Friday, February 24, 2012

Imam Thinks Israel Should not Exist: Banned in Vienna!

Edit: it's not like the Immam is singing the praises of Medjugorje, promoting women priests or displaying blasphemous portraits at the Cathedral bookstore or anything. In any event, Cardinal Christoph von Schönborn had to move quickly to protect the reputation of his predecessor's masterwork of false irenicism.

He thinks the death penalty for adultery is justified, and denies that the State of Israel has a right to exist. [Gasp]  Update:  Only after media reports did Cardinal Schönborn forbid further entrance of radical preacher at Church Institute.

Vienna ( He thinks that the death penalty for adultery is justified.  He denies that the State of Israel has a right to exist. He is promoting the re-establishment of the Caliphate in the Islamic world.   And Shaker Assem, speaker of the Panislamic "Hizb ut-Tahir" (Party of Freedom), which planned a Califate conference for the 10th of March ("Die Presse", reports),  regularly preaches on Friday in the Islamic prayer center of the Viennese Afro-Asiatic Institute (AAI).   "Die Presse" news reported this on Friday.  The Institute was founded by Cardinal König as a "political development house of education"  and is according to the times an ecclesiastical foundation, which is supported by means from the Archdiocese of Vienna.

For AAI- business manager, Nikolaus Heger this is a "difficult situation",  over which there has been much discussion.  Assem is also a good "dialog partner", who  seeks discussion and disputation.  "If you were to pole Muslims, you would find many who do not believe Israel should exist."  Exactly for this reason, it is important to draw people like him into the dialogue, Hegner says.

Update on Friday:  The controversial Caliphate preacher Shaker Assem may not lead the Friday prayer of the Viennese Afro-Asiatic Institute (AAI).  The Archdiocese of Vienna reported this on Friday in a communique.  Cardinal Christoph Schönborn has come to this decision as the protector of the Institute founded by Cardinal Franz König with AAI- business leader Nikolaus Heger. "The Archdiocse must generate clarity over the situation, especially when the State authorities have not yet evaluated Imam Assem as a hate preacher," it reads.

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