Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Concentration Camp in Green : Greens Attack SSPX in Bundestag

It's right on time that the German Bundestag takes up the battle against the Society of St. Pius X using the tried and true methods of before.

[] The faction of the German Melon-Party 'Greens' have brought a 'modest proposal' to the Bundestag.

This was reported by 'German Bundestages'.

The 'green' Antichristians would like to bring to disclosure, if the German government would acknowledge the application of "extremist views of the Society of Pius X".

The Society of St. Pius X is an internationally active organization of traditional believers. The 'Greens' would like to portray them as Anti-German enemies of the State.

In fact the Society has opposed the Germanization of the Catholic Liturgy and the introduction of National principles into the Church.

The 'green' faction asks, if the Government if the views of the extremists indicate that the Society of St. Pius X stand in whole or in part, in an endeavor to pursue them in contradiction with the alleged "free-democratic foundations of the Bundesrepublik of Germany."

The free and democratic foundations of Germany guarantee -- at least theoretically -- the free practice of religion.

The Bundesrepublik of Germany is the successor organization of the Third Reich of Reichskanzler Adolf Hitler (+1945).

The 'Green'-Extremists also want to know, which knowledge the Bundesregierung has on that, if and to which extent the State Courts for the protection of the Constitution, have nothing else better to do, than to monitor the Society of St. Pius.

The Catholic Church was already spied upon systematically by collaborators of the 'Secret State Police'.

The 'Green'-Party, their own Pedophile-Walz notwithstanding, swept over Germany this spring for self-declared child molesters as Congressmen in their ranks. [The legitimization of sexual activity with children has been attempted by the German Government, read here and especially here.]

In the 80s the 'Greens' promoted the legalization of Child-rape or the abolition of compulsory school attendance.

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Anonymous said...

The French-German green congressman at the European parliament "Daniel Cohn-Bendit" was (yet is?) a former paedophile. He even described some of his "sexual experiences" in a book. There was an uproar 10 years after it was printed (probably bcs nobody ahd read it).
Anyway he apologized.
He is very clever and extremely skilled in dialectic. A dangerous man.

Catholic Mission said...

Friday, July 22, 2011
The Society of St. Pius X (SSPX) is unable to say that all the non Catholics participating at the inter religious meeting at Assisi this October are on the path to Hell. The SSPX cannot affirm Cantate Domino, Council of Florence 1441 since they believe that those who are saved in invincible ignorance or with the baptism of desire are not implicit cases, instead, they are explicitly known to us and so contradict Cantate Domino on extra ecclesiam nulla salus.

They are so confused that Bishop Bernard Fellay is not expected to answer the previous post on this blog just as he has never answered other SSPX-related posts e-mailed to him.

The problem is that the SSPX interprets Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre as referring to de facto baptism of desire which is knowable to us in the present times. Yet the baptism of desire is known only to God. It can only be known to us in principle, as a concept. It is de facto only for God. So how can they interpret Archbishop Lefebvre as referring to a de facto known to us baptism of desire and invincible ignorance ? However this is being done.

So the baptism of desire and invincible ignorance can never ever be an exception to the dogma Cantate Domino on extra ecclesiam nulla salus.

Cantate Domino suggests all the non Catholic participants at Assisi 2011 are oriented to the fires of Hell, unless before death, they convert into the Catholic Church. There are no baptism of desire or invincible cases among them that we can know of. The dogma says that they are all, with no exceptions, going to Hell.

This simple truth however cannot be proclaimed by Bishop Fellay, and the SSPX bishops since they deny an ex cathedra dogma with an alleged de facto, explicit-to-us baptism of desire. All implicit salvation is explicit for the SSPX writers and members !

Otherwise, vaguely they oppose syncretism and indifferentism and proclaim the Catholic Church as the one, true Faith, the only religion of God and that non Catholics need to convert into the Catholic Church except for…

As for Fr. Leonard Feeney, nowhere in the Letter of the Holy Office 1949 is it stated that he was excommunicated for heresy. Venerable Pope Pius XII in the Letter of the Holy Office published in the Denzinger referred to ‘the dogma’ the ‘infallible teaching’. The dogma like Fr. Feeney affirms the ‘rigorist interpretation’ of outside the church no salvation.So the Letter supports Fr.Feeney on the dogma.

It was the Archbishop of Boston Cardinal Richard Cushing who indicated that there were de facto known cases of persons saved in invincible ignorance or the baptism of desire and so this contradicted Fr. Leonard Feeney and the dogma. The SSPX is repeating the same heresy.

It’s time the SSPX organizes a conference on the dogma outside the Church no salvation, alongwith the communities of Fr. Leonard Feeney, who have been granted canonical status, to understand who believes in what.

Extra ecclesiam nulla salus shows that a Catholic can accept Vatican Council II according to Tradition, in accord with the dogma, and not according to the liberals, as a break with the dogma and Tradition.

-Lionel Andrades