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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Richest Church in the World Pays Abuse Victims 5,000 Euros

Bundestag vice-president Kubicki "If we consider that many people are marked by these terrible deeds for life, then such a sum, which a bishop earns in half a month, appears maximally unjust.”

Berlin ( An abuse victim is typically paid only  5,000 Euros for compensation in Germany in the past few years by the Catholic Church. This was reported by BILD, citing the Central Coordination Office. This had been recommended until autumn 2017 for 1788 applications of 8.7 million euros in compensation, which on average is only 5,000 euros per victim. Bundestag Vice-President Wolfgang Kubicki made heavy criticism of these compensatory payments: "If we bear in mind that many people are marked by these terrible deeds for life, then such a sum, which a bishop earns in half a month, appears maximally unjust." Those affected are outraged by these low payments. "For years, the richest church in the world has been offering ridiculous compensation payments to its victims. 1000, 3000, 5000 Euro are a new humiliation for those affected," says Matthias Katsch of the victim association Eckiger Tisch. "In the US, victims were awarded millions of dollars, but there the state carries out the proceedings, in Germany because of the statute of limitations, the church itself.

Edit: it has more to do with the German Church being a spiritual, welfare arm of the Bundesland.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Archdiocese Reports Four Priests to Secular Authorities

The accused are in these cases priests from the Archdiocese of Cologne, where sanctions have already been pronounced and canon law proceedings were initiated.

Cologne ( On 29 October, the Archdiocese of Cologne sent information to the public prosecutors in Bonn, Düsseldorf and Koblenz in four cases on suspicion of sexual abuse. The information provided is about alleged acts from the 1970s and 1980s. The reports that have now been issued are based on new information from those affected or on the findings of internal file processing.

The accused are in these cases, priests from the Archdiocese of Cologne, where sanctions have already been pronounced and canon law proceedings initiated. All the accused are currently not on duty and they are not allowed to perform priestly ministry in public.

Vicar General Dr. Markus Hofmann said: "All findings, including these new findings, will be passed on to the prosecutor. This is how we consistently and transparently continue along the path our archbishop has set. "At present, additional files are being systematically recorded and reviewed,” Hofmann says. Regardless, these cases will all be reviewed and evaluated once again in the announced independent investigation.

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Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Pope Provides for Predator Presence at Youth Synod

Edit: Considering that most cases involving predators involve degenerate clergy preying on minors of the same sex, is it wise to continue promoting the outdated but highly corrosive revolutionary sexual ideologies of the late 60s and the individuals, like Rosica, who are its fanatical proponents? 

If I were a Canadian parent, I wouldn’t want Rosica anywhere near my children, or anyone else’s children.

I’d go a step further and say that this initiative and the Vatican’s current endorsement of it is a sign of the absolute irreformability of Francis and his clique of aberrosexualist collaborators.

Two staff members of Thomas Rosica’s 'Salt + Light Media' are auditors of the Synod of Bishops who can attend meetings and speak out. Rosica is considered a proponent of liberalization of the Church teaching on homosexuality.

Vatican ( Four employees of P. Thomas Rosica's "Salt + Light Media" are participating in the current synod. Two of them belong to the 50-member group of auditors. Canada's Catholic youth is thus represented exclusively by "Salt + Light Media" employees.

The auditors attend the synod meetings and are allowed to speak there. However, they have no voting rights. 34 of the 50 synod auditors are younger than thirty.

The two other employees of "Salt + Light Media" are collaborators of the General Secretariat of the Synod of Bishops.

Rosica, himself a member of the Vatican Press Office, considered this circumstance to be "a strong sign of confirmation by the Pope" and recognition of the Church's mission of "Salt + Light".

The media project supports Pope Francis and will soon broadcast the documentary "The Francis Impact". It is a continuation of "The Francis Effect", which represents the pontificate as extremely positive. The announcement text for "The Francis Impact" states that Pope Francis is "for many people in the world the most authentic and credible moral authority". [lol]

Father Rosica has recently caused a stir by saying that Pope Francis will break with Catholic traditions whenever he wishes, "because he is free from disordered attachments." has reported this: with Pope Francis a 'new phase' for the Church begins

Shortly before it had become known that Rosica wanted to say a “Mass” for "LGBT Catholics". After this project became known, Rosica canceled his participation. In 2015 he had argued that the Catechism of the Catholic Church should find another language on homosexuality. has reported here: Canadian media priest and Vatican advisor will preside  LGBT Mass

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Friday, October 5, 2018

Cardinal Müller Says Francis Should Reconcile with Archbishop Viganò

Did Pope Francis stop investigations against the English Cardinal Murphy-O'Connor? - The former prefect of the Congregation of the Faith gives (k) an answer that is explosive. Youth Synod has no teaching authority!
Rome (  Cardinal Gerhard Müller, the former Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, in an interview with the television station EWTN, called on Pope Francis to seek a reconciliation with his critic, Archbishop Viganò. Müller also called on the pope to give answers to questions from the former US nuncio. "The people of God have a right to know what happened."

Archbishop Viganò accused Pope Francis of lifting sanctions on former US Cardinal McCarrick in August. For Müller it is clear that one can always make mistakes. "But we have to learn from these mistakes and we need to get better at abuse cases in the Church." According to Müller, Francis must preserve the unity of the Church and overcome the division of the faithful. "We are a Church united in faith, not a Church with a conservative or liberal ideology."

Poignant are also statements by Cardinal Müller about the English Cardinal Cormac Murphy - O'Connor, who is also accused of abuse cover-up and where Francis is accused of having stopped a corresponding investigations by the Congregation of the Faith. Asked by EWTN if Francis had forced him to stop the investigations, Müller only stated that he was not allowed to speak here because of papal secrecy. At the same time he emphasized that the Congregation of the Doctrine of the Faith needed more independence here, as the Congregation still needed a special permission from the Pope for cardinals and bishops: "I can not go into detail because I am bound by the papal secret, but I can say that every trial of bishops or cardinals in the Congregation requires the permission of the pope. That's a problem, we should change that point. The Congregation must begin its investigation, and there is no need for interference by the pope or the pope's friends, who say that the Congregation is dogmatic, that there are hardliners that Müller is German, that it is too heavy; All this has to be put outside. There must be a normal process and only in the end must the Pope be informed, and his is the final decision. But we can not be hindered in the process. We need the independence of the ecclesiastical courts in the canonical process.

"The big problem of this pontificate are the so-called friends of the pope. And we, his true friends, are called enemies of the pope by the mass media, but the category of friendship or hostility is not useful in this case. It requires proper management of the issues of faith, discipline and morality and not this system of personal relationships. Every time there is a group of Cardinals with the Pope, everything happens because some of them personally ask the Pope: I like the Bishop for personal reasons, not because he is the most suitable person, and so on, then the Bishops' Congregation is bypassed."

The cardinal said: "It is not good that the Pope here has the right to stop a necessary investigation."

The cardinal also made it clear that the problem of abuse in the Church is not clericalism or pedophilia, but aggressive homosexuality: "The vast majority of clerical abuse victims are not children, but teenagers and the mature. Any attack against the sixth commandment is a mortal sin. 80 percent and more of the victims are boys aged 14 and over; they are homosexual attacks, not pedophiles. It's not about kids, it's about teens and older people."

When asked about the Youth Synod, Müller said that they did not have a special teaching authority. He does not understand where this idea comes from, that synods should have a teaching authority. "A synod of bishops is not an ecumenical council, so it has no teaching authority, nor can the pope change the basic constitution of the Church."

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Monday, March 6, 2017

Cardinal Müller: "End with the Cliche of a Reforming Pope and Anti-Reform Resistance"

(Rome) Cardinal Gerhard Mueller, Prefect of the Congregation for the Doctrine and the Faith, is visibly angry. He had had several occasions to do this in recent times. It is not always possible for him to react. He does not accept everything silently. Now he has reacted to the resignation of Marie Collins.

The resignation of the Irish citizen, Marie Collins as a memeber of the Pontifical Commission for the Protection of Minors was reproached by some of the media in an accusation against the Congregation for the Faith, led by Cardinal Prefect Müller. That was astonishing. Müller is known for a practice of zero tolerance. It was a hard indictment that he had hindered the work of the anti-pedophile commission. It is an accusation that does not want to match the facts.

"Fake News" from and about the Vatican

The presentation by the media, out of agency reports, however, was one-sided. The resignation had been properly exploited in order to put the position of Cardinal Müller and his Congregation in a bad light on such a delicate subject. The "evil Congregation of the Faith" is a stereotype, which not a few frequently want to willingly believe. The context of the "evil Congregation of Doctrine and the Faith" and the hindrance of the persecution of pedophile clerics and anti-pedophile prevention are all the more a scandalous mixture. Only, this is just not right. They are a lame media, or in other words, fake news, as they are so fond of saying. Coincidence, bad research, disinformation, attempted influence in inner-church affairs?

The line of zero tolerance, which Cardinal Müller pursues in terms of sexual child abuse, is authentic. It is different with the course of Pope Francis. Those who have good contacts with close papal-dignitaries or the pope himself are treated more gently than those who do not have these contacts. The key word Don Mercedes should suffice to name this line Of double standard. The dismissal of three members of the Congregation of the Congregation of the Congregation, which the Pope himself ordered, and which was enforced against the will of Cardinal Mueller, is also connected with the subject. Two of the three dismissed were concerned with the prosecution of clerical offenders, and their dismissal was not because they had a double standard. They represented the null-tolerance line of Cardinal Mueller, still holding to that which had been issued  by Pope Benedict XVI.

Cardinal Müller's Defense - The Case of the Chilean Bishop

Cardinal Müller can not publicly argue a series of connections to his own justification and the protection of his dicastery, because they could appear as a criticism of Pope Francis. Nevertheless, he did not want to take the attacks sitting down and formulated a defense. He criticized the criticism of the resigned Marie Collins, who had been chastised by the media for the Congregation, with the remark that the "Anti-Abuse Commission had so far only asked the Congregation for the dispatch of letters." In plain words, what impediment should have taken place if the Commission did not want anything from the Congregation, and therefore nothing could have been rejected.

The concrete reason for Collins's resignation, who herself had even been abused as a child, is the case of the Chilean bishop who had himself demanded Collins' resignation. Since this was not done after repeated requests, she took her own step to protest according to this threat. However, the bishop's benefactor is not the Congregation of Faith, but  Pope Francis himself.  The bishop concerned is Juan de la Cruz Barros Madrid, the Bishop of the Chilean diocese. Francis himself had appointed him Bishop of Osorno in 2015. Immediately, victim organizations were indignant at the appointment. However, Francis stood by Bishop Barroso Madrid, and in Rome, he even assured the Chilean faithful who wanted to bring to this to his attention (see The Bishop of Osorno has a super lawyer, Pope Francis, including a video of the correction). The bishop is not accused of sexual abuse, but a priest, Fernando Karadima, who is very well known in Chile.

Cardinal Müller's more fundamental criticism: "end with the stereotype"

The defense of Müller is thus made clearer in a further sentence, when he attacks a common stereotype: "With this stereotype that the pope stands on one side and the resistors on the other." Thus, the Cardinal already cited Matteo Matzuzzi in the Sunday edition of Il Foglio  in its title.

The fact that Cardinal Müller mingled his statement by no means only in the matter of the anti-pedophile commission is evident from his choice of words. The quotation goes back to an interview of the Cardinal Prefect with Gian Guido Vecchi of the Corriere della Sera. Müller had said:

"I think that this stereotype should be brought to an end, the idea that on the one hand is a pope who wants reform, and on the other a group of adversaries who want to block it."

The words could also be translated so as to recognize their explosive nature. It is probably due to the conflict over the anti-pedophile commission, but it can also be read in a general context. "End with the stereotype that this pope is on the side of the good and the resistance is on the side of the evil."

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: MiL
Trans: Tancred

Monday, February 13, 2017

"I was not a pedophile Priest, but a pedophile who was ordained a priest."

(Paris) France 3 broadcast its interview with a former priest who was laicized for the sexual abuse of children by the Church. His statements are frightening. His statement that he was not a pedophile priest, but a pedophile who was ordained a priest is truly remarkable.
"I was not a pedophile priest but a pedophile who was ordained a priest," is the clear and frightening testimony of a man who was a priest and condemned for pedophilia.
The man sketches his CV in the interview. His sexual "impulses" had been known to his superiors in the Church, but that had not hurt his career. Above all, he was ordained a priest. At the end of the 1970s this was not really an issue.
Before he was consecrated, he was told only to "be careful". No one had pointed out to him "that my victims might suffer from it."
The man relates that he was ordained as a priest in 1981. At that time a "pedophile impulse" had already been "known". Nevertheless, he was later employed at French grammar schools and universities in the position of a youth welfare counselor. His superiors had been "an authority of blindness and irresponsibility." At that time, the man admitted, he had abused various minors.
The complaints of the victims had caused him to be transferred and to be assigned tasks in which he should no longer be in contact with children. He himself then, as he assured, ended his abusive behavior.
In 2006, he was found guilty by a court and sentenced to 15 months imprisonment. Through the contact with the victims he finally became "really aware of the damage one can inflict on the lives of others".
In addition to self-serving admissions, the man's statements are an important point. In the public discussion since the connection with sexual child abuse by clerics, a link between pedophilia and the priesthood or at least priestly celibacy has been repeatedly established. An attempt was made here to instrumentalize the abuse  into attacks against the priesthood, the Church, and against priest celibacy.
In this context, it is interesting to note the fact that the former priest and condemned pedophile interviewed by France 3, who emphasized that he had not been a "pedophile priest" but "a pedophile, who was ordained a priest."
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Photo: France 3 (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, July 10, 2014

SSJ Part of Investigation of Paraguay Diocese

Edit: the Society of St. John isn't an innocent group of shepherds at work in the fields of The Lord. Let's pray that the treatment unjustly meted out for real Traditionalist societies is justly given here.

CIUDAD DEL ESTE, Paraguay — Pope Francis will send an apostolic delegation to the Diocese of Ciudad del Este to investigate the vicar general, who has a history of sexual-abuse accusations.

Archbishop Eliseo Ariotti, apostolic nuncio to Paraguay, announced July 2 that the Pope will be sending an apostolic visitation to the diocese July 21-26 “to determine not only what has happened recently, but all there is to see in the house of Ciudad del Este.”

Cardinal Santos Abril y Castello, archpriest of the Basilica of St. Mary Major, will lead the investigation; he is to be assisted by Bishop Milton Troccoli Cebedio, an auxiliary of the Archdiocese of Montevideo.

Read more:

Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Double Standard

[] Gay pedophile crimes - penalties between almost trivializing gentleness and pleasing severity as felony 

Boundless mercy: six months on parole

A 23 year old mother had made contact between her 14 year old brother and a work colleague and advised his brother to accept the "friend request" of pedophiles via Facebook.

The perverts had also offered to pay the woman for sexual acts with the young people.

There were 230 euros assessed, which were to be used for the rent, the woman alleged.

Six months later the contact came to "fruition": It involved sexual abuse by the gay pedophile.

The accused defended herself with mental retardation.

The judge apparently found that the woman knew what she was doing. But did not hold him back from a trivialization for a limited pedophilia-related prison sentence of six months, this by judge Dietmar Wassertheurer.

The correction effect by the judgment will be lower.

With all severity: 12 Years unconditional imprisonment for former priest

The former headmaster of an Upper Austrian school, a now 79 year old laicised priest was put on trial for violent and sexual offenses to students.

Prosecutor Dagmar Geroldinger accused the gay child molester, to have engaged in sexual acts with 15 boys.

The school had reacted immediately and engaged the necessary consequences. Regardless of a person in the statute of limitation there is 500,000 euros and 200,000 euros in reparations that have been paid for therapies: a good deal for psychotherapists, so you would have to pay the cost of around four years of salaried therapists.

The School has Warmly Welcomed the Conviction.

The offenses date back to the years (1971 to 1996). The accused, Oliver Plöckinger had been barred a plea for acquittal. In the case of the rejection of the statute of limitation period, he had expected a sentence of 8 years imprisonment.

Apparently, the defendant had particularly bad cards as a former clergyman.

Judge Wolf-Dieter Graf pronounced a sentence of 12 years. The judgment is not final, it applies to all the presumption of innocence.

Gay, pervert and pedophile

It is again remarkable that apparently, abuse crimes are committed dispoportionately by gays.

Not entirely surprising, however, considering that these perverts have already broken the limits of the natural and have been recognized sexuality in society. Since the threshold for pedophilia is more than just a small obstacle, it is more puzzling that the parliaments have allowed the adoption and custody of boys by homosexuals as it makes the Austrian Parliament with the votes of the supposedly Christian values ​indicative of OVP is these days.

No mercy for pedophile sex offenders!

The call can only be: No related penalties for pedophile sex offenders, no fines, imprisonment exclusively - and especially with the known high relapse rate!

Thursday, March 21, 2013

L.A. Public Schools Coverup Child Sex Abuse

Edit: they’re not the only people in a degenerate, relativistic society who are engaged in such behavior. Such acts were not dealt with accordingly in earlier times.

Senior LAUSD officials were allegedly aware of parent complaints in 2009 about a Wilmington teacher who was charged in January with abusing children over an extended period of time, say attorneys who represent alleged victims. 
The latest allegations concern the case of Robert Pimentel, 57, who has been charged with molesting 12 students at De La Torre Elementary School. Pimentel has pleaded not guilty. 
Los Angeles Unified School District officials had previously acknowledged Pimentel’s principal was aware of allegations in 2002 and 2008. The principal’s alleged failure to act was cited as reason for her removal by L.A. schools Supt. John Deasy. Both Pimental and Principal Irene L. Hinojosa resigned as the district was preparing to fire them.
Link ...

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Recycled Accusations at Ettal Benedictine Monastery?

Edit: perhaps this is like the Modernist Monastery in Collegeville? Or perhaps this is a recycled story designed to attack the Holy Father whose Diocese this was? Unfortunately, it will be unlikely that there will be any allowances or distinctions made for corporal punishment which was practiced virtually everywhere before 1980. Of course it doesn’t help that the story is covered by the anti-Clerical Suddeutsche Zeitung.

It was clear earlier that Cardinal Marx was allegedly covering up for one of the Ettal educators.

Cardinal Marx has been guilty of reemploying an abusive priest before, but there’s been no outcry about it. The Archbishop of Munich assigned one of the administrators of the infamous Sankt Polten seminary in Austria who was guilty of using child pornography to seduce his seminarians.

Of course, the Benedictine Monastery of Ettal isn’t know for its rigor, devotion or orthodoxy. Its abbot and another priest associated had been rehabilitated police raided the Monastery.  A recent report doesn’t appear to have thrown any more light on the problem:
A new report shows that monks in Ettal used violence and sexual assault systematically. Until the eighties, they were part of the pedagogical repertoire.

In the investigation into the abuse cases of the boarders at the Benedictine Abbey of Ettal, new results show that the monks have used systematic violence. According to experts' report , there was an oppressive system using violence and sexual abuse in the school.

Violence had been "specifically used as an educational tool," writes the Süddeutsche Zeitung , citing a study report, which the Bavarian monastery itself had commissioned. Sexual assault of the monks were part of this system of violence. The investigation report of the social science institute IPP will be presented on Thursday in Munich.

From a translation at Cathcon, read further...

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Should Scandalous Old Liberal Cardinals Vote in the Conclave?

Archbishop Weakland, helping and the like.
Edit: it’s been a frequent lament here that it’s never really the truly Old Liberal Bishops who get rough treatment when abuse claims come around.  Even Archbishop Weakland had been allowed to sort of retain some semblance of dignity in his disgrace by having a hideous bronze statue made of himself in the presence of children.  That’s ironic, but there’s also a pattern developing in recent time which does not fit, exactly.

Now, there have been some interesting revelations over the past weeks in the wake of the Conclave involving very high profile senior clergy who are often darlings of the media barons of the Left.

 First there was Cardinal Mahony of Los Angeles who was severely reprimanded by the present Archbishop of Los Angeles, Archbishop Gomes.  Cardinal Mahony has been undermining the Church’s presence in society for most if not all of his tenure during the last decades, and was a frequent target of criticism from the Wanderer, among others for his defense of clerical homosexuals and persecution of conservative clergy.  Indeed, there is a suggestion that he may not participate in the Conclave, here, here, and petition here.

Then there enter Archbishop Mueller of Regensburg Germany, whose heterodox theological perspectives were criticized early on, even before he became the new Doctrine Gardener.  The now highly placed Archbishop, who didn’t receive his Cardinal’s hat, was recently slapped hard and publicly by Cardinal Bertone when he attempted to reinstate the teaching license of a formerly Pontifical university in Peru.

As if that weren’t enough, a soon to be retired, Old Liberal Cardinal O’Brien, has been accused of indecent acts by three priests and one retired priest.   This story seemed to surface with a vengeance in the light of the Cardinal’s revellations  about married priests, he thinks we should have them, and his statements against homosexuality.

The Cardinal even missed Mass this morning.

In addition to this, is a kind of anonymous denunciation on a free website on the internet for Cardinal Daneels.  It’s hard to believe that with all of the skeletons in his closet, well, he had pictures of skeletons in his closet, the exhumation of remains as reported by Cathcon:

Some photos of the exhumation of Julie and Melissa  
Up to 100 photos showing the exhumation of the bodies of the children, but also exchanges of reports between magistrates in the Dutroux affair and large parts of the judicial file were found. The fact is that these documents were only intended for the judicial authorities and, a priori, had nothing to do with the church, explained RTL journalist.

This is not the first leak of elements of the judicial record of Dutroux according to Solimando Antonio. He recalls that Cdrom of the Dutroux investigation was sent to several editors, some who had decided to publish it. According to Het Laatste Nieuws, the presence of those confidential files and reports to the archdiocese will once again support defenders of the theory of a paedophile network ... Even if, as a reminder, the court has ruled that it does not accept this theory.
There’s been nothing in the news since then about why these documents were in the Cardinal’s possession, but there’s much more in his past and present which implicates him.  Here’s the article, link:

Cardinal Danneels must not take part in the conclave! 
Does this man have the moral authority to elect a new pope of the Catholic Church? NO, NO and NO!!! Take a look at a few of his "achievements" and judge for yourself:
Appointment and protection of Roger Vangheluwe, child molestor and bishop of Brugge 
When he learnt about the child abuse he tried to cover it up. These were his words to the victim: "shouldn't you try to ask for forgiveness" (!!). He was actually suggesting that the victim would ask his aggressor for forgiveness! The tapes of the conversation were broadcast in all the Belgian media. 
Approval of sexually explicit text books in Catholic schools 
During his time as archbishop of Mechelen-Brussel, a scandal broke out about sexually explicit school books. Children of 12 years old in Catholic schools were being taught how to masturbate and try out homosexual acts. When confronted with these facts, he simply refused to receive the shocked parents and didn't take any action to stop the use of these books. 
Turning a blind eye against blatant abuses 
Fr. Luc Versteylen sj is a very famous person in Belgium. He's the founder of the extreme-leftwing (communist) political party Agalev and for many years led a sort of christian cultic sect in Viersel. In this house, mostly unmarried adolescents were encouraged to explore their sexuality. Fr. Versteylen himself is known to cohabitate with a woman, thereby publicly ignoring his priestly chastity vows. He recently also admitted to raping one of his female sect-members. Danneels never, ever took action against this man. One can confidently say that most Catholics in Belgium know of first-hand examples of priests ignoring their celibacy vows - these things are publically known. Some of these priests are even so proud of it that they like to be interviewed about it in the national newspapers. Yet bishops, whose duty it should be to maintain order, hardly ever took (take) action. 
Good friends with the freemasonry 
The freemasonry, an extremely powerful secret organisation priding itself with facilitating the legalisation of abortion, euthanasia and gay marriage in Belgium, is the biggest enemy of the Catholic Church. Instead of waging war against these demons, Danneels was good friends with them! He even went to give a lecture in one of their temples in 2008. If that is already out in the open, how much more relations may he have had which we know nothing about. 
Condoms? No problem!
Danneels is clearly one of the most left-wing cardinals in the Church. He wants change, that's for sure. He knows how far he can go, but never formally trespasses the line. One perfect example: preservatives are morally legitimate if they are used by a married couple of which one of the two partners is sero-positive. While this is technically true, one can wonder whether it's up to someone in his position to make this kind of statements. He knows all too well how this will be transmitted in popular media: Danneels opposes the pope on birth control issue. Danneels is not stupid. He does this intentionally; he intentionally creates confusion amongst his faithful, while it's his duty to guard and protect his flock as a good sheperd.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Vatican Punishes Priest and Critic of Saint Vincent Officials

Edit: it looks like a priest who has a Liberal agenda, who none the less has valid complaints against the administration, is being set up by an inept and probably criminal administration to be removed. St. Vincent's of Latrobe Pennsylvania is the mother house of the Modernist Monastery of St. John's at Collegeville.

The Abbot has two accusations of sexual abuse against him at present

August 16, 2012 - 3:00am
The long, disturbing tale of the Rev. Mark Gruber and Saint Vincent College has apparently come to an end, with a Vatican-imposed penalty barring the former faculty member from the priesthood in response to allegations -- disputed by his supporters and by civil authorities -- that he downloaded child pornography. Gruber, a longtime and widely respected monk and professor of anthropology at the Benedictine college in Pennsylvania, was one of the few campus officials who publicly criticized leaders there during a governance controversy in 2008, reportedly angering the then-president, James Towey, and the Right Rev. Douglas Nowicki, who headed the board of the Saint Vincent Archabbey.
The following fall, college officials barred him from the campus and reported him to local police, saying they had found child pornography on a computer in a common area outside his office. The charges were dropped after police concluded that no images on the computer had been of men under the age of 18, and that the computer was in a common area and many people had access to it. The following year, another Saint Vincent employee came forward and took responsibility for having downloaded the images.
Despite the lack of evidence of wrongdoing by Gruber, Saint Vincent officials continued to push for his ouster as a priest through the Vatican. In a statement Tuesday, the Saint Vincent Archabbey said the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith had found him guilty of "canonical crimes" of possession of child pornography, "production of materials which gravely injury good morals; abuse of the Sacrament of Confession (but not a violation of the sacramental seal); and defamation of a legitimate superior." It ordered him to live the rest of his life in prayer and penitence in a residence chosen by the Vatican, barred him from "exercising any public priestly ministry," and restricted him from any contact with anyone under the age of 18.

Read more:
Inside Higher Ed 

Monday, April 23, 2012

German Jesuit Sees Causality Between Homosexuality and Abuse

The director of the Institute for Psychology at the Jesuit Gregorian University in Rome has spoken.
Fr. Zollner SJ on German Jesuit Site

(  Child abuse isn't a problem for the Catholic Church.

This is what the Vice Rector of the Jesuit led Papal University of the Gregorian in Rome, Father Hans Zollner, said to Polish news ‘Rzeczpospolita’.

The Jesuit leads the 'Institute for Psychology' at the Gregorian.

This is independent of the Church

For example the Jesuit mentioned the Islamic Schools in England, in which five hundred children were sexually abused in 2011.

The abuse of children is a general problem -- independent of religious back ground.

Seventy percent of the cases occur in the family.

Homosexuals present a greater danger

Probably for political reasons, Father Zollner disagrees that there is a direct connection between homosexuality and the abuse of children.

Not "every" homosexual is a danger for children -- he stated palpably.

Then he comes to the point:  there is a greater danger from homosexual disordered persons than from those who are healthy.

Homosexually Related

He referred to abuse cases registered by the Congregation for Doctrine and the Faith.

That revealed that seventy percent were not children, but sexually mature youths.

Many cases of abuse in the ecclesiastical area are "homosexually related".

In contrast most of the offenses outside of the Church involve girls.

Additionally, the priest concluded that the share of homosexual perpetrators in the Church is greater than in the world.

Removing Homosexuals is Justified

The Jesuit referred to the emotional and moral maturity of the priestly candidates.

When these err, then there are many problems after a few years.

Fr. Zollner does not want to limit the problem to homosexual abuses.

He pointed to alcoholism, to sexual addictions or unstable personalities who are inclined to rebellion.

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Sunday, March 25, 2012

"Ale Mary" Dive Bar Uses Monstrance and Chalices for Drunken Revelries

Edit: A definition from Wikipedia is useful here: Blasphemy is irreverence towards religious or holy persons or things.[1] Some countries have laws to punish blasphemy,[2] while others have laws to give recourse to those who are offended by blasphemy. 

[Fell's Point, Baltimore, MD] There was a show called "Cheers" on television years ago.  It was bawdy and vulgar yet there were some borders it was not safe to pass in the early 80s when the show first aired.  It depicted a homey place, reminiscent of an unpretentious neighborhood bar with a hint of old world ambiance and Boston charm.  The heavy wooden furniture and the bar spoke of permanence, elegance,  and  that favorite piety of secular artists, human dignity. It was not always clear who the show's buffoons were, but you knew them when you saw them, and sometimes, it was a comedic mailman who could be the most noble in the simplicity of his fears.  Some other writer said something about irony being lost on a society which had no shame.  That's why we'd like to wield a metaphorical hammer.  Perhaps there are others who can put a better finish on the details of what we will tell.

Satirical painting: priest displeased with Nun?
All we can say is that sometimes evil is really mundane and some of us don't realize that we're not only bufoons needlessly offending  people's religious sensibilities, but far worse than that, we're offending God.  Even the name of the bar, a pun on the Blessed Mother's name seems calculated to be offensive.

Would you like some candy?
 We're not talking about this place, but it's not far from Boston, but it boasts a similar unmistakable charm you'd expect in New England with friendly folks. One of the features of the bar, and there are many, is its unmistakable Catholic ambiance. It's called, Ale Mary's and is located in Fell's point Maryland. One can just smell the faint aroma of the ocean as you think about it. The food is inexpensive, but if you're Catholic you might find it too expensive for the peace of your conscience to see the sacramental elements of your religion appear for the sake of decoration in peculiarly deliberate ways.
Chalices Used for Holy Sacrifice Being Abused by Patrons

It's not surprising, but it's not acceptable either that chalices which are used in Catholic Mass for the consecration of wine which becomes the blood of Christ, are used by patrons to drink (and get drunk from). They're made of precious metals, sometimes jewels, but their use in such a secular setting is strange and unsettling. No less than the inexplicable painting of a priest with a stole, looking aghast or in surprise at a nun who has her back to him. The most disturbing thing in the restaurant is the monstrance which is behind the bar used as decoration. The monstrance is large ornate disk, often resembling the sun, which is surmounted in a long stand with a heavy base. It contains a crystal compartment at the center of the disk where a consecrated communion Host can be placed inside and it allows the priest to elevate the entire object by the stand for the veneration of the Sacrament it contains. Seeing this monstrance here in this bar, covered with mardigras beads and a mustached smiley face where the Host would normally be is a little bit like finding family heirlooms in the hands of people who not only use them for purposes for which they were never intended, but use them in disrespectful ways.
Mustached Smiley Face Seems Particularly Malevolent
We found out about this recently and the individual who sent this to us wrote an e-mail complaining about the display of these religious items and even offered to purchase them. Far from being treated with the respect she deserved, her concerns were met with derision. 

Despite the bar owner claiming that no one cared about this clearly blasphemous display of religious artifacts, he asked her to remove an entry she made under the bar at a public site allowing comment on establishments. As he berated our friend, the proprietor insisted as an argument to justify his sacrilege and disrespect for Catholic sacramentals, that there were even Bishops and priests who thought that his blasphemous inclusion of religious articles was comical and that there was nothing wrong with this display.

Apparently, there's some truth to what he says, because Catholic clergy, including senior, does frequent this place.

We'll be praying a Rosary in reparation for having seen this blasphemy.  Hopefully, the proprietor can be persuaded to part with these items before word of this affects his business either spiritually or financially.

Give them a call:

Corner of Fleet & Washington Sts.
Fell's Point
Baltimore, MD.

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Monday, December 19, 2011

A Crusade for Birettas and Latin Mass Readings

The Old Mass is on the March
A Call to Crusade

Battle for the Biretta and latin readings:  What came of the revolution of Paul VI, is a clerical abuse scandal in any case.  by Dr. Ansgar von Rotenhelm

( Crusade for Biretta and latin readings is more promising of success, more pleasing to God and for winning souls than a Crusade against global terrorism.

The Good Beginning

The present heap of broken glass which is the New Eucharistic Celebration did not fall from heaven.

It had its origins in modernism of the 20s.

Dom Prosper Gueranger's restorative, high liturgical movement lent its monastic stamp to that time. It was also stamped by St. Pope Pius X († 1914).

This movement was a great hope for the Church.

The Tragic End

Actually, there was a people's liturgical movement, which is affiliated with Romano Guardini.

The result was streamlined in the Second Vatican Pastoral Council and in the fatal liturgical revolution of Paul VI († 1978).

The Catholic philosopher Dietrich von Hildebrand (†1977)warned of the "trojan horse" in the Church.

Several Conciliar Fathers  corroborated the author of these lines, that the intentions of reform of Blessed Pope John XIII. († 1963) were fulfilled by the fully approved liturgy of 1962
A New Danger for the Old Mass

Sadly, to this day,  the Old Mass is celebrated under the specter of the Modernists of the 1920s.

They try to customize it.

So it was in some places -- in opposition to the instruction 'Universae Ecclesiae' -- to even say the readings of the Holy Office [Breviary] in  the vernacular or -- although prescribed -- to use no biretta.

The present Papal Commission, 'Ecclesia Dei' shows no interest in assuring adherence to the papal laws.

That would only happen if the media effected the necessary pressure.

The 'Weltbild' scandal has shown: change is possible only when the media supports vocal Catholics.

DemagogicSpeech on Non-Essentials

The Holy Teresa of Avila  (†1582) once said: "I would suffer martyrdom for the smallest ceremony of the Church."

From this it is absurd to ask if then latin readings and head gear are so important. This demagogic talk of the non-essential was the beginning of the catastrophe in 1920.

We could win a Crusade for Birettas and latin readings. Deus lo vult -- God wills it.

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Friday, October 28, 2011

Bishop Finn of Kansas City Slams Professional Victims Organization SNAP

Kudos to Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann of Kansas City, Kansas, for an excellent interview in the National Catholic Register regarding the recent high-profile case of Bishop Robert Finn. (I highly recommend it.) Archbishop Naumann responded to some questions about the notorious group SNAP (Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests) with some brave remarks:

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Friday, July 15, 2011

Irish Republic Attacks the Church

Editor: in those Leonine Prayers we say after the Immemorial Low Mass, we pray for the "liberty and exultation of Holy Mother the Church". We should be praying extra hard for that as the Irish Republic continues to attack those rights.

Ireland attacks confessional secrecy after Catholic sex abuse scandal

Ireland’s prime minister has said Catholic clerics would be prosecuted if they failed to tell the authorities about crimes disclosed during confession, the latest blow to the prestige of the once-dominant Church. A report this week found that the Church concealed from the authorities the sexual abuse of children by priests as recently as 2009, and that clerics appeared to follow Church law rather than Irish guidelines to protect minors.

“The law of the land should not be stopped by a crozier or a collar,” Prime Minister Enda Kenny told journalists on Thursday, referring to the hooked staff held by Catholic bishops during religious services. Kenny said his government would submit legislation to parliament that could jail clerics for up to five years if they failed to report to authorities information about the abuse of children.

The law will override the confessional privilege in Church law that prevents clerics from sharing information, he said. A series of revelations of rape and beatings by members of religious orders and the priesthood in the past have shattered the dominant role of the Catholic Church in Ireland.

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Thursday, July 7, 2011

Ruined: The Abuse Commission Is an Abuser Itself

Msgr Leo Maximilian Maschek
The Austrian Bishops recognize  liars and priest-slanderers as victims and pay them large sums.

( The State Prosecutor of Vienna has filed an absurd charge against Msgr Leo Maximilian Maschek, Baron of Maasburg and arranged for a hearing.

The clergyman is the National Director of the Papal 'Missionwerke' in Austria.

An anonymous and psychologically damaged liar (45) has assigned "sexual assault".

The anti-Catholic news 'Standard' has eagerly taken up the slander.

Msgr Maasburg has rejected these absurd allegations in a video message.

The State Prosecutor now explains that "the facts of the case of sexual assault have not been objectively filled."

The Abuse Commission is Compensating the Slanderer

The Hammer: The Diocesan approved Abuse Commission has recognized the slanderer as a "victim" an paid her 10.000 Euro.

There are persons in the Commission who are accused of abuse.

On March 3rd 2011, the Commission wrote of the liar that she is a "recognized victim":

"The Curatorship and the Board of the Protection of Victims of the Catholic Church in Austria most regretably insists that you were a victim of an associate of the Catholic Church" -- wrote the Scandal-Commission of the deceiver.

Why did the Commission React?

Eugen Reichsgraf Waldstein-Wartenberg, the speaker for Msgr Maasburg, has greeted the decision of the State Prosector:

"The serious and reputation damaging accusations being promoted by the media in the past few days, which we steadfastly reject, have emerged as expected as completely baseless."

This recalls an earlier ecclesiastical investigation of slander against Count Waldstein.

At that time, the Holy See was of the opinion, "that this complaint has no foundation whatsoever."

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Sex Abuse Rocks Lutheran Church in Germany

Editor: Last year, the world's first female Lutheran Bishop, Maria Jepsen, was forced to resign under suspicion that she had covered up abuse. The case received almost no coverage in the English speaking press at all

North Elba Lutheran Church struggles with accusations of covering up a serious case of sexual abuse.

Ahrensburg ( In connection with the most serious case of sexual abuse in the North Elba Church, Heidi Emse the former Provost is defending herself against accusations that she had covered it up. She became aware of occurrences in the Church Community of Ahrensburg near Hamburg in 1999. From the seventies to the eighties, former Pastor Gert-Dietrich Kohl (73) had admitted to committing the crime in the meantime against 22 children and adolescents, among whom were three of his five stepsons. The crimes have passed the statute of limitations.

The president of the North Elba Church, Bishop Gerhard Ulrich (Schleswig)conceded a lapse in supervision, actually the church leadership followed the direction of their consultants, to introduce disciplinary action against Emse. This will now make certain that things will in no way be veiled. In retrospect they are viewing this solely as negligence, that the procedure had not been properly documented. They had been informed by the church office by telephone in 1999 about the suspicion before her time in office about the child abuse. Kohl was then reassigned. She's explained that it was dealt with administratively. A year later she learned that he was working in juvenile law enforcement. Thereupon she applied to the church office. Then Kohl was put on early retirement. Taking this into consideration, the Ahrensburger Church Board had expressed confusion about the decision of the Church leadership being directed against Emse. This could have been done with greater clarity.

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