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Monday, June 3, 2019

Bishop Mixa Silenced for Speaking Out on Islam at AfD Event

The former Augsburg bishop Mixa wanted to speak at an AfD event on the topic of Islamization. After sharp criticism, he has cancelled his appearance.

[Augsburger Zeitung] The retired former Bishop of Augsburg, Walter Mixa had his planned lecture on "Islamization? Christianity” canceled at an AfD event in the Augsburg Arsenal. His reasoning: He had not known that the Augsburg AfD city council member and Member of Parliament Markus Bayerbach, who had invited him a good month ago, "is an AfD man.”

Mixa was interviewed on Monday by Catholic News Agency. Mixa added that he had received other invitations from the AfD, including from Hamburg. He will not appear for this either. His refusal was made independently of a corresponding request from the diocese of Augsburg.

AfD politician Bayerbach contradicts the former Augsburg Bishop Mixa

AfD politician Bayerbach did not want to leave that event on Monday afternoon without comment. Mixa got to know him in spring at an event as an AfD member of parliament, and there had been correspondence with Mixa about the event "on paper with AfD logo,” according to Bayerbach. Mixa phoned his office on Monday and canceled the appointment on May 24th. Bayerbach had announced that there would be  an event on this day - "on the topic of religion and freedom of expression".

Mixas’ planned appearance at an AfD event in the Augsburg Arsenal had caused indignation - even within the Catholic Church. "The news about the appearance of the emeritus Bishop Dr. Walter Mixa at an upcoming (election) event of the AfD in Augsburg was taken note of by the diocesan leadership with amazement,” said the diocese of Augsburg on Monday morning. It further stated that this appearance was, “neither coordinated with Bishop Dr. Konrad Zdarsa nor with his Vicar General Harald Heinrich.”

Such an appearance would be "expressly rejected and not approved by the two," it said: "The bishop will ask the emeritus bishop in writing, not to appear at this event in the territory of the diocese of Augsburg. According to our editorial staff, he could rely on a statement from the Apostolic See regulating relations between a diocesan bishop and a bishop emeritus."Apparently, the emeritus bishop is unaware," the statement went on to say, "that his behavior causes great dismay to many people, especially to many believers, and thus causes serious damage to the Diocese of Augsburg and the Church as a whole.”

Former Bishop Mixa wanted to speak at AfD event in Augsburg

In addition, AfD politician Bayerbach said in an interview with our editorial on Monday afternoon: "I find it extremely scary how the Church makes policy here. As a committed Catholic, I find it difficult to be satisfied with the administrative staff of the Church. "He accused the Augsburg diocese of Berne that it was enthusiastic for the Greens. Bayerbach demanded: "I now expect a conversation offer from Bishop Konrad Zdarsa and his Vicar General Harald Heinrich.” They have closed themselves off and don’t take their task of pastoral care seriously, if it does not come to a clarifying conversation, said Bayerbach.

The former Augsburg Bishop Walter Mixa wanted to attend the event on 24 May - just two days before the European elections - to speak on the subject of "Islamization? Christianity.” He would have supported - whether wanted or not - the Alternative for Germany in the election campaign.

The event was advertised on the website of the AfD district association Augsburg-Land on Monday afternoon as one of the "highlights in May". In social networks it was heavily criticized at the weekend. Cemal Bozoglu, Augsburg member of the Greens, spoke of a "scandal.” He commented that the former bishop Walter Mixa became "part of the AfD propaganda" was regrettable. Two days before the elections to the European Parliament, the City of Religious Peace Augsburg will be the scene of an event that wants to split society and foster fears. The Munich Greens leader Gudrun Lux, member of the Central Committee of German Catholics, wrote on Facebook briefly and all the more concisely: "He should be ashamed."

The Augsburg AfD City Council and Member of Parliament Markus Bayerbach could not understand the excitement. At the request of our editors, he emphasized on Monday morning that Mixa’s appearance  "is not a party event of the KV Augsburg city, but a lecture evening by the MdL Markus Bayerbach (in organizational cooperation with the State of Augsburg)".

AfD MP Bayerbach resisted criticism

Bozoglus criticism pointed sharply back at Bayerbach: "If a Catholic member of parliament in Catholic Bavaria invites a Catholic dignitary for a lecture, this should be a matter of course. The fact that he has to be tackled by a Green politician with a migration background and stir up fears and divide the society is nothing but blunt campaigning propaganda against the AfD. "And further:" As a Christian, I invite my church representatives, when and wherever I want, and do not let that call me into question. It is precisely when we are denied the right to question the role of Islam in our society, as we here are no longer allowed to hear our bishops, that the question of a possible misguided development is obvious and relevant.”

Bozoglu, according to Bayerbach, was in his view also completely unsuitable to make such statements, and here he organizes populist sentiment against the AfD only shortly before the election. He himself was "personally interested in the topic from the point of view of a bishop" - that's why he invited Mixa for a lecture. "Anyone who knows me knows that provoking is not my political stylistic device, but Im also not going to remain silent about problems," Bayerbach explained.

Already in January, Walter Mixa had talked about the same topic at an AfD event in Stuttgart. At the time, he said, among other things, according to a newspaper report, that Islam is called "submission." Islam has the perspective that one can kill those who "do not submit." In addition, Mixa spoke of the will "for the Muslimization of Europe".

Not only does that make him interesting as a speaker for the AfD, but his positions on family politics or on abortion do not only correspond to those of right-wing and arch-conservative Church circles, but also those of the AfD. Although it was stated by the National Association of the Bavarian AfD in its election program for the state election in 2018  that it was a “lobby group” for the Catholic and Protestant church. Nevertheless, there are similarities, even great ones, between traditionalists within the Catholic Church and the AfD. "Abortion is therefore fundamentally wrong"; "Intentional, ideologically motivated disorientation is intended to break up and neutralize the values ​​and reference systems that have been handed down in families, and to replace them with pseudo-family models"; "Instead of the ever further penetration of the society with the gender ideology the proven traditional family picture is to be strengthened" - such were core statements from the AfD election program.

Mixa, in turn, is unforgotten and controversial for his statements during his time as diocesan bishop. For example, when he drew parallels between the Holocaust, the six million killed Jews, and the number of abortions. In April 2010, he had to offer the pope his resignation because of allegations that he beat students as well as allegations of misappropriation. Since then things have - at least in phases - calmed down around him. Walter Mixa lives as a chaplain in the "Diocesan house, Barbara,”  an Art Nouveau villa in Gunzenheim in the Danube-Ries district, which belongs to the diocese of Eichstätt. He says Mass and may - with "consent and thus on behalf of Bishop Gregory Maria Hanke" - in July 2019 also offer the sacrament of confirmation for the parish association, as it was requested by our editors in January.

Trans: Tancred

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Schönborn Trivializes His "Warning" of Islamic Threat

Is Cardinal Warning of an Islamic Invasion of Europe?
(Vienna) "Schönborn warns of Islamic conquest of Europe" (ORF), "Schönborn: 'Many Muslims want a conquest of Europe.'" (OE24). The headlines reveal a suspicious departure from the current "Welcome Culture". But is that really true?

Active Advocate of Unrestricted Border Opening

Vienna's Archbishop, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn, was thought to be one of the most active advocates of an unrestricted opening of the border for mass immigration. It's a  process which proceeds more under the heading "Refugee Aid", and has dominated the political debate since last year not just in Austria.
Church institutions are among the main service providers that organize the reception of refugees professionally on behalf of the state. However, a majority of them are economic migrants, as government politicians now admit. The proportion of genuine refugees under the international conventions is given, depending on the estimate at 20-33 percent. Each genuine refugee, therefore, is up to four economic migrants entering the country.
However, Cardinal Schönborn has refused to make, together with Caritas and much of the political elite, any differentiation. It's a refusal which corresponds to the attitude of the immigration party par excellence, the Greens, which was taken in 2015 from still unknown reasons from both Austrian government parties, the Social Democratic SPÖ and the Christian Democratic People's Party. The resulting bold slogan, Refugee Welcome, comes from the vocabulary of the extreme left.

Voting Advice for the Candidates of Immigration Party par excellence

Last May, Cardinal Schönborn, in the context of the subject of mass immigration and Islamization campaign, made a bizarre voting recommendation - which he did not want to be understood as such - for the federal presidential candidate of the Greens, Alexander Van der Bellen. The president of The Austrian Bishops' Conference made ​​the statement:
"Nobody has the truth, and you yourself do not."
In Catholic circles in Vienna  the statement, unusual for a Catholic bishop, was read as a benevolent signal to the lodge brothers. Van der Bellen had been a member in 1975 of the Masonic Lodge in Innsbruck. In contrast, his opponent Norbert Hofer, of the nationalist, conservative Freedom Party of Austria at (FPÖ), has the Order of St. George, by which the Cardinal seems but very little impressed.
Salzburg Auxiliary Bishop Andreas Laun  previously responded to voters of Catholic organizations for Van der Bellen after which the diocesan bishops, including the Archbishop of Vienna, were enveloped in silence:
"That Christians are, either  thoughtless or, even worse, are already so brainwashed  that they are prepared to choose a declared God and therefore enemy of the Church - and that others also want to seduce - shows what condition circles in the Church are."
The election was subsquently annulled by the Constitutional Court because of irregularities and must be repeated in the autumn. Whether Schönborn will repeat his election manifesto, which not supposed to be one, will be repeated or not, should be the test of truth for statements made last Sunday and the credibility of the Church in Austria.

Consistently Incorrectly Analyzed Mass Immigration

In December 2015 Schönborn had, for the Slovak weekly magazine Týždeň, sharply criticized the "refugee policies" of the immigration policies of countries neighboring Austrian: Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Poland. He accused the governments of these countries of being "blinded by a vicious propaganda". He was "ashamed" of the rejection of a mass immigration by these countries "in so-called Christian arguments" like the "fear of Islamisation". A "rational calculation" shows that Europe "needs millions of immigrants to maintain our lifestyle." What Schönborn honestly reveals, indicates that there are in reality very different motivations behind the "refugee crisis."
Yet on March 13, 2016, Schönborn reiterated on ORF television Press Hour of the Austrian Church Hierarchy "consistently incorrectly analyzed mass immigration" (see The Church "Refugee" - Craze Continues - Cardinal Schönborn's Dangerous Illusions and the Decline of the Church ). The attitude of the church hierarchy was marked by "clandestine agreements, self-censorship, confused talk" and "siding with the powerful," says the Catholic theologian and Pro-lifer Wolfram Schrems.

But what is Cardinal Schönborn saying now?

"Today 333 years ago, Vienna was saved. Will there now be a third attempt at an Islamic conquest of Europe? Many Muslims think and wish that and say: This is Europe at the its end. And I think that Europe today should ask as Moses today's reading and what God the Merciful does with his younger son: Lord, give us another chance! Do not forget that we are your people just as Moses reminds him: It's YOUR people, YOU have led them out, YOU have sanctified them, they are YOUR people."

Schönborn's Maria Name Day sermon and its "clarification"

The statement is less spectacular than some media have stressed. And yet, from the mouth of Vienna's archbishop it is something spectacular to hear that he is convinced that "many Muslims think and wish" that there will be a "third attempt of an Islamic conquest of Europe". As to being a real "warning", such as claimed by the ORF, it was not, however.
Where id it the cardinal said this?
The statement came on September 11, at the end of his homily for this year's Mary Name Day Ceremony in Vienna's St. Stephen's Cathedral. The festival is an annual meeting, which was founded by the Franciscan Petrus Pavlicek at the 1947 prayer a0ction,  "Expiatory Rosary Crusade."
Cardinal Schönborn is reputed to have the adaptability to accommodate his respective audience. Is this true for his homily last Sunday? Was it a rush of realization from a process of reflection that led the Cardinal to the conclusion that "Europe is at the end" that Europe "is well on the way of forfeiting its Christian heritage"?  Or is the Cardinal only addressing a pious and "conservative" target audience?

The Relativization

When his unusual statements appeared on the Internet and spread fast. they were interpreted as a departure from the previous "Welcome Course" in matters of immigration and asylum, the Cardinal quickly addressed a corrective. On Twitter, he was eager to dispel this false impression:
"Do not get my message as a call to arms against the refugees".
He also referred to the website of the Archdiocese of Vienna, where "the intention of the sermon was again clarified" than as ORF reported. The archdiocese had published the sermon  in the text and to be safe, included commentary to prevent any misunderstanding from arising.
The blame does not fall upon Islam, not even the Islamists,  insisted the cardinal.  "We put the Christian heritage of Europe in danger."
The commentary explains: "Islamism could indeed may be the beneficiary [...]. But hope lies in the mercy of God." Then the comment is even clearer: "From the context it is also clear that  the Cardinal does not care to enter into a defensive struggle to defend Christian values ​​against Islam ".
In the Sonntag,  weekly newspaper of the Archdiocese, Cardinal Schönborn issued the "following clarification":
"Europe's Christian heritage is at risk because we Europeans have squandered it. It has nothing to do with Islam or even the refugees. It is clear that many Islamists would like to take advantage of our weakness, but they are not responsible for our weakness. We are, the Europeans ourselves."
So there is nothing new in Vienna? "Nothing new," confirms a Viennese informant.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: OE24 (Screeenshot)
Trans: Tancred
Link to Katholisches...

Sunday, September 4, 2016

The Pope Likes Hermann Hesse

Kretschmann described the pope as a "thoroughly impressive personality." Francis had a "watchful eye" and a "watchful heart".

Rome ( KNA) Pope Francis appreciates German literature: Hermann Hesse's story "Beneath the Wheel" has been read several times by the head of the Catholic Church, according to Baden-Württemberg's Prime Minister Winfried Kretschmann. Francis had met the Green politician and avowed Catholic Francis on Friday at a private audience and brought him a copy of this book. After the meeting, reported Kretschmann, Francis received the gift by saying, "I've already read this three times".

The Pope and Kretschmann had at the 30-minute conversation for which an interpreter was also present, discussing in particular the environment and the refugee problem.

The Catholic Church itself "could happily praise to have such an alert, attentive Pope who follows everything that happens in the contemporary world so closely, "Kretschmann praised Francis after the encounter. He described the pope as a "thoroughly impressive personality." Francis had a "watchful eye" and a "watchful heart". Link... Trans: Tancred AMDG

Friday, December 27, 2013

Mass for Fourth Week of Advent Replaced by "Feast of Values" in Stuttgart

[Politically Correct] The abolition of best and most beautiful traditions  in Germany sometimes brings forth wondrous flowers. A high school [Gymnasium] in Stuttgart's Bad Cannstatt is celebrating  graduation on 20 December, a "Multicultural Celebration of the Feast of Values" rather than as a conventional Advent Mass. Ironically, the Catholic Church of Our Lady has even  made their church available for this ethical balderdash. Instead of the Mass of the  4th week of  Advent they committed to a celebration under the motto: "The 4th Thread, What Makes us Free?"  The organizer is the Ecumenical Student Council of Religion and Ethics.
According to the invitation letter from the Gottlieb-Daimler school to the parents, which was forwarded to PI, it reads (to enlarge click on the picture, with a brief summary below) :

So it is logically quite enthusiastically against racism and boasted that the almighty Cem Özdemir himself has awarded them the anti-racism plaque: "School without Racism--School with Courage". In general, the school represents itself as very liberal, whether they were to make  a silly short film, a Ju-Jutsu course or a learning tour of Stuttgart against racism. Such invaluable curriculum enrichments, without which the future intellectual elites of our country would not be socially acceptable and certainly not politically correct, are safely inculcated.
We ask ourselves, where is the much sought courage to keep one's own Christian traditions. Why does   no one have the courage to openly confess to rather than replacing Christian tradition by any favored ethical system? Why must everything be mixed in an ideal world mess, instead of showing some integrity?
Headmistress Verena KingGottlieb-Daimler-school
headmistress Verena King
Katowice Straße 8
70374 Stuttgart
Tel: 0711-952830-0
Fax:. 0711-952830-123

There was also a report taken up by Junge Freiheit with some more back ground on this event:

It was an ecumenical festival celebrated to the assembled students on the last school day before Christmas under the motto: "The Four Thread -- What Makes us Free?".

For this event students of Evangelical and Catholic religious instruction groups as well as the ethics class were called upon the make contributions, explained a letter of explanation by the school, which is published above by Politically Incorrect.   The result of these considerations was that the students were desired to present a multicultural religious service in the Catholic church.

The event was organized by members of the Ecumenical Department of Religion and Ethics at the school "where people from 20 different nations come to learn",  it says on the school's internet site.  "We accept no form of racism, antagonism to women or other discrimination.  We are attentive to appropriate speech."  It is unclear why the school had replaced a Christmas Mass with a "Multi-cultural Feast".  The administration has not made a statement available. (FA)
Translation: Tancred

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Researcher: The Influence of Pederasts on the Greens More Significant Than Expected

The so-called City Indians at a Party Meeting of the Green's in
Saarbrucken (1980): The Greens have to come to terms
with their past.  Photo: picture-alliance/Sven Simon

GÖTTINGEN. The Goettingen Institute for the Study of Democracy has submitted an interim report about  the entanglement of the Greens with pedophile circles. The Institute was commissioned to do so by the party. For the Greens it was  "entirely unavoidable  to recall, even though it may be painful and, 'electorally detrimental '"  is the conclusion the 118 page study drew. "The participants were to know exactly what they had actually debated and decided upon and which boundary lines have been left vague or had been consciously exceeded."
Indeed, the Greens were "neither the first nor have they been the only point of contact for pedophile activists", but due to their cultural claims and their organizational structure that the party offered "a special sounding board for the concerns of minorities and marginalized groups".  "Pro-Pedophile forces" had  been thus been capable for several years, "to feed their views and demands in the decision-making process of the country".
Paedophilia was never made it "ever in any way to  the core of the party or party identity development", but "it turned up  at least until the mid-1990s in the debate here and there once more in the party." The Greens can not, therefore, rely "on a particular zeitgeist, to only a few strays and marginal sectarians in their own ranks." The authors cautioned the participants against an "apologetic trivialization of their contributions."  Such are guild before the "victims of sexual abuse". (FA)
Trans: Tancred

Friday, September 20, 2013

Junge Freiheit: New Charges Against Volker Beck

Is Volker Beck lying about his statements?
Foto: picture alliance/dpa
Edit: it’s worth remember that Volker Beck was a fervent persecutor of the Catholic Church in Germany, and even on the hunt for  what was once  Europe’s largest Catholic internet site,  The German Bishops’ Conference were only too happy to join their cause with his and his confrere the faux-Thomist, David Berger.
Now the tables are turned, somewhat, as even the Green Party seems to want to be rid of this liablility.
BERLIN. The Secretary of the Green Party, Volker Beck, apparently lied about his controversial pedophile endorsement  in the year 1988. This is the result of research by Spiegel Online.
Beck had always insisted that the text had been corrupted. A manuscript of the original edition has been, however, and it shows that Beck's statements were not changed by the publisher.  In the essay “Change the Criminal Law?  A Plea for a Realistic Restructuring of Sexual Politics”,  Beck had proposed among other things for the "very decriminalization of paedosexuality ".  Released in 1988, the contribution was in the book "The Pedosexual Complex. Handbook for the Affected and Their Opponents. "
Changes were mainly the headlines
On his website, Beck wrote of the text: "The first printing was unauthorized and its meaning was adulterated  by a free redaction of the publisher. In my memory, the legal department of the Green Party  has now taken action against the publisher and/or editor: An enforcement of non-distribution was probably not attainable, but a new edition of the work with this article was prohibited.” Documents from that time, before 25 years ago are not subject to it.  Today, he is annoyed that he didn’t have scripts and other documents of the time better secured and preserved.
Spiegel Online, however, has now discovered in the archives of the Green-affiliated Heinrich Böll Foundation, a manuscript from the Gay Department of the Green Party, which is "almost identical” with his contribution from the book "The pedosexual complex" is. Mainly the title and a subtitle have been changed.
Beck Maintains His Version
Beck still insists, however, that the editors of the book have distorted the meaning of the text by changing the headline. In another statement on its website on Friday that "the typescript thus confirms my recollection that the published article was not authorized and was adulterated in its meaning by a free redaction in headings and text excerpts from the publisher. The typescript also confirmed embarrassingly, positions which I have already distanced myself from several times and have explained in several interviews that it was a totally false assumption that between theoretically ‘harmless’ sexual contacts with consent and violent, harmful sexual contacts between adults and children, there could be a distinction. "
This incorrect assumption of the text is marked. "I apologize now for the presence of the original script and again sincerely dissociate myself again. I have described my thoughts from back then repeatedly as 'unspeakable' deviant 'nonsense' and big mistake. "
Publisher Contradicted Beck Already the End of August
Junge Freiheit has also confronted Beck repeatedly with this text. However, he never wanted to comment on the points at which this was exactly been changed. Moreover, research by JF revealed that Beck had apparently not told the truth regarding a prevented second edition of the book. He was contradicted finally by August Foerster Publishing in the book that was published at the time.
The Managing Director of the publishing house, Joachim Köhler, insured  JF that he could not remember a legal battle with the Green Party. "In addition, no new edition of the book was planned. They would have to have been out of stock in the first place. That was not the case. On the contrary, we even had the rest of the run pulped. "(Krk)

Monday, May 13, 2013

Greens Under Fire in Germany for Working to Legalize Sex with Children During the Eighties

Edit: We first reported on this back in 2010 when we got hold of's story. It's interesting that this report is being covered by Germany's Nazi-founded Spiegel with such frankness. It's also interesting how they can report this in isolation from the usual accusations against the Catholic Church, which to date, has never officially sought legalizing sex between adults and children. They do what they can to show the Green Party's attempt to disassociate themselves from pederasts seeking the legalization of sex between adults and children. Another perverted influence on German society, Volker Beck, who has also campaigned for sex with children in the past, has also attempted to disassociated himself from earlier positions he has taken, even to the point of denying them. It's also interesting that a party

It will be interesting to see if Spiegel gets this into English.

Pedophiles had greater influence with the Greens than previously known. In the early years of the party a working group, according to SPIEGEL information, was open to legalizing sex with children. It was not only tolerated but financed by the Federal and Parliamentary Group.

The Greens gone significantly into the defensive on the debate about the influence of pedophiles in the early years of the party. According to information obtained by SPIEGEL, the Greens have were more widely involved in the eighties on behalf of the interests of pedophiles than is previously known. Thus, the "Federal Association of Gays, Transsexuals and Pederasts" (BAG SchwuP) that openly voiced support to legalize sex with children, was funded directly by the federal party (Bundespartei) and the parliamentary group (Bundesfraktion). This is according to research by SPIEGEL directly from documents of the Green Party archive.

In addition, BAG SchwuP was assigned to the working group on "Law and Society" of the Bundestag in 1984 and thus had influence on public opinion of the group. In newsletters of BAG SchwuP which also went to the party headquarters, scantily clad boys or drawings of naked boys with angel wings were partially displayed.

"The Greens were the only federal political hope for pedophiles," said Kurt Hartmann, a former member of the BAG SchwuP, to SPIEGEL. "They are the only party who has put their necks out for sexual minorities in the long term." In 1983 in the gay scene magazine "Torso" there was an ad for the Greens, who voiced support to legalize sex with children, unless there is violence in the game and there is no abuse of a relationship of subordination.

"That was the Greens mainstream"

The Green Party Executive Committee will decide on this Monday that independent researchers are to reappraise the influence of pedophiles on the party in the eighties. However, Green Party leader Cem Özdemir stressed to SPIEGEL that pedophiles have hardly influenced the will of the party. "The protection of children from sexual abuse was and is our main concern," he said. "It is not acceptable, though some are now trying to re-interpret a seemingly lax attitude of the Greens against the sexual abuse of children, the positions of individual groups in the past." The debate was kindled in Europe earlier by expressions of Green politician Daniel Cohn-Bendit's intimacies with children. He had already called his comments an "unacceptable provocation" in mid-April, and wished that it "would not have been written".

Cohn-Bendit, challenged the view that legalizing sex with children, with the Greens in the eighties was a minority position. "You only have to look at the proposals for legalization for sex with adults," said Cohn-Bendit SPIEGEL. "That was the Green Party mainstream."

Link to Spiegel...

Saturday, September 29, 2012

News Bytes --- Case for the Beatification of Pope John Paul I is Begun

Is it possible to canonize all the Conciliar Popes automatically?

Vatican. [kreuzIn the course of a General Audience this Wednesday, Bishop Giuseppe Andrich (72)  of Belluno-Feltre presented the Pope with the case for a Beatification for John Paul I. (1978).  John Paul I was born in Belluno on the 17th of October he would have celebrated his 100th birthday.  For the occasion of this day, Msgr Andrich presented the Congregation for the Causes of Beatification and Saints with a file of the allegedly heroic virtue of John Paul I.

Bishop Attacked in the Open Street

Mexico:  On Wednesday armed robbers attacked the Mexican Bishop Alonso Gerardo Garza Trevino (64) of Piedras Negras in the northern Mexican 50,000 population city of Sabinas while he was in his car.  The perpetrators forced the Bishop as well as his companion to get out.  Then they stole the auto and drove on.  The police found the car some hours later.  The personal property of the Bishop was found still in the car.

The Courage to Pray

UK On the 24th of September Bishop Philip Anthony Egan (56) of Portsmouth in southern England was consecrated.  In his address he asked for prayers that he will be a holy, faithful and courageous Bishop.  A Bishop must give his life as did the Master for his flock.

The Green Comrades Are A Clientele Party

"The Greens are a clientele party today for the minority of pampered post-materialists in the orbit of public service (40 percent of the ofoficials in higher services are hangers on of the Greens).  The average household incomoe of the Greens is higher than that of FDP-adherents.

Comrade Manfred Gullner (71) -- founder and business manager of the 'Forsa'- Institute for Public Opinion in a lecture on the 1st of September in Duisburg.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

German Greens Spearhead New Pedophilia Campaign

This child and anti-family decadence-party may claim the right for itself to be called the historical defender for child abuse.

(  The youth organization of the Antifa-Neonazis want to legalize sexual depravity and pedophilia within the family.

This was reported by the Berline weekly "Junge Freiheit" on April 13th.

Thus, "sex beetween parents and their children" should be allowed.

The Defense of Children is Old Fashioned

The antifa-neonazis are justifying their pedophile campaign with apparently overhauling and "old fashioned moral standards" of Germans:

"The prohibition on incest in Germany is a crass imposition by the state in the private sphere and of people to determine their own manner of life"  -- explained the Green Antifa-Neonazis.

With a view to the significant handicaps of children from incestuous relationships the comrades state:  The state doesn't have to be concerned with the "purity of the people's heritage".

With Vehemence

The comrades of decadence of the Green Bundesfraktion are supporting the proposal.

The speaker on legal issues, Comrade Jerzy Montag (65) explained it this way, "the legal persecution of sexual relations between relatives and siblings" is an "anachronism".

The previously convicted terrorist defender and Green official, Comrade Hans-Christian Ströbele was vehement on this point, to allow sexual relations between siblings:

"Two grown men should be able to decide between themselves, if they want to have sexual intercourse."

The Sexually Depraved Antifa-Neonazis

The Board of the so-called "Green Youth" is:

- The speaker Sina Doughan (24) from Tegersee in Southern Bavaria
- The speaker Karl Bar (26) from Tegersee in Southern Bavaria
- The political business manager Freia Then (19) from Berlin
- Treasurer Jens Parker (23) from Frankfurt

Co-Chairs are:

-Dimitra Kostimpas (20) from Nurnberg
-Felix Banaszak (22) from Duisburg
- The Nepalese Timeela Mandhar (19)
-Felix Deist (26) from Essen

Original, here....

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The Leftists Are All About Sexual Abuse: Another Jesuit Liberal Accused in Belgium

He is an Old Liberal Secular Jesuit and Green Party Member.  That he is also guilty of sexual abuse, suits his political convictions very well.

( The Belgian media bosses have their next abuser who is supposedly associated with the Church arena.

It is a question of the Old Liberal, left-leaning, civil Jesuit, Father Luc Versteylen (83).

Before his entrance into religious life the later left-ideological figure was a member of the extreme-right 'Verbond der Deutsche Natinonaal-Solidaristen'  which had existed till 1941.

In May  1970he founded an organization in the area of Viersel -- which belongs to the north Belgian community of Zandoven -- under the name of "Leven in de Browerij", Life in the Brewery" a leftist, so-called "alternative-Christian society of life".

It was established in a former brewery.  It was made up of a class of fourteen year olds, who belonged to the Jesuit-run Xavieriuscollege in Borgerhout near Antwerp.

In this milieu there were various -- at the time decisively left-extremist  -- moved to pedegogical adventures and sexual shamelessness.

Here was one of the first 'green' --ideological parties in Europe.  They called themselves 'Agalev'.

The extreme-left Flemmish homosexual and abortion party "Groen!’ also arose here.

The anti-Church media are as expected completely enthused about all of this.

Actually in the Community of Life it was -- then held for normal-- to initiate two abuse of two fifteen and sixteen year old sexually mature boys.

In an open letter Father Versteylen answered the charges, that he had in those times "engaged in a quest for a new relationship to the body" surely gone to the limits.

He insists, however, that he never crossed the line and insists that he never intentionally hurt a person through his conduct.

The left-Jesuit is, after the extreme-left Fr. Francoi Houtar (85) and Bishop Roger Vangheluwe of Brügge, the third suspected sexual predator, who without exception, belong to that left- and homosexual friendly wing of the Church whom the media bosses love to celebrate.

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Monday, January 10, 2011

Saarland in Germany Closes Two Schools of the SSPX

The Society of Pius X identifies the measures of Education Minister Klaus Kessler (Grüne) as "politically ideological" and will challenge them legally.

Saarbrücken ( The Education Ministry of Saarland has concluded that with the end of the current half of the school year, two Saarland schools, which are operated by the Society of Pius X, must conclude their operation.  It falls upon the grade school in St. Arnual in Fechingen, according to SR-Online.  The back ground for this is, according to Education Minister Kessler (Grüne),  the long conflct related to the dormitory of the Heart of Jesus Realschule, which the Dom Bosco School Society must close in 2010.

The Dom Bosco School Society, both boards of the schools had declared during a press conference,  it said "all of us are committed to exhaust all legal steps". The decision of the Education Ministry is being described as "ideologically political".  The School Society explained in a statement on this that the Education Minister Kessler has already, as GEW-President, attempted "an illegal revocation of financial support and even the alteration of the Private School Laws" , "only so that he could close our schools.  He slandered us in February 2009 as 'extremists in the area of education' and mischaracterized our manner of education with a description of St. Dom Bosco as a 'cane pedagogue', although these reproaches concerning this matter had shown themselves to be a slander campaign in 2007.

As predicted, the school will probably be closed by Green party radicals who have no business running a hat shop, much less a school system.

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Monday, December 6, 2010

"I Think That the Jewish-Western Culture as Such, Doesn't Exist"

 The Green Party of Germany's jokesters boggle the mind:  they are laying the ideological foundations for the planned final solution against Christians.

Cem Özdemir
( On the 25th of November Dr. Hans Penner  (79) wrote the Turkish President of the 'greens' Comrade in Germany, Özdemir (44).

This was reported on his Website ''.

Özdemir resigned in 2002 because of a corruption scandal as a member of the German Bundestag.

Penner is from West Prussia, a Professor at the Univerity Sigmaringen in Nutrition and director of the Information Center of the National Scienct Advisor for Nutrition in Karlsruhe.

He put the following question to his Green Comrade:  "Do you think, actually, that Islam can be integrated in the Christian-Western Cutlure, which has brought about in Germany this high standard of living?"

On 3. December the answer came from the  Özdemir-office.  They were published by an intern Leon Schettler:

"In the name of  Cem Özdemir I'm responding to your letter of 25. November 2010 in which you ask, if Islam can be integrated in the Christian-Western Culture" -- began Schettler.

Then he began, to think:  "I think that the Christian-Western Culture as such does not exist."

It is conceved for Schettler and the aforementioned  Özdemir only as a construct, "to close other groups out" -- concluded Schettler of a possible abuse of a non-existence.

The Religion of Islam is very compatible with German Constitutional Law -- "A fundamentalistic interpretation and call for violence on the other hand, not."

The important question, if the Religion of Islam or German Constitutional Law in any case are only "constructs", did not occur to the intern.

He also did not explain what a "fundamentalist interpretation" is, rather he was busy pulling a fast one on non-existent Christians:

"This is valid also for Christian fundamentalism, because just as citations from the Koran are cited as a call to violence, there could also be similar citations taken from the Bible"  -- joked Schettler.

Because he'd come off so well in his joke, the prankster and his fundamentalist comrades just couldn't resist a closing joke:

"We  [fundamentalistischen] Greens are for religious freedom and civil equality and against fundamentalism of every kind."

© Bild: Heinrich Böll Stiftung, Flickr, CC

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Concentration Camp in Green : Greens Attack SSPX in Bundestag

It's right on time that the German Bundestag takes up the battle against the Society of St. Pius X using the tried and true methods of before.

[] The faction of the German Melon-Party 'Greens' have brought a 'modest proposal' to the Bundestag.

This was reported by 'German Bundestages'.

The 'green' Antichristians would like to bring to disclosure, if the German government would acknowledge the application of "extremist views of the Society of Pius X".

The Society of St. Pius X is an internationally active organization of traditional believers. The 'Greens' would like to portray them as Anti-German enemies of the State.

In fact the Society has opposed the Germanization of the Catholic Liturgy and the introduction of National principles into the Church.

The 'green' faction asks, if the Government if the views of the extremists indicate that the Society of St. Pius X stand in whole or in part, in an endeavor to pursue them in contradiction with the alleged "free-democratic foundations of the Bundesrepublik of Germany."

The free and democratic foundations of Germany guarantee -- at least theoretically -- the free practice of religion.

The Bundesrepublik of Germany is the successor organization of the Third Reich of Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler (+1945).

The 'Green'-Extremists also want to know, which knowledge the Bundesregierung has on that, if and to which extent the State Courts for the protection of the Constitution, have nothing else better to do, than to monitor the Society of St. Pius.

The Catholic Church was already spied upon systematically by collaborators of the 'Secret State Police'.

The 'Green'-Party, their own Pedophile-Walz notwithstanding, swept over Germany this spring for self-declared child molesters as Congressmen in their ranks. [The legitimization of sexual activity with children has been attempted by the German Government, read here and especially here.]

In the 80s the 'Greens' promoted the legalization of Child-rape or the abolition of compulsory school attendance.

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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Germany's Green Party Wants Sex With Children

The authors of the paper want to know the implemented principle of non-punishable violence-free sexuality, even of sexuality between minors as well as adults.

The 'Greens' of the German Republic Nordrhein-Westfalen have made a resolution with the theme, "Sex With Children".

This was reported in the German magazine, 'Spiegel' on March 25th, 1985.

A 20 headed 'green' work group with the name "Sexuality and Mastery" is promoting the paper as part of the federal party conference in Luedenscheid on 9 March Manifesto resolution.

Alliance of Child Abusers and Homosexuals

The 'green' Child abuse group names its homo-perverse and child abuser membership, playfully, "SchuP" (The German slang for sodomite is "schwul")

As expected the 'green' Delegates subscribed to the content of the papers according to an almost three hour discussion with 76 to 53 voices - in any case, because of a still clarification hungry point of dissenssion only as a "Working Document".

The Main Points follow:

- Consensual Sexuality is a form of communication between humans of various ages, sexes, religions or races and free from every constraint.

- From that it is not acceptable to use sexuality, where 'violence and independence' are in play.

- Violence free sexuality may never be the object of criminal prosecution. There then all criminal statutes be eliminated, which threaten violence free sexual expression with punishment.

-The entire German sexual crimes law should be struck and rewritten and constituted under the aspect of the use of violence.

The 'Greens' Federal Committee will not Annul the Tenet.

The authors of the Paper want to know the implemented principle of non-punishable violence free, even sexuality between minors as well as adults.

Members of the child-abusing Nurenberg "Indiancommune" had already used a Green Party Congress in the year 1980 to recruit for "soft Sex" with children.

The national main committee suspended the Sex Resolution with forty to four voices because of "heavy doubts" only after 7 days.

The resolution was not waived, however.

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