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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Cardinal Schönborn Makes Heavy Statements -- Abortion is Murder -- There is no Homosexual Marriage

The Viennese Cardinal has served his neo-Conservative public yet again. His words will be taken so seriously, that none of the media bosses will report them.

(, Pöllau) Child slaughter "is murder".

This is what the Viennese Cardinal Christoph Count Schönborn said for a neo-Conservative youth gathering at the village of Pollau with a population of 2000 about 150 km south of Vienna -- according to reports from the neo-Conservative site, ''

The sensational comments of the Cardinal have brought forth no media echo.

An Innocent is Killed

During a child murder "an innocent living being, a guilty person in the womb of its own mother is killed" -- said Cardinal von Schönborn.

In the past the same Cardinal had frequently explained that he doesn't desire any change in the murderous abortion laws in Austria.

In June 2008 he hung the Papal Gregorian Order around the neck of the Viennese Abortion politician, Comrade Renate Brauner.

In Sept 2009 he forbid the Salzburg Auxiliary Bishop Andreas Laun from participating in a pro-Life demonstration in Vienna

There is no such thing as Homosexual Marriage

The Cardinal expressed himself about homosexual depravity.

He insists that "there is no homosexual marriage".

Marriage is between man an woman who are open to children: "everything else is a false advertising".

The Church isn't going to address itself "against homosexual marriage, because it doesn't exist".

He is a son of divorced parents.

In regards to divorce the Cardinal said that he was "truly angry" about the reproaches against the Church.

The Church is the only institution, which defends marriage:

"Is it merciful to separate children between mother and father and make them into a play ball for the parents?"

The Cardinal, who comes from a divorced family, recalled the pain of many women after divorce.

In conclusion the Cardinal wished the youth and "also the Bishop the courage to speak out on such things."

Because only the truth will make you free.

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Father Mike Tegeder is Being Relieved of his Parish Duties

There is a controversial Minnesota Pastor at the Parish of St. Edwards who's been flaunting the authority of his employers for a very long time, as long as he's been a priest. He is responsible for having women come into the parish and preach the homily, which is not acceptable. Despite being asked not to do this by Archbishop Nienstedt, Father Mike refused to obey, he said, with the Devil himself, non serviam. The Wild Reed of Australia's going to have a panic meltdown after this. The resident dissident in favor of marriages involving other than a man and a woman has been cheering on the sidelines for Father Mike Tegeder for a long while

We've heard from the usual sources that Father Mike will at least be reassigned and probably won't be doing parish work any more.

There's been no comment from the Archdiocese so far.

We told you Father Mike was paddling into "dangerous pastoral waters".

But Father Mike's not the only one with Lay Preachers in the house.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

False Catholic Congressman Defeated

Despite being eager to help the Democrats on homosexual issues like Don't Ask... .., and Hate Crimes Legislation, Congressman Cao has been also a supporter of Healthcare Reform. How a Catholic could lament this purported Pro-life, Catholic Democrat as a legitimate candidate for Catholic voters, or lament his defeat is beyond us. Did we mention that Congressman Cao was another Jesuit star?

However much we are fond of Vietnamese Catholics and their fervor, good riddance to Congressman Ahn.

It seems to us that the late President Ngo Diem would be disappointed in his fellow Catholic for supporting the kinds of men and policies that are oppressing Vietnamese today.

Pro Ecclesia * Pro Familia * Pro Civitate: Why Is the Left Hostile to Vietnamese-Americans?

Eduardo Verástegui Puts himself Behind Cardinal Burke

Mexican actor supports the pro-life message of future Cardinal Burke. The abortion opponent said this on his website for Hispanic US-Citizens that they should seriously consider the words of the Cardinal designate.

Los Angeles ( The Mexican actor and Pro-Life-Activist Edwardo Verástegui has two sensational videos on his website which supports the points made by Archbishop Raymond Burke. The star, famous among Spanish speakers and known Catholic supports the message of the Archbishop, who will be appointed a Cardinal in the next Consistorium.

The Cardinal designate had spoken out clearly against abortion and homosexual "marriage" when he was named. +Burke, the Prefect of the highest court in the Vatican, had explained that Catholics must take into account the ethical considerations of the candidates as main criteria.

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Here's the video on Gloria, of his film Bella.

Link to his site, here., in English and Spanish, and to the videos, called "hard truth"...