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Saturday, January 30, 2021

Can I get an AMEN?

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Bill Kristol's old roommate interviews Thug Gordon

Will either Never-Trumper ever admit they were wrong?

 NB: Gordon dropped the word instantiate in the first minute.

Monday, June 22, 2020

Archbishop of San Francisco Too Weak to Condemn Marxist George Floyd Protests

Edit: Tucker Carlson passionately calls for a leader to oppose Marxist inspired civil unrest. Naturally, that leader certainly won't be Cordileone of San Francisco. As Tucker says, conservative religious and political leaders fear to confront these mobs because they have no legitimacy. George Floyd was a violent black predator whose unsurprising death at the hands of professional law enforcement officials, has emboldened hundreds of thousands of black predators and their antifa handlers to rape, loot and murder throughout the nation. Even as these unruly mobs attack the European legacy and greatness embodied in the example of Saint Junipero Serra who laid the foundation for modern California, men like the Archbishop can only lodge meek and polite complaints for fear of them.

The danger is from Marxists within and the mobs inspired by them without, and from ecclesiastical cowards. Like the Republican Party, the modern Catholic Church is defenseless against this wave of violence and has all but surrendered to it.

As Fred Martinez asks, "Do Homosexual Revolutionaries Control the Catholic Church?"

CNA Staff, Jun 20, 2020 / 08:55 pm MT (CNA).- After the toppling of a saint’s statue in San Francisco, the city’s archbishop said Saturday that important protests over racial injustice have been “hijacked” by a mob bent on violence.

“What is happening to our society? A renewed national movement to heal memories and correct the injustices of racism and police brutality in our country has been hijacked by some into a movement of violence, looting and vandalism,” Archbishop Salvatore Cordileone said in a statement June 20.

The archbishop’s statement came after a statue of St. Junipero Serra was torn down in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park Friday, along with statues of Francis Scott Key and Ulysses S. Grant.

“The toppling and defacing of statues in Golden Gate Park, including that of St. Junipero Serra, have become the latest example,” of that shift in the protest movement, the archbishop added.

Ht: Complicit Clergy.

Archbishop Hebda won't do anything to stop it either as the Christopher Colombus statue was recently at Saint Paul's capitol building, toppled by a handful of burnt out old American Indian Movement crackpots.  At least two companies of  State Troopers were on hand inside the capitol building doing nothing...  We hope that the State of Minnesota sues the American Indian Movement to pay for a replacement of the statue.


Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Russian State Television Blames Black Violence on Police

Black (Somali?) looters destroying parts of Atlanta on May 29th
Edit: As Aleksei Balabanov's gangster film Brat 2 ended on Soviet state TV on June 7, instead of the rolling credits, there were scenes of black mob violence complete with commentary against police violence to a song by Nautillus Pompillus, "Good Bye, America."  It's interesting that in a film which unapologetically portrayed black violence and criminality in Chicago, that Pravda would continue to perpetuate the programmatic narrative that this is about police violence, especially when ethnic minorities are still treated poorly in the Soviet Union.  As Pravda notes, it's not like they could ask Balabanov if he approved of the cynical manipulation of his work for a propaganda narrative.  Balabanov died in 2013.

Some anti-Putinists see this as a government ploy

The Clip even shows Russia One journalist,  Georgy Olisashvili, marching with the protesters and castigating the United States with the same narrative. 

Meanwhile, someplace in the Russian Federation.
[Pravda] A cheap dig at the United States or a fine example of the art of trolling?
As Russia’s Channel One ended its prime-time screening of the 2000 Russian crime film Brat 2 (Brother 2) on June 7, viewers across the country -- instead of the closing credits -- were treated to a video compilation of looting and police violence on the streets of U.S. cities, all apparently filmed during the ongoing period of unrest that was sparked by the May 25 killing while in police custody of unarmed African-American George Floyd.
“The key values of the Free World are shattering under the blows of police batons,” a voiceover then says, as the music fades into the background. “And burning in the flames of looted stores and drowning in the fury of an uncompromising standoff.” [Are we supposed to forget Balabanov's accurate portrayal of black criminality in Chicago c. 2000?]