Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cardinal Schönborn Makes Heavy Statements -- Abortion is Murder -- There is no Homosexual Marriage

The Viennese Cardinal has served his neo-Conservative public yet again. His words will be taken so seriously, that none of the media bosses will report them.

(, Pöllau) Child slaughter "is murder".

This is what the Viennese Cardinal Christoph Count Schönborn said for a neo-Conservative youth gathering at the village of Pollau with a population of 2000 about 150 km south of Vienna -- according to reports from the neo-Conservative site, ''

The sensational comments of the Cardinal have brought forth no media echo.

An Innocent is Killed

During a child murder "an innocent living being, a guilty person in the womb of its own mother is killed" -- said Cardinal von Schönborn.

In the past the same Cardinal had frequently explained that he doesn't desire any change in the murderous abortion laws in Austria.

In June 2008 he hung the Papal Gregorian Order around the neck of the Viennese Abortion politician, Comrade Renate Brauner.

In Sept 2009 he forbid the Salzburg Auxiliary Bishop Andreas Laun from participating in a pro-Life demonstration in Vienna

There is no such thing as Homosexual Marriage

The Cardinal expressed himself about homosexual depravity.

He insists that "there is no homosexual marriage".

Marriage is between man an woman who are open to children: "everything else is a false advertising".

The Church isn't going to address itself "against homosexual marriage, because it doesn't exist".

He is a son of divorced parents.

In regards to divorce the Cardinal said that he was "truly angry" about the reproaches against the Church.

The Church is the only institution, which defends marriage:

"Is it merciful to separate children between mother and father and make them into a play ball for the parents?"

The Cardinal, who comes from a divorced family, recalled the pain of many women after divorce.

In conclusion the Cardinal wished the youth and "also the Bishop the courage to speak out on such things."

Because only the truth will make you free.

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Unknown said...

He seems schizophrenic. One day he will tolerate the most outrageous liturgical abuse or heresy or rebellion. Then a few days later he comes out with very orthodox positions, like these today.

The Pope should have Msgr. Ganswein talking to him daily.

Tancred said...

He's a brilliant political mind playing both sides. He's very charismatic and compelling and has the charism of his office and all that entails.