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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pastor Uprising: Cardinal Schönborn Cites Schüller & Co

Will there be consequences for the members of "Pastor Initiative" who published a call for disobedience a few days ago?  The Cardinal is preparing a letter to the priest.

Vienna ( Will there be consequences for the "Pastor Initiative" members who published a controversial call for disobedience a few days ago as reported [Or mundabor]?  Now, at least, the ringleaders of the group surrounding Helmut Schüller have been notified by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn according to "press" reports.  Schönborn will also prepare a letter addressed to all priests of the Archdiocese of Vienna.  This is according to the "press" of the insurgency itself and will be addressed at least indirectly.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cardinal Schoenborn's Western Mass is Cancelled

Editor: from the Herman Munster of Continuity blog, this positive report, here.

Oftentimes these timely cancellations are followed by cancellations of the cancellations.  He would do a lot better to fire the homosexual enabling Cathedral Rector who planned the event in the first place.

H/t: Pewsitter

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Glowing Heart of Religion: Cardinal Schönborn on Corpus Christi

Editor: Actually, Josephism is a heresy, not a "tradition" as Cardinal Schönborn puts it. He knows better, but then, he's always up to something.

Cardinal Christoph Schönborn at his Corpus Christi Sermon: From the "Disposition of the prayer lost to self" follows from a "inner Joy, the Joy of God himself, Who helps to bear all hardships."

Vienna ( Cardinal Christoph Schönborn recalled in his sermon at the Josef Square in the center district of Vienna the tradition [sic] of Josephism going back to the Emperor Joseph II. The "temptation of Josephism", said the Cardinal, is still with us today, namely, "to measure religion according to its social and communal usefulness". "And then we all play industriously along, in which we put all the importance of the Church for its usefulness to the State and Society."

For that reason this produced a "complete balance of success" -- the Cardinal identified, among other things, Catholic Schools, the distribution of Charity, the ecclesiastical cultural goods and the lobbying for development -- for which "we also show our thankfulness as a sign of esteem and the recognition of the side of the State, as approximately the most recently conclusive natural sign of the marketability of the Church's contribution" [which "isn't a privilege for the Church, rather the recognition of its contribution to the good of the whole"].

"Aimless, but supremely meaningful"

it is therefore a "great other: religion, faith, church as a society of faith, may not be understood according to its use. The burning heart of Religion is the purposeless mystery, and if it does not live any more from this secret, then its burning center is extinguished." The Eucharistic Adoration, therefore in the Monstrance which carries the Host, which according to the Catholic understanding is Christ himself actually present, says Cardinal Schönborn, "purposeless, but supremely meaningful". "The Mystery is adored that is present in this small piece of bread.... must have no balance of usefulness." "Finding God according to God's will! Jesus Christ is honored and adored in the form of his Eucharistic presence: That is the meaning of today's event", the "living kernel" of the Corpus Christi tradition.

"Freed from a self-justifying ritual"

Finally Cardinal Schönborn focused in his sermon at the Josefplatz, "not intended but all the more important side-effects" which "comport the purposelessness of giving adoration": First, "that we are released from this sometimes painful ritual of self-justification". Here the Cardinal recalled that many efforts of the Church for Society are actually numerous, and are gratefully recognized, "but we may not inform ourselves, that we, for that reason, are the only and the best." Even the secular society has "fantastic schools, good hospitals, fantastic social services -- without religious motivation."

"Free for Service to Neighbor"

Second, following on the "Demeanor of the selfless adoration" an "inner joy, which is the joy in God Himself, who helps bear all hardships. Finally to be free of the self-forgetful adoration of the mystery, free from one's self, free for God, free for the devoted service to neighbor." "Our duty" on Corpus Christi, "This purposeless procession, these moments of adoration bring the source to approachability, which flows from our society with new power", concluded Cardinal Schönborn his Sermon.

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Monday, June 13, 2011

Western Mass Sacrilege Three Years Running in Vienna

Editor: Fr. Tony Faber, the one who helped Cardinal Schönborn bury a Communist homosexual in the Cathedral graveyard, is at it again. The up and running "Western Theme Mass" is apparently approved from HQ. He made the point that the Cardinal has approved this "Mass".

Friday, May 27, 2011

Father Fessio Being Accused by "SNAP" of Covering up for Homosexual Predator

Editor: Back in the 1960s, Father McGuire has long been credibly accused of having molested two boys.  For over 36 [even 50?] years since then, the Jesuits have been covering up for him, destroying records, despite the fact that he was continuing this evil behavior. NPR covered this, conveniently, back in 2006.

[NPR] The first signs of trouble surfaced in 1969, in a case that would eventually result in McGuire's criminal conviction. A 14-year old freshman at Loyola Academy, a high school near Chicago, met Father McGuire when the young priest was assigned to be his counselor. McGuire soon persuaded the teenager and his father to let him board at the school. McGuire said the boy would sleep in a nearby room. But McGuire immediately moved the boy to his own room and "then the abuse turned physical," according to the victim, now 51 years old.
"There's only one bed inside the room, so sleeping quarters were to sleep in the same bed together," the man said in a phone interview.
As recently as 2005, the Jesuits said they had no knowledge of this. But documents suggest they did. The boy had told his parish priest about the abuse. The priest wrote the Jesuits running the school in November 1969, and Pearlman has a copy of that letter. The said the Jesuits told him they would take care of McGuire. They put McGuire on sabbatical, and he did not return to the school. But three years later, the then-teenager realized they had not done enough.
"I was walking down one of the lanes at Loyola University," he told NPR, "and ran smack dab into Father McGuire toting a little boy with him, in the ages of like 13 to 14 years old."

Now, it is being alleged that not only the Jesuits, but the famed Father Fessio knew about this as well, while McGuire gave classes at the Ignatius Institute in San Francisco.  The SNAP press release insists that Father Fessio knew about the priest's crimes but did not report it to police.  SNAP is an overzealous professional victim's organization, but the Jesuit's are infamous for their capacity to ignore reality in this wise, and permit homosexuals to work in their ranks even when they're sexually active:  one might even say, especially.

McGuire worked at USF from 1976 to 1981 where he taught within the St. Ignatius Institute, a conservative liberal arts program run by Fr. Joseph Fessio. Fessio is the US publisher for all of Pope Benedict’s writing (including Benedict's latest book, Light of the World). According to court and public documents, Fessio knew about McGuire's crimes, but never told law enforcement.

We've always been skeptical of Father Fessio.  He was promoting Cardinal Schoenborn's books and defended the Danube Prelate when he was defending his decision to allow the blasphemous homosexual art of Hrdlika not only at the Vienna Cathedral Museum, but also in the St. Barbara Chapel itself.  Hrdlika was even given a burial on consecrated ground with a momento of his "art" as a gravestone to a choir singing Communist hymns.

H/t: Helen Westover

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Cardinal Schönborn to Announce "Restructuring" of Vienna Parishes

Now the Church has to be stuffed together, even in Vienna. Even the celebratory vocabulary can't wash away the sad reality.

( Christoph Cardinal Schönborn of Vienna won't be naming any more priests "till further notice" to parishes.

The was covered by the newspaper 'Die Presse' yesterday in connection to insider information.

The reason for the measure: The pastor has rights against his Bishop, which the latter must respect.

It is primarily through the respect of these rights that priests are protected from the arbitrariness of their Old Liberal Bishops.

In the lead on the way down

This step will prepare the way for the coalescence of 660 parishes and for "new forms of community leadership".

The newspaper calls the measures a "blow for freedom".

"The announcement is the kernel of an unpublished pastoral letter, which will be read in all the churches of the Archdiocese of Vienna" -- says the anti-Church newspaper.

With this the Cardinal is opening the next chapter, "to makes his church fit for the future" -- gushed 'Die Presse' in the high estimation of the leftist Cardinal.

Nowhere else in Austria is the ecclesiastical decline greater than in the Archdiocese of Vienna.

The number of Catholics in the city of Vienna are estimated at about less than forty percent.

The left led Archdiocese is also in the lead for people leaving the Church throughout Austria.

Just before the End

The upcoming measures will lead to the situation where numerous parish churchs are transformed into filial churches.

"All alternations will serve a large number of living communities in their place" -- was the Cardinal's euphemistic way of putting it.

In any wise, he also describes the actual condition of the Diocese, destroyed by Old Liberal officials:

"There are fewer Church members, and even that number who participate in their parish, is even less."

And: "In most parishes children and young people are absent. Our financial and personnel resources are thin."

And with the Old Liberal Ideology in the Future?

Cardinal Schönborn is supposedly to direct the renewal under the motto, "mission first".

For that reason the three last Old Liberal Diocesan Assemblies have been implemented in the Stepensdom.

Actually, the Old Liberal Ideology is the opposite of an outwardly oriented, missionary Church.

They limit themselves to playing solitaire, inner-Church trench warfare and ecclesiastical solipsism.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Cardinal Schönborn Addresses Problem of "Theologians"

He should deal with this -- rather than become dismayed.

"For a year young theologians, and future women religious teachers [sic!],  theologically engaged laypersons explained that it is inessential for the faith if there was an empty grave or not, that the faith in the resurrection of Jesus is not significant, if the bones of Jesus were to be found.    In the clear text that means: the resurrection is understood symbolically.  The actuality of Jesus goes further!  One such >>Easter Believer<<, reduces it to a point of existnetial dismay that Jesus lived on,  which can hardly be comforting, or awaken joy.  It is false labeling [...].  This sort intellectually dishonest deception has always been dismaying.  It has always been seen in the past as horseplay."

The Old Liberal Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna in a guest lecture for the regional newspaper 'Tirolean times' and 'Austrian News'.

Saturday, April 23, 2011 Gives Softball Interview to the Vienese Cardinal

For a long time the friendship between '' and the Viennese Schism-Cardinal has grown cold. Now, however, the Old Liberal Prelate has decided to give even that website an interview. Is it a coincidence?

(, Wien) The media's highly praised theological pamphlet from the beginningo of February has "found relatively little attention in the media".

The Viennese schism-Cardinal Christoph Schönborn said this for the commerce website, ''.

Expectedly, the Old Liberal Cardinal Schönborn criticized the form rather than the content of the pamphlet.

The "dramatic ton" wasn't appealing -- he explained.

Toothless Critique

Otherwise, the underwear-Reformers get a half-canonization from the Old Liberal Cardinal.

He applies to them a supposed "honorable concer for the future of the Church", a "good will" and even "serious intentions".

His toothless critique resembles that of a protestantic preacher's delivery.

This was discussed at a deans meeting, if the Catholics would not see that the desired reforms of the protestants have long since transpired: "Has it gone appreciably better for uS?"

Cardinal Schönborn's vague criticism proceeded further that the "supernatural dimension" -- supposedly the Cardinal meant God with that -- which is hardly discussed in the pamphlet.

As sources of renewal he views the Marian apparition sites like Lourdes and Fatima as well as -- the one he values above all the rest -- "surely also" the false apparition site of Medjugorje in Bosnia-Herzegowina.

Cardinal Schönborn views the pamphlet then as "very cleric-centered".

The teaching of the priesthood of the faithful of all baptized came hardly into play.

Link to original...
Too many balloons at Mass?

Cardinal Schönborn cautiously criticized the post-conciliar liturgical reform.

One must proceed very warily with liturgical reforms -- he said philosophically:

"The errors of the liturgical reform after the Council was probably above all its great haste."

The question, as his own pancake bread discomasses with balloones, text and a heavily cobbled Mass book by Paul VI. can be tied to him, was not put to him by the ace reporter at ''.

More interestingly the Cardinal gave the censur-website his Interview two weeks after '' had downplayed the Austrian religion book scandal.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Cardinal Schönborn Praises Retiring Homosexual Politician

Editor: The Cardinal keeps pushing the envelope. He truly is the ++Mahony of Zentropa. And you let him do what with the youth catechism? Hey, he's praised homosexual, Communist artists and proudly displays their art in his Cathedral, one of the oldest in Europe, why can't he now praise and honor a homosexual politician? Anyone out there, anyone, still doubt that this man is one of the greatest homosexual enablers in the Church? He's even promoted by Ignatius Press. That's good. Real good.

Cardinal Schönborn names a piglet politician to the title of "upstanding Christian"

This homosexual-ideologist can be abundantly indifferent as far as Church and driven as a punishment to hell. But what one reigning Cardinal under Benedict XVI says about him, speaks volumes about the condition of the Church.

("Josef Pröll is a great politician, he has served the republic honorably and he is an upright Christian."

With this parody the Viennese Cardinal expressed himself to the Austrian agency 'kathpress' about the resignation of Austrian homo-politician and Vice Chancellor Josef Pröll.

Pröll is a member of the Homo and abortion ÖVP [Austrian People's Party].

Yesterday he resigned all of his political offices for reasons of health.

Cardinal Schönborn was in Rome at the time of the resignation.

He would have had justifiable grounds, to spare his painful hymns of praise for the piglet politician.

The Person Mostly Guilty for State Privilege for Sex Mania

Pröll opened the last decent citizen's eyes, as he was on the uttermost front lines for making effective the State's Privileging of the homosexually disordered condition.

Document of the Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith of June 2003

"If there are legislative assemblies validating a bill to pass the legal recognition of homosexual domestic partnerships, the Catholic Parliamentarian has the moral duty to express opposition and vote against the drafted legislation under proposal."

For years past the porcine politician worked for the privileging of homo-sex mania against opposition within the ÖVP as an agenda of his party.

For that reason it was the decadent ÖVP which brought scandal-laws into the Parliament.

Since January 2010 Pröll and his homosexual party are responsible for putting unjust laws in power.

Cardinal Schönborn: Homosexual Politician Cares "For the Common Good"

Besides the perverse politic of Pröll, Cardinal Schönborn praised him to the heavens.

Pröll has had in his -- completely decadent -- political activity and upon his departure "proven his ability to lead and style":

"He has been concerned in expressly difficult situations in common with others for the common good and thus had avoided negative consequences from international developments in our land" -- said the Cardinal, awarding himself a comedy prize.

The homosexual politician has made proposals that could continue the "successsful way for the second Republic" -- continued the Cardinal still more.

He payed some kudos to the unscrupulous homosexual politician with "respect, gratitude and recognition".

The Cardinal even "bowed" himself for the homosexual politician, because the politician asked in flowery farewells for "decorum" and "peace" in politics.

Finally, Cardinal Schönborn also praised the homosexual politician in his engagement at his home parish. He knows to treasure the "very".

Otherwise Pröll has to take care that the Church fees in Austria are set very aside.

The fanatical homosexual politician is said to have proven that he is so much more in other questions, than a "constructive dialog partner and responsible politician" but that he "brought his Christian conviction" as well. -- this time Cardinal Schönborn tore the mask from his face.

Link to original

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Distribution Stopped: "YouCAT"

Editor: Naturally, Cardinal Schoenborn's catechism has some problems with it.

But he's now shifting the blame:
[Catholic Culture] Cardinal Christoph Schönborn of Vienna, who supervised the production of YouCat, said that each translation was produced under the aegis of another prelate. The Italian translation was guided by Cardinal Angelo Scola of Venice.

The Italian edition of "YouCAT" contains a substantial translation error. Who will take responsibility? Naturally, no one.

(, Vatikan) The publication of the Italian edition is part of a Vatican commission? This was reported by the news agency of the US-Bishops Conference 'Catholic News Service'.

The Italian edition of 'YouCAT' appears in the press 'Citta Nuova'. It belons to the falsely ecumenical Focolare Movement.

Youth catechism's Italian edition suspended after translation error

The English language "Youcat: Youth Catechism of the Catholic Church" is published by Ignatius Press of San Francisco. (CNS/Ignatius Press)

By Carol Glatz
Catholic News Service

VATICAN CITY (CNS) -- Distribution of an Italian edition of a new youth catechism was temporarily suspended because of a translation error concerning the church's teaching on contraception.

Thousands of copies of the Italian translation of "YouCat," a recently released supplement to the Catechism of the Catholic Church, erroneously left the impression that Catholic couples could use "contraceptive methods."

As a result, "the product is temporarily suspended, but not halted," so that the Italian publisher can "examine the text," Elena Cardinali, a spokeswoman for the Citta Nuova editorial group, told Catholic News Service April 12. Citta Nuova, the publishing arm of the Focolare lay movement, handled the Italian edition of the catechism.

The youth catechism was originally written in German and the work was supervised by Austrian Cardinal Christoph Schonborn of Vienna. The Italian edition was translated by Pietro Podolak and translation revisions were overseen by Cardinal Angelo Scola of Venice, according to the credit pages in the book.

The 300-page book uses a question-and-answer format to talk about what the church teaches.

Question 420 of the Italian edition and its brief reply incorrectly suggest that a married couple can use contraceptive methods.

The question in the Italian version reads: "Can a Christian couple turn to contraceptive methods?" The answer reads: "Yes, a Christian couple can and must be responsible about their capacity of being able to give life."

The answer in Italian goes on to explain -- in line with church teaching -- that the church does not accept artificial means of contraception, but does allow regulation of fertility through natural methods.

The error was not found in the original German text of "YouCat," nor in the U.S. English edition, which was published by Ignatius Press.

The German text of question 420 "asks whether a Christian married couple may regulate the number of children they have. It does not ask whether the couple may use methods of contraception," wrote Mark Brumley, president of Ignatius Press, on the Ignatius Press blog, Insight Scoop.

"I don't know why the Italian translation reads as it does, nor do I know how it came about that it reads as it does, but it should be fixed to reflect, without ambiguity, the church's teaching that contraception is evil," Brumley wrote April 12.

"It is my understanding that the Italian text is being fixed," he added.

A Vatican official, speaking on background, said a previously planned press conference April 13 was expected to clarify the issue.

The English translation of the question and reply in "YouCat" as published by Ignatius Press is: "May a Christian married couple regulate the number of children they have? Yes, a Christian married couple may and should be responsible in using the gift and privilege of transmitting life."

The "YouCat" Italian edition came out in bookstores March 30 and sold 14,000 copies in five days, a Citta Nuova press release said April 6. At that time, Citta Nuova said some 46,000 copies had already been printed and more than 27,000 copies ordered.

It was the third best-selling religious book in Italian, it said, coming in behind Pope Benedict XVI's "Jesus of Nazareth" and a recent biography of Pope John Paul II.

"YouCat" was to be translated into at least 13 different languages and about 700,000 copies were to be distributed to young people taking part in World Youth Day 2011 in Madrid. An electronic version will also be available.

Pope Benedict wrote the book's foreword and said he wanted to supplement the Catechism of the Catholic Church by translating it "into the language of young people."

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Viennese Cardinal Promotes Birth Control in New Catechism

Editor: First he's supporting Medjugorje, promoting blasphemous homosexual communists and their "art" and a "wild west" Liturgy.  What's next?  Promoting birth control.  Thank YOU, Father Fessio, for popularizing this man in the English speaking world through Ignatius Press.  This might be the end of Ignatius Press as a byword for orthodoxy.

.- A new Vatican-sponsored catechism intended for youth suggests that Christian couples “can and should” use “contraceptive methods” when deciding on how many children to have.
The revelation comes two days before the eve of the official launch of the so-called “YouCat,” produced specially for the Church’s World Youth Day event, to be held in Madrid this coming August.
The Vatican’s spokesman, Father Federico Lombardi, SJ, told CNA April 11, “I have not yet seen the text of YouCat and am therefore unable to comment further.”

World Youth Day catechism suggests endorsement of ‘contraceptive methods’ :: Catholic News Agency (CNA)

H/t: Stevo at FE

Friday, April 8, 2011

The Main thing is "Simple" -- Whatever That May Mean: Cardinal Schönborn's Ugly Vestments

One of the Vienna Cardinal's regalia was so ugly that he even presented it at the Old Liberal trade exhibition in Italy.

Their "simple" vestments

( The Viennese Liturgy Seminar will feature liturgical robes at the clerical exposition „koiné 2011“ in the northern Italian city of Vicenza.

The website '' reported this in March.

For Sister Imelda Ruf the dubious invitation to the Mass is "a promise that we are on the right way."

The Sister belongs to the Benedictine Cloister Steinerkirchen fifty kilometers south west of Linz.

She works as a seamstress in the Liturgy Seminar of the Archdiocese of Vienna. There she is responsible for vestments.

Her Cloister has also served over many years as the fashion taylor for Old Liberal Vestments.

Expensive Stuff -- Cheap Design

In Vicenza the Archdiocese of Vienna presents the "white diocesan regalia" which Sister Imelda had made.

It is said to be a question of a "humble white regalia for our time" -- she explains how the mass robe came into being.

According to Sister Imelda's account, today, there is just as earlier the use of "expensive material" -- "but with lighter and more simple materials".

Above all, pure silk will be used. They're made from Dupioni silk which is often taken for wild silk and is known for its irregular structure.

The Mass robes are even being completed from this material.

The liturgical directions are also important, which relate especially to color, form, mass and symbolism -- said Sister.

"Too Elaborate"

The goal of the conference in Vicenza was to show Mass robes and stoles, "which are innovatively completed in the spirit of the Liturgical Constitution of the Second Vatican Council".

The supposed jury panel have selected "simple robes" -- a chasuble and four stoles.

Sister Imelda continued:

"The Papal chasuble, which Benedict XVI wore at his visit to Vienna, is much too elaborate and will not be displayed."

One of the exponents was a "violet, living tree chasuble", which Cardinal Schönborn brought as part of the second Diocesan collection.

The pieces can be borrowed from the lending services for Viennese Parishes.

Translated from

Viennese Cardinal Snubs Princely Family of Liechtenstein, and the Church

Editor: The Viennese Cardinal is no respecter of rank and privilege. He gives the runaround to everyone who's Catholic. At least someone is looking out for the education of children in Austria.

Erase it: The Austrian Bishops have been playing a game for a year with the spiritual health of minors using devilish religion books.

Prinz Gundakar and Prinzessin Marie von und zu Liechtenstein have, because of ecclesiastical bureaucratic decay, been sent from Pontius to Pilate, while Bishops and the Vatican turn diplomatic pirouettes.

The two marrieds are living in Lower Austria and are responsible for five school age children.

Diocesan Approved Deviltry

In October 2008 the married couple turned to the President of the Austrian Bishop's Conference, Christoph Cardinal Schönborn.

They requested that he eliminate material hostile to the Catholic Faith -- with Episcopal approval -- being used in Catholic religious instruction.

It concerned:

- the "Graz Series" for Middle School. They contain the various parts "I am by you", "With you I can grow", "Travelling with you", "Together we'll make the world".

- the hand book "Joy for Faith",

- a series of writings of the Old Liberal Viennese Religious educator, Martin Jäggle, with the instruction text "You like me", "you make my life beautiful", "You lead me", "You trust me".

The applicants looked for the good advice of Gertrud Dörner.

With her help, it was demonstrated that the offensive texts falsify the Faith.

In April 2009 the Old Liberal Austrian Bishop's Conference struck down the appeal.

The Couple von und zu Lieschtenstein 2009 made an application for retraction of the judgment. This was struck down in July of the same year.

The Long Way to Rome

The couple weighed against the decision again, but this time with the Congregation for the Faith.

The appeal was sent back on November 2009 for formal reasons.

Prinz Gundakar reapplied his appeal to the Apostolic Signatura in November 2009.

This was remanded by the parents in February 2010 to the Congregation for Clergy.

Still the prince turned from this in the same month.

Incredible but true: In March 2010 -- almost a year and a half after first writing Cardinal Schönborn -- the appeal was received.

The Apostolic Signatura handed the problem down to the Congregation of Clergy. This office got down to business.

They asked Cardinal Schönborn for documents and information and a deep study of the recommendations of Frau Döner from the Congregation of Faith.

Cynical Bishops

Cynically, the Austrian Bishops Conference had already admitted in April of April 2009 that "in part" Frau Dörners observations on the faith unfriendly religion books were accurate.

And: "The corresponding hand books show, that these problems have their origin in questionable theological positions as well as in dangerous tendencies, to devalue the validity of faith".

These determinations are blank cynicism: For the episcopaly criticized books were considered by the Bishops to have been effectively used for Catholic religious instruction.

Pulling the Head from the Sling

The Congregation for Clergy called the Cardinal to address the situation.

The Cardinal explained November 2010 in a letter that the Austrian Bishops in the mean time had published a new lesson plan.

The incriminated school books were therefore no longer new, rather replaced in the whole by a new school book series.

Therefore it "is not meaningful" to correct errors contained, which the Congregation of the Faith had correctly ascertained, "for the short time frame for which this series of elementary school books are in use."

He will take efforts to explain the various errors concerned and inform the religion instructors in the use of these religion books so that they won't disseminate these identified errors --- joked the Cardinal.

Irresponsible Wolves

On 22. Februar 2011 the Congregation for Clergy explained that the reason for the conflict has been isolated, since the proposed concerns which were specified in the appeal were handled "in an acceptable way".

In other words: The Austrian Bishops have been risking the good of the souls of persons under age.

Now they've availed themselves of a hush-hush action.

The responsibility for this outrageous scandal doesn't convince anyone.

Photo, Monarchy Forum...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Schönborn: "The Crisis Will Make the Binding Power of the Church More Clear"

Editor: What you don't get in this discussion is what sees as the Cardinal's customary ambiguity, and putting out a discussion like this on the national level so that he can attempt to vitiate the Church's actual position. Moreover, the Cardinal states that the reason for so many people leaving the Church this year was their "orchestrated" sex abuse scandal, as says:

The real reason that people are leaving the Church is for the fact that over ninety percent are paper Catholics -- among whom are many priests and even Bishops -- there's no real connection to the Church there.

Here's the story:

With a view on controversial themes within the Church ++Schönborn pleads for an "open debate". This is also applicable to celibacy, for there is "good cause why we should discuss it."

Brixen ( the crisis the binding power of the Church will again be made clear. The president of the Austrian Bishops' Conference, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn said this to the media in Brixen, with a view on the large numbers of those leaving the Church last year. The meeting of all the entire Bishops conference will deal intensively with the questions of church losses and also the legal measures against sexual abuse. The sex abuse crisis has been naturally blamed for the climbing numbers of church defections.

But there are also "signs of hope for a spring in the Church", urged the Viennese Archbishop, who spoke for an "open debate" within the Church about polemical themees. It needs consideration that people today can decide to live in the context of a plural and multi-religious society. This new freedom is also positive: "Christianity will be more a point of conviction, and we will have a free Church in a free society", emphasized the Cardinal and said: "The binding power of the Church will also become clearly stronger -- despite the abuse crisis."

More signs of hope are in the engagement of many young people, who are showing much concern for civil society and increasing interest in religious themes. For this back ground is pivotal, "the questions of faith, of God are wakening and taking hold in the midst of society", said the Cardinal. With a view upon controversial themes within the Church he pleads for an "open debate". This suffices also for celibacy, for it is " a good reason to have a discussion about it."

The Austrian Episcopate is preoccupied with its measures against sex abuse and correcting the configuration of the established guidelines. In the last year there is an increasing responsibility and "consciousness on to stand on the side of the victim". There are "clear standards" as well as working to know the truth and prevention. "I dare now to say that the Church has forged its way exemplarily", said the president of the Bishops' Conference, and effect a "positive example" at the national level.

The discussion with media representatives from Italy and Austria took place immediately before the begin of the four day plenary assembly of the Austrian Bishops' Conference, which intitially will meet in South Tyrol. Cardinal Schonborn will give a press conference about the Plenary Assembly on the 25th of March at 10.00 O'Clock in the "Club Stephansplatz 4", 1010 Vienna.

Read original at

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Viennese Disco Masses are at an End

Editor: Sugar and spice, everything nice...

It says "Mass" outside. But it's a Rock concert on the inside. This thief's pastoral initiative doesn't serve the youth, rather it serves the blathering of the official Bishops, providing them a diversion from the shattering glass of their Olde Liberal Church destruction.

(, Wien)The sacrilegious Viennese Rock Eucharist "find-fight-follow" are at an end.

DISCO With Auxiliary Bishop

This was according to the Old Liberal Viennese youth pastor, Fr. Gregor Jansen, for the Austrian news agency 'kathpress'.

In the last nine years there have been over fifty such Rock events with pancake "Eucharists".

The Viennese Cardinal Christoph von Schönborn stood for two of these sacrilegious, pancake disco Eucharists.

On 29 May the last sacrilegious disco Eucharist will be held in the open air.

Fr. Jansen has named no reason for the end.

Celebrate, why?

The disco-Eucharists have drawn massive criticism. They also hardened the reputation of the Viennese Cardinal as an Olde Liberal Church destroyer.

All the same it is yet to be seen if any reproof from Rome had brought their end.

It's probable that the organizers of the event up until now have lost their desire and there are no successors in sight.

Fr. Jansen explained that the originators only desired "a break".

They have to install for each and every Disco-Eucharist their own text in alleged "youth speech", find Rock Bands and install lighting in the various church spaces.

Fr. Jansen laments that the ending project had brought "much Holy Ghost".

The Rock Eucharists would have struck the "nerve of the time and the youth".

He believes that they would had "simply begun celebrating" -- he neglects to mention just what they were celebrating.

Mandatory Program

There are relatively many youth who come to these Disco-Eucharists.

Actually there's a reason for that: the events belong to the Mandatory Program for Confirmation of the Archdiocese of Vienna.

Now Fr. Jansen wants to make a request about the "Know How" to give Rock-Eucharists.

Ideas about how music or light effects of the Disco-Order of Mass were catching on in many Viennese Parishes -- so said Fr. Jansen.

Rock-Eucharists can also be organized in future without the motto 'find-fight-follow'.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Schönborn: Liturgical Reform is the Reinforcement of Old Traditions

Editor: The evils of the gathering space.

The Viennese Archbishop at the Altar Blessing in the Viennese Parish Church of Schottenfeld: The people's altar of the Liturgical Reform has now pushed the altar space in the foreground and posited another symbolism.

Vienna ( The liturgical reform of the Second Vatican Council is not the weakening of traditions, rather their reinforcement. Cardinal Christoph Schönborn preached this on Sunday at the consecration of an altar in the Viennese parish church in Schottenfeld.

Before the reform the priest prayed at the high altar facing the same direction as the faithful to the east -- toward the rising of the sun which Christ symbolizes. The people's altar of the Liturgical Reform has now pushed the altar space in the foreground and posited another symbolism, said Schönborn: "We gather around the altar, around Christ." With this reform it is brought more clearly to expression, "that Christ is our center". That is the reason that the consecration of an altar has a special meaning, explained the Cardinal.

Schönborn preached among other things about the abuse cases in the Church and acknowledged the misdeeds "even of us priests". Above all the Church is concerned in the fugure to gather itself around Christ and focus its life on Him. Then one doesn't have to be afraid of the future, said the Cardinal.

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Sunday, February 20, 2011

New Cloister in Vienna for The Sisters of the Lamb

In the Briggittenau there is a "little cloister" -- The financing of the building comes completely from donations, the foundation will be followed by a contribution from the Archdiocese of Vienna.

Vienna ( In Vienna- Brigittenau there is a new Religious Order:  In the Dammer Street there will be built  a "little cloister" of the "Little Sisters of the Lamb". The corresponding approval has been taken care of.  The building for the wooden frame structure should begin in the spring.  The Sisters should be celebrating Christmas in their new cloister.

The new cloister will have two ground level courtyards and an additional chapel connected to the street.  The financing of the construction comes exclusively from donations.  The building has been ordered by the Archdiocese of Vienna. 

As a newer branch of the Dominican order the Little Sisters of the Lamb want "simple clean homes" built, in order to "live among the people" and make people "from every walk of life" welcome. That they are building their new cloister in the 20th district with its diverse population is especially interesting for the Sisters, because they offer a "wide field for friendship and meeting".  The Sisters would like to be a "sign of friendship and peace of God" in a multicultural area: "We are really happy in our new neighborhood."

Till now the Sisters have set up housekeeping in the former Carmelite church on the Taborstrasse.  Even here -- in an environment that is very strongly marked by Jewish and Islamic families -- they have already begun with "many signs of friendship".

The "Community of the Lamb" is in nine countries with a membership of 130 Little Sisters and 30 Little Brothers.  In solidarity with all of the poor of the world the Brothers and Sisters have chosen a simple life.

Since 1996, Cardinal Schonborn has been ecclesiastically responsible for the order.  Since then the Community has presented itself in Vienna.  The Little Brothers and Sisters of the Lamb bestow their power of prayer to all people, who they meet every day and who confide in them. 

There is a community of the "Friends Promoting the Community of the Lamb"  where you can support it at, or here in English.

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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Vienna's Pastoral Office in the Hands of Left Feminist

The old Liberal Cardinal of Vienna is promoting an old Liberal Church functionary, who is associated with the anti-Church group "We Are Church".  The anti-Catholic media bosses will praise her.

Christoph Kardinal Schönborn
Christoph Kardinal Schönborn
(, Wien)Today on the feast of the Immaculate Conception, Christoph Cardinal Schönborn of Vienna has made some of his personal decisions known.

The old Liberal Vienna Regent, Secular Priest Nikolaus Krasa will be the new General Vicar.

Fr. Krasa is a passionate mountain climber. [sounds dangerous]

He proceeded to terminated his position in 'Press Service of the Archdiocese of Vienna", to continue on in the old Liberal line of his predecessors.

The old liberal Viennese Subregent, Fr. Richard Tatzreiter, follows Father Krasa as Regent.  

Fr. Tatzreiter was recently promoted as the supposed result of "collegiality" of priests.

Finally the Cardinal named the old Liberal Pastoral Theologian Veronika Prüller-Jagenteufel as the new director of the Pastoral Office.

The current old Liberal director, Fr. Michael Scharf, will be the Spiritual Assistant to the Pastoral Office.

Everything is on a Course in the Direction of Decline

With the naming of Mrs Prüller-Jagenteufel, Cardinal Schönborn has established a decisive course to put women in positions of responsibility normally held by clerics.

Already, women head the Financial Office, the Office of Schools, the Business and Accounting Departments of the Archdiocese of Vienna in the old Liberal decline.

Mrs. Prüller-Jagenteufel worked as Assistent and received her credentials studying under the anti-Church Viennese Pastoral Theologian, Fr. Paul Micheal Zulehner.

She was decisively involved with the preparation and execution of the Cardinal's anti-Church penance and protest liturgy with anti-Catholic Society, "We Are Church" in the Spring of 2009.

The event served to play up the infrequent homosexual abuses of children in the ecclesiastical area.

Initially, Mrs. Prüller-Jagenteufel's wished for proposal "a 'date of foundation' in the Church":

"We could confront the necessary institutional deconstruction anti-cyclically with many initiatives, experiments, community foundings and departures"  -- the Pastoral Theologian varnishes the the destruction of parishes.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Pope Benedict Won't Appoint Liberal Bishop's Choices for Auxiliary

Is the Linz Auxiliary Bishop on the Way?

Editor: considering the Vienna Cardinal's earlier attack against Pope Benedict's choice for auxiliary Bishop of the scandal Diocese of Linz, it might not be hard to see how Pope Benedict regards this situation, considering the embarrassment the Linz Bishop faces, lying to the press about the fact that Rome refuses to acknowledge any of his choices.

Bishop Schwarz denied to "Standard" - a rumour - that Rome has said "No", back -- fact is: The Bishop has already proposed a large number of people to Rome.

Linz ( The Linz Bishop Ludwig Schwarz has denied the "Standard" publicized rumour, that Rome supposedly has said "No" to a Linz Auxiliary Bishop.  "There isn't a single word in this report that's true!  Rome has not given me a refusal concerning this matter," said Schwarz to the "Linzer Kirchenzeitung" (LKZ).  The Linz Bishop has made known in any case, that the new Prefect required a time of "introduction and orientation in this matter".  As has learned from Roman Church circles, the Linz Bishop  Ludwig Schwarz has proposed an unusually large number of candidates to Rome.  Fact is, that till now none of the proposals have been accepted by Rome and this subject is explosive considering the forced resignation of Gerhard Maria Wagner.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Vienna's Cathedral Rector Says: The Cuddly Rosary Prayers Are Dying Out

There's a commotion in the Archdiocese of Vienna around Toni Faber: "We are really are closely bound to Rome, but we must go our independent way. Some representatives of the Vatican live in a kind of denial of reality" an "Celibacy may soon be an obsolete model"

Vienna [] A Commotion around the Vienna Cathedral Rector Toni Faber. In a recent interview with the "Courier" he answered questions put to him about reform in the Church: "We are really closely bound to Rome, but we must go our independent way. Some respresentatives of the Vatican live in a certain denial of reality. It is not enough to manage the apparent decline. The encouraging words of Caridnal Schönborn in the direction of the Church's transparency gives hope. The cuddly prayers of the rosary are dying out."

To the question, whether he thought differently than his other colleagues, the Cathedral Rector said, "I try to live without fear and always to be a response station. It is the same whether it's a sideways glance or there are some scraps thrown. I sense however, both curiosity and jealousy. I really wouldn't like to be a head teacher. But we have to use politics and media. If we don't orient ourselves on faithful customers, then the Church will crumble."

Then Faber spoke dismissively about celibacy. He was cited answering the question, how he felt about celibacy: "Celibacy appears to me and many others as increasingly questionable. he may well be soon an obsolete model."

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He was the same priest who buried the Communist Pornographic Homosexual Artist.

Lesung von HANS CONRAD ZANDER(Köln): "Abenteuerlich, lustig, glücklich – Plädoyer für den Zölibat" am 28.10.2010.

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Photo: Flickr Che Guevarra Pumpkin