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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Priest Hearing Confessions Attacked by Acid

On Wednesday, Vicar Mario Guevara, the vicar of the Cathedral of Managua, was assaulted by a 24-year-old woman who poured sulfuric acid on his face and over his body as he heard the confession in the cathedral

Managua ( On the afternoon of Wednesday,Vicar  Mario Guevara, the vicar of the Cathedral of Managua, aged 59, was attacked by a 24-year-old woman who dumped sulfuric acid in his face and over his body as he heard confessions in the cathedral. According to the archdiocese of Managua, the cathedral rector immediately sent injured pastor, Mario Guevara to the hospital for medical treatment. Although he has suffered severe burns, his condition seems to be stable. The woman was stopped by people who were in the church and she was then arrested by the police. The Archdiocese asks prayers for the health and full recovery of Pastor Mario Guevare and invites all the faithful to pray "for all our priests in the days leading up to the feast of the Immaculate Conception of Mary".


Saturday, September 29, 2012

News Bytes --- Case for the Beatification of Pope John Paul I is Begun

Is it possible to canonize all the Conciliar Popes automatically?

Vatican. [kreuzIn the course of a General Audience this Wednesday, Bishop Giuseppe Andrich (72)  of Belluno-Feltre presented the Pope with the case for a Beatification for John Paul I. (1978).  John Paul I was born in Belluno on the 17th of October he would have celebrated his 100th birthday.  For the occasion of this day, Msgr Andrich presented the Congregation for the Causes of Beatification and Saints with a file of the allegedly heroic virtue of John Paul I.

Bishop Attacked in the Open Street

Mexico:  On Wednesday armed robbers attacked the Mexican Bishop Alonso Gerardo Garza Trevino (64) of Piedras Negras in the northern Mexican 50,000 population city of Sabinas while he was in his car.  The perpetrators forced the Bishop as well as his companion to get out.  Then they stole the auto and drove on.  The police found the car some hours later.  The personal property of the Bishop was found still in the car.

The Courage to Pray

UK On the 24th of September Bishop Philip Anthony Egan (56) of Portsmouth in southern England was consecrated.  In his address he asked for prayers that he will be a holy, faithful and courageous Bishop.  A Bishop must give his life as did the Master for his flock.

The Green Comrades Are A Clientele Party

"The Greens are a clientele party today for the minority of pampered post-materialists in the orbit of public service (40 percent of the ofoficials in higher services are hangers on of the Greens).  The average household incomoe of the Greens is higher than that of FDP-adherents.

Comrade Manfred Gullner (71) -- founder and business manager of the 'Forsa'- Institute for Public Opinion in a lecture on the 1st of September in Duisburg.