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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Masses for Remarried Divorced and Aberrosexuals with Communion "For Everyone"

(Vienna) A "disobedient" priest and a suspended deacon "anticipate the Vatican." They have announced that they will be offering this  summer of  their own "services for remarried divorcees, gays, lesbians and single mothers" as Die Kleine Zeitung Graz reported.
The whole thing takes place in the Diocese of Graz-Seckau in Pfarrverband Kirchberg an der Raab-St. Margaret in the Austrian province of Styria. Bernhard Preiss, the pastor of the parish association, is one of the "disobedient" priests of the Pfarrers Initiative of the former Vienna Vicar General and Caritas Director, Helmut Schüller.

"Disobedient" Pastor and Suspended Deacon  

For Preiss and his deacon there are "signs of change". Starting this  summer the Parish Community will offer  a "service" for "remarried divorcees, homosexuals and single mothers", in which "all can receive Communion." The initiator and organizer is Deacon Gottfried Url, who defers together with pastor Preiß,  to Pope Francis. Deacon Url is actually no longer a Deacon because he was suspended from duty. He is himself  divorced and remarried and is thus is engaged in his own self-interest.
"I have now read many texts of the Pope - and everywhere  Francis writes of compassion and solidarity", said Url who is quoted by the Kleine Zeitung and draws  arbitrary and just as far-reaching conclusions. "My office has been made quiescent, but when I'm asked, I help", is how Url describes his idiosyncratic understanding of obedience. He "assists" at funerals, Easter food blessings or, "this year at the Easter Vigil in Loipersdorf".

Second Marriage "No Contradiction" Main Thing "First Partner is Financially not Left Hanging"

The fact that a second marriage is not contrary to the ideal of lifelong  bond  is something  of which the deacon is "convinced" for obvious reasons. The teaching of Christ on the sacrament of marriage does not seem essential to the "deacon".  What is "Important"   for him is only, "not to alienate first partner  and not to leave him financially in the lurch." Marriage teaching for him is just a product of Church history, which is why he also does not have to respect this.

"Spring Awakening in the Church" by Pope Francis

Pastor Preiß sees in  Pope Francis a "Spring awakening in the Church." In the new parish Journal 2 /2014 of the parish association, he writes: "Spring Awakening means that new impulses, the Sun of love and fertile rain of trust are also effective in the Church."   The new "Spring Awakening"  Preiß presents in direct connection with the Second Vatican Council, which had overcome "a 400-year long period of intransigence and control.". The Church's doctrine and its defense is reduced by the "disobedient" pastor to  "fears, institutional thinking, ideologies, stubbornness, habits, and questions of power." John XXIII. had  "reformed" the Church by the "vernacular", "people's altar", the "appreciation of laymen versus the Cleric (Priest) in the Church" and the "priesthood of all people." But then  "the reinforced rather re-enforced  reactionary forces."  Now, however, "only with Pope Francis, once again we hear other sounds from Rome."
The Austrian bishops returned from Rome "thrilled and full of praise." Cardinal Schönborn had admitted that they had yet  been too "timid" in Rome for "local church autonomy" and "decentralization". Preiss quotes the Cardinal with the words: "I struck    my bishop 's breast: We have surely trusted too little,  to say what our situation required and how we see things."  "A good, albeit late acknowledgment," says  the rebel Preiss who feels himself confirmed. According to Preiss also quotes the words of the Honduran Cardinal Maradiaga, who criticized  Cardinal Prefect Müller: "The world is my brother is not so. You should be a little flexible when you hear other voices. "

From "Carnival Mass" to "Homo-Liturgy"

For Pastor Preiß there is no Mass, but only "Worship". In  last March 2 he called on all "worshipers" to come "masked" as to the "Carnival Mass" because "God loves to laugh."
Url turns with his "service" to all of those who are "Excluded", he arbitrarily says. The "services" to be held "alternately in Kirchberg and St. Margaret" and  four times a year "on the first Sunday" in season. The first date is going to be 22 June at Kirchberg.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Picture: My district (screenshot)
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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cardinal O'Malley Bars Old Liberal Founder of Pfarrer's Initiative

Edit: the decadent Ex-Monsignor (He had the honor stripped last year) and former Rector of Vienna's scandal Diocese is in the news again. It's fitting he will not be allowed to speak in a Catholic Church, but in a Unitarian one instead. Now someone needs to convince Cardinal Schönborn to join him.

Now we hope he does the same for the comparable Father Bryan Hehir.

Cardinal Sean P. O’Malley is banning an Austrian priest from speaking at a Catholic parish in Dedham because the priest advocates ordaining women and making celibacy optional, stances that place him in opposition to church teachings.

The Rev. Helmut Schuller was invited to speak at St. Susanna Parish July 17 as part of a 15-city tour of the United States called “The Catholic Tipping Point: Conversations with Helmut Schuller,” sponsored by a coalition of reform-minded Catholic organizations, including Voice of the Faithful, based in Needham.

But O’Malley has declared he will not allow anyone to speak on church property who advocates beliefs in conflict with church doctrine.

As a result, the coalition that invited Schuller has moved its event to a nearby Unitarian Universalist church.

Schuller is the founder of the Austrian Priests’ Initiative, which advocates allowing women and married people to become priests and greater lay participation as ways of addressing a priest shortage. About 1 in 10 Austrian priests are members, the Austrian Independent newspaper reported; priests’ groups have sprung up in several countries, including Ireland and the United States, and Schuller has said he hopes the movement will spread worldwide.

Link to Boston Globe... No one wanted to talk about the hundreds of priests and lay faithful who signed Gehorsam (Call to Obedience).

Friday, October 26, 2012

Pedophiles in the Pfarrer Initiative

Fr. Schüller is a welcome guest
 at Ex-Reichssender Wien (ORF).

© Screenshot
Edit: but there's no urgency about it as far as the media are concerned.  They protect and cover up for their own.

It is a fact that practically all abuse-priests are born from the Old Liberal camp.  Actually, Fr. Helmut Schüller finds the right words.

(  The 'Disobedience Initiative' of Fr. Helmut Schüller has been confronted with the accusation of child abuse.

This was reported by former Wien Reichsender (Fascist broadcaster), ORF (Austrian Broadcasting).

A Slanderer Slanders the other Slanderer

The allegation originates from the slanderous site "Betroffener kirchlicher Gewalt". [Victims of Church Violence]

It explains a "known perpetrator of abuse" is also a member of the 'Initiative'.

Almost every single abuse-priest comes from the Old Liberal camp.

A Known Sitiation

Among the anti-Church hangers on of Schüller can be found the former Benedictine Arch-abbot Bruno Becker of St. Peter in Salzburg.

Allegations against him have been known in the media since March 2010.

The second member is related to a Steyerian priest who is also accused of child sexual abuse.

An Enemy of the Church Protects Another Enemy of the Church

The leader of the disobedience group held forth in a statesmanlike manner: "We must ponder, how we behave in such circumstances."

However, he doesn't have any urgency -- but it's otherwise usually in such cases :  This may be dealt with in the next meeting of the board of the Pfarrer-Initiative.

The anti-Church Reichsender is defending as expected the enemy of the Church: "[Fr.] Helmut Schüller has taken the allegations of the site seriously"  -- will be the consolation.

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