Saturday, February 27, 2010

Germany's Green Party Wants Sex With Children

The authors of the paper want to know the implemented principle of non-punishable violence-free sexuality, even of sexuality between minors as well as adults.

The 'Greens' of the German Republic Nordrhein-Westfalen have made a resolution with the theme, "Sex With Children".

This was reported in the German magazine, 'Spiegel' on March 25th, 1985.

A 20 headed 'green' work group with the name "Sexuality and Mastery" is promoting the paper as part of the federal party conference in Luedenscheid on 9 March Manifesto resolution.

Alliance of Child Abusers and Homosexuals

The 'green' Child abuse group names its homo-perverse and child abuser membership, playfully, "SchuP" (The German slang for sodomite is "schwul")

As expected the 'green' Delegates subscribed to the content of the papers according to an almost three hour discussion with 76 to 53 voices - in any case, because of a still clarification hungry point of dissenssion only as a "Working Document".

The Main Points follow:

- Consensual Sexuality is a form of communication between humans of various ages, sexes, religions or races and free from every constraint.

- From that it is not acceptable to use sexuality, where 'violence and independence' are in play.

- Violence free sexuality may never be the object of criminal prosecution. There then all criminal statutes be eliminated, which threaten violence free sexual expression with punishment.

-The entire German sexual crimes law should be struck and rewritten and constituted under the aspect of the use of violence.

The 'Greens' Federal Committee will not Annul the Tenet.

The authors of the Paper want to know the implemented principle of non-punishable violence free, even sexuality between minors as well as adults.

Members of the child-abusing Nurenberg "Indiancommune" had already used a Green Party Congress in the year 1980 to recruit for "soft Sex" with children.

The national main committee suspended the Sex Resolution with forty to four voices because of "heavy doubts" only after 7 days.

The resolution was not waived, however.

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