Tuesday, April 3, 2012

+Schönborn Gomorrah's White Knight

Edit: Look who jumps to the defense of the Cardinal, then build your enemies list.

Cadinal Schönborn Contradicts the Sixth Commandment

Austria. At yesterday's chrism Mass Christoph Cardinal Schönborn preached about communication with people, who are publicly or shamelessly living in sin.   It often leaves clergy powerless, he driveled.  Then suggested a "friendship with Jesus" in opposition to "adherence to Church teaching".  The Cardinal then alluded to three forms of bawdiness -- the wild marriage, the adulterous civil marriage and homosexual partnerships.  He believes, clearly referring to himself, that chastity is too little "lived, taught or demonstrated".   For that reason, clergy stand in a supposedly "very real difficulty of a complete incomprehension (the media bosses) for that, which the Church has taught over marriage, continence, fruitfulness and indissolubility."   This incomprehension is combined in that Cardinal Schönborn himself slaps the teaching in the face by his own actions.

Cardinal Schönborn is a Glimmering Hope for Homosexuality

Austria. The Salzburg elder-society 'Taxhamer Parish Community Initiative" praised the Viennese Cardinal Christoph von Schönborn for his complicity in enabling a homosexual Parish Councilman, Florian Stangl.  Ex-Reichsender (formerl a  Nazi radio station) was overjoyed with this.  "For me it is a glimmer of hope, because Cardinal Schönborn has shown that people are more important for him than rules"  -- declared the speaker for the elderly group, Leopold Prenninger.  Other Bishops should orient themselves on the Old Liberal Cardinal:  "Because Cardinal Schönborn is not just anyone."  With Prenninger's argument, the National Socialist movement could be justified.

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