Monday, September 5, 2011

Cardinal Schönborn's Restaurant Mass

Editor:  Somebody told us that the campaign we've been participating in about Cardinal Schönborn would never catch on.  Well, at least Mundabor caught the ++Schönborn bug.

Actually, we very seldom have to explain to people we meet who are Catholic about the Danube Prelate.  Even Jimmy Akin's ten gallon hat probably knows by now.  Hey, beating up on Father Corapi takes a lot of energy. You can only cover "important" events, dontcha know.

 You'd thought you'd heard everything.  Now it's a Restaurant Mass.  At least there's no polka band.   The Heurigen where this took is a place where you can drink wine made on the premises. It's got good food, but  they serve a tough wine to drink and a bit on the bitter side, rather like gall.  We've been to this Heurigen in a suburb of Vienna, near a Church where Franz Schubert played one of his beautiful Masses.

As the reports, this was done with Cardinal Schönborn's approval.

 Austria.  On the Sunday before last Pastor Norbert Ritt von Grinzing in the Archdiocese of Vienna celebrated a new Mass in a restaurant.  This was according to the neo-Conservative videosite, ''.  The divine service was part of a series under the title, Heuerigenmesse [Heurigen Mass].  Every fourth Sunday in the Summer, Father Ritt celebrates Sunday Mass in the patio of the restaurant. After the Mass, the priest left the consecrated Hosts in ciboria on the dinner table.  After a long while, a woman took the Hosts -- along with other utensils like the Mass book, baskets, the loud speaker -- in a plastic crate.  The crate was filled with the All Holy and all the other objects were piled in on top of It or next to It and it was dumped in the passenger seat of a car.

This new Mass was held at the Restaurant, despite the fact that there was a beautiful church conveniently two or three blocks away.


Tito Edwards said...

Is it possible to fix the width of the video? I only see about 3/5ths of the screen.

Thanks ahead of time!



Tancred said...


thanks for the heads up.


Cruce said...

well, the nouvs ordo is a protestant dnner somehow this seems fitting.

Anonymous said...

Hello Tancred,

I do have the bug still ;), but I have now left only two of the three references to cardinal Schoenborn as after six weeks the sticky post was more than I could bear.

If you go on my site you'll see the big "Stop" post on the top right hand corner, just below the Blessed Virgin.

Thank you for pointing my attention on the latest show, I'll visit and report.