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Saturday, June 1, 2019

Who’s Worse? Mirus Attacks Taylor Marshall — Thinks Denying Communion to Adulterers is Extreme

Edit: Jeff Mirus has been a horrible, but not very talented opponent of Catholic tradition for years. He’s been presiding over this really low energy website and he ranges from really flat-footed CUF [Catholics United for the Faith] apologetics and analysis. Now he’s taking shots at Taylor Marshall’s ironically named new book “Infiltration” by the Opus Dei publishing house, Scepter.  ( I used to love reading Father Diogenes on Mirus’ site.)

In short, it looks like Mirus thinks Opus Marshall is kooky and extreme for saying adulterers can’t receive Communion.  

Since Opus Marshall has discovered the Masonic conspiracy, he’s talking about it like no one else has heard of it before. You’d think an Opus guy would have been to a Lodge meeting already....

Would the real Catholics please stand up?

Catholic Monitor has this take. He doesn’t seem to perceive the dance between two who are really on the same side. Mirus is absolutely “idiotic”.

[Catholic Monitor] It just makes you want to laugh when Dr. Jeff Mirus shrieks that Dr. Taylor Marshall's new book "Infiltration" and it's publisher Sophia Institute Press are not "sound" in their "Catholic editorial judgment."
(, "Infiltration: An idiot's guide to the problems of the Church, May 31, 2019)

Mirus in his review of the book reviles Marshall and apparently the pre-Vatican II eleven Popes since 1738 for calling out "the secret machinations of the Masons" with his really funny attempt at trying to sound reasonable with his accusations in what appears to be a attempt to smear their reputations.

Here are some of his never ending name calling ravings which are so left-wing "crazy relative"-like you want to laugh:

- "idiot's"
- "absurdity of a crazy relative"
- "McCarthyism"
- "conspiratorial"
- "Catholic far-right"
- "Marian apparitions"
- "papal visions"
- "loss of sanity"
- "Satan's human tools"
- And on and on he goes in crazy left-wing relative-like shrieks...

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Monday, May 2, 2016

Interview of Cardinal Brandmüller on "Amoris laetitia": "Exceptions Are a Dead End"

Vatican City ( Many commentators believe that after the Pope's Letter on Marriage and Family "Amoris laetitia," there was a possible admission of remarried divorcees to communion in individual cases. In the interview with the Katholischen Nachrichten-Agentur (KNA), Cardinal Walter Brandmüller (87) explained how he thinks this is a misinterpretation, for example, how the footnote number  351 is read and that  "Amoris laetitia" can be  a "wake-up call" for the Catholic Church in Germany.

KNA: your Eminence, you were described by the newspaper "Bild" as a critic of the post-synodal letter "Amoris laetitia" of Pope Francis. What do you not like about this document on marriage and family?

Brandmüller: On that I must disagree. This is a misrepresentation of the facts. I have not yet publicly expressed myself after the publication of the letter. I have published an aid to interpreting the expected document only before publication. So to talk about a criticism is also incorrect. 

KNA: In your guide to interpretation you speak against any exceptions for the admission of those divorced and remarried in individual cases. But many commentators have understood "Amoris laetitia" exactly as this. Are your fears justified then? 

Brandmüller: Yes, some interpretations in fact go wrong. To allow exceptions in individual cases is a dead end. I made ​​that clear in my aid to interpretation. What is fundamentally impossible for reasons of faith, it is also in the individual case. This was prior to the appearance of "Amoris laetitia" as well as afterwards. It is Catholic doctrine that a validly concluded and consummated marriage can not be dissolved by any power on earth -  certainly not by the Church. Jesus says: "What God has joined together, man must not separate." And: Whoever divorces his wife from the marriage and marries another, commits adultery against her. Even a woman commits adultery when she divorces her husband and marries another." So now the question: Can I really receive the body and blood of Jesus Christ, that is, Himself, being aware what He said and yet disregarding  it?

KNA: Pope Francis himself answered the question in the affirmative, if through his writing, where "specific new possibilities" for the divorced and remarried have been created.  What are these then?

 Brandmüller: There are parts of the letter "Amoris Laetitia" that are very beautiful and leading spiritually  into the depths and has more significant things to offer than answers to the marginal problems of the so-called  remarried divorcees.  Anyone who thinks there is an opportunity to receive absolution and communion  in "Amoris laetitia",  they would have to seek it  in the footnote 351 in Chapter 8. There is talk that such believers in the Church could be provided the means to the Sacraments, in certain cases. This was interpreted in fact in the said sense. 

But: the nature of specific cases which might be, remains unsaid. Also, it must be asked whether a footnote of about three lines is sufficient to overthrow the entire teachings of popes and Councils on this subject. Certainly not! Rather  this footnote should be interpreted even more strictly in accordance with the constant teaching of the Church. The Church can not contradict itself. 

KNA: What does this writing mean for the Catholic Church in Germany?

Brandmüller "Amoris laetitia" should really serve as a wake up call in Germany. It is now at last insists not only upon focusing in the marriage preparation on sociology and psychology, but to convey the profound teaching of the Church on the sanctity and beauty of authentic marriage and helps young people  to  succeed in marriage and a hand at building a family.

The Regensburg Bishop, Rudolf Voderholzer recently made this insightfully important point: especially  the pastorally unilateral acts should cease that negate the Church's credibility and bring about disagreement and confusion.  "Amoris laetitia" could be the new start to an ecclesial pastoral care of marriage, if one choses to align pastoral practice clearly with the doctrine of the faith. Everything else would fail from its own inner untruthfulness. (C) 2016 CBA Catholic News Agency. All rights reserved. Photo: (c)
Trans: Tancred

Thursday, November 1, 2012

News Items -- Dissident Theologian's Talk Cancelled in San Diego!

Dissident Theologian's Talk Cancelled in San Diego -- New York Times? --   Uruguay Jesuits Pro-Life?! -- The Old Mass is Normal -- The Last Christian in Homs Murdered --  Bishop of Muenster Wants to Hire Adulterers

Dissident Theologian's Talk Cancelled

San Diego, USA. This is via Stella Borealis.  The dismayed National Catholic Reporter has indicated that the Catholic University of San Diego has canceled a visiting fellowship for a theologian who writes for the decadent Tablet Newspaper. Beattie is a theological adviser to the Marxist Catholic Agency For Overseas Development, the Catholic aid agency for England and Wales -- announced the withdrawal of the invitation in an email to friends and other theologians Thursday. The Cancellation was brought about by pressure from contributors.

New York Times: Ex-Homosexuals Say they can be cured.

The Old Mass is Normal

Vatican.  It is normal to celebrate the Old Mass.  Cardinal Antonio Canizares Llovera -- the Prefect of the Liturgy Congregation -- said this to the site ''.  The Prince of the Church will celebrate the Pontifical High Mass on November 3rd for the international pilgrimage 'Una cum Papa Nostro'.  There will be a Roman Rite there in two forms.  Thusly, it's normal to celebrate the Old Rite.  He has done this already many times himself.

Uruguay Jesuits are Pro-Life?!

Montevideo, Uruguay.  According to CNA/ETWN, the Society of Jesus in Uruguay has spoken out with "deep regret" against Father Jose Ignacio Gonzalez Faus, who supports the legalization of infant slaughter.  He was quoted by 'La Daria', where he supported the killing of a child up to the 12th week of a pregnancy.  Amazingly, the Jesuits of Uruguay distanced themselves from his comments saying, they "have  done nothing more than create confusion in people especially the way in which he approaches the issue of the legalization of abortion."

Last Christian of Homs is Murdered

Syria.  Yesterday, Elias Mansour (84) -- the last Christian in the Syrian city of Homs -- was murdered.  This was reported by the Mission news service 'Fides'.  Mansour refused to leave his house in the course of the evacuation of the city.  He cared for his handicapped son there.  Mansour's murderers are terrorists who are being supported by the West.

Now the Exception Becomes the Rule

Germany.  Bishop Felix Genn of Muenster is going to appoint adulterers to positions in the Church.  He said this yesterday to the 'Neu Ruhr/ Neuen Rhein Zeitung'.  He sees an allegedly "clear border" where adulterers can work in communications.  There is no possible position for bigamists.  IN reality there are a lot of adulterous religion teachers.   An adulterer may however occupy a post in a Catholic hospital as chief doctor.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

News Reports -- The Pope Addresses the Bishops' Synod

Vatican.  Yesterday morning Pope Benedict XVI spoke in an extemporaneous speech before the Bishops' Synod. He informed them about two changes in the Curia.  Responsibility for the seminaries went from the Congregation of Education to the Congregation for Clergy.  The responsibility for Catechesis is to be undertaken by the newly created -- and till now unemployed -- Papal Counsel for the New Evangelization.  Finally the Pope justified the six new Cardinal which will take place in the Consistorium at the end of November.  It should complete the Consitorium of last February and show the universality of the Church.

A Good Shepherd Goes Home

Germany.  The chaplain in the seminary of the traditional Society of St. Peter in Wigratzbad, Father Pierre Gaudray (91) is dying.  The clergyman has been a priest for 64 years.  He always remained true to the Rite of his ordination.

Adultery as the Means for the New Evangelization?

Vatican.  On Friday the Bishops' Synod was presented a concluding document in the Vatican "Message to the People of God" with 58 proposals.  Therefore the Pope is going to deliver an unnecessary post-synodal document.  In the message the career Bishops -- even though the Synod had already discussed the New Evangelization -- also talk about adultery and fornication.  They tendentiously downplay bigamy  as "forms of family and cohabitation, which does not mirror every picture of unity and love of life which the Lord has given us."  It gives "pairs, who live without the bond of marriage."  It gives an increasing number of "disordered facial situations, which are built on the  failure of a previous marriage."

Right-wing Extremists Throw Molotov Cocktails at Home

Occupied Palestine. Recently, Right-wing extremist, Jewish settlers -- near an illegal Jewish settlment to the east of Ramallah -- attacked a house with several molotov cocktails.  This caused the burning of several homes.  The defense responded.

Old Liberal Word Games

"The progressives plead a hermeneutic of discontinuity and of break.  The Traditionalists plead a hermeneutic of pure continuity:  only that which is to be found in Tradition can be Catholic teaching, for which reason there can't be an actual renewal.  Both see the Council at the same time as a break, if only in another point of view.  This understanding is the Conciliar Hermeneutic of Break which the Holy Father has called into question and the stated 'Hermeneutic of Reform', the continuity and the renewal are bound up together."

The Old Liberal Cardinal Kurt Koch, President of the Pontifial Council for Christian United, in an interview with the Roman news agency ''.

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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Adulterers Marry In Vienna's Minoritenkirche

Edit: no word what the Cardinal thought of this, but he's been trying to smooth the way for those who are divorced and remarried.

Was this Habsburg-comedy Catholic? Or old-Catholic? Or Protestant? Or Orthodox? Or Buddhist? In any case there's a scandal taking place in God's house -- complete with television cameras.

(, Wien) On Saturday in a Franciscan, Minoritenkirche, a Catholic Church in Vienna's Old City, a marriage between two adulterers was organized.

An Honorable Professoress of Theology

The principle actors were adulterer Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen and adulteress Herta Margarete Öfferl.

The comedy appeared for 700 guests.

Mrs. Öfferl is the founder and President of the obscure "Union for the Promotion of Peace".

She has the academic degree of "Professor of Theology honoris causa" from a protestant grouping which calls itself "High Church Austria".

Sandor Habsburg-Lothringen is the organization's Vice President. He is also honored by "High Church Austria".

Flower Pedal of the Buddhists

The concubine appeared in a creme colored wedding dress with a green mantel in the style of a mountain girl.

Upon her dramatic entrance into the Franciscan Church she was accompanied by soldiers of the Austrian Army.

In the church the church rector, Father Wojciech Szczepanski, greeted them as reported in an edition of the "Lower Austrian News".

The former Reichsender Vienna [What ORF was called when it served Hitler] (ORF) participated described the participants of the abomination as members of the Roman Catholic and Greek Catholic Churches. Additionally, there appeared members of the Old Catholic, Protestant and Romanian Orthodox Churches.

Apparently, the Old Catholic cult leader simulated the act of giving the vows.

Both divorced people exchanged rings, putting them on the finger and swearing, "till death".

That was an apparent parody of the vows of their existing marriages.

After the laughable ring-ritual a Buddhist Abbot appeared and strewed flower peddles in the direction of the wedding parody couple.

The holy Franciscan church has been used for almost sixty years by the Italian community in Vienna.