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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Target’s New Advertising Campaign

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Bibles in the Fiction Section at Barnes and Noble?

Edit:   In a market where copies of the world's best selling book are up, at least one Barnes and Noble sees fit to cram Bibles into the Christian Fiction section.

This is a Barnes and Noble store and the photo appeared in an Atheist message board at reddit. The location of the store is currently unknown but there have been similar stories cropping up from time to time that Barnes and Noble had decided to place the Bible in the fiction section.  It's not the most auspicious linkage, and of course, the atheists were eager to make much of the negative associations in their usual saturnine way.

As one commenter in an Israeli blog called "Jewlicious" stated when Barnes and Noble seemed to do the same thing in 2008, "will they do the same thing to the Koran?"

Barnes and Noble is a major corporation, and major corporations have a habit of being fairly unsympathetic to religious points of view in a gradual, sort of inevitable kind of way. Indeed, their arrangement with Starbucks certainly points in that direction.  Like Target, for example, which has braved boycotts to support Planned Parenthood and is now supporting the legalization of gomorrist couplings.

Maybe there's no room for Christianity in McWorld?

Saturday, July 7, 2012

There are More Muslims in Brussels Than Catholics

Via De Morgen, VRT (Dutch):
25% of the residents of Brussels are of Muslim origin, which makes Brussels one of the European cities with the largest Muslim presence, comparable to Birmingham in the UK. This according to a sociological study ('L'Iris et le Croissant' - the Iris and the Crescent) by UCL. The study was conducted by Sociologist Felice Dassetto, who has been researching Muslims, radicalization and intercultural ism for more than 30 years.

In total there are 250,000 to 300,000 Muslims in Brussels, about half the Muslim population of Belgium. 10-15% of the Muslims are practicing and active within religious associations.

Islam is also increasingly visible: there are more moques and minarets, more veiled owmen and more Muslim organizations.

After football, Islam mobilizes the most people in Brussels, more than the Catholic Church, political parties and unions. There are more than 200,000 Muslim organizations in Brussels, including 77 mosques. Dassetto speaks of a 'religious over-socializing' among young Muslims.
Link to Islam in Europe...

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hungary May Introduce Constitutional Ban on Homosexual Marriage

[national secular society] Under pressure from the Vatican, the Hungarian government is planning to introduce a complete ban on abortion and any prospect of legalised gay marriage in its new constitutional proposals.

At a meeting with the pope earlier in December, the Hungarian ambassador was told that it was “desirable that the new constitution be inspired by Christian values, particularly in what concerns the position of marriage and the family in society and the protection of life.” The pontiff’s wishes are reflected well in the governing Fidesz party’s proposal, which — in additional to mirroring papal teaching on abortion — says marriage is “the most natural community of man and woman.”

The pope told the ambassador that “Europe would be finished” if heterosexual marriage were no longer “the norm”. He said: “Europe would no longer be Europe if such a basic cell of the social construct were to disappear or to be substantially changed.”

Read further... 

H/t: Pewsitter

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Remove Five Christian Holidays in Belgium?

A "Work Group for Interculturality" from the Belgian Government wants to remove Easter Monday, Pentecost Monday, the Ascension, Assumption and All Saints from the list of National Holidays -- Christimas will remain the only free Christian feast day.

Brussels []  A drastic reduction of the holidays in Belgium has been proposed by a "Work Group for Interculturality" of the Belgian government.  The current ten feast days will be reduced to five is the "'Work Group's" proposal, said the Belgian media on Tuesday.

Accordingly, heneforth there will only be New Year, the 1st of May, the National Holiday on  the 21st of July, the Armistice of  11th of November,  and Christmas, the 25th of December will be days off.

Eastermonday, Pentecostmonday [Whitmonday was also a holiday in Ireland till recently], Christ's Ascension, Assumption and All Saints Day will be removed from the calendar. The "Work Group" proposes, depending on confession, that an employee can take two additional workdays free.

New additions will be International Women's Day on 8. March, the 21st of March as the International Day Against Racism and the 21st  of May as the World Day of Cultural Diversity.

Among other proposals of  the "Work Group"  was also to permit  the wearing of religious symbols such as the Islamic head covering in school for higher forms [grades].  The teacher's preference, however, should determine whether it is allowed at all.

The Belgian Minister for equal opportunity, Joelle Milquet of the Liberal-Christians Democrats of Wallonia, annaounced, that she wants to reinforce the battle against discrimination.  Cultural Diversity is anchored in the heritage of Belgium, she said according to reports from "Le Soir".

Read original in German at

Editor: A fitting video since the Cultural Marxism, antithetical and hostile to Christianity, goes hand in glove with the enemy within:

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Catholic Relief Services Get Money from Bill Gates

We'd also like to note that Bill Gates Foundation is closely related to Lucis Trust. His charity is part of a subgrouped under an organization formerly known as "Lucifer Trust".


On Thursday, January 7, 2010, the following e-mail concerning the "partnership" of Catholic Relief Services (CRS) with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Howard G. Buffett Foundation was sent by the U.S. Coalition for Life to the Most Rev. Timothy Dolan, Archbishop of New York, the Chairman of the Board of Directors of CRS, and Thomas Price, CRS Senior Communications Manager: Can you tell me why Catholic Relief Services is in a partnership with two of the world's greatest promoters of abortion and population control? Why the glowing promotion of two of the world's most anti-life foundations? Randy Engel, Director, USCL

The next day, the USCL received a response from Mr. Price which reads in part:
Thank you for your letter of concern on the Gates Foundation and the Howard G. Buffett Foundation. As an official agency of the Catholic Church, Catholic Relief Services strictly adheres to the teaching of the Catholic Church and the policies of the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB). Our first Guiding Principle states that "all human life is sacred and possesses a dignity that comes directly from our creation and not from any action of our own, …" The Catholic Church often participates in humanitarian initiatives that include a large range of partners — and we do not always agree with everything they stand for. However, the work that is undertaken directly with any of our partners always strictly adheres to Church teaching. We do not provide or promote artificial birth control and would never accept funding from any donor that would compromise the agency's adherence to Catholic teaching. …" Sincerely, Tom Price


According to the CRS official website (, the Gates Foundation is "guided by the belief that every life has equal value." CRS praises the foundation's work "to help all people lead healthy, productive lives," and "to ensure that all people… have access to the opportunities they need to succeed in school and life. …"

In exchange for perpetuating this glorious deception and maintaining a silence on the Gates/Buffett world-wide killing machine, CRS has received in excess of $40 million for global and agricultural development and financial services for the poor from 2003 to 2009. Compared to the billions Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett and his family spend on their true passion – baby killing and. population control – it's a drop in the bucket, of course, but I'm sure they consider their money well spent.

In reviewing the anti-life record of the Gateses and Buffetts, one they have successfully keep out of the public eye, thanks to organizations like CRS, it's difficult to avoid the conclusion that "they never met an anti-life, anti-family enterprise that they did not love (and eventually fund)."


Starting with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation directed by the Gateses and fellow billionaire Warren Buffett, father of Howard G. Buffett., here is a sampling of the anti-life organizations and activities it has supported, with a brief commentary on each:

· International Planned Parenthood Federation – $41,876,150 since 1998. Supports a total anti-life agenda world-wide. Organizes massive anti-life initiatives the world over.

· Planned Parenthood Federation of America – $12,984,000 since 1998. Does not include millions for PP abortion centers in Gates' home state of Washington and elsewhere. Performs over 200,000 surgical abortions per year and supports a full anti-life agenda including contraception, sterilization, abortifacients, live human embryo and fetal experimentation, sex education, divorce, fornication, infanticide, homosexuality, eugenics, infanticide, pornography, in vitro fertilization.

· U.N. Fund for Population Activities and Americans for UNFPA – $56,681,272 in 2000. An indirect grant to UNFPA of $2,200,000,000 for "reproductive health" and mass population control programs.

· Pathfinder International – $1,585,000 in 1999, 2009. Among top deadliest abortion providers, trains abortionists, procures abortion and sterilization equipment. Promotes "reproductive options" among adolescents.

· International Projects Assistance Services – Promotes "sexual and reproductive rights."

· Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation's Urban Reproductive Health Initiative – Pushes population control in Africa and South Asia .

· Bill and Melinda Gates Institute for Population and Reproductive Health, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health – $9,864,398 (2009-2011). Sponsors world-class population control conferences which push modern fertility control techniques, abortion and sterilization including female condoms, injectable abortifacients, and "menstrual regulation" kits.

· Population Communications International – $3,775,000. Specializes in population control propaganda for mass media.

· Family Health International – Specializes in mass sterilization and abortifacients and "menstrual regulation" kits.

· Family Care International – $14,643,712. Seeks to promote and defend "abortion rights" and mass population control projects.

· Stem Cell and Cloning Research – $400,000 donation for California campaign in favor of state supported programs of human embryonic stem cell research and cloning projects

· EPF: The Inter-European Parliamentary Forum on Population and Development – $1,598,245. To promote "reproductive health care" around the world. According to the EPF, "in February 2002 it signed up to the "See Change" campaign; an initiative started by Catholics For Free Choice with the objective of changing the status of the Vatican at the United Nations. Following this, the parliamentary groups in Sweden and Spain both held parliamentary hearings on the role of the Vatican City in UN decision-making and its obstruction of progress on reproductive health and rights issues."

As a member of the elite Club of Rome, Bill Gates is dedicated to the war against the proliferation of people, but he has other side interests as well include the promotion of the vice of homosexuality.

In 1989, Microsoft was one of the first companies in the world to offer employee benefits to same-sex domestic partners and to include sexual orientation in its corporate nondiscrimination policy. The company has supported and sponsored pro-gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender issues activities and programs including GLEAM, an organized employee resource group for homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals and transgender employees. As part of its Diversity Initiatives Program, GLEAM partners with Microsoft's executive leadership teams to define and implement corporate diversity initiatives companywide, such as the company's GLBT Pride Month celebration and GLBT-specific diversity training.

In July 2007, Bill Gates used part of his Microsoft fortune to purchase 56.3% of PlanetOut, a homosexual activist publishing company that runs a number of "gay" publications and services and is a major provider of hard core homosexual pornography.

Now, let's turn our attention to the anti-life organization, services and research funded with the Warren Buffett billions:

· Buffett money has funded important clinical trials for RU-486, (Mifepristone/Mifeprex), the so-called "abortion pill," putting the lethal drug on the fast track in the U.S. and abroad.

· Two million dollars to Family Health International helped finance mass experimental sterilization programs in third world countries using the dangerous chemical quinacrine hydrochloride. The drug is banned in the U.S. and Canada .

· Population Communications International – Specializes in population control propaganda for mass media.

German Foundation for World Population – Population control programs directed at youth "as agents of change."
International Projects Assistance Services – Promotes sexual and reproductive rights. Buffett gave IPAS $20,000,000 for the manufacturer and distribution of manual abortion suction pumps for use in poor countries.
· Population Council – $3,500,000. One of the oldest population control and abortion research agencies in the United States .

· Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice – $700,000. Recruits and engages churches and clergy in supporting abortion rights.

· NARAL – $1,500,000. A promoter of abortion rights in the United States .

· Catholics for a Free Choice – $485,000. Money used to challenge and undermine Catholic opposition to abortion.

· Center for Reproductive Rights – $737,000. Carries out pro-abortion litigation. Helped strike down Nebraska 's ban on partial-birth abortion/infanticide.

· National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy – $250,000. A pro-abortion group that targets teens.

· Family Health International – $20,000,000. Specializes in mass sterilization and abortifacients and "menstrual regulation" kits and abortion vacuum aspirators.

· Family Care International – Promotes abortion and mass population control projects.

· Pathfinder International – $582,000. Promotes abortion rights and services.

· Susan Thompson Buffett Foundation – Provides millions of dollars for abortion rights groups including many of the above groups.

· Access Project – $496,000. Promotes abortion rights and services.

· GIRE – $485,000. Promotes abortion rights and services in Mexico .

The record is clear – the hands of Bill and Melinda Gates and Warren Buffett are soaked with the innocent blood of millions of unborn children. The only question that remains is "Is the body count high enough for CRS to dump the death peddlers as donors?"


The objective of this mailing is to persuade the American Bishops, especially those who serve on the Board of Directors of CRS, to publicly reject any and all donations from the Gates and Buffett Foundations and any other corporation or government entity that funds and promotes anti-life, anti-family and anti-God programs, services, and research in the United States and abroad. The message is simple - "Just say no"…. to the death peddlers.

As with the scandal-ridden Catholic Campaign for Human Development, Catholics should withhold all funding of Catholic Relief Services until this blatant injustice is publicly corrected. The CRS National Diocesan Campaign is usually held on the 4th Sunday of Lent. This will give CRS officials time to take action.

Unlike the CCHD, which should be disbanded, CRS, founded in 1943, has a long history of legitimate service to the Church especially in regard to refugee settlement and emergency disaster relief programs. The tragedy is that it has become just another compromised entity of the American Bishops' national bureaucracy which systematically poisons everything it touches. The removal of the Bill and Melinda Gates and Buffett Foundations from the roster of CRS partners/donors list is important, but the problems with CRS run much deeper and are unlikely to be resolved by the liberal, leftist establishment and staff that runs and controls the USCCB.

As things stands now, faithful Catholics need to look elsewhere for legitimate Catholic charities and missions to support.

USCL Action Alert

Please send your letters, e-mails, and faxes asking Archbishop Timothy Dolan to take the lead in severing all CRS, and other USCCB agency ties with the Gates and Buffett Foundations. They are not the only anti-life partners that CRS has teamed up with, but they are the worst.

A list of bishops who serve on the Board of Directors of CRS is provided below. If your bishop is on that list, please make him your top priority. If not, please send your communication to Archbishop Dolan, 1011 First Avenue, New York , NY 10022.

Phone: 212-371-1000.

CRS Board of Directors
Most Rev. Timothy Dolan - Chairman
Archbishop of New York

Most Rev. J. Kevin Boland
Bishop of Savannah

Most Rev. Timothy Broglio
Archbishop of Military Services

Most Rev. Patrick R. Cooney
Bishop of Gaylord

Most Rev. Daniel Flores
Aux. Bishop of Detroit

Most Rev. Martin D. Holley
Aux. Bishop of Washington , D.C.

Most Rev. Joseph E. Kurtz
Archbishop of Louisville , KY

Most Rev. Denis J. Madden
Auxiliary Bishop of Baltimore

Theodore Cardinal McCarrick
Archbishop Emeritus of Washington , DC

Most Rev. Michael J. Sheehan
Archbishop of Santa Fe

Most Rev. George L. Thomas
Bishop of Helena

Most Rev. John Charles Wester
Bishop of Salt Lake City

*The USCL wishes to express its appreciation to LifeSiteNews for their August 1, 2003 article "Buffett Foundation donations, 2001-02."

** For additional information contact Randy Engel, Director, US CL at 724-327-7379 or

End of Email