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Monday, November 26, 2012

The Former Cathedral of Wurzburg is Now a Provincial Art Gallery!

Left: Picture of what was onceWurzburg Cathedral
Rechts: Der verwüstete Dom.
© POW, Pressebilder Bistum Würzburg
The Abomination of Desolation

Satan reigns:  The Wurzburg Cathedral has become refashioned as a horrifying tomb of the Catholic Faith.

(, Würzburg)  On the first Advent Sunday a Wurzburg Cathedral made desolate by 3.1 million Euro will be reopened.

This was reported by the Diocese of Wurzburg in a press release.  The destructive work on the Cathedral lasted sixteen months.

12,000 Cubic Meters of Dead White

The colorful decoration on 12,000 cubic meters of wall and ceiling have been erased.
How much??

Fifteen painters painted the interior space bare white.

A Cathedral as a Galerie for Pseudo-Art

The place on the former high alter -- where once the tabernacle stood -- was ripped out by the Bishop to nail in his throne.

The brushed white Cathedral is now arranged like a provincial museum.  There have been 26 so-called art works displayed.

Some of the installations are made of smeared colors or from unrecognizable portrayals of Christ.

Old Figures Artistically Butchered
So Ecumaniacal!

In the Cathedral some of the neighboring rooms were made, which have been designated as "chapels".

In the new crypt there stands -- like an exhibit piece - a beautiful Marian figure from the 16th century is on a metal rod.

Otherwise there is a Pieta- representation inviting to prayer.  Unfortunately it will be slapped against a giant gold wall in the back ground.

One of the 26 figures removed

A sculpture -- which bears the title "The Victim" -- is going to be missing as it makes the rounds for journalists on the 13th November.

The figure shows an oppressed naked torso -- which clearly doesn't represent Christ.

It doesn't have any authorization from the Cathedral Chapter -- explains the Diocesan speaker its absence.

The prepared niche is still empty.  The Diocese is now seeking a suitable place for the naked figure.

Link to more "art" photos...

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Vienna Cathedral Number 2 Has Account on Homosexual Dating Site

40 Year old Employee of the
 Archdiocese of Vienna on 'gayromeo'

Edit:  In light of the Vienna Cardinal's recent attacks against a priest who attempted to guard his parish against scandal, it seems appropriate to air this.  It's unclear whether or not the "employee" is a member of the clergy or not, but he's clearly not suited to work for any Diocese, not even one as corrupt as Vienna.

An employee of the decadent Archdiocese of Vienna searches a hookup site for homosexual partners, in order to wallow in his depravity.

(  A leading member of the Viennese Archdiocese has a profile at the homosexual  hookup site 'gayromeo'.

Sodomites look for Aids contacts with strangers.

The site is one of the largest spreaders of Aids in the world.

Frequently changing partners in depravity is a sure component of  homosexual degeneracy.

The Number Two Man in Vienna's Cathedral Parish

One of the gommorists, who prostitutes himself on the publicly accessible hustler site, is C. D. H.

He is the chancellery director of Vienna's Cathedral and the right hand of Vienna's alchohol and boulevard Cathedral Pastor Anton Faber.

H. operates a profile on 'gayromeo' with the name "iucundus".

The word "iucundus" is latin.  It means, pleasant, attractive or enjoyable.

For sure

H's user account registers 45 people as "personally known".

On the other hand, he is known personally by 994 people.

The homosexual homepage describes the profile as "guaranteed true".

Only abstinence serves against Aids

Besides his activity in the chancellery, H is active with "Maltese Aids Service".

According to some information in the city center of Vienna, is 1.83 meters high and weights 76kilos.

He smokes and has no tattoos or metal piercings.

He Trusts the Fallible Condom

H. uses the logo of "Dark Angel" on the hookup site.

That means that he will only have sex with the fallible condom.

As a rule only gommorists do this who are infected with the homosexual disease, HIV.

Paint and Leather

H. is looking for partners in fornication between the ages of 26 and 40.

There are things he will not do with strangers, however.

He tells the world that he likes to dress as a punk, soldier or policeman.

Otherwise he loves skin-tight textiles made of paint and leather.

A decided homosexually disturbed person 

In his description he praises himself as "sensible", "careful", "attentive", "clever",  "endowed" and "talented" and "decisive" as well.

He is not one who "quickly and easily makes friends".

But he is "extremely loyal" to his homosexual friends.

H. has to admit that the self-praise might sound "somewhat crass":  but it's "simply" the truth.

Throw life away

The "dream of his life", before putting his finger on his eternal damnation: "I have lived and loved and will be loved".

The visitor to H's hustler site is asked to press the "sex pig" button which is provided.

Those shy perverts can push the button that reads "Only when drunk".

Link to original....

Edit: One of the commenters from writes about the self-inflicted nature of Aids in Germany (and presumably elsewhere)

Jubärens 17:30:28 | Dienstag, 24. April 2012 "Over 90 percent of the new infections in Germany are transmitted sexually.  Approximately three quarters of new HIV infections in 2011 were according to estimates from men who have sex with other men;  about 20 percent from heterosexual contacts.  Only five percent of new infections were traceable back to intravenous drug use.  New infections passed on from mother to child were reduced to a few isolated cases."  (Spiegel Online 2011 as a Commentary to the RKI- Press service)   This means that about 75 percent of those infected with HIV are active homosexuals.  The estimated figure of homosexuals in Germany from 2,000 is about 1.6% as well as 2.5 % bisexual.  This means that about the 1.6% of the homosexual population is responsible for 75% of the new Aids cases.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

How Diverting: A Witch's Night in Mainz Cathedral

The way through the Cathedral was accompanied by spooky owl cries, rattling, and the blasts of fanfare.

( Already last May the Catholic Educational Institute with the Society of the Friends of the Organ hosted a witches night in Mainz Cathedral.

This was according to 'Nachtrichten Blatt' for the association of Lower- Olm - ten kilometers south of Mainz -- on the 6th of May.

At the beginning the Mainz Cathedral organist Albert Schönberger greeted the almost one hundred guests to the unlighted church.

These went first -- with candles leading the way  -- to the crypt, where the "distant organ tones" were audible.

In the crypt, the group viewed the former house organ of the famous Mainz Church musician Heinrich Rohr († 1997).

The next station was the memorial chapel -- the former chapter house of the Cathedral Chapter.

There the house organ of the Mainz church musician Heinrich Rohr had found a new home.

On the way through the Cathedral, the participants were accompanied by spooky owl cries, rattling, and blasts of fanfare.

Even as the further path through the candlelit Cathedral there were sounds reminiscent of the strange sounds and noises by "the mischievous deeds of witches"  -- as the 'News Article" put it.

Read original,