the Wall Street Journal noted that the attack against the freedom of religion by an agency of the United Nations is unprecedented, but the new Cardinal Secretary of State Pietro Parolin (whose official Cardinal survey will follow  on 22 February) seems to want to play down the matter. If you read the report of the UN Children's Rights Committee , you quickly realize that the keyword pedophilia, which is also presented with fantasy figures and notes of out-dated facts, only a pretext to attack the Church on a very different, much larger field (see own report, the UN Children's Committee: How the Church Should  "Change" -- Abortion, Gay Marriage, Gender Ideology ).
The committee is expecting the Catholic Church even to change their "interpretation" of Scripture and their own teaching on family, abortion, contraception and homosexuality, even their understanding of man.  A presumption of an international panel without equal.  An incident which can not be simply dismissed as inconsequential individual case of a somewhat extremist Commission, which  one graciously overlooks  and acts as if nothing had happened.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Child Molester Priest Sentenced to Four Years in Prison in Vienna -- Media Silence

Monday 16 December 2013
Schönborn's  Most  Sexy Pastor

Fairness for Father Fabian - With Full Force!

47 year old priest performer and a graduate of the Vienna Seminary was convicted of homosexual abuse to four years in prison (not final).
The Vienna Auxiliary Bishop Stephen Turnovsky is surrounded by two gomorrists (declared): P. Fabian Vordermayer (left of the auxiliary bishop), and Wolfgang P. Kimmel (right of the Bishop) received the diaconate in 2009  with a very "special" touch [Image: Wiener Seminary ]

What's Wrong With Cardinal Schönborn's Seminary?

(! Diaconate 2009) The ex-priest  of Traiskirchen, who is a very successful graduate of the Vienna seminary, was sentenced on the feast day of St. Nicholas (December 6, 2013) in the first instance, to four years in prison (legal disclaimer: there is a presumption of innocence).
He is accused of sexual abuse, of course, and Schönborn's sexiest pastor has brought ​his victims into submission with narcotics and like substances.
Father Fabian considers himself indeed innocent, but he of all people should know that only children can be regarded as innocent beings.

Where is the anti-Christian Media Pack?

Why is there this time no smear campaign against the Vienna seminary such as against the seminary in St. Pölten 2003/2004?
Apparently, the Vienna seminary stands in such good service for  the decomposition of the Catholic faith  that our professional informers of the left will not go to war  against the Archbishop of Vienna and his seminary.

Fight Against Faithful Bishop Kurt Krenn ...

In the case of the seminary in St. Pölten, where there supposed to were to have  allegedly been homosexual relationships, it was opportune to  eliminate the then Bishop of St. Pölten, because he was faithful.

... That can not happen Archbishop Schönborn!

The Archbishop of Vienna can not be set aside, because this one puts aside the possible and impossible witnesses to everything.
In the case of the seminary in St. Pölten unnatural sexual intercourse was exploited to eliminate a targeted Catholic bishop.
Also, the predecessor of Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, Cardinal Hans Hermann Gröer, was chased from pastoral office with the same tactics.
But now the cowardly and media savvy  pack ducks away.
The director's chair for these diabolical attacks on our Catholic pastors seems to be placed in the middle of Vienna.

Church infiltration

After the few reigning faithful Catholic bishops had been eliminated by character assassination, the path was clear for the Church infiltrators.
The faithful had now been replaced by an internal Church gay lobby. Cardinal Schönborn said about :
  • "When it comes to homosexuality, we should look more to the quality of a relationship. And also speak appreciatively about this quality. A stable relationship is certainly better than if someone is simply living out his promiscuity. "
Cardinal Schönborn even replaced a faithful pastor, by a homosexual parish council president, as in the case of the pastor of Stützenhofen:

Tactics of the Church infiltration

The tactics of the Church infiltrators seems to work:
On the one hand, homosexuality was exploited in order to get rid of Catholic Bishops and on the other, the Church in Austria is now infiltrated by homosexuals to get rid of the Catholic faith.
In the environment of Cardinal Schönborn's the attitude of a Homo-terror  is applied toward the erosion of the Catholic faith.
The left professional informers only seem  to follow in their smear campaigns against Catholic bishops and priests only to engage in endeavors within the Church that have the destruction of the Catholic faith as the only goal, because in the case of the ex-priest of Traiskirchen these hypocrites are silent.

Cesspool Vienna seminary?

Of the four seminarians who were ordained deacons in 2009 by Bishop Turnovsky, at least two  have  a lived a "weird" relationship of homosexuality: the aforementioned Fr. Fabian Vordermayer (pictured above: the left of the auxiliary bishop).
The second (now a consecrated priest) Deacon (right next to the Auxiliary Bishop of Vienna) is  Fr. Wolfgang Kimmel , beaten on again off again Catholic and priest, whom the Modernist theologian  Paul Zulehner has against introduced to the Vienna Cardinal.
In Kimmel's narrative, that he also supposedly had been  groped by Cardinal Gröer, doesn't gather any (paid) media interest any more: The sinner Hartmann was faster, history punishes the late comer.

Waste of Catholic morality

As a result of these modernist purges within the Church (with the support of the media from the outside) we come upon a suitably wicked and repulsive clergy, which sometimes even assaults children and boys -   but this irritates the conformist media much less than faithful bishops.

Questions to the church leadership

  • How come faithful, aspiring to clergy get their life  drawn into the dirty by sodomite clergy?
  • Gather or cultivate sodomite clergy in Vienna seminary?
  • And above all: how long does the Vatican still sit idly by?

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Decadent Monastery Still Running from the Crimes of Its Past

Josh Guimon who disappeared 11 years ago from campus.
Edit: with about 153 professed monks and shrinking, there are as many as 50 predators in the decaying and rotting Abbey of St. John's,  according to Patrick Marker.  Although the relatively smaller number of offenders has been played up by the press against Archbishop Nienstedt, relatively little attention has been given to dissident Collegeville which hosts an atmosphere of moral theological, and liturgical indifferentism.

While there are diocesan libertines demanding Archbishop Niensted's resignation, not one of them are calling for accountability where it counts.   There are  still questions about the disappearances of Josh Guimond and Jacob Wetterling, which mostly likely, are known only to the Modernist Monastery.

Let's not pretend that this kind of moral depravity doesn't walk arm in arm with the heresy of Modernism which allows these bawds to continue their monastic charade.

"I think St. John's is hopeful the media won't pay attention to this," he said.

It would be easy for the St. John's list to get lost with the others that have come out, but victim's advocates have always been interested in the names because of two very high-profile missing person's cases. St. John's college student Josh Guimond vanished from campus 11 years ago while leaving a campus party, and he hasn't been seen since. Then, there's Jacob Wetterling, who was abducted 24 years ago from nearby St. Joseph, where the local Catholic priest was Father Tom Gillespe, a Benedictine monk who, by then, had already molested a 10-year-old boy.

"He was one of the first people to visit the Wetterling's home to console the family," Marker said. "I'm not saying he did it, but I believe a full examination of facts will lead us to Josh and Jacob."

Marker believes the numbers of abusers that St. John's Abbey knows about may total at least 50 altogether. Three of the monks on the list were also on the list released by the archdiocese, meaning they also worked at parishes in the Twin Cities; however, it is important to note that Benedictine monasteries are operated separately from the archdiocese.

Read more: Critics claim St. John's Abbey still holds secrets despite list - KMSP-TV

It's a good thing these men didn't do anything like offer a Latin Mass, teach traditional Catholic doctrine on morality to the students of their "schools"  or anything like that, then they'd really be in trouble.  Seems like the only thing the people of Minnesota won't stand, is honest to goodness Catholicism.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Schönborn’s Most Appealing Pastor Goes to Court

Fr. Vordermayer (right) and his highly respectable, tattooed
legal representative Anti-Catholic Boulevard Mags.

Since when does the alimentary and socialist tax money paid mainstream media suddenly crow on behalf of a pastor? Whence comes this strange change of heart?

The currently proletarian produced mass media is as friendly to Catholics as at the time of introduction of the National Socialist Church Contribution (1939), from which to this day not the smallest letter has been changed.

Once the socialist broad sheet elite whines for a priest, then it can only deal with great difficulty with this pastor as a Catholic priest in the true sense.

Either this pastor is a very pope-hostile priest who is out to destroy the Church from within, or by a priest who conducts appropriate victims for the Victims Commission for Church homosexual - or both.

This pastor can be so deployed by the gay lobby or by the Socialist-Jacobin church battle front - or both.

Unlike the laughable entrance of a broadsheet on behalf of a pastor is absolutely inexplicable. Namely, if a Catholic priest is really bullied, then our socialist boulevard magazines are at the forefront of the Church-hater front.

Left Street Boulevard Journal Fighting for Accused Abuser

The richly endowed with taxpayer money, “Österreich" is reporting about the former pastor of Traiskirchen, Fabian Vordermayer, against whom serious abuse allegations were brought to the prosecutor for trial.

Is Everything Just “Bullying"?

The indictment by the prosecutor of Wiener Neustadt includes such details as: rape, sexual abuse of defenseless persons (plural), multiple assault, persistent stalking, multiple injury.

A populist parish council of the city of asylum industry, Traikirchen, acknowledged the allegations saying: "Homosexuality is a private matter."

One of several boys who are involved in this case, has lived in the guest house of the vicarage. The drug flunitrazepam (knockout drops) was found in the hair of another (or the same) boys .

Given our ideological justice minister, this is probably more than a sure acquittal. However, if he were to stand up for the truth (Jesus Christ), he would have had a very bad hand. But not in this case.

The priest pretender of Traiskirchen who stopped therapy is reported to have said in a sermon: "I give communion also divorced and remarried."

His Abbot subordinates himself with the rainbow stole minister in a tie, because he is supposed to have advised him to commit suicide.

Moral Theologian at the University in Heiligenkreuz!

The priest, exempted from service at the Benedictine Abbey of Melk and disregarding all instructions given by his wealthy Abbot, Pastor Fabian Vordermayer naturally also received a lectureship at the "Philosophical-Theological College Benedict XVI. Heiligenkreuz", to which also the ÖVP-gay lobbyist Univ.-Doz., Dr. theol. hab., Mag theol., Andreas Schnider has been brought into position. From the neo-Catholic Schnider one hears such things that go in the direction of a gay marriage sacrament.

Pastor Fabian Vordermayer naturally instructs priests in questions moral theology as an Institute member of the Institute for Moral Theology at the University of the Heiligen Kreuz.

Cardinal Schönborn's Lunchtime Therapy

The priest of Traiskirchen could finally solve all his problems by simply enjoying a delicious lunch with Cardinal Christoph Schönborn.

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Trans: Tancred

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Will Green Party Chief Apologize to Bishop Mixa?

Mixa's "controversial" statement hit the mark! We recall what happened in February 2010 when a hysterical outcry in the media land, after the then-Bishop of Augsburg Walter Mixa had declared: "The so-called sexual revolution, in the course of particularly progressive moral critics is also certainly not innocent attempting the legalization of sexual relations between adults and minors,” the Catholic Shepherd mentioned not only the actual connection between sexual revolution and pedocriminal abuse, he also criticized the dubious dealings of many in the media with sexuality." We have in recent decades just in the media, witnessed an increasing sexualisation of the public that where abnormal sexual inclinations are also promoted rather than limited.” With both statements the Bishop of Augsburg hit the mark, but in the press was running in circles - and also the “Spiegel" turned out as expected against Mixa's statements. The most audacious was and not for the first time, was the Green Party leader Claudia Roth, who likes to agitate for their lives against the Catholic Church. (Roth had insulted Bishop Mixa previously as a "wacky, divisive Oberfundy" because - says Roth - he has denigrated women as "breeding machines." In reality, he behaved exactly the opposite.. Had the then Catholic Chief Shepherd of Augsburg in the context of Kita debate declared mothers were not breeding machines, which is why they should not rush to give their babies to in-home care.)

Back to the topic of sexual abuse of children and minors: In an interview with the "Augsburger Allgemeine" of February 2, 2010, Bishop Mixa was accused by the Green Politician in an absurd "logic” according to which he "makes a mockery of the victims” in an almost “unprecedented” way. The newspaper introduced her interview by saying, “The Church leader taunts the victim if he would give a sexualization of society as the blame for the incident, said Green Party leader Claudia Roth in an interview with our newspaper." The politician really said: "It is not only outrageous, but also an unprecedented insult to the victims of sexual abuse, if others are to be blamed for this scandal within the Catholic Church.” With his "unfortunate comments” instead the bishop called into question, adds Roth, "to what extent is there a credible interest in the Catholic Church educate and be relentlessly self-critical about the terrifying level of abuse cases." The Greens leader then called upon the Catholic Church in Germany, "to distance themselves in the strongest was from these rationalizations of their bishop." How about now, if the cheeky Roth finally distance themselves from their unwarranted attacks on Bishop Mixa and would apologize to him as fairness and moral responsibility require? Or has the months-long debate about the Greens share of responsibility for pedosexual crimes passed her by without a trace? - That would be even more devastating!

Source: Christian Forum
 Photo: Reichstag in Berlin - Picture source: Marcela Commons, CC
Trans: Tancred

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Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Double Standard

[] Gay pedophile crimes - penalties between almost trivializing gentleness and pleasing severity as felony 

Boundless mercy: six months on parole

A 23 year old mother had made contact between her 14 year old brother and a work colleague and advised his brother to accept the "friend request" of pedophiles via Facebook.

The perverts had also offered to pay the woman for sexual acts with the young people.

There were 230 euros assessed, which were to be used for the rent, the woman alleged.

Six months later the contact came to "fruition": It involved sexual abuse by the gay pedophile.

The accused defended herself with mental retardation.

The judge apparently found that the woman knew what she was doing. But did not hold him back from a trivialization for a limited pedophilia-related prison sentence of six months, this by judge Dietmar Wassertheurer.

The correction effect by the judgment will be lower.

With all severity: 12 Years unconditional imprisonment for former priest

The former headmaster of an Upper Austrian school, a now 79 year old laicised priest was put on trial for violent and sexual offenses to students.

Prosecutor Dagmar Geroldinger accused the gay child molester, to have engaged in sexual acts with 15 boys.

The school had reacted immediately and engaged the necessary consequences. Regardless of a person in the statute of limitation there is 500,000 euros and 200,000 euros in reparations that have been paid for therapies: a good deal for psychotherapists, so you would have to pay the cost of around four years of salaried therapists.

The School has Warmly Welcomed the Conviction.

The offenses date back to the years (1971 to 1996). The accused, Oliver Plöckinger had been barred a plea for acquittal. In the case of the rejection of the statute of limitation period, he had expected a sentence of 8 years imprisonment.

Apparently, the defendant had particularly bad cards as a former clergyman.

Judge Wolf-Dieter Graf pronounced a sentence of 12 years. The judgment is not final, it applies to all the presumption of innocence.

Gay, pervert and pedophile

It is again remarkable that apparently, abuse crimes are committed dispoportionately by gays.

Not entirely surprising, however, considering that these perverts have already broken the limits of the natural and have been recognized sexuality in society. Since the threshold for pedophilia is more than just a small obstacle, it is more puzzling that the parliaments have allowed the adoption and custody of boys by homosexuals as it makes the Austrian Parliament with the votes of the supposedly Christian values ​indicative of OVP is these days.

No mercy for pedophile sex offenders!

The call can only be: No related penalties for pedophile sex offenders, no fines, imprisonment exclusively - and especially with the known high relapse rate!

Saturday, May 11, 2013

The Enormous Crisis of the Catholic Church in Belgium -- There is Danger in a De-Christianized Land

(Brussels) The Belgian church is facing financial collapse. The annual accounts of the dioceses have large losses in a country that was particularly affected by the pedophile abuse scandal. The Church of the ethnically divided land between Flemish and Walloons, which was a thriving Catholic landscape until half a century ago, is going through a serious crisis. The seminaries are largely empty, the number of practicing Catholics has shrunk to a loyal core. The bishops enjoy only a touch of prestige and weight in public life that they once had. Progressive bishops like Cardinal Leo Suenens, Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels and the like-minded bishops promoted by him have brought the secularization of the country and the alienation of the faithful of the Church.

At Cardinal Suenens liberal church de-Christianized society follows

Since the Second Vatican Council, when the Cardinal Suenens was included as part of the Rhenish alliance as one of the big "makers", propagated in Belgium even church leaders such as the Dominican theologian Edward Schillebeeckx a "rising in the modern" church. Pedophile child molesters, such as the former Bishop Roger Joseph Vangheluwe of Bruges, who abused his nephew even after his episcopal ordination, did the rest.  Symptomatic high point culminated in June 2010 with the development of a scandalous desecration of the tomb of Cardinal Suenens in the Cathedral of St. Rumold Mechelen, worse copy than Dan Brown  by a special unit of the Belgian police in search of incriminating material in connection with the pedophile scandal. Nothing was found. What the competent Belgian court did not prevent, later  declared the desecration of the rest of the dead to be legal.

Declining Inhibition of Hostility Toward the Church

To get out of this crisis is difficult. For this reason, Pope Benedict XVI appointed the Bishop of Namur, Andre-Joseph Leonard as the new Archbishop of Mechelen-Brussels and thus Primate of Belgium in 2010. Leonard was the only Bishop with significant growth in priestly vocations. With the appointment an anti-Church campaign was discharged with an unprecedented aggressiveness.  Feminist extremists are only the most visible, but by no means the most important point.  The cake attacks and recently, a scandalous attack by bare breasted FEMEN-activists  against Archbishop Leonard, however, helps to undermine the reputation of the episcopal dignity and to reduce the threshold in dealing with the ecclesiastical dignitaries. The attacks against Archbishop Leonard are meaningful. The archbishop, who had nothing to do with the abuse scandal, except his energetic work for "maximum transparency", would have actually pleased indignant citizens. But he is, as a faithful representatives of the Church, an eyesore. This creates the bizarre situation that he of all people is the scapegoat of  Church hostility, which is justified by the abuse scandal. The pedophile scandal seems to many only to serve as a welcome springboard to be preachy to rise above the Church and renounce her. Using the example of Belgium can be seen that a de-Christianized society is not "neutral" but is morally acidic and anti-Church.

Revenues decrease, expenses increase due to pain and suffering payments to abuse victims

The numbers posted by the Church center to address the abuse cases are  interestin. 72 percent of reported cases involve Flanders and upwards of 80 percent of the men were born for the most part in the 50s and 60s. The data confirms that the "opening" of the Church to the world as it propagated the atmosphere during and after the Second Vatican Council, and the meeting with the contemporaneous "sexual revolution",  has hurt the Church. However, a discussion of these correlations with possible conclusions did not take place. Meanwhile, the Church must pay abuse victims for pain and suffering, as revenues decline.
The study L'iris et le Croisssant by Professor Felice Dassetto of the Catholic University of Leuven, the Belgian Church also sees problems through rapid changes in society, which was rebuilt in many multicultural cities. The proportion of the native population and the proportion of Catholics has rapidly declined in many Belgian cities.

Multicultural reconstruction of society means loss of traditional identity and rapid growth of Islam

According to the ACS report, 25 percent of the inhabitants of Brussels are Muslims. It's a  rapidly rising trend. In the Belgian capital, there are already 77 mosques.
In this climate of radical social reconstruction through the loss of local traditional cultural identity and different religious immigrants from other cultures, comes  the new phenomenon of increasing violence against religious institutions. For example, the arson attack on the Church of Begijnendijk in Couvin in the diocese of Namur or damage to seven churches.
The attack against Archbishop Leonard during a discussion on the topic of all freedom of expression at the State University of Brussels by FEMEN activists has already been mentioned. The feminists have accused the church of "homophobia".

Way Out of Crisis Through Renewal of the Church in Faith and Discipline - Bishops against Euthanasia of Children and Alzheimer's Patients

The way out of the crisis is not easy, but there has been a change in the episcopate, since Andre-Joseph Leonard has been primate. The bishops expressed their solidarity with him in the assaults of FEMEN.  In a statement, they said the violent and blasphemous feminists have lost "all credibility". They whose behavior stands to lead  "stark contrast to the topic of discussion and the style with which the Catholic Church in its dialogue with pluralistic society".
Archbishop Leonard promotes faithful groups and communities. A work in silence, where the church is truly renewed. The bishops with Leonard at their head have entered the ring against a legislative bill. The capital, Brussels, Belgium as well as the ruling Socialist party under the Prime Minister Elio Di Rupo and avowed homosexuals would like to expand the legalized euthanasia in 2002 to children younger than 15 years old  and Alzheimer's patients by law.
In Belgium,  life is mortally threatened in many ways. This is also a product of de-Christianized society. It's no easy stand for the Catholic Church.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Sancte Pater
Translation: Tancred