Monday, January 10, 2011

Saarland in Germany Closes Two Schools of the SSPX

The Society of Pius X identifies the measures of Education Minister Klaus Kessler (Grüne) as "politically ideological" and will challenge them legally.

Saarbrücken ( The Education Ministry of Saarland has concluded that with the end of the current half of the school year, two Saarland schools, which are operated by the Society of Pius X, must conclude their operation.  It falls upon the grade school in St. Arnual in Fechingen, according to SR-Online.  The back ground for this is, according to Education Minister Kessler (Grüne),  the long conflct related to the dormitory of the Heart of Jesus Realschule, which the Dom Bosco School Society must close in 2010.

The Dom Bosco School Society, both boards of the schools had declared during a press conference,  it said "all of us are committed to exhaust all legal steps". The decision of the Education Ministry is being described as "ideologically political".  The School Society explained in a statement on this that the Education Minister Kessler has already, as GEW-President, attempted "an illegal revocation of financial support and even the alteration of the Private School Laws" , "only so that he could close our schools.  He slandered us in February 2009 as 'extremists in the area of education' and mischaracterized our manner of education with a description of St. Dom Bosco as a 'cane pedagogue', although these reproaches concerning this matter had shown themselves to be a slander campaign in 2007.

As predicted, the school will probably be closed by Green party radicals who have no business running a hat shop, much less a school system.

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Anonymous said...

I pray the SSPX wins this fight!

Tancred said...

They did.