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Monday, May 13, 2013

Gomorrah Minnesota: "Do What Thou Wilt" and "Love is the law, love under will."

Edit: Sometimes, things are so obvious, they can't be ignored. "Love is the law, love under will", is a salutation employed by the Aleister Crowley, an infamous satanist who died shortly after the Second World War.

Just recently, the State of Minnesota has finally managed to vote enough times to honor aberrounions. There has been very little public outcry and almost nothing from the Archbishop of St. Paul.  Now rainbow flags triumphantly line the Wabasha bridge.

Crowley's salutation is also the name of the concert to be celebrated in Eco Park in downtown Saint Paul, the "Love is the Law" concert, featuring a diverse bash of performers funded by the taxpayers of Minnesota, whether they like it or not.  The festivities begin at 5pm.  There will most likely be no public outcry.  Certainly not the kind that has been witnessed in France.  It's almost as though an invading army has taken the city of St. Paul without firing a single shot.

Here is a photo of Kenneth Anger and Alfred Kinsey at the house of Crowley with a likeness of him between them.

The event tomorrow will feature the song by a local band, which was briefly popular on the national scene about 25 years ago and some of its surviving members.

The photograph above was taken from Public Vigil, which has some interesting commentary about Crowleyism and its connections with the corruption and destruction of the young, especially its connection with politicians and Catholic priests, and how champions of homosexuality like Paul Shanley, were morphed suddenly by the media into pedophiles:

You could say that Shanley was ahead of his time. He was pushing for all the things that the homosexual movement is pushing for now. End priestly celibacy. Women "priests". Let the laity run the Church through a "democratic" process. 
Not only did he preach that being a homosexual or bisexual was OK, he advocated fervently for gay rights from the lectern and in the media. He chided the Catholic Church for what he considered homophobia and testified at the State House on behalf of antidiscrimination legislation.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Austrian Leftists Cover up Massive Abuse Scandal

Edit: It's an amazing structure. It has housed the Vienna Boys Choir and children who were concentration camp victims. The leftist press isn't talking for obvious reasons.

Coverup:  for almost two long days '' -- the website of the former Nazi "Reichsender" Vienna -- reported absolutely nothing, that means not even one line.

The Left is Silent About Real Child Abuse

( In Austria, the biggest pedophile scandal in the history of the nation has been uncovered.

As expected the crime has been overlooked by the leftist sex-crazed comrades.

Prostitution Operation in Girls' Home

The leftist pedophiles organized a prostitution business in the Vienna castle of Wilheminenburg-- which was operated as a Girls' Home from 1961 to 1976.

On the contrary the left media bosses -- who have been outraged by the ecclesiastical trifles -- are now as meek as cripples.

A reader 'Logos" informs in the comments of an article on the website '':

"Almost two days long and '' [Former Nazi "Reichsender" Vienna] has reported nothing, that means not even a single line"  -- he revealed.

Since the coverup wasn't working, Reichsender has changed its strategy.

"Now their new headline is: >>Doubt about Accusations of Abuse<< -- wrote 'Logos'.

He continued:  "That belongs in the instruction manual of manipulation."

Caning is worse than Rape for the Left

'Logos' recalled then that the caning administered by a priest of Vorarlberg and similar cases were in the headlines for days and entitled with words like "crime" and "sex abuse".

Church representatives had to appear to justify themselves while still portrayed as "guilty" or were at least called out as defendants.

'Logos' asks, if that would have happened to Austrian Chancellor, Comrade Werner Faymann or Vienna's Mayor, Comrade Micheal Häupl.

Child Murderer to Child Murderers

'Logos' also mentioned the anti-Church website ''.

He wanted to post the fact that the National Socialist Child-enthusiast, Heinrich Gross († 2005), was a member of the SPÖ after the war:  "Not publicly censured!"

Reader 'Logos' stressed that child murderers  found a "logical home" after 1945 in the Socialist Party.

The SPÖ-Friends of Youth

He recalled the other comrades in the company of the SPÖ- Friends of Youth.

-Comrade Julius Tandler († 1936) employed himself in the destruction or sterilization of "unworthy lives".

-Comrade Otto Mühl (86) busied himself as an SPÖ-promoted action painter and was condemned for molesting boys and girls. He paid his victims hush money out of government funds. High creatures from left-political and decadent society participated in his orgies.

-Comrade Peter Noever (70) hastily got back on the child molester mill after his imprisonment in a former Imperial Museum. Citation: "He has suffered and done penance enough."

- In the affair of the kidnapped Natascha Kampusch, 'Logos' insists that much evidence was sold or lent out. To Whom? Vienna's Red justice persistently prevented Miss Kampusch from appearing before a judge, that means, compelled to speak the truth.

The Red Barbarians Take Power

'Logos' recalled also that the Comrades of the SPÖ in Castle Wilhelminenburg put up a marble plaque: "Palaces... for children".

That is a citation from the battler against unworthy life, Comrade Julius Tandler.

In this connection 'Logos' recalled the Austrian Economist, Ludwig von Mises († 1973).

He spoke of the "Red Barbarians" and warned of the impending horror which would take place if ever these men came to power.

'Logos' continued: "Men like Julius Tandler, Heinrich Gross and the United Social Democratic Party are these terrors."

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Head of Belgian Church Shocks the Worldings: Comparing Victims of Pederasty to Flood Victims

Editor: We've been very defensive of Archbishop Andre-Joseph Leonard as he's one of the best things that has happened to Belgian society in  years. Expectantly, the crocodile tears shed by the same media that defended Roman Polanski will now raise an angry fist at the Archbishop.  It does this because it despises the Catholic things he defends.  Frankly, it's the same furor of anger that has met the Holy Father who has been pointing an accusing finger at the permissive elements in society that have promoted child sexual abuse, like Kinsey, substantial portions of Belgium's elite society, and all of those academics who've striven for the last decades to erase the idea of good and evil from the minds of people everywhere.

Archbishop Attacked at Mass by homosexual.

Various articles on Media attacks, here.

The following is an article from Catholic Church Conservation:

Le chef de l'Eglise belge choque en comparant pédophilie et inondations

The head of the Belgian Catholic Church, Andre-Joseph Leonard shocked MPs on Wednesday saying that the Belgian Church could compensate victims of pedophile priests, just as it has shown "solidarity with flood victims ".

"The Catholic Church could freely participate with all other sectors of society in the creation of solidarity funds, not because it is legally obliged, but because there is a duty of solidarity with all victims, not only of floods and epidemics, but also sexual abuse, "said the Primate of Belgium.

He spoke in particular cases where the abuser is dead or the actions under statute of limitations, for other cases being for him the responsibility of Justice.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Concentration Camp in Green : Greens Attack SSPX in Bundestag

It's right on time that the German Bundestag takes up the battle against the Society of St. Pius X using the tried and true methods of before.

[] The faction of the German Melon-Party 'Greens' have brought a 'modest proposal' to the Bundestag.

This was reported by 'German Bundestages'.

The 'green' Antichristians would like to bring to disclosure, if the German government would acknowledge the application of "extremist views of the Society of Pius X".

The Society of St. Pius X is an internationally active organization of traditional believers. The 'Greens' would like to portray them as Anti-German enemies of the State.

In fact the Society has opposed the Germanization of the Catholic Liturgy and the introduction of National principles into the Church.

The 'green' faction asks, if the Government if the views of the extremists indicate that the Society of St. Pius X stand in whole or in part, in an endeavor to pursue them in contradiction with the alleged "free-democratic foundations of the Bundesrepublik of Germany."

The free and democratic foundations of Germany guarantee -- at least theoretically -- the free practice of religion.

The Bundesrepublik of Germany is the successor organization of the Third Reich of Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler (+1945).

The 'Green'-Extremists also want to know, which knowledge the Bundesregierung has on that, if and to which extent the State Courts for the protection of the Constitution, have nothing else better to do, than to monitor the Society of St. Pius.

The Catholic Church was already spied upon systematically by collaborators of the 'Secret State Police'.

The 'Green'-Party, their own Pedophile-Walz notwithstanding, swept over Germany this spring for self-declared child molesters as Congressmen in their ranks. [The legitimization of sexual activity with children has been attempted by the German Government, read here and especially here.]

In the 80s the 'Greens' promoted the legalization of Child-rape or the abolition of compulsory school attendance.

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Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Cloudy, USCCB Study on Clerical Sex Abuse

An impressionistic but very extensive and expensive study indicates that the abuse of [homosexual] clergy dropped off after 1985 and that it was most prevalent beginning with the Age of the Big Baby Boomer. It indirectly points the finger at that popular post-war generation, but shouldn't it also include "homosexuals"?

It's unclear why the Bishops had to spend all of this money to determine what the problem was. Referring to the historical nature of the problem, they would have disclosed that it was not foreign to the Middle Ages or the Ancient World and was often seated, along with homosexuality, in the actual practice of Witchcraft and the consequent diabolism or insanity, if you wish. The methods for dealing with these individuals, who in some cases murdered and raped children, as what the case with the a friend and companion of Joan of Arc, Baron Gilles de Rais and his friends, was burning at the stake.

Would that the Bishops would spend more time being environmentally as well as economically conscious and spare us the time of moving such individuals from parish to parish to escape the long arm of the law by simply handing them over to the secular arm for due punishment after an admissible ecclesiastical trial.

Strangely, the report also offers a solution, in terms of formation, related to a mysterious "human formation preparation". It sounds like something that might have caused the problem in the first place.

We don't know, but perhaps if they spent as much time affirming the truths of the Catholic Faith as they did avoiding it out of what, embarrassment (?), they might have an easier time helping people understand whether or not they're useful in the first place.

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