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Friday, September 21, 2012

Cardinal Marx of Munich Reassigns Child-abuser to Parish Work

Edit: you'll possibly remember the St. Polten, Austria debacle which closed a seminary and involved a corrective suspension of two priests both its Rector, Father Ulrich Kuechl and the Sub-regent, Doctor Wolfgang Rothe. has learned that Father Rothe is being reassigned to a parish by the Old Liberal Cardinal of Munich. We think the double standard in this matter will continue and the Liberal regime which abets such outrages will facilitate the "clean up" while the Church itself will continue to suffer their poor management and bad faith.
Germany. The priest who stumbled into a homosexual scandal, the Ex-subregent of St. Polten in Austria, Father Wolfgang Rothe, is going to be a Parish Vicar in Munich. The Old Liberal Cardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich and Freising has signed the decree of appointment on July 9th. Father Rothe will assume the position in September. He is the Parish Vicar in a Munich Parish organization "Transfituration of Christ -- St. Micheal". He was last active as a chaplain in a convalescent home.

It's been an interesting summer for reassignments and such. Bishop Finn of Kansas City was recently tried and found guilty for the misdemeanor offense of "failing to report child abuse". This was widely hailed by many as a symbol of the clergy's protected status and the continuing corruption in the Church. There were a few bloggers even on the traditional side who uncritically accepted the New York Times, professional victim side of all this.

It will be interesting indeed to see if it makes any difference to them that this wasn't just a case of homosexual seminarians and their professors (sad that many don't find that shocking enough to end a priest's career) having a frolic, but as Micheal Rose reported when it happened, these seminarians and priests had more than 40,000 pornographic images including ones that featured the sexual abuse of children. It is an indisputable fact that not only did the seminary rector Father Kueschel and the ex-subregent, Father Rothe know about the photos of children being abused sexually, but they even used them for their own gratification while abusing their own seminarians. Here's an excerpt from Micheal Rose:
The photos showed seminarians and priests from Austria’s Sankt Poelten seminary fondling and kissing one another and engaging in sex games. Profil also reported that some 40,000 pornographic images and films were downloaded to the seminary’s computers, including photographs depicting acts of pedophilia and bestiality.
Consequently, German-language media outlets have been saturated this week with reports of the Austrian seminary scandal chock o’block full of lurid details in what has become the Catholic Church’s Abu Ghraib. Headlines such as "Seminary orgy rocks Church in Austria" (Irish Examiner), "Church probes perverse pictures" (Toronto Star), and "Porn case could torpedo bishop" (The Guardian), made news from Britain to Australia to America.
The scandal immediately prompted the resignation of two seminary officials, an internal investigation by the Austrian bishops conference, and calls for a criminal investigation since the scandal involves a large cache of child pornography—illegal in Austria as in most other countries.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Prize Withdrawn: Leftist Child-Predator Avows it Not

Edit: while the Bishops cringe in the face of the abuse-hoax, the Left uses those claims to conceal its own very real child abuse scandals.

( The community service Comenius-Foundation has withdrawn the prize conferred on alleged educational reformer Hartmut von Hentig, which was originally given to him in 1994 on 18 October.

The 'Frankfurter Allgemeinen' reported this on Thursday.

The prize of the Comenius Foundation was given for the support of needy children and youth.

Homosexual, Child abuser, Atheist

Von Hentig has been celebrated for decades in Germany as the left-liberal star pedagogue.

He lived with the child abuser and director of the Hessian Odenwaldschule, Gerold Becker in a homosexual relationship.

But there's more, von Hentig is a member of the board of the German anti-Church organization "Humanistische Union'.

Attacks instead of Information

The money associated with the Comenius prize at that time of 20,000 D-Mark had to be passed, according to the statutes of the prize winners, to needy young people.

Hentig directed the money toward both institutions Odenwaldschule and Helene-Lange School in Wiesbaden, which have been notorious in the past for child abuse.

When the Comenius Foundation came to know of the offenses in those schools, they asked for clarification from Hentig.

But Hentig and the administrators of these schools accused the founder and chairman of the foundation of "prejudice".

The Foundation presented three questions about his possible homosexual involvement as well as regarding the homosexual rape of children in the Odenwald School.

Hentig left them unanswered.

Therefore, the Foundation came to the conclusion that Hentig was only prolonging his "concealment, trivializing and covering up".

It asked him to transfer the prize money then into the victims' fund of the Odenwald School, "so that at least one substantive gesture of reparation will be apparent."

"So that's one of those boys'

In 2010, former students from Odenwaldschule accused Hentig.

As Becker's homosexual partner, he was involved with the school and didn't work out.

He is said to have overnighted with at least one of Becker's victims.

The Odenwald victim Jürgen Dehmer describes in his book "How loud should I scream?", that he met Hentig sitting in Becker's living room, while the latter sat in a flat leather chair:

"I had just gone through Becker's apartment to smear me a loaf of bread, or perhaps to get something to drink, when Hentig looked at me with a penetrating, almost greedy eye. He looked at me, he looked at Becker, back to me and said, "So that's one of those boys."!

Von Hentig had stated in the past that the child abuser Becker is perhaps the object of child seduction.

On 21 October, he was to give a paper on Golo Mann- despite his history - in the German National Library in Frankfurt at the invitation of 'Golo Mann Society'.

He cancelled his appearance, when he learned that abuse victims were planning a demonstration to ask him to account for himself.

Link to the original...kreuz...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Austrian Leftists Cover up Massive Abuse Scandal

Edit: It's an amazing structure. It has housed the Vienna Boys Choir and children who were concentration camp victims. The leftist press isn't talking for obvious reasons.

Coverup:  for almost two long days '' -- the website of the former Nazi "Reichsender" Vienna -- reported absolutely nothing, that means not even one line.

The Left is Silent About Real Child Abuse

( In Austria, the biggest pedophile scandal in the history of the nation has been uncovered.

As expected the crime has been overlooked by the leftist sex-crazed comrades.

Prostitution Operation in Girls' Home

The leftist pedophiles organized a prostitution business in the Vienna castle of Wilheminenburg-- which was operated as a Girls' Home from 1961 to 1976.

On the contrary the left media bosses -- who have been outraged by the ecclesiastical trifles -- are now as meek as cripples.

A reader 'Logos" informs in the comments of an article on the website '':

"Almost two days long and '' [Former Nazi "Reichsender" Vienna] has reported nothing, that means not even a single line"  -- he revealed.

Since the coverup wasn't working, Reichsender has changed its strategy.

"Now their new headline is: >>Doubt about Accusations of Abuse<< -- wrote 'Logos'.

He continued:  "That belongs in the instruction manual of manipulation."

Caning is worse than Rape for the Left

'Logos' recalled then that the caning administered by a priest of Vorarlberg and similar cases were in the headlines for days and entitled with words like "crime" and "sex abuse".

Church representatives had to appear to justify themselves while still portrayed as "guilty" or were at least called out as defendants.

'Logos' asks, if that would have happened to Austrian Chancellor, Comrade Werner Faymann or Vienna's Mayor, Comrade Micheal Häupl.

Child Murderer to Child Murderers

'Logos' also mentioned the anti-Church website ''.

He wanted to post the fact that the National Socialist Child-enthusiast, Heinrich Gross († 2005), was a member of the SPÖ after the war:  "Not publicly censured!"

Reader 'Logos' stressed that child murderers  found a "logical home" after 1945 in the Socialist Party.

The SPÖ-Friends of Youth

He recalled the other comrades in the company of the SPÖ- Friends of Youth.

-Comrade Julius Tandler († 1936) employed himself in the destruction or sterilization of "unworthy lives".

-Comrade Otto Mühl (86) busied himself as an SPÖ-promoted action painter and was condemned for molesting boys and girls. He paid his victims hush money out of government funds. High creatures from left-political and decadent society participated in his orgies.

-Comrade Peter Noever (70) hastily got back on the child molester mill after his imprisonment in a former Imperial Museum. Citation: "He has suffered and done penance enough."

- In the affair of the kidnapped Natascha Kampusch, 'Logos' insists that much evidence was sold or lent out. To Whom? Vienna's Red justice persistently prevented Miss Kampusch from appearing before a judge, that means, compelled to speak the truth.

The Red Barbarians Take Power

'Logos' recalled also that the Comrades of the SPÖ in Castle Wilhelminenburg put up a marble plaque: "Palaces... for children".

That is a citation from the battler against unworthy life, Comrade Julius Tandler.

In this connection 'Logos' recalled the Austrian Economist, Ludwig von Mises († 1973).

He spoke of the "Red Barbarians" and warned of the impending horror which would take place if ever these men came to power.

'Logos' continued: "Men like Julius Tandler, Heinrich Gross and the United Social Democratic Party are these terrors."

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Friday, July 22, 2011

Irish Government Will Get Its Comeuppances

(Irish Guardian) The reaction of the Irish government to the Vatican's 1997 letter to the Irish bishops as outlined in the Cloyne Report has been one of almost complete hysteria. Taoiseach Enda Kenny's statement to the Dail on Wednesday was delivered against this background. In the sort of language normally associated with a Richard Dawkins or Ian Paisley, he accused the Vatican of "dysfunction, disconnection, elitism . . . narcissism" and effectively of not caring about the "rape and torture of children". Among other things, Kenny's speechwriters included a wildly out-of-context quote from the then Cardinal Ratzinger.

There is a difference between necessary and valid criticism of the church on the one hand, and unrestrained church-bashing on the other. In a similar vein, Kenny added his voice last week to those who believe the breaking of the seal of confession should be required by law. Kenny is obviously no anti-Catholic, but he needs to realise that, historically, only the most anti-Catholic societies have ever done such a thing. I was going to write this week about the need for the church in Ireland to do something very dramatic in order to categorically demonstrate it is deadly serious about child protection.
Read more a swingeing reduction in the number of dioceses and a new generation of bishops should be appointed to lead the church here. Something along these lines is badly needed, but the sheer intensity an..

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Gradeschoolers Are Corrupted with Porn in English Schools

Editor: Why worry about the Catholic Church abusing your kids when the British Educational System and Government will do it for you? There are some concerns coming from parents and associates of the 'Christian Institute'. Some of the photos can be seen at This is sex abuse being presented under the guise of education. There are even some examples of child pornography. Why a five year old needs to know these sorts of things, even in England, is unclear, but many parents are justifiably angry and trying to opt out of this program.

Despite children being unprepared for this sort of thing, at least as far as some of the experts are concerned, homosexuality gets special mention:

Prof Almond, commenting on the materials highlighted in The Christian Institute’s report, warned: “There are comic-book-style pictures of different sexual positions, cartoon explanations of masturbation and orgasm, and crayoned drawings that are supposed to explain the difference between heterosexuality and homosexuality — with anal sex getting a special mention.”

Sex education resources should be licensed to ensure they are age-appropriate, an MP has said, following concern among parents about “inappropriate” materials.

Andrea Leadsom’s comments come in the same month that a report by The Christian Institute highlighted shocking resources being pushed by public bodies for use in schools.

One such resource encourages primary school pupils to learn about anal intercourse, oral sex and prostitution.

Mrs Leadsom, the MP for South Northamptonshire, asked if the Education Secretary Michael Gove was “aware of the great concern of some parents about the inappropriate material being shown to their five-year-old and seven-year-old children under the guise of sex and relationship education”.

She added: “Will he take steps to start a licensing regime to ensure the material being shown is age-appropriate?”

Education Minister Tim Loughton replied, saying he shared some of her concerns. He noted the current Government review into personal, social and health education, of which sex and relationship education “is a key part”, and said he would “welcome” the MP’s “further input into the review”.

Mr Loughton also commented: “It is crucial that whatever we do should be age-appropriate”.

Read further at home page of 'The Christian Institute'