Friday, April 13, 2012

Another Homosexual Affirmed on Parish Counsel in Austria

He Awaits the Breakthrough of the Swelling Boil

Edit: take note of the people who defend ++Schoenborn and downplay his erosion of the Church's authority.

( The homosexual Markus Casna (44) has been selected for the third time as Parish Counsel.

This was met with celebration by the online edition of the anti-Church Austrian newspaper, 'Standard' yesterday.

The Parish Provost, Micheal Blassnigg (51) has "no problem with it".

He is a secular priest from Niedernsill, which borders on south east to Kaprun.

The Put Themselves on the Way to Hell

Casna has been living since he was 19 with another homosexual together in open sin -- which calls to heaven for vengeance.

Two years ago he had his atrocity registered by the decadent state.

"All men are equal before God", explained Casna -- and dismisses the fact that unrepentant homosexual sinners go to Hell.

Homosexually troubled people have turned the decadent Conciliar Church on its side:  "Parish Provost Blasnigg and also Parish Director Toni Fersterer support me."

A Dean Persuaded the Homosexual

In 2001, the Dean (75) spoke with Casna.

He told him that would like to see him as Parish Counsel:  "He knew then that I was in a homosexual relationship."

Casna let himself be persuaded.

A Boil Swelled

The homosexual made no secret of his devilish anti-Catholic disposition:

"Confession was invented in the Middle Ages, and celibacy is an invention also of the Roman Catholic Church" -- he blathered.

The Disobedience Initiative is "on a good path".

He is confident that the "breakthrough" will succeed.

This homosexual is also enchanted by Vienna's homosexual pornography Cardinal.

That the Cardinal spit in the face of the Gospel and blessed a homosexual parish administrator is for Casna, "practically an Easter gift".

In the Conciliar Church, the Catholic is Stupid

The Civil Pastor Blassnigg praised the homosexually troubled Casna in the highest tones.

On the other hand he is damned by Pastor Gerhard Swierzek of Stutzenhofen. [Who recently resigned when he was overruled by ++Schoenborn]

"If you don't deal with homosexuality, that is the smartest."

A Conscience-Free National Socialist Legal Positivism

Fr. Blassnigg sees the Cardinal in a positive light:

If one sees "the man", one sees things differently -- he distorted.

He presents a conscience-free legal positivism: "canon law will eventually change, it just takes longer".

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Anonymous said...

So....a practitioner of sexual perversion is acceptable to the Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna.

Would the same be true for someone who was labeled a "Holocaust Denier"?


schmenz said...

The Holy Father's apparent unwillingness to discipline Cardianls like Schonborn (and Wuerl) is the Achilles heel that is going to lead us into more misery as a Church. In this he shares the view of his predecessor, John Paul II, who pointedly refused to govern his Church but preferred to go on international junketings in which he was received as a sort of "rock star".

Nothing substantial will change until Pope Benedict takes a stand against these treasonous clerics, these wolves in sheeps' clothing, who would dare to protect even sexual deviants and confirm them in their sins. Thus far the Pope has continued the failed approach of being "nice". That this approach is and has been an utter catastrophe doesn't seem to move him to reconsider it.

Say a rosary for the Pope, that he will find soon his backbone.

Unknown said...

The faithful of Vienna should seek out the Traditional Latin Mass and steer clear of the 'seculars'. As the Traditional communities thrive and grow in numbers, they are the Church continuum of the future. God be with us.