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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Homosexual Irish Presidential Hopeful Promotes Pederasty

Editor:  After saying that a distinction should be drawn between pederasty and pedophilia, the older homosexual frontrunner for Irish president, David Norris, said that he could see an older, more mature man lovingly guiding a young man in the things of the world. 

On the one hand, you have tacit or explicit, in the case of the aspirant president here, for pederasty, that is, homosexual activity between two males where one is older and presumably mature while the other is younger and legally minor, and on the other hand, you have the same people in different contexts and discussions decrying alleged abuses in the Catholic Church. Pederasty and homosexuality go hand in hand and it's how a lot of homosexuals were confused about the issue themselves as boys. What you have here is an increasingly mainstream politician attempting to legitimize deviant behavior that often involves children and adolescents.

Surely, it's not just Hilary White at who sees the obvious hypocrisy?

But it's not just in radical circles where this sort of thing is being promoted, it's in the Democratic National Committee in the USA and other progressive parties -- are there any other-- in Europe at large, there sinister voices gathering who are advocating the lowering of the age of consent and the decriminalizing of sexual contact between adults and children or adolescents, like Germany's Green Party, for example.