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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Volker Beck: When the Prototype of a Political Wind Sower Reaps the Whirlwind

A personal, political "obituary" on Volker Beck or: "I must needs now go."

Guest commentary by Christian Meissner

Berlin ( Even in the Bible it says, "For they who sow the wind will reap the whirlwind." (Hosea 8,7). Volker Beck (Photo) is for me the prototype of a political reaper of the wind who has now been overtaken the storm.

Like no other in his party, he embodied the representation of the ideal, the self-righteous Old Left, who mercilessly portrayed others on the political spectrum of opinion in the strict focus of his higher moral certainty for the general public.

I have even seen it a few times: sorry, but I can't go into it here! Recently he saw me - our paths have crossed politically several times since 2003 - at the Kirchentag in Stuttgart last year during a visit of the members of Alliance 90 / The Greens, after which he then turned mercilessly with piercing eyes and straight in my direction, roared into the microphone and blustered, "idiots" and "imbeciles of the CDU." . This cold ran down my back.

From my own view I can only say: that is the "fair and respectful treatment", that Claudia Roth now asks for him (rightly), is something he has rarely granted to political opponents, least of all the representatives CDU or CSU.

And the "malice" which was poured out for many years on others, is still taken to heart. That's life! It means we should not pour "malice" over him. Has that now anyone actually done?

The fact that the Greens are just now suddenly rediscovering the virtues of civic decency, which they themselves have not infrequently violated in political discourse, in my opinion, speaks for itself.

Many of Beck's downright hateful and verbal attacks in the characteristic style of the Grand Inquisitor on political dissidents - quite a good party tradition - went directly to the person and not the argument or the thing.

At the latest, in 2013 he personally should have - considering the priggish standards that he uses to measure others - suffered much more significant consequences because of a hushed up and ultimately mendacious statement in his very own essay in the anthology "The Pedosexual Complex" (1988).

Conclusion: With respect to his person, Christian compassion and all understanding are now, indeed, appropriate. One can only wish that he gets away from this terrible addiction.

But as far as his so-called political "merits" (C. Roth), and above all, the manner of his "careful", political discourse, I say without "malice", but from deepest political convictions with Michael Kretschmer: "Good riddance" Christian Meissner is the national director of the Protestant working Group of the CDU / CSU (EAK) . archive photo Volker Beck: (c) Wikipedia / Mathias Schindler. This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license.
Translation: Tancred

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Volker Beck Concerned About Pope Francis Being Pre-Vatican II

Volker Beck, the Religio-Political spokesman for the Greens, accusing the Pope in terms of gay marriage is suffering from a "theological relapse' to before Vatican II. His criticism is irrelevant and poorly formulated.

A commentary by John Graf

Berlin ( / jg) Volker Beck, the religio-political spokesperson for the Greens in the German Bundestag, claims that Pope Francis is assuming a "theological backslide" to before the Second Vatican Council. Pope Francis had previously referred to a proposed draft law on equality of homosexual couples with married couples in Malta as an "anthropological throwback."

Beck employed the declaration "Dignitatis Humanae" to highlight his opinion, which he characterized as the "central font of the Council on religious freedom". In this the Church is said to provide freedom of conscience emphasized for those who would not follow its teachings. The Church should "stop urging that the secular legislator who is committed to the constitutional precepts of human dignity, freedom and equality, directly or indirectly against homosexuals to adopt the discriminatory sexual teaching of the Church," were Beck's exact words.

His argument can be summarized as follows. The Catholic Church is for religious reasons against the extension of marriage to homosexual couples. Secular legislators are under constitutional obligations that is not compatible with the doctrine of the Church according to Beck's view in the case of gay marriage. The Church has since the Second Vatican Council, the view that in matters of religion, freedom of conscience, the will of the individual is respected. Now, when Pope Francis asserts that the equality of gay marriage with the marriage of heterosexual couples is an "anthropological throwback," he thus makes two errors.

Firstly, he demanded of the society, which - as shown above - is apparently required to accept different principles than is required by the Catholic Church, to accept its teaching.

Pope Francis demands as a representative of a religious community that lay bodies accept a doctrine contrary to its principles. That doesn't serve him.

Secondly, contrary to the Pope of the teaching of the Second Vatican Council. This emphasizes the freedom of conscience in religious matters. No one should be forced into religious matters, to act against his conscience. Exactly, however, this is what would be required if the Church would impose its doctrine of society. Since Beck claims Pope Francis has gone back before the Second Vatican Council with this statement, he is probably assuming that the Council would have changed the doctrine of the Church in this issue.

There are a number of glaring errors present in this argument. It's amazing how little a top German politician apparently understands a matter in which he is supposed to represent the position of his party.

The most significant flaw is an assertion that Beck does not explicitly respond. He accuses the Church of disregarding the freedom of conscience in religious matters if they "further prompt governments or parliaments to discriminate against homosexuals." This means, however, that the advocacy of the Church against gay marriage by Beck's view has a purely religious basis. That's not true, as one can read in the "Considerations Regarding Proposals to Give Legal Recognition to Same Sex Unions" which had been published by the CDF in 2003. There were a matter that relates to the natural moral law. This is "recognized by right reason," it says in paragraph 6. The Church argued in this matter not only on the basis of divine revelation, but with arguments that are in principle available to all who "seek to promote and protect the common good of society" itself, regardless of their religious beliefs.

If Beck demands that the Church should cease prompting secular legislators to take over their sexual morality, the accusation contained in it is ineffective. Pope Francis has not requested, the sexual teachings of the Church on homosexuality should be the basis for civil law. He has spoken out against the equality of gay marriage with traditional marriage. That would really stand out to anyone who really deals with the statement of the Pope.

The Declaration "Dignitatis Humanae" offers precious little support to Beck's argument. It deals with the human right of free exercise of his religion. This right must be respected by the state legislature (DH 2). In this sense, the sentence is to be understood that in religious matters no one may be forced to act against his conscience. At the same time it insists, "that the highest norm of human life is the divine law itself" and every person has the duty and the right to "seek the truth in matters of religion" (DH 3). The explanation does not want to change, such as Beck seemingly takes the doctrine of the Church, when he speaks of a "back sliding" to before Vatican II. The Council questioned "the sacred tradition and the teaching of the Church, from which it continually brings forth new things that are in line with the old," it says literally in DH 1 Volker Beck's criticism of Pope Francis proves to be unfounded and irrelevant.

He is always noticed as a harsh critic of the Catholic Church. Is he just misinformed, or has he simply no arguments? Direct link to The Considerations Relating to the Proposals to Give Legal Recognition to Unions Between Homosexual Persons.

Photo: (c) Wikipedia; Mathias Schindler; This file is not licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unsupported license.

Trans: Tancred
Link to Katholisches...

Friday, September 20, 2013

Junge Freiheit: New Charges Against Volker Beck

Is Volker Beck lying about his statements?
Foto: picture alliance/dpa
Edit: it’s worth remember that Volker Beck was a fervent persecutor of the Catholic Church in Germany, and even on the hunt for  what was once  Europe’s largest Catholic internet site,  The German Bishops’ Conference were only too happy to join their cause with his and his confrere the faux-Thomist, David Berger.
Now the tables are turned, somewhat, as even the Green Party seems to want to be rid of this liablility.
BERLIN. The Secretary of the Green Party, Volker Beck, apparently lied about his controversial pedophile endorsement  in the year 1988. This is the result of research by Spiegel Online.
Beck had always insisted that the text had been corrupted. A manuscript of the original edition has been, however, and it shows that Beck's statements were not changed by the publisher.  In the essay “Change the Criminal Law?  A Plea for a Realistic Restructuring of Sexual Politics”,  Beck had proposed among other things for the "very decriminalization of paedosexuality ".  Released in 1988, the contribution was in the book "The Pedosexual Complex. Handbook for the Affected and Their Opponents. "
Changes were mainly the headlines
On his website, Beck wrote of the text: "The first printing was unauthorized and its meaning was adulterated  by a free redaction of the publisher. In my memory, the legal department of the Green Party  has now taken action against the publisher and/or editor: An enforcement of non-distribution was probably not attainable, but a new edition of the work with this article was prohibited.” Documents from that time, before 25 years ago are not subject to it.  Today, he is annoyed that he didn’t have scripts and other documents of the time better secured and preserved.
Spiegel Online, however, has now discovered in the archives of the Green-affiliated Heinrich Böll Foundation, a manuscript from the Gay Department of the Green Party, which is "almost identical” with his contribution from the book "The pedosexual complex" is. Mainly the title and a subtitle have been changed.
Beck Maintains His Version
Beck still insists, however, that the editors of the book have distorted the meaning of the text by changing the headline. In another statement on its website on Friday that "the typescript thus confirms my recollection that the published article was not authorized and was adulterated in its meaning by a free redaction in headings and text excerpts from the publisher. The typescript also confirmed embarrassingly, positions which I have already distanced myself from several times and have explained in several interviews that it was a totally false assumption that between theoretically ‘harmless’ sexual contacts with consent and violent, harmful sexual contacts between adults and children, there could be a distinction. "
This incorrect assumption of the text is marked. "I apologize now for the presence of the original script and again sincerely dissociate myself again. I have described my thoughts from back then repeatedly as 'unspeakable' deviant 'nonsense' and big mistake. "
Publisher Contradicted Beck Already the End of August
Junge Freiheit has also confronted Beck repeatedly with this text. However, he never wanted to comment on the points at which this was exactly been changed. Moreover, research by JF revealed that Beck had apparently not told the truth regarding a prevented second edition of the book. He was contradicted finally by August Foerster Publishing in the book that was published at the time.
The Managing Director of the publishing house, Joachim Köhler, insured  JF that he could not remember a legal battle with the Green Party. "In addition, no new edition of the book was planned. They would have to have been out of stock in the first place. That was not the case. On the contrary, we even had the rest of the run pulped. "(Krk)

Thursday, August 22, 2013

German Green Politician Contradicted by Publisher of "The Pedosexual Complex"

Edit: Junge Freiheit is a conservative publication in Germany. They've been on Volker Beck's trail for some time now. Beck was cited in the 80s as being for legalizing sex with minors. He has since denied this claim, insisting that the citation was not what he said, but based on a "free redaction". What remains indisputible, however, is that this was part of the Green Party platform before people were as sensitive to this question as they are now. To our knowledge, there is no outcry for Beck's resignation. Such is Europe.

BERLIN. In the discussion of the article by the Green politician Volker Beck in the book "The Pedosexual Complex", the publisher Foerster has rejected Beck's view, the Greens for their part have prevented a new edition of the work.

On its website, the parliamentary secretary of the Green Party wrote on the matter: "The last printing was unauthorized and adulterated in meaning by a free redaction by the publisher. According to my memory, the legal department of the Green Party proceeded against publisher and/or editor: An enforcement of non-distribution was probably not attainable, but a new edition of the work with this article was prohibited."

He doesn't have any documents from 25 years ago. Today, he is annoyed that he had scripts and other documents of the time, and that they had not been better secured and preserved.

"New Edition Was not Planned"

The Managing Director of the publishing house, Joachim Köhler, however, told the Junge Freiheit, he could not remember a legal battle with the Green Party. "In addition, no new edition of the book had been planned. For this purpose it would have had to be sold out first. That was not the case. On the contrary, we had to pulp the rest of the printing."

How it came about at that time that Beck was taxed to contribute to a book published in 1988, was also, according to Köhler, who has worked for the publisher since 1995, unknown. Either Beck, with the editor Joachim Hohmann (the book was published under the pseudonym Angelo Leopardi) were introduced or he had been invited to write an essay. As Hohmann died in 1999, only Beck can be relied on for information.

However, Beck himself would not comment on this issue for JF. A request for Kohler's statement remains unanswered. (Krk)

Junge Freiheit,....

Friday, August 16, 2013

Pedophile Debate: Alice Schwarzer Attacks Volker Beck

Edit: this has been ongoing for years in the German press, and it looks like it may be getting some traction at last.  Alice Schwarzer is a well-known German feminist who's putting aside the loyalties you might expect of such a person to attack real evil.

Keep the Greens away from children!

 BERLIN. In the debate about the pedophilia entanglements of the Greens, feminist Alice Schwarzer has attacked the parliamentary secretary of the Greens in the Bundestag Volker Beck. Beck could not retire at the mercy of late birth, Black wrote in an article for the taz.

"He was active in his mid-eighties in the SchwuP (Federal Association of Gays, Transsexuals and Pederasts) and had been there 'once or twice', he says today. The SchwuP was the spearhead in the fight for the liberalization of pedophilia. Beck even called in a 1988 text, for the decriminalization of paedosexuality," stressed the journalist.

Today, Beck considers prostitution a profession like any other. Beck said: "If people offer something that others want to buy and there are no environmental or social side effects that you have to urgently prevent, then I'll take note of that and do not disturb me any more."

Beck Owes an Explanation

According to Black, the parallels are imposed in the discourse surrounding pedophilia and prostitution over normal. "Even today more than 90 percent of those in poverty and forced into prostitution in Germany are denied, and 'consensuality' and 'voluntary' are the concerns.

An article appeared in 1988 in the book "The pedosexual complex" under Beck's name, in which the author himself spoke for the "decriminalization of paedosexuality". Beck today maintaints that the article had been published without his authorization and altered.

The original version of his original text, however, has never been published until today. The Green politician does not wish to answer JUNGE FREIHEIT's questions. Neither, as it appeared in the article, nor exactly at what points the editor had changed his post. An employee merely referred to an opinion on Beck's website.

Dubious Memories

There, writes the German parliamentrian, according to his memory the "legal department of the Green Faktion then proceeded against publisher and / or editor". The distribution of the book was not able to be prevented, but a new edition of the work with the article had been prohibited. He unfortunately had no documents from the time unfortunately. It annoyed him, Beck said, that he had not kept the manuscript.

Beck's memories are, however, one thing. He also writes on his website, "never" had a board of Federal Green Party promoted legalizing sex with children or "agreed to something, which was even remotely in that direction."

This was vehemently contradicted on Tuesday by the Göttingen social scientist Stephan Klecha. "Here, Beck is clearly wrong," he told Bild News. There had been five decisions of the Greens Federal and State elections, in which they called for the abolition of the corresponding penal clause.

Patchy Memory

"In the 1985 state election in North Rhine Westphalia, this decision has even cost the party its entrance into parliament. Many were clearly blocked. On the topic of sex with children, the collective memory of the Greens doesn't seem to work well."

Klecha belongs to the research group of the Göttingen political scientist Franz Walter, to investigate the involvement of the party with the pedophile scene on behalf of the Greens. On Monday was it known that the Greens had already advocated in its first policy statement in 1980 for a broad legalization of sexual relationships of adults with children and wards. (Krk)

Link to Junge Freiheit....

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Child Sexual Abuse Every Day in the Green Commune

Edit: here's a summary from the German newspaper from on conditions in a Child Commune by a Green Executive Memeber. [Photo: 'Die Welt'.]  No wonder the Greens, including Volker Beck, have been trying to distance themselves from this.

Green Molester-Commune

In a former school camp on the Dachsberg near Kamp-Lintfort close to the Dutch border, the Alternative-Left rehearsed the sexual revolution with daily child abuse.
The head of "Community of Life" was the late architect Hermann Meer.
He was a member of the State Executive Committee [Landesvorstand] of the Greens in North Rhine-Westphalia from 1980.
The Commune belonged outwardly to Emmaus Community that relied on the selfless Frenchman, Father Pierre. They had nothing in common besides this.
They played the social reformers, were anti-authoritarian, non-violent and sexually liberated. Esoteric, self-awareness troops and primal scream therapy were at a premium. A perfect example of the left hippie generation.
Here also prominent "Greens" met on the way to "anti-nuclear demonstrations."
The Child Molester Reality
Hermann "Meer, wore his pedophilia openly for  show. Since there was no secret of it, but it was even advertised. Even the Greek philosophers had had their sexual pleasure with boys and dealing with their students. These were sentences that were commonplace for me,  facts so to speak, since no one had objected." Says an abuse victim for  "Die Welt".
Relevant articles were always articles tried out for size. And images of David Hamilton's "Bilitis", "latent pedophile" soft porn, who reported the sexual experiences of a 13 year old.

"Green" -Executive Hermann Heer- a Gay Pedophile

In contrast to the child abuse commune of Otto Muehl in Austrian Burgenland,  the 60-year-old pervert Meer was exclusive to boys.
The sexual assaults took place daily. Even guest children were not spared.

Police Sought Child Molester

Meer was not an isolated case. Thus, a child molester sought by the police, who sympathized with the RAF [Rote Armee Fraktion], lived at the Commune.  His preference for children was well-known in the Commune - the younger, the better: those at ten years of age were quite to his sexual tastes.

"Children and Youth Congress" of the "Green"

On the 24th  and 25th of September, 1983  the "Greens" in the child abuse commune were directed to form a "Children and Youth Congress".
Of the party: the occupants of the Commune "City Slickers" from Nuremberg. Their main demand was the legalization of child abuse.
They discussed whether the statute should be at age six, eight or twelve years.
This "Congress" was organized by Werner Vogel, since 1980 a member of the NRW state board of the "Greens".  As these moved in 1983 to the Bundestag, he delivered the first speech of a "Green" in the Bundestag. It was his Nazi past which ended his career, not his perversions.

Working Group "Gays and Pedophiles"

The "Groundwork"  was determined on the 9th of March 1985, in the electoral program of the "Green" in NRW.
The election was lost, the pederasts were still to be  suffered for some years by the "Greens"

Fund for the Victims of the "Greens"?

Now one asks himself: Where's the fund for the victims of the "Greens" for those who were defiled by the party functionaries of the "Greens"?

Link to

Daily Sexual Abuse at Green Commune in Die Welt in German.

Edit: Here's an excerpt from a article on the Green's pedophilia past in June which featured a speech by Dr. Erika Steinbach in the Bundestag  in 2010 on the hypocritical position of the "Greens" on child abuse.

In an interview by "Deutschlandfunk" on the 1st of April, 2011, Erika Steinbach, a Conservative German politician, aptly described the Greens:  "The Greens have appointed a Foreign Minister, who had a violent past" -- and further:  "They have a stately number of proponents of pedophilia in their ranks, including Volker Beck at certain times.

Note: Volker Beck has won the support of the German Bishops to go on a hunt for recently, when the Traditionalist website came under attack after stating that a decadent German comedian was in hell.  The German Bishops has the most revolutionary Bishop's conference in the world.

Translation: Tancred

Monday, May 13, 2013

Greens Under Fire in Germany for Working to Legalize Sex with Children During the Eighties

Edit: We first reported on this back in 2010 when we got hold of's story. It's interesting that this report is being covered by Germany's Nazi-founded Spiegel with such frankness. It's also interesting how they can report this in isolation from the usual accusations against the Catholic Church, which to date, has never officially sought legalizing sex between adults and children. They do what they can to show the Green Party's attempt to disassociate themselves from pederasts seeking the legalization of sex between adults and children. Another perverted influence on German society, Volker Beck, who has also campaigned for sex with children in the past, has also attempted to disassociated himself from earlier positions he has taken, even to the point of denying them. It's also interesting that a party

It will be interesting to see if Spiegel gets this into English.

Pedophiles had greater influence with the Greens than previously known. In the early years of the party a working group, according to SPIEGEL information, was open to legalizing sex with children. It was not only tolerated but financed by the Federal and Parliamentary Group.

The Greens gone significantly into the defensive on the debate about the influence of pedophiles in the early years of the party. According to information obtained by SPIEGEL, the Greens have were more widely involved in the eighties on behalf of the interests of pedophiles than is previously known. Thus, the "Federal Association of Gays, Transsexuals and Pederasts" (BAG SchwuP) that openly voiced support to legalize sex with children, was funded directly by the federal party (Bundespartei) and the parliamentary group (Bundesfraktion). This is according to research by SPIEGEL directly from documents of the Green Party archive.

In addition, BAG SchwuP was assigned to the working group on "Law and Society" of the Bundestag in 1984 and thus had influence on public opinion of the group. In newsletters of BAG SchwuP which also went to the party headquarters, scantily clad boys or drawings of naked boys with angel wings were partially displayed.

"The Greens were the only federal political hope for pedophiles," said Kurt Hartmann, a former member of the BAG SchwuP, to SPIEGEL. "They are the only party who has put their necks out for sexual minorities in the long term." In 1983 in the gay scene magazine "Torso" there was an ad for the Greens, who voiced support to legalize sex with children, unless there is violence in the game and there is no abuse of a relationship of subordination.

"That was the Greens mainstream"

The Green Party Executive Committee will decide on this Monday that independent researchers are to reappraise the influence of pedophiles on the party in the eighties. However, Green Party leader Cem Özdemir stressed to SPIEGEL that pedophiles have hardly influenced the will of the party. "The protection of children from sexual abuse was and is our main concern," he said. "It is not acceptable, though some are now trying to re-interpret a seemingly lax attitude of the Greens against the sexual abuse of children, the positions of individual groups in the past." The debate was kindled in Europe earlier by expressions of Green politician Daniel Cohn-Bendit's intimacies with children. He had already called his comments an "unacceptable provocation" in mid-April, and wished that it "would not have been written".

Cohn-Bendit, challenged the view that legalizing sex with children, with the Greens in the eighties was a minority position. "You only have to look at the proposals for legalization for sex with adults," said Cohn-Bendit SPIEGEL. "That was the Green Party mainstream."

Link to Spiegel...

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Berlin Attorney General Receives List "Revealing" Operators

Edit: don't these people have more important things to do? hates and probably wants to see them go away.  Of course, they neglect details about the various accusers of which could be useful to an honest story.

Volker Beck loves
children @Gemeinfrei
Bruner Gmünder Verlag (Berlin) [A publisher of homosexual pornography.] has given a list of five Church associates who are closely associated with the "radical" website "".

Bonn ( The Bruno Gmünder Verlag (Berlin) has handed a list of names of five Church associates who are supposed to be closely associated with the website "". One lives in Germany, three in Austria, one in Switzerland, reported the Spiegel Online in consultation with the former religion instructor David Berger, now living in Berlin, who has been seeking out the figures behind the portal on his own. All five are associates of the Catholic Church.

Verlag Gmünder has offered previously a 15,000 Euro reward for information on the operator of "". According to Spiegel Online, over 600 letters from the publisher, of which 90 percent had been unusable, the rest were clearly helpful. The German Bishops Conference had distanced itself from the website, which describes itself as Catholic. Its secretary, Father Hans Langendorfer, had written to Green politician Volker Beck [A homosexual who has argued for the legalization of sex with children]: "It is our common goal, to bring this site to a quick end."

"" operator shows itself as an "Initiative of an international private group of Catholics in Germany and overseas, who are mainly active in the Church". The website shows itself to give provocations to Protestants, Homosexuals, but also, even against Catholic Bishops and Laity, who are aligned with Liberal thought. [They forgot Jews]

The press speaker of the German Bishops' Conference, Matthias Kopp, stressed in the meantime that the Bishops' Conference has on its own initiative established contact with individual bishops, if they are aware of individuals in contact with who are employed by the Diocese.

Four names were brought forth by "Spiegel" in connection with, said Kopp in a statement, which appeared in the Katholischen Nachrichten-Agentur (KNA). So, Prelate Georg May is in connection with the Polish Archdiocese of Breslau. Fr. Reto Nay is a priest in Switzerland. There is also a religion teacher, Hubert Hecker who has already been published in 2010 by The Mainz Pastor Hendrick Jolie, who was also identified by "Spiegel", has stressed himself, that had published his texts illegally, said Kopp.

Spiegel online also cited the Press Speaker of the Diocese of Mainz, Tobias Blum, with the words that Jolie in the mean time has been questioned about his connection with "He has denied being in contact with and has expressly distanced himself", says Blum.

Berger, [A homosexual who accused the Pope of being himself one, was exposed by] who had been dismissed by the Archdiocese of Cologne from his license to teach, explained on Sunday, that he knows a great deal about the technical aspects of the site. On some days, the server changes three times. There are suggestions from around that the operators are ecclesiastical associates.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

The German Bishops Ally With Child-sex Advocate Volker Beck to Destroy ""

Wants Decriminalization of
Sex With Children, Volker Beck
© Grüne Münster, Flickr, CC
The Antifa-Comrade Volker Beck stands for everything that God has forbidden -- and the German Bishops stand behind him.

( The Old Liberals have aligned themselves with those who despise the Church, in order to badger Europe's largest Catholic site.

Today the German homosexual-broadcaster '' of the Diocese of Cologne has insulted ''.

It maintains that the German Breakaway Bishops have "prepared a quick end" for the popular site.

These measures have created a free-advertising effect for the internet bastion ''.

Tell me, who are you going with?

The '' article cited a letter from the Secretary of the German Bishops' Confrence, Father Hans Langedorfer, to the homosexual, church-hater, college dropout, Comrade Volker Beck.

The Old Liberal priest affirmed the church-hater: "It must be a common goal to bring a quick end to this site."

Comrade Beck hates '', because the site regularly pillories his inhuman politics.

Father Langendorfer and his Child Murdering Friend

In 2007, Father Langendorfer's new friend insulted the current landlord of '' -- Joachim Cardinal Meisner -- repeatedly as a "self-justified preacher of hate".

First, on October 1st he accused the Archbishop of Munich and Freising, Reinhold Cardinal Marx of "shamelessness" and "inhumanity", because he had defended marriage.

In 1988 Comrade Beck argued for a "partial decriminalization" of child molestation.

On the German lockstep direction Stalingrad

Another enemy of '' is the lapsed Catholic and abortion politician, Comrade Claudia Roth (57).

She demanded according to information from '' a widening of the manhunt for the "man behind the site".

The Old Liberal Bishops the one who hates Bishops to take up "reinforced internal researches".

Matthias Kopp, the speaker for the Church-tax Bishops, saluted the Antifa-Neonazi-Comrade:  Such outcries shouldn't be required.

They Covered up the Pedophile

Comrade Roth hates '', because the site has exposed her Church-hate and her inhuman politics for years.

The Church-hater is a consultant with the infamous association 'Humanistische Union'.

In the past she has denied the pedophile intrigues in this group.

You May Not Criticize the Antifa-Neonazis

In September of 2006, Comrade Roth insulted the Pope for his apparent association with freedom of speech.

It is not acceptable, "if Benedict XVI" wants "to take away the freedom of speech from critics of religion"  -- he heckled.

Because for Comrade Roth, freedom of speech ends when left homoseuxal- and abortion parties are criticized.

"Faschistoid Move"

In February of 2007 Comrade Roth described the former Bishop Walter Mixa of Augsburg as a "cold warrior".

In October of the same year he insulted him as a "crackpot, separatistic hyper-fundy from Augsburg".

A speaker of the Diocese of Augsburg accurately described these abuses as "fascistoid moves".

Comrade Roth's selection of words recall "in a horrifying way the propaganda campaigns of the National Socialists against the Catholic Church."

Link to

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Berlin's Archbishop Defends the SSPX Against Politician

Archbishop Woelki

Germany. Archbishop Rainer Maria Woelki of Berlin has defended the SSPX against the Bundestag-homo, Comrade Volker Beck. 'Katholische Nachrichtenagentur' reported on this. The bugged out Comrade had slandered the Society as a "hardcore anti-Semitic and anti-Democratic Sect". In reality the father of the founder of the Society was murdered by Germans like Volker Beck in the Second World War. Msgr Woelki believes that the talks with the SSPX are important. The unity of the Church is a high priority for the Church. It doesn't mean that the Pope identifies with the views of all of the members individual statements. The homosexually disturbed Beck may apparently criticize the Pope: "would that there was more differentiation and less polemics, would be adequate," said the Archbishop.

Link to

Meanwhile, the SSPX are considering legal action against Beck, although the complaint will likely rest on some of the principles the SSPX is supposed to be fighting against, like pluralism, for example.

Correction:  sometimes with all the homosexuals running Germany, including the Mayor of Berlin, it gets confusing to say nothing of disconcerting.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Green Party's Attack on the SSPX Ends: Father Schmidberger Hails Decision

The German District Superior of the Society of Pius X are resisting completely against the "complete impertinent calumnies" of the 'green' Comrades.

[, Stuttgart] The Society of Saint Pius X is not being threatened by the Constitution.

Enemies of German Common Law are much more "men like Volker Beck, who allows, that a Catholic Religious Society can be attributed to the right radical milieu."

The District Superior of the Society of Pius X in Germany, Father Franz Schnidberger, said to the agency 'dapd'.

The Society found their school of thought on the Christian West.

Lately, the homosexual German, Comrade Volker Beck, an appointee of the 'Greens', over a defeated parliamentary proposal in the German Bundestag to use the German Security Forces to watch the SSPX.

Father Schmidberger too the fanatical inquiry of supposed "extremist inclinations of the Society of Pius X" according to his "own astonishment" to his reading:

"The completely impertinent calumnies were in the meantime struck down by the justice of the law."

The priest criticized Beck for his "mental dictatorship" and also for an attack on freedom of expression anchored in the common law.

Furthermore, Beck has pursued a "nationwide stage managed campaign" for homosexual-privileges against the Constitutionally confirmed rights of marriage and family:

"As a consequence, we would like to propose that Mr. Volker Beck t resign from all of his political offices.