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Thursday, January 16, 2014

Catholic Moral Teaching? The German Collision Course Between Bishops and Professors

(Bonn) German moral and pastoral theologians spring to the side of Zollitsch and Marx in their struggle against Catholic moral teaching. In the course of the confrontation of the  German bishops with Rome, the bishops had been defeated. Despite the "wish" of a group of bishops expressed to Pope Francis, not to raise Gerhard Ludwig Müller  Prefect of the Congregation of Doctrine and the Faith to Cardinal, the German Prefect will obtain his biretta on 22  February.
"The church needs to change its stance on sexual morality. The year is 2014 AD.  It's been  years since we entered the third millennium. It's really impossible that Rome still thinks of celibacy and marriage as alternatives that give meaning to life. "In short, old habits are finally halted,  its necessary to turn to the new,  to the moderns, what people want and do anyway.  These and others like them voice  the black and white  opinion of leading representatives of the Association of German Moral Theologians and the Conference of the German-speaking Pastoral Theologians (Use of inclusive language to include women). 
In the first case it is according to its own definition a  congregation of those teaching at German universities and research-and emeritus professors of moral theology. In the second, it includes the same faculty members of the departments of Pastoral Theology from all over German-speaking countries, including the Netherlands.

"Collective Answer" German Moral and Pastoral Theologians Conform in Line with Zollitsch & Marx

"20 moral and pastoral theologians" replied jointly to the Roman questionnaire on the preparatory document of the Synod of Bishops on the topic of family. Involved are moral and pastoral theologians from various universities. emeritus professors of Münster, Mainz, Graz, Benediktbeuren, Tilburg, Dortmund, as well as the promoters of school sex education John Gründel (Munich) and Hans Kramer (Bochum). Among the resources is to be found the Viennese moral theologian Gunter Prüller-Jagenteufel , who is married to the director of the Pastoral Office of the Archdiocese of Vienna, Veronika Prüller-Jagenteufel,  as well as Eberhard Schockenhoff of Freiburg in Breisgau, the Jesuit Josef Schuster of St. Georgen. More surprising in this circle is the pastoral theologian and Cistercian Norbert Stigler of the University of Heiligenkreuz [They're supposed to be good...] near Vienna.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Limburg: Bishop Tebbartz-van-Elst -- Administrative Dismissal in Stages

Edit: the world press is striking a jubilant chord as it lies. Again, the real reason for the dismissal doesn't have anything to do with the alleged misappropriation of funds.  If that were the case, most of the German speaking Bishops would be dismissed.

(Limburg) Pope Francis has made a decision in the case of the Bishop of Limburg. The question is: What exactly is it to be interpreted? After talking round in Rome with the chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, Robert Zollitsch, the Archbishop of Cologne, Cardinal Joachim Meisner, and finally Bishop Tebartz van Elst himself, plus other contact names and conversations that took place behind the scenes it became evident that it was the Pope who was "comprehensively and objectively informed," as stated in the official press release from the Holy See.

A "time out" for the bishop has been mentioned and that the Pope is supposed to be "giving support" to the Limburg Pastor. The tenor seems almost as if the papal decision failed to be "positive" for Bishop Tebartz van Elst.

The facts: Bishop Tebartz van Elst can "at the present time not exercise his episcopal ministry", the Pope "considers it advisable," the bishop should "be granted a time outside the diocese" and is appointing "during the absence of the diocesan bishop," Wiesbaden's Dean Wolfgang Rösch "as of today" will be Vicar General of the diocese "with pertinent authority." In this situation, the "results" of the "examination in view of the construction of the bishop's" are supposed to be awaited. The evaluation will bring an "affirmation of responsibilities in this regard."

The bishop felt himself "encouraged" by a 20-minute audience with the Pope. Church officials close to him in Rome spoke of the meeting was a "good" run.

What is the decision of the Pope in plain language? That Pope has suspended Bishop Francis Tebartz van Elst. And it seems unlikely you can interpret the subtleties of ecclesiastical language properly, that there will be a return to the episcopate for him. Rather, it seems to be an expulsion in stages, with an open side door, which was decided in Rome. The undersigned would be pleased, if it were reconsidered.

The wolves howled and got their next victim? It really seems so. So, there is nothing new under the German sun. From a certain point of escalation serves only the "image" and the "recovery of trust". With Bishop Tebartz van Elst, the list of German bishops sold out in the last 20 years is probably longer by another name. And they invariably affect bishops who were assigned to the "conservative" part of the Church in the wider sense of the word. A list with an unpleasant "aroma".

The money question was smugly played with cinematic titles like "Bishop of bling" in the foreground seems only advanced into the whole question. Because the question of money is not the problem isolated to a person, supposedly the Bishop of Limburg, but even to the whole German Church. The grave that the German church and religion in Germany itself is shoveling, 6 billion EUR 1 heavy and that's yearly. But the ear of those so clairaudient critics within the Church of Bishop Tebartz van Elst suddenly grows deaf. So deaf as they were, as Pope Benedict XVI. challenged the German Church to detach from the world to clear the way for a New Evangelization of Germany.

And here is the full text of the press statement of the Vatican:


The Holy Father has been fully and objectively informed about the situation in the diocese of Limburg at present time.

In the diocese there has been a situation in which the Bishop, Rt. Rev. Franz-Peter Tebartz van Elst, can not exercise his episcopal ministry at the present time..

According to the "fraternal visit" by His Eminence Cardinal Giovanni Lajolo last September, the German Bishops' Conference, pursuant to an agreement between the bishop and the Limburg Cathedral Chapter, a committee used to carry out a detailed examination in view of the construction of the Diocesan Centre. Pending the results of the said examination and the related affirmation of responsibilities in this regard, the Holy See considers it advisable, SE Mons. Franz-Peter van Elst Tebartz to allow a time of outside of the Diocese.

Upon decision of the Holy See about the Bishop of Limburg till 1 January 2014, the appointment of Fr. Mr. Dean Wolfgang Rösch Vicar General, is already effective in place as of today. Fr. Roesch is Vicar General for the diocese of Limburg to manage it during the absence of the diocesan bishop under the powers associated with that office.

From the Vatican, 23 October 2013

Text: Giuseppe Nardi Image: Wikicommons Trans: Tancred

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Archbishop Zollitsch Resigns Early

(Freiburg im Breisgau) "I admit that this message of the day delighted me." With these words, the Spanish church historian and Catholic blogger Francisco de la Cigoña, addressed the resignation of Archbishop Robert Zollitsch of Freiburg and his imminent departure as chairman of the German Bishops' Conference in March 2014. The title of de la Cigoñas comment can not be reproduced in full here. It reads: "Remarkable Kick in the A... to Zollitsch".

"Robert Zollitsch, who had been Archbishop of Freiburg since 2003, is in my opinion one of the worst bishops, not only of the German church, but the universal Church. He became the unusual object of attention for Pope Francis. He quickly put him on the road, just one month and eight days after reaching the retirement age, as this is actually usually done only for really sick or really disastrous bishops," says de la Cigoña.

"He was also Chairman of the German Episcopal Conference, Conference of Bishops, a disaster, what action can be more surprising," says the Spanish historian.

One Spanish Bishop is 77 and his resignation still hasn't been accepted.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: La cigüeña de la torre
Trans: Tancred


Thursday, August 15, 2013

Archbishop Zollitsch’s Battle for the Centrist Dictatorial Regime in Brussels

The Honorable President of the German Bishop’s Conference
has preserved an anti-Catholic model of a centralized
pseudo-Europe. [photo: Kirche in Deutschland]
The anti-German "German Bishops' Conference” is calling for the dissolution and disintegration of the German state and prescribed a devout political propaganda, as has not been in 75 years.

Eurozentralismus-Tümmelei The "Badische Tageblatt" said the chairman of the "German Bishops' Conference," Archbishop Robert Zollitsch: "Our future is in Europe and not in its return to the national states."

Archbishop Zollitsch probably wanted to insinuate the following:

-EU Europe would have something like a future.

- The future of Germany and its homeland is not Afghanistan, but somewhere on the Western Eurasian landmass.

- There are no nation-states (not "return to the nation-states").
It is more than obvious that the Catholic Church in Germany only serves mammon. It serves the abolition of moral nation-states and the realization of the claim to power of the Brussels subculture.

Eurocentralism brings about the destruction of the values

Just as in Europe, the institution of the family is destroyed on purpose, and the nation-states (such as curved cucumbers) are destroyed. The resolution of family and state brings the atomization of de-christianized wage slaves who are then collectivized into a larger unit.

Mammon instead of values

This new collective, which is nothing more than an oligarchy of the unscrupulous, called the hypocrites, for example, "European community of values" - actually it's all about mammon . Globalist politics and the Church in Germany to serve the international private banks and not their own people or the will of God.

Only when it comes to Mammon (or homosexuality), does the tax-Church suddenly become present and with a vengeance.

Whom does Zollitsch so serve, is solely the financial feudalism.

When Archbishop Zollitsch is for the centralist dictatorship in Brussels, then he is concerned that the big capital is subsidized with tax money and citizens who are systematically dispossessed and impoverished.

The barbaric regime in Brussels has managed to combine the bad side of capitalism with the bad sides of communism - and Archbishop Zollitsch apparently wants to be the prophet of this oversupply of the bad.

Honorable President of the tax-Church

For reasons of age, the tax-Church regime will of Robert Zollitsch will mercifully end in March 2014. Then nothing will be better, because the Masonic Temple at work on Europe will continue undaunted in the de-Christianized communities of the tax-Church.

The EU shatters and destroys the autonomy of EU nations worse than in Ancient Rome, that they can spread their wicked rule and the smell of a new world order on everything.

The nucleus of the homeless and senseless society of Europe are now in the back room of the Brussels power ghetto - and not our children. These are like lab rats, the euro makes the European people a sacrifice to scientific investigation - if it goes according to the plans of the president of the anti-German "German Bishops' Conference.”

Mr. Zollitsch (as the modern man speaks to his Archbishop)! Take note that all empires will pass away - only Christ's kingdom is everlasting!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

In a Situation of Chronological Difficulty: Archbishop Zollitsch is 75 -- Good News

(Freiburg im Breisgau) The Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, is 75, and thus reached retirement age: good news for the Catholic Church in Germany. In an interview, the Süddeutsche Zeitung conducted with him, the Archbishop of Freiburg, warmed to speak on a favorite theme, “changes". The Swabian from the Danube in the See of St. Konrad means with "changes" to adapt to the zeitgeist. Exaggeration summarized: The practice of the faithful no longer corresponds to the Church's teaching? Then the Church's teaching practice must adapt to the faithful. So urges the Archbishop of Freiburg in rhythmic intervals in Rome on relaxation exercises in terms of admission of women to be in ordained ministries and of admitting divorced and remarried to the sacraments.

Zollitsch’s one sided interpretation of "change", "progress", "going forward"

The lively Schwabian from Filipowan in Batschka received a corresponding reproof. The Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference still holds, against all the odds, these “changes” are “possible" in the Catholic Church. Above all, he hopes to find in Pope Francis that "good conversation partner." Pope Benedict XVI in not found. The new pope "feels that the one who does not change, going backwards and not forwards" is located Zollitsch safe "look ahead" in its one-sided interpretation of "change", "progress", "going forward" and. The president of the German bishops, however, seems to suffer from chronic hearing loss in specific subject. Francis Pope issued on 27 July in his speech before the Latin American Episcopal Conference (CELAM) in Rio de Janeiro, the admission of divorced remarried to the sacraments as a clear rejection, as his predecessors.

Back in April Zollitsch had sought the admission of women as deacons. It may be doubted that the archbishop thereby confused Deacons with Deaconess. Deaconesses would be the female equivalent of deacons and would exert an ordained ministry. Such a thing has never existed in the Church. However, there were deaconesses in the early Church, but they exercised no ordained ministry. The Prefect of the Congregation, Archbishop Gerhard Ludwig Müller, issued a rejection in June with a concise formula safe side two forms: For women deacons are there in the Catholic doctrine and no basis for deaconesses in the church practice no need .

Pope Francis: No to women's ordination and the admission of remarried divorcees to sacraments

Francis Pope issued CELAM on the 27th of July in his speech in Rio de Janeiro also a clear rejection of women's ordination. A rejection, he repeated the question from a journalist on the flight from Rio to Rome. The issue of women's ordination is "definitely decided", the Pope said: "The door is."

What does it matter Zollitsch. If there are no priests nor deacons, deaconesses, then perhaps no ordained ministry? The archbishop is content. The point of "deaconesses without ordained ministry" Pope Francis did omitted in his rejection:. "For this I am very grateful to him," That even like an dirty pun Zollitsch confused deacons and deaconesses, and it seems to be quite deliberate.

Homosexuality: Speechless Petrified Bishops

Zollitsch is full of praise and recognition for the new Pope in connection with his statements on homosexuality which were made ​ by ​the head of the Church on the flight back from Rio. What exactly the Archbishop of Freiburg said, therefore, remains unclear, as well as the statements of the Pope on the subject. Both refer to the Catechism of the Catholic doctrine summarizes valid. However, the utterance of the Catholic teaching on homosexuality by Catholic pastors becomes increasingly difficult. Quite different with the former leading homosexual Michael Glatze ( see separate report ). As he was directly affected, was released by his conversion to Christ from the entanglements of homosexuality. He speaks in blunt and clear language, while the pastors seem to be petrified by media and political pressures into speechlessness.

Zollitsch Two years in a concentration camp - witness the Danube Swabians

It is known as the chairman of the German Bishops' Conference, the less is its origin and early childhood known Robert Zollitsch was born on the 9th of August 1938 a Danube Swabian in Filipowa in the community of Hodschag in the western Bačka. The area belonged to Austria-Hungary until 1918, the date of Zollitsch’s birth, it was the Kingdom of Yugoslavia and is now part of the Republic of Serbia. In the end of the Second World War it was almost purely a German and Catholic area. In 1944 almost 10% of all the men were shot dead by Tito's communist partisans in the village. Among them was Zollitch’s older, merely 16 year old brother. The mass grave was discovered and exposed revealing the 212 murdered in 2010. Robert Zollitsch survived because he was still a child. With his grandmother and other children in the family today the Archbishop of Freiburg, was interned by Tito's partisans in the concentration camp Gakowa, one of the many camps that were set up for the German minority in Vojvodina. In total up to 30,000 German were imprisoned, especially women, children and old people. At least 11,000 of them were killed. They were murdered or did not survive the harsh conditions. Robert Zollitsch was lucky. He arrived in 1946 with relatives by fleeing to Germany, where the family found a new home in Baden-Württemberg.

In 2003 Pope John Paul II appointed the Danube Swabian to be Archbishop of Freiburg im Breisgau. In 2008 he was elected chairman of the German Bishops' Conference. He was preceded by Cardinal Karl Lehmann. Zollitsch was regarded as a compromise candidate between the progressive Lehmann-wing and the Meisner conservative wing among the bishops. The latter had taken the Archbishop of Munich and Freising, with Cardinal Reinhard Marx as a candidate. As chairman Monsignor Zollitsch would welcome Pope Benedict XVI. in 2011 to his city and made quite a few mishaps with the organizing committee. The Archbishop also turned a deaf ear at the historic speech of the Pope in the Freiburg Concert Hall, with the head of the Church called the German Church to "detachment from the world."

The term of office at the head of the Bishops' Conference ends with the Spring Conference 2014. We will see whether the practice of Francis Pope Benedict XVI. continues where Archbishops are granted a two-year extension.

Archbishop Robert Zollitsch is 75 last Friday. Multos ad annos.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
 Image: Wikicommons
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Archbishop Zollitsch Apologizes to Pope Before Sticking the Knife and Twisting

Edit: just before sticking the knife in today, with respect to abortifacient contraceptives, the Chairman of the German Bishops’ Conference asked Pope Benedict XVI’s forgiveness. Contrition requires a willingness to amend one’s failings.  It’s what Rorate Caeli daringly describes as an Sedevecant act as the Bishops of Germany continue on their schismatic anti-Roman course. Ironically, the most loyal men in Germany to the Pope has are the SSPX.

 Here’s a quick translation of his speech:

GCC Chairman Zollitsch: "I would urge, as Chairman of our Bishops’ Conference, to turn to the Holy Father to beg forgiveness for any errors that may have been committed in the Church’s areas in Germany against him."

Trier ( / dbk) Pope Benedict XVI. had “born hostility and injustice in the following of Christ. In his speech at the beginning of the week, the Roman Pope has asked for leniency for all of his flaws. I want, as President of our Conference of Bishops, to turn to the Holy Father and beg forgiveness for any errors that may have been committed in the Church’s area in Germany against him,” so said Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, Chairman of the German Bishops' Conference on Monday in his explanation of himself in the end of the declining pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI. within the German Bishops’ Conference Spring Plenary in Trier. documents the assessment of the pontificate, Pope Benedict XVI. by the chairman of the German Bishops 'Conference, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, in the Spring Assembly of the German Bishops' Conference on 18 February 2013 in Trier, in full:

In a way all of Germany took a share in the share in the honor that was bestowed Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger when he was one of the Cardinals in conclave of 19 April 2005 to be elected as Bishop of Rome and the Successor of Peter. "We are the Pope," it said in a mixture of pride and joy. Today, after eight years, an overriding sense of deep respect and gratitude, but also quite mixed melancholy. A farewell still hurts too, especially when it comes to familiar and respected persons.

Pope Benedict XVI. all his life, struggled to fathom the unfathomable mystery of God. With great humility he wanted to get closer to God with all his senses to reveal Himself, let who God and what God wants for people: and the Praying in the celebration of the Sacraments, but also with the specifically human means of reason, and in ever new penetration of Scripture and the teaching of the Fathers of the Church, he dedicated his life to the approach to God.

This fundamental decision of his life shapes our Holy Father in such a transparent way that people revere him as their spiritual and intellectual authority. So do most people even those who can understand it because of individual decisions or adjustments or do not want. We are therefore well advised to his decision to resign in a few days, the Bishops, as recognizing what it should be: an expression of the life of faith that is aware of both: of the dignity of man, which is supported by the program Church, to witness God in this world, but also about the finitude of man knows that motivates him to recognize the narrow limits of his own strength and the latest live from the confidence that God, not man, brings success.

When the Holy Father was two years ago here in Germany, he urged again and again the fact that the Church for its own, draws from its transcendent divine source the vitality of its water and to fish in troubled waters is credulous and vulnerable to disappointment in the use of the forces of that world. The correct relation of the Church to the world is what he has particularly urged in his keynote speech to us in the Konzerthaus in Freiburg. We now know with more calm than at the time that he wanted to get the correct and important message of his life to bear draw some gift from the wells of salvation and let himself be the salvation of none other than the Lord.

This particular message, in fact, his words and actions during the entire period of his pontificate. The image of man acquires its contours from the belief in God and Benedict XVI. therefore life has a very positive image of people had, for man reflects God as his likeness, and was redeemed and brought home close to God through our Lord Jesus Christ. Particularly, it is the aesthetic forces and reason that characterize the people - and Pope Benedict XVI. would add, his love of wealth. Why he was so happy and passionate theologian: Man, with all the forces of reason comprehend the self-revelation of God and wants to bring to bear. Each of us has guided always by the voice and persuasiveness of the oeuvre of Joseph Ratzinger and take guide us; last well until last Christmas, when he gave us at the end of his Jesus trilogy, the "Prologue" donated to the infancy narratives.

I am sure that the high opinion which the Holy Father cherishes in relation to man, has its basis deeply rooted in the experiences of his parents' home and in the faith life of the young Joseph Ratzinger. The security in a place of love gave to him the core beliefs of his life. More clearly Pope Benedict XVI. always a intuition for the degradation of wickedness and human error. Not that he would castigate sad and tragic developments in persons and society just simply to be denunciatory and unloving. He paid a visit to one of his closest aides in prison once. But he wanted to be clear in his assessments. This concerns the superficialities and turmoil of a society that separates itself from its Christian roots, values, as well as the failure of those who work towards reconciliation and not just peace, but not to let the violence in its many forms run its course. No, Pope Benedict XVI. did not shrink from calling a stop to destructive and hostile forces in the world and the people by name.

All this, however, in the spirit of honesty and self-criticism. Neither has anyone expressed the fallibility and seductibility of the Church itself as he. Honestly, he has spoken of the horrific wounds the priests and other representatives of the Church have inflicted on young people for life, humiliating them by sexual violence. In Rome, and while many of his travels, he found clear words of condemnation for sexual abuse and he was followed by his meeting with those affected by words and deeds.

When Pope Benedict XVI. from the freedom that faith gives, openly addressed the destructive and false sides of society and ecclesial life, yet never in a loud voice, and certainly not in a self-righteous tonality. He wanted - he has said repeatedly - to be a "humble worker in the vineyard of the Lord" and someone who knows about the wonderful power of compassion. Also to the power of compassion, for us as an example, were in my mind, the beautiful words during the Milan Family Congress in 2012 when he talked about how much it drives him, that in modern society, it has become so fragile and difficult for the family living together and all concerned that the Church has been close as brothers and sisters. Truth, clarity and compassion are three pillars of thought and action that remain to us from the present in a special way in this pontificate drawing to a close. How infinitely difficult it can be to be merciful, Benedict XVI. at last must see himself as he was deceived in the closest circle of his confidants and he did not even begrudge him this important place of protection and personal familiarity.

The Holy Father knew to make political points, especially in the context of his travels. As examples I will mention only the trips to Poland, where he, the pope from Germany, also visited the Auschwitz concentration camp, or his stay in the Middle East, especially in Israel and Palestine, or even in the United States and in Australia. Just as the Holy Father has made in relation to the ecumenical approach of the churches and communities, he never wanted for bold action and initiatives. This particularly affects the Orthodox churches, especially Russia. The great religions received the Pope and they have thanked him, especially the Jews and the world of Islam.

Not everything Pope Benedict XVI. has attempted has succeeded. He received the criticism and has an infinite number, of so many tense interrelated expectations of so many from around the world which he could not meet, of course. That is to say, implicitly and part of the honesty which Pope Benedict XVI. desired and practiced. In the act of turning to SSPX For example, he has invested a lot of energy and could not reach the goal. Their lack of understanding, he is just as exposed as the disappointment the other on the other side of the ecclesiastical spectrum, expecting certain ecclesiastical reforms. [Unlike the Jews and the Muslims, of course, or his own alleged contrition in the face of his own failings to implement desired reforms in the liturgy, and the ongoing withering German Catholic Church.]

Pope Benedict XVI. has suffered greatly. But he has steadfastly and consistently exercised his ministry in the knowledge that he on behalf of another, a greater man, stands. He has worn in imitation of Christ even hostility and injustice. In his speech to the beginning of the week the Roman Pope has asked for leniency for all its flaws. I would ask as Chairman of our Bishops' Conference to the Holy Father reversed pardon for any errors that may have been committed in the area of ​​the church in Germany against him. Above all, I'm making a spokesman for the many millions of people in Germany and all the faithful who feel a very big thank you for his service: who feel spiritually from him nourished and in faith effort supported, and the his ministry as the Good Shepherd and bridge builders as great experienced. I want to thank you very emphatically say nice that our Holy Father has nourished our pleasure to be Catholic and to find a home in the church, which can not take a death and no power in the world to us.

COME WITH ROME to the last general audience with Pope Benedict XVI: 26. to 28 February. Bus ride from Linz, Salzburg and Innsbruck. More info here:

Outgoing Tip: 'We' have never been pope! Rend your hearts!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

News Reports

German Submission Bishops Praise the World

Germany. The German Bishops have could have taken something from the Conciliar Fathers from other continents, something about "fear of the world" -- which is currently pulverizing the Church in Germany.  This is what Archbishop Robert Zollisch of Freiburg said to 'Katholischen Nachrichtagentur' over the World Bishops' Synod  closing on Sunday.  There were positions given about "the hostile world, from which we must be detached".  The German Church-tax Bishops are opposed, rather "going to the world".

Bishops Against Homosexual Depravity

Slovakia.  The Family Council of the Slovakian Bishops' Conference has asked the Parliament to vote against the privileging of homosexuality.  The Council warns that the homosexually disturubed  will lead to a "civil partnership in the law".  Homosexuality must not be put at the same level with a Papa-mama-baby-marriage.  The homosexually disturbed stand "in complete opposition to the sanctity of sexuality between husband and wife in marriage".  St. Paul has already addressed the loan which is due from homosexuals because of their aberration. The position recalled antique Rome, which fell because of its own immorality.

Wild Reactions

Germany.  On October 30th the former protestant Minister Andreas Theurer and his wife converted to the Church.  This was reported by the Lutheran news 'edp'.  Actually the two wanted to convert today on "Reformation Day", October 31st.  Actually that would have been felt by Protestants as a "monstrous provocation", explained Theurer.  Because of "wild reactions" the conversion was to take place on Monday.

The Poles Warn -- the Germans Downplay

Poland.  The website of the Archdiocese of Warsaw has warned against "Satanic practices", which will corrupt the youth on the so-called festival of Halloween.  It has spread occultism and sorcery.  On the other hand, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch has said on his Archdiocesan website that Halloween is next to the "carved  faces in pumpkins at scary parties" allegedly increases interest in the All Saint's Day and All Soul's Day feasts.  There is a time to have a "collective harvest wonder", he insisted.

Euphemisms About Mass Apostasy

Austria.  The decline of Christians in Europe is dependent above all on the decreasing numbers of births.  So the Old Liberal Vienna Cardinal Christoph Schoenborn took his own responsibility for this massive decline in the Church from the table, for the Church-tax News 'kathpress'.  A connection between the decline of births and the allowance by the Bishops of artificial contraception in the Mariatroster Declaration [Austrian Bishops rejected 'Humane Vitae' in 1968, although he was quick to excuse it early in September.] was not made by the Cardinal.   There is no cause for his resignation -- he smoothed over the problem beautifully.

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Pope Vigil: Archbishop Zollitsch Organizes Event Promoting Homosexuality

Edit: As if to justify the Pope's words about "Overhanging structures", Archbishop Zollitsch steps in to provide evidence for it.

( Freiburger organizers tried to abuse the Vigil Celebration before the morning Papal Mass for their Old Liberal purposes.

Youth were posed apparently explosive Church-related questions at the Freiburg Mass area where they were gathered.

Balloons and Suggestive Questions

Every youth received a red and a green balloon in his pilgrimage package.

Before the balloons were deployed, however, rhythm exercises were done, to bring those present into order and in agreement.

Finally the moderators posed the following questions of the evening:

- Do you find celibacy meaningful for today?

- Shouldn't the Pope be elected by the people of the Church?

- Are you personally behind the personal morals of the Vatican?

Participating youth reported that the questions were provocative and anti-Roman. They gave the impression of cheap propaganda against the Pope.

Red Balloons for the Homosexuals

The organizers also asked: Do you have anything against lived homosexuality?

Thereafter many youth showed the red balloon.

The moderators commented: "We see a majority of red balloons! I think lived homosexuality is in order."

The responsibility for this scandalous pre-show is Archbishop Robert Zollitsch.

He has promised himself during this Papal visit, that at the next consistorium he will be named a Cardinal.

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Friday, September 2, 2011

German Nuncio Contradicts Liberal President of Bishops' Council

The President of the German Bishops Conference expects that there will be a change with respect to the manner remarried divorced people are dealt with -- Nuncio Périsset: There's no such consideration.
Berlin ( The Apostolic Nuncio in Germany, Jean-Claude Périsset, has warned against overly high expectations about reforms in the Catholic Church. As is the case with the question of remarried people who are divorced "the teaching of the Church is clear" and "there is no such consideration", aid the representative of the Holy Father in Berlin on Friday to questions from the German Catholic News Agency KNA. The reason was a well attended interview with Archbishop Robert Zollitsch with the Hamburg "Zeit".

There the President of the German Bishops Conference said he expected reforms with respet to divorced people who remarry. According to current Catholic teaching people who are married, who remarry after divorcing, are not permitted to receive Holy Communion. If there could have been an exception, it would have been extolled for years. +Zollitsch tried to explain that it has to do with a "question of mercy" and that he expects a change in his lifetime. +Périsset weighed against this, insisting that not participating in Communion does not mean being shut out of the Church. "The mercy of God knows a diversity of ways", explained the Nuncio. It is a question of inner fidelity, after the breaking of marriage promises and even with bearing the pain. There are in some cases the possibility to evaluate the validity of marriage.

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Friday, July 15, 2011

German Bishops Denounce Unnatural Selection in Germany

Bishops Denounce Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis
Edit: Yet another avenue of attack against the Church and Her teachings which we'll later come to discover were right all along, after the unintended consequences involved with these things have had their tragic consequences.

It falls into a similar category with condom use. Incidentally, AIDS is down in Rhodesia. Do you know why?

ROME, JULY 14, 2011 ( Germany's bishops responded to the July 7 government go-ahead for Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis with a reminder that the selection of a "healthy" embryo always entails the rejection of "unhealthy" human embryos -- and thus a violation of human dignity.

This was part of their response to the intense Lower Chamber debate that resulted in a 326-260 vote to allow PGD.

Archbishop Robert Zollitsch of Freiburg im Breisgauand, president of the German Bishops' Conference, reminded in a statement that the "selection of human embryos violates the precept of human dignity, which respects all human beings from the beginning."

"Every human being is unique as a person and the bearer of a dignity that is not disposable, notwithstanding his level of development, his actual capacities, his talents, his strong and weak points or his social position, and this in all the phases of his existence," the bishops affirmed.

Link to Zenit...

Friday, April 22, 2011

Archbishop Robert Zollitsch Ignores the Traditional 'Priest Network'

In Germany more and more Catholics of the inclination that they are not prepared just to tolerate the leadership which is looking on at the desolation of the faith.

( Dark clouds have gathered over the Church and the priesthood in the past few months.

This is what three speakers of the 'Netzwerks katholiscer Priester' say - Father Guido Rodheudt from the Diocese of Aachen, Fr. Hendrick Jolie from the Diocese of Main and Pastor Uwe Winkel from the Diocese of Fulda --- in an statement for Holy Week.

The following are not foreseeable

The statement dealt firstly with the abuse-hoax:

"Besides the efforts provided by the official sites, the militant proceedings of the abuse cases, as well as the operation of those responsible before the media, will become gradually more visible at first."

The priestly office suffers precipitous collapses in trust at times.

Its consequence for pastoral work "was generally not foreseeable"

And: "that in a climate of mistrust, the clear hostility and the general suspicion of the priestly occupation could grow, must not especially be mentioned".

Opportunity for Pastoral Care?

The event didn't speak of a "catastrophic situation".

For that reason it is not surprising to the "Priest Network' that celibacy is under fire -- in so far as the various senior leaders who are fully directing the "loosening" of the whole celibacy requirement.

The 'Priest Network' recalled the statement when Archbishop Robert Zollitsch of Freiburg became the President of the German Bishops Conference.

On August 2008, he described the priest shortage as a "chance for pastoral care". He also complained that the ecclesiastical life had concentrated very much on the priest.

He is high time that in the pastoral work that not only male priests, rather also women should be active.

The 'Priest Network' commented: "Here the bugbear of a patriarchal clerical church is confirmed."

Reasons for Concern

The 'Priest Network' is looking on with concern about the four year long dialog process being forced by the Bishops.

For that reason the statement made the following examples:

-the fact that Fr. Hans Langendorfer, the Secretary of the German Bishops Conference, had praised the theological memorandum pamphlet as a "good signal", which supposedly would uncover "deficits and places where reform was needed".

-the fact that the dissident theologians have been teaching for decades at the Universities, who have also been overseen by the Bishops, who were indignant about their pamphlet.

-the fact that the German Bishops in March in a "word to the Community" had made this scolding of the Catholic critics of the Memorandum, "all this with the old, the misery of the Church is not enough to be faithful to its own inheritance and self-understanding is not oppositional enough."

-the fact that Archbishop Zollitsch has ignored an official request mediated weeks ago through the Nuncio by the 'Priest Network' only to by dryly declined: "Is this the spirit of this much promised dialog?"

Sincere Hopes

In connection with the dialog process the 'Priest Network' has in view on the German Bishops the following questions:

Who look on inactively at the destruction of the faith, leaving the faithful priests in the lurch, lacking the courage to protest against the German "sonderweg", "could he resist, if he could see the confrontation of the mob's "demands for reform" inspired by the media?"

The 'Priest Network' explained this optimistically:

"Our hopes are directed in this time of calamity once again on the Holy Father, who will visit our Fatherland in September."

Because the situation of German Catholics is -- says the Network -- not through a vague "demand for inner-ecclesiastical discussion about the quest of God" or to improve through "emotionally disarming ecclesiastical visions".

The Catholics Make It

The 'Priest Network' read from no newspaper:

"Catholicism in German is split in a way, that is what even friendly commentators speak of an openly schismatic situation."

Neither under the priests nor among the faithful is there a consensus about this, about what is really Catholic: "Does this not fall on those who are most responsible?"

Actually, despite this "worst case scenario" the 'Priest Network' doesn't see Catholic resistance [to Church teaching] on a wide front.

"According to some respected journalists who are especially aware of the faithful on the internet from all levels and classes, that they are not ready to accept the senior leadership's inactivity as the faith is desolated.

For that reason it is clear to 'Priest Network', that the mainstream media's sovereignty over Church developments needs to be withdrawn."


Monday, March 14, 2011

German Bishops Wallow in the Hysteria

Editor: There are far greater crimes than the very rare cases of sex abuse which have been manipulated by the enemies of the Church. Like howling with the enemies of the Church and helping them, for example, by capitulating to their false assertions.

Germany's Roman Catholic bishops kneel down, ask for forgiveness over clergy's abuse

By The Associated Press (CP) – 7 hours ago

BERLIN — Germany's Roman Catholic bishops say they are "deeply ashamed" by the abuse of youth by clergy men and the church's failure to hold the perpetrators to account.

The country's bishops kneeled down in a symbolic gesture Monday and asked for God's forgiveness at the beginning of their annual spring meeting in the western city of Paderborn.

The head of the German Bishops Conference Robert Zollitsch said in his prayer that men of the church have abused youth and damaged their lives.

Link to AP...
H/t: pewsitter.

German Bishops Conference Snubs Catholics Loyal to Magisterium

"The Foundations of the Church must not be made subject to dialogue"

Editor: The Pro Ecclesia statement was made against the signatories of the Memorandum proposing married priests, women priests and relaxing the rules against divorced receiving Communion. The signatories of Pro Ecclesia stand against them and in fidelity to the Magisterium alongside the Bishops and the Pope. To date, 12,000 from all walks of life have signed it.

Petition Pro Ecclesia: Review in a Room at Welcome Hotel in Paderborn

Zollitsch will not personally accept the petition "Pro Ecclesia" -- The initiator of the petition maintains that the dialog article of over 12,000 Catholics is being considered as a "burden to the course of the Plenary Meeeting".

Paderborn ( More than 12,000 Catholics of all kinds, including prominent philosophers like Prof. Robert Spaemann and Prof Hanna-Barbara Gerl-Falkovitz, have signed in the meantime the "Petition Pro Ecclesia" for the Bishops, since it was initiated last month in response to the "Memorandum" of alleged Catholic theologians desiring a change in Church teaching to suit the changing times.

This petition will reach the gathered Bishops at their Spring Plenary Meeting. The president of the German Bishops Conference, Archbishop Zollitsch, will not personally accept the petition. His secretary, Father Langendorfer SJ, has explained this. He will propose the "Dialog Article" on Wednesday "in a room at the Welcome Hotel" in Paderborn where representatives of the German Bishops will receive it. It is, as Langendorfer wrote to the Team of Petition Pro Ecclesia, customary as usual, that the secretary receives such petitions, as "not to burden" the course of the plenary meeting. The initiator of the Petition Pro Ecclesia, Peter Winnemöller expressed his "frustration and surprise" that the Dialog Article of 12,000 Catholics should be described as an imposition.

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Priceless Gothic High Altar of St. Nicholas in Aachen Destroyed

Now the Party is Over

The good God had recently decided to take a church, which had been recently recycled as a Party-Hall, out of circulation.

The Destroyed high altar in the Aachen City Church from
a press photo of the Diocese.
[, Aachen, Germany]  In the night at the coming new year, a heavy fire in the gothic, medieval church St. Nicholas in Aachen, made its home.

The former cloister church has an apse which is fourteen meters high which is supported by twelve powerful pillars.

The  priceless high altar with three paintings from the Rubens school, made for a real attention grabber.

The church pews were removed by the Dicoese of Aachen in 2002.

The space has been being used since by the Evangelical Communion and the Catholic Church and also for a so-called "City Pastoral".

The new years fire destroyed the 17th Century high altar completely.

The three altar paintings were a total loss.

The gothic high altar and the old lead glass winders were severely damaged.

The spreading of the fire to the roof was prevented by the fire department.

A destroyed window of the church led the police to suspect that the fire had been caused by a Silvesterrakete.

As recently as 29 October, the Bishop Heinrich Mussinghof of Aachen had celebrated his seventieth birthday.

The smoking feast was organized by a caterer and collected the Old Liberal Nomenklatura of the Diocese from hither and yon.

The Old Liberal Cardinal Lehmann of Mainz held a gala talk.

Also present were the president of the German Bishop's conference and the Old Liberal Archbishop of Freiburg, Msgr Robert Zollitsch.

Translated from German, here at

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Clarification About the Pope's Statement in German Press

Editor:'s original title was "Condom-Pope Provokes a Sloppy Discussion.  So, they've taken this statement to heart and run with it.  We've never been real certain about where stands on a lot of things, but one thing, they've always been reliable about the information and news.  Perhaps this is one of those rare times when they're wrong?  In any event, the insult to his person will make it hard for us to justify translating their articles in the future and we'll certainly be more vigilant.

Of course, you wouldn't think that Father Z would be so shaken up, but there it is.

Slight amendation: here's Father Z's most recent contribution.  We hope you find it entertaining.

Catholic commentators are trying to correct the fact, that the Pope talked about a male prostitute in a weak-headed interview.  Pressesplitter.
Press Conference For Presentation of "Light of the World"

The decadent majority as a measure of the moral.

Swiss Television:  Mr. Seewald, do you see the Pope as having completely made a change of the Catholic sexual morality?

Peter Seewald:  "The Pope made it clear that he knows that the greater part of them do not practice the provisions of the Church, for which problem he foresees a need for reform:  "That is one of the greatest challenges. (…) That many have newly considered this area, so that it must be said anew again, is right."

Eldorado of Dirty Fantasies

"In the original Benedict referred to condoms in individual cases, 'occasionally when a male prostitute uses a condom, where this can be the first step to a moralization'.  In the English version, it is translated as 'male prostitute', in the Italian version it was clear that it was a [female] prostitute.  Now Vatican 'experts' are hot about whether or not this is a validation for homosexual prostitution." 

From an article of the website of the regional 'Südewestpresse".

The Pope and his Speaker entertain the idea of Transvestites

"I have asked the Pope personally if there were an important and serious ground for why he chose to mention a prostitute.  He told me: >>No.  The problem consists: that it is the first step, to take responsibility, to take consideration for the risk to the life of another  with which one has a relationship.<<  That means, whether one is a woman, a man or a transexual."

The speaker of the Vatican Press Service, Jesuit Father Federico Lombardo at a press conference in the Vatican today.

Being sold as private opinion  - but purchased as new teaching

The Pope wanted to make it known that he understands the realities and ways of life.  If for people in certain situations there is an foreseeable  need to use condemns, then therefore, this is can be portrayed as a "first step to moralization .. and responsibility".  Such expressions are not sensational, but what is really new, is that one has not yet today heard such a thing from a Pope.   I am very interested to know if Pope Benedict will further develop these thoughts, if they will some day be worked into the formal teaching of the Church and what they will mean for pastoral praxis."

Archbishop Robert Zollitsch of Freiburg in a statement to today's book presentation in Rome

Condom as a Morlisator -- is that a fact?

"Perhaps the Pope has had a new view -- what it doesn't mean is that one can accept everything, that he says.  We need however a more open, more sensible debate and more factuality."

Book author, Peter Seewald in an Interview with the Regional 'Badischen Zeitung".

Saturday, September 25, 2010

The German Bishops are Daydreaming: Dragging Their Feet

The decadent German Church once again finds itself on the crossroads: will the Bishops finally obey the Pope or will they regard him as a fool?

[, Fulda] Today the President of the German Bishops Conference, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch of Freiburg, held the findings of the complete assembly of the Bishops Conference, which took place this week in Fulda.

A press text from the website of the German Bishops Conference was published.

The Bishops turn everything to sex

According to the Bishops, future dialogue will be directed to the supposedly "bulky themes".

As an example, they will address the relentless journalist litany of sex, priest sex and the dispensing of sacraments for adulterers.

So that the empty sex-chatter won't come to an early end, so should an actual "dialogue initiative" of the Diocese and Parishes take place.

one of the "many" Episcopal chattering cooperating partner is according to reports from the press text of the Anti-Catholic lay association 'Central Committee of German Catholics'.

A long point of the press conference occupied itself further with the the abuse product which sells itself, with which the Bishops get taken for a ride.

One of the proposed measures for the future is the internet site ''.

Attended by the wrong man

On the catch phrase "Mission to the Jews" the press release made clear that Cardinal Lehmann of Mainz in connection with the bishops Conference had worked a statement.

The text is not available on-line.

Cardinal Lehman has contradicted in the past the New Testament and promoted error that there is a path of sanctity for the Jews without Christ.

Celebration of the violations of 'Kirchentag'

The press release recalled then the Anti-Catholic 'Ecumenical Church Day' [A Lutheran Women-Bishop was honored there after her DUI conviction and resignation] in Munich.

The Bishops praised the godless event to the skies.

There isn't a single criticism of the 'Kirchentag' in the press release.

Now the new believers are conservative

The Liturgy, explained the press text, that the translation of the new Mass Book, which was published in the original Latin, is complete.

Now the Vatican must approve the translation.

The press release broke a lance for the old new Rite. The texts used now that are in full effect are trusted by the priests and people.

The Bishops did not want to endanger these values through a fundamentally new translation:

"The reception of the proposed Missal may be put in danger because of the translation of individual primary words or those translations which occur without necessity in the following translation of words that were till now expressed in good German text and replaced by strange uses." -- said the old liberal Bishops sounding like conservatives.

It is unclear if the Press text meant that "individual primary words" also meant "words of Consecration".

Poe Benedict XVI has tried to correct since November 2005 the previously used erroneous translation of "pro-multis" with "for all".

Up until now he has shown the Bishop's long noses.

A lot of time for nothing.

After the short point about the liturgy, the press release discussed the circumstantial cultural and social questions -- for example, environmentalism.

There was not a single syllable uttered about the very endangered unborn children lost in Germany.

Further points in the press release were Education and Schools, Science and Culture or the theme complex, "World Church".

The most interesting point regarding peronell is that Bishop Gregor Maria Hanke of Eichstatt will be a member of the Liturgy Commission. [Bishop Hanke is apparently quite liberal and was favored by a local liberal CSU politician in Eichstaet to succeed Bishop Mixa.

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Friday, September 24, 2010

Liberal German Bishop Promotes "Discussion" About Celibacy

The Catholic Church must discuss issues such as priestly celibacy, said the head of the church in Germany, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, who also confirmed compensation would be paid to victims of clerical sexual abuse.

[DW] The Catholic Church must be prepared to confront and discuss taboo topics such as sexual morality and the celibacy of priests, the head of the church in Germany, Archbishop Robert Zollitsch, said on Friday.

Speaking at the conclusion of the two-day autumn plenary assembly of the German Bishops' Conference in the central city of Fulda, Zollitsch said "the issue of the ... personal, spiritual and sacramental life of our clergy has long been pressing."

Link to Deutschewelle, here....

Saturday, July 24, 2010

German Archbishop Zollitsch Cleared of Criminal Charges

Just because they won't take you to court and throw you in jail doesn't mean that you weren't guilty of malfeasance.

BERLIN [AP] — German prosecutors say investigators have found no proof that would justify holding the country's top Roman Catholic cleric responsible for hiring a priest known to have sexually abused minors.

Prosecutor Christoph Hettenbach says in a statement released Wednesday that the investigation into Freiburg Archbishop Robert Zollitsch has been closed.

The southwestern city of Konstanz had been investigating an unidentified complaint that alleged Zollitsch was responsible for hiring a priest in 1987 known to have sexually abused minors. Zollitsch now heads the German Bishops Conference and at the time was in charge of human resources at the Freiburg diocese.

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Saturday, July 3, 2010's Exclusive Interview of Archbishop Zollitsch's Victim

Rather than finding answers and deeds in accordanced with what was agreed upon when a clerical abuse victim made his abuse known, the victim has only been lied to and slandered by the Shepherds who were supposed to protect the children.

As with other cases, like in the United States, Liberal Prelates use their positions of trust to protect clerical homosexuals, even putting them in contact with children again after they'd been credibly accused for abusing them in the first place.

Let's not forget either how this political in-fighter stabbed his colleague, Bishop Mixa, in the back by helping liberals in Augsburg to circulate information and set Bishop Mixa up for a fall back in Rome. Unfortunately, Pope Benedict is sending Bishop Mixa to the minor leagues, but we predict he will be back.

But I Hope the Suffering I Experienced Was Not Pointless

Linz (

N.N. was abused many times forty years ago by a priest of the Catholic Church -- Now he has made a complaint in Rome against the perpetrator and against Archbishop Zollitsch -- N.N. in an exclusive Kath.Net exclusive interview about his tragic story.

Kath.Net: You were repeatedly abused 40 years ago by Father G., a Catholic priest, and have also already spoken to the media. What has happened since these media reports?

N. N.: After my revelations in 2006 as 2010 nothing I know of happened. Neither the Archdiocese of Freiburg nor the Mehrerau Abbey have initiated criminal or law procedures yet against the priest's Office, so he continue had dealing with children and young people. This was an intolerable state for me so I had to ask the offender to resign in March of this year. Although I several times asked them to do so, Freiburg and Mehrerau has searched previously not actively other victims and witnesses, how it has acted for example, the Diocese of Basel immediately after becoming aware thereof. Basel has responded exemplarily, and even researched victims found who'll come forward.

Fribourg has also failed to understand the life cycle of the author of these attacks. Tedious, I had to take the facts together. Many questions remained concerning the Diocese of Freiburg and the Mehrerau Abbey of the supposedly sequestered offender or to the old Abbot Kassian Lauterer remained unanswered until today with the interview (interrogation) of the offender . Abbot Anselm claimed that he had made a means message with regard to the offender, he won't give details. Now he announces forced to conduct internal investigations, the results announced but before conclusion of the investigation: Neither Abbot Kassian Lauterer nor Archbishop Zollitsch are guilty in this affair.

Kath.NET: The culprit in 2006 confirmed your accusations. How important was it for you?

N.N.: The former abbot Kassian has forwarded a letter from me to the offender and this has given me the fact in writing at the 9.12.2006. That was very important for me and for that I must be grateful to the offender, I had replaced the incidents for forty years. I wanted to a personal discussion with the offender. In the following call to a phone appointment with Father G. had credibility and he tried to make excuses till I could no longer take his excuses. This man is ill and you would have to save yourself much foer both him and me, if those responsible 1968, 1971, 1987, 1992, 2006, or even 2010 -- had acted differently also as regards their fiduciary duty.

Kath.Net: in connection with the abuse you Mehrerau Abbey and the Archdiocese of Freiburg you're accusing now that they had known of the abusing offenders and still employed them. You have made even a criminal complaint against Archbishop Zollitsch. Why?

N.N.: The criminal charges against Archbishop Zollitsch were several reasons. On one I got the message to the March, 19 2010 from the Diocese of Chur, the offender was sequestered and anonymous. It remains open whether he will withdraw the procedure or the Church keeps him hidden, perhaps to to prevent the full extent being known. In various interviews and press releases and websites, Freiburg made several wrong, misleading and defamatory statements. Requests for correction came to Freiburg nor as a call to the reply - it was the only course remaining to me. Therefore I have filed criminal charges of defamation against the persons responsible for the Archdiocese.

Because Freiburg on the other hand even played a questionable role in the restoration of the offender in 1987 and tried to hide facts, remained even idle, contains incorrect information in Birnau, I have complaint also suspected of complicity to the abuse or aid / omission mentioned against the risk of the limitation period. The proceeding also interrupts the statute of limitations.

Unfortunately, alleged statements made by me have been spread then in many press releases, which I never made. Only when I was confronted this, have I given more content of the complaint so I will be quoted correctly. I've been accused of sensationalism by the Archdiocese. Although Freiburg knew the exact contents of the complaint, they responded to the press allegations instead. [This is par for the course and reminds us of the interference and stonewalling engaged in by liberal prelates in the United States like Cardinal Mahony, Cardinal Bernardin and Archbishop Weakland]

"A reproach is including specifically": thus Dr. Zollitsch took 1987–1992 gross negligence in purchase, a priest known as pädokriminell comes in his diocese with the churches in its responsibility children in contact. (..) Dr. Zollitsch has helped thus taken and actively a gross risk of the parish in order to affect victims and witnesses by the mere unbehelligte presence of the offender. "

Freiburg and Mehrerau tried only to withdraw to the Christian religious law of non-responsibility of the offender in Birnau even though they know that my allegations of responsibility for the parishes Nußdorf and Deisendorf are addressed. We victims (myself are now three more known by name) and their families were not members of Mehrerau Abbey, but the Archdiocese of Freiburg as inhabitants if Nußdorf.

Kath.Net: the Archdiocese of Freiburg you accuse also, it has deliberately spread untruth relating to your case. What are you accusing the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of here?

N.N: Freiburg represents itself in untrue statements, presenting misleading facts and manipulating facts in attempts to discredit me as a victim. Fribourg has deceived me in 2006 in a telephone conversation, that they would examine the facts, instead it was only "the Abbot agreed." Fribourg has provided false information regarding the stay and the activities of the offender in the Archdiocese of Freiburg. It is said there was the debate with the offender, I call for such a debate for several weeks – in vain. It is said you have offered me help. Until today I have offered little concrete help despite getting demands. I only made an offer to call. Contrary to what was otherwise said I was ready to ask but then experienced a loss of legal assistance or mediator for the interview. Just because it has not been granted me, there was no debate - Freiburg and the Abbot of Mehrerau which can afford the luxury of a crisis management agency. [He doesn't answer the question, but these points are all too familiar.]

Kath.Net: Abbot Anselm of Mehrerau Abbey has defended Archbishop Zollitsch after the revelation of the incident, explaining Zollitsch to have known nothing and had not made use of the paedophile priest. What do you say to that?

N.N.: This accusation occurs as mentioned by me. As Archbishop Zollitsch knew the true content of the complaint (legal), he could have said simply that he is not accused of me. Instead he tried such opinions to create a false impression and distract from the actual - also moral - responsibility. The opinion by Abbot Anselm relates solely to Birnau and the Teutonic Knights legal jurisdiction. Abbot Anselm ignores the actual charge, responsible for the pastoral care and the parishes Nußdorf and Deisendorf.

Kath.Net: before a few days have now in Rome filed suit against the abuse priests but also against Archbishop Zollitsch and Abbot Anselm of Mehrerau Abbey. What is the aim of this action or what would you do?

N.N: I was assuming that such a procedure had been initiated in 2006 by the authorities. Because this was not done I had requested such a procedure at the official of the Archdiocese of Freiburg middle of April 2010, and got the message that I could not initiate such a procedure and that the Abbot and the current place of residence of the priest should contact my competent Bishop. Which was not possible because the offender is seculded and his place of residence was not named for me by the Church. Therefore I have filed a complaint to the Vatican.

My allegations against the Archdiocese of Freiburg and Archbishop Zollitsch are shown as also in the criminal complaint. Also Zollitsch has violated as Archbishop in 2006 in my view since until today he has repeatedly and continued against his own guidelines adopted in 2002. He is no longer credible because he does not follow what he promises in his speeches and is damaging to the reputation of the Church.

Abbot Kassian I accuse further offset the priest despite knowledge of pederastic criminals' predicate offences for decades and came in continued contact with children and young people and only allowed further crimes. He has also since 2006 done nothing and concealed the true extent from me.

Kath.Net: how close is your current relationship with the Catholic Church?

N.N.: My relation was distant in the last years, and that's how I feel after what I had to experience the last 20 weeks, anger, hatred, powerlessness, despair, frustration and disappointment. Even "beautiful things" like my favorite opera Parsifal in which I am confronted with religious motives, burden on me and I can no longer enjoy the Church, above all Archbishop Dr. Zollisch and Abbot Anselm, are still unbelievable for me. The fine words of enlightenment will, change and aid for the victims are in sharp contrast to the experience: I feel powerless again, helpless, abused. I have but also sporadically receive encouragement and assistance from the Catholic Church. I had the impression that I am taken seriously by the Diocese of Basel.

Kath.Net: keeping it possible that you someday really that can handle these terrible events in your childhood, find inner peace and what should the offender or the Church do to to help you here?

N.N.: What happened cannot be undone. I hope that the suffering I experienced at that time and today was not futile, not pointless. The offender, the participants of the Church must provide the truth and their criminal, seat and also moral responsibility. When really a reorientation in the Church, but also in society and family, away from off looking to HIN looking when victims are no longer as an outsider, troublemakers of often hypocritical community branded, I hope to find peace.

Kath.NET: Can you really by thinking you will forgive the offender today day from your deepest heart?

N.N.: I can say today that I must first know the whole truth. From the offender. I call for the debate with him for weeks. However, the offender is not reachable.

Kath.Net: thank you very much for the interview!

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Monday, June 21, 2010

Telegraph Makes Unfounded Accusation Against Bishop Mixa

The UK Newspaper joins attacks on Bishop Mixa of Augsburg. Although the news story contains no new information, it claims that there is a new round of accusations against him while he waits at his mansion for the decision on his resignation.

What is becoming increasingly clear is that Archbishop Zollitsch and Bishop Marx have stepped out of their way to feed him to the wolves. One thing this story is really showing up is how things are shaping up in the Church as Liberal Prelates become increasingly aggressive against Catholic Prelates, using the press corp as an effective bludgeon to destroy the credibility of the Church and the ongoing reform.

Meanwhile, the Vatican has agreed to cooperate with Italian authorities regarding the charges of corruption against one of its Cardinals. Sounds like this was the reason behind the Carabineri (Italian Federal Police) evesdropping "accidentally" on the Pope's phone conversations as reported earlier this Month. Speaking of scandal, wasn't it Damian Thompson who said the other day that we needed an outside to clean up the Italian dominated curia? The cleanup may well go on without the Australian Cardinal Pell who was said by various sources last week to have been bypassed for promotion to the powerful Congregation of Bishops owing to a smear campaign against him.

Link to Telegraph...