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Friday, September 22, 2017

Deviants Rule the Vatican Under Francis' Papacy

ROME, July 11, 2017 (LifeSiteNews) -- Not only are gay-orgies happening in the Vatican, but the extent of homosexual activity in the Vatican under Pope Francis’ watch has “never been worse,” a reliable senior member of the Curia told National Catholic Register’s Ed Pentin. 
Pentin wrote earlier this week that this Vatican Curia member confirmed to him that “multiple sources” within the Vatican, including another senior curial figure, say that the report of a drug-fueled gay orgy right next to St. Peter’s is true. 
“He said the extent of homosexual practice in the Vatican has ‘never been worse,’ despite efforts begun by Benedict XVI to root out sexual deviancy from the curia after the Vatileaks scandal of 2012,” Pentin wrote in his report.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

The Homoheresy in the Church Today -- Benedict XVI. Established a Clear Ban for Their Ordination

Dariuscz Oko Warns Against Homoheresy and Homomafia
in the Church
(Rome) Two years ago, the Polish Catholic journal Fronda published a long essay, which was also taken up by the German Catholic journal Theologisches. The subject of the review was the "Homohäresie" and the existence of a "gay mafia" in the Catholic Church. The author described the existence of a network of homosexual priests at all levels of the Church hierarchy, including the Roman Curia, who cover for  each other.
The author of the explosive essay is the Polish priest Dariusz Oko, assistant professor of philosophy at the Pontifical Theological Academy of Cracow and the Pontifical University of John Paul II. of Krakow and pastor at St. Hedwig's parish in this city. In his essay, Oko recalled that more than 80 percent of the so-called pedophilia cases of clerics in the US are in reality cases of ephebophilia and are aimed at male adolescents. The numbers coincide with those of the CDF, which speaks of 90 percent,  facts that had been systematically suppressed in public. "Factual investigations show that the extent of the problem in the Catholic Church is still the lowest. Why then is she the one mainly spoken of? According to research,  in a thousand cases of pedophila or ephebophilia there is only one is related to  the Catholic Church in the United States, about 3-5 per  ten thousand, says Oko in Theologisches (42) 9-10 / 2012 .
However Oko also showed the difficulties of priests and seminarians, who oppose the homosexual network in the church: "If the rector or other supervisor try to expel one, then it may be that they theselves are expelled and not the homo-cleric. Or should a vicar try to defend young people from the parish from a priest who commits sexual assault, he is harassed, disciplined and treated and not the priest, "because the decisions makers to whom they refer, are themselves part of the gay lobby.
"If some indiscretions are verified, which is leaked  from the Vatican palaces, it would be an international network with hundreds of clerics of all rank levels," said the Vatican expert Marco Tosatti. Tosatti conducts an interview with, Dariusz Oko on this subject.  The  pontificate of Benedict XVI  was kept under continuous bombardment with the pedophile scandal.  With the new pontificate it  was "completely forgotten", says  Tosatti.

Homoheresy is the Rejection of the Church's Teaching on Homosexuality

Marco Tosatti: Two years ago you had mapped the situation in the Church in your thorough study. Has something changed since then?
Dariusz Oko: Certainly my study has touched on a widespread problem that exists almost everywhere. Only in this way can it be explained that they made the rounds around the world within a few weeks. In many countries, translations were made: from English to German, Italian and Czech, Slovak and Estonian ... It seems to me that the problem is addressed in my study is perceived more consciously.
Marco Tosatti: You talk in your work of Homoheresy. What are their characteristics?
Dariusz Oko: The Homoheresy is a rejection of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church on homosexuality. The representatives of Homoheresy do not accept that the homosexual inclination is a personality disorder. They doubt that homosexual acts are unnatural. The defenders of Homoheresy are for the ordination of homosexuals. The Homoheresy is an ecclesiastical version of homosexualism.
Marco Tosatti: In 2005 the Congregation for Catholic Education published  an important document by Pope Benedict XVI. that prohibits the ordination of homosexuals. Why this document?
Dariusz Oko: Since the 70s of the 20th century, a new type has entered in many seminars and monasteries around the world, who view human sexuality contrary to the traditional teaching of the Catholic Church on homosexuality. The consequence  was that it started on all continents in so many diocesan seminaries and monasteries, to represent the idea that there are two equivalent sexual orientations: a heterosexual and a homosexual. Thus, it was that clerics were only chaste, to be understood as abstaining from unclean actions, and demanded the ability to live celibacy, without further  asking about their sexual orientation or their inclinations. In this way, it became necessary to define homosexuality as an inclination and personality structure explicitly as an objective obstacle to the ordination.
Marco Tosatti: Was this requirement from 2005, which prohibits the priesthood for homosexuals, used to your knowledge?
Dariusz Oko: I am not responsible for training at seminaries. Therefore, I do not know how this ban is handled in different countries. This question should be directed to those responsible for the formation of future priests.
Marco Tosatti: Since you have published your survey, the Pope has changed. Do you see any difference in attitude between the two popes in connection with the problem?
Dariusz Oko: It is difficult to speak of any difference. Fundamentally, the Magisterium of the Catholic Church does not change and the forbids the ordination of homosexuals. The Magisterium in  force led to a contrast to previous distinction between active and passive homosexuality a distinction between a temporary homosexual inclination, which occurs in late puberty, and the deep-rooted inclination. Both forms of homosexuality and not only active homosexuality represent an obstacle for the priesthood. Homosexuality is incompatible with the priestly vocation. Therefore, not only the ordination of men with homosexual inclination (even if only temporarily) is strictly forbidden, but  their admission to the seminary as well.
Introduction / Translation: Giuseppe Nardi
image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Polish Priest Uncovering the Homosexual Mafia in the Church

Hw. Dariusz Oko auf der Webseite

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The fog is lifting

The existence of homo-networks is revealed by the excessive pain with which the German Bishops are proceeding against '' -- but not against their own Pornography Business 'Weltbild'.

(  Fr. Dariusz Oko is a research fellow at the philosophy faculty of the Papal University of John Paul II in Krakow.

He has investigated  homosexual networks which have infiltrated the Church the world over.

Struggle Against a Deadly Peril

Fr. Oko recently published an article in the German newspaper 'Theologisches'.

Fr. Oko sees his research work as a "struggle against a deadly peril" for Christendom.

Homo-ideologues wish to nestle themselves within the Church like a Trojan Horse.

A typical aberration of homosexuals

Fr. Oko discovered the "most general lie" of the media bosses, who are constantly talking about the "pedophilia in the clergy".

He recalled the well-known fact that over eighty percent of the cases of abuse in the Church's areas involve assaults by homosexuals on mature males.

This phenomenon of ephebophilia is described by Fr. Oko as a "typical aberration, which is linked to homosexuality."

Homosexual Networks Make it Possible

Fr. Oko insists that the toleration for highly visible homosexual attacks on sexually mature boys would be impossible without homosexual networks.

He recalled the case of Posen's homosexual-Archbishop Julius Paez, Bishop John Magee of Cloyne in Ireland, on the homosexual Archbishop Rembert Weakland of Milwaukee or the founder of the Legionaries of Christ.

A Model of Old Liberals

Archbishop Weakland is an especially horrible example of homosexual decay within the Church.

For the Old Liberal Church destroyer, he was a significant model.

He has publicly admitted in the mean time that he is homosexually disturbed and has forced his impurity on many.

Rome Plays Along?

In 25 years of his office -- before the eyes of the Church's hierarchy -- he was a shameless campaigner against the Faith and a defender of homosexual depravity.

He covered the sodomites in his own clergy and helped them to escape responsibility for their homosexual crimes.

At last it was found out that he had stolen a half-million dollars in order to pay one of his partners in depravity.

Fr. Oko stresses that decadent clergy who are found out remain long unpunished, although there are numerous complaints against them in Rome.

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