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Thursday, June 15, 2017

AfD-Faction Threatened With Anthrax

Hamburg Parliament: picture alliance/dpa

HAMBURG. Allegedly left-wing extremists have threatened the AfD faction in the Hamburg Parliament with an anthrax attack. On Wednesday, the faction received a threatening letter with a bag containing flour. The letter read: "G20. Bag content today: Flour. On July 7th, And 8.7. 2017 Anthrax. "According to information from JUNGE FREIHEIT, other factions in the Parliament have also received similar threats.
On the two days, the G20 summit will be held in Hamburg, where US President Donald Trump will also be expected in Germany for the first time. The President of the AfD Group, Bernd Baumann, sees the threat as a new dimension in political debate and a low point of political culture." Extreme Left terrorists are afraid of those who think differently and threaten them with the deadly substance Anthrax," he complained.
The police are switched on
The red-green Hamburg Assembly proposed to promote left-wing extremism through financial donations and the provision of premises. Baumann is calling for a change of course: "It is absolutely absurd to foster enemies of democracy, who are partly fighting our state by force." A faction spokesman told the JF: "We handed the parcel in question to the police now. We are convinced that they will take the incident seriously. "(Tb)

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Friday, September 20, 2013

Junge Freiheit: New Charges Against Volker Beck

Is Volker Beck lying about his statements?
Foto: picture alliance/dpa
Edit: it’s worth remember that Volker Beck was a fervent persecutor of the Catholic Church in Germany, and even on the hunt for  what was once  Europe’s largest Catholic internet site,  The German Bishops’ Conference were only too happy to join their cause with his and his confrere the faux-Thomist, David Berger.
Now the tables are turned, somewhat, as even the Green Party seems to want to be rid of this liablility.
BERLIN. The Secretary of the Green Party, Volker Beck, apparently lied about his controversial pedophile endorsement  in the year 1988. This is the result of research by Spiegel Online.
Beck had always insisted that the text had been corrupted. A manuscript of the original edition has been, however, and it shows that Beck's statements were not changed by the publisher.  In the essay “Change the Criminal Law?  A Plea for a Realistic Restructuring of Sexual Politics”,  Beck had proposed among other things for the "very decriminalization of paedosexuality ".  Released in 1988, the contribution was in the book "The Pedosexual Complex. Handbook for the Affected and Their Opponents. "
Changes were mainly the headlines
On his website, Beck wrote of the text: "The first printing was unauthorized and its meaning was adulterated  by a free redaction of the publisher. In my memory, the legal department of the Green Party  has now taken action against the publisher and/or editor: An enforcement of non-distribution was probably not attainable, but a new edition of the work with this article was prohibited.” Documents from that time, before 25 years ago are not subject to it.  Today, he is annoyed that he didn’t have scripts and other documents of the time better secured and preserved.
Spiegel Online, however, has now discovered in the archives of the Green-affiliated Heinrich Böll Foundation, a manuscript from the Gay Department of the Green Party, which is "almost identical” with his contribution from the book "The pedosexual complex" is. Mainly the title and a subtitle have been changed.
Beck Maintains His Version
Beck still insists, however, that the editors of the book have distorted the meaning of the text by changing the headline. In another statement on its website on Friday that "the typescript thus confirms my recollection that the published article was not authorized and was adulterated in its meaning by a free redaction in headings and text excerpts from the publisher. The typescript also confirmed embarrassingly, positions which I have already distanced myself from several times and have explained in several interviews that it was a totally false assumption that between theoretically ‘harmless’ sexual contacts with consent and violent, harmful sexual contacts between adults and children, there could be a distinction. "
This incorrect assumption of the text is marked. "I apologize now for the presence of the original script and again sincerely dissociate myself again. I have described my thoughts from back then repeatedly as 'unspeakable' deviant 'nonsense' and big mistake. "
Publisher Contradicted Beck Already the End of August
Junge Freiheit has also confronted Beck repeatedly with this text. However, he never wanted to comment on the points at which this was exactly been changed. Moreover, research by JF revealed that Beck had apparently not told the truth regarding a prevented second edition of the book. He was contradicted finally by August Foerster Publishing in the book that was published at the time.
The Managing Director of the publishing house, Joachim Köhler, insured  JF that he could not remember a legal battle with the Green Party. "In addition, no new edition of the book was planned. They would have to have been out of stock in the first place. That was not the case. On the contrary, we even had the rest of the run pulped. "(Krk)

Friday, August 16, 2013

Demonstration Against Aberromarriage in Munich

French Mass Movement Comes to Germany

Erstellt von Andreas Gehrmann am 15. August 2013 um 18:40 Uhr Munich

(Catholic news / JF). The French mass movement “Manif Pour Tous” [Demonstration for All] is coming to Germany. On Saturday, the Alliance, which advocates for the marriage of a man and woman in France and brought millions of people onto the streets, is calling for a rally in Munich. The demonstration, which is at 12 clock on the Karlsplatz (routes to) will start near the train station, and is going to stand up for the rights of children and families. The French movement "La Manif pour tous” had staged several enormous demonstrations where it emphasized the right of children to a mother and father and taken a stand against homosexual adoption and surrogacy at several mass rallies. The cause of the protests was at the socialist government’s introduction of gay marriage in France. The Munich demonstration organized by young French Catholics of the group Saint Gatien. Nearly a hundred faithful, priests and religious have been on pilgrimage since the 5th of August on the trail of Benedict XVI. in Bavaria. The event in Munich is the end of the pilgrimage. Back in March there was a protest of the "Manifesto for All" before the French Consulate in Munich. (Cr) Source: Junge Freiheit

Photo: Wedding Bank - Source: Alexander Hauk /

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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Augsburg: Fr. Oblinger Gets Promotion from Bishop

Edit: thinks he is still being treated unfairly by his Bishop and insists that loyalty at the expense of the truth is not Catholic.

"As far as the loyalty I have to my Bishop, I haven't allowed a single doubt This is the central point of lived Catholicity," said Pastor Oblinger.

Augsburg ( Bishop Konrad Zdarsa has assigned Alois Oblinger, who received ban from writing for "Junge Freiheit" a few weeks ago, to a new pastoral assignment. Pastor Oblinger, who has since 2004 been Pastor and director of the Parish Community of Ichenhausen, will be moving 1. September 2012 to Bodensee. In Lindau he will take over from Monsignor Ortwin Gebauer the only parish community in the Diocese of Augsburg which includes and island, the Parish Community Lindau. As Parish Community Lindau, there are two Parishes, Basilica of Our Dear Lady in Linda, Maria Queen of Peace in Lindau-Zech and St. Josef in Lindau-Reitin.

Pastor Oblinger is overjoyed over the new assignment, which Bishop Zdarsa had assigned him and regretted a message from the Diocese that the Bishop had caught fire over an "internal personnel" decision in some circles. "It is a shame that in the past weeks, various sides have attempted to put a wedge between Bishop Zdarsa and myself. As far as the loyalty I have to my Bishop, I haven't allowed a single doubt," he said in a message.

George Alois Oblinger was born in Saarlouis in 1967. In 1995 he was ordained a priest and was active till 1997 as a Chaplain in Donauwörth. Coincidentally he was assigned a benefice in 1999 in Immenstadt and also active since 1999 as Pastor in Bliensbach tätig. In 2004 he was the Pastor of Oblinger and director of the Parish Community of Ichenhausen.

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  Loyal Pastor Persecuted

  Bishop's Cousin Connected with Junge Freiheit

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Loyal Pastor Continues to be Persecuted, FatherZ-like

Edit: Augsburg's Bishop, Konrad Zdarsa, is starting to list under pressure from German media friendly to the conservative views of 'Junge Freiheit' and the Father Georg Oblinger.  Even Pope Benedict is aware of the situation according to a sympathetic director of 'Junge Freiheit'.  Bishops often allow themselves to be manipulated by the media and their advisers at the expense of some of the best defenders and promoters of the Church.

The muzzle for Pastor Georg Alois Oblinger of Ichenhausen throws a lurid light on the eagerness of the German capitulation Bishops to give away under public pressure.

Bishop Konrad Zdarsa of Augsburg

( The Pope knows the readiness of the German Bishops to capitulate to the socalled Zeitgeist.

 For that reason he is to have recommended a severe withdrawal from the world.

 This is according to Dieter Stein (44)-- Chief director of the opposition German weekly 'Junge Freiheit' -- yesterday on the website of his paper.

  Bishops as Hunters of Catholics

Stein commented on the muzzle, which the Augsburg Bishop Konrad Zdarsa put on the Ichenhauser town Pastor, Fr. Geeorg Alois Oblinger, because of his published activity at 'Junge Freiheit'.

Stein says this throws "a lurid light on the eagerness of the Church to crumble under public pressure."

He cited from an interview with the Catholic philosopher, Robert Spaeman in his paper.

Spaemann explained further, that theologians, who are obedient to Catholicism, will for the most part be regularly bullied in the Church.

The case of Oblinger is in line of a series of numerous intrigues against pastors, who promote the Catholic Faith.

Nothing to write home about

"This is all happening in the back ground of an accelerating ecclesiastical dissolution"  -- is Stein's analysis.

"The member numbers as well of the Catholic as well as Evangelical Churches is declining in Germany".

Stein cited numbers: in 1990 there were still 67 million Church members, then in 2010 there were only 48 million."

Old Liberal theologians continuously give their prescriptions for the Church like a "mantra". So Stein explains:

"So it is with married women priest, lifting of celibacy, blessing for homosexual marriage and the rejection of the authority is nothing to write home about, because it has seen the decline of the evangelical church, whose adherents who are quicker to flee from the flag and whose church services are even more empty."

Waves of Solidarity

For Stein the muzzle for Pastor Oblinger "is not just a blow to freedom of opinion and press".

It also turns itself against those in the Church, who inveigh themselves for the "strengthening of the Faith and evangelization".

Stein is pleased over the waves of solidarity, which has come out for the priest who has been abused by his Bishop from Christian publishers and theologians.

The Muzzle-Bishop is wanting for courage

At his conclusion, Stein divulged that bishops all in all like to tell the tales of their advisers.

The Bishop of Augsburg apparently is maneuvered "by advisors" into a situation.

This makes a correction of his poor decision only possible at the price of greater headwinds:
"The courage for that is wanting in him."

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Photo: © BOGoerlitz, Wikipedia, CC

Friday, January 20, 2012

Bishop's Cousin Connected with "Junge Freiheit"

Why is "Junge Freiheit" so hated?  Because they won't subject themselves to the censures of the Antifa-Neonazis.  Truly, they are very powerful in Nazi-mad Germany.

( The oppositional 'Junge Freiheit' is the second largest weekly in Germany.

Because of the media bosses manufactured disinformation campaign, they have an easy game.

Their circulation has -- against the general trend -- been going up for years.

According to the 'Audit Bureau of Circulation of Advertising Media' the paid circulation in 2011 has climbed over the previous year at 3,5 Percent to 20.339.

The number of subscriptions and the "sundry purchases" -- students and social subscriptions have increased over the previous year around 10.2 percent to 17.989.

The Church is governed from the outside

Yesterday it was reported that Bishop Konrad Zdarsa of Augsburg , the Ichenhausener town pastor, Fr. Georg Alois Oblinger, had been forbidden to write in 'Junge Freiheit".

Why?  There was no answer why:

The head shepherd allowed himself to be pressured by the all powerful Antifa-Neonazis in Nazi-mad Germany, that's why.

Before these, the Old Liberal German Bishops self-flagellate themselves at regular intervals.

Antifa-Neonais against Half-Jews

 In 'Jungen Freiheit', Comrade Egon Bahr (89), a socialist with a human face, who stupidly had to have a Jewish grandmother.
Also the very famous journalist and publicist Peter Scholl-Latour (87) is a regular interview partner at 'Jungen Freiheit'. He is Catholic -- but is dumb enough to be a Jewish half-breed. During National Socialism, he overwintered for a time with the Jesuits in Switzerland. Variously Scholl-Latour served in the advertising campaign of 'Junge Freiheit' a poster -- recently in 2011.
More than a supplement

Bishop Zdarsa would have been informed by his cousin, the CSU Representative Thomas Goppel (64).

In July 2011 Goppel advertised the 25 year jubilee of 'Jungen Freiheit' with Ferdinand von Bismarck, Johanna Countess of Westphalen and the liberal economist, Jörg Guido Hülsmann in printed notices and online banners for the weekly.

He explained for the left demonizers at the 'Süddeutsche Zeitung':

"I often look at it more than the "Bayerkurier', less often than in the "‘Süddeutsche' or the 'Augsburger Allgemeine'".

Reading this paper is a "complete necessity" for him.

He wishes the 'Jungen Freiheit' "Ad multos annos. Many happy years"

Goppel is the cousin of the Augsburger Bishop, Msgr Konrad Zdarsa.
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