Monday, February 27, 2012

Flawed YouCat Youth Catechism by Flawed Cardinal Selling Well

Edit: The Catechism published by the German Bishops' pornography distributor, Weltbild, seems to be enjoying a great deal of popularity despite questions about its truthfulness to Catholic teaching. It is the brainchild of Cardinal Schoenborn.

Best selling Catholic book worldwide?

New Youth Catechism

The following comes from a February 23 story by the Catholic News Agency 

The co-creator of the Church’s catechism for young people has revealed that it's now the top selling Catholic book in the world. 

“The latest figures show that Youcat has sold 1.7 million copies worldwide. It’s been a great success in nearly every country where it has been published,” said German publisher Bernard Meuser in a Feb. 23 interview with the Catholic News Agency. 

“For example, it is number one in Spain, number one in America, and number one in Germany along with the Pope’s latest book.” 

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