Sunday, August 14, 2011

Head of Austrian Church Dissidents Doesn't Fear Suspension or Dismissal

Edit: IF he believes God exists, this brings forth the inevitable question as to whether or not he believes in eternal torments for the disobedient?
He is the Cardinal's Creature After All

Cardinal Schönborn has recently made statements, again, asking the dissidents what would happen if the players disobeyed a Soccer Coach. Mundabor says nothing's being done.  He's also defended priestly celibacy.  Apparently he plans on doing something about this in September when he will meet with the head of the opposition. He seems intransigent in his heresy.

When Father Helmut counts off on his "one hand" what can happen to him, did it ever occur to him that there's such a thing as Hell, and temporal punishment for sins? At the very least it should spell the loss of his credibility. Here's below:

Fr. Helmut would have to be mad to withdraw his theses hostile to the Church. Finally he had all of the all powerful media bosses covering for him. They will turn any which way they have to in order to protect their dear protege.

( "I won't take anything back and am see things, as they may come, right in the eye."

So said the head man of the Church hostile, "Pastor's Initiative', Fr. Helmut Schüller, for the anti-Church regional paper 'Oberösterreichische Nachrichten'.

They don't broker any answers critical of the expectations of the Zeitgeist.

Fr.  Schüller was the General Vicar of Christoph Kardinal von Schönborn. from 1995 till February of 1999.

 The Cardinal Will Bow

The former General Vicar is dancing his powerless Cardinal, leading him curiously by the nose.

He joked saying that he could count all the possibilities for sanction "on his finger" --  either suspension or dismissal from his office.

The board of the "Pastor Initiative' has been informed  they have until September and to make their position clear.

At the beginning of September the Cardinal will meet with the enemies of the Church again.

And What's the View of the Church?

The questions put to the "Pastor Initiative" by Cardinal Schönborn regarding obedience to the Church are "severe" as far as Fr. Schüller is concerned.

At the same time, it is for him as a priest who is active in pastoral work, "strange".

From the "perspective of the Cardinal" there are certain views which are not compatible with Church membership.

Conservative Joke Turn

The secular priest maintains that anything that turns away from his desired Church structure as a Zeitgeist defined sect is "clearly backward".

This has to do with a "conservative turn" in the Church.

In the same breath he defends the title -- "Call to Disobedience" -- which is his Church hostile Manifesto.

Because: "If you resign yourself to the pure formulations, then you have to say that it's -- the majority of the pastors and communities -- disobedience."

We're not even still talking about the "conservative turn" are we?

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